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Results of the week. “He was terribly unlucky, especially on Friday”

Herd of defeatists

During the meeting of the Economic Council under the President, Alexei Kudrin expressed the view that the growth of investment in Russia implies a completely different Russia, which is today. Further, Kudrin addressed the Russian President directly, stating that he should carry out a certain revision of Russia's foreign policy relations and “reduce geopolitical tensions” (this is a quote). According to the ex-finance minister, “Russia is technologically lagging behind, and it needs to integrate into international technological relations, at least on second roles.”

It seems that seeing Russia solely on the sidelines is the main dream of the entire economic camarilla (and not only) "gurus", who at one time occupied very high positions in the structure of state power. Better than the second roles - only the third and other episodic, when the essence of the role comes down to serving the American debt, executing government curtsies towards the leadership of the "exclusive" nation ... It is this ideology today that leads to the appearance of theses of individual figures who speak in the style : "Gagarin did nothing, he just sat ..." Ugh, you (scolding) ... Defeated (scolding) herd (scolding).

Comments from our readers:

About the "throne" so many "friends are being trampled on and enemies are wiped out, that there will not be enough hands for those and others.

... by all means try to prove that there are no other competent economists, and of those that exist, everyone studied at the HSE and abroad, therefore there will be exactly the same idiotic methods to save money by investing them in the securities of potential opponents and buying green sliced paper.

Putintsev head for raskoryaku. Why superpatriot superpreditor? Calm down, this is such a Very Tricky Plan.

The question is not in Kudrin himself (everything is clear with him), the question is why such figures continue to largely determine the socio-economic policy in the country?
As for Kudrin’s statement, his arrogance is striking - after all, he knows perfectly well that the attempt to integrate into the Western world as a junior partner failed altogether, not because the Russian authorities abandoned this idea, but because the West does not want to take Russia in this quality. He wants complete submission (like Ukraine). Nevertheless, it is precisely this ideas that Kudrin continues to promote at the highest level.

Development of new weapons in Russia

At the air base in Kubinka began testing a new aircraft CP-10. The abbreviation in the name of the aircraft is deciphered as follows: "a jet aircraft with a sweep of the wing –10 degrees." It was developed by the Moscow Design Bureau aviation technologies".

And this is all about the issue of "technological backwardness of Russia." So, you know, technologically lagged behind, that the package of contracts sold by the Russian defense industry exceeds 54 billion dollars. So technologically behind, that Russian developments, in spite of any sanctions, are actively developing new markets with all the desire of "partners" to reduce the old markets. So technologically lagged behind, that such “backwardness” is quietly envied by certain “democratically developed” states. We would only have accumulated decades of educational potential not to squander with the help of a clumsy-masculine USE.

Comments from our readers:

captain (on CP-10)
Do we really bring this aircraft to the series? Many pilots will be very happy. Instead of the Czech L-39 there will be a great car. Good luck to you.

Mountain shooter (on the new BTR)
Drive-type motor-wheel, ionists as energy stores, motor-generator of decent power ... An interesting concept, and for intelligence - a dream. In conjunction with the radio absorbing tissue - such a night ghost. Thermal signature - minimum, noise - minimum, speed, armor, power reserve ... IMHO, the ideal scout.

Sana_59 (about new rifle)
Modest and tasteful ...))) I wonder what will happen to the human body if such a cartridge gets into it ...

Latrine flotilla

NATO is discussing the deployment of a full-scale flotilla in the Black Sea. What is the real goal? This goal, as they say, lies on the surface: to create conditions for containing Russia not only on land, but also on the sea; try to stifle the actions of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, which Turkish President Erdogan is so worried about with a marked increase.

The introduction of a full-fledged NATO flotilla into the Black Sea, apparently, should somehow reassure Erdogan, who has recently been getting one drain after another. On the other hand, the same USA and Germany would not let their frigates into the closed (relatively small) water area practically in order to please the Turkish “Pasha”. Moreover, Washington is well aware of the presence of Russia’s unsinkable aircraft carrier in the form of Crimea, which on paper can not be recognized as Russian at least five thousand times, but the “Bastion” BRC of which, by its effectiveness, reduces this non-recognition to absolute zero. Shouting, being not "on the fly" at the "Bastions", but as part of the sofa battalions, that we, with our Black Sea flotilla, are now piling on this Russian - this is a theory. And lock yourself in the latrine, when sirens "go crazy" on board after being "illuminated" by Russian coastal missile systems - this is already a practice. In this regard, NATO ships, which can potentially make up the declared Black Sea flotilla, need to be upgraded by multiplying the number of laties with equipped places to broadcast the fecal feat on the air ...

Comments from our readers:

It is bad that they are introducing, but it is good that our videoconferencing and Black Sea have something to work on in order of study. The neck on the Bosphorus is shut up instantly and they are all targets, like in a dash.

As Vladimir Vladimirovich said there ... No one has yet shown such pirouettes (or the G8) in the Black Sea. When the enemy's ship was targeted, it was highlighted so to speak ... Remember !!! So let the sail come, I think we will find a way out of this situation ...

The answer should be unpredictable. For example, who violates the Montreux Convention - the smell attack, well, do not spray it over the deck, but there are more harsh, unbearable smells. A small drone, "paint" the enemy steamer disgusting smelling indelible "shit." Take import drone and more amerovskie identification marks on it. The deadly laughter of the entire planet is assured. There is the MTR.

May they not provoke us in the Black Sea. Well, one destroyer or frigate will enter.
They will act for sure - to kindle the situation in our southern underbelly: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc. It is much more dangerous than ships with striped flags in the Black Sea.


The foreign press has become aware of the continuation of tests of one of the newest Russian weapon systems. According to data obtained from sources in intelligence structures, a few days ago, Russian specialists carried out the second successful launch of a promising interceptor missile complex "Nudol". In the foreseeable future, this system should go on combat duty and replace the existing types of complexes.

Results of the week. “He was terribly unlucky, especially on Friday”

That is how to "shoot down satellites"? - Constant readers of the American edition were alarmed, in which the main material was published. - Shoot down our "peaceful" satellites that are not "sent anywhere" and "do not threaten anyone"? At this point, home-grown Russian “pro-polymers” have already rushed to the rescue of the regular readers of the American “The Washington Free Beacon”, stating that Russia is a “technologically backward country” and therefore no promising “Nudoli” should be expected. They say, “everything in Russia is torn to shreds,” nothing, except hemp, can produce anything ... In the United States, they sort of calmed down, but just in case they checked that the GPS signal was not lost ...

Comments from our readers:

The right rocket. The entire American "network-centric war" will be absolutely impossible, one has only to smash their companions. Or block the signal from the satellite, or distort. All their electronics are remarkably burned out by an electromagnetic pulse. Communication between divisions is broken with the help of EW. After that, all this NATO herd in elegant camouflage and with mostly inactive, useless pieces of iron in their hands, chases to the shores of the Atlantic, so beloved by them, where it partially surrenders and partially drowns in the ocean. For it is not necessary to try to fight with Russia. Hitler with Napoleon will confirm.

In general, I am confused by the source, maybe they’re just asking for money to drink, and you can be fantasized about Russia for this matter.

There is a suspicion that the Nudol project is the replacement of the long-range missile defense missile 51Т6 Amur. This is evidenced by the weight of the rocket, based on its tractor: it must exceed 12 t. Production of 53Т6 "Azov" missiles was resumed earlier, and they have less mass and range. It is very likely that these are the combat elements of the А-235 System at the new stage of the incarnation. Anti-missiles of the Prometheus C-500 system were repeatedly illuminated in the form of transport-start-up towing vehicles, and have dimensions and weight allowing the use of standard C-300 / 400 containers. The rockets themselves were also illuminated in the drawings, like 77H6: well, and “Zircon”, to the heap.

The use of "Caliber" in a real situation was very surprised by all. Surely "sources in intelligence structures" about them had other information. Why not assume that the anti-satellite system will be the same. No one has yet canceled counterintelligence.

Fascism will not pass!

Russian businessman Alex Krepchinsky contributed to the fact that a mother with her daughter Nastya, attacked by 9 radicals in Kiev in May, because of the St. George ribbon on her chest, left Ukraine.

Alex Krepchinsky:
Natasha and Nastya are safe. In a country where for the symbol of victory over fascism they do not kill. Thanks to people who sincerely worried and helped.

The one who writes that Natasha and Nastya have escaped from Kiev has a chance to look into our eyes.
Natasha did not want to leave her native city to the last. She loves Ukraine and her native Kiev. I personally initiated the move. A.K.

Natasha and Nastya have safely moved to Russia.

