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28 MAY - Border Guard Day

28 May people celebrate their holiday, whose military duty is to protect the state border of the Fatherland. These people are border guards. The Day of the Border Guard (also known as the Day of the Border Troops) is officially celebrated in Russia on the basis of a presidential decree numbered 1011 of 23 in May of 1994. Although this does not mean that before the Day of the border guard in the calendar of domestic military dates did not exist. With a remote border scope, it was also noted in the Soviet era.

By the way, it was during the years of Soviet Russia that the date of the celebration appeared, which is sacred to the border guards today. 28 May 1918, the Council of People's Commissars established a decree on the Border Guard of the borders of the Soviet Republic. In the same year, the Border Guard Department was created, which included many officers of tsarist Russia who decided to swear allegiance to the Soviet government.

The full text of the decree on the creation of the Border Guard was published in June 1918 of the year in the next issue of the publication, which at that time was called the News of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee of the Soviets.

We present the full text of the decree signed by the Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars V.I. Ulyanov (Lenin) and Sovnarkom managers V. Bonch-Bruevich.

The Council of People's Commissars decided:
In the Office of the People's Commissariat for Financial Affairs, the Border Guard is established.
The Border Guard Guard is charged with protecting the border interests of the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic, and within the border area - protecting the identity and property of citizens, in particular:
a) preventing the secret transport of goods and the secret passage of persons across the land and sea borders of the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic;
b) protection against the plundering of aquatic riches in our frontier and territorial waters;
c) supervision of the observance of the rules of international navigation on the border rivers;
d) protection of our fishermen and industrialists in the border seas, lakes and rivers;
e) protection of our border villages from the attacks of robbers and nomadic tribes;
e) implementation in necessary cases of border quarantine and so on.
Border Guard is located in one or more lines. The People's Commissar for Financial Affairs is granted to allow, at his discretion, the location of the outposts of the Border Guard and the railway stations.
The space from the borderline to the location of the first line outposts and the seven-hearted space from these outposts inside the Republic is considered to be a border strip.
Twelve nautical miles of water from the high seas of the Russian Socialist Federal Soviet Republic, both on the mainland and on the islands, is recognized as a sea customs zone, within which all Russian and foreign ships are subject to supervision by the Border Guard.
The Border Guard must observe that along the entire borderline there is a free passage to 6 arshin wide, why all buildings, arable land and gardens should be some distance from the border.
Citizens of the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic are hired for free in the Border Guard Service on the same basis as for admission to the Red Army. The reception of border guards is carried out by commissions organized by a decree of the Council of the Border Guard, each of which includes one representative of local Councils of Workers 'and Peasants' Deputies with a decisive vote in each commission.
The direct management of the Frontier Guard is in all respects entrusted to the General Directorate of the Border Guard. When it is formed, the Border Guard Council is composed of two commissioners and one military leader.
The weapons and uniforms of the Border Guard officers, as well as the provision of medical and sanitary assistance to them, are carried out on the bases adopted for the Red Army. Leave from the stocks of the military department to employees of the Border Guard of armaments, equipment, items of clothing and food, as well as engineering and medical-sanitary means is made according to the requirements of the Main Directorate of the Border Guard sent by it to the relevant military district institutions.

One of the first leaders of the new service was the military commissioner of the Border Guard, NF Fedotov, and the military leader from the General Staff, AL Pevnev. In October 1918 of the year they signed an order to organize a course training system for junior officers.
By September, 1918, the border guards appear and a special form with a defining color of hats. These are caps and hats (for high command personnel) with a green top. The green color of headdresses and stripes as one of the symbols of the frontier troops in fact remains to this day. At one time, the green color “reached” the stripes of the vest, making this shaped object the property of not only sailors or paratroopers, but also border guards.

Attention is drawn to the fact that from the first days of the formation of the Soviet Border Service, the authorities took into account the presence of political connotations in the protection of the state border. It was determined that people who were called up to guard the frontiers of the Motherland should have been included in special structures. On this basis, less than 2 after the formation of the security agency, the Border Guard is transferred to the special department of the Cheka.

