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Project "ZZ". Who did not, he was late

The largest failure of B.H. Obama's Time magazine called policy toward Russia. By his sanctions, the President of the United States achieved the opposite of what he had planned: the Russians fell in love with Putin even more, and in the West they saw an insidious enemy. Apparently, foreigners also fell in love with Putin: every day, a new report about the capture of a Kremlin spy with a wad of money — either Portuguese or Polish. All the secrets of NATO have already been sold. There is nothing left for Mr. Stoltenberg how to announce an increase in defense spending. Even peaceful Swedes were aroused: now they are ready to “get into the game.”

Project "ZZ". Who did not, he was late

Terrible Putin. Video Frame: Magazine Website Newsweek

Ian Bremmer in the magazine "Half" smashed the political "balance" of Barack Obama: he highlighted his main presidential successes and failures. In some countries, for example, in Vietnam and Cuba, Obama succeeded, but in others, for example, in Russia (at the same time in Ukraine), Mr. President has ruined foreign policy.

The expert is convinced that Russia and Ukraine turned out to be the biggest failure of Obama’s foreign policy today.

The confrontational approach of the United States led to the opposite result: Putin did not lose popularity, but, on the contrary, he acquired it even more. In addition, he was able to "demonize the West."

Putin's rating is very high, and this is noted by Western researchers. For example, the Pew Center, which conducted a global survey last summer, cited the following data: 88% of Russians trust Putin and believe that he is doing the “right things” in world politics. And more than 80 percent of Russians approved the behavior of Putin in a dialogue with the United States, Ukraine and the European Union.

Of course, the decline in oil prices and sanctions hit the Russian economy: in 2015, Russia's GDP fell by 3,7%, and the unemployment rate rose to 7,4%. But Putin's rating is still at the top - more than 80 percent. He used high oil prices in the last decade to accumulate foreign exchange reserves. He created an airbag of almost 600 billion dollars. Russia has spent part of these savings, but it still has more than $ 375 billion in funds on a rainy day.

The Journal Newsweek (European edition) intelligibly explained to the Western public, why Russians are so fond of Putin.

Yes, Russia is usually described as a state in which kleptocracy reigns, in which criminals rule the ball, and continuous propaganda is pouring from television screens (the Kremlin “surprisingly” openly announces the last fact). Dissenters are jailed here. But along with all this, it is indicated in the material of the publication, Russia is rich, the poor have become "much less than they were just a couple of decades ago." And even the scandal with the Panamanian documents did not impress the Russians. By the way, they generally believe that all this is Western intrigues.

Historically, Russia has long been a great power that dominated Eastern Europe and Central Asia, able to compete with states like the British Empire and at the height of its power to participate in the “big game” on the globe. Its power only strengthened under the Soviet regime, the magazine reminds. The USSR opposed both the USA and NATO. True, the Soviet Union burst out and “crumbled under its own economic weight,” but this is “a completely different question,” the article notes.

The fact is, the author points out that the Russian people are used to being “a strong and respected nation.” After the collapse of the USSR, Russia was in fact cut off from its “colonies”, including Ukraine. But the enemies of Russia, especially NATO, began to grow rapidly. Russia no longer had "values ​​on the world stage", and NATO, on the contrary, was building up its muscles.

Putin, the author believes, has begun “to restore the prestige of Russia, the revival of its pride and power.” He showed the whole world that no one will помsleep around Russia ’. Russia is a participant in global politics and is positioning itself accordingly. Here are examples of her actions: Georgia, Ukraine, Syria. Russia is playing the big game again.

And the Russians love Putin for it, according to the material.

"He put them food on the tables, put money in their pockets and instilled pride in their hearts."

In response, they turned a blind eye to the “disappearance” of certain dissident and opposition politicians, to the beating of other protesters and their imprisonment. "The cart is full of apples - who wants to turn it over?"

Apparently, Putin was fallen in love not only by Russians, but also by foreigners: every day, then a new message about the capture of a Kremlin spy with a bundle of money — either in Portugal or in Poland.

Newspaper «The Times» writes: "Frederico Carvalhão Gil was arrested for allegedly selling NATO secrets to agents in Russia". Here and without translation everything is clear. Comrade Frederico Gilles sold the secrets of NATO to the Russians and was arrested.

He sold in envelopes, nice, neat. The envelope was put on the table, on the other side of which sat the “Russian curator”. Selling secrets confirmed: Russian President Putin is interested in "Western secrets."

Putin chose Rome as the center of “espionage”: the deals were held there.

Mr. Gilles tried to haggle the secrets of NATO military bases, defense systems and communications. He came into contact with an officer of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia. Eight Western intelligence agencies managed to arrest not only Gilles, but also this officer. The identity of the latter is for some reason not revealed.

At the time of the transfer of documents through the table, the police detained the seller and buyer.

Each of the documents was estimated at ten thousand euros.

Gilles headed the division of one intelligence service of Portugal and therefore had access to the secrets of NATO.

Another "Putin spy" caught in Poland.

