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Experience is first of all an analysis ... or "catch it, fish, big and small"

Experience is first of all an analysis ... or "catch it, fish, big and small"

I would like to talk about one small episode, which can be useful for the "Book of combat experience."

... May 2002 of the year. Urus-Martan district of Chechnya. We were in the village police station (POM) of the village of Alkhazurovo temporary department of internal affairs (VOVD) of the specified area.

Before proceeding to the description of the specific situation in which we once fell, I would like to share my thoughts on the work of the village police stations as a whole. (Pay attention to the following text very carefully, since this is the most pressing topic - the prevention of terrorist acts. - Ed.)

The work of the POMs, of course, with proper organization of the service, had its positive aspects for almost all areas of law enforcement, because we constantly lived and worked among the local population. At the time of writing, I served in various departments of the internal affairs agencies of 26 for years, and I believe that I can objectively assert - the FSB, the military prosecutor's office, internal troops, etc. they often received initial information from us or rechecked their sources of information about changes or complications in the operational situation, illegal armed groups, people involved in them, the mood of the population, etc.

That is why the sudden transfer of POMs to the Chechen militia at that time, in my opinion, was a somewhat premature step. Only in the administrative district we serve remained one precinct commissioner whose police service was less than a year and four interns from among the local youth. All of these employees have a knowledge of the regulatory and legal framework - zero ...

Of course, orders are not discussed, but faithfully executed ... But after all, practically before our eyes, there were changes in a positive direction in relation to us, to our work, ordinary Chechens. This was especially evident after systematic performances in schools in front of students and at the so-called citizens' gatherings. As a rule, after the prayer at the mosque, the head of the local administration, together with the imam and the council of elders, organized meetings at our request. That is, our work became transparent in certain areas of activity, which ensured the fulfillment of one of the main tasks of the police - finding contact with the population, gaining some degree of trust in it, being able to get the necessary information and eventually preventing what happened in Nazran in the summer 2004 of the year ... (The material was written by the author before the events in Beslan. - Ed.)

It becomes obvious that the time of direct clashes is receding and more and more often gives way to ambushes, raids and local residents participate in them. I am sure that none of the services, except for the district police officer or the criminal investigation department operative, can quickly get information about, for example, suddenly disappeared locals from among the men, etc. Well, if you learn in time about the impending illegal action, I’ll say this: the detected ambush is no longer an ambush, but a trap that can be avoided.

In fairness, it should be noted that with the help of the local population, we found a considerable amount weapons and ammunition.

Now let me turn to a specific description of the episode, which may be useful for the "Book of combat experience."

The day before our withdrawal, in the morning, several Chechen taxis arrived at the POM and publicly (first oddity) reported that in 50 meters from the T-junction Alkhazurovo - Urus-Martan - Komsomolskoye (that is, on our way ) a mine was installed on the side of the road at night.

When we arrived at the indicated place — naturally, with preliminary engineering reconnaissance — we actually saw a mine and several pieces of wrapping wrapping paper nearby. And the mine itself was clearly visible from the road (the second oddity), but, unfortunately, I did not attach any importance to it - that is, I acted unprofessionally ... After reviewing the situation on the radio, we blocked the road, cordoned off the place and waited for military sappers. After a while they arrived in the convoy of one of the BTR, "Ural" and two UAZ. All this technique stopped directly at the intersection. Out of the car came the senior sappers in the rank of major. I showed him where the mine was installed and explained the situation, after which I went to my employees who made the cordon. Minutes through 20-25, the sappers blew up the mine, and we all went to their places of deployment.

Literally the next morning, it was reported that a mine was again installed at the same place! Upon arrival at the scene, the whole of yesterday’s picture repeated one by one. I also paid attention to that - on a rather busy highway, all movement of the local population stopped (third oddity) ...

When, after our report to the Urus-Martan VOVD, a column with military sappers appeared on the highway, I stopped it approximately 100 meters from the specified intersection. Coming to the same major who came yesterday, I expressed to him my fears that perhaps this section of the road was shot by snipers (then I thought only of snipers ...) But the major replied to me that the fear had big eyes and the police, as always, exaggerates, and that in this situation he defused hundreds of mines, etc.

Then I told him that the police officers subordinate to me would not enter the intersection, and we would block the roads at a safe distance from him. The major replied: "As you wish." The entire military convoy drove into the intersection and got on it to yesterday's place - well, just like a blueprint!

And only the servicemen began to get out of the cars, as one after another, six explosions thundered directly under the vehicles ...

As it turned out, these were radio-controlled land mines - then they found the remains of small batteries.

The consequences were injuries, contusion and damage to equipment ...