And on the Facebook page of Alex Krepchinsky, a fully-fledged movement has actually formed that tells that there are many real patriots on the Maidan Ukraine - not those who are screaming about the “fat dropped”, but those who honors the feat of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War, the memory of ancestors and is ready to defend their views, despite the presence of neo-Nazism revived by Independence.
So the article tells about Petr Nikitich Koloskov, a resident of Zaporozhye, who 9 of May 2014 of the year carried the banner of Victory along the avenue, and 9 of May of 2015 gathered hundreds of countrymen under this banner to honor the memory of those who fell in the bloodiest war.

Oshalevshie Bandera, recovering himself, eventually forced Pyotr Nikitich to roll the banner, but it is believed that as long as people live on the Ukrainian land like veteran Koloskov, the Bandera tribe can count down for itself ...

Comments from our readers:

Happiness and well-being to you in your new homeland Nastya and Natalia, and you will definitely return to Ukraine and your native Kiev, when your favorite city is cleansed of all the nasty things that the Maidan brought, and of these vyhlepkov raguley banderlogov. Thanks to Alex for a real man's deed.

This man's act. Thanks to Alex from Eustace.

Dmitry Potapov
Can it be easier for the idioms of maydanut Ukraine to be taken out by the USA? And businessman respect!

And I know a man who bought 6 little girls from ISIL captivity and paid for each from 5000-12000 dollars. The girls were taken to the Russian Federation and now live in his house with his family, he draws up the documents and wants to adopt them. They are learning Russian and preparing to go to school. It happens.

Our armored train ...

Information is appearing concerning the fact that a system of combat railway missile systems can be revived in Russia. The very fact of the appearance of information about new BZHRK is a kind of response to NATO pearls in the style of "the missile defense system is not directed against Russia."

Paraphrasing the lines of the famous song: “We are peaceful people, but our“ Barguzin ”is on the siding!”

And soon the movement will start ... Where? “Let them think about NATO, scratch their turnips.” Russia is a big country, the network of railways is also, refrigerated cars go through this network by tens of thousands - gentlemen in Nat, is there a desire to track down? .. Well, well ... Try everything together, because we are here, according to some -who, "technological backward" ...

Comments from our readers:

Would rather have done and put on duty. But the West is already heading for a borzoi. And less attention needs to be paid to the different stench of violations of START-2. Americans cynically violate everything themselves with the cover of democratic values. Therefore, the Barguzin will be the answer to various tricks.

Under existing conditions, it is difficult, but not impossible, to create such a system in Russia.
But with its practical operation serious problems will arise:
1. The entire infrastructure for servicing BZhRK (military units, special depot for their installation and repair) has been lost.
2. Recent reforms in the Railways in the bud kill the role of the state in the railway transport. Railways at the Railways is not left, repair depots sell, not tomorrow will give locomotives. Therefore, security will be a problem.
3. The problem of secrecy of transportation and the possibility of a "sudden" strike. Given the development of technology and the ability to bribe interested employees of Russian Railways - it will be easy to track the train.
4. Gas turbine locomotive as a locomotive is nonsense. In the first of all ... so far two (and both are in trial operation). Secondly, the weight of the launcher and the car compared to the “Good for you” has decreased significantly, so it is more expedient to use any modern diesel locomotive, so as not to attract undue attention to the composition.
And so the idea to revive the BZHRK is very good and in any way will strengthen the combat capability of our country. A little bit she was late.
To assess the scale of the lost, it is enough to get acquainted with one of the former points of deployment of BZHRK

I would say that the new complex is more than adequate! Give the gods that would have adopted him on schedule!

Glamor and elections

The country is aware of the fact that 22 May across the whole territory for the first time in stories Russia held a preliminary vote, organized by the party of the parliamentary majority - "United Russia". - The so-called primaries, the discussion of the goals and outcomes of which are worthy of a separate material. And to discuss, in fact, is that.

No, well, if humorists and other stand-adapters decided to hit politics, this is, of course, worthy of respect. That's just the luminary of parliamentary stand-up Vladimir Volfovich can be unhappy with this alignment, for sharing his bread with an army of competitors from United Russia is not at all in the rules of the permanent leader of the LDPR.

Comments from our readers:

USSR 1971
Unfortunately, the bureaucratic thieves in Russia perceives the EP as a party organization, giving the possibility of growth in power and further parasitic existence at the expense of the people. Given the latest corruption scandals in the government should at least guess about it. Apparently decided to start the update. Do not forget to calculate and clean up all that there is filled with loot, so forget it. Well this is valuable managerial personnel.
And most of the people in Russia are not up to cheese with mold, there are other problems. In the run-up to global clashes with the West, the thieves should be cleaned to the maximum at home.

Reserve officer
Miserable clowning. At the first wind of the change of conjuncture, these "party members" will rush out of the "party" anywhere, crushing and mortgaging each other. Something reminiscent of the "Union of the sword and plowshare" the immortal works of I. Ilf and E. Petrov.

I admit, my wife and I decided to take part in this ... primaries ...

Of the existing (proposed) candidates (ugh, some kind of tautology), I picked up and pointed out to my wife - for whom to vote (I do not leave the apartment) ... I chose representatives of the Tula defense industry, which is experiencing some difficulties and uncertainty about tomorrow. .. In general, I thought that these people, perhaps with the help of the deputies, can somehow help this industry (although I deeply doubt it, to work in the gadyushnik means to start thinking and acting according to the gadyushny) ...

It can be seen, my naivety is still not completely exhausted ...
Maybe many of my generation also, and modern political technologists use this ...

PS I looked and listened to the videos offered in the article ... Some kind of squeamish attitude towards those who are trying to get into power ... Or someone deliberately substitutes them, so that later, in real elections, to substitute us with literate "talkers "hanging us noodles on the ears ???

About the gimlet rule ...

The WSJ published a sensational material with commentaries by senior military officials (including Matt Winter, head of the special development department of the US Navy, and First Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Wark) about testing new super-weapons developed by US specialists. Railgun, where the projectile is accelerated by electromagnetic fields up to speed in 7200 km / h. And the projectile, accelerated to such a speed, pierces everything that comes its way, due to its enormous energy.

Will the railgun projectile fly at almost 7 multiple sound speed, will it hit the target exactly, will it evaporate before the end of its flight? - questions are still open. But at least the answer to one question is clear: in American schools, which some people consider to be a hotbed of universal stupidity and centers for drinking megatons of cola, they still know how to use the gimlet and the left hand rule. We would have to preserve these skills ... especially in connection with the latest "achievements" in the field of physical and mathematical education, when the competition in technical universities in the national average barely reaches the bar 1,5-2 of a person into place, but continues to grow in breadth, depth and depth army of lawyers and d'effective managers.

Comments from our readers:

There was a program in which they talked about the main problem of the railgun. According to our expert, this crap after the shot will be detected by all possible ways and means, and after that it will certainly be destroyed. And secretly, a bullet from such a bandura will not work, because when you shoot a lot of energy is “released” and something else is there ... Well, they will be able to capture the imagination of local illiterate Papuans, and they will definitely find 800 million.
P.S. Let them start building a "death star" and cyborgs ...

Ami du people
The main problem of the railgun is an uncontrollable iron bar, flying at the speed of 6 Mach. Will she fly to where she should be and will she hit anyone? - big question.

I would not have so much fun over the American "budget cutters".

Still, this "cut" goes, first of all, to support talented developers, scientific research and solution of new technological problems, rather than building roads with a cost of a kilometer several times more expensive than the normal price.

The ability to work in advance is a huge advantage that not everyone can afford.

More than once it happened that when solving one task, completely new possibilities appeared, about which no one suspected.

Imagine that new sources of energy appear (sooner or later this will happen).

Then the projects of lasers and railguns, which cannot be normally used with conventional energy sources, are pulled out of the archives, and the army gains a huge advantage, reducing to naught the capabilities of the enemy and his weapons, no matter how "unparalleled" they were.

There is one more thing. As if, the claimed range of shot is 400 km. And suddenly, the possibility of a gun much more?
Then, a means of circumventing the INF Treaty appears.

Germany: the genocide of Armenians was

On June 2, the German Bundestag recognized the Armenian Genocide of 1915 in the Ottoman Empire by an absolute majority and officially condemned the actions that took place 101 a year ago. Only Bettina Kudla voted against the resolution, warning colleagues about the "unpredictable" political and financial consequences. The Turkish Ambassador to Berlin has already been recalled to his homeland with the phrase “for consultations”.

Recall, Ankara has long since rejected accusations of exterminating approximately one and a half million Armenians during the First World War. Criticism of Turkey by the international community about the genocide is accepted in Ankara. In addition, the government denies the fact of the destruction of 1,5 million people, assuring the world that 300-500 thousand died; as many Turks died.

The Armenian Genocide is recognized by many states, including Russia, France, most American states, the Swiss National Council, the Polish Sejm, the parliaments of Austria, Greece, Cyprus, Argentina, Belgium and other countries. Now Germany is among them.