Lieutenant Colonel of the Polish army was sentenced to prison for spying for Russia, said "".

“A military court in Warsaw sentenced an officer of the Polish army, Lieutenant Colonel Zbigniew Yu., To six years in prison for spying for Russia,” the publication quoted the representative of the court.

The verdict was made on April 26, but it was not reported due to an agreement with the defendant. The latter made a deal with the investigation and admitted his guilt. Case materials were classified. There is information that the convict allegedly handed over to the investigators the names of Polish servicemen who could be recruited.

Zbigniew Yu. Will be deprived of civil rights to 5 years. 17 thousand zlotys (approx. 4,3 thousand dollars) and a telephone were seized from him. All this he is supposed to have received as a reward for illegal activities.

It became known earlier that another person, the leader of the pro-Russian Polish party Smena, Mateusz Piskorski, was sent under arrest. He is suspected of spying for a foreign state.

Looks like all the secrets of NATO are sold. There is nothing left for Mr. Stoltenberg how to announce an increase in defense spending.

This year, spending on the defense of European NATO states will grow. This will happen for the first time in nearly 10 years. The reason for this will be the threat of "Russian aggression", as well as the migration crisis. About this in an interview "The Financial Times" declared the NATO secretary general himself.

2016 will be the year during which European defense allies' spending will increase, Jens Stoltenberg said. According to him, this will happen "for the first time in many, many years."

Even peaceful Swedes were aroused: now they are ready to “get into the game.”

A colonel, a member of the Royal Academy of Military Sciences (Sweden), Bo Husemark, told his compatriots about what would happen if the Russians occupy the Baltic states. Sweden can not stay away. About this, the colonel told through the newspaper "Svenska Dagbladet" (the source of translation - "InoSMI").

The colonel advises to imagine: what if Russia holds a “blitzkrieg” and “occupies the Baltic states”? Moreover, Russia will do this before NATO sees the danger. The seizure is over, Moscow proclaims the Baltic states to be its own and motivates this “historical and humanitarian arguments. ”

“Any attempts by the West to repel the Baltics risk provoking a nuclear attack,” the military expert continues to fantasize. “Can NATO force itself to launch a counter-offensive?”

The colonel hints that Russia may bluff, threatening nuclear weaponsHowever, NATO hardly dares to check if the bluff is here or true.

The Royal Academy of Military Sciences, points out further Bo Hügemark, analyzed the situation and made a statement under the heading "To help the brothers." NATO should create footholds on the territory of the Baltic states, which will become bases for a counter-offensive, the document says.

“Such a counteroffensive will require quick and unimpeded military-air operations, as well as airborne troops to the Baltic region. Then Sweden will enter the game. We will have to do everything to ensure the success of such operations. Give NATO aircraft free access to our airspace, put our bases at the disposal of the alliance, prevent Russians from deploying air defense systems in Gotland, and so on. ”

We think that in this picture only one is missing. Colonel forgot to order the quartering of peaceful NATO members in the houses of the Swedes.

* * *

In spite of the West, Russians strongly love Putin and make him a rating, which is confirmed by sociological research at the international level. President BH Obama blatantly blundered foreign policy: trying to throw Putin off the throne with the hands of the people, he only strengthened his power. Even Ian Bremmer, whom you cannot call a pro-Russian expert, does not doubt this.

Spies from Poland and Portugal are concentrated in Rome, where on a specially set table they make thousands of deals with Russian “curators”. NATO secret documents are shuffled as decks of cards. Some of the spies, however, are surrounded by a tight ring of policemen and are arrested, but this is what happened in Soviet times. Judging by the frequent publications in the media on the topic of espionage, the competition among the Poles and others who want to trade in Western secrets is great. The queue with envelopes will probably be longer than the queue for toilet paper during the Soviet era.

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  1. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 31 May 2016 08: 46
    Before you climb into someone else’s garden from the beginning, pick out the weeds in your garden and check if everything is growing correctly.
    1. cniza
      cniza 31 May 2016 08: 53
      Quote: Spartanez300
      Before checking someone else’s garden from the beginning, pluck the weeds in it.

      They will never understand Russia, and they don’t have any desire, but measure everything on their own, they have an idol of a golden calf - we have spirituality, that’s the whole difference.
      1. Pavel Tsybai
        Pavel Tsybai 31 May 2016 09: 22
        How they do not like it when they are not and they wipe their feet.
        1. theadenter
          theadenter 31 May 2016 10: 01
          They wipe their feet on themselves. It is bad when the vision of foreign relations is thrown to domestic politics.
          1. Kasym
            Kasym 31 May 2016 10: 53
            No, they won't wipe their feet on themselves. The goal of the US is clear: it wants to "master" the EU market with the help of the Atlantic Partnership (or whatever they called it there). And for this it is necessary to "break" all economic relations between the EU and the Russian Federation. After all, they want to "fill up" the EU with shale energy resources. They put sticks in the wheels of the Southern, Turkish, Northern-2 gas pipelines. We have introduced all sorts of energy packages - they are preparing a place for themselves. (Presumably by 19, when the Ukrainian transit closes the Russian Federation, energy prices will become acceptable for shale producers).
            And Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic states will become a buffer (the new iron curtain) between the EU and the Russian Federation.
            But they just don't take into account Russia's trump cards in this game. And it looks like the Kremlin is not going to sit idly by. It seems to me that this "buffet" will come running tomorrow. Everything is clear with the economies of these countries. The only thing left to do is to "sort things out" with the authorities delicately and politely. You can take an example from the West in the organization of the Maidan, or you can organize parties with movements. And with the EU, which itself is already shouting that security cannot be created in Europe without the Russian Federation, one can "sort it out" alone ...
            1. Victor-M
              Victor-M 31 May 2016 22: 44
              Quote: Kasym
              You can take an example from the west on the organization of the Maidan, or you can organize parties with movements.

