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Airborne of Russia interested in armored military-industrial complex 39273 "Wolf III"

Recently, when it comes to unified combat platforms, first of all they mean new armored vehicles of the Kurganets-25 or Boomerang type, as well as the Armata heavy tracked platform. At the same time, lightweight military equipment is being created in Russia. As one of the most likely representatives of the light combat platform, today the family of all-wheel drive armored cars "Wolf" VPK-3927 is also considered.

The car was first shown to the general public back in 2010 year at the exhibition MVSV-2010. After that, she was shrouded by the scrutiny of media representatives, news the fact that armored cars of the family undergo certain tests appeared every year, but the matter is not really moving off the ground. Armored cars are still experienced, they are not accepted by the Russian army. At the same time, according to the Vestnik of Mordovia, in May 2016, the Wolf armored cars lit up at festivities in the city of Vyksa in the Nizhny Novgorod region, where the plant is engaged in the production of shells for various Russian armored vehicles, from armored personnel carriers to the air defense missile system.

Perhaps the Wolf III armored car will be chosen as the wheel chassis for the new 120-mm self-propelled 2-XNNXX Zauralets-D self-propelled gun, which, along with the tracked version built on the BMD-36M base, will replace the well-deserved, but already outdated SAU 4C2 "Nona-S". For the first time, this installation, which may be of interest to the Airborne Forces of Russia, appeared in a video about the results of the activities of the Nizhny Novgorod JSC Central Research Institute "Burevestnik" in the 9 year. It was there that for the first time the 2013-mm ACS was shown on the wheeled chassis (120х6) of the Wolf III, an armored vehicle VPK-6. As it was possible to judge, the 39373-mm gun of this artillery system was a modified swinging part of the 120-mm towed 120BX2 "Nona-B" gun.

According to Russian experts, these machines in the army can be widely used, in addition to the task of transporting infantry or using them as a chassis for self-propelled guns, we can expect the appearance of armored vehicles with the installation of a variety of remote-controlled infantry and artillery modules, command and control, ambulance and truck vehicles . But this is only if the armored vehicle is really will be adopted by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

The military-industrial complex-3927 "Wolf" is a family of modern multifunctional all-wheel drive army vehicles of increased security. The armored car is distinguished by the modular design, which is based on a fairly powerful frame. The realized concept of a modular design implies a wide versatility of an armored car and its high degree of unification with neighboring ruler models. The car is also distinguished by the presence of a permanent all-wheel drive with a lower near. The suspension of the car is completely independent, characterized by the presence of variable clearance (from 250 to 550 mm). Due to the variable stiffness of the suspension, the Wolf can travel over rough terrain with a fairly high speed - 50-55 km / h. At the same time, the corners of the overhangs - 45-55 degrees (depending on the position of the body) provide a good cross in off-road conditions.

The YaMZ-5347-20 diesel engine with a volume of 4,4 liters is used as the power plant on the armored vehicle. Depending on the modification, the power of this engine can be from 190 to 312 hp. The installed engine allows a fairly heavy armored vehicle to reach a maximum speed of up to 120 km / h. The car is quite well prepared to overcome obstacles, it can overcome water barriers up to 1,5 depth meter without the use of additional equipment and improvements, as well as trenches up to half a meter wide and various vertical obstacles 0,5 meter height. The average range of the car on the highway with full tanks is 1000 km.

MIC-39273 "Wolf-III"

Initially, the developers of the military-industrial complex 3927 "Wolf" were planned 3 branches: armored, unarmored and civilian versions of the car. However, only armored versions are tested. In this case, the chassis of an armored car "Wolf" can be used to install various weapons systems: anti-tank systems, anti-aircraft systems of short-range, mortar fire systems, fire support weapons.

Innovative feature of all armored "Wolf" became BIUS - onboard information management system. It manages many units and units of an armored car: it monitors the temperature of the oil and coolant, tire pressure, ground clearance, etc. It is worth noting that this was the first experience of domestic manufacturers of military equipment in creating the most automated light-duty ground combat complex designed for installation on armored personnel carriers and cars.

According to Oleg Biryukov, sales director of AMZ (Arzamas Machine-Building Plant), pilot tests of various versions of the car were carried out in 2015 year. According to him, the armored car was created by the “Military-Industrial Company” by order of the Russian Ministry of Defense. The presence of a modular design allows you to install on the "Wolf" almost any target module, depending on the type of tasks that the machine will solve. A pneumatic suspension and adjustable ground clearance increase the performance of the car. According to Oleg Biryukov, the patency of the Volk armored vehicle is much higher than that of other cars of this class.

