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The devil wears the "Truth." Part of 4

Soviet floating Tanks T-37A were supposed to be almost the most important element of the aggressive campaigns of the Red Army, as the author of “Suicide” “proves” to us. With their help, the great commander Viktor Suvorov ensures the transfer of troops across rivers, leaving no chance to the defending enemy. Let's enjoy another Rezunovsky “victories” ...

“And here is our armor avalanche before the water barrier. And then all the heavy and medium tanks and those light ones who are not trained to swim, lose all their offensive capabilities. And the price for them is zero. Need a bridge. But the enemy protects the bridges and blows up under the threat of capture. Bridges need to beat. Better not from our side, but from the side of the enemy - from where they wait less. And in this situation, the price of light amphibious tanks inflated steeply. If two, three, five, ten of these tanks at night swam across the river away from the bridge and a sudden jerk from the rear captured it, then this may decide the fate of the whole operation, and even the whole war. Now, on the captured bridge, drive all your heavy and medium tanks, self-propelled guns, artillery, infantry, headquarters, hospitals, thousands of tons of ammunition, fuel and spare parts to the enemy shore. On the captured bridges, throw up reserves, transfer wounded, prisoners, trophies, damaged equipment to repair in the rear ”(p. 80).

The author deliberately "nullified" all the possibilities of the army regarding the seizure of bridges in favor of the T-37A tanks in order to coolly "raise" their role in this regard. Who, if not floating tanks, can cope with such a task? Airborne troops? No, I did not hear! Although the massive training of paratroopers, conducted in the USSR in 30-s, Rezun exposes in his “works” (including in the essay we are considering) precisely as “evidence” against the Bolsheviks-imperialists. But when it comes to capturing bridges, our scribbler on Airborne Forces is not a word! Why, then, is this elite branch of the military needed at all, if it is not even considered in such matters ?!

But the stupid German command actively and successfully used airborne assault forces in the conquest campaigns of the Third Reich. And not only in terms of mastering the crossings. During Operation Mercury in May 1941, the German military paratroopers destroyed the English garrison on the island of Crete, securing the occupation of the island, which enabled Germany to establish control over the communications of the eastern Mediterranean. But the reader certainly doesn’t know about such an eloquent example, all the more so since it’s not at all “molded” with the statement that “the German army was backward” (p. 84).

So, on the orders of Rezun, the T-37A tanks are sailing under cover of night "away from the bridge" to the opposite bank, in order to hit the guard of the crossing from the rear ... I would not really place hopes on the darkness and the "surprise effect." .. Firstly, that coast is, whatever one may say, under the control of the enemy. And where there is no his fighting positions, the watch works. This implies, of course, operational observation of the terrain with the aim of timely warning their forces about the appearance of the enemy in one or another of its parts. Carried out by the forces of military intelligence. After all, it is not only in the interests of the offensive, but also in the interests of defense.

One or a couple of T-37A tanks can still slip into the enemy-controlled territory at night, crossing the river (this is a reconnaissance vehicle), but this will be painfully enough to capture such a strategically important object as a bridge. After all, he will be protected tightly! That is, not a handful of soldiers with rifles in their hands. And the characteristics of the "small toothed predators" are clearly not combat. A dozen and more tanks will raise a decent noise among the night silence by motors and propeller blades, which will be well heard from a decent distance. The maximum speed of the T-37A is afloat, as the author correctly pointed out, is 6 km / h. While the Rezunov squadron will sail to the coast, it will be easily “discovered” (even a moonless night will not help here), and the guard of the bridge, proclaimed by the watchman, will have time to properly prepare for the “sudden strike”. And, perhaps, even strengthened by that time additional forces.

But the night adventure described by the author is not his only “attempt” with the help of our reconnaissance vehicles to create conditions for the transfer of military power across the river. We read further in the text: “If the bridges could not be captured, then the floating tanks become truly priceless. If there are no captured bridges, then we must build our own pontoon bridges and crossings. And for this we need a bridgehead on the other side. And the infantry goes into battle. On logs and boards, on bubble-inflated tunicas, she swims to that shore. And mortars are nailed at it, they are poured with machine-gun fire, shot from rifles and machine guns. And here among the floating defenseless people would have a dozen or two even if light, but still tanks. Their armor is insensitive to bullets and shrapnel, and their machine guns are so important when none of the swimming people have the ability to shoot. ”

That is, if the rear did not work out, then surely it will turn into a “frontal” ?! This is optimism!

As you may have noticed, Rezun really does not allow well-armed guarding of bridges ... Rifles, machine guns, machine guns ... There are also mortars, though, but their shells, as we see, do not fall on floating tanks, and cannot get into difference from splinters. And this is at a very convenient speed for “mortar-gunners” in 6 km / h! T-37A tanks - conspired, or what?

