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Airfield Strikes

Airfield Strikes

HeliRussia-2016 exhibition held in Moscow was full of industry events organized by exhibitors with the participation of the exhibition organizers. The business program discussed a wide range of issues and problems both within the framework of the helicopter industry and in the field of intersectoral cooperation. Such a problem as aviation transport logistics was not ignored. Even at the plenary session “The Present and Future of the Drone Industry aviation"At the conference" Industry of Unmanned Aircraft Systems "the alarming topic of the reduction of airfields and air communication networks was voiced, although the theme of unmanned aviation, it would seem, is far from this problem.


Foresight (looking into the future) is today one of the most important tools of an innovative economy. It helps to formulate priorities and mobilize for achieving qualitatively new results in all areas of production activities, including air transport. According to the results of foresight projects, road maps are created. This was stated in his report “The Future of Aviation: A View from the Position of the Leading Foresight Projects” by the head of the department of statistics at the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University. Mv Lomonosov Candidate of Economic Sciences Oleg Karasev. Among the main conclusions of the foresight of the development of aviation science and technology, he called the improvement of takeoff and landing mechanization, unconventional layout of aircraft, the combination of the wing and the fuselage. In the creation of supersonic aircraft, according to the scientist, it is necessary to ensure acceptable flight performance. For hypersonic aircraft (LA) in the near future, it will be important to create a stepped aerospace systems consisting of a subsonic carrier aircraft and an orbital plane, and after 2030 of the year - the development of single-stage aerospace systems.

All this is right. But that can not but alarm. Demonstrating success in the aircraft industry, manufacturers showed primarily aircraft, navigation and piloting means. And as if by the way - ground equipment of aerodrome service. Meanwhile, aviation without airfields does not happen. Helicopters, convertible planes and even unmanned aircraft systems need appropriately equipped landing sites. Well then, talk about aircraft that require complex and expensive ground-based ground infrastructure. Creating new, wonderful fighters, bombers and tanker aircraft, it seems, is seeking to minimize the cost of maintaining airfields for this advanced aviation technology.

At one time, we agreed to the point that in the absence of airfields we proposed to land planes on highways in accordance with experiments conducted in Europe. Only, probably, they have forgotten that Russian roads are not like European ones.

True, in recent years, as the NATO troops concentrate near the western borders of Russia, the country's leadership is increasingly returning to the issue of the mobilization readiness of the economy. At the May meetings of the President of the Russian Federation with the leadership of the Ministry of Defense and representatives of the military-industrial complex (DIC) in Sochi, Vladimir Putin also set a number of mobilization training tasks. In particular, he stressed that all approaches to improving the mobilization readiness of defense enterprises and the Russian economy as a whole should meet modern requirements and be comprehensive. This also applies to the ground-based airborne structure.


Unfortunately, at the beginning of the 2000-ies did not recall the integrated approach. During this time, more than 4 of thousands of civilian, military and dual-use airfields hundreds were abandoned and destroyed.

The greatest damage was suffered by the military aviation base system in the first decade of the new century. A powerful blow to the airfields was delivered by Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov in 2008 – 2009. After the “reform” carried out by him from 245 military airfields, about 70 remained active. But this was not the end of Serdyukovsk innovations.

In June, at a meeting of the Council of the Federation Committee on Defense and Security, Chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov told 2010 that it was planned to drastically cut down a huge network of airfields. On the territory of Russia, eight joint aviation bases and two aviation naval bases will be created. After completion of the unification, the 27 main military airfields will remain in the country. These measures, according to Makarov, are designed to reduce the cost of maintaining aviation units and units.

And reduced, and in fact - abandoned and destroyed.

I have often been on business trips to an air garrison with the name Afrikanda that is exotic for the Polar Region. Here, during the Cold War, the 431 th Fighter Regiment based on the Su-15TM interceptors was based. Here in 1993, the 641-th Guards Order of the Kutuzov III class Fighter Air Regiment was transferred from the Rogachevo airfield. Both parts were combined into one 470 Guards Vilensky Order of the Kutuzov Aviation Regiment on Su-27 fighters. September 1 2001 of the year it was disbanded. The airfield was mothballed. There was an excellent runway (GDP) of width 50 m and length 2600 m.

