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Mr. Tuka knocks on the closed ... wall. Why not in the open door?

24 May in the Ukrainian media published a small, but rather interesting interview with the deputy new Ukrainian ministry, Mr., sorry, pan, Tuka. That, which made prompt career from the blogger to the head of administration of the area. And today Georgy Tuka is the deputy minister of the new ministry. Ministries for temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons.

Mr. Tuka knocks on the closed ... wall. Why not in the open door?

We will not talk today about the ministry itself. Not because it doesn’t really bother us. Just because after loud statements about its creation, the Ukrainian authorities fell into a stupor. What will it be and what should it do. Therefore, in the staff of the new ministry, there are still as many as 3 (three!) People. The rest in the project of this state.

Today it is much more interesting for me to understand how Ukrainian ardent European integrators and fighters for independence see the further fate of their homeland. And George Tuk is from such. Only, in contrast to the "parasyuk" and "lyashko", he had already picked up the power and realized that the official should be responsible for the words. Not a member of parliament. And the problem that he was "thrown" to solve is what most Ukrainians really care about.

Crimea, Donbass, Kherson, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Nikolaev ... All these territories either have already come off "nenki", or on the verge. Yes, and "internally displaced persons" most have already stood up to the throat. According to the ingrained Ukrainian habit, today they are the cause of unemployment and the impossibility of raising the standard of living.

Their relatives and friends became "separatists". So, indirectly guilty and visitors. They require at least some opportunities for establishing their own lives in new places.

To begin with, I will quote common sense. Do not be surprised. It is sound. After all, the era of slogans passes. It is not particularly "Moskalyak" want to hang on the "Gilyak". Yes, and with horror they discover that life in the same Crimea is much better than in Ukraine. Even in the Donbas, where people die every day, better.

“The goal of reintegration is the restoration of civilian lifestyle in both controlled and non-controlled territories, the resumption of Ukrainian power, and the return of local civilians to a normal lifestyle. This requires some effort from both the government and the international community.

It should also be noted that, judging by the experience of international centers engaged in the study of armed conflicts, if within five years there is no reintegration of the territory, then practically the process never happens. "

I read this statement and thought: finally it came! At last, in the intervals between “antics and jumps,” at least one of the Ukrainian officials read international research on this topic. At least looked at international documents.

However, my joy quickly evaporated. The euphoria was replaced by the usual for Ukraine despondency. The correspondent of the Ukrainian media asked a very insidious question about the needs of the “liberated” territories of Donbas.

"The reintegration of the liberated territories involves several areas of work. One of them is the restoration of destroyed and damaged infrastructure, power lines, water supply, repair and restoration of the work of medical and school institutions. A very large list of what needs to be done.

In addition, it is necessary to create new jobs, because now, unfortunately, the problem of unemployment is very acute in the east, and it should be addressed, including by the state, with the involvement of international donor organizations and our domestic entrepreneurs. Because no one will create additional jobs for us. "

It seems that George Tuk has become an employee of the Zakharchenko apparatus. I'm not judging by words, by deeds. After all, it is there that they are trying to solve the problems of residents in this way!

But in this answer I was more interested in another phrase. Namely - "attracting international donor organizations." Speaking the language of an ordinary person, we don’t need loans, and they don’t give loans. Because we can not give. But let's give “free of charge, that is, for nothing”, as the hero of the Soviet cartoon said. Something broke in the minds of even people like Tuk.

Another answer shocked me. You will never believe what a Ukrainian deputy or official can say or write. There is enough patient for Ukraine in general, but especially for Donbass, a question. These are social benefits. But it is precisely the new ministry that is positioned as the main “resolver” of such problems.

Pensioners and other people who, according to the Ukrainian laws, are entitled to payments, have not received them for a long time. What's the matter? And here Tuku becomes that Tuku that was two years ago.

Ukraine is ready to pay money! Right now. However ... "It depends on how the opposite side will observe, first of all, security measures. How can we now talk about the restoration of payments if there are robbing banking institutions?"

So that's the thing. There are so many robbers in the Donbass that all banks are simply robbed. And all the ATMs too. A "cash" in the hryvnia buried in the ground and poured concrete.