In addition, the "Wolf" is equipped with armor, which in its class of protection is higher than that of the currently used "Tiger" armored vehicles. Protection installed on the vehicle’s armor versions implies the presence of an anti-ballistic and anti-mine booking, which is carried out using special modular armor plates. The design of the car makes it easy to change damaged armored modules even in field conditions, and no special tools are required to replace them. Compared with its predecessors, the number of places for paratroopers was increased by 2 times in the new armored vehicle - to 20 places. Also an important feature was the ability to install a combat module depending on the need. Options with a combat module were designed exclusively for law enforcement agencies and the army.

It is also worth adding that the new Russian armored car, created by domestic engineers, is currently one of the first armored cars assembled only from components, parts and parts of Russian production. The main goal of the creators of the Volk family of cars was to develop a car designed for law enforcement agencies with a maximum level of unification between family cars built on the basis of the modular design principle, with a focus on the current and future Russian serial production. According to Alexei Kolchugin, the lead designer of the Wolf series, depending on the chosen configuration, these vehicles can be of general or special purpose: for various needs of special forces or conducting sabotage operations. At the same time on the armored car "Wolf" can be installed light artillery or heavy rifle weapons.

Initially, very high hopes are placed on the armored car. "The level of technology" Volkov "was dramatically increased compared with the" Tigers ", since a number of technologies implemented in Russia had simply not been used before," said Sergei Suvorov, press secretary of the Military Industrial Company (MIC). Among the new technologies, he singled out the hydropneumatic suspension of the car, the use of ceramic armor, the ability to book a car for 6-th protection class, the presence of an onboard information management system. Together, they take the “Wolf” armored car to a new level of development.

MIC-39271 "Wolf-I"

The armored car is presented today in four basic versions: MIC-3927 - the basic model of the “Wolf” family - a car (4 × 4) with a protected one-volume (7,2 m³) functional module. The internal volume of the cab (control module) for all other modifications of the armored vehicle is 2,4 m³.

VPK-39271 “Wolf-I” is a car (4 × 4) with a protected control module and a separate functional rear module (4,7 m³) designed for transporting personnel and installing various equipment with a given level of protection.

The military-industrial complex-39272 "Wolf-II" is a transport cargo truck (4 × 4) intended for the transport of personnel and cargoes with the possibility of installing various functional modules in the body.

MIC-39273 "Wolf-III" - a car (6 × 6) with a functional module (10,3 m³), ​​designed for transporting personnel, installing various equipment, with a given level of protection.

MIC-39272 "Wolf-II"

Tactical and technical characteristics of the military-industrial complex 39273 "Wolf-III":
Wheel formula - 6x6.
The number of seats is 2 + 18.
Overall dimensions: length - 6976 mm, width - 2500 mm, height - 2100 mm, wheelbase - 4550 mm, track - 2140 mm.
Ground clearance - adjustable (mm 250-550).
Turning radius - 7 meters.
Load capacity - 2500 kg.
Trailer towed weight - 2500 kg.
Gross weight - 9600 / 10200 kg (unarmored / armored).
The power plant is a diesel 4,4 liter engine YMZ-5347 with turbocharging power 312 l. with.
Maximum speed - 120 km / h.
Power reserve - 1000 km.
Overcoming obstacles: rise - up to 30 degrees., Side roll - up to 20 degrees., Ford - 1,5 m, ditch - 0,5 m, wall - 0,5 m.

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  1. Viktor fm
    Viktor fm 27 May 2016 07: 05
    The car is a dream.
    1. Alekseev
      Alekseev 27 May 2016 20: 03
      Quote: Viktor fm
      The car is a dream.

      Quote: Viktor fm
      According to TTX, the car is good, the question is reliability and price.