              For this, NATO was registered there to protect American hens, and any Maidan will be declared a military aggression of Russia and further brutally suppressed.
          2. bocsman
            bocsman 31 May 2016 13: 19
            The West has implemented the idea of ​​permissiveness, abandoned traditional values, and brought up several generations of "koekaker". He drove himself into a trap. The inability of politicians to adequately assess their actions, their results and consequences, even in the short term. Has led directly to the opposite result. With Russia, everything is clear, the more pressure from outside, the more united the people. But even in the west, all carriers of traditional foundations could not be destroyed - assimilated. And here's the result. The ranks of supporters of Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin are growing.
            1. gladcu2
              gladcu2 31 May 2016 16: 12

              What is happening in the USA is a regularity. This is inevitable. Capitalism and democracy are not compatible things. There are violations of the laws of the world. They are corrected but it is temporary. If the quality is not changed, progress will not work.

              By the way, one does not need to relax in the Russian Federation. There have not yet been any qualitative changes. GDP, knows what to do. While preparing the ground. Let's see how it goes.
              1. KaraBumer
                KaraBumer 31 May 2016 21: 26
                Democracy is the power of the people. (American people !!) (C)
                1. gladcu2
                  gladcu2 31 May 2016 22: 06

                  Economic systems make adjustments to public administration systems.
      2. jjj
        jjj 31 May 2016 09: 23
        Quote: cniza
        They will never understand Russia, and they don’t have any desire, but measure everything on their own, they have an idol of a golden calf - we have spirituality, that’s the whole difference.

        And this is for them from an area inaccessible to understanding.
      3. LÄRZ
        LÄRZ 31 May 2016 09: 32
        Quote: cniza
        They will never understand Russia, and they don’t have any desire, but measure everything on their own, they have an idol of a golden calf - we have spirituality, that’s the whole difference.
        Russian historian and philosopher Ivan Ilyin wrote: “Europe does not know us ... because it is alien to the Slavic-Russian contemplation of the world, nature and man. Western European humanity is moving by will and reason. The Russian man lives first of all with his heart and imagination, and only then with his mind and will. Therefore, the average European is ashamed of sincerity, conscience and kindness as “stupidity.” A Russian person, on the contrary, expects from a person primarily kindness, conscience and sincerity. The European, brought up by Rome, despises to himself other nations and wants to rule them. The Russian man always enjoyed the natural freedom of his space ... He always "wondered" at other nations, good-naturedly got along with them and hated only invading enslavers ... ". The Russian neighbor’s mercy and justice are evidenced by the good neighborly attitude towards the peoples of the annexed territories. The Russian people did not commit such atrocities as enlightened Europeans on conquered lands. In national psychology there was a certain restraining moral principle. By nature, a strong, hardy, dynamic people was endowed with amazing survivability. The famous Russian patience and tolerance for others were based on strength of spirit. Under continuous invasions from all sides, in incredibly harsh climatic conditions, the Russian people colonized vast territories without destroying, enslaving, robbing or crossing forcibly any nation. The colonial policy of the West European peoples uprooted the aborigines of the three continents, turned into slaves the population of vast Africa and invariably the metropolis is rich at the expense of colonies.
        1. ruAlex
          ruAlex 31 May 2016 10: 35
          That's right, you can’t say better. They will never understand us, measure on their own, and we are different.
        2. Volga Cossack
          Volga Cossack 31 May 2016 14: 32
          that's right ..... we are different - we have what is called the Soul. and more Memory!
        3. The comment was deleted.
        4. gladcu2
          gladcu2 31 May 2016 16: 23

          Your Ivan Ilyin, of course knew where the dog rummaged. I got it with my mind. But even before him, everything had been said for a long time. Diogenes, Aristotle. By the way, no one knows why the philosopher Diogenes lived in a barrel? Think when it comes to you then consider that you know how the world works. Who is God, Jesus, Satan. How to restore the state, and how to destroy it.

          Okay, this is all an intrigue. Now to our sheep.

          Have you all seen in the "program time" a blossoming and joyful LADY? A new law was invented in road traffic. Do you know that this "devil from a snuff box" created a law that violates morality? This leader, violating morality, created a law that creates an idea of ​​false security.

