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June 6 is the Day of Ukrainian Journalist. Someone else? ..

For some time in the list of oxymorons arrived. Ukrainian journalist - as an example ... And today, on June 6, these same Ukrainian journalists celebrate their professional holiday. The profession as such ceased to exist simultaneously with the coverage of the role and place of the first blood on the Maidan, but the holiday remained, as it were. Apparently, it remained as a mockery of the real profession of a journalist and as a symbol of what the Ukrainian reality transforms this profession into.

June 6 is the Day of Ukrainian Journalist. Someone else? ..

Based on the latest trends in Ukraine, an attempt should be made to find out who the Ukrainian journalist is, or rather the person who is considered to be a journalist in Kiev today. At the same time, it will obviously be necessary to brush off all those professional competencies that are de jure involved in journalistic activities.

To begin with - the definition, if I may say so, of a generally accepted character.

A journalist (from fr. Journal - diary, jour - day) is an employee of the publication, whose duties are to promptly collect, process, correctly and affordably set forth objective and relevant information.

If we are talking about a modern Ukrainian journalist, then from this definition it is possible to remove such a word as “objective”. Any information - yes. Any misinformation - yes. But not objective. Otherwise, in the country of the “European democracy” the journalist will be on the list of the notorious Peacekeeper website, which continues to work, despite any attempts at criticism of its existence by major international human rights organizations. And if the site continues to work, it means that an even larger organization stands behind it, whose human rights defense is to protect its own right to use force against any objectionable.

About a month ago, “Peacemaker” on its pages published about 5,5 thousands of names and personal data of journalists from dozens of countries around the world and hundreds of media outlets, including major and very authoritative. All this journalistic army was declared “traitors”, “agents of the Kremlin” and enemies of Ukraine, only because all its representatives had ever received accreditation to prepare reports in the Donetsk and Lugansk people's republics. In fact, Kiev has designated its position as a gravedigger of journalism, and the most vile is that of a gravedigger in the literal sense of the word. After all, the publication of journalists' personal data on the extremist hypocritical "Peacemaker" is not aimed simply at making it possible for his readers to find out who worked in the territory of the DPR and the LPR, but for any of these "readers" to deal with disagreeable radicals media representatives.

One of the victims of this “grave” system was the well-known and popular Ukrainian Journalist (in this case I allow myself to write this word with a capital letter), a writer and TV host Oles Buzina. April 16 scumbags, guided by materials published on the website "Peacemaker", committed a crime by killing Olesya at his house on Degtyarevskaya Street. Oles clearly did not fit the format of the Procrustean lodge that the Maidan authorities of Ukraine decided to build. He was the man who was not afraid to express his own (and not imposed by anyone) views, he did not publish the materials that the radical camarilla would like to see. In modern Ukraine, this was considered a “challenge” to the Maidan “achievements”, and Olesya was counted in April last year, plunging the whole of Ukraine into the abyss of total fear, and making this objective, journalistic work one of the most dangerous.

Modern norms for the “Ukrainian journalist” are exploitation with or without a reason for the only thesis - “Russia-aggressor”. This combination of words can be considered the Ukrainian-journalistic panacea - a bredo-medicine from all that does not fit the Maidan principles of a state collapsing after the anti-constitutional coup of the state.

Ukrainian military and militants of the radical battalions kill their own fellow citizens in the Donbass - the “aggressor Russia”, the Ukrainian air defense complex is shot down by a Malaysian airliner - “the aggressor Russia”, a Ukrainian pilot bombards the center of Lugansk in broad daylight — the aggressor Russia; the detainees - “the aggressor Russia”, the standard of living of the population fell to a historic minimum - “the aggressor Russia”, some oligarchs shifted to the power of other oligarchs, arranging private armed clashes - “the aggressor Russia”, in Odessa extremists ravyat, harness and shot dozens of people - "the aggressor Russia" on the streets of Mariupol residents crushed by armored vehicles - "aggressor Russia," the infamous Mayor prepares citizens "to the ground", because again "the aggressor Russia" ...

Procrustean bed of such "journalism" is trying to spread to foreign correspondents. A newspaper correspondent speaks out about his reaction to this kind of activity. The New York Times Ian Bateson. In his article “Ukraine declares war on journalism,” he writes that the Peacemaker site was named “accomplice of terrorists” because he came to Donetsk region in 2014 to prepare a report on the real causes of the crash of Boeing 777, having received accreditation from authorities of the DPR.