      The dream is for such reviews to be made by "competent comrades", and not by "some civilians" who could competently explain what is good, what is not, what advantages and disadvantages this armored car has over others of its kind.
      But when they write that on the Wolf is 4,4 liters of YaMZ-534 and it develops as much as 312 hp. (this is the volume of the MMZ-245 tractor Belarus laughing ), you can immediately see who you are dealing with.
      Of course, the discerning reader can guess: I mean YaMZ-536 and can understand a lot more. wink
      But, nevertheless, the conclusion suggests itself: if in the article the author writes nonsense about the characteristics of the applied engine, then how to relate generally to his competence in armored vehicles and weapons?
  2. pofigist_26_rus
    pofigist_26_rus 27 May 2016 07: 18
    According to TTX, the car is good, the question is reliability and price.
  3. inkass_98
    inkass_98 27 May 2016 07: 29
    Fixing the seats to the floor in the passenger module is not happy, although there is hope that this is not the final version.
    And there is a question on booking: in the technical specifications it is indicated that the difference in total weight between the armored and unarmored version is only 600 kg. Somehow this is hardly believed at such dimensions, the difference should be clearly greater, even if we are talking about cargo and passenger modifications.
    In general, the impression is not bad, if only the car would not turn into another exhibition copy.
    1. Yarhann
      Yarhann 27 May 2016 19: 20
      immediately about the reservation and the small difference in mass - you read the first word in the article and if you understand what this type of troops is doing, then all questions will disappear by themselves. Well, if not, then read ...
      why such a machine is needed and I completely agree with the representatives of the Airborne Forces in the Ministry of Defense - a large power reserve, a large capacity, a small mass of the car with the possibility of airborne landing.
      further on the armor - for the airborne forces the armor is not needed by the nature of the use of the airborne forces yes the protopulo armor will probably be in place but it makes sense - if the airborne forces are detected before the task is completed, it no longer plays what kind of armor their motorized infantry will make jelly out of them just because heavy weapons. Therefore, the RPG md and tp HE mines go to the furnace if they burned, then consider the task failed and in combat conditions the fulfillment of the combat mission is primary rather than the preservation of personnel.
      I see this car as a gas 66 replacement, and on this platform it is also possible to install both the MLRS and the artillery and ATGMs, namely such a set of tools is often necessary for the Airborne Forces to perform a combat mission.
      Yes, all this can be accomplished by BMD 4 - but it is significantly more expensive and carries less airborne assault - therefore, I think that there will be BMD 4 and sets of such puzzles in the airborne and artillery versions, etc., etc. in the organization of shock groups.
      Something like this .
  4. major124
    major124 27 May 2016 07: 39
    I want this instead of my UAZ .... crying
    1. Tektor
      Tektor 27 May 2016 22: 31
      The 6x6 wolf is a good option for a wartime logistics support machine: nothing more, maximum lightweight construction. The possibility of landing speaks for itself. But on the front lines on it, piling on is deadly. KVM.
  5. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 27 May 2016 07: 43
    I wish there was a single machine for all the forces. But the infantry liked one, the Airborne Forces liked the other, and the Strategic Rocket Forces and the OMON ordered separate vehicles. A single platform with common nodes, production, maintenance.
    It is clear that everyone has their own requirements and requirements. But you should strive to have machines that are universally adapted to any task.
    1. Yarhann
      Yarhann 27 May 2016 19: 26
      all of the vehicles you have indicated and so many units and assemblies will be identical only have different bodies - the most severe reservation for the Ministry of Internal Affairs is followed by motorized riflemen there is a necessary reservation and firepower well and then airborne forces and other variants of DRG are there armor is generally unnecessary there it is important that the maximum supply of fuel and lubricants ammunition and the most powerful weapons. That's all .
      Well, in the Strategic Missile Forces, the machines are essentially similar in terms of requirements to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, instead of trunks, the detection tools are various and highly developed.
  6. Slavs69
    Slavs69 27 May 2016 08: 37
    "Compared with its predecessors, the number of seats for paratroopers in the new armored car was doubled - up to 2 seats."-
    Well, what would not be 30 places? It is possible and how to push sprat ... negative Unification is good, but it's time to decide - either the military-industrial complex, or the Typhoon.
  7. Monarchist
    Monarchist 27 May 2016 08: 46
    Monarchist. The car is theoretically good, when it goes into production, then let's see how good it is. The serial sample and the exhibition difference is big. Perhaps some of the members of the forum know: the "lynx" armored car is a supposedly lecine version of the Ukrainian "patrol" and, in general, the current Russian armored cars are trash. , but I want to hear the opinion of experts
    1. Slavs69
      Slavs69 27 May 2016 09: 27
      Quote: Monarchist
      armored car "lynx" supposedly lecine version of the Ukrainian "patrol" and in general the current Russian armored cars are trash.

      "Lynx" - this is "Iveco", to the Ukrainian no side. Trash, just, This is "Watch". Well, the Russian Typhoons, Patrol-A, and even the intermediate Federal, Ural-VV, worthy vehicles. I judge from the point of view of the consumer.
  8. cosmos111
    cosmos111 27 May 2016 09: 53
    Quote: Slavs69
    "Federal", Ural-VV, decent vehicles. I judge from the point of view of the consumer.

    These are heavy BBM. Airborne, need light, transported by transport helicopter helicopters.

    The "Wolf" is an excellent AFV, BUT the suspension (hydropneumatic, with variable ground clearance) is very difficult and expensive to maintain.

    Need an independent suspension type: BBM MZKT, equipped with an independent double wishbone spring suspension model MZKT-5002.
    1. wanderer_032
      wanderer_032 27 May 2016 15: 08
      Quote: cosmos111
      These are heavy BBM. Airborne, need light, transported by transport helicopter helicopters.

      Gross weight - 9600 / 10200 kg (unarmored / armored).

