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The head of the Ukrainian Space Agency reiterated the interest of Americans in the joint development of rocket engines

The US side is interested in the development of rocket engines jointly with the State Space Agency of Ukraine (SCAU), reports UNIAN statement of the head of the State Aircraft Administration of Ukraine Lubomir Sabadosh.

The head of the Ukrainian Space Agency reiterated the interest of Americans in the joint development of rocket engines

“We offered our capabilities regarding the implementation of a joint development for the production of a liquid engine, which is currently being purchased in the Russian Federation. Our partners understand that this task is rather difficult, but we can cope with it, and the discussion will be held at the level of professional specialists, ”said Sabadosh.

According to him, “during the negotiations, the parties should discuss the timing of development, the conduct of test trials, as well as the amount of funding.”

"The following information was provided by US specialists:" We are interested in having alternative engine suppliers. We understand that this project cannot be implemented tomorrow. " The Ukrainian side conveyed the position of Yuzhnoye Design Bureau regarding the conduct of negotiations and discussion of the conditions on which the cooperation will be built, cost, time, ”said Sabadosh.

He also said that the next meeting with the Americans will be held in Kiev in November.

Recall that the head of the State Air Administration of Ukraine not for the first time declares plans to jointly develop an engine and a launch vehicle, but so far no practical steps have been made in this direction.
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  1. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 31 May 2016 10: 39
    What else can he do? Only to declare, otherwise they will trample from the post.
    1. Vend
      Vend 31 May 2016 10: 57
      Quote: Mavrikiy
      What else can he do? Only to declare, otherwise they will trample from the post.

      The United States will be interested, at times very much, but buy Russian engines. This is the policy to show interest in order to bring down the price. Svidomye as children)) _)
      1. boris-1230
        boris-1230 31 May 2016 12: 08
        Svidomye like children

        KB "Yuzhnoye" at the suggestion of NASA has begun to develop a new breakthrough TRAMPOLINE. To strengthen and acquire new properties, the trampoline will be lubricated with lard. This will give the product new properties and increase its competitiveness in the global market. So somehow! And nothing else ... fool stop hi
      2. GSH-18
        GSH-18 1 June 2016 20: 47
        Head Ukrainian space agency declared again ..

        It sounds really funny laughing I can just as well call my house "Space Agency" lol
    2. Juborg
      Juborg 31 May 2016 11: 11
      They no longer know what else to sell in the camp from the Soviet legacy. Apparently, factories and technologies are ending, they will sell monuments of the Soviet past.
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 31 May 2016 11: 22
      Another blah blah peremoga.
    4. Starover_Z
      Starover_Z 31 May 2016 12: 55
      We offered our opportunities regarding the implementation of a joint development for the production of a liquid engine, which is currently purchased in the Russian Federation.

      They want Ukraine to assemble the same engines for staff, but cheaper.
      But will it work out ?! Are metals and alloys used in the manufacture of engines in Russia in Ukraine?!
      Or is there a complete documentation for the engines ?!
      I am however lagging around ...
  2. Wiruz
    Wiruz 31 May 2016 10: 42
    I remember that in that year, some kind of rocket fell from the Americans at launch, sort of like the one in which some Ukrainian technology were implemented bully
    1. WKS
      WKS 31 May 2016 11: 06
      The head of the Ukrainian Space Agency reiterated the interest of Americans in the joint development of rocket engines

      With such a well-fed mug, no worse than Poroshenko’s, you can only make such statements, because to create an engine you still need heads and hands and, most importantly, thousands and thousands of tests of each tube and valve and the entire engine.
    2. Ami du peuple
      Ami du peuple 31 May 2016 11: 10
      Falcon 9, yes. It fell and exploded, NASA's commission found out that it was precisely because of the defective AJ-26 engines (Ukrainian modification of the Soviet NK-33 engine) developed by the Yuzhnoye design bureau. Then NASA complained that the losses amounted to $ 300 million. Want to try again? Good luck. Only now Ukrainians will certainly assemble the engine from shit and sticks flies and butterflies, judging by the general degradation of Ukrainian industry.
  3. Knizhnik
    Knizhnik 31 May 2016 10: 43
    We need to tighten control over rocket technology
    1. Thrall
      Thrall 31 May 2016 10: 58
      Quote: Wiruz
      that year, some kind of rocket fell from the Americans at launch, sort of like the one in which some Ukrainian technologies were implemented

      Antares changes Ukrainian engines to Russian
      (news of October 2014)

      After an accident with Antares carrier, its manufacturer - the American company Orbital Sciences Corporation - will replace the supplier of mid-flight rocket engines. According to a senior source in Roscosmos, Orbital has held a tender among manufacturers of engines for Antares carriers, which will be produced from 2017.

