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Inmate No.97625 (about Dr. Sinyakov)

Sixteen years after the end of the Great Patriotic War, in the 1961 year, a pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union, Anna Egorova-Timofeev, was shown on television. Speaking about her military fate, Anna Alexandrovna said that in the Kyustrin concentration camp, the Russian doctor Georgy Sinyakov saved her from death.

Shortly thereafter, an interview with Anna Alexandrovna was published in several newspapers at once, and then an essay on Yegorushka. The pilot told in detail about the feat of a doctor who, being a prisoner of the same concentration camp, saved several thousand Soviet soldiers. “Georgy Fedorovich, fortunately, is alive,” said Yegorova-Timofeeva. “Now he works in the city of Chelyabinsk.”

Shortly thereafter, hundreds of letters flew to Chelyabinsk - news with words of gratitude from the fighters rescued once, former prisoners of the Kustrin camp. On the envelopes stood only “Chelyabinsk. Dr. Georgy Sinyakov ”- but the letters nevertheless found the addressee. What a surprise they experienced when they saw these piles of envelopes, hospital staff who had never heard that their doctor was a hero! After all, George Fedorovich never told anyone about his feat. He generally believed that the Victory was not forged in captivity.

... Sinyakov was born in April 1903 of the year in the village of Petrovskoye, Ivanovo Volost (today it is the territory of the Voronezh Region). In 1928, he graduated from the Medical Faculty of the University of Voronezh and volunteered 23 June 1941. He served on the South-Western Front, in the 119-m sanitary battalion of the 171-rifle division. Georgy Fedorovich was a surgeon and devoted every minute of his life in the war to the sick. However, the war on the South-Western Front did not last long: October 5 1941 near the village of Borschevka (it is located near Kiev), the doctor Sinyakov, along with many of his wounded, who were surrounded, was captured. And at this time he was literally under fire, in a dilapidated hospital, was doing an operation. At first, Georgy Fedorovich was in the Boryspil camp, then in Darnitsy. And in May, 1942 of the year - in the Küstrin International Camp (it was located in 90 kilometers from Berlin). The prisoner was assigned an 97625 number.

Inmate No.97625 (about Dr. Sinyakov)

There were prisoners of war from many states. Hunger, terrible food, intolerable living conditions - all this made people so weak that prisoners could barely stand. But many of them were also injured. At first, the fascists didn’t pay attention to the terrible mortality. But they needed free hands, and therefore there was a need for the help of a doctor, which almost everyone needed. The news that there is a prisoner-doctor in the concentration camp quickly reached the fascists. To check the doctor for "professional suitability", the Germans arranged an exam: it was necessary to have a resection of the stomach. Several prisoners of war doctors from European countries and German camp doctors headed by Dr. Koshel were appointed as examiners. Barefoot, hungry, tired Russian doctor spent several hours following the operation. But he did it so clearly, confidently and competently, as if he was in the very good health and conditions of an excellent hospital. But his assistants trembled hands ...

More "professional suitability" of the Russian doctor, who previously, according to the fascists, "was not worth even one German orderly," was not in doubt. And soon there was such a case. The son of one of the Gestapo strangled with bone. His mother took the child first to a German doctor, but he could not do anything - the bone was stuck deep. The boy gasped, fainted. In desperation, a woman brought him to a concentration camp. Led Sinyakov. He instantly realized that he could not do without an operation. And he spent it, and brilliantly. Then the mother knelt before the Russian doctor ...

After that, the fascists provided Georgi Fedorovich with an additional ration and allowed him to move freely around the territory of the concentration camp. Sinyakov used the privileges in his own way. The ration was divided between the wounded, and when it was given out fat, it was exchanged for potatoes and bread, so that it would be enough for more people. He distributed leaflets where he spoke about the advancement of the Red Army - Georgy Fedorovich understood: we must not allow the prisoners to lose heart. He did not for a moment let go the thought of how to help people escape. And he came up with a way that, perhaps, someone will recall the famous novel by Alexander Dumas ...

Bruises literally from improvised means created ointments that perfectly tightened the wounds, but at the same time created such a terrible appearance and gave off such a strong smell that it never occurred to anyone that the wound was actually already healed. He taught his patients to imitate agony and death of their own: to hold the breath, to keep muscles at rest, to monitor the position of the eyes, and so on. The escape scheme was most often the same: the patient “died away”, Sinyakov announced to the fascists about his death. Together with others, really dead, the fighter was thrown into a large ditch - the Germans did not bother to bury the soldiers. This ditch was unguarded, behind the keys with wire. At night, the "dead" got up, got out of it and left.