Even worse is the fate of the airfield Kitsa (Taybola), which, like Afrikanda, is located in the Murmansk region. Its operator is the former 924-th separate naval rocket-carrying air regiment. Its runway had a width of 40 m and a length of 2220 m. There are no more military men here, and it turned out to be unnecessary for civil authorities. The airfield was simply abandoned, and the plates of the runway were ransacked. Of course, they were not taken away by local residents, but by very reputable organizations. A total of 14 military airfields on the Kola Peninsula left 4.

Abandoned airfields are usually subject to looting. Moreover, this process applies not only to the aerodromes themselves, but also to the infrastructure adjacent to them. Well, why not take for free what is literally lying around under your feet? The leaders of some enterprises think so, and, most sadly, they find the support of local authorities. For example, in November 2010, as part of the Roskosmos Reconnaissance Commission, I happened to visit the former Svobodny cosmodrome in the Amur Region (now Vostochny). In a conversation with me, the prosecutor of the garrison of Uglegorsk (now the city of Tsiolkovsky) honestly admitted that he had lost the war with the local heads of industrial enterprises for the preservation of concrete slabs covering the road along which heavy missiles were being carried to the cosmodrome.


Much of the former military air bases came completely in disrepair. Photos from

The Kaliningrad Oblast, which was detached from Russia and therefore the most vulnerable in all respects when it was East Prussia, was an 23 airfield. Nowadays, due to the lack of a systemic state policy and programs aimed at preserving and developing the system of airfields, the Kaliningrad Region, like many subjects of the Russian Federation, has almost completely lost its network of local airfields and airlines. According to the Interregional Public Organization of Pilots and Citizens - Owners of Aircraft (AOPA-Russia, RAOPA), there are currently three operating and six abandoned military airfields in the region. Three of them - Baltiysk, Dunaevka and Nivenskoye (Northern) - have concrete runways with a width of 50 m and a length of 2000 m and more. The last of these airfields was built in 1935 – 1936 and was considered one of the best in East Prussia. The troops of the 3 of the Belorussian Front liberated him in April 1945.

In January, 2012, the Office of the Press Service and Information of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that before 2020, it is planned to carry out a complete reconstruction of the existing aerodrome network at military aviation bases (base aerodromes, aerodromes providing tests of aircraft and platforms for army aviation).

In 2012, the construction of new pavements for runways, buildings and structures providing flight control began at base airfields in the Krasnodar Territory, Saratov and Astrakhan Regions, as well as in Kaliningrad. Upon completion of the work, these aerodromes will be able to receive all types of aircraft that are in service with the VCS and are available in the aircraft fleet of Russian civil aviation. In order to maintain the operational availability of artificial surfaces, repairs are being made at about 20 military aerodromes.

The airfield in Kaliningrad mentioned in the message of the Ministry of Defense is Chkalovsk airfield. The rest - in addition to 20 "happy" airfields - were ordered to wait, and better - in general, nothing to hope for. After all, the overhaul of the runway at only one aerodrome initially had to cost about 8 billion rubles. Well, as the amount grows as construction or repairs are made, we know this from the Olympic facilities and the Vostochny space center.

As part of the mobilization readiness of the country's economy and an integrated approach to ensuring it, as Vladimir Putin said, it is probably worth thinking about how to manage dozens, if not hundreds, of airfields abandoned throughout the country, so that in the event of war they can be used as alternate or hop airfields. . If the state has no money for their maintenance, maybe it is worth asking for support from business representatives? No, not figuring out, let's say, plates from airfields, but saving them in case of war?

There are already examples when military aerodromes were leased to large corporations and even to private entrepreneurs, with the obligatory condition of preserving the infrastructure and the possibility of targeted use for the main purpose. Of course, there is hardly such a tenant in Arctic Africa. But in the Kaliningrad region it would be worth searching. The first private commercial aviation organization is registered here, there is the first private aviation sports club. In general, there are a lot of aviportport fans in the region and everything connected with aviation — probably a large number of former military pilots, dismissed due to service or length of service and remaining in Kaliningrad region for permanent residence.

Two years ago, at one of the press conferences, the governor of the Kaliningrad region, Nikolai Tsukanov, said that there are a large number of investors who would like to implement the business model of one of the former military airfields. “There are a lot of investors for this project, oddly enough. But the land, which belongs to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, is not fully decorated. It declaratively occupied this territory, but it was not formalized, so they cannot now hand it over to us, and the regional government together with the Ministry of Defense deals with land registration, the governor said. “As soon as the land is transferred, we will immediately begin the selection of an investor.”