          There will be questions without hesitation. I will answer.
          1. gladcu2
            gladcu2 31 May 2016 20: 31
            atalef was busy. :)

            Okay. The intrigue does not work I will answer why the last law in the rules of the road will create problems.

            What kind of moral does each person have? "Live yourself do not bother others to live." Why is that? If you interfere, it will return, it will not seem a little. The usual selfish morality of survival.

            If someone rushes along the road headlong, what should be done? Give way Let it go, what's your business? The police will catch him, so this does not concern you either. Let him catch, you are clean before the law.
            We look further. If you drive and suddenly accidentally find yourself on the path of such an aggressor, what do you think. The first thing you think about is that you drive according to the rules and the law protects me. And here disagreements with the general morality turn out. The aggressor will cut you off, it will slow down before you and God forbid, an accident will turn out.

            Of course you're right. No doubt about it. But the car is broken, time is lost, insurance compensation does not cover the cost of buying a new car, etc. Who has lost? You. Who did win? Lawyers and an insurance company, the state received its fines. Your insurance will increase, do not think that the insurance company will be at a loss. This last law created a false notion of security. This is what is called double standards.

            There are enough rules on the road that develop mutual understanding.
            1. gladcu2
              gladcu2 31 May 2016 21: 53
              Well, the most important thing that I left for a snack.

              I apologize to the citizens of Russia for the frivolous treatment of a state person Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev. Absolutely sincerely and with full responsibility.

              Oh, and still have to ruin.

              This is a moral that includes ethics, respect for status. Morality is pure pragmatism. Selfishness. I respect you, respect me.

              If you want the country to live better, start with yourself.
        5. gladcu2
          gladcu2 31 May 2016 18: 03

          At first I ran through your post superficially and spoke out, but then I read it in more detail and decided to correct it.


          In the Middle Ages, there was no science of chemistry. Why?
          The knowledge was but they were scattered and it was impossible to conduct communication, discussions between scientists, exchange experience. But once the great Russian scientist (the word scientist appears) D. Mendeleev creates a periodic table of the chemical elements of Mendeleev (system of elements). From this moment, the birth of chemistry began. Why science? Because knowledge received a systematic assessment.

          Philosophy is a science. But this is not all clear. Among the vast array of philosophers of antiquity, the Middle Ages, and modernity, a single terminology system has not been developed. Therefore, philosophy has difficulty finding applied application and is at the margins of all other sciences in popularity. By the way, only Lenin was able to use philosophy in applied applications. He revived the country. Just the point is that.

          Now the answer is why I decided to stick in.

          The concept of the Russian spirit, the mysteriousness of the Russian soul is the moral morality of the philosophical term.

          Morality is a conscious or unconscious following of a single morality, regardless of external circumstances.

          The other day in "Program Vremya" there was a report about a Russian monastery abroad. It spoke about the preservation of high morality by the monks.

          Still would. It is easy to maintain chastity especially if no one gives. Try, monks to maintain their morality outside the walls of the monastery.
          This is not irony, this is a lesson in understanding the world.
          1. not main
            not main 31 May 2016 20: 31
            Quote: gladcu2
            The other day in "Program Vremya" there was a report about a Russian monastery abroad. It spoke about the preservation of high morality by the monks.

            For this and a minus! To call Athos a "Russian monastery abroad"? If you know Russian it doesn't mean that you are Russian!
            1. gladcu2
              gladcu2 31 May 2016 21: 56
              not main

              Thanks for the amendment. I am out of the corner of my eye watching the program time. Apparently omitted the details. I can’t fix my post already. But the idea embodied in the post remains valid.

              Your amendment is accepted.
            2. gladcu2
              gladcu2 31 May 2016 22: 12
              not main

              Want to give out wisdom.


              Religion is power realized through moral control.

              The media can absolutely quickly and critically change public opinion, change morality. Thus reducing the role of the church in society.

              It is correct to assume that the church needs to be given the state status of a media censor.

              And then the channels "rain" and "echo of matzo" and there others will simply cease to exist.

              The sheep are safe and the wolves are full. :)
              1. The comment was deleted.
              2. alexng
                alexng 31 May 2016 23: 31
                Religion is the most advanced financial system in the world. You can minus me as much as you want, but I don't understand how you can sell spirituality for money. After all, all the services and procedures of the clergy are accompanied by the collection of "donations", which are not checked and are not taxed in any way. And the funny thing is that it is religions that are engaged in the sectorization of society - apparently they do not like competitors.
                Spirituality and religion are different things and, in my opinion, are not compatible. That's when the "Golden Calf" is expelled from the Church, then the power of the spirit will come.
      4. Telakh
        Telakh 31 May 2016 10: 07
        Belief in the masses! .. in biomass.
      5. oblako
        oblako 31 May 2016 13: 14
        I like these comments about our spirituality. I would like to agree. And how will you prove that we have spirituality, and they have a golden calf? Ulyukaev, Kudrin, Nabiullina at a "brainstorming" recently told us about this ... They say, sacrifice a part of sovereignty, and join the global technological chain, and so that there is no return, we can introduce cryptocurrency to ensure, so to speak, complete freedom and excessive control ... As a tool for globalists. Nothing so spirituality ... So far, colleague, it is not visible that we are cultivating spirituality, but quite the opposite is visible: how the systematic erosion of what we call it is going on ... They have long understood modern Russia ... One hope for "Vanka fool "who is the personification of our spirituality, who will do everything illogical, but will win ... And there seems to be no hope for smart ones.
      6. magosvel
        magosvel 31 May 2016 23: 12
        We cheer for our souls, and they are for our asses.
      7. alex86
        alex86 1 June 2016 22: 18
        Quote: cniza
        we have spirituality

