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The war for the spirit. The revival of the swastika in Ukraine. 3 part

The war for the spirit. The revival of the swastika in Ukraine. 3 part

29 June 2015, the President of Ukraine Poroshenko, opened in Lviv a monument to Andriy Sheptytsky, the Metropolitan, who wore a swastika and personally sent several letters to Hitler and Himmler with congratulations. This is how the new government revives people who are stained with blood.

The first Sheptytsky monument was erected during his lifetime, in 1935 year. It is noteworthy that after the arrival of the Soviet government, this monument continued to stand, and the decision to demolish it was made only after the end of World War II, after the discovery of all the atrocities committed by the metropolitan.

This is what Poroshenko was talking about, looking into the text written in advance: “Sheptitsky is in the gold reserves of Ukraine. Such people are expensive for the nation. He created the national prototype of modern Ukraine. Before the Metropolitan, Ukraine was divided between its neighbors. Move stories do not change. Empires fall apart sooner or later. And the power of the human spirit, the power of truth, the power of faith lives forever. In his life, he showed that idols are falling. This is the best monument to the lord in the country, which strides towards the family of European nations. ”

But what the story says.

The end of the union is connected with the names of Count Andrey Sheptytsky and Joseph Slipyy, the last two Uniate metropolitans. Sheptytsky became the head of Uniates before the First World War. It seemed that nothing foretold that the officer of the Austrian cavalry would become the spiritual leader who would revive the Uniate monastic order of the Basilians, openly bless the Austro-German troops during the First World War against the Russian troops. But everything was decided by an unfortunate fall from a horse, after which he decided to become a priest.

A remarkable fact. He collected gossip and fake photos of the royal family, then distributing them along the lines of his agents: low-quality photos of Rasputin walked around with his hands surrounded by the court ladies. Gossipers claimed that these are maid of honor, or even the empress herself. People believed in what they were forced to believe in: reality was replaced by sophisticated fantasies. Sheptitsky was engaged in collecting rumors about the Russian imperial family with enthusiasm, knowing full well that in this way he could somehow undermine the attitude of the lay people towards the royal family.

One of the agents of Sheptytsky in 1914 said that the Metropolitan ordered him to spread the following rumor: "The Russian sovereign lived with the maid of honor before marriage, and afterwards with Rasputin." Here, it turns out, what the Metropolitan was interested in.

It is therefore not surprising that when Lviv was occupied by Russian troops, and the Sheptytsky archive with offensive photographs and other documents testifying to active intelligence work in favor of Austria, Sheptytsky was arrested as an Austrian agent. Nicholas II, after reading the ideological appeals of the metropolitan to create a separate state, wrote on his report with his own hand: “What a bastard!”

He was released by the Provisional Government and immediately established cooperation with Pilsudski, which he began to serve faithfully.

Sheptytsky flirted with the Ukrainian people with the help of his Pharisee "philanthropy", which for him, the archimillionaire, was not the slightest burden, and he did not hesitate to openly ask the government of Pansky Poland to "lower the punishing hand" on the advanced people of Western Ukraine. On the instructions of the Vatican, which were transmitted through the Vienna Cardinal Innitser, Sheptytsky with all his strength, materially and morally, supported the Western Ukrainian nationalists.

“Ukrainian nationalism must be ready for all kinds of means to combat communism, not excluding mass physical extermination, even if it sacrifices millions of human existences,” he said.

“Extermination” is, quite simply, destruction. The main Uniate organ, therefore, called for the extermination of millions of human lives ("existences").

"The Lions of the Alcazar" he called the German-Italian fascists who invaded Spain.

He laid the most serious hopes on Hitler Germany and began to openly bless her as soon as her criminal war against the Soviet Union began. He incited believers in his pastoral letters to "pay attention to people who sincerely served the Bolsheviks." It seemed to the top of the Uniate Church that the time was close, which she spoke about in 1940 year when she wrote to her clergy: “God will send mercy to many of us to preach in the churches of Great Ukraine, right and left bank, right up to the Kuban and the Caucasus, Moscow and Tobolsk ”(V. Rosovich (Y. Galan)“ Scho take Uniya ”, Lviv, 1946 Year, p. 38). One might think that the author of this Uniate Circuit led the shadow of the Jesuit Jacob Reitenfels, who in the seventeenth century dreamed of penetrating papal agents to distant Tobolsk and developed a special instruction for conducting intelligence in Russia. This became known in 1906, when letters were sent in 1674 to the Vatican who lived in Moscow for two years as a secular Jesuit of Courland Jacob Reitenfels. He proposed the most convenient ways of organizing papal intelligence in Russia. In order to find out more information needed by the Vatican and gradually achieve the possibility of openly spreading Catholicism in Russia, Reitenfels advised to send there intelligence missionaries under the guise of merchants with the strictest conspiracy. They should settle among the Russians and lead the company with everyone who could give information. But each time these actions came up against tough oppositions. Russian counterintelligence was not asleep.