This is how the pilot Anna Egorova was saved, which the Nazis shot down near Warsaw in August 1944 of the year during her 277 departure. “All the prisoners were herded into a convoy,” the pilot recalled. - Surrounded by brutal German escorts and shepherd dogs, this column reached for Kostryukinsky camp. I was carried on a stretcher, like dead men in a cemetery, comrades in distress. And suddenly I heard the voice of one of the carriers of a stretcher: “Hang on, sis! Russian doctor Sinyakov resurrects from the dead! ”

Although Sinyakov managed to hide the awards and Anna Alexandrovna’s party membership card, the Germans knew that they had captured the “flying witch” and wanted to arrange an exemplary execution to scare the rest. But Sinyakov intervened. He managed to convince the Germans that the execution of a sick, tormented pilot would look like a brutal massacre, not a victory of fascism. Therefore, it was first necessary to cure Anna Alexandrovna. However, the treatment "did not bring any benefit", the patient "died" in front of her eyes ... And "died", but in fact she was saved. But there, at the front, the legendary pilot was already considered dead.

For a long time, Georgy Fedorovich hid ten Soviet pilots among officers who were wounded, who would have been threatened with immediate execution. Among them was the attack aircraft Nikolai Mayorov with a broken jaw in several places. Moreover, the pilot started gas gangrene on his arm. Sinyakov gathered his jaw literally piece by piece, saved his hand. And all ten of them in turn placed in the infectious disease ward (here the Germans didn’t get involved), where they “died” ...

... Our Victory was drawing near. In January 1945, the underground (Sinyakov led the underground organization in the camp) were already prepared to start an uprising. Soviet Tanks (The 5th shock army of General Berzarin) were on their way to Kustrin. And the Nazis made a quick and unexpected decision. Prisoners who were on their feet were driven into trains at night and sent to Germany. Those who were sick but could walk were driven on foot through the frozen Oder. But seriously ill - three thousand people - decided to shoot in the camp. Sinyakova Germans were not going to touch. And he was not going to give them his patients. And he committed an act before which one can kneel. Georgy Fedorovich took an interpreter and went to the fascist authorities. He said words of approximately the following content: “Soon Soviet tanks will come here, this is certain. Do not take another sin into your soul, do not increase self-hatred. At least somehow soften your fate - release the prisoners. ”

And the incredible happened - the Nazis released the wounded without a single shot!

... Sinyakov was again among his own. But even when the terrible ordeals of the conclusion were left behind, the doctor did not give himself a single day of rest. On the very first day, he operated on more than seventy tankers!

... He reached Berlin, signed on the Reichstag building. After the war he moved to Chelyabinsk, got married (Sinyakov’s wife, Tamara Sergeyevna, also a doctor). Adopted son George Fedorovich raised as his own. For almost thirty years he worked as head of the surgical department of the medical unit of the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant, became an honored doctor of the RSFSR. He taught at the Chelyabinsk Medical Institute. And he did not tell anyone about what he experienced in the war.

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  1. papont64
    papont64 30 May 2016 06: 09
    Great people. great feat ...
  2. demo
    demo 30 May 2016 06: 15
    Touches. And touches a lot.
    And it was thought that he was old, and already nothing can offend for the living.
    Here on such examples, and it is necessary to educate the younger generation.
    Selflessness, self-sacrifice and fidelity to one’s duty.

    Spirit and its derivative are will, primary.
    Being and life situations are secondary.
    1. merkava-2bet
      merkava-2bet 30 May 2016 16: 33
      And not only young but also to re-educate everyone, and if he doesn’t want, as my boss on the radio workshop said, “if we don’t go over our heads through our heads”.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  3. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 30 May 2016 06: 19
    Thanks so much for the story, Sophia.
    I am very glad that despite all the difficulties, Dr. George Fyodorovich overcame everything and after the end of World War II he treated Soviet people for a long time.
  4. Slavaf80
    Slavaf80 30 May 2016 06: 24
    That's who patrician films need to be made about! And there were many such heroes! Great people!
    1. svu93
      svu93 30 May 2016 07: 57
      I agree! and not about captain America show and other nonsense!
    2. svu93
      svu93 30 May 2016 07: 57
      I agree! and not about captain America show and other nonsense!
    3. Shadowcat
      Shadowcat 31 May 2016 04: 08
      According to unverified data from the field, on November 24, 2016, the long-awaited "28 Panfiolovtsev" will be released.
  5. Gunxnumx
    Gunxnumx 30 May 2016 06: 55
    What a Man !!! Low bow! Thanks to the author.
  6. Hubun
    Hubun 30 May 2016 08: 08
    Wow, as if I had read about People with a capital letter more than once, but every time I was surprised and pay tribute in a new way. And as it turns out there were a lot of them, just not all of us know. Eternal glory
    1. Volgobalt
      Volgobalt 30 May 2016 22: 25
      There is only one story about a real person, and you can write them many thousands, about People with a capital letter. Eternal memory to them!
  7. Million
    Million 30 May 2016 08: 18
    I thought: what are current doctors capable of?
    1. michell
      michell 30 May 2016 08: 49
      Quote: Million
      I thought: what are current doctors capable of?