        I would like to see the names of these spiritual authorities.
    2. boris-1230
      boris-1230 31 May 2016 12: 29
      Before you climb into someone else’s garden from the beginning, pick out the weeds in your garden and check if everything is growing correctly.

      At first it was like this: "The Russians are coming!" - with this cry they jumped out the windows; then - "The Russians are coming ???" twisted a finger at the temple; now - "The Russians are coming !!!" run to prepare envelopes with secrets! hi
  2. mirag2
    mirag2 31 May 2016 08: 48
    Yes, everyone understood everything. Present-day Russia is the enemy of the EU + US union. Here and they will spoil us wherever possible. And Putin, as the guarantor of the current foreign policy of the Russian Federation, is the same enemy. They will find fault. They went to the anus, in the end .
    ps today Shuser looked at the program - "an overview of the world media", so they praised Estonia with their electronic government ... And by the way, we have a portal of public services-285 services are available, as if I was not interested in them, but I know that the system is so "advanced" that there is a similar one only in a few countries: the USA, and only in New York and in one of the European countries. Perhaps, by the way, this is Estonia.
    1. major071
      major071 31 May 2016 09: 12
      Oh, this Russian Putin
      He is in Rome and in Paris
      In NATO, he sowed discord
      And bought those closer
      Spawn around spies
      Noting all envelopes
      He ruined the EU laws
      Soaking everyone in the toilet

      Here he is Russian Putin
      That in the brain I don’t know him
      But because of the turmoil in NATO
      Honestly, brothers, respect!
      wink good
      1. boris-1230
        boris-1230 31 May 2016 12: 35
        Here he is Russian Putin
        That in the brain I don’t know him
        But because of the turmoil in NATO
        Honestly, brothers, respect!

        Thanks! I respect people who know how to "burn hearts with a verb ..."
        And for a long time I will be so kind to the people,
        I picked up the pen and didn’t let him go ...
  3. Alex ..
    Alex .. 31 May 2016 08: 49
    The magazine “Time” called the policy on Russia the biggest failure of B.H. Obama

    They can’t reconcile that Russia will not be the same.
  4. 31 May 2016 08: 53
    "And they (that is, WE) in response turned a blind eye to the 'disappearance' of some dissenting and opposition politicians, to the beating of other protesters and imprisonment."
    And for me, it’s even a joy! And the top of bliss would be to send the entire fifth column, but not to places not so remote, but directly to the European Union and to foggy Albion! Let them clatter with them there!
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 31 May 2016 08: 53
    The frightened crow of a bush is afraid. Well, then immortal.
    Behind the window rain and hail.
    This is Putin's fault! ..
    Liberala wet the rain -
    Putin laughs cheerfully.
    Flooded your cottage? -
    This is Putin, not otherwise!
    Did you find a thunderstorm along the way? -
    That got the Kremlin hand.
    Cold, wind, snow -
    Putin is to blame again.
    Blowing down a hurricane? -
    This is Putin taking revenge on the rams.
    Storm, tsunami, flood? -
    This is Putin, no doubt!
    Rainfall, landslide, cyclone -
    Guilty, of course, he ..
    1. weksha50
      weksha50 31 May 2016 10: 26
      Quote: vladimirvn
      Blowing down a hurricane? -
      This is Putin taking revenge on the rams.

      Well said...

      Judging by the statements of THEIR politicians of various levels and rank, the roof was demolished ...
  7. smart Fox
    smart Fox 31 May 2016 08: 56
    Will Russia hold a “blitzkrieg” and “occupy the Baltic states”? Moreover, Russia will do this before NATO sees the danger.

    Oh my God, who needs these Baltic half-dead sprats !!! Let the Swedes take them off and sleep in peace!
    1. DMB_95
      DMB_95 31 May 2016 10: 18
      Somehow the Swedes inadequately assess the importance of the Baltic states. The local aborigines will probably burst with self-conceit now.
    2. weksha50
      weksha50 31 May 2016 10: 57
      Quote: Sly Fox
      Let the Swedes take them off and sleep in peace!

      Yeah ... Now the Kaliningrad region is surrounded by the enemy ...

      And in the case proposed by you, the Swedish territories will be surrounded ...

      PS In my opinion, it would be more profitable to expand the borders of the Kaliningrad region ... to the borders of the Pskov ...
      1. DMB_95
        DMB_95 31 May 2016 11: 20
        Quote: weksha50

        PS In my opinion, it would be more profitable to expand the borders of the Kaliningrad region ... to the borders of the Pskov ...