But here’s a paradox: the Ministry of Defense, after refusing to use the Nivenskoye airfield as a reserve, offered it to the regional government, but Governor Nikolai Tsukanov refused. “After complete disassembly, the territory of the airfield will go to the Nivensky rural district,” wrote a full member of the Russian Geographical Society, Andrei Rumyantsev, referring to one of the heads of the airfield.

It is noteworthy that the final decision on dismantling the aerodrome has not yet been made, and from the 18 thousands of aircraft plates 6 thousand have already been dismantled and have disappeared without a trace. What awaits the airfield after the transfer of his village council? It may be that part of it is used for gardens of “strategic importance,” and a part where the land needs reclamation will simply be abandoned. Or repeat история one of the first civil airports in the world Devau. A multifunctional center of military-patriotic education and training of young people for military service was created here. But it is now actively coming cottage construction.


Did not work with Devau, maybe for this purpose Nivenskoe will fit? Moreover, there are not indifferent people in the region who want to preserve the aerodrome, restore its infrastructure in order to develop small aviation in the region while maintaining the practical possibility of its use by the aircraft of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. And to get from the regional center is not particularly difficult - on the suburban bus. From the final stop to the airport - about five minutes walk.

Among the primary activities proposed to create an aviation military-patriotic club to them. three times Hero of the Soviet Union Marshal of Aviation Alexander Pokryshkin. His name was worn by the 689 Guards Sandomierz Order of Alexander Nevsky Fighter Aviation Regiment, which was based at the airfield of Niven from the autumn of 1952 of the year to the summer of 2002 of the year. Then he was relocated to the airfield Chkalovsk. He was the only "ground" regiment in the air force and air defense system of the Russian Navy, armed with Su-27 fighters. But in the period of massive reductions of aviation and clouds thickened over it. 11 years ago, one respected newspaper wrote about the 689 regiment: “Already in the name of the regiment is a huge symbolism: two Alexander, two great heroes who lived seven centuries apart, and joined in the name of one regiment. This symbolism is not accidental. The regiment has the richest history. His pilots engaged the 22 fascists on June 1941 of the year. 7 March 1942, the regiment was awarded the title of "Guards". In 1944, he received the honorary title Sandomirsky. In the same year, the Order of Alexander Nevsky, and August 19 of the same 44 regiment commander Alexander Pokryshkin (59 downed aircraft) became the first Hero of the Soviet Union three times in history. 10 May 1945, the regiment pilot Hero of the Soviet Union Georgy Golubev in the sky of Czechoslovakia shot down the last fascist aircraft in this war. Total regiment pilots made 13 684 departure, shot down 618 enemy aircraft. 22 Hero of the Soviet Union, and Alexander Pokryshkin - three times, Grigory Rechkalov, Dmitry Glinka and Alexander Klubov - twice Heroes. Over 100 their fellow soldiers laid down their heads in battles. Here is such a heroic air regiment. In the world history of military units with such a track record once or twice and miscalculated. "

The article ended on an optimistic note: “According to available information, a number of State Duma deputies intend to appeal to the President and the Security Council of the Russian Federation to consider this situation, which directly threatens the defense capability of our country.”

But either the appeal did not reach the addressees, or there were some other weighty reasons that prevented the legendary regiment from being destroyed. October 15 2009, he solemnly celebrated his 70 anniversary, and March 1 2010 was disbanded by decision of Serdyukov. Do not convey the insults of veterans of the military aviation on how the reformers trampled the glory of their unit obtained in the battles. So the return, if it takes place, to the name of Pokryshkin on Kaliningrad land is also a tribute to the veterans.

The club could include various structural units related to the development of small aircraft, glider and parachuting, as well as a military aviation museum, a helipad, a flight school, facilities for maintenance, storage and technical support, a shooting club, a karting site, an aircraft modeling center and much more.

Of course, for the implementation of the project, considerable financial resources are needed for the reconstruction of the airfield, the artificial runway, the light and signal equipment, the technical equipment of the air traffic control complex and other aerodrome services.