But back to Sheptytsky.

After the occupation of Ukraine truly his finest hour comes. The rapid rise of Sheptytsky's career comes at a time when thousands of innocent people are shooting, torturing and destroying German fiends.

Still would! He can not only accept all the conditions of existence of the Hitler regime, but also send a personal greeting to Hitler on the occasion of the occupation of Kiev, and heartily congratulate him on mastering the capital of Ukraine. And at the end to put a signature: "With deep respect, Andrew, Count Sheptytsky, Metropolitan."

In 1941, a black swastika appeared on Sheptytsky's black clothes. And archival photos testify to it.

In the same period, he meets with the leadership of Ukrainian nationalists, in particular, with Stepan Bandera. And gives his consent to the murder of the Red Army. And also to the fact that local priests were trained in German training camps.

30 June 1941, the nationalists announced the creation of a Ukrainian regional government headed by Stetsko, who received the blessing of the Metropolitan.

The new order was that the nationalists first of all massacred the Communists, Jews, and representatives of the Soviet and Polish intelligentsia. According to various estimates, from three to five thousand people were hanged and shot, among whom were dozens of prominent figures of science and culture, including academicians, professors of the University of Lviv.

5 July 1941, Sheptytsky addressed the laity with a message in which he urged everyone to be obedient to the new regime: “By the will of almighty God, a new era begins in the life of our country. The German army, which has occupied our entire land, is welcomed with gratitude and joy. ”

A little later, he appealed to the clergy with the requirement to always carry the banner of the German army prepared in advance.

There is evidence that Sheptytsky saved several Jews from being shot. But at the same time he was actively campaigning for the departure of the able-bodied part of the Ukrainian population to Germany. “Being in a foreign land in some way will benefit you and benefit. Learn a foreign language, learn the world and people, gain life experience, get a lot of knowledge that can be useful to you in life ”- these are few lines from the spiritual mentor’s fiery propaganda speech with a swastika on his chest, turned to the younger generation. But he was believed and left with the hope of a bright future promised by the metropolitan. Only instead of light, people saw deadly darkness: few managed to survive after bullying, beatings, torture. But the metropolitan did not want to know about it. In his musty fascist little world, other values ​​were created that were actively introduced into the masses. And people continued to believe, although many of them refused to obey, seeing hypocrisy and lies.

14 January 1942, several Ukrainian nationalists sent another letter to Hitler. And the signature Sheptytsky was the first. In the letter, they called upon the new authorities for closest cooperation, "in order to combine the combined forces against the enemy and implement the new order in Ukraine and throughout Eastern Europe."

This order was taken to direct and preserve a specially created division of the SS "Galicia", the 73 anniversary of whose creation about a month ago was noisy celebrated in Ukraine. The new division was called on the initiative of Himmler, Galician, not Ukrainian.

It was important for the Germans to emphasize that they did not support the idea of ​​the independence of Ukraine. The language for giving orders was German, the division commanders were also Germans. Each division soldier swore an oath to Hitler, not Ukraine.

An archival photograph has been preserved, where the metropolitan blesses the soldiers of the SS division “Galicia”.

The Nuremberg trial recognized all those who were part of the SS as war criminals. Today in Ukraine, these international court decisions are being trampled. Perhaps over time, a similar process will be organized over those who today burned and killed civilians. Is needed. This process is very necessary. It is necessary to judge harshly and fairly. Sooner or later. The court of history is already underway.

In August, 1942, Sheptytsky even blessed his flock to work on holidays and entrance days in the name of the German army.

It got to the point that Sheptytsky expelled to the exalted, prone to mysticism and prophecies of the Führer, his prophetic visions: as if he saw in white robes young Basilian nuns who told him about Hitler’s imminent victory.