In 1923, the first Higher Border School appeared on the territory of the USSR. In fact, this is the Soviet successor to the Separate Corps of the frontier guard that existed in the Russian Empire, which had its own deep traditions of guarding the borders of the Fatherland. From the directive on the need to create a Border Guard School:

In order to unite the service and management of the border guards at the OGPU, the Central School is being created, which should become the training apparatus for border guards who can simultaneously perform the functions of military commanders and supervise the work of the agent staff.

28 MAY - Border Guard Day

Those wishing to become cadets of the new school had to go through a series of exams. These are examinations on knowledge of the border guard memo, political charter, constitution. In addition, the entrance exams in the Russian language, mathematics and political economy were taken. However, this is not all. As additional requirements were: knowledge of military regulations, the basics of combat and fire training. Preference for enrollment was given to members of the RCP (b) who passed through the so-called credentials committee.

The first head of the Higher School of the Border Guard of the USSR was Joseph Kazimirovich Opansky. It is interesting to consider the fact that earlier Opansky actually had no direct relation to the frontier service. He was a representative of the editorial board of the newspaper Pravda, he worked in an underground party field in the Baltic States and in Belarus. In 1920, Opansky was appointed head of the special department of the 16 Army. And two years later he received a position in the Cheka of the Petrograd Military District.

Over time, the OGPU Higher Border School was transformed into the KGB Military Institute under the USSR Council of Ministers. Today, future border guard officers are being trained at the Moscow Border Institute of the Federal Security Service of Russia.

The border troops of Russia are one of the reliable components of the security of the Russian Federation. Border guards stand guard over the borders of the Fatherland from the shores of the Kaliningrad region to the Kamchatka hills, from Magaramkent in the south to Kandalaksha in the north.

Today, “Military Review” congratulates all personnel border guards and veterans of the Border Troops on the holiday!
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  1. Tatar 174
    Tatar 174 28 May 2016 05: 03
    Happy holidays to you guys! Salute in your honor from artillery!
    1. Kapitänleutnant
      Kapitänleutnant 28 May 2016 08: 38
      Happy holiday to all border guards !!!! Border is locked tight!!! 21 OBROPSKR Novorossiysk! soldier
      1. ultra
        ultra 28 May 2016 09: 32
        Quote: Kapitänleutnant
        Happy holiday to all border guards !!!!

        Mutually !!! 9PZ 39LkPO, KZakPO! soldier
        1. jjj
          jjj 28 May 2016 09: 42
          All border guards and separately veterans of the 12-th brigade with a holiday!
          1. Tatyana
            Tatyana 28 May 2016 11: 04
            Frontier Guards Glory! Happy holiday!
            1. Alena Frolovna
              Alena Frolovna 28 May 2016 14: 04

              Do not scold me, dear, do not scold me,
              That he kept the green cap
              That putting it on at least once a year
              I'm going to my comrades now.
              And they are already in a hurry to me,
              With a full flask on a soldier’s belt
              We hugged, shut up, hand to hand,
              Recall the service and its border troops.

              Ah, my cap, scorched youth,
              Your green silhouette is a memory of past years ...

              Let us now have a completely different life,
              You rely on your friend, as before,
              He will never betray, fail,
              Without looking back you will go to death.
              Do not scold me, dear, do not scold me,
              That he kept the green cap
              And let her go under the temple
              But the border is and will be locked.
      2. Maxom75
        Maxom75 28 May 2016 12: 47
        And I'm with SKPO. 9 outpost 1993-1994
      3. Vladimirets
        Vladimirets 28 May 2016 13: 42
        Quote: Kapitänleutnant
        21 OBROPSKR Novorossiysk!

        Mutually, 2 OBrPSKR Vysotsk.
        1. VALERIK_097
          VALERIK_097 28 May 2016 13: 51
          We have a checkpoint there, OKPP "Vyborg" - Vysotsk branch.
          1. Vladimirets
            Vladimirets 28 May 2016 13: 55
            Quote: VALERIK_097
            We have a checkpoint there, OKPP "Vyborg" - Vysotsk branch.

