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In the air part near Khabarovsk will go a few Su-34

The new Su-34 bombers will arrive in the air unit BBO, located in the Khabarovsk Territory, reports press office Eastern District.

"At the manufacturer - the Novosibirsk Aviation Plant, representatives aviation parts of the BBO completed the acceptance of several multifunctional fighters - bombers - the Su-34. In early June, new Su-34 aircraft will arrive at the BBO air unit in the Khabarovsk Territory, ”the release said.

It is noted that this is "the first batch of aircraft of this modification, which will go into service with the flight unit of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces of the Air Force".

According to some reports, the 4 aircraft will be available to the 277 Bomber Aviation Regiment, which is now armed with Su-24М2 bombers.

The press service noted that "Su-34 was created to destroy both ground and water objects of the enemy, it is capable of hitting moving targets of even small size." A bomber can perform combat missions "under any meteorological conditions, at any time of the day or night."
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  1. nazar_0753
    nazar_0753 30 May 2016 11: 18
    Good news. I hope that the rate of entry into the troops will not decrease in the near future
    1. Lt. Air Force stock
      Lt. Air Force stock 30 May 2016 11: 41
      Quote: nazar_0753
      I hope that the rate of entry into the troops will not decrease in the near future

      At the moment, the Su-34 in the Russian Aerospace Forces is 83 aircraft. In total, it is planned to increase the number to 200.
      11 aircraft received in 2015.
      1. Xoyuschka
        Xoyuschka 30 May 2016 11: 51
        18 aircraft handed over in 2015
      2. The comment was deleted.
  2. Lieutenant Izhe
    Lieutenant Izhe 30 May 2016 11: 19
    well, at least "something" than ... "nothing"!
  3. exumer
    exumer 30 May 2016 11: 20
    Army replenishment! Lovely bird good
  4. firefighter
    firefighter 30 May 2016 11: 32
    Great news. More often it would be to read. Enlighten who knows how fast flyers change from 24 to 34?
  5. masiya
    masiya 30 May 2016 11: 34
    In Syria, they have positively recommended themselves, more better equipment in the army, and rather, let the partners saliva anger choke ...
  6. Sergey-72
    Sergey-72 30 May 2016 11: 37
    In my opinion, these are not the first "Ducklings" in Khurba ?, with this link the squadron should draw.
  7. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 30 May 2016 11: 40
    Quote: Lieutenant Izhe
    well, at least "something" than ... "nothing"!

    Well, why so poignantly! The technique is complicated, you can’t build it in a day, so the given amount is good!
    1. Cat man null
      Cat man null 30 May 2016 11: 55
      Quote: tronin.maxim
      why so pozymistically!

      - yeah ... really mystical, and it is "pisi" that is the most "mystical" ..
      - great and powerful (yet) Russian language .. Yes
    2. Ardein
      Ardein 30 May 2016 15: 44
      Quote: tronin.maxim
      Well, why so poignantly! The technique is complicated, you can’t build it in a day, so the given amount is good!

      Moreover, the EW containers are put on them not at the production plant, but somewhat later;)
  8. Don
    Don 30 May 2016 11: 55
    Comrades, devote how the Su-34 is superior to the Su-24M2 when working on ground targets?
    1. megafair
      megafair 30 May 2016 12: 38
      A little lower posted a link to a good movie about the Su-34. I recommend to see. I think there will be no questions left after this.
  9. umka571
    umka571 30 May 2016 12: 34
    Only Khurba remained on the Su-24 in the Khabarovsk Territory, they are being re-equipped with a campaign
  10. megafair
    megafair 30 May 2016 12: 37
    Wonderful car:
  11. silver_roman
    silver_roman 30 May 2016 13: 17
    They seem to be over a hundred. It was planned, like about 120. Who in the know will there be a further buildup of the group or will they stop at 120+?
  12. dobrovchic
    dobrovchic 30 May 2016 16: 14
    Our "ducklings" are the best! More of these birds!
  13. alfa19638
    alfa19638 30 May 2016 18: 38
    Very impressive, well-armed and protected, and the car and the pilots.