But they did not succeed: under the blows of the victorious Soviet troops, Hitler's Germany was defeated.

The decrepit Sheptytsky happened to live to its final defeat. He even tried to write a letter to Stalin, but, they say, it was not sent because the nationalists, whom he fiercely condemned, deprived him of his life prematurely.

He was like a weather vane. His turns ended in 1944.

After him, Joseph Slipyi became the metropolitan.

Together with Sheptytsky and his closest assistants from the Uniate bishops, Slipyi during the Great Patriotic War secretly served the German occupation regime, calling on believers and the clergy to resist Soviet power, and after the invasion of the German fascist invaders into Ukraine, he completely surrendered himself to the occupants: as the leader of the numerous Uniate clergy he with his orders and promises to the believers helped the Nazis to steal the population in fascist penal servitude, participated in the creation of the occupier Sgiach local authorities in the extortion of food for the German army, in the formation of the Ukrainian population of the SS division "SS-Galicia" to fight the guerrillas and the Soviet Army, with postings in this division Uniate priests as chaplains. Sheptytsky did the same thing.

In 1946, the 350-year term of the Union of Brest was discontinued. Only in 1990, did the shoots of the Greek Catholic Church begin to reappear in Ukraine, which the new authorities clung to today. Or vice versa…
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  1. tracer
    tracer 10 June 2016 06: 14
    "What a bastard" directly hunt quoted the words of Nicholas II, designating the tnm saiim the essence of this "ACTOR. What scoundrels ... I want to add from myself. This is me about the hands with crosses thrown up as a sign of greeting to the new Fuhrer. I feel Russia will have to rake this brown again. will do without it.
    1. atos_kin
      atos_kin 10 June 2016 08: 07
      Quote: tracer
      "Russia is going to rake this brown again.

      Diplomacy victory: Recognize the choice of the "partner" of the gutter, so that later to rake the brown one.
    2. gladcu2
      gladcu2 10 June 2016 19: 22

      Laughed. You bastard say?

      Something you suddenly remembered about morality?

      These bastards in the modern world from 5 to 25%. Depending on the country of origin and residence.
      1. tracer
        tracer 10 June 2016 23: 02
        Actually, I quoted Nicholas II (the autocrat of All Russia). AND FROM 5 TO 25 PERCENT YOU CALCULATED IT OR TOLD BY WHO?
      2. Bat
        Bat 2 January 2017 21: 08
        And a lot of bastards in Canada. Canadian dill.
    3. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 11 June 2016 06: 47
      Pauline, in this photo is not a Bandera, and not even an SS.
  2. Scud
    Scud 10 June 2016 06: 54
    The other day, the Kuev authorities renamed Vatutin Avenue into Shukhevych’s Punisher Avenue, and Moskovsky Avenue into fascist Bender’s Avenue. Dill turned itself into a cesspool!
    1. wadim13
      wadim13 10 June 2016 12: 45
      By the way, Vatutin in all settlements will be renamed with special zeal. Apparently, they want to kill twice. Once in the 44th was not enough.
  3. inkass_98
    inkass_98 10 June 2016 07: 19
    Actually, Polina did not report anything new. Two letters of Sheptytsky are widely known, dedicated to the entry of troops first of Germany, and then the USSR into the Ruins: one of them, of the 1941 sample, is addressed to the dearest Fuhrer of the German people Adolf Aloizovich Hitler, and the second (1944), as a carbon copy, to dear Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin.
    "Weathervane" is not a completely correct name for Sheptytsky's actions. "Prostitution" is much more correct. And he was always accompanied in life by betrayal and duplicity. It is quite consistent with the ideal portrait of the current "a" Ruins, leading its history from the "worthy" sample - Ivan Mazepa.
    Well, here Sheptitsky in the circle of like-minded people:
    1. igordok
      igordok 10 June 2016 08: 15
      The photo presented by you shows the head of the Pskov Orthodox Mission Archpriest Kirill Zayts and Archpriest Sergei Efimov. The photo shows the transmission of the Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God, the Pskov Orthodox Mission on 22 on March 1942.
      Unfortunately, photos from this series often show how Sheptytsky’s connection with the Germans. But these are different people, different situations.
      1. alebor
        alebor 10 June 2016 11: 09
        Why are the archpriests in the miter? They do not seem to be put in order?
        1. igordok
          igordok 10 June 2016 14: 06
          During a visit to Pskov by Metropolitan Sergius (Voskresensky) during the Second World War about. Cyril was elevated to the rank of Protopresbyter with the right to perform the liturgy according to the rank of bishop.