But, be that as it may, the Rezunov attack is crowned with success. And now the very “smallness” remains - to defend the occupied position until such time as “our own” will build a pontoon bridge (read below): “Here you are on the other side. Now the main thing is to catch on, for twenty minutes to rush into the ground, then no counterattacks are terrible. ” Yeah, sure!

In general, Rezun successfully solves the problem of overcoming water obstacles by Soviet troops. Glory to him!

It should be noted that Viktor Suvorov is so noble that he is ready to generously share his own fame even with the worst enemies: “Zhukov is a hero and a genius. But only against the background of his lies or ignorance ”(p. 20).

A lot of amphibious T-37A tanks in the Red Army on the eve of the Second World War will probably seem very suspicious to many. If this is "scouts", then why were there so many?

On the territory of the Soviet Union rivers - large and small - a huge amount. Their total length is three million kilometers (!). And therefore in defensive actions, when intelligence services are also irreplaceable, the value of such machines is “sharply pumped up”! The tank T-37А - apart from its most “all-terrain” qualities (its lightness and mobility was very useful on land), it was, although very weak, but armored to allow for deep intelligence raids enemy territory and, of course, increasing the chances of returning "home." I think even the convinced "Suvorov" will not argue with the fact that the deeper reconnaissance-raids are carried out, the more complete will be the idea of ​​the plans of the enemy. It should also be noted here that the fuel economy of the T-37А is enviable for the tank - it was equipped with an automobile engine used in the manufacture of GAZ-AA trucks.

Our "amphibian" was reasonably considered both as a means of watch and as a connected machine.

The T-38 tank, developed in 1936, was an upgraded version of the T-37A, which had improved buoyancy and maneuverability on land. The thickness of the armor plates, weapons, crew size and engine remained the same. As of 1 June 1941, the Red Army had 1129 T-38 tanks, which in Suicide, as it is not difficult to guess, are also “small toothy predators”.

At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, the floating tanks T-37А and T-38 were used at the front as combat tanks solely out of despair, due to the huge losses in armored vehicles. Basically, according to the “shoot-retreat” tactic, when you had to rely in a very large degree - on luck. By the beginning of 1942, virtually all T-37A and T-38 tanks were destroyed.

Продолжение следует ...
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  1. Vend
    Vend 31 May 2016 12: 47
    On the one hand, it is of course wonderful to debunk Rezun's myth-making, but on the other hand, it is the popularization of his crazy books. How many people would want to personally read his nonsense. This "author" wins.
    1. Aleksander
      Aleksander 31 May 2016 13: 05
      Quote: Wend
      On the one hand, it is of course wonderful to debunk Rezun's myth-making, but on the other hand, it is the popularization of his crazy books. How many people would want to personally read his nonsense. This "author" wins.

      Indeed, too much honor. And the point is not only that they could, couldn’t, the 37 carry out the Rezunov operation.
      Stalin was not a suicide to attack Germany, which then united the resources of almost all of Europe.
      1. Pereira
        Pereira 31 May 2016 13: 12
        Rezun had been poked with his snout in his own feces so many times that it was simply annoying.
        It’s not his ravings to refer, it is a kind of test for horizons and the ability to think critically. If it doesn’t pass, then it’s useless to treat.
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. AlexTires
      AlexTires 31 May 2016 13: 06
      But even greater harm is the lack of criticism and attempts to debunk the myths that he created, which the young generation can default to as an axiom in the formation of their own ideas about history.
      1. enot73
        enot73 31 May 2016 13: 21
        The Soviet T-37A amphibious tanks were to become almost the most important element of the aggression campaigns of the Red Army, as the author of “Suicide” “proves” to us. With their help, the great commander Viktor Suvorov ensures the transfer of troops across rivers
        But the "peace-loving" (according to Rezun) Wehrmacht went the other way, using the equipment for underwater walking of tanks. And d, unlike the T - 37 tankette, a full-fledged combat unit was transported through the water barrier - the Pz III tank.
    3. Diana Ilyina
      Diana Ilyina 31 May 2016 13: 12
      Quote: Wend
      On the one hand, it is of course wonderful to debunk Rezun's myth-making, but on the other hand, it is the popularization of his crazy books. How many people would want to personally read his nonsense. This "author" wins.

      I also don’t understand why create PR for this nonsense ?! You did not notice that our media themselves are promoting all these russophobic freaks. Well, who would know Svanidze, Gozman, Rezun and the like if our media would not trumpet about them and their crazy ideas on every corner ?! Who would have known about the trick of the infuriated vaginas in the temple, if not for our media ?! Moreover, our unworthy media are very fond of circulating chernukha. Almost no one writes or shows the opening of any new enterprise or about the successes of farmers, but there are such ones, but it is very widely discussed how the Nemtsov banged, that the gozman popped up and that some rezun wrote!