Comments from our readers:

Now we are free
Well, comrade officers, you and I waited for the moment when Erdogan was put in the hand with a “black mark” already by his direct partners ... Moreover, they hit exactly the place that Erdogan himself considers most vulnerable: the Armenian Genocide. And if we add to this the fact that already American special forces are fighting on the side of Kurds in Syria and wearing PKK chevrons ... Plus, the United States supplied the Javelin complexes to the Kurds (from Ukraine there are deaf blasts of farts and so everybody got a depressive “Zrada! ..”) . It can be stated that the failed sultan is being drained, and, most likely, the United States themselves, for the decision that was made by the Friendship (tame American) Bundestag brings a logical conclusion to the positioning of America in relation to present-day Turkey, and in particular, in relation to enraged Erdogan. The United States made a bet on the Kurds and in the war with ISIS (with the help of the Kurds, the US wants to take Rakka, attributing victory to ISIS), and then use the Kurds in the gradually growing confrontation with Assad ... For such a valuable ally, the Americans decided to merge few adequate Erdogan. In general, the story of the section of Turkey 18-20 centuries, I think, will soon happen again (thanks to ... Erdogan).
P.S. But Recep in order to make his country great and break the geopolitical jackpot, it was necessary to do a little: build the Turkish Stream with Russia and, having already started it, begin to firmly dictate our conditions to both Europe and Russia. In general, it is necessary to manage so simply ... all the polymers that Recep did ...

And why even stir up the past? 101 a year ago! There was war, some people killed other people, and there was genocide on one side and on the other.

I will not minus. But I think that you are wrong. Turks cut about 1,5 million Armenians! This is a terrible crime against humanity, for which the Turks did not suffer any international punishment.

“Why bother telling the past ?! 101 a year ago! There was war, some people killed other people, and there was genocide on one side and on the other. ”
And then, so that people like you know and never forget that in 1915 there was not a war, but a GENOCIDE !! More than 1 million people (mostly women, children, old people), several million refugees who fled from their native lands and later scattered throughout the world were exterminated ... The loss of people's integrity and the enormous potential of human resources from which they still come to they can't ... It's not a war. This is genocide.

How Erdogan reached “the current state”

Turkish President Erdogan said that the Russian plane last fall was shot down "as a result of pilot error." In his statement, which is given by the newspaper Hürriyet Daily News, Erdogan said that it was “the pilot’s mistake that led to the relationship with Putin reaching the current state.”

And even the publication itself, which published the presidential statement, does not know which pilot’s error Erdogan is talking about. Russian or still Turkish?

It seems that the local press is pushing the “neo-sultan”, which has come down “to the current state”, to normalize relations with Russia.

Comments from our readers:

Awesome! Only half a year (!) It took President Erdogan to guess that the Russian plane was shot down last fall as a result of pilot error! Lord, you are omnipotent !!! If this goes well, after six months we will know which of the pilots was wrong.

The one at the helm of the Turkish state, definitely!

Looks like it got hot Erdogash. Davutoglu fired, already on the pilot, everything began to blame. You look, and sooner or later he will have to bring an apology, and this in the East is still a trough.

Master class professional game in the village idiot.
- We want to improve relations with you, but we do not understand what step we should start from.
- Repent. Pay for the plane. Pay the family of the deceased pilot. Find the blame for what happened. Publicly condemn them. Then about ... feed and burn.
- We want to improve relations with you, but we do not understand what step we should start from.
- To begin, repent. Next on the list.
- We want to improve relations with you, but we do not understand what step we should start from.
- Ok. Repent. Further…
- We want to improve relations with you, but we do not understand what step we should start from.
- Poke ...
- We want to improve relations with you, but we do not understand what step we should start from.
- Listen. You already zae ...
- We want to improve relations with you, but we do not understand what step we should start from.
- B ...
- This is counterproductive. So constructive dialogues are not conducted. You are uneducated barbarians. Whether we are. We who want to improve relations with you, but do not understand which step to start.
- Go on ...
- Attention, Moscow again demonstrates its lack of manners, incompetence, inhumanity and obsession with particulars to the detriment of the main thing.
- ...
- We want to improve relations with you, but we do not understand what step we should start from.
- ...
- See all: Moscow deliberately avoids widespread discussion.
- What?!!
- We want to improve relations with you, but we do not understand what step we should start from ...
"Turkey wants to restore relations with Russia, but does not understand what kind of first step is expected from it in Moscow, said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan."

The members attended to

WTO member states unflatteringly spoke about some of the actions of the United States. Washington was even accused of attacks on "independence." The criticism of the organization’s members was caused by a US veto imposed on the extension of the authority of the South Korean judge Chan Son Hwa, who is at the head of the appeals body. The Americans “blocked” this judge simply because they did not like his decisions in disputes concerning US interests.

Brazil, Japan and the European Union reminded the United States that the appointment of judges for a second four-year term was accepted in the organization. And blocking an appointment runs the risk of undermining the very foundations of the appeals instance and even the independence of the court. The entire system of litigation in the WTO may be in question. This is of particular concern to WTO members, since the resolution of trade disputes is considered a strong link in this intergovernmental organization.

Washington has once again indicated to their "partners" their real place. However, the partners did not want to put up with the will of the "hegemon".

On the other hand, the processes of degradation of the WTO, the very organization that Russia has been striving to join for many years, uncovered with a crash.

Today it is obvious that Americans are preparing to reshape the system of international trade so that it fully corresponds to the will of the owners of the entire planet - their will.

Comments from our readers:

This is called "in a foreign monastery with its charter." In the same bundle of voluntarist policy of the United States is the unilateral imposition of economic sanctions against Russia without a UN decision, which just essentially affects the prerogatives of the WTO! But for some reason this is all modestly silent.

We expect Chan Son Hwa to rape a maid who turned out to be a Negro refugee from Syria ... or something like that.

The question is whether the Europeans have enough will to go against their master. While such little fish as Hollande, Merkel and others like them are in power, hardly anything drastically changes, the hook is too deeply swallowed ...

Mountain shooter
Well, Dmitry Anatolyevich? Now we understand what this is your WTO, the entry into which you called the great "Peremogy". "Watchmaker" you are our priceless!

Hey, allies!

NATO fails to find in Europe a large number of allies, "concerned" with the eastern frontiers. The states of Western Europe consider the real danger of not the Russians, but the hordes of the “Islamic State”. In Denmark, for example, they directly stated that the country cannot play an active role in the formation of battalions for Poland and the Baltic republics: there is no money, they say. It is obvious that the previous tensions between the US and its European allies remained, despite the propaganda of the “Russian threat”.

It is unlikely that the Europeans, on whom the American game of sanctions struck hard, are ready to "restrain" Russia even more. Another thing - the ruling elite of the Baltic states, as well as Poland. But, since they are so eager to restrain Russians, let them restrain themselves for this and pay out of their own pockets.

Do not overdo it?

Comments from our readers:

The Baltic States are embarking on the second part of the Marlezonsky Ballet: feeding foreign troops.

Oh, and the bickering will begin at this July NATO summit, Mama Do not Cry! NATO under the "IG" is not sharpened, and anti-Russian propaganda is a bluff to defat Europe.

All this anti-Russian hysteria is, by and large, swinging by the Americans and their mongrels by the Poles with Balts. And the rest of Europe is more worried about visiting riffraff, not Russians commit acts of terrorism in European cities, not Russians force their dumb girls, but migrant visitors, and the average European is afraid of them, not Russia.

In the struggle for the rights of workers

The plans of the French government to rewrite labor laws do not like French workers very much. And who will like it when the authorities think that the time has come to increase the length of the working week, to cut overtime pay, and to limit the ceiling of compensation for early termination of an employment contract? Protests involving clashes with the police have not stopped in the country since the beginning of March. The actions involved hundreds of thousands of citizens. Unions organize strikes. "Socialist" Hollande said that in the fight against the trade unions will not surrender.

There is one thing that plays into the hands of the strikers and will most likely lead to Hollande’s refusal from the irreconcilable line. The trade union "General Confederation of Labor" recently said that it would interfere with the European Football Championship. It should go from 10 June to 10 July in ten French cities. And the Universal Confederation announced that a nationwide strike would begin on June 14. For sure, a new wave of protests will rise in parallel with the strike in the country: cars, shops, tire covers will light up, stones will be sent to the police according to the good old liberal tradition. In combination with drunken crowds of fans and howling at the stadiums, the spectacle will be spectacular. The picture must be prepared specifically for the "socialist" Hollande.

The Western press also predicts terrorist attacks, which at the same time will arrange the militants of "IG" in France. However, the coming terrorist attacks were predicted in May by himself ... the Minister Waltz.

While visiting Israel, the head of the French government told in an interview with BFM TV and I24 that the terrorist threat in the world "has never been greater", and this is particularly evident in relation to France. Waltz is confident that France, quite possibly, will become "the main target of terrorism" and even "the number one target for" Daesh. Also, the prime minister for some reason said that he “never” lies to compatriots: “I never lie to my compatriots on relevant issues of internal security, because I was the Minister of the Interior.”