          Too many svidomye pointing to the inaccuracy of using this photo indicate that Sheptytsky was impeccably clean, since you substitute a deliberately false photo. In a word, EXTEND. You have to be honest and not use these photos out of business.
          A few more photos and photo snap to today's time.

      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. cosinus
        cosinus 13 June 2016 02: 21
        I was extremely surprised by the selection of photos and the statement of "facts".
        Is it really so difficult to use the search-analysis of images in Google?
        For example, what gives one of Google’s photos (it’s very easy to check)
      4. The comment was deleted.
  4. Imperialkolorad
    Imperialkolorad 10 June 2016 07: 55
    Apart from which country such heroes have nothing to say.
  5. parusnik
    parusnik 10 June 2016 08: 31
    I’ll clarify that the liquidation of the Brest Union began at the end of the 12th century, with the return of Russia to the Right-Bank Ukraine and Belarus. On February 1839, 1600, more than 1,6 Ukrainian parishes with a population of up to 11 million were reunited with the Russian Orthodox Church at the Polotsk Church Cathedral, and in the Volyn Region and Belorussian communities, on May 1875, 236, 234 parishes with a population of up to 1946 thousand in the Kholmshchina returned. This process continued in the future. In March 1990, at the Lviv Church and People’s Cathedral of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, the Union of Brest was abolished on the territory of the USSR, and the activities of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church were banned until XNUMX ...
  6. hirurg
    hirurg 10 June 2016 09: 56
    But does Russia need to destroy brown? How many exterminated, but they still say the invaders. Maybe let them marinate in this brown?
  7. Irbenwolf
    Irbenwolf 10 June 2016 10: 27
    A strange religion is this Greek Catholicism. How can Orthodox ceremonies be mixed up, driving them under the head of the pope? Trying to sit on two chairs !!!

    I understand that in the Middle Ages it was important for the population to preserve the Orthodox faith and had to "put on a mask" and all that, but the Orthodox faith returned to these lands! Why, then, oppose this pseudo mask to the dogmas of the church, whose rituals they tried to preserve.
  8. iouris
    iouris 10 June 2016 11: 27
    Russia is not only the Russian Federation, but also Ukraine. The Russians were not split yesterday. It's time to understand: it's not a matter of nationality or religion. The point is in the material interests of people who determine the value system. And it is our, Russian, people who enter the "Galicia" and are at war with the "Galicia".
    Watch Bondarchuk's 1986 film "Boris Godunov", watch the parade on May 22, 1943 in Pskov on YouTube.
  9. Archikah
    Archikah 10 June 2016 13: 25
    A useful article and the author is still well done. That's just the emphasis on the swastika - has led to the fact that now prohibit any swastika. Both Buddhist and Vedic culture - which is common among all Slavic peoples. Careful with holy symbols. Hitler would hang a star on his neck - would we even curse her? People are the ones to blame. What do the symbols have to do with it ?! fool
  10. tezey
    tezey 10 June 2016 13: 43
    This Shipitsky is a vivid example of the immorality of the Uniatism. And here is his letter to Comrade Stalin. To characterize the spiritual and moral character of Metropolitan Andrei, his letter sent to Moscow, addressed to Joseph Stalin, is also very indicative. Dated on October 10, 1944, it begins with the words: "To the ruler of the USSR, commander-in-chief and great marshal of the invincible Red Army, Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, greetings and bows. After the victorious campaign from the Volga to San and beyond, you again annexed the western Ukrainian lands to Great Ukraine. cherished desires and aspirations of the Ukrainians, who for centuries considered themselves one people and wanted to be united in one state, the Ukrainian people bring you sincere gratitude. These bright events and the tolerance with which you treat our Church, have aroused in our Church the hope that she , like the whole people, will find in the USSR under your leadership complete freedom of work and development in prosperity and happiness. For all this, you, Supreme Leader, should receive deep gratitude from all of us. " The letter contains such very curious statements: "This love tells us, first of all, to bring you wishes of every good and to give due honor, according to Christ," what is Caesar's to Caesar. " Or, for example, such: "A type of repentance is a rare quality of the Bolsheviks, who always knew how to admit guilt when it was noticed." This letter was signed along with Metropolitan Andrey and Bishop Nikita Budka. Indescribable beauty. In a word, unfinished dill. And their descendants are going to defeat someone? With such ancestors, the offspring are like that.
  11. EvgNik
    EvgNik 10 June 2016 14: 43
    Photos and posters speak even more than the text of an article. Fascism-Nazism was not defeated, hiding for the time being. And we have to admit that we are again facing a struggle with this phenomenon, and no matter on a larger scale.
  12. Koshak
    Koshak 10 June 2016 18: 39
    Quote: ImperialKolorad
    Apart from which country such heroes have nothing to say.