The same "starotukovskaya" position of the deputy minister in the matter of elections. "I have never been categorically against the elections. I have always said that there are no prerequisites for this. They are not there now. They need to be created. If they can be created, then why not hold elections. However, in such conditions as now, then I I think that there can be no elections. "

"Elections are the last step. Before you hold elections, you need to take a number of measures that will ensure the legitimacy of the elections, their compliance with Ukrainian legislation, the participation of all political parties, the safety of election commissions and the media."

As we see, according to Tuk, there will be no elections in the Donbas. Because ... for a long time. Until the victory of the APU and punitive battalions.

But in general, if we consider this interview as the position of the government of Ukraine, a stable opinion is created that no one and nothing will be solved. All conversations are in order to calm down Ukrainian society. In fact, the government does not consider the question of reunification with the Donbas at all. It is important today to preserve those territories that are temporarily under Kiev control.

Donbass, according to Tuki: "At best, we will get Transnistria, and at worst, something like Ossetia." And I think it is on the basis of this that the policy of further development of the people's republics should be built.
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  1. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 26 May 2016 06: 18
    Donbass itself is not going to "reunite" with Maidania. Zakharchenko named the conditions! So let them do it laughing and then we'll see.
    1. Infinity
      Infinity 26 May 2016 07: 06
      International organizations said about 5 years (the term of "no return"), but the LPR does not want to return to the Ruin. It's the same with Crimea. There was nothing to undermine power lines ...
  2. poma
    poma 26 May 2016 06: 42
    They live in their own reality and dreams, but the thought - "there is no money" can be traced.
    1. 4ekist
      4ekist 26 May 2016 12: 43
      They are waiting for European gentlemen to sweep their butts and clean the sewers in the EEC.
  3. Vega
    Vega 26 May 2016 06: 51
    Another "great politician" will not say anything new, and even more so, will not do it. He is one of the pack, what kind of leader are the jackals.
  4. Ros 56
    Ros 56 26 May 2016 08: 08
    Yes, gentlemen, it's quite the opposite. This is the rest of Ukraine that should join the Donbass and it is necessary to start putting things in order there, some to prison, some to correctional work, some to leave in their places, but who excuse me to the wall. And many probably just have to be sent, but without anything.
  5. Stas57
    Stas57 26 May 2016 08: 37
    judging by the large photo of the gentleman above, the kargokulturnaya clothes

    it’s a special shirt under the bronronik, like any decent fool,
    in it, on the chest and back, is a special miracle cloth - it is called CoolMax - it removes steam and excessive heat so as not to sweat under the armor.

    brave claps came easier - an ordinary T-shirt, the choice of a pro!

    LJ Mokrushin Denis (s)
  6. 96423lom
    96423lom 26 May 2016 09: 59
    In order to do something you need a desire. But they, apart from the desire to satisfy their passions, have nothing for their soul.
  7. Konstantin Yu
    Konstantin Yu 26 May 2016 15: 16
    I can imagine how they would restore the Donbass, the Crimea and the fleet have been ebbed for so many years .. Storytellers with megalomania .... in a word, the people have a clinic for a long time
  8. evil partisan
    evil partisan 26 May 2016 15: 25
    Even it seems to me that the photographer found this Tuk at the moment when he talked with spirits ... what Or with one spirit - the spirit of Paramogi. yes
  9. 1536
    1536 26 May 2016 16: 36
    It is time for them to open a ministry of temporarily non-working industry, a ministry of temporary lack of transport, a ministry of temporarily non-producing agriculture and a ministry of temporarily NOT exploding nuclear power plants.
    And generally speaking, there can be no talk of playing off the two "fraternal" peoples. Because the Ukrainians attacked the Russians living in the territory of Ukraine temporarily occupied by the USA and Germany. And they did not just attack, but staged a real genocide, following the example of Kosovo.
  10. gladcu2
    gladcu2 26 May 2016 17: 26
    To recreate a country, you need to bring it to a single morality - ideology.

    As I understand from the article, this Tuka began to voice his morality, and then hesitated. He did not finish his logic.

    Conclusion, the methods are not changeable "and eat the fish and that would be comfortable to sit." That's not how things are done. You can't lie to yourself and others all the time. Will break off.