In short, in France, not only protests are ripening, there is a real panic.

Monsieur Hollande, a member of the Socialist Party of France since 1979, has never been as far from socialism as it is today.

Comments from our readers:

Well, the workers in France had “communism”, and even now it is still much better preserved than it was even under the USSR. Think about it, 35-hour work week! They only go on Friday to appear at work (for whom the 8-hour working day, or for 7 hours only work). And a lot of other bonuses ... I worked legally in France and I know all their bonuses (it was nice there and there).
In general, someone must feed the refugees.

A few words about the names. Many believe that once a party is called socialist, it must protect the interests of the working people. In fact, in the West, the names “socialist” and “social democratic” have long lost their original meaning and are used only as a brand. Similar to how we, for example, use the name of the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets.
Historically, the first major split in the social. The movement occurred during the PRC, when the socialists were divided into bourgeois (supported their governments) and radical. Incidentally, this was the most important reason for renaming the Russian Social Democrats (Bolsheviks) Party into the Communist Party (Bolsheviks). But in those days, bourgeois socialists did try to protect the rights of workers. But after the 1945 of the year, and especially after the 1991 of the year and the formation of the Pax Americana, everything changed. The modern Western political system (bourgeois democracy) has become a “two right”, that is, “socialist” parties pursue the same neo-liberal course as the “conservative right-wing” parties “opposing” them. The difference between the two main parties can only be defined under a microscope, and the French “socialists” began to have such an attitude to socialism, as did the German Christian Democrats to Christianity.
Of course, bourgeois democracy is initially a hoax, but before that, the voter was at least offered a choice of two alternatives, but now a choice of two varieties of exactly the same substance is offered.

Tack, keepers decided to repeat his revolution again? However, unruly what, the right word ... Their energy, yes in the right direction, the price they would not be ...

No, they protect their social rights, they gnawed their blood with one and a half hundred years. There you can’t click the beak, gape - and the owners of capital will bite you in a moment.

Polite and green?

The night landing on the shore of the Finnish island Camsholmen of a group of armed men, carried out as part of the exercise, was perceived by local residents as an invasion, reports RIA "News»Message« Daily Mail ».

“One of the inhabitants of the island, Kamsholmen, noticed that a vessel had moored near his house, from which a group of armed men in camouflage unloaded. After the unknown people headed towards the forest, the man hurried to contact the emergency services, ”the newspaper writes.

In the future, the islanders explained that the night landing is one of the episodes of military exercises.

It seems that the publication questioned the credibility of such an explanation, since "it is still not known whether a visit to the island was part of the maneuver scenario." The newspaper also points out that recently two frigates of NATO forces arrived in Helsinki (British “Iron Duke” and Spanish “Alvaro de Bazan”) to participate in maritime maneuvers. It is possible that one of these ships and frightened civilians.

They scare themselves - and talk about the "Russian threat".

Comments from our readers:

The stranger
And here, too, [in Bulgaria] at night, two brothers with a neighbor, a village policeman, thought that they were robbing their gardens, and “gutted” four offenders. One muzzled and with a firearm, the other three - broken in the trash, one was barely saved. Ours have a couple of scratches. When it dawned, they began to find parachutes with oxygen, even heaps of outlandish gear. It turned out - French special forces. It looks like they jumped somewhere else over Romania, flew almost 40 kilometers. Our grief-authorities were absolutely not in the subject, and there was a scandal.
Three or four years ago.
And the waiters in Varna regularly beat the sailors and the Marines of theirs. Because in an indecent form disarray disgrace. Police are always late, he says - not on purpose :))

Finn did the wrong thing, you had to immediately go and give up!

Why give up? Finland voluntarily fell under NATO and more Finns are not masters in their own country. Because of the mythical Russian threat, their sovereignty, idiots were thrown into the garbage ...

Does not implement, as it counts

This week, any visitor to the Komsomolskaya Pravda website had the opportunity to ask the Russian Foreign Minister S. Lavrov a question. One of the questions asked concerned the non-recognition by the Russian Federation of the DPR and the LPR. Why Russia still has not recognized the people's republics of Donbass independence on the model of South Ossetia and Abkhazia?

According to Minister Lavrov, Russia does not carry out recognition, as it expects Kiev to fulfill the Minsk agreements. Sergey Lavrov noted that Russia is not going to slam the door, threatening Kiev with the recognition of the DNI and the LC, and is not going to, in principle, repeat the mistakes of those who do not know how to use diplomatic and political tools.

“I am convinced that it will be counterproductive that this will at least give a reason to move away from the current, even such“ gentle ”position of pressure on Kiev. This document (the Minsk Agreement) now no one can oppose to anything, it can not be questioned. If we now say that our patience is exhausted, we will go the other way, they will say: “fine,” then the West will not exert any influence on the current Ukrainian government. ”

“Impact” of the West, we add, is rather a political myth or something formal, devoid of content. Or, at least, something expected, promising. In the present tense it is not necessary to talk about it.

The territory of the self-proclaimed republics is being bombarded from the Ukrainian side, and the West has not touched a finger in order to prevent killing and destruction. Instead, Washington and Europe are constantly talking about the need to implement the Minsk agreements.

Comments from our readers:

Our know how to think a few moves ahead. Just when you do not understand something, you begin to doubt the correctness of the decisions. The obvious solution can count and our enemies. So we need not an obvious or even the right decision, but a winning decision. And, apparently, Russia has it.

You spoke, of course, wisely, but there is one nuance: Russian people are being killed there. Our leaders made two very large mistakes (I understand that it is easy to be “smart” later, but some politicians wrote about it at that time): they recognized the election of Poroshenko and did not allow the militia to continue the attack on Mariupol. Result: they saved Ukraine and made themselves sanctions.

I do not know what sources you use, but I have relatives there in Donetsk and Krasnoarmeisk. I get first-hand information. In Donetsk, everyone is already working. I will say more, an artillery response is immediately given to the shelling of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and very accurate. Regarding the recognition of Poroshenko: well, would not recognize him, then what? Would he cease to be president? And about stopping the offensive of the militia, so there was no force for that. Rush forward and be hit? Time is working against Ukraine, but on Russia and the DNI and the LC. Any military action leads to loss, destruction and hatred. Those losses that are now incommensurably small compared with those that would have occurred upon the offensive. And now more and more often regions of Ukraine declare decentralization. Ukraine will be destroyed by the hands of Ukrainians. And there the part will become Novorossia, then it will join Russia, and the zapadenschina will go to the west, where it will be absorbed.

You have relatives there in Donetsk and Krasnoarmeysk, and we live there !!! And on our own skin every day we feel these atrocities of the Ukrainian fascists, here are all the sources of information ... And we take them (sources) from our own life ... It’s easy to be clever, being hundreds or thousands of kilometers away from the events ... Welcome to us. We show our airport, for example ...

If he lived, he would have written: “And we here we live "! And on the personal page indicated place of residence: RUSSIA!
And I live HERE and I believe that such a position is verified and has prospects to take over the western patrons of Dill, that anyway, sooner or later, will lead at least to the self-determination of the republics!
Lavrov is right. "Than to blow on fire, it is better to hand looking buckets of water!"

Obama failed

The largest failure of B.H. Obama, expert I. Bremmer in Time magazine, called the policy towards Russia. With his sanctions, the President of the United States achieved the opposite of what he had planned: the Russians fell in love with Putin even more, and in the West they saw a cunning enemy.

Apparently, foreigners also fell in love with Putin: every day, a new report about the capture of a Kremlin spy with a wad of money — either Portuguese or Polish. All the secrets of NATO have already been sold ...

Spite to the West, Russians strongly love Putin and make him a rating. President BH Obama blatantly blundered foreign policy: trying to throw Putin off the throne with the hands of the people, he only strengthened his power. Even Ian Bremmer, whom you cannot call a pro-Russian expert, does not doubt this.

Spies from Poland and Portugal are now concentrated in Rome, where on a specially set table they make thousands of deals with Russian “curators”. NATO secret documents are shuffled as decks of cards. Some of the spies, however, are surrounded by a tight ring of policemen and are arrested, but this is what happened in Soviet times. Judging by the frequent publications in the media on the topic of espionage, the competition among the Poles and others who want to trade in Western secrets is great. The queue with envelopes will probably be longer than the queue for toilet paper during the Soviet era.

Comments from our readers:

The more in the West they piss and rage, the more mistakes they make, the better for us. The main thing is that we do not make mistakes. People say that mad psychopaths do not live long.

Mountain shooter
Well, do not guess with the point of application of forces. And so it happened. Not so it was necessary to ruin Russia, not so! It was necessary to raise the price of oil to 200 $ and force the Russian bear to eat honey in barrels. And when he begins to burst with fat and put to sleep under each bush - then it would be necessary to jump on the ropes. And now - woke up, barked, only added playfulness.