      “The winner in the tender was the RD-193 engine of the Khimki NPO Energomash,” an interlocutor at Roskosmos told Izvestia.

      Currently, Antares is equipped with AJ-26 engines made on the basis of the Soviet NK-33, preserved since the time of the unfinished lunar manned program. Engine designer Nikolai Kuznetsov in the early 1970s decided not to destroy, but to preserve several dozen copies. The first batch of NK-33 came to America in the mid-1990s, they went to Aerojet for $ 1 million apiece. The Americans adapted them for their needs for quite a long time, modernized, as a result, a modified AJ-26 engine appeared, already labeled Aerojet, therefore, American designers are responsible for this modification.
      1. Knizhnik
        Knizhnik 31 May 2016 11: 06
        So I’m talking about the same thing: they will soprut technology in the Russian Federation, then they will say that Ukraine has shared, go prove it bully
  4. pigkiller
    pigkiller 31 May 2016 10: 44
    This project will not be implemented tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, as in the past 25 years.
    1. Wiruz
      Wiruz 31 May 2016 10: 45
      Rather, Turkey will enter the EU laughing
      1. ALABAY45
        ALABAY45 31 May 2016 10: 52
        Turkey has already entered there, under the moans of a partner: das east fantastic! Oh me, me ...
  5. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 31 May 2016 10: 46
    Oh, and they will develop with the Ukrainians, as if then the losses did not have to be calculated.
  6. Yarik76
    Yarik76 31 May 2016 10: 46
    Speak - sweet 'sugar' honey, and the taste of shit in your mouth! Right now, the Americans will take a bigger run and will immediately finance the dual-use technologies for the maydauns!
  7. Putinets
    Putinets 31 May 2016 10: 46
    Give money, give money, give money money, otherwise I have not bought a villa in Landon yet
  8. aszzz888
    aszzz888 31 May 2016 10: 46
    The fleet, ukrokakly, have already been lowered into the water (the pelvis of Priluki). Now the direct road to space. laughing Let Sala take with them more, the road is long ... wassat D, B! fellow
  9. Funnels
    Funnels 31 May 2016 10: 52
    A liquid-propellant trampoline in their hands. The main thing is to knock out the grandmother, and then what happens, how it works (and whether it works)
  10. Engineer
    Engineer 31 May 2016 10: 52
    Scratching my turnips and can't remember what the Yuzhnoye KB is in rocket engines? Well they only dealt with solid fuel. And here the Yankees are all right. Something I do not understand, what can they offer to replace our RD-180? No, well, if the engineering group of the Azov NSU regiment helps them, then yes laughing
    1. Camel
      Camel 31 May 2016 21: 46
      what is the South KB in rocket engines? Well they only engaged in solid fuel.

      Here you, dear Engineer, are greatly mistaken - basically, the Yuzhny Design Bureau missiles were precisely liquid. To check, you can at least look at the wiki - not authority, of course, but copes with the basics hi
      But traditionally Makeevtsy was engaged in solid fuel.
  11. Who said
    Who said 31 May 2016 10: 58
    Which agency ???????????????????
    1. vanavatny
      vanavatny 31 May 2016 11: 39
      comic laughing
  12. LÄRZ
    LÄRZ 31 May 2016 10: 59
    Go for it !!! Serious organization, with a serious name SSAU. Surely, there are already serious completed projects. Like this one, for example: The launch of the Ukrainian telecommunications satellite "Lybid-1" will not take place in 2016, as planned earlier, due to the financial problems of the Canadian partners. This was announced on Monday by the head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine (SSAU) Lubomyr Sabadosh.
    "As part of the launch window for 2016, we received the position of the (Canadian) MDA company that it would be impossible to conduct a launch campaign in 2016 in compliance with all technical conditions," Sabadosha quoted UNIAN as saying. As he explained, Ukraine has fulfilled its commitments for the project, while the Canadian partners did not fulfill due to financial problems. At this stage, negotiations are underway to complete the project, added Sabadosh. The decision to manufacture and launch the Lybid-1 telecommunications satellite was made within the framework of the project to create a National Satellite Communication System. In 2009, SSAU signed a contract with a Canadian company for the production of a satellite and the construction of a ground support infrastructure facility in Ukraine for its use. The total funding for the program was approved in the amount of UAH 38,5 billion ($ 1,5 billion). The launch of Lybid-1 is planned from 2011, but is constantly postponed for various reasons. The satellite is now in storage in Russia.
  13. salad
    salad 31 May 2016 11: 00
    Motor Sich collapsed together with Tan! And Southern under the gasoline cutter will be allowed)) DB
  14. megafair
    megafair 31 May 2016 11: 02
    Pind0s will simply kill all enterprises, and then they will drag specialists from the ruins. That's all the interest. We know, in the 90s passed ...
  15. Kent0001
    Kent0001 31 May 2016 11: 04
    I cried. Ukrainian space agency .... this is not a circus, this is pathology, megalomania, you know ....
  16. Kibl
    Kibl 31 May 2016 11: 05
    A fuel will be a mixture of shale oil and fat! So to speak, semi-solid fuel engines.
  17. sir_obs
    sir_obs 31 May 2016 11: 06