      I believe that the point here is not in the profession of man, but in the man himself. After all, even if Dr. Sinyakov simply treated the wounded prisoners, even for this alone he would have bowed to the ground, but after all, how much he did - a real daily feat, and only a man with a capital letter is capable of this. So, I repeat, the point here is not in the profession of a doctor, but in the moral, spiritual and spiritual qualities of this Man ...
  8. nivander
    nivander 30 May 2016 09: 03
    To be precise, Doctor Sinyakov asked the commandant to postpone the sentence for a week in order to bring transport for evacuation. Because, as you know, a mobile group of 5 oud army broke into Kyustrin like snow on its head. By the way, according to official reports, on the very first day a prisoner of war camp was engaged in agricultural work "
  9. Archikah
    Archikah 30 May 2016 09: 29
    No need to draw parallels. And current doctors are capable of much. But the main thing is our leadership of the country, everything is looking for a national idea. What can unite the citizens of the country, to unite them. Here is an example of previous generations. Your ancestors, family. What could be more important than that. What is not a national idea ?! hi
  10. kirpich
    kirpich 30 May 2016 10: 14
    Before such PEOPLE need to kneel. Low bow!
  11. Vadim2013
    Vadim2013 30 May 2016 11: 27
    A good article about a courageous person. Here it is necessary to take an example from such a life.
  12. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 30 May 2016 12: 25
    This man’s modesty is amazing - he didn’t tell anyone, stoically fulfilled his duty! Real Russian character! It is on such heroes, the unbroken, that Great Russia will keep and will keep while they are! Therefore, the main task of the state in today's world is to educate such people!
  13. Lazy ozzy
    Lazy ozzy 30 May 2016 13: 02
    Man. Man.
  14. doework
    doework 30 May 2016 14: 57
    Amazing person! Man! That's who you need to make movies about!
    Many thanks to the author for the story about the military doctor!
  15. EvgNik
    EvgNik 30 May 2016 15: 03
    Sophia, thanks for the new topic. If you have any ideas, please continue. Involuntarily, I thought about doctors - those who were in Soviet times and today. Too often had to use their services.
  16. esaul1950
    esaul1950 30 May 2016 17: 28
    Yes. This is a great Russian doctor. We need to make films about such films and show our youth, this is not Rambo, or the Terminator, this is a real hero.
  17. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 30 May 2016 19: 21
    Article about a Real Man !!!! Soul touched. Thank you Sophia !!! Your sincere Articles!
  18. Yapet100
    Yapet100 30 May 2016 19: 51
    Thanks to the author !!!!
    1. Monarchist
      Monarchist 30 May 2016 20: 25
      I agree. Need to give more of these materials!
  19. Rubon
    Rubon 30 May 2016 20: 16
    I did not understand from the story where the prisoners went after the escape in Germany?
  20. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 30 May 2016 20: 34
    Quote: Million
    I thought: what are current doctors capable of?

    I think a lot. After all, all doctors are military-liable, and at the right time they will choose the best solution!
  21. ple
    ple 30 May 2016 20: 45
    this is a little man .... a deep bow to him. could we now be right?
  22. Strategia
    Strategia 1 June 2016 22: 41
    Nails would be made from these people:
    It wouldn’t be stronger in the world of nails ...
  23. Dasha1147
    Dasha1147 23 October 2017 14: 12
    For the Great Russian doctor .... We believe that the feat of George Fyodorovich Sinyakov fully deserves the title of Hero of Russia and is an incredible example of courage, perseverance, dedication and dedication, which certainly should serve as a role model for all subsequent generations of races and nationalities and of course the Russians !!!
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