From Ian Bateson's comment:
Such a phenomenon is dangerous in any society, and especially in today's Ukraine, where an objective assessment and criticism of the authorities is necessary, perhaps more than ever. Reforms in the country stalled, the state apparatus is mired in nepotism and corruption.

Ian, my dear ... What kind of objective assessment are you talking about when people in Ukraine are being killed as heroes? Not only heroes, but also officials. Surname Savchenko, Mr. Beitson, you about something says? If he doesn’t, then we’ll tell you: Ms. Savchenko is a deputy of the All-Ukrainian Parliament and a member of the Ukrainian delegation to the PACE - this is now. And before becoming a deputy, Ms. Savchenko shot a column of refugees in the Luhansk region and sent fire to the mortar calculations at the Russian journalists. Here's how, my dear Ian ... And for some reason the media in which you, Ian, work, is in no hurry to share this information with your readers.

The mockery of independent journalism is also the presence of a TV channel of the president of Ukraine.

Journalism in general in the pocket of Peter Alekseevich:

Well, on the holiday ... Ukrainian journalists ... To continue to jam the voice of conscience, do you have enough vodka there? ..
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  1. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 6 June 2016 06: 28
    Day of the Selling Creature. God forgive me ........
    1. inkass_98
      inkass_98 6 June 2016 06: 59
      Quote: Volga Cossack
      Day of the Selling Creature. God forgive me ........

      Here it is not necessary. Today is our birthday love Alexander light Sergeyevich Pushkin. This is the main thing, and from here we will dance: since he wrote fairy tales as well, we will deduce the complexity of the ruin journalism from the fairy tale component of his work. Everything is simple and clear.
      1. Riv
        Riv 6 June 2016 07: 54
        You are mistaken. Why is Pushkin famous for? He wrote poetry, read them to the public, died in a shootout. The first Russian benchmark!
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 6 June 2016 07: 55
      So, the offensive against journalists in the recent Kuchma began with the assassination of Gongadze. Now it has already become their national trend. And something that all the right-holders were blinded and deaf.
      1. baudolino
        baudolino 6 June 2016 08: 34
        Kuchma has the same relation to Gongadze as Yanyk to the heavenly hundred. These are just gears in political mechanisms.
    3. Oorfene Deuce
      Oorfene Deuce 6 June 2016 08: 31
      Quote: Volga Cossack
      Day of the Selling Creature. God forgive me ........

      I completely agree with you.
      But you know, by type of service, I had to meet with reporters a couple of times. So I got the opinion that these zhurnalyugi will fall under any mode. And the fact that our and were on the other side of the barricades does not cancel their scumbag. Just watch the news on the federal channel.
      I am sure that not loyal and honest journalists will not be able to work there. Yes, and will not allow ...
    4. Shick
      Shick 6 June 2016 08: 35
      how stupid people have become.
      Goebbels was right, from the people through the media you can make a herd of animals, from any
      some will shout glory to Ukraine, others will yell Hurray and everything goes according to a cunning plan, and Serdyukov and his girlfriend did not sit down on a grand idea.
      The media always fulfill one role - to form the "correct" public opinion, they have their own
    5. 33 Watcher
      33 Watcher 6 June 2016 08: 56
      Quote: Volga Cossack
      Day of the Selling Creature. God forgive me ........

      Well, why? A. Shary can be proud. He now has his own personal holiday (professional), in addition to Dr. and n.g. laughing
    6. vanavatny
      vanavatny 6 June 2016 10: 52
      Svidomo journalist - master of the newspaper duck: the facade of the hero, and the rear of the cheap forgive the tutki, I'm not talking about Sharia
    7. Shadowcat
      Shadowcat 6 June 2016 15: 28