Oh, this Russian Putin!
He is in Rome and Paris.
In NATO, he sowed discord
And bought those who are closer.

Spawn around spies,
All envelopes noting.
He ruined EU laws,
Soaking everyone in the toilet.

Here he is, Russian Putin.
What in his mind, I do not know.
But because of the turmoil in NATO,
Honestly, brothers, respect!

* "He was terribly unlucky, especially on Friday" - a phrase from the cartoon "Winnie the Pooh and all-all-all"

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  1. Armored optimist
    Armored optimist 5 June 2016 06: 11
    Liberal Approach in Economics
    1. Renat
      Renat 5 June 2016 06: 50
      To chop, not to chop the heads of this liberal hydra in the government.
    2. godofwar6699
      godofwar6699 5 June 2016 09: 06
      Quote: armored optimist
      Liberal Approach in Economics

      V. Putin is a liberal?
      1. Armored optimist
        Armored optimist 5 June 2016 10: 36
        No Kudrin.
        1. godofwar6699
          godofwar6699 5 June 2016 17: 30
          Quote: armored optimist
          No Kudrin.

      2. Mestny
        Mestny 5 June 2016 13: 12
        But the photo is he? Or other famous people?
    3. mihasik
      mihasik 5 June 2016 11: 36
      Quote: armored optimist
      Liberal Approach in Economics

      Have you forgotten anyone else?) Or can I see here, but I can’t see there?)
      1. saniajan
        saniajan 5 June 2016 12: 08
        Mr. Lavrov expressed too softly, complete Eurocretinism with American idiocy
    4. Vasily16
      Vasily16 5 June 2016 15: 52
      Quote: armored optimist

      They have a good roof, GDP itself!
      Dear Readers By analogy with a conventional military unit, can you imagine that the commander (GDP) was not responsible for the actions of his subordinates (Kudrin, Medvedev, manturs, etc.)?
      How much will this commander manage the unit?
  2. PKK
    PKK 5 June 2016 06: 12
    So right away you won’t guess what the authors kept silent and did not write, it seems they didn’t miss anything, but I’m an old wolf, I know.
    We did not write about those 105 lemons allocated by the Ministry of Defense for the patriotic, military training of our youth, the youth of Russia. How many centers have been built? How much money was spent? Again silence on this issue. As in the old days they said "Torrichelev's emptiness". And the topic of education, if not more important the rest is no less interesting. Good luck to the authors.
    1. Tsoy
      Tsoy 5 June 2016 07: 54
      There is more news about the allocation of millions of 10 movements stop ham and lion against. Some were closed after a collision with a member of the Nemov, the second ones are still eccentrics m. There is no money in the country. Hold on there.
      1. The Little Humpbacked Horse
        The Little Humpbacked Horse 5 June 2016 17: 07
        Quote: Choi
        There is no money in the country. Hold on there

        Why is there no money, but in bulk

        The vice-premier of the Russian government bought a Rolls-Royce Phantom.
    2. bovig
      bovig 5 June 2016 11: 19
      Quote: PKK
      So right away you won’t guess what the authors kept silent and did not write, it seems they didn’t miss anything, but I’m an old wolf, I know.
      We did not write about those 105 lemons allocated by the Ministry of Defense for the patriotic, military training of our youth, the youth of Russia. How many centers have been built? How much money was spent? Again silence on this issue. As in the old days they said "Torrichelev's emptiness". And the topic of education, if not more important the rest is no less interesting. Good luck to the authors.

      Well, the emptiness, even Torrichelev's, is always filled with something ... I wonder, what money was spent on the EP primaries? Is it really for the party?))) Or are all the participants in this primaries not patriots?)))) And on the topic of educating youth in the spirit of patriotism, I think this primaries has a direct meaning ... Personally, I liked it!))) KVN and, in particular, "Ural dumplings" - nervously smoking on the sidelines! Raikin would have envied them! Here, straight, the red line is an obsession: And Di0ty! Vote for the EP clowns and you will have blue cheese, and tourists from all over the world will come to see you! Honestly, I was very impressed !!!)) Indicative! I doubt, however, that with such a choice, everyone has a chance to live up to the moment when the cheese becomes moldy ... Whoever does not swell with hunger will choke in saliva in anticipation of a holiday with tourists ...))
  3. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 5 June 2016 06: 13
    Yes, the life of a NATO "Trotskyist" is hard and unprepossessing ... I'm talking about a woman and others like him. Did they even teach history, or did they smoke the alphabet in the manger? Otherwise, they would have known an alpenstock in stupidity, even in such a repulsed vava as theirs, and what kind of ... And so everything is as it should be, they did not want it for the bad, for the good it will be worse ... The authors plus ... good hi
    1. Alena Frolovna
      Alena Frolovna 5 June 2016 07: 07
      Ok when with a sword
      You met the enemy, -
      It’s immediately clear that for what,
      Who is responsible for what.
      He came to you with a sword -
      From the sword and lies.
      That era is good
      It was very.
      Everything was in sight
      Everything is in full view.
      Sensitively listened to the rein
      War horses.
      The army - to the army and the system - to the system,
      And honestly chopped ...
      And now - an invisible battle,
      Here is what is interesting.
      And for a long time the world is not the same.
      It even happens:
      The main enemy is not the one who hits, -
      The one who hugs.
      The watchman will not help,
      Terrible outposts -
      Today they cut without a knife
      Whole powers.
      States betray.
      And I will not hide:
      Today every third is Brutus,
      And the second is Judas.
      And in the "elite" bastards
      Yes thieves in law
      Hides his chest Koschey
      Somewhere in the Pentagon.
      Yes, and Grandma Yaga
      Threw a hut -
      Hides scimitar in skirts
      Evil old woman.
      That flies on a broomstick
      That on Erdogan ...
      Again evil on Earth
      White light will trash.

      Leonid Kornilov
  4. Armored optimist
    Armored optimist 5 June 2016 06: 19
    Additions to the chapter -Germany: the Armenian Genocide was
  5. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 5 June 2016 06: 24
    In the news, it flashes that Merkel proposes to create a single space (economic) from Lisbon to Vladivostok. Something painfully good-natured she began and I do not like such a partnership (from Lisbon to Kiev they already create space ...).
    But Kudrin may well like this idea. After all, he is going to "build in" us, but here the German woman does not mind. True, she insists on our strict observance of the Minsk agreements. As I understand it, this is a carrot they have prepared for us. Moscow was better served by sanctions, but they clicked like a whip with mortar shelling of Donbass.
    1. Blondy
      Blondy 5 June 2016 07: 36
      Quote: Thunderbolt
      In the news, it flashes that Merkel proposes to create a single space (economic) from Lisbon to Vladivostok.

      For a long time I had to lie under my uncle from behind a puddle until it came to a halt. Putin, even before Merkel, proposed this project, I don’t know what the effect would be, but at least there would be no current perturbations and mattresses in all sphincters.
      1. bovig
        bovig 5 June 2016 11: 45
        Quote: Blondy
        Quote: Thunderbolt
        In the news, it flashes that Merkel proposes to create a single space (economic) from Lisbon to Vladivostok.

        For a long time I had to lie under my uncle from behind a puddle until it came to a halt. Putin, even before Merkel, proposed this project, I don’t know what the effect would be, but at least there would be no current perturbations and mattresses in all sphincters.

        Putin then suggested, but not according to the scenario! Those conditions did not fit! And now, when a suitable situation has been created, and Kudrin is in place, we can return to this issue on new terms ...))) Europe needs resources, and we have them! This is not an idea of ​​Merkel herself - someone "taught" her ...
    2. Vasiliev Yu
      Vasiliev Yu 5 June 2016 12: 36
      True, she presses on our strict observance of the Minsk agreements

      Am I dumb alone? This is about Lavrov and the Minsk agreements. What, only I alone do not believe that the Minsk agreements will never be implemented by Ukraine? What kind of stupid dreams of fulfilling the bander ... with the logs of agreements, what is the tricky ... asshole plan? There are no words, only emotions.
  6. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 5 June 2016 06: 30
    ... to service the American debt, performing state curtsies towards the leadership of the "exclusive" nation ... It is this ideology that today leads to the emergence of theses of individual figures, ... Ugh, you (swear) ... Defeat (swear) herd ( scolding).
    And this "member" was in charge of the entire economic bloc. Indeed, many relatives say a little. As soon as it presses, they will sell and betray us. Russia has never been in the "primaks" and never will be, the 90s taught. You cannot enter the same river twice, and you, Mr. Kudrin, did not pass the test for "lice". The President said bluntly that Russia would not participate in this. There are drawbacks, but over time they can be eliminated. I believe him.
    1. Shurik70
      Shurik70 6 June 2016 21: 06
      The photo is just SUPER
  7. volodya
    volodya 5 June 2016 06: 41
    Good article, thanks to the author. I read it with pleasure, like nothing was missed!
  8. Egoza
    Egoza 5 June 2016 06: 46
    Thanks to the authors! And as always my 5 cents ...
    The Ukrainian state-owned enterprise Antonov received an order from the Armed Forces of Ukraine to develop a combat aircraft. This was announced at a press conference by the deputy chief of armament of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel Vladislav Shostak. Not a word was said about what kind of aircraft it would be - a fighter, attack aircraft, bomber. The cost of the project and the timing of its completion are unknown.