The Committee on Defense of the State Duma of the Russian Federation has already become interested in this proposal. However, the final decision - whether to turn the airfield into gardens or preserve it for the patriotic education of young people and for mobilization purposes - remains with the regional authorities. If the Nivenskoye aerodrome is preserved, this could serve as an example of a careful attitude to the aviation base system in other regions of Russia. The problem of repair and restoration of airfields may be particularly relevant in the foreseeable future in connection with the restoration and renovation of the aviation fleet of the Aerospace Forces of Russia.
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  1. avvg
    avvg 29 May 2016 12: 39
    The Arctic, too, after the collapse of the USSR, was in a deplorable state, but is being reborn and we hope (life will make) that the airfields will also be restored in the required quantity.
    1. kotvov
      kotvov 29 May 2016 12: 43
      The Arctic, too, was once abandoned, but it is being reborn and the time will come and the airfields will be restored to the required quantity. ,,
      if only the Arctic.
      1. cniza
        cniza 29 May 2016 12: 55
        The main thing is that we noticed that we will slowly restore everything.
        1. Fonmeg
          Fonmeg 29 May 2016 13: 35
          Our plan is this - to destroy and rebuild! Well, restore, of course, restore.
          1. WKS
            WKS 29 May 2016 14: 33
            The Bible also says: "Time to throw stones and time to collect stones."
            1. Mahmut
              Mahmut 29 May 2016 18: 45
              Yes, something is not yet visible, which would be restored. The Sakhalin airfield at Matrosovo is the main foothold of strategic aviation. Now it is abandoned, and the slabs are being stolen. Even from space it is visible. And before it was buzzing around the clock. In the same way, a nearby air defense regiment in Leonidovo and Gastello disappeared.
              1. goblin xnumx
                goblin xnumx 29 May 2016 20: 11
                I don’t believe it, but what about the schoigu — how can the cunning plan — can the aircraft just dug in and quiet down? - and flies out of the holes far from you and you don’t see? - but what about the air darts? - does it exist? :)
              2. Inok10
                Inok10 29 May 2016 20: 36
                ... as a resident of Kaliningrad, I report on the operational situation for May 2016:
                - Aerodrome "Kosa", Baltic Spit, Baltiysk - delegations in epaulets and just jackets were in abundance in 14 and 15 years, the data were received from local informants in the village of Kos and cadastral data were last changed from 02.16, the land of the RF Ministry of Defense ... at the moment, the "ghost" SNT "Voskhod" is being displayed, which suddenly formed and was registered in cadastral records in 2002 right at the beginning of the strip ... amateur gardeners, ... fortunately, they did not have time to build anything ... they prevent the strip from lengthening to 2,5 , XNUMX km. ...
                - Aerodrome "Nivenskoe", Bagrationovskiy district, Nivenskoe settlement (11 km. From Kaliningrad) an attempt by the jacket authorities since 2005 to cut off a piece for multi-storey buildings was not crowned with success ... 80% updated on the cadastral record as the land of the RF Ministry of Defense on 02.16, two pieces of land are suspended in the cadastral register, a battle is going on, I put on S.K.Shoigu, the headquarters and the vehicle fleet are under guard ...
                - The Dunaevka airfield, Zelenogradsky district, is literally guarded by the Voronezh DM radar, but young people are allowed to race on the runway from old memory, provided they do not climb close to the radar ...
                - Airfield "Chkalovsk", Kaliningrad, consider building a new one, the end of 2018, S.K. Shoigu recently inspected ...
                - Airfield "Devau", Kaliningrad, class III airfield, land of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, in the operational management of DOSAF and functions in its interests, I live 3 km away, it functions ...
                - 689th Guards Sandomierz Order of Alexander Nevsky IAP, the situation is not clear to anyone, the regiment exists, but ... two relocations make themselves known, relocated on the ground ... nevertheless, through the mattress scout RS-135 turned the barrel on the Su 27 it is the pilot of this illustrious regiment, less than a month ago ...
                ... with regards to aviation fans, they completely miss Devau and the Guards flying club, and they visit Dunaevka regularly ... the author’s complaints are there, but not on such a catastrophic scale ... the map is attached ... hi
                1. NyeMoNik70
                  NyeMoNik70 30 May 2016 01: 32
                  Perhaps it will be interesting.
              3. Pioneer321
                Pioneer321 29 May 2016 20: 36
                I confirm. Sakhalin: 7 civil aviation airfields "Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk", "Korsakov", "Starorusskoye", "Shakhtersk", "Zonal", "Nogliki", "Okha" and 1 airfield of military transport aviation. 4 airfields for 2016 are not in operation (Novy, Leonidovo, Vozvrashchenie, Smirnykh). And they must oppose the airfields in Hokkaido and Honshu. "It's a shame for the state."
        2. dmi.pris
          dmi.pris 29 May 2016 14: 01
          I agree, we will restore ... if only another Serdyukov would not come, and the most contrary thing is their impunity and the expressed support of the president. With one hand we build and destroy the other, and this is everywhere throughout the country.
        3. Verdun
          Verdun 29 May 2016 19: 44
          Quote: cniza
          The main thing is that we noticed that we will slowly restore everything.