      Not that hard. As airborne technology, it will do quite well. Everything is better than the KAMAZ "Typhoon".
      Moreover, the "Wolf-3" has a 6x6 wheel arrangement. Not 4x4 as Typhoon.

      As for the equipment that can be transported by turntables ...

      Quadriks and snowmobiles, small off-road vehicles 8x8 of the "Argo" / "Elisey" type or tracked small all-terrain vehicles of the "Tinger" type. The most is for the Airborne Forces, IMHO.
      1. cosmos111
        cosmos111 27 May 2016 17: 18
        Quote: wanderer_032
        Quadriks and snowmobiles, small off-road vehicles 8x8 of the "Argo" / "Elisey" type or tracked small all-terrain vehicles of the "Tinger" type. The most is for the Airborne Forces, IMHO.

        A howitzer to redeploy? 120 mm 2S36 "Zauralets-D", etc.

        Under the prospective Mi-38 (inside the cabin, up to 6 tons of cargo and up to 7 tons on external suspension).
        And you need to design armored vehicles for the airborne.
        1. wanderer_032
          wanderer_032 28 May 2016 04: 08
          Quote: cosmos111
          And to transfer the howitzer to gain?

          Why not Iskander OTRK at once? And also a turntable. laughing

          There are mortars 82 and 120 mm. To complete the tasks of these units - it’s enough.
    2. wanderer_032
      wanderer_032 28 May 2016 04: 14
      Quote: cosmos111
      Need independent suspension

      Spring type. But for the ACS based on the "Wolf-3", you can leave the hydropneumatics. Those. it would be nice to introduce one more type of suspension for "Wolf" cars.

      Spring type "McPherson" - for transport vehicles. Hydro-pneumatic - for vehicles on which weapons will be mounted.
      1. cosmos111
        cosmos111 28 May 2016 05: 04
        Quote: wanderer_032
        Hydro-pneumatic - for vehicles on which weapons will be mounted.

        What is +, hydropneumatic with variable clearance .., only that it is possible to drive a helicopter into any aircraft (if only it would fit in weight and dimensions)
        1. wanderer_032
          wanderer_032 28 May 2016 05: 35
          Quote: cosmos111
          What +

          The fact that the car body can evenly be placed on any slope, both along the longitudinal axis and the transverse. For gunners a very important thing.
  9. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 27 May 2016 11: 41
    This is a direct competitor to the Tiger car. The Tiger also has a design that allows you to make a 3 axle chassis. Engines and gearboxes are likely the same.
    1. DMB_95
      DMB_95 27 May 2016 12: 46
      The article says that the Airborne Forces are interested in the "Wolf". And just the other day there was information that "Tigers" began to enter the Airborne Forces. Do you want to operate two different (albeit good) cars at the same time? Perhaps this is not a bad thing, but unnecessary problems may well appear.
  10. black
    black 27 May 2016 12: 01
    The good thing is that when choosing equipment for the army, there is competition, there is a choice. Break in, test, ditch. And we'll see.
  11. marshes
    marshes 27 May 2016 12: 34
    A starry car, at a price like a Tiger, Volk1. Yes, and others are not bad. And then we have vovchiki on Tigers, and even with foreign engines.
    Although Paramount has earned ... But TIGER or Wolf-1 class cars do not plan to produce.
  12. Anphy
    Anphy 27 May 2016 22: 48
    Something he seems to be a little low. Or does it seem to me?
    1. Atlas
      Atlas 28 May 2016 10: 11
      he has the same pneuma, as it starts up and probably rises
  13. sir_obs
    sir_obs 27 May 2016 23: 16
    Hmm, the clearance is not enough.
    1. Genry
      Genry 28 May 2016 10: 38
      There, like BMD, it is regulated. wink
  14. artgrad
    artgrad 28 May 2016 00: 41
    Beautiful beast! For a very long time the military procrastinate
  15. bmv04636
    bmv04636 28 May 2016 09: 01
    Baikal module and an excellent raid machine will come out
  16. Atlas
    Atlas 28 May 2016 10: 13
    I don't quite understand the following. If NONA is outdated take Zauralets, but where did "Vienna" go ?? In my opinion, a very interesting device. Enlighten anyone in the know ...
  17. rudolff
    rudolff 28 May 2016 10: 31
    Vienna car is excellent, but was designed for NE. However, it is not in the NE either, except for the installation party. The mass is akin to BMP, even a little more. And Shamanov needs an airborne, lightweight, that’s the whole story. Although in DShB would be very handy.
  18. slovak007
    slovak007 1 December 2016 20: 51
    Beautiful car!
  19. anton.appukhami2016
    anton.appukhami2016 April 4 2017 10: 16
    For airborne vehicles, a suitable question, taking into account the performance characteristics, is how in life it will show itself in operation