      Akhtung 18+)))
      Well this video pleases me)))
  2. Shick
    Shick 6 June 2016 06: 29
    Well, then our journalists are very often truth-seekers.
    especially on the central channels, the truth is one and nothing but, right?
    1. Bassoon
      Bassoon 6 June 2016 06: 35
      Unlike Ukrainian journalists, the Russians are at the forefront. Ukropovsky can only compose fairy tales.
      1. Lens
        Lens 6 June 2016 11: 14
        Why so? Check out reports from Motorny or Tsaplienko. They worked in Iraq and in Afghanistan. In helmets and armor ...
    2. Finches
      Finches 6 June 2016 06: 42
      I wouldn’t cut everyone to the same comb! We still have children in this profession educated on the principles of the Soviet school of journalism, the basis of which, first of all, if we remove the ideological component, is professionalism! A lot of those who are drawn for a long ruble and sold in half, but this is the cost of journalism, as the second oldest profession, and if the percentage of both balances like 60 to 40, then everything is fine with us! In Ukraine, being an objective professional is being a journalist means being a corpse ...
      1. Pinkie F.
        Pinkie F. 6 June 2016 08: 10
        Quote: Finches
        ! We still have children in this profession educated on the principles of the Soviet school of journalism

        laughing laughing these "guys" under 60, apparently?
        Quote: Finches
        if you remove the ideological component,

        remove the dominant? Strong. Actually, if closer to the present day, then any journalist, signing a contract, undertakes to follow the ideology of the publication for which she works. So - to remove the "ideological component" is at least silly.
        Quote: Finches
        then, in general, everything is fine with us!

        of course. We have the most incorruptible and objective journalism.
    3. vanavatny
      vanavatny 6 June 2016 10: 58
      nuuu, actually journalists, these are people on a paycheck - with all the consequences, it’s always funny to hear about a free and independent press laughing
      1. Alexy
        Alexy 6 June 2016 18: 05
        Exactly. Many do not understand simple things.
    4. AdekvatNICK
      AdekvatNICK 6 June 2016 18: 14
      In vain you zaminusili.Our propaganda is not possible to listen to. Such fairy tales weave just awful. And those who minus .... it does not matter whose media are better or worse, it is important to understand that independent media do not exist, they all belong to someone and they are the main weapon among others, which is used to form public opinion.
  3. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 6 June 2016 06: 36
    The second oldest profession, however, after confusing ....
  4. Scud
    Scud 6 June 2016 06: 50
    If I'm not mistaken, today is the Day of the Russian Language!
    Language is a living organism.
    Protect the purity of the tongue like a shrine.
    Never use foreign words.
    The Russian language is so rich and flexible. That we have nothing to take from those who are poorer than us.
    I.S. Turgenev.
    Maybe I missed something, but VO should pay attention to the real treasure and our wealth-RUSSIAN LANGUAGE!
    And, as for ukrobenderovskih magazines, then about this scum speaks well Anatoly Shariy.
    1. Knowing
      Knowing 6 June 2016 07: 03
      Quote: scud
      Maybe I missed something, but VO should pay attention to the real treasure and our wealth-RUSSIAN LANGUAGE!
      I apologize, BUT WE are communicating at the RUSSIAN GREAT ... recourse mov was not present ...
  5. Uncle Murzik
    Uncle Murzik 6 June 2016 06: 54
    But what about journalists in Ukraine? belay laughing
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 6 June 2016 08: 48
      Quote: Uncle Murzik
      But what about journalists in Ukraine?

      Remained! A. Zubchenko, E. Smirnov, V. Skachko, A. Karevin ... and many of those who, despite the "claims" of the authorities, continue to work. but what to say, look at the site "Peacemaker" - all those who were called separatists there are journalists. hi
      1. Uncle Murzik
        Uncle Murzik 6 June 2016 08: 52
        Well, God forbid them health and good luck!
      2. Lelek
        Lelek 6 June 2016 09: 53
        Quote: Egoza
        all those who were called separatists there

        Helen, hi
        Well, it's not a problem to get into the category of "separatists" in the former Ukraine. The other day, even the Gaster earning "bread" in Russia were declared "not Ukrainians" and separatists. There is a limit to the mind, but there is no limit to stupidity (to put it mildly - I can’t be rougher, because your "brother" moderator will finally gore).
        1. Bramb
          Bramb 6 June 2016 11: 46
          This petition will not go nowhere.
          Crest - he’s ready to lie from three boxes, and about the aggressor, and about the Almaty, and about the millions of horse makers, but they know the truth. And they love to eat. And where do they get the money? Here this starving man is galloping under three million to earn money!
          So that a crest deprived himself of a piece of bread? Don’t tell! Pigmen only scream much, but burn tires. And then if they pay. And so for no good nation. Syphilis in generations and iodine deficiency destroyed the brain of Ukrainians - yes. But they still want to eat.
          So this petition has no future.
      3. Vittt
        Vittt 6 June 2016 17: 28
        Egoza, excuse me for saying a couple of years ago - "what is a woman doing on a men's site?"
        At first I did not understand why these seemingly stupid (which, unfortunately, are now in the majority) comments and the subsequent "fight".
        The deceased moderator pointed out my mistake and deleted me from the lists, most likely he was right, but in a personal letter he very briefly explained everything, but was very emotional.
        In any case, your comments are interesting to me, because you are probably from the neighboring territory, so you know everything in the heat of the heat.
        Once again, I apologize (no, the community for aligning body parts has not come to me).
        And about the names you mentioned - no one knows them. Only the lawyer Montian is probably heard.
      4. APASUS
        APASUS 6 June 2016 20: 02
        Quote: Egoza
        look at the site "Peacemaker" - all those who were called separatists there are journalists