          It happens that there is little time for little by little. You can not harness for an infinitely long time, because during this time the horses can die.
    2. Pavel Tsybai
      Pavel Tsybai 29 May 2016 12: 49
      Sorry, but EVERYTHING was buried on Sakhalin. What was then cheated on a civilian basis. I really hope for a revival. Work will appear for people.
      1. Basarev
        Basarev 29 May 2016 17: 23
        Yes, Moscow, according to the Hamburg account, buried all of Russia. The Kremlin people see no further than this red wall and I would not be surprised if they seriously believe that all these riches come from nowhere, and there is no life beyond the MKAD.
      2. Pioneer321
        Pioneer321 29 May 2016 20: 38
        The staff is ready to go from Primorye and to the west, but everything depends on housing. There is a demand for personnel, but there is nowhere to place them.
    3. max702
      max702 29 May 2016 14: 48
      Yeah, all this is sad .. I wonder if it will ever be here with us ..
      1. goblin xnumx
        goblin xnumx 29 May 2016 20: 12
        it’s all not true, it’s probably dummies :): - Americans are not capable of such, they are weaklings :)
        1. tomket
          tomket 30 May 2016 13: 03
          Quote: Leshy74
          it’s all not true, it’s probably dummies :): - Americans are not capable of such, they are weaklings :)

          This is for any Hollywood pavilion))))
      2. Inok10
        Inok10 29 May 2016 22: 06
        Quote: max702
        Yeah, all this is sad .. I wonder if it will ever be here with us ..

        ... it’s beautiful of course ... stunned ... and KVO ASP in this situation does not matter, think of +/- 50 m. but at once in one fell swoop ... how much are there in the hangar ?! ... PCS. 8, judging by the photo ... 8 F-35A x 114 million = 912 million bucks one oh what thread for 10 bucks with a racket ... cool ... well, the floors are beautiful ... shine ... laughing ... doesn’t suit me in Kaliningrad ... I have less than 50 km to both borders. to each side of NATO ... to me that a solid Soviet thread ... a concrete caponier, with an earthen rampart and spit on beauty and comfort ... better less, but better ... hi
        1. max702
          max702 30 May 2016 00: 23
          Quote: Inok10
          beautiful of course ... stunned ... and KVO ASP in this situation does not matter, think +/- 50 m. but immediately in one fell swoop ... how much are there in the hangar ?! ... PCS. 8, judging by the photo ... 8 F-35A x 114 million = 912 million bucks one oh which thread for 10 bucks with a racket ... cool

          How to say ... When was the last time our airfields were bombed? But how many vehicles were destroyed in the open air over decades and by what sums ... and how many people were killed because of such maintenance and maintenance of flying equipment, and health was clearly not added to non-military service technicians .. the most ridiculous cheap are such hangars build, look how many KM \ square class A warehouses have been built in the Moscow Region in the last couple of years .. There is money for that .. And as for the database, if our airfields begin to be bombed in droves, the planet earth has 40-50 minutes to live ..
          1. bars876
            bars876 30 May 2016 07: 55
            The storyteller is a nice person, and how can the technology ruin in the open air?))) Do not write nonsense ... Civilian airliners, as it were, are also always in the open air)))
          2. Inok10
            Inok10 30 May 2016 14: 23
            Quote: max702
            How to say ... When was the last time our airfields were bombed?

            ... in 1941, and the result is known ... now the mattress covers have not abandoned the idea of ​​an instant non-nuclear strike by means of the WTO ... will your tent help much in this case? ... not stupid people developed VSP 32-01-02 / Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation "Rules for the production and acceptance of work during the construction of airfields of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation" ...
            Quote: max702
            But how many vehicles were destroyed in the open air over decades and by what sums ... and how many people were killed because of such maintenance and maintenance of flight equipment, and their health was clearly not increased by non-military technicians ..