    Saturn no longer pour!
  18. sodick
    sodick 31 May 2016 11: 06
    If the specialists did not run away from them, then, in principle, the team there was very strong. So they can carry out this project. By the way, in the space industry we have a complete mess.
    1. pigkiller
      pigkiller 31 May 2016 11: 13
      I wish you in a fallow mess like in the Russian space industry.
      By the way, part of the Yuzhny team has been working in Russia for a long time.
  19. Stabilization
    Stabilization 31 May 2016 11: 08
    Pihar and Chronicles strike back ...)
  20. tolmachiev51
    tolmachiev51 31 May 2016 11: 13
    Two years ago it was necessary to conduct these negotiations, and now it is tantamount to Zanzibar !!! Where are the experts ?? - it's not for the "Zaporozhets" to collect engines.
      FREGATENKAPITAN 31 May 2016 11: 18
      Well, this is the same got excited ...))) Where is he Zaporozhets now? So that Zanzibar is already there as a compliment)
  21. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 31 May 2016 11: 23
    Ukraine will not live to see a happy future when America embodies its interest in joint development, as well as before joining NATO and the EU. The agonizing life ends with an autopsy.
  22. brasist
    brasist 31 May 2016 11: 24
    The head of the Ukrainian space agency again declared ...

    The head of the Ukrainian cosmetic agency said again, so respectable. repeat
  23. AKsvlad047
    AKsvlad047 31 May 2016 11: 32
    Idiocy and nothing more!
  24. volodya
    volodya 31 May 2016 11: 48
    How would Shame-B did not work!
  25. mamont5
    mamont5 31 May 2016 11: 51
    "Head of the Ukrainian Space Agency"

    And what, there is also such? Apparently, there is an "agency" - there are no developers and production.
  26. Pyokhar
    Pyokhar 31 May 2016 12: 00
    Dude with his empty bazaar is clearly trying to conquer the vastness of cosmic stupidity.
    WHITE CAT 31 May 2016 12: 09
    MDa they also have a space agency .... However, what is there to be surprised. ........ diligently seek opportunities to fill their pockets. Why are there points ??? For a long time I was looking for a name suitable for them but I never found. It’s reluctance to go over rudeness, but people don’t dare to name the language.
  28. dobrik10
    dobrik10 31 May 2016 12: 42
    As one inspector told us, "six more tests and everything will be fine." Only if it does not apply to Yuzhmash, you can lose not only the brotherly country, but everything else ...
  29. The comment was deleted.
  30. Disorder
    Disorder 31 May 2016 13: 02
    Mriy, mriy, mriy.
    Production cycle enterprises were scattered throughout the USSR. With what remains in Ukraine after the collapse of the Union, it is impossible to produce normal engines without cooperation with Russian enterprises.
    And with what remains of what remains, it is generally from the field of unscientific fiction. laughing
  31. Ros 56
    Ros 56 31 May 2016 14: 51
    The main thing is that the application does not break, but the engines will be, then, someday, later, we will clarify, perhaps.
  32. Romanenko
    Romanenko 1 June 2016 11: 22
    Mattress covers please! They are already with the ruin like a cat with bacon - so they contacted her, and what to do next ... And new "business projects" start, then we get richer with Mriya, then we will quickly twist the rocket engine, by the way, it is not so on the Ukrainian engine for a long time the mattress covers have already rolled, though it did not work out far. I am not belittling the brain potential of Ukraine - there is simply no one, nothing, and nothing to build there rocket and space technology from. And who, and the Americans, should know this better than anyone else, because the degree of destruction of the industrial potential of Ukraine is under their control.