        Let’s not refer to the Peacemaker, in my opinion it has already started going off scale ............ everyone who even stood nearby got there.
        They even printed Roman Tsymbalyuk as a traitor for registering for a briefing, since he certainly can’t be blamed for love to Dombass or Russia, he’s also a perch.
  6. Same lech
    Same lech 6 June 2016 07: 07
    And if the site continues to work, it means that there is an even larger organization behind it, the legal protection of which is to protect its own right to use force against any objectionable.

    Well, let's find out who is the owner and sponsor of this site?
    Who provides him with information about objectionable journalists?
    Who disseminates this information?
    Let's find out the truth about the villains ordering the killing of people.
    1. EvgNik
      EvgNik 6 June 2016 08: 05
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      Well, let's find out who is the owner and sponsor of this site?

      The initiator of the site is Anton Gerashchenko, the creator and sponsor is Georgy Tuka.
      1. Senior manager
        Senior manager 6 June 2016 09: 38
        The good guy Gerashchenko, brave, probably doesn’t know that in the end you have to pay for everything, or maybe the cyan has with him, so he counts on jumping off the answer?
        1. Lelek
          Lelek 6 June 2016 10: 00
          Quote: St. Propulsion
          Good guy Gerashchenko,

          And, most importantly, noticeable - as you will see lips from the back - Gerashchenko and no one else (there is, however, one more contender - Mosiychuk, but a little falls short).
  7. Denis DV
    Denis DV 6 June 2016 07: 59
    A curious identifier of genres caught me on the net laughing
    “A brief guide to journalism genres:
    “I am an idiot” - message, news.
    “He is an idiot” - review.
    “We are idiots” - analytics, chronicle.
    “You are idiots” - columnist.
    “They are idiots” - reportage.
    “You know, they are idiots!” - special report.
    “No, you're an idiot” - a comment.
    "Tell me, are you an idiot?" - interview.
    “He's probably an idiot” - opinion, an article in the opposition press.
    “Among idiots” - a report.
    "Life of an idiot" - a biography.
    "Be an idiot" - an autobiography.
    "Long live the idiot!" - pamphlet.
    “And the idiot is naked!” - feuilleton.
    “But an idiot is a stupid person!” - libel.
    “All Idiots” is an essay.
    “I and the idiot” is a problematic essay with a right-wing political deviation.
    “Idiot and I” is a problematic essay with a left watered bias.
    "The most stupid idiot" - rating.
    "Idiot" is a novel.
    “Do you have any idiocy?” - a seminar.
    "How can I get sick with idiocy?" - Master Class.
    “I will tell you how to get sick with idiocy” - an expert opinion.
    “Idiocy in our organization” - press release.
    "Idiocy against imbecility" is a movement.
    “Is it easy to be an idiot?” - analytics with immersion in the environment.
    “Idiots and the world behind the scenes” - conspiracy theory, Mikhail Leontyev.
    Who wants to be an idiot? "A popular show whose winner gets a slope from the army."
  8. parusnik
    parusnik 6 June 2016 08: 05
    In truth .. a holiday of sharks, jackals, computer keyboards .... In the truest sense of the word ..
  9. baudolino
    baudolino 6 June 2016 08: 38
    In fact, professional holidays are also a legacy of a totalitarian past. So to celebrate them on the BU somehow is not kosher.
  10. EvgNik
    EvgNik 6 June 2016 08: 39
    Quote: parusnik
    In truth .. a holiday of sharks, jackals, computer keyboards .... In the truest sense of the word ..