    But how much dough can be cut for this project!

    Hello from the deceased ...
    In the evening, on June 2, a signal was received from the citizen in Podolsk police department of Kiev, reporting suspicious objects in the garage, which upon detailed inspection turned out to be military grenades and fuses to them and.

    "Upon summons, an investigation team left, which, upon examining the premises, found a large amount of weapons and ammunition. The police called dog handlers, explosives technicians and questioned the owner of the premises, who said that his late brother had recently used boxing," the press service of the National Police said in Kiev, promulgated on Friday.

    During the search, the police seized the 60 grenades F1, RGD-5, VOG, RGN, RDG, fuses for them, detonators, explosive packs, a lot of cartridges, pistols, guns and pneumatic PCA. All items found are sent for examination. During a search of the owner’s home, schemes for laying explosives at various sites were found.
  9. Egoza
    Egoza 5 June 2016 06: 50
    good news ....
    Ukrainian war correspondent Roman Bochkala was shocked by the level of pro-Russian sentiment in the Odessa region.
    “In the Odessa region is the third day. And I’ll tell you, I met quite a few people, well, as it were softer ... Sympathetic to Russia. Maybe terrible roads, maybe poverty ...
    I don’t know what attracts these people to the Russian Federation, but it’s a fact: “Kiev is to blame for the war”, “you have to gang up the gang and it’s all over,” “why do you forbid films?”, “And what is Putin to blame for?” I somehow even tensed.
    And I remembered where I heard it in the spring of 2014. Yes, we could lose Odessa. I clearly felt this. Like the arguments of separatism. The causative agent of vata has not disappeared. He’s napping, ”he wrote on his Facebook page.

    Not only woke up, but moved ...
    People’s Deputies of Verkhovna Rada sent a letter to the IAEA Director General Yukio Amano with pleas for help and requests to deal with the fatal security breaches at Ukrainian nuclear power plants and prevent the energy catastrophe that the Poroshenko team is pushing the country into. The authors of the letter Andrei Artemenko and Andrei Derkach laid out the entire background of the dirty energy business of the Cabinet of Ministers and the guarantor himself. What was reported during the press conference.
    If you believe the people's deputies, and the evidence is too obvious to be convinced that they are right, the country's nuclear energy was purposefully brought to its knees and now they are trying to hide the results of their home-grown reforms. The president has created a semblance of a nuclear pocket and is making good money from multimillion-dollar deals and international loans. In the meantime, the South-Ural NPP has practically failed, two out of six power units are operating at the Zaporizhzhya NPP, which is simply not permissible due to the threat of overloads and an accident.

    The last nail in the coffin of Ukrainian energy could be the rejection of contracts with the Russian Federation for the export of spent nuclear fuel. According to Derkach, even in the new, and so overstated, tariff for electricity, funds for independent manipulations are not provided. Only 40% of the required standards was allocated by the National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Utility Systems. And this is by no means a complete list of all the miscalculations of the current government that were realized and aimed at destroying the country.
  10. Egoza
    Egoza 5 June 2016 06: 59
    Gotcha ....
    Dog kennels, street latrines, sheds and verandas at the request of the IMF will be taxed

    Due to the loan provided by the IMF, Ukrainians will not only have to pay higher tariffs, but also new taxes, which even sheds and verandas will fall into. This was announced at a press conference in Kiev by marketing specialist of SV Development Sergey Kostetsky.
    The amendments to the Tax Code provide for a reduction in 2 times of preferential norms for the area of ​​housing, which is not subject to taxation, from 120 sq. m to 60 sq. m for apartments and - with 250 sq. m to 120 sq. m. for houses. For private homes in these 120 square. m. utility rooms included, informs SV Development.
    "Recently, the BTI asked to include everything in the documents - sheds, terraces, gazebos, etc. Previously, no one understood this, but now it is clear that the state is trying to maximize the tax on real estate in this way. That is, even if the area of ​​the house is 60 square meters. , then you can find another 100 sq. m of utility rooms for which there will be no benefits, "the expert commented.
    "The tax that we will pay will go to pay off the IMF's debts. People pay more with utility bills, more for real estate, more in total, but no one will get any benefits from this. And in Europe, everything that is paid in taxes is received by people - in the form good roads, high-quality free education, medical care, etc. This is not expected in our country, "the Ukrainian economist noted.


    APU comrades suffer losses in the Donbas, which are not only commensurate with the losses of Kiev troops in the 2014 year, but also exceed them. The well-known “activist” of “Euromaidan”, a participant in the bloody coup, the leader of the Kiev radical group “Spilna on the Right” and the so-called adviser to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine from 2014 of the year Alexander Danylyuk talked about this in the social network.
    “The losses suffered by the Armed Forces in recent times are commensurate or even greater than those that were during our active offensive operation in July of the 2014.
    At this pace, we will lose more than a thousand fighters killed and several thousand more crippled annually, ”Danylyuk said.
    “The special operations forces would have to ensure that the enemy stopped the fire.”
    For each shelling of our positions, senior enemy officers assigned to a specific area should bear personal irreversible responsibility.
    Do you need to explain what personal irreversible responsibility is? ”, He added a few considerations on the tactics of ending thousands of his fellow victims.
  11. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 5 June 2016 07: 03
    Yeah, the week was news! Thanks for the review! as always, clearly and in an army-concise and concrete way!
  12. izya top
    izya top 5 June 2016 07: 06
    and what is the creep? she was already kind of accused of being "the Kremlin's hand" (tm)?
    1. Ruslan67
      Ruslan67 5 June 2016 07: 13
      Quote: izya top
      and what is crap?

      Crap Yes
      1. izya top
        izya top 5 June 2016 07: 21
        healthy plush hi
        Quote: Ruslan67

        right here? what
    2. Alena Frolovna
      Alena Frolovna 5 June 2016 07: 29
      24 years ago in December 1992 years, George W. Bush said in an interview:

      - Mr. President, you think that the loss of Ukraine is good for the Russians, but here is the former National Security Advisor ...

      “Are you talking about Brzezinski?” The village Jimmy in politics could not distinguish an apple from a cow flat cake and therefore listened to idiots and clowns. This Polish Jewess, with his kagal, I’m afraid they will be able to bring the country to a direct clash with Russia, they don’t have to organize such affairs - the two world wars they organized do not allow them to be frivolous.

      - Russia and the Union - like Matryoshka. They were nested in each other. In reality, we competed with Russia, but it was in the form of the Union, that is, it had huge kettlebells on its feet. Now these weights are removed during the collapse of the Union, Russia will overcome its current problems and become much more evil and powerful, and will well remember all those who have offended it today.

      And then it will return with triumph and remember everything, but our economy already has a boundary state - zero profit. Clinton, my rival, promises to “stimulate the economy,” which means that we will borrow, and our economy is in a state where we can no longer afford borrowing

      I know Russians, they will not forgive anything, they will not forget anything.

      Bush didn’t take into account one thing: WE NEVER REVENGE, WE ONLY PROTECT OURSELVES.

      Therefore, well, what can one ask about from patients: they came up with some kind of coup. They need, even turn over at least a thousand times, until they get tired of pouring from empty to empty. And we have enough of our own affairs.
    3. evil partisan
      evil partisan 5 June 2016 07: 34
      Quote: izya top
      and what is crap?

      The chair is regular. Yes
      Pgivet, a fellow believer! hi
      1. izya top
        izya top 5 June 2016 07: 38
        Quote: Angry Guerrilla
        Regular chair

        no longer starving?
        Quote: Angry Guerrilla
        Pgivet, a fellow believer!

        helmet hi
        1. evil partisan
          evil partisan 5 June 2016 07: 57
          Quote: izya top
          no longer starving?

          And HZ ...
          But it shaves regularly. Watch the video from Rada.
  13. Egoza
    Egoza 5 June 2016 07: 13
    Well, about our "heroine". hurry to see and laugh until you drop! Nadia remains true to herself. Throwing off her ballet flats and perching on a chair like a hen roosting, Nadia began to deal with parliament. Parliament shuddered. Not only is Nadia always holding a hand expander in her hands during performances, while, for some reason, she talks about a grenade, she also reveals flaws, and with foul language. And her calls ... well, who is talking about this, but in front of the press! Klitschko nervously smokes on the sidelines ...
    At a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada, Nadezhda Savchenko decided to compare the Ukrainian parliament with the Titanic, and politicians with those who inevitably sail on this ship. Calling on deputies to support the anti-corruption law, she stated the following: “Therefore, do not get out, start each with yourself. And start as 90's bandits: they stole, they confessed, and then ate like that and brought money to the church to pray for their sins before the people. Start with yourself, give everything that you have too much rushing from the throat, and then the people of your “Titanic” will carry it in your hands, and you will save Ukraine. ”
    Otherwise, Nadezhda promised that the people would rise and overthrow the current government.