        For this you need to take Lithuania and Latvia. To take is not a problem, they just do not stand for a possible 3rd World War.
        1. weksha50
          weksha50 31 May 2016 12: 00
          Quote: DMB_95
          they just do not stand possible 3rd World.

          Exactly ... And in this case - the glass is half full, or the glass is half empty - how to look ...

          If the US and the EU hint that they daily prepare to repel their imaginary Russian aggression against the Balts, then this does not mean that they will get involved in such a mess ...

          But this is not the point ... The main thing is that the Balts with their territories in Russia are certainly not needed for the spirit ...
  8. Tatar 174
    Tatar 174 31 May 2016 08: 58
    Rush and stop someday. The main thing is not to lose our heads ourselves and it is high time we left the indecisive state of thought and really begin to improve the economy, which means we will further strengthen our defense. If this is not done before September and the results are not visible, then we can be late.
    1. andj61
      andj61 31 May 2016 10: 01
      Quote: Tatar 174
      Rush and stop someday.

      This is unlikely ... winked This is hell knows how many years goes on and the end and the edge can not see! bully
      And one and a half hundred years ago it was the same - Tyutchev testifies ...

      Vain labor - no, you cannot expose them, -
      The more liberal, the more vulgar,
      Civilization is a fetish for them,
      But their idea is not available to them.
      As you bow down before her, gentlemen,
      You do not get recognition from Europe:
      In her eyes, you will always
      They are not servants of enlightenment, but servants.
      F.I. Tyutchev. May 1867
  9. Geosun
    Geosun 31 May 2016 09: 00
    All of them are afraid that Russia will attack the Baltic states, explaining that they offend the Russians there. So can simply stop oppressing the Russian-speaking population? And the end of the problem!
    1. weksha50
      weksha50 31 May 2016 10: 53
      Quote: Geosun
      So can simply stop oppressing the Russian-speaking population? And the end of the problem!

      You just need to stop creating problems yourself and Russia yourself ...
  10. Karasik
    Karasik 31 May 2016 09: 12
    Russia and Ukraine turned out to be the biggest failure of Obama's foreign policy today ...

    Why failure? Or maybe he was planning such a result? wassat
    Haha A rhetorical question. Obama, Shmobama, Bushes are changing, but foreign policy is unchanged.
  11. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 31 May 2016 09: 17
    Well did not guess with the point of application of forces. And so it happened. Not so it was necessary to ruin Russia, not so! It was necessary to raise oil prices to $ 200 and make the Russian bear burst honey in barrels. And when he starts bursting with fat and applied to sleep under each bush - then it would be necessary to pounce with ropes. And now - they woke up, barked, only gave playfulness wassat
  12. Strezhevchanin
    Strezhevchanin 31 May 2016 09: 21
    After the collapse of the USSR, Russia was actually cut off from its "colonies", including from Ukraine.
    One conclusion, no one bothers at all with the study of our country! You can chew vomit of any kind and pass it off as an indisputable fact. What colony ???
    On the whole, the West, as that guy crouched by and large, understands that this is the Ball, but cannot stop.
  13. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 31 May 2016 09: 23
    All these dodges from NATO and Merzikosia are too persistent and often repeat mantras about the Russian attack on the Baltic states.
    Perhaps nonhumans from the west in the nest have a cunning plan with such a provocation that we have no choice but to level the territory of the Baltic states. Only much more than 500 thousand. Russian to put before this? They actually live on the Russian land bought by Peter!
  14. fzr1000
    fzr1000 31 May 2016 09: 33
    And why did the USA turn out in Cuba and Vietnam? It is too early to draw conclusions.
    1. sgazeev
      sgazeev 31 May 2016 10: 09
      Quote: fzr1000
      And why did the USA turn out in Cuba and Vietnam? It is too early to draw conclusions.
  15. Pitot
    Pitot 31 May 2016 09: 35
    , rush with this Baltic, like a beggar with lice. What for does Russia need it? What is there of the buns? Poison Sprats? There is nothing there that might interest Russia. Well, except for something to put from the gingerbread cookies for the geyropa and her friends. Are the Swedes Horny? Let them look at their Carlos. How and where did he finish. They would have sat there at home and were silent.
    1. sa-ag
      sa-ag 31 May 2016 10: 41
      Quote: Pitot
      rush with this Baltic, like a beggar with lice. What for does Russia need it?