            When I served, it did not seem to be, and KSZPO is no longer there.
        2. soloist
          soloist 28 May 2016 23: 00
          My dear border guards, my father graduated from this commissar, the sailors called him BATEI, remember the real border guards since 1940. We will live, despite this economic bedlam.
        3. soloist
          soloist 28 May 2016 23: 00
          My dear border guards, my father graduated from this commissar, the sailors called him BATEI, remember the real border guards since 1940. We will live, despite this economic bedlam.
    2. Maxom75
      Maxom75 28 May 2016 12: 46
    3. cap
      cap 28 May 2016 13: 03
      Quote: Tartar 174
      Happy holidays to you guys! Salute in your honor from artillery!

      Strategic Missile Forces will simply congratulate. Without fireworks. Just let the border remain in the same place (well, so as not to bear laughing ), and on the lock. drinks
    4. moskowit
      moskowit 28 May 2016 20: 38
      And from the "screws" -repairmen who stood on the Ussuri in 1971-73, assigned to the frontier posts as searchlights and machine gunners, congratulations from the bottom of my heart. I always raise a toast to the Battle Brotherhood on this day !!! soldier drinks good
  2. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 28 May 2016 05: 07
    On May 28, people celebrate their holiday, whose military duty is to protect the state border of the Fatherland. These people are border guards
    Border Guards with the Holiday of You! I respect !!!
    1. bocsman
      bocsman 28 May 2016 12: 26
      Since childhood, I read books about the difficult service of border guards about their exploits in peace and war. Always admired them. Happy holiday comrades and success in your difficult service!
      1. Maxom75
        Maxom75 28 May 2016 12: 52
        A low bow to all border guards who staunchly defended the borders of our country and in the Brest Fortress, and on the mountainous borders in Tajikistan, and on the troubled Chinese border.
  3. Koshak
    Koshak 28 May 2016 05: 19
    Near the border

    M. Isakovsky

    At the very border, in secret,
    I carry out vigilant service, -
    for each hillock in response,
    for every tree in the forest.
    Covered in dense branches
    and I listen and see
    and heart with native edges
    at such hours I say.
    And everything is getting closer to me
    as if through the dusk of the night
    I see my whole country
    and she’s all beside me.

    soldier Happy holiday! Health and peace!
  4. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 28 May 2016 05: 25
    Happy Holiday green caps !!! We believe that our border is locked. All the best to you and your families, special thanks to the veterans of the border health service for you and for many years of life.
  5. almost demobil
    almost demobil 28 May 2016 05: 25
    Green caps hello from aviation! Happy holiday guys, and mine is yet to come! drinks
    1. bandabas
      bandabas 28 May 2016 10: 58
      Well, in that case, in addition to RTV air defense. We are also on constant combat duty. And again with the holiday. Pity the fountains drinks !
  6. Khabarov
    Khabarov 28 May 2016 05: 41
    Happy holiday bros border guards! All active calm service, and the veterans worthy of a significant day.
  7. Awaz
    Awaz 28 May 2016 05: 44
    thanks for the congratulations))) But besides the greens there are also those who guarded and guard the border at sea. Hello, Happy Holidays, seven feet under the keel !!!!
    1. bandabas
      bandabas 28 May 2016 12: 05
      Yes, I have a friend. In the mid-80s, they drove the Chinese from the boats on the Amur River with hoses.
    2. Alexanast
      Alexanast 28 May 2016 15: 21
      Well, they turned green anyway. Greetings to the Murmansk detachment and all who are on land or at sea ... and this is no longer important to all the border guards.
      1. Sling cutter
        Sling cutter 28 May 2016 15: 32
        Happy Holiday Border Guards!
        I firmly shake your hand !!!
      2. pv1005
        pv1005 28 May 2016 22: 37
        Quote: Alexanast
        Well, they turned green anyway. Greetings to the Murmansk detachment and all who are on land or at sea ... and this is no longer important to all the border guards.