    Nowhere to put samples am
  13. Lens
    Lens 10 June 2016 20: 21
    I am Ukrainian. Theoretically, I should flare up and call the article false. But I will not do this .... Do not judge, but you will not be judged. The author of this commandment neglected. However, the name, in my opinion, does not correspond, well, God bless him, with the name. Although Archik is right, symbolism is not the most important thing. I would like to open another scale, which the author somehow diminished too much ...
    For starters, what was remembered by Western Ukrainians Andrei Sheptytsky? In addition to serving God.
    Maecenas. With a capital letter. He founded the Ukrainian National Museum. The first eparchal library. People's Hospital (later grew into a full-fledged hospital). Art school and art workshop. He supported one of the largest collection of icon painting in Europe.
    In total, I donated ONE MILLION DOLLARS to orphans! And this is in the thirties. Rate the course. Active founder of the first nature reserves in Ukraine ...
    Letters ... The author highlighted several letters to the frantic Adolf and Stalin. But I forgot that back in 1940, Sheptytsky wrote to Stalin and Khrushchev pointing out the "excesses" on the ground. And in December 1941 and February 1942 - to Himmler! He protested the extermination of Jews. In August 1942 - to the Pope. A letter criticizing the ideas of German nationalism ...
    Did he start collaborating with the Nazis? And what if your brother, daughter-in-law and the whole family were shot by the NKVD? In 1939 something like that happened ... The "Gallichin" division. Sheptytsky's attitude to this was met in two phrases - Ukraine needs its own armed forces and ... to allocate 12 chaplains to divisions.
    And the most important thing. In my opinion, what is worth a lot. By order of Shepttsky, 300 Jewish children were sheltered in monasteries! Not "a few Jews". Here's to you and "beat zhi..ov" ...
    Unpleasant feeling from the article. One gets the impression that the author and Schindler is ready to call "the hated Austrian Nazi, who mercilessly exploited Jews in production, simultaneously saving the lives of several Jews ..." But what? He even had a gold Nazi badge.
    But remember the phrase on the ring given to Schindler? "who saved one life - saved the people." And how many lives did the author save to write one-sidedly a hundred ... take like this. I cannot name it as an article. Judge not lest ye be judged...
  14. tracer
    tracer 10 June 2016 23: 10
    This is something we do not "judge" about fascism? Can I wash my face with tears of emotion from the cozy light of a lampshade made of human skin? From photos of people burnt alive by these "good-natured" people in the house of trade unions? WHICH BY YOUR VERSION BURNED YOURSELF? NO "not judged yes not judged wake up" this is not for us .. We will judge and to the fullest extent of human law. AND YOU DO NOT EVEN GOD'S LAW.
    1. Lens
      Lens 11 June 2016 00: 42
      Young man. And judging by the categorical statements, you are young. There is an article next to it - about a motorcyclist in the suburbs. There, the Russians are surprised at the one-sided and "cut" presentation of information on the central channel of Russian TV. Apparently, you've seen enough of the same stripped-down versions.
      And to reproach Ukrainians for loyalty to Nazism (fascism, he was a young man in Italy ...) is the same as declaring to the Poles that they built Auschwitz for themselves. and the Jews for an unsuccessful trip to Babi Yar. Our grandfathers also fought against the Germans (do not poke "gallichina" - a special case. If anything, remember the ROA), and our grandmothers and young uncles then learned all the "delights" of life in the occupation. Do you live in Canada? Where did you come from? Most likely from the hinterland of Russia, where they saw a living German at 46. Prisoner. Lousy and scared. And the current ones? I'll insert a photo for you. You can admire. Who will you call him?
      1. Tired
        Tired 11 June 2016 05: 32
        In Russia, all this fascist trash is marginalized, although all sorts of Orthodox white-doers of the new generation, following their Manchu mentors, are trying to drag Russia into the shit into which Ukraine has slipped. In Russia, there are no "volunteer battalions" using the symbols of the SS, in Russia there are no torchlight processions in the squares, or streets named after the collaborators. And what is happening in the east of Ukraine can only be called ordinary fascism. As for the terminology, then Nazism, Fascism, Rexism, Phalangism, Zheleznogvardizm and other help, Tronism is a kind of shit and nothing more.
      2. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 11 June 2016 06: 40
        Quote: Lens
        Who will you call him?

