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Hitler youth as a supplier of "cogs" for the Nazi regime

The Hitler Youth (German Hitler-Jugend, the old spelling Hitlerjugend, abbreviated as HJ) is the youth organization NSDAP. The organization was founded on July 3-4 1926 of the year in Weimar as a national socialist movement. In the run-up to and during the Second World War, this organization was feeding the Nazi regime in Germany, supplying trained young men to the army and industrial enterprises of the Reich. Only young men could join the organization; a special “Union of German Girls” was created for women in Nazi Germany. In the 1945 year after the end of the Second World War in Europe and the surrender of Germany, the organization and its activities were banned as part of the country's denazification policy.

The appearance of this organization was preceded by another, earlier. According to a number of researchers, it was founded on March 8 of the year 1922. On this day, Hitler made his characteristic expression, which the public liked so much, in Volkisher Beobachter. His speech was addressed to the German youth, he called on its representatives to join the ranks of the Youth Union organization (Jugendbund), thereby joining the NSDAP. The initiator of the creation of this union was 18-year-old party member Gustav Adolf Lenk. At the same time, Lenk himself was not accepted into the game in 1920 due to his small age. Despite a number of disagreements that were between Lenk and Hitler, the latter nevertheless appointed him as the head of the Youth Union, which Germans from the ages from 14 to 18 could join. Those who entered had to fully share the views of the Nazis. The organization itself was divided into three subgroups: Jungmannschaften, designed for boys from 14 to 16 years, Jungsturm Adolf Hitler - for teenagers from 17 to 18 years, the organization also had a section for girls.

4 July 1926 was decided to rename Hitlerjugend as part of the Weimar Party Congress. This name was coined by Julius Streicher, and the full name of the organization was Hitlerjugend, Bund deutscher Arbeiter-Jugend (Hitler youth, union of German working youth). Two years later, Jungvolk (Young People) was created at 1928, the organization was designed for boys between the ages of 10 and 14 years. After some time in Germany, BDM (Bund Deutscher Mädel) began to operate, which included German girls between the ages of 14 and 18. At the time of Adolf Hitler's coming to power, there were approximately 100 000 people in the Hitler Youth.

Members of the Hitler Youth, 1938 Year

In the last years of the Weimar Republic, the Hitler Youth managed to contribute to the escalation of violence on the streets of Germany. Organized groups of young people participating in this movement attacked the cinemas of the country, in which the anti-war film "On the Western Front Without Change" was shown based on the novel by Erich Maria Remarque. Violence against viewers of the film and cinema owners led to the fact that this picture was even withdrawn from film distribution in many regions of the country.

In the early stages of the organization’s existence, its leadership sought to attract young people to it by any means. Solemn processions, parades and propaganda marches were organized throughout the country, sports competitions and military games, youth gatherings, hiking tours, international meetings with members of the youth fascist associations of Italy and other European states were held. The joint life and a large number of different events made the Hitler Youth an attractive enough organization for the German youth of 1930. Members of the organization also conducted regular pilgrimages to Braunau-in-Inn, the home of Adolf Hitler. In those years, any German youth could find something interesting for himself in the organization’s activities: it was not always war games, parades or sports, the organization’s members found time for aeromodelling, music, art or folk crafts, etc.

The Hitler youth did not consist only of paramilitary actions. On Sundays, its participants held parties in which small groups of young people gathered. They were engaged in the elaboration of plans for further action, and also collectively listened to propaganda broadcasts. At the same time, the young men who were not members of the Hitler Youth, were increasingly moving away from their comrades who were in the organization.

The camp of the Hitler Youth in the 22.08.1938 Mountains.

Joining the organization was possible with 10 years. Every year on March 15, all boys who reached the age of 10 were registered on a mandatory basis at the Imperial Youth Headquarters. After a sufficiently careful study of the information about the child and his family members, where special attention was paid to the “racial purity” of the young man, he was considered “free from shame”. In order to be accepted into the organization, it was necessary to pass the so-called "Tests of boys", as well as the examination by doctors. This was followed by a solemn ceremony of admission to the younger age group, which was called junfolk. The transition to the next step was carried out on reaching the 14 age, on April 20 on the Führer's birthday, in the presence of high-ranking party leadership. This transition was quite pompous and solemn.

Important attention in the youth organization was given to topics such as racial theory, German история and political geography, as well as population policy. In the foreground, in the Hitler Youth, there was a policy towards the Jews and the “Main race”, according to the history of the young man they traversed the history of the party and the biography of its leader - Adolf Hitler. In political geography, the greatest attention was paid to countries with fascist regimes in power. At the same time, even more important than the mental education of adolescents, was their physical