    Alexey, somewhere it’s like that, but I respect the journalists of our site - honestly. Thank you very much, in many ways they determine the face of the site.
  11. Ros 56
    Ros 56 6 June 2016 08: 40
    C'mon to make people laugh, there’s no journalist banderlog by definition, there are only magazine whores. And the journalists either left or were killed. No options. And we have a lot of magazines and even more outright haters of Russia and its people, but they are not killed.
  12. 3vs
    3vs 6 June 2016 08: 57
    6 June - Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin's Birthday!
    And mine too!
    Fifty, hug me! fellow

    And "Ukrainian journalists" have nothing to do with it!
    1. Oorfene Deuce
      Oorfene Deuce 6 June 2016 09: 10
      Quote: 3vs
      Fifty, hug me!

      He pitied me ... crying
      1. 3vs
        3vs 6 June 2016 09: 33
        Hugs me so dog for a treat! fellow
  13. Evgtan
    Evgtan 6 June 2016 09: 03
    Savchenko to journalists: “In a couple of years we will live like in France!” A timid voice from the audience: “What will happen to France?
  14. Egoza
    Egoza 6 June 2016 09: 19
    Guys! Our cockroach was forgotten! This is the Ukrainian journalist! Congratulations to him! love love love
    1. Pinkie F.
      Pinkie F. 6 June 2016 09: 37
      Quote: Egoza
      This is the Ukrainian journalist!

      let's define the terminology. Who is the journalist? Nowadays, in the era of affordable network communications, can any column be called such, squeezing articles on different resources?
    2. EvgNik
      EvgNik 6 June 2016 15: 38
      Quote: Egoza
      Guys! Our cockroach was forgotten! This is the Ukrainian journalist! Congratulations to him!

      Elena, we do not forget him. Between journalists of Ukraine we ask, I consider both you and Vladyka. Here you have a happy holiday! love hi love
  15. abasheva55
    abasheva55 6 June 2016 09: 52
    Congratulations to Tarakanushka and still honest Ukrainian journalists, but they are few
  16. svp67
    svp67 6 June 2016 10: 17
    Interesting on this day, will anyone remember it?
    1. Alexy
      Alexy 6 June 2016 18: 11
      Probably no one in Ukraine. But we remember.
  17. Bramb
    Bramb 6 June 2016 11: 56
    The photo is right in the subject: a stupid look, eyes in different directions, pupils are dilated ... There is not just drug addiction, the central nervous system is already clearly violated there.
    But Ukrainians believe that! )))
  18. Lens
    Lens 6 June 2016 12: 00
    I read the article ... Then the comments ... I went out and ... I returned. I can’t pass by. Ek the author wrote - he chopped it with an ax - These are good, but these are bad! No parsing, no details. That’s all! And it’s impossible. I regularly look at the media. Both Russian and Ukrainian. More for the sake of the information itself, but ... When a lie is put at the head of the information. This is no longer journalism.
    I bow my head to the dead guys and girls who laid down their lives on the altar of truth, some from a stray bullet, some from custom-made lead. For me, both Buzin and Gongadze are one - they had their own opinion, expressed. died. In contrast to the "halogen", standing in warm studios and repeating in well-placed voices the text slipped by the editor. But more often the names of the "lacquered" courtiers are heard: Andreeva, Kiselev, Shuster, Tolstoy, Soloviev, Taran, Sokolova ... They may not even know that they are telling a lie. Or they may know, but be silent, repeating in their mind the amount of their fee.
    And I will repeat once again - you cannot divide like that. If the author is so categorical, then let it just repeat - ALL journalists are the second oldest profession. Then it's not worth writing an article. And if he begins to sort out - these are good, but these are not, then his article "smelled". After all, you can shoot in a helmet and armor in the trenches (there are some in Ukraine, I have already mentioned Tsaplienko, Motorny), or you can stage a setting with explosions and shooting from the third time in a dark basement. so much so that you yourself laugh or bark a dog before the Minsk meeting. And those and those - a magazine ... Only some - journalists, and others - a magazine ... hee.
    1. Ros 56
      Ros 56 6 June 2016 12: 08
      It would not hurt to wipe the lens.
      1. Pinkie F.
        Pinkie F. 6 June 2016 12: 31
        Quote: Ros 56
        It would not hurt to wipe the lens.

        and what is wrong? Is it a shame that Solovyov was stuck on a par with Schuster? And how are they especially different? The owner hawchik is fed people. And then there is the problem of the presentation and perception of information.
        1. SklochPensioner
          SklochPensioner 6 June 2016 13: 16
          Quote: Pinky F.
          Is it a shame that Solovyov was stuck on a par with Schuster?