        We call them scum, and you call them heroes.
        Quote: Lens
        (do not poke "gallichin" - a special case

        Really private? Tell the Poles this.
        Quote: Lens
        remember about ROA

        Here they are traitors! And you have all the trash of the UPA, Bandera and Shukhevych heroes. Litter became your heroes.
        Aizatsgruppen-WHIP! Glory to Ukraine
        1. Lens
          Lens 11 June 2016 07: 49
          Well, in my photo "electrician" Alexey Milchakov. The commander of the "Rus", call sign Serb. Russian, St. Petersburg, 25 years old. LPR. It’s strange how - both the grandfather did not serve in the UPA, and the grandmother, most likely survived the blockade, God grant her health. And he is "a new hero, a defender of the Russian world." Coaches new recruits.
          But, for some reason, photos of "Azov" pop up, etc.
          And about your "beams in the eye" you do not speak, do not condemn ... By the way, I had a dialogue with you, and I said that these "innovations" in renaming streets are not to my liking.
          By the way, the Poles don't talk about "gallichin" as much as even here in VO.
          1. Alexander Romanov
            Alexander Romanov 11 June 2016 13: 55
            Quote: Lens
            And about your "beams in the eye" you do not speak, do not judge.

            We then condemn them and call them shit, which it really is. Why did you come here to talk about Russian fascists? What did you sing to me before May 9?
            Quote: Lens
            By the way, the Poles don't talk about "gallichin" as much as even here in VO.

        2. The comment was deleted.
  15. The comment was deleted.
    1. Lens
      Lens 11 June 2016 08: 06
      Thank you dear comrade for your support. We are doing all the work of the past days here, but time does not stand still - new ones appear ... HEROES. There in St. Petersburg they do not want to name the bridge in honor of him. Call in the Crimea unfinished.
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 11 June 2016 13: 57
        Quote: Lens
        at. We are doing all the work of the past days here, but time does not stand still - new ones appear ... HEROES.

        Tomorrow geiparade in Kiev, do not miss.
  16. Lens
    Lens 11 June 2016 15: 14
    Do you care about such events? How long ago? Thanks, at least enlightened. And thank you, about Odessa recalled. We argued there whether the Nazis were or were not. Yadazhe recognized - were. I forgot, though I put the pictures. Here you can admire.
  17. Lens
    Lens 11 June 2016 15: 18
    Meet Anton Raevsky. Petersburg Member of the clashes in Odessa 2014 of the year. as explained to the investigation - came to the sea to see. You say scum? I agree. One hundred ... two hundred percent agree! But why don’t you condemn such scum here publicly? Do not write curses to them for life? Indicate an article of this nature? But us Ukrainians, all under one comb? All in Natsik, banderlog ...
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 11 June 2016 15: 49
      Quote: Lens
      Meet Anton Raevsky. Petersburg Member of the clashes in Odessa in 2014.

      You are a superman, a white and fluffy defender of unfortunate Ukraine. Lay out photos of the murdered children from the Donbass, post photos of the burned people in Odesa. Burned by people like you, looking and writing about Russian fascism.
      He is looking for fascism in Russia, but the SS does not want to notice on the uniform of Ukrainian soldiers.
  18. Lens
    Lens 11 June 2016 16: 13
    And I do not deny the former and do not close my eyes to the other! But I haven’t read the words of self-criticism from you personally, so the label “white and fluffy” still needs to look at who to hang. And our people are dying in Donbass! And on that and on the other hand, and not selectively, as you claim! Do not hide behind children - these are our children. Personally, I don't care if they speak Russian, Ukrainian or Tatar. These are kids! They are like angels. But with your submission, if a child died in Donbass, then the Ukrainians killed. And what about an interview with Zakharchenko, where he himself confesses that for the sake of tactical success, the village was burned down in 2014? Or are you only worried about the parades in Kiev?