        Alas, the brother Murmansk detachment has been disbanded ten years ago. But the guards still remained.
        And of course, happy holiday.
    3. Sea Wolf
      Sea Wolf 29 May 2016 21: 56
      Border guards have always been sensible and competent, unlike customs.
  8. horoh
    horoh 28 May 2016 05: 58
    Border Guards with HOLIDAY !!!!
  9. vlad-53
    vlad-53 28 May 2016 06: 06
    Hello and most sincere congratulations from the sailors! Happiness and health to you and your families! Today, a toast to you!
    1. lelikas
      lelikas 28 May 2016 11: 39
      Humbly join in the congratulations!
  10. volodya
    volodya 28 May 2016 06: 20
    Greetings to all border guards. Happy holidays to you guys !!!
  11. AKsvlad047
    AKsvlad047 28 May 2016 06: 21
    Happy holiday dear !!!! You have always been reliable and strong guys, I wish you to continue to serve worthily in the future, strengthening and multiplying the worthy traditions and the Glory of your predecessors !!!!! Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. The comment was deleted.
  13. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 28 May 2016 06: 32
    Happy Holiday Green Peaked Cap !!!! Good service wish from all Tankers in my humble face! Good to you in everything! Let the service flow calmly!
  14. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 28 May 2016 06: 34
    All the frontier guards who are currently serving, their faithful wives and sons with all their hearts WITH A HOLIDAY! Good luck!
    Veterans border health and longevity !!!
    Four-legged - sugar bone, you can two!
  15. bionik
    bionik 28 May 2016 06: 40
  16. soloist
    soloist 28 May 2016 06: 52
    In green caps, fanned by Glory, soldiers go to the border. And day and night weapons are in a reliable hand and day and night the border is on a strong lock. Happy holiday Sortovalskie "foresters" of the NWPO, happy holiday fellow soldiers!
  17. Aleksandr72
    Aleksandr72 28 May 2016 07: 01
    All greetings with a holiday!
    Deputy commander of a small infantry platoon PV - military unit 2484 (Ucharal border detachment).
    1. Pasha
      Pasha 28 May 2016 09: 35
      I didn’t know that Mashenka was a BORDER.
      Now I respect her even more !!! soldier

      All Guys, Girls, Dogs and Dolphins with the Holiday of the Border Troops !!! HOORAY!!! HOORAY!!! HOORAY!!!
      DVPO separate respect, guys from the islands: to shake less.
  18. SeregaBoss
    SeregaBoss 28 May 2016 07: 03
    Happy holiday Border Guards !!!
    The shield of the Motherland is strong and reliable !!!
    The mouse will not slip, the eagle will not fly !!!
    Uryayayaya comrades! KG PV 97-99
  19. Fat
    Fat 28 May 2016 07: 23
    Congratulations, Comrades! Exactly! Although I served on other "frontiers", I know this service. Deserved Day. Glory!
  20. Bassoon
    Bassoon 28 May 2016 07: 25
    The border is locked and the key is in the pocket. Happy holiday, border guards! soldier
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 28 May 2016 10: 26
      Quote: Fagot
      The border is locked and the key is in the pocket. Happy holiday, border guards!