          You are our objective, no offense - annoying.
          Citizenship (heard of this?) Soloviev is clear and understandable.
          Schuster (what a speaking surname!))) Glided and bustled on Russian TV, trying to create the appearance of objectivity.
          РќРµ видите СЂР ° Р · РЅРёС † С ‹? RќRЈ R ... СЃ R'Р ° РјРё!
          1. Pinkie F.
            Pinkie F. 6 June 2016 14: 18
            Quote: SklochPensioner
            Citizenship (heard of this?) Soloviev is clear and understandable.

            Yeah, I heard:
            Quote: SklochPensioner
            create the appearance of objectivity.

            Quote: SklochPensioner
            Do not see the difference?

            no. Apparently, because, unlike you, I do not sculpt idols from the number of talking heads from the box.
            Quote: SklochPensioner
            Well, and ... with you!

            No problem. Always with me.
          2. Mordvin 3
            Mordvin 3 6 June 2016 14: 31
            Quote: SklochPensioner
            РќРµ видите СЂР ° Р · РЅРёС † С ‹? RќRЈ R ... СЃ R'Р ° РјРё!

            Р'РѕС ‚РЅРµ вижу СЂР ° Р · РЅРёС † С‹. Кто есть РЎРѕР »РѕРІСЊРµРІ? РњР ° Р »РµРЅСЊРєРёР№, СѓСЃР ° тенький, Р» С ‹СЃРµРЅСЊРєРёР№, РїСѓР · Р ° тенький? Рђ кто есть Шустер? РЎР ° РІРёРє, РјР ° ть его. РћРґРЅРѕРіРѕ РІРѕР »СЏ СЏРіРѕРґР °, есл Рё РїРѕРґСѓРјР ° ть.
          3. EvgNik
            EvgNik 6 June 2016 15: 42
            Quote: SklochPensioner
            Schuster (what a talking last name!)))

            Solovyov - what a talking last name (nightingale spills).
            1. Pinkie F.
              Pinkie F. 6 June 2016 16: 07
              Quote: EvgNik
              Solovyov - what a talking last name (nightingale spills).

              actually, he's Shapiro. So why run into Schuster? laughing
        2. Ros 56
          Ros 56 6 June 2016 17: 07
          Quote: Pinky F.
          perception of information.

          And your last name is not Nulland by chance that you are giving cookies to everyone here. This one is good, this one is bad. Who gave you such authority pork?
          1. Pinkie F.
            Pinkie F. 6 June 2016 17: 39
            Quote: Ros 56
            Who gave you such authority pork?

            laughing It was a bit of a bad start, sweetheart.
            1. Ros 56
              Ros 56 7 June 2016 06: 56
              Quote: Pinky F.

              Wash the clown, and do not make an oracle out of you, the snout did not come out. fellow
              1. Pinkie F.
                Pinkie F. 7 June 2016 07: 16
                Quote: Ros 56
                Wash your face

                oops. And why is it still not overwhelmed? laughing Come on, my dear, the team was.
                1. Ros 56
                  Ros 56 7 June 2016 08: 06
                  Quote: Pinky F.

                  Wipe snot, idiot. You weren’t allowed to open your mouth; you didn’t come out with a bite, except for the barking at any occasion not a single intelligible comment.
                  1. Pinkie F.
                    Pinkie F. 7 June 2016 11: 06
                    Quote: Ros 56
                    did not go out with a bang, except for the barking at any occasion not a single intelligible comment.