    00 & h [/ img]

    Well, here’s the kind of hitch ... Nuland demanded that before 10 the law on decentralization be adopted, and then Nadia. We decided to send her on an erotic tour of Europe, push there a couple of weeks to perform ..
  14. Alena Frolovna
    Alena Frolovna 5 June 2016 07: 17
    "the ruling elite of the Baltic states, as well as Poland, are eager to contain the Russians"

    1. RUSIVAN
      RUSIVAN 5 June 2016 12: 59
      On this occasion, I remembered from the program "Town", about the Poles and Susanin))))))
  15. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 5 June 2016 07: 18
    Mountain shooter

    Well, Dmitry Anatolyevich? Now we understand what this is your WTO, the entry into which you called the great "Peremogy". "Watchmaker" you are our priceless!
    Good comment. Respect And DAM is a weak link even after saying that there is no money, but you hold on, he as a leader ceased to exist for me. In a word, not a horse feed.
  16. izya top
    izya top 5 June 2016 07: 29
    and further...
    On June 1, ground tests of the Antares launch vehicle, the first stage of which was developed by the Ukrainian Yuzhnoye design bureau, were successfully tested at the Space Flight Center on Wallops Island (USA), AIN reports. It is reported that this is the first large-scale success of the rocket in a year and a half - after its explosion on October 28, 2014.

    overpowered what
    1. evil partisan
      evil partisan 5 June 2016 08: 04
      Quote: izya top

      Ага. Yes
      After Antares with a commercial load in 2014. to put it mildly, the Americans didn’t take off his tests ... I wonder: how many successful launches on their NTD are necessary for taking this type of missile into operation? what It seems to me that not 1 ... feel
      And you Izya pin @ osofil. as I look ... sad
      1. cap
        cap 5 June 2016 10: 16
        Quote: wicked partisan
        Quote: izya top

        Ага. Yes
        After Antares with a commercial load in 2014. to put it mildly, the Americans didn’t take off his tests ... I wonder: how many successful launches on their NTD are necessary for taking this type of missile into operation? what It seems to me that not 1 ... feel
        And you Izya pin @ osofil. as I look ... sad

        Izya top pinned up. We will wait for commercial launches then we will count the chickens.
        What's with the flag? Or moved to Moscow?
        1. evil partisan
          evil partisan 5 June 2016 10: 23
          Quote: cap
          Izya Top Pinned

          Oh surrenders to me. that did not joke No. ... I have long noticed for him all sorts of ... nude Yes It’s just that today he finally revealed himself. sad Shame on Ize Topu! am Meeting - I will kill sniff the fuck! am
          1. izya top
            izya top 5 June 2016 18: 08
            Quote: Angry Guerrilla
            Meeting - I’ll kill you with my mouth!

            what kind of attacks? liver will be measured?
        2. Shurik70
          Shurik70 5 June 2016 11: 34
          Quote: cap

          We will wait for commercial launches, then we will count the chickens.

          Such a test and I can carry out. I will mix epoxy with sugar and conduct "the second successful ground tests of the third stage of the rocket for commercial routes Gadyukino - Mars".
          In any case, the smoke will be no less, especially if coal is added to sugar.
  17. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 5 June 2016 07: 29
    Well done authors. Every time I am surprised how much material they have to "filter"! True, they did not remember Savchenko. And she, I think, is such a "sea mine" in the ASU that I just mentally applaud the GDP again. How does he calculate these options? Even if there is a case, I will not sit down to chess with him. laughing
  18. evil partisan
    evil partisan 5 June 2016 07: 32
    In short, in France, not only protests are ripening, there is a real panic.

    Yeah ... It will be fun, that's for sure. I look forward to the body of the picture Yes . By the way: our team has a chance to become European Champion Yes . Imagine: all the teams left France because of the riots, and ours was delayed. they thumped there, smoked a hookah or simply dulled - it doesn’t matter. And then the organizers will have no other choice but to assign the remaining (it turns out to ours ...) the title of European Champions! And voila! fellow
  19. izya top
    izya top 5 June 2016 07: 40
    Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs Alexei Pushkov sarcastically reacted to statements by US President Barack Obama about the US world order, which allegedly respects the sovereignty of all countries. The MP proposed to present the American leader with a prize for hypocrisy. On Saturday, June 4, Pushkov wrote in his Twitter account.
    "Barack Obama:" The United States has created a world order in which the sovereignty of all countries is respected. " Is it after Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya ?! - exclaims Pushkov. - The Nobel! For hypocrisy. "
  20. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 5 June 2016 07: 50
    ... does not know which pilot Erdogan is talking about. Russian or still Turkish?
    Turks are arrogant and mean! How dare the Turks even shove against Russia ?! Poor insects! Traditionally, the Turks have to knock on the fez, then they will understand which "pilot" was wrong. The swing is already there and that the blow will tell me. Which one? We will see.
  21. Klim2011
    Klim2011 5 June 2016 08: 27
    Good morning comrades!
    The current situation in the country's economy more and more resembles Brezhnev's stagnation. But before our eyes, an example of China is the support of its own manufacturer (in fact, not in memoranda) and then the rise of the Navy, army, aviation, and so on.
    Well, you hold on there, all the best to you)))
    1. Ros 56
      Ros 56 5 June 2016 09: 34
      Both of them are gilyak, and the truth is in the middle.
    2. RUSIVAN
      RUSIVAN 5 June 2016 13: 02
      OR MAY SO ...
    3. Vasiliev Yu
      Vasiliev Yu 5 June 2016 13: 07
      Right! And I almost broke my head, thinking that reminds me of a statement by Medvedev!
      Thanks so much for the tip.
  22. Tsoy
    Tsoy 5 June 2016 08: 35
    regarding the primaries ... 10% turnout is this normal? What kind of update can there be when people do not care anymore?
    1. Karasik
      Karasik 5 June 2016 09: 12
      Quote: Choi
      regarding primaries ...

      I watched all 3 videos from the article (I somehow missed it during the week). And these people are going to go to the State Duma! Not in the Verkhovna Rada, mind you, but in the State Duma!
      And this is definitely not a humorous broadcast?
      1. Tsoy
        Tsoy 5 June 2016 10: 53
        so there and without these there is someone to light. Malinovskaya at least. Zhirinovsky with his statements, athletes, and other people far from the economy, politics and social sphere.
  23. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 5 June 2016 09: 18
    Here is another week behind. Something is better, something is worse, but overall we are moving forward. Russia is firmly on its feet and its authority is growing stronger. Not quickly, not immediately, we will restore order inside the country. We won’t give it away, to those others! So young people are growing up. Correct. Everything will be fine. May God give wisdom to our leaders and the memory of what sacrifices were made for the benefit of Russia by our people. Russia was, is and will be a world power.
    1. kotvov
      kotvov 6 June 2016 11: 26
      May God give wisdom to our leaders and memory, ,,
      yes, to bear, naibulina and further .....
  24. olimpiada15
    olimpiada15 5 June 2016 09: 22
    Thanks to the authors for the review and interesting articles for the week.
    I would especially like to note the drawing by V. Podvitsky about "the economy of the economy" -
    just brilliant, there’s nothing to argue about
    -all arguments
    as well as the future of the economy with strategist Kudrin fit into one little merry-go-round.
    Class !!!!!!!!!
    Eh, Putin would show this picture.
  25. Aleksander
    Aleksander 5 June 2016 09: 25
    The neck on the Bosphorus shuts up instantly and they are all targets, as in a dash.

    Russia has closed to death The Bosphorus exactly one hundred years ago, will close now!
    The entire American "network-centric war" will be absolutely impossible, if only knock down their companions.

    No need for rocket engines to deliver these satellites and do not have to shoot them down!
    And then we get money for the engines to make rockets to bring down the satellites delivered .... by these engines! belay
    ODERVIT 5 June 2016 09: 38
    Thanks for the review.
  27. cap
    cap 5 June 2016 10: 12
    Just thank you for the review. Everything is fine as always. The Internet is sinking, I can’t write much.
    Authors respect and respect good
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. evil partisan
      evil partisan 5 June 2016 10: 32
      Quote: cap
      I can’t write much.

      drinks No offense? wink
      1. Vasiliev Yu
        Vasiliev Yu 5 June 2016 13: 11
        I put a plus for Ivanov. He was a genius, he was always waiting for his performance in Around Laughter.
        1. evil partisan
          evil partisan 5 June 2016 13: 41
          Quote: vasiliev yu
          Put a plus for Ivanov.