      I join in the congratulations.
      However, the fuss of Banderlog on the border of Crimea with the former Ukraine is annoying. It seems that "warnings" and "persuasions" alone will not be enough here.
      1. Scud
        Scud 28 May 2016 10: 46
        Fighters border troops with the holiday. As for the Crimea, a considerable amount of heavy military equipment was sent there by trains through Zaporozhye. Ukropov’s Nazis didn’t.
      2. Pasha
        Pasha 29 May 2016 13: 47
        GREEN know that there are always crawls and creeps.
        PV is always at war.
        Outposts are the real patriots. I respect you, the brothers of all, all who wear, have worn and will continue to wear green caps. I hope the furiks will return like sailors daggers.
        I’ve been keeping my own for 19 years, though my head has grown, but just right for my daughter. soldier
  21. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 28 May 2016 07: 26
    Congratulations to the border guards !!! soldier To keep our border locked! good Happy Holidays! drinks
  22. gla172
    gla172 28 May 2016 07: 28
    Happy holiday guys !!!!
  23. Kerzhak
    Kerzhak 28 May 2016 07: 35
    Today is not only the day of the border guard, today is the 21st year of the Sakhalin earthquake that destroyed the city of Neftegorsk. Eternal memory to the fallen.
  24. RED_ICE
    RED_ICE 28 May 2016 07: 40
    Happy holiday! Happy Border Guard Day! Hooray !!!
  25. stariy
    stariy 28 May 2016 07: 47
    All a happy holiday !!! Makanchinsky detachment.
      PHANTOM-AS 28 May 2016 14: 58
      Dear Borders, with all my heart accept congratulations on the Holiday.
      Special Congratulations to the veterans of the USSR Military Commissariat of War, and of course to our fellow arms in the DShMG KPVO!
      Hooray! Hooray! Uraaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
      1. aleshka
        aleshka 29 May 2016 04: 29
        also from there! Happy holiday brothers! For Eastern DShMG-separate toast !!!
      2. aleshka
        aleshka 29 May 2016 04: 34
        here it is the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan soldier
  26. tsvetkov1274
    tsvetkov1274 28 May 2016 07: 49
    Nuuu happy holiday, border guards !!!!!
  27. Andrey71
    Andrey71 28 May 2016 08: 01
    Happy Holidays to All Borders !!!! Sortovalsky detachment 2121 PZ 16 "Heraldic"
    1. soloist
      soloist 28 May 2016 14: 52
      Hello Andrey71 from the 3rd Commandant of the 1st Squad. DMB 72.
    2. soloist
      soloist 28 May 2016 14: 52
      Hello Andrey71 from the 3rd Commandant of the 1st Squad. DMB 72.
  28. bandabas
    bandabas 28 May 2016 08: 01
    My comrade in the early 90's served in the border guards in Nakhichevan. Told, the package comes. Sit down at the table, lard and condensed milk. Condensed milk is spread on lard and chopped. This is not for you to crack buns. Happy Holiday!
  29. KazakPatrol
    KazakPatrol 28 May 2016 08: 02
    Colleagues! With all my heart, with the holiday of all! My wife 12 years ago, when I was still in the rank of senior lieutenant, I gave my son that day, so all these years I normally cannot celebrate his birthday! In short, to alarms and alarms less to everyone!
    1. Pasha
      Pasha 28 May 2016 09: 39
      Double celebration, this is very good.
      Especially the SON !!!
      All the best to the families of the border guards!
    2. Volga Cossack
      Volga Cossack 28 May 2016 16: 24
      Sinul Zdrav - let Cossack and Pogranets grow in Batu !!!! You Brother with a Holiday !!! Cossack himself but fuel oil - a tanker))))))) from the Soul!
    3. The comment was deleted.
  30. t118an
    t118an 28 May 2016 08: 12
    All the Brothers in Green caps with the Feast of All .... all Health, Well-being .. and a clean PCB ..... Klaipeda PA Red Banner Baltic Border District ..
    and most wish .. Return Border Troops again ..
  31. Amurets
    Amurets 28 May 2016 08: 13
    Congratulations on the holiday! Congratulations on the holiday, and the civilian population living near the border and helping border guards to guard the border. On the occasion, residents of Khabarovsk and Blagoveshchensk living near the border. Happy Russians all.
  32. dobrovchic
    dobrovchic 28 May 2016 08: 14
    Guys, happy holiday !!! Batumi 1987
    1. VALERIK_097
      VALERIK_097 28 May 2016 12: 47
      Happy brothers in arms, OKPP "Vyborg" 91-93
      1. VALERIK_097
        VALERIK_097 28 May 2016 13: 48
        Today, the hand itself distributes the pros for congratulations, THANKS !!!!
  33. dr.Bo
    dr.Bo 28 May 2016 08: 15
    Happy holiday brothers!
  34. Alekseir162
    Alekseir162 28 May 2016 08: 16
    Happy Holidays to all who served in PW. Health and success in life. KVPO, 130 Uch-Aral border detachment 1979-1981
  35. Tanya
    Tanya 28 May 2016 08: 20
    Happy holiday to everyone who guards the borders of our country! Health to you, happiness and good luck!
    Eternal Glory to those who took the first blow on June 22, 1941. Not a single outpost retreated; everyone accepted the battle.