      Ask Peter I, access to the Baltic Sea was more important to him than to the Black
      1. KaraBumer
        KaraBumer 31 May 2016 21: 46
        Just Peter loved Europe (old, good ...). And what Europe replied to EMU .....
        There is such a Russian proverb: Do not do good - you will not get evil !!!
        Likely from that time and went .....
    2. Stinger
      Stinger 31 May 2016 15: 34
      They are worn because they see what kind of lawlessness is going on there in relation to the Russian-speaking population. Instead of drawing public attention and suppressing it, out of democratic habit, this mess is encouraged. Feeling that Russia could get angry and kick them in the face, the threat of "Putin's aggression" was formed.
  16. Riv
    Riv 31 May 2016 09: 46
    Polish colonel recruited for 4.5 bucks and a phone? Yes ... Intelligence works.
  17. rusmat73
    rusmat73 31 May 2016 09: 53
    these are info-spills and sow confusion in the minds of Europeans, many of them are sure that Putin sent migrants to the EU ... wassat . Here you have to take such zhurnalyug by their gills and show them how they write - it will get it ... the rest will be afraid to write garbage about Russia for fear of their wacky life. personally my opinion. hi
  18. weksha50
    weksha50 31 May 2016 10: 14
    "Russian people used to be a “strong and respected nation”"...

    That phrase says a lot, if not all ...

    Respect and do not touch us - and you will live long, and - maybe - happily ...

    And the Polish "spy", who received 4,5 thousand bucks and a telephone as a reward from Russian intelligence, brought me at least some positive in the morning ... It has been a long time since I laughed like that ...

    Although all these stupid tricks in trying to blame Russia for something and bite it already quite tired ...
  19. Artemka
    Artemka 31 May 2016 10: 56
    Aha ha ha ha! With spies we pay with phones! Looks behind the hill everything is very sad, they are ready to sell their homeland for a cell phone!

    And the phone is probably Yotafon laughing
  20. Taygerus
    Taygerus 31 May 2016 11: 00
    mattresses, little shaves and gayES whined, but what did you want? It’s in no way hoping that Russia will return again at the time of the EBN, so in vain the people have regained their sight and regained such a notion as the Motherland and pride in their Fatherland and for themselves, even if they get used to the new revived Russia, we don’t need someone else’s, and we won’t give up ours .
  21. Coxs
    Coxs 31 May 2016 11: 48
    "After the USSR collapsed, Russia was effectively cut off from its 'colonies', including Ukraine."

    That's it, exactly that the colonies are in quotation marks! Rather, they, and the countries of Eastern Europe, Russia was a colony! From which they pulled everything that is possible, scolding and branding everything Russian, Soviet. Therefore, they are furious that they have lost everything.
  22. Forever so
    Forever so 31 May 2016 13: 48
    How hard it is to live when no one is at war with Russia.
    Henry John Temple, Lord Palmerston

    As the whole Western world says in this, you can’t say better.
    1. Al1977
      Al1977 31 May 2016 17: 56
      Quote: Forever so
      How hard it is to live when no one is at war with Russia.
      Henry John Temple, Lord Palmerston

      As the whole Western world says in this, you can’t say better.

      And how do we live without enemies? Who is to blame for everything? We are the most intelligent, spiritual and all that .. how to explain the level of salary as in third world countries? Need, really need an enemy. Both external and internal and from other planets. I personally for the war us against all.
  23. trantor
    trantor 31 May 2016 14: 16
    With the ratings for foreign policy, everything is clear. But it’s time to start gaining points in the economy.
  24. Ros 56
    Ros 56 31 May 2016 14: 25
    What nonsense, who did they plant with us, who disappeared? What kind of rubbish about some kind of love for Putin? What does it support correctly, and what is not sorry. Do not hell vinaigrette to interfere.
    1. Bro_kable
      Bro_kable 31 May 2016 15: 13
      and then we love, we do not love - "lit a chamomile here."
    2. Bro_kable
      Bro_kable 31 May 2016 15: 13
      and then we love, we do not love - "lit a chamomile here."
  25. Starik72
    Starik72 31 May 2016 14: 57
    The more in the West they freak out and rage, the more they make mistakes, the better for us. The main thing is that we don't make mistakes. People say that rabid psychopaths do not live long.
  26. Jamuqa
    Jamuqa 31 May 2016 15: 31
    Earlier it became known that another person was sent under arrest, the leader of the pro-Russian Polish party “Change” Mateusz Piskorski. He is suspected of espionage in favor of a certain foreign state. Now I don’t understand, is it about Putin’s bloody gebnya or is this happening in Poland?
  27. Yuri Y.
    Yuri Y. 31 May 2016 15: 57
    The confrontational approach of the United States led to the opposite result: Putin did not lose popularity, but, on the contrary, he acquired it even more. In addition, he was able to "demonize the West."