      It's time to end this PR, smart people themselves will figure out where the truth is and where the lie is! But fools still can’t prove anything!
    4. apro
      apro 31 May 2016 13: 12
      It's okay, I read it myself at one time, but then my brains turned on, I wanted to compare all the points of view and the insight came by itself, and these writings cannot be called a provocation of the Anglo-Saxons.
    5. dmi.pris
      dmi.pris 31 May 2016 13: 37
      And is this tv .. still alive ?!
  2. Arktidianets
    Arktidianets 31 May 2016 12: 54
    "Creativity" of Rezun-Suvorov should be perceived as the delirium of a sick person
    1. avva2012
      avva2012 31 May 2016 13: 01
      Not a fig yourself sick!
      Real historians would have begun to soar due to delirium. Enemy, smart and talented enough. A few years ago, there were a lot of fans of his work. Yes, and now enough.
    2. Pereira
      Pereira 31 May 2016 13: 13
      Not a sick person, but a traitor working out his silver pieces.
    3. apro
      apro 31 May 2016 13: 18
      Quote: Arctidian
      "Creativity" of Rezun-Suvorov should be perceived as the delirium of a sick person

      This is not creativity and not the delirium of a sick person, but a targeted information war and our opponents should not be considered idiots, they are too savvy in psychology and have significant financial capabilities, only meticulous and reasonable truth can defeat them.
  3. starochkin77
    starochkin77 31 May 2016 13: 02
    All of the T-37 and T-38 captured by the Germans were used by them to protect airfields, although later, from the end of 1942, the beginning of 43, some of them were involved in the fight against partisans. hi
  4. Altona
    Altona 31 May 2016 13: 31
    Such books are written in a "Hollywood" way. That is, some event or character is pulled out, or this is a type of technique. He is given some truly demonic features and on this basis a far-reaching conclusion is made. The ridiculous unreliable tankettes T-37 and T-38, similar to which were in other armies, are passed off as a wunderwaffe. The Germans called them "fleas" because of their great mobility and difficulty in hitting them. About a Polish similar wedge like. You need to look at the whole complex of factors, and not focus on some narrow things. People are fighting with their fighting spirit and skill. Not tanks, nor canned food, nor short fur coats by themselves, but people with their help.
  5. Mikado
    Mikado 31 May 2016 14: 21
    T-38 and T-37A were most successfully used as a support tank in 1944 when crossing the Svir against the Finns. They were collected for this from all ends of the Karelian Front.
    But this boost was the high point of the pre-war amphibious tanks. Following the amphibious infant tanks, American amphibians with Lend-Lease amphibians with infantry were sent through the Svir, and heavy SPGs supported them from the shore. The Finns did not expect, their defense was broken through for several hours to the full depth. Finnish losses were also greater. Probably, in this case we have to talk about the superiority in the forces and means of the Red Army in that operation (support for the tanks was provided notable). Although an experienced commander and must provide such superiority in the direction of the most important strike. soldier with respect, hi
    1. svp67
      svp67 31 May 2016 23: 06
      Quote: Mikado
      But this boost was the high point of the pre-war amphibious tanks.

      It was one of the "finest hours" of the Red Army. When several regiments of ISU and SU-152 come to their shore, which begin to process the opposite bank, then which of the enemies wants to interfere with the successful action of the floaters.
  6. Des10
    Des10 31 May 2016 16: 39
    Rezun is more convincing and more competent than this "whistleblower."
    Verbiage, not reinforced and not reasoned. But on the right topic.
    Not for Rezun the traitor.
    1. esaul1950
      esaul1950 31 May 2016 21: 29
      Rezun is not only a traitor, but also a person incompetent in military matters, and if you are Mr. Des10 in military affairs at the level of Gryazun, then the article is "verbiage" for you.
      1. Des10
        Des10 1 June 2016 17: 53
        esaul1950, maybe I lack my experience and education to consider myself competent in the military field smile , but for comparison and analysis of books - quite.
        You do not seem to have read either that or the other author, incl. and A. Isaev - and the article does not plagiarize - so borrowing laughing .
        But. Let not verbiage (for you), so - general conversations - if only not like Rezun’s.
  7. Atomist
    Atomist 31 May 2016 22: 20
    Enough of this traitor to quote. He is not worthy of discussion and mention. Burning cattle in hell.
  8. svp67
    svp67 31 May 2016 23: 00
    By the beginning of 1942, almost all of the T-37A and T-38 tanks were destroyed.
    If our army had used these tanks as skillfully as in 1944 in 1941-42, then the Germans would not have been too good for it. But History has no subjunctive moods ...