            ... not a single one was ditched, it was ditched in 1990-91 and not due to storage and operation in the open air ... all maintenance work is carried out in accordance with the technical and operational documentation, some of them are performed only in the TEC part .. . the aircraft's combat effectiveness should not depend on the presence of a warm hangar ... "Rogachevo" for example on Novaya Zemlya ... the regiment flew and no one ached ... hi
            Quote: max702
            the funniest thing is to cheaply build such hangars, see how many KM \ square class A warehouses were built in the Moscow region in the last couple of years .. There is money for that ..
            ... such hangars are only for storing junk and non-explosive materials ... everything related to ammunition is regulated by the norms of VSN 21-01-98 * (Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation) "Design standards for arsenals, bases and depots of missiles and ammunition. Fire and explosion safety requirements "... there is enough detail here ... hi
            Quote: max702
            And as for the database, if our airfields begin to be bombed in droves, the planet earth has only 40-50 minutes to live ..

            ... above I already answered about a global non-nuclear disarming strike in the light of the fantasies of mattresses ... therefore, a concrete individual hangar dipped in Soviet soil is preferable to the construction of a group image illustrated by you ... hi
    4. Platonich
      Platonich 29 May 2016 18: 54
      What are we rootless, as there was a bastard in 1918, and remained! Bl..b were left alone!
      1. bars876
        bars876 30 May 2016 07: 56
        How are you, wrote a ball to yourself?)))
    5. Damask
      Damask 29 May 2016 19: 12
      As always, we destroy, then we build and it is always connected with the asshole rulers, one needs legs from behind the hillock, as they said, everything that needs to be delivered from abroad, and the second one is standing up and trying to restore everything, and most importantly with those who destroyed or silently helped basking in this
    6. Asadullah
      Asadullah 29 May 2016 19: 14
      airfields will also be restored in the required quantity.

      The key word is "necessary". If something is abandoned, it means that it is unnecessary and lack of funds. From this we proceed. It will be necessary, they will.
  2. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 29 May 2016 12: 47
    In fact, the author could write two articles - the first about promising hypersonic aircraft, and the second about the problems of modern aviation. Thank God that the author devoted at least a couple of lines to logistics, and then only in general terms, alas, but the article about everything at once, and not about what specifically.
  3. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 29 May 2016 13: 03
    The Union collapsed, the economy collapsed, some garrisons curtailed and simply rushed to their fate. I never had a thought - why the Ministry of Defense did not put up for auction unclaimed infrastructure, but simply deducted it from its balance sheet. On the one hand, there was not enough money to support even what was left, but on the other, they were simply buried in the ground, and cunning guys made capital on this. Okay, on a civilian, we’ll just write it off as mismanagement, but sovereign people serve in the army, in the end there is a Minister with whom there is demand for a mess (Serdyukov’s example is not typical). I did not find the answer and I do not find ...
    1. Basarev
      Basarev 29 May 2016 17: 25
      But the answer is completely clear. You do not need to be seven spans in your forehead to realize that the minister is also from
      Quote: avg-mgn
      and clever guys made capital on it
  4. Absurdidat
    Absurdidat 29 May 2016 13: 04
    In the Stavropol Territory, Blagodatnoye and Kholodnogorsky could take Ruslans, now they pulled out the cables with tractors, taxiing plundered to cottages, houses-candle plates and came out cheaper than asphalt ...
  5. midshipman
    midshipman 29 May 2016 13: 14
    Dear V. Kalinin, you have raised a very topical issue. May 6 this year in "VO" I published an article "Letters from the Front", in which I gave the entire list of airfields in the Murmansk region. Their condition is tragic. Laustari airfield, like others, ceased to exist. There were more than 3000 airfields in the USSR; now there are 254 airports left for civil aviation. For aviation, the Aerospace Forces of Russia 165. Until 1990, I was responsible for the equipment of all airfields and airports from the industry of 6GU of the USSR Ministry of Radio Industry, whose head was me. The responsibility on behalf of 6GU was carried out by NII-33, which is VNIIRA JSC at the present time. After equipping the airfield or airport, I and Zam. The Commander-in-Chief of the USSR Air Force personally signed the act. And on the line of the Moscow State Administration of the USSR with Deputy. Minister. There were 26 airfields in Crimea alone.
    The United States currently has 12500 airfields. More than 250 airfields are currently in operation in the PRC. Programs have been adopted, for the implementation of which the Government has already allocated 45 billion dollars. USA. Under this program, 100 airfields will be commissioned every year. By 2030, the PRC will have over 2000 airfields. May 6 this year Deputy I asked the Minister of Transport what you will do when we have 15-18 thousand units of small aircraft. He replied: "Yuri Grigorievich is a disaster." In the USA there are 220 thousand units of small aircraft, in the Russian Federation there are only about 2 thousand. The work is big and familiar. The main thing is that there are still specialists. I have the honor.
    1. Basarev
      Basarev 29 May 2016 17: 30
      This is because our officials are afraid of small aircraft like fire, because it will eat up the distance and violate the centuries-old proverb "It is high to God, far from the king." From all over the country, people with uncomfortable questions will promptly appear in the final high commissions, bypassing local garbage dumpsters who only trade with formal replies.
    2. weksha50
      weksha50 29 May 2016 18: 21
      Quote: midshipman
      what will you do when we have 15-18 thousand small aircraft. He replied: "Yuri Grigorievich is a disaster".