                    debiloid, re-read your comments at your leisure. Shkolota sniffed, IQ lower than that of a cockroach.
  19. bandabas
    bandabas 6 June 2016 12: 09
    It became interesting, in Ukraine, keyboards with a Russian layout, or have you already thought of a keyboard? By special order?
  20. isker
    isker 6 June 2016 13: 31
    Well, the ephemeral country cannot have real journalists, by definition!
    I didn’t get acquainted with the work of either Buzina or Gongadze - since all is one thing - these are bubbles on the water - even if their "bright" dreams and desires could come true in the life of "country 404" - they would be stillborn!
    a fake country has fake journalists, there aren’t others and never was ...
  21. Lens
    Lens 6 June 2016 16: 09
    And which country do you think is REAL? What should be in it that EVEN YOU recognize? Here is Shangri La - fabulous. This is known. Like the Flower City of Nosov .... And if it is put on the world map, if it is recognized by other countries, it opened the settlement, and trade is established, then here excuse me - YOUR opinion will not be enough. Whether you be even Your Holiness, even a king, even a king. And I will tell you a secret - REAL, living people live there. Engineers, doctors, teachers ... Journalists! Imagine? They build, give birth, create, do stupid things and, unfortunately, die in a war with the same REAL, living people.
  22. The comment was deleted.
  23. isker
    isker 6 June 2016 17: 51
    Quote: Lens
    And which country do you think is REAL? What should be in it that EVEN YOU recognize? ...

    Yes elementary!
    If svidomye, believe that they have their own gidnost and other attributes of "statehood" - so prove it! and it's very, very simple to do it (and I'll even take off my hat and sprinkle ashes on my head if you can do that)!
    only one thing is required of "you" - throw out your fairy tales about the sovereign MOV: sweep everywhere, everywhere, everywhere and always, always, always, and most importantly - everything, everything, everything - exclusively on your own language, no matter what is going on speech - from sowing soybeans to synchrophasotron! hold out in this mode for at least a month - then you will bend your fingers with your specialness, but for now, one shake of air and a feeling of disgust ...
    1. Lens
      Lens 6 June 2016 18: 13
      That is, by your logic and all that? Well then feel free to erase Canada, Switzerland, India from the map ... Continue to list? There are exactly two languages ​​available. And the fact that I communicate with you fluently in Russian - does this mean a minus? Or maybe it's easier to google what is statehood and go look for ashes? However, I can help - according to RUSSIAN Wikipedia - the State is an independent organization with sovereignty, special management and enforcement mechanisms, and establishing a legal order in a certain territory.
      You can double-check. About the language - not a word. Remember this wording - you can create your own ... organization in your ward along with Napoleon and Caesar. Only with a speech decide what the civil war would not break out later.
      1. visitork67
        visitork67 6 June 2016 19: 12
        I have not heard that in these countries they called for killing and killed for another language. What is Quebec threshing for the French mov MLRS? Are they jumping around the squares with cannibalistic chants? We will define the Ruin as a state, and define the territory. And we will allocate a bed in a room with a known number.
  24. isker
    isker 6 June 2016 18: 38
    Just something, just something ...
    Just don't distort - both Canada and Switzerland and India are old, well-established and self-sufficient states - with full symbols and attributes of statehood, which cannot be said about the "artifact 404" - except for the anthem and small (small, Karl!) Coat of arms - for everything the rock of non-decency - they never came up with it!
    as for the language - you are trying to completely block the air for the Russian, like - you yourself with a mustache ... but so far, it does not go beyond intentions and declarations (and, I dare to assure you, it will not, because what cannot be done is done ugly!) I'm not talking about the "squabble" of ethnically pure Ukrainians - Avakov and Saakashvili - it's just a circus ...
    the lot of "404 territory" is imitation, antics and begging - at all levels, from the farm to the happy, but you yourself know that, but to admit it means to sign your own (there are simply no words), and therefore it will not happen, while there is at least one embroidered shirt in the country ...
    and our conversation with you in Russian - generally past the cash register - it was about the state, not about you and me.
  25. Lens
    Lens 6 June 2016 19: 41
    That's right, dear - about the state. You have not named ANY argument against not considering Ukraine a state. All emotions. You agreed to recognize the above examples of countries as well-established. But as the great Mao said, every big path begins with a small step. Once upon a time, India and other countries were ... Not what they are now. Provinces, pieces of empires ... And Ukraine has only the first steps ... However, like Russia, in the form it is now - let's not look back at the USSR. 91 years have redrawn everything and started a new countdown. Politicians? If you think that I will start to tear a fart for them right now, then you are mistaken even deeper than with the concept of statehood. And about the Russian language ... Well, who told you that? "Honest" journalists? Then, excuse me, you are not the best illustration for this article. Here adults are trying to find out which of the journalists is telling the truth, and who is pouring in the audience pre-prepared nonsense ... It looks like you got it.