This leads to the fact that I analyze all the above-mentioned oddities on the very first day, then on the following night (during the mine installation) certain operational measures could be carried out at the specified intersection.

So what are my mistakes? The following why were not immediately analyzed.

1. Why was the discovery of mines reported openly and publicly at the same time several Chechens? (While the previously found ammunition was spoken confidentially).

2. Why was the mine not even a little bit disguised, but, on the contrary, everything was done so that it could be seen? (Scraps of paper packaging around, etc.)

3. Why was the second mine installed in the same place and also not disguised?

4. Why suddenly in a certain period the movement of the local population on the specified section of the road stopped?

This is what the absence of combat experience means. Conclusion: CONSTANTLY, ROUND-THE-DOOR to collect information, think, analyze.

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  1. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 28 May 2016 07: 50
    in any war - the main thing - who - who changes his mind. it works at all levels from the department to the Supreme .......... we were taught - to Think .... and not act according to the pattern - which is grateful .... because probably alive - though wounded .. ....not once...
  2. cth; fyn
    cth; fyn 28 May 2016 10: 26
    The author described an interesting episode, and brought the correct conclusion, in general, thinking is always useful.
  3. AleBors
    AleBors 28 May 2016 12: 20
    "Reconnaissance is conducted continuously in any conditions of the situation in order to obtain information about the enemy and the terrain ..."
    from the textbook of sergeant airborne ...
    In general, one must understand in war nothing just happens ..
  4. MAG
    MAG 28 May 2016 13: 15
    And in my presence, the police only drank vodka, and the soldiers guarded their drunken sleep, and during the shelling they did not run "into the ring" (defense), but they said, we have a family down. During their shifts, such shots came that they did not know how to load an automatic machine, and a week later these "wolves of war" believed that with an unscrewed butt, they were the coolest and most accurate shooters. There was no work with the locals, except for the purchase of vodka and lavash with jam, probably because they recruited a lot of people.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. fif21
      fif21 28 May 2016 16: 25
      Quote: MAG
      And in my presence, the police only drank vodka, and the soldiers guarded their drunken sleep, and during shelling they did not run "into the ring" (defense), but they said, we have a family
      How not to "fart" laughing
      Type in the search engine "Brothers do not be silent" and watch the DOCUMENTAL film about the work of the police.
      1. MAG
        MAG 28 May 2016 17: 26
        I saw them live how they behave as "work". I heard but did not see that the SOBR fellows are not very good fellows. Have you personally seen or worked there to "not fart"?
        1. fif21
          fif21 28 May 2016 18: 23
          Quote: MAG
          Have you personally seen or worked there to "not fart"?
          VOVD n.p. soldier
          1. MAG
            MAG 28 May 2016 19: 18
            What I saw and I say in 2001 Samaritans are all such Agishbatoy
            1. fif21
              fif21 28 May 2016 19: 56
              Quote: MAG
              What I saw and I say in 2001 Samaritans are all such Agishbatoy
              Sonny, I am Perm, yes Samara changed us at the end of April 2001. Elistanzhi, Agishbatoy ... familiar places. And when we meet the peasants (who were in the POM of Agishbatoy) I will ask about their "exploits".
        2. The comment was deleted.
  5. fif21
    fif21 28 May 2016 13: 46
    Just like that, even a boil does not jump up! A herd of Chechen cows grazes lazily while moving in a clearing. One of the cows, suddenly jumped sharply, and ran back about 5 meters again began to pinch the grass. A dry shot from the SVD completed the case. One Arab on earth has become less. The soldiers installed columns for the fence, dug a hole under the column, but did not put a column ... The next day, when installing a column of 2 three hundredths, a pit was mined during the night request And there are hundreds of such examples.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 28 May 2016 19: 39

      All right.

      To win, you must have knowledge confirmed by experience.
  6. Raday89
    Raday89 28 May 2016 23: 44
    for the second time and I would have suspicions. Good article. good
  7. Aviator_
    Aviator_ 29 May 2016 13: 28
    Reasonable article. Combat experience must be taught.
  8. saygon66
    saygon66 29 May 2016 14: 14
    - There are too many difficulties in collecting information in such places (Caucasus, Central Asia) ... first of all - the language barrier, ignorance of local customs and way of life by "business travelers", religious troubles ...
    - Here, the experience gained in the Non-Black Earth Region does little ... you need to live in these places side by side with the indigenous population for many years in order to understand the local intricacies at least a little bit ... And the militants (religious extremists) are a slightly different contingent rather than "clean" criminals - and 6 months of business trips will give nothing!
    - I won’t envy an operative from Tambov (let’s say) sent to work somewhere in Turkmenistan ...