      Um ... Although it seems to be not quite on the topic, however - they will do the same as with the roads ... Specifically, nothing ...

      Roads were built at the time (I'm not talking about their quality), based on the number of cars that the population had in the 50-70s, that is, on a tiny amount ...

      And suddenly, even if inferior, the car appears in almost every 3-5th family ...
      Roads and interchanges remain the same ...

      It’s ridiculous and sinful to laugh, but even here, in a small district town with a population of 50000, it’s already 3-4 years since there are traffic jams !!!

      PS And it’s a shame even from the fact that airfields and autobahns, built in the 30s of the last century, along which the 2nd World War walked, and even henna!

      Our "guardian-rulers" save money in the wrong place, and the money they have is put in the wrong place ...

      The name of all this negativity is complete irresponsibility ...
    3. Pioneer321
      Pioneer321 29 May 2016 20: 40
      Sakhalin: 7 civil aviation airfields "Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk", "Korsakov", "Starorusskoye", "Shakhtersk", "Zonal", "Nogliki", "Okha" and 1 airfield of military transport aviation. 4 aerodromes for 2016 are not in operation ("Novy", "Leonidovo", "Vozvrashchenie", "Smirnykh"). And they must oppose the airfields in Hokkaido and Honshu. "It's a shame for the state."
  6. Aleksandr1959
    Aleksandr1959 29 May 2016 13: 34
    In fact, the process of degradation of the airfield network began in the late USSR.
    Recently, with pomp, they opened the second lane at 929 GLITS MO (Akhtubinsk). And then. that the second lane there had already been successfully forgotten. It was called the Far Lane, the first lane was called the Near Lane. The lanes were connected by a taxiway. The far lane provided the reception of any type of aircraft. Next to it were A-50, Tu-22M2 and Tu-22M3, Tu-95MS parking lots, target parking at the Tu-16 and MiG-21 bases, and parking for arriving aircraft. We started with the repair of the taxiway, then the Far .... as a result, the Far Run as the runway ceased to exist. And after more than twenty years a new strip was opened, which turned out to be cheaper to build than to restore the old strip.
  7. iouris
    iouris 29 May 2016 13: 34
    On the one hand, the condition of these airfields, to put it mildly, did not meet the "modern requirements" already in the 1970s. On the other hand, this picture shows the mediocrity and criminality of politics and politicians. Now the economy should be restored only if there is a future. If it is not there, then - burn it with a blue flame!
  8. aba
    aba 29 May 2016 13: 35
    Our own "enemies" may turn out to be worse than foreign ones: the latter still need to get to the goal, and these, here they are, are next to us, with factories, with military units, airfields and other significant objects.
  9. cap
    cap 29 May 2016 13: 56
    "In our time, because of lack of systemic state policies and programs aimed at maintaining and developing the aerodrome systemThe Kaliningrad region, like many constituent entities of the Russian Federation, has almost completely lost its network of local airfields and airlines. According to the Interregional Public Organization of Pilots and Citizens - Aircraft Owners (AOPA-Russia, RAOPA), there are currently three active and six abandoned military airfields in the region. "