    I have some kind of dissonance from their logic. What other result can a confrontational approach lead to, and why demonize if everything is clear from the actions. In Ukraine, how was it? They blamed Yanukovych and took control of the country.
  28. 1536
    1536 31 May 2016 16: 56
    If you look from the point of view of a Westerner, not a drunk, not a fagot, not a sore head, then everything is going very well! NATO reached the borders of the Bryansk, Smolensk, Kursk, and Rostov regions (in fact, because the Ukrainians will let their troops through immediately, and the Balts will simply pave their way with flowers). Americans in Georgia i.e. part of the Black Sea from the Russian coast is already controlled by Europeans. Consequently, the entire North Caucasus and the South of Russia are also under their control. It is a shame to say that Kaliningrad travels to Poland for food. Now sanctions, but before that it was massive. Katayans slowly but inevitably crush Central Asia and Kazakhstan. Further - oil is cheap. In Russia itself, everything rests on GDP, and after that, it’s like that. Well, if it doesn’t start, we’ll squeeze Koenigsberg, then we’ll see what else we can squeeze. Or blow up Russia immediately through Moscow, Petersburg or Sverdlovsk (sorry, Yekaterinburg).
    You can once again recall the sanctions, the Minsk agreements, scandals with the Olympians, other provocations. So what? Yes, almost a complete victory on points, as in boxing. And there is no system to change the course of the battle in the next round.
  29. geologist
    geologist 31 May 2016 17: 46
    The Swedes have sat in the stands among the spectators for a couple of centuries, and now they want to sit on the bench ... and not only they - many skinny states dream of "one small and proud bird flew right into the Sun" ... Technologies of mass destruction are ahead of the ability of people to survival and soon we will talk about the existence of an entire civilization that cannot cope with technical progress, but some irresponsible politicians with their insane electorate want to sparkle beautifully in history ...
  30. Al1977
    Al1977 31 May 2016 17: 53
    The US President with his sanctions has achieved the opposite of his plan: the Russians fell in love with Putin even more

    I personally love women, not the President.
    Am I satisfied with the work of Putin and his team - NO.
    The average income of a Russian is 200 euros. As in Bulgaria. This is wildness for a country with such opportunities. It was he who "loved" us even more ... and deeper.
    The income of a citizen must be at least 2000-4000 euros. Everything else is the failure of the government.
    The author loves the president, only it is love for money, a profession so ancient is and thinks all of these. NO
  31. Sergey
    Sergey 31 May 2016 19: 04
    Quote: Al1977
    Am I satisfied with the work of Putin and his team - NO.

    The words of the CONSUMER ..... We were brought up like that in us ... (WEST). Statistics are stubborn things ... You take our average income and the average income of a German, for example. Subtract from both spending on utilities, education, and do not forget your health insurance. A doctor in Germany has every right to refuse treatment in the absence of insurance, even if the patient is in critical condition. And then compare ... You can also compare the GOOD of the Qatar, for example, and mat. capital ... Do not forget to take into account the population of the country ... About PENSIONERS. They have such a pension that they allow themselves to travel around the WORLD on it. And I allow myself and my family to do this every year in my younger years ... When I am a pensioner, I will need my HOME and GRANDCHILDREN, and not TRAVELS .... In conclusion - I AM A BUDGETMAN. The article "PLUS". The author should have added that they (the WEST) will never understand our character, they are trying to understand us WITH THEIR MENTALITY, and this cannot be done. Comment "MINUS". Let the BAD Putin rule me than the GOOD Yeltsin, or the marked one ...
    1. Al1977
      Al1977 1 June 2016 17: 52
      Quote: Sergey
      The words of the CONSUMER ..... Such were brought up in us ... (WEST)

      Demagogy. I live in Moscow, 10 million people and ALL consumers are here. And the biggest consumers are THOSE WHO ARE NOT AS YELTSIN.
      Dya, I’m a consumer, I live in order to enjoy life.
      WHAT is bad to travel around the world, to see its diversity?
      What's so bad about having gadgets and devices that make life easier, make you more mobile?
      What is wrong to surround yourself with beautiful and comfortable things!
      I'm waiting for a detailed answer, not "we are different."
      We are different with you, for you the world is divided into Putin and Yeltsin. And you rejoice that your poverty is guaranteed and protected by people who earn billions for you and who live like gods on Olympus. Of course you and I are different. I am not a state employee, and the world has seen more than yours. We have nothing in common with you. YOUR way is not close to me nirazu. Receive a penny and rejoice at the father-tsar, for the fact that at least it is. That's all your "feature"
      And about the Germans. Great, let's compare their tax-free income with ours. No problem. We bet for 200 euros (is this your half-hourly salary?) What after deducting TOTAL say so the doctor gets many times more ??? I bet ??? !!! My second cousin lives there, and I know what I'm talking about, and I see what she is at 30 !!! years living at home and what car drives!

      PS I grew up during the Soviet era, which West raised me? What kind of nonsense are you talking about? I went to "Birch" on an excursion, if you know at least what it is.
  32. Leeder
    Leeder 1 June 2016 12: 53
    Why are they attached to us with the Baltic states? There is nothing for us. Crimea was needed for the Black Sea Fleet, but why the Baltic states? Yes, and financially we won’t pull, moreover, aggressive-minded residents will breathe in the back.
  33. Nikolay71
    Nikolay71 1 June 2016 15: 36
    It looks like all NATO secrets have been sold. Mr. Stoltenberg had no choice but to announce an increase in defense spending
    Respect to the author!
  34. 79522873048
    79522873048 2 June 2016 14: 47
  35. Atlant-1164
    Atlant-1164 2 June 2016 20: 03
    The magazine “Time” called the policy against Russia the biggest failure of B.H. Obama. - for me it’s not his failure .. but the failure of those who brought him to the White House.