    JUNE 22, 1941

    An unhurried river flows at dawn.
    A dream is creeping in, trying to adjoin trying forever.
    Neighboring stacks washed away with fog ...
    Stop this moment forever!

    Seconds into eternity fly by bullets
    While the shore is bloody, the light of a rocket.
    Another moment will pass - and the shell
    Pour the war the sixth of the planet.

    The outpost was raised by an explosion at the gate.
    Fraction of heels along the washed steps.
    Trail of dew. Coastal cliff.
    Alien oars scum our water.

    Will send a cartridge obedient hand,
    Three-line fury will strike in the shoulder.
    ... He accepted the battle, and for him the river
    So forever remained the border.

    On victorious May, the path from here lay
    Crowned with unfading salute,
    And the first to jerk into this distance
    A soldier who fought for three minutes.
  36. Bort radist
    Bort radist 28 May 2016 08: 32
    Happy holiday, border guards! You are always at the forefront and the first blow you keep. Health, almost no one writes about your equipment, but I am sure that surprises are prepared for the adversary.
  37. Uncle Murzik
    Uncle Murzik 28 May 2016 08: 35
    and on our shoulders we have green shoulder straps, and my friend and I again go outfit! Happy holiday !!!!!!!!
  38. marat023
    marat023 28 May 2016 08: 49
    With the holiday, we guys especially the Kyzyl Derbent and Khunzakh border detachments
  39. ruskih
    ruskih 28 May 2016 08: 50
    Congratulations on the holiday! Health, success, good luck.
  40. akm8226
    akm8226 28 May 2016 08: 57
    Happy holiday, fellow border guards! Since May 28!
  41. alex67
    alex67 28 May 2016 09: 07
    Happy Holidays! soldier drinks
    Our border is on the castle
    There are brave guys
    Always away from home
    They keep our peace holy.
    At any time and day and hour
    We are guarded by a border guard
    We congratulate you now
    Service perfectly!
  42. Nazaroff
    Nazaroff 28 May 2016 09: 08
    With the Feast of ALL who served in the KGB of the USSR KGB, with the Feast of ALL who are now at the border!
    With respect to colleagues and colleagues. Red Banner Western Border District - 1988 - 1990
    1. Pasha
      Pasha 28 May 2016 09: 43
      I still keep a certificate of graduation from the sergeant school of the KGB of the USSR
      The paper is nondescript, but the meaning is big.
  43. Obolensky
    Obolensky 28 May 2016 09: 36
    Happy holiday! And those who served and those who serve now!
  44. Million
    Million 28 May 2016 09: 36
  45. aszzz888
    aszzz888 28 May 2016 09: 37
    I live on the border and congratulate ALL border security officers on the holiday! soldier
    Daughters, sons-in-law, friends!
    Veterans bow deeply!
    To the fallen - Eternal Memory!
  46. sabakina
    sabakina 28 May 2016 09: 39
    HOLIDAY BORDERS! As well as women border guards who provide communications! And also all four-legged, who are ready to tear their throats with their teeth to everyone who comes to us without asking! drinks Well, actually, this congratulation was from the Airborne Forces! love
  47. Tim
    Tim 28 May 2016 09: 43
    Happy holiday border guards of all earthly blessings to you. soldier
  48. Kinsman
    Kinsman 28 May 2016 10: 14
    Happy Holiday !!!! boys soldier drinks
  49. parafoiler
    parafoiler 28 May 2016 10: 34
    Happy Holidays, fellow border guards !!!
  50. Sakhalin.
    Sakhalin. 28 May 2016 10: 50
    Border guard on duty
    Vigilantly stares into the darkness.
    Behind his country
    Immersed in a peaceful dream.
    At the border, the night is disturbing
    Anything is possible at night
    But calm sentry
    Because behind
    Our army is standing
    Labor and sleep keeps people;
    What is rich and strong
    Our peaceful country.

    Happy holiday men!