    And the rest is guilty of Pushkin as always.
  10. volodya
    volodya 29 May 2016 14: 09
    At our place near Vologda, the airfield is still in working condition, but is slowly becoming unusable. They wanted to do international, and then everything calmed down.
  11. 29 May 2016 14: 50
    In the Amur Region, only Ukrainka remained. And Orlovka ,, Zavitinsk, the airfields in the north, they’ve stole everything! There’s still a fuss-airfield, but no planes! sad
  12. Bayonet
    Bayonet 29 May 2016 17: 08
    The Yuzhny airport is being built in the Aksay district of the Rostov region near the M4 Don federal highway, 29 kilometers from Rostov-on-Don. The new airport will have a runway of 3600 meters long and 60 meters wide, capable of accepting all types of modern mainline aircraft, as well as a passenger terminal with an area of ​​50 thousand square meters. Commissioning - December 2017.
  13. cedar
    cedar 29 May 2016 18: 44
    Quote: max702
    Yeah, all this is sad .. I wonder if it will ever be here with us ..

    It will be even better when the ruble ceases to be a clone of the dollar and Russia becomes a sovereign power, and finally ends the payment of tribute to the United States! only last year our money with you for 151 billion greenery went there. Here you have airfields, and airplanes, and all that aviation and the aviation industry in the USSR were famous for.
    I won’t be surprised if I find out that the hangar in the photo and its contents are built on our billions!
  14. serezhasoldatow
    serezhasoldatow 29 May 2016 19: 12
    Maybe not in the subject. Recently on the site wept and cried about "THREAD". Today in the program "I Serve Russia" on "Zvezda" they showed training flights of carrier-based aviation pilots. They said about the future fate that a major overhaul and deep modernization are expected soon.
    1. Aleksandr1959
      Aleksandr1959 30 May 2016 06: 45
      Why not the topic? Absolutely to the point. Now we have two training complexes for carrier-based aviation. In Saki and in Yeysk.
  15. 31rus2
    31rus2 29 May 2016 19: 27
    Dear, there will be no order until there is personal responsibility, for example, what does it mean that the Ministry of Defense threw the airfield at the local administration? In general, this is a criminal case and tell me how the local administration will save the airfield, even if they themselves take out the garbage with problems, there is no state approach, only profit, this is the main trouble of the current government and for a long time, my opinion is that airfields (and not only) are essentially thrown to blame for the Moscow Region
    1. goblin xnumx
      goblin xnumx 29 May 2016 20: 16
      you need the principle of the inevitability of punishment - without it, your personal ugh and grind, but you can just ...
  16. Pioneer321
    Pioneer321 29 May 2016 21: 00
    On Sakhalin, 8 aerodromes are in operation (7 civil aviation aerodromes Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Korsakov, Starorusskoye, Shakhtersk, Zonalnoye, Nogliki, Okha and 1 BTA aerodrome), 4 aerodromes at 2016 is not exploited ("New", "Leonidovo", "Return", "Smirny").
  17. Earnest
    Earnest 29 May 2016 21: 18
    Quote: max702
    Yeah, all this is sad .. I wonder if it will ever be here with us ..

    We used to have tvkoe only for Buran, I guess. And now we start for the rest, we will rebuild it little by little. For example, a military town in Abakan, 32 structures 24x100 meters and 12 structures 24x120 meters, at the airport the same for aircraft, but 37 meters high. Not everyone knows, but construction is underway. My photo, April 12, 2016
  18. Earnest
    Earnest 29 May 2016 21: 23
    This is how it looks from above.
  19. proud
    proud 29 May 2016 21: 53
    Break not build! It is not for nothing that they say "Russia cannot be understood with the mind"
  20. Zomanus
    Zomanus 30 May 2016 05: 50
    Well, yes, sorry for the airfields. But after so many years of inaction and lack of care for them,
    only rebuild them from scratch. Again, they will rebuild for current and future tasks.
    This means that it is not necessary in the same place where the old airfields were.
    You will take an interest in what projects are being carried out in our country now.
    Time will reach the airfields.
  21. Armat
    Armat 30 May 2016 13: 27
    At first formal glance, you can understand the author of the topic. However, this approach to the likely problem of aviation infrastructure and logistics is hopelessly outdated and economically impractical. And although the new operating doctrine for organizing the activities of aerospace defense units takes into account the use of airfields of occasional use, this problem has lost its significance. Russian air bases are located in such a way that in the event of a non-regulatory situation, pilots have the opportunity to use the airstrips of civil aviation and other military bases. Practical experience has shown that in the era of "new aviation" many of the conceptual views of our deputies are outdated and are clearly mercantile. shade.