          Thanks for the +. My favorite from Ivanov:И
          1. Vasiliev Yu
            Vasiliev Yu 6 June 2016 06: 31
            Everything is witty with him, but in those years I liked `` Red Pashechka ''.
  28. atamankko
    atamankko 5 June 2016 10: 21
    As always, I read with interest, the authors respect.
  29. APASUS
    APASUS 5 June 2016 10: 30
    Another chicken deputies outlined ............
    1. evil partisan
      evil partisan 5 June 2016 10: 47
      Quote: APASUS
      Another chicken deputies outlined

      This "chicken" has brains, God forbid, to everyone. Yes
      1. Neputin
        Neputin 5 June 2016 12: 19
        They poured into the lip area in the form of silicone and remained there.
      2. APASUS
        APASUS 5 June 2016 13: 27
        Quote: Angry Guerrilla
        This "chicken" has brains, God forbid, to everyone.

        Judging by this video, oh well, his tries ............ such brains, highly intellectual interview!
        1. evil partisan
          evil partisan 5 June 2016 13: 34
          Quote: APASUS
          Well, his tries ............ such brains, highly intelligent interview!

          Nonetheless. Alekhine will be no worse than others as a deputy, or even better.
          Quote: APASUS
          Well, his tries.

          Well then, HER wink
          A girl with brains is a fact.
          The simplest thing is to imagine yourself in the "Ural dumplings" on stage. Have you presented? Did you feel ashamed? Well, that's the whole dispute ...
          1. APASUS
            APASUS 5 June 2016 20: 32
            Quote: Angry Guerrilla
            Nonetheless. Alekhine will be no worse than others as a deputy, or even better.

            This is about what Alekhine is talking about ???
            By chance, not the one who served a couple with Tolokonnikova, then I don’t understand you at all. Call IT a deputy ????????????????????????
            Quote: Angry Guerrilla
            A girl with brains is a fact. The simplest thing is to imagine yourself in the "Ural dumplings" on stage. Have you presented? Did you feel ashamed? Well, that's the whole dispute ..

            The brain is undeniably present, but at the expense of the scene, you hurried with the statement.
            Now the film under the preliminary name Salyut-7 will go on the installation, I think it will be in the box office in a year. So I took part there, it happened (I’ll keep my role)
            It’s a pity you can’t upload photos, there will be a scandal.
            Alekhine, the one on the left for those who do not know
        2. Ros 56
          Ros 56 5 June 2016 15: 05
          I play pranks over these clowns, especially over Zaikov, I quote literally "that secondary technical universities are at the stage so that they are fighting for the harvest." Sheer wretchedness of thought and speech. And they are striving for power, but he cannot be trusted with a brigade of Tajik builders
      3. wanderer_032
        wanderer_032 5 June 2016 16: 07
        Quote: Angry Guerrilla
        This "chicken" has brains, God forbid, to everyone.

        And what exactly is it expressed in? What has been demonstrated in the clips to the article does not speak of any high intelligence.
        Rather the opposite.
        1. evil partisan
          evil partisan 5 June 2016 17: 09
          Quote: wanderer_032
          doesn’t speak about some high intellect in the commercials.
          Rather the opposite.

          Have you ever carried nonsense in public? wink Even I, a professional teacher, carried Yes. And I know Alyokhin as a Sverdlovsk citizen. A girl with brains. Yes
      4. kotvov
        kotvov 6 June 2016 11: 28
        This "chicken" has brains, God forbid everyone,
        in the form of silicone?
  30. aszzz888
    aszzz888 5 June 2016 11: 06
    The authors productively "rode" through the news for the week.
    Briefly highlighted a lot, and refreshed memory. Thanks Oleg, Alex.
  31. PValery53
    PValery53 5 June 2016 11: 18
    In a chess game, the pants on the back of the chair look convincing, but it is desirable that it be realized. A sparkling caricature is a plus.
    1. PValery53
      PValery53 5 June 2016 12: 26
      A palace revolution took place on a chessboard: the black king was replaced by the queen (queen) from the throne.
  32. Egoza
    Egoza 5 June 2016 11: 39
    President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko is asked to legalize prostitution in the country. The corresponding petition is registered on the website of the Ukrainian president. “Prostitution in Ukraine, as in any other country, will“ live ”, and there’s no getting around it.
    However, in the case of legalization of prostitution, even for the country itself, there would be only pluses! ”The petition said.

    Currently, only 35 people out of 25 thousand are required to sign the petition.

    Well, at the same time it would be possible to legalize robbery, robbery, theft, and corruption there too. And in general ... deputies of the Verkhovna Rada are legalized, so what else is there? laughing
    On May 31, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov wrote on his Facebook page that his agency had developed a work plan for the new Ukrainian police in cities beyond Kiev's control, including Donetsk, Gorlovka, Lugansk, Simferopol, Sevastopol and Yalta.

    The police froze and disguised themselves!
    The President of Ukraine at a press conference reassured reporters who asked if his son Alexey would follow in his footsteps, saying that he was not going to go to the prime ministers or presidents.

    I BELIEVE! here Lutsenko said that he will be the prosecutor general of only 2 of the year. In the same way, Petya does not think that his son, the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, will still crawl somewhere. What for?
    1. Vasiliev Yu
      Vasiliev Yu 5 June 2016 13: 18
      I always learn something new and interesting from you.
  33. Denis Skiff
    Denis Skiff 5 June 2016 11: 44
    It’s fashionable for deputies to such eccentrics like the letter Ma
    One dislike from Obama. He does not agree.
  34. Forever so
    Forever so 5 June 2016 11: 56
    To summarize. Historians write that before the world war of 1913, the whole world was swept by war fever. But most importantly, no one was going to fight. Today, the same sense of the madhouse in the world, by the way, like a hundred years ago, the liberals are still trying to surrender Russia to the Anglo-Saxons.
  35. dr. sem
    dr. sem 5 June 2016 11: 59
    RIA News
    Germany no longer considers Russia as its partner
    The 80-page document drawn up by the Ministry of Defense was corrected by the rest of the security forces, and as a result a number of key changes were made to it, including with regard to Russia - Moscow is no longer considered a "partner" but a "rival", writes Die Welt.
    The Serene One has finished badly. The most powerful country in Europe has become an ENEMY. Again. Only RFiya will not pull out the second Patriotic ... I congratulate the liberal patriots, Shapkozakidans and so on. witnesses of "the most cunning foreign and domestic policy of the GDP + DAM" with the execution of the next "cunning plan of Putin"! Hurray, gentlemen!
    1. Mestny
      Mestny 5 June 2016 13: 37
      Mr. Kudrin? I did not expect to see you on this site. Here then most patriots, sincerely wanting and helping to achieve success for their country in Russia.
      Or not. It's not him. This is Comrade Katz, who, of course, offers to give up.
      Oh, it's a pity you weren't like that in 39-41, there was no one to tell Comrade Stalin that he had "played out", and the most powerful state in Europe is becoming an enemy. There was no one to prompt that it was necessary to urgently surrender and lick the boots of the "strongest state in Europe."
      They shot everyone, bloody ghouls, Bavarian sausages were not allowed to eat.

  36. ver_
    ver_ 5 June 2016 12: 17
    [/ quote] Turks are arrogant and mean! How dare the Turks even shove against Russia ?! Poor insects! Traditionally, the Turks have to knock on the fez, then they will understand which "pilot" was wrong. The swing is already there and that the blow will tell me. Which one? Let's see. [/ Quote]
    ... he didn’t simply deport to Turkmenistan, to his historical homeland ..
  37. Starik72
    Starik72 5 June 2016 13: 46
    I read the weekly review with pleasure and comments on it, I liked everything. Thank you to the authors for the clear and concise weekly review. Sincerely. Old Man 72.
  38. v.yegorov
    v.yegorov 5 June 2016 14: 44
    Putin and Kudrin: it turns out that in one cart you can harness a horse and a trembling doe.
  39. surrozh
    surrozh 5 June 2016 16: 18
    Solid extract of the site's iconic articles, +. Regarding the rhetoric of the West: "The treacherous enemy insidiously attacked our planes, peacefully bombing their cities."
  40. Mikhail m
    Mikhail m 5 June 2016 19: 05
    About the primaries. The financial component of the banquet is carefully hushed up. At whose expense is the triumph of democracy? If for the state, then why only for one party? If for a party, then announce the sources of funding. And in response to silence ...
  41. Evgtan
    Evgtan 6 June 2016 09: 14
    regarding the Armenian Genocide
  42. veps75
    veps75 6 June 2016 10: 52
    Do we really bring this aircraft to the series? Many pilots will be very happy. Instead of the Czech L-39 there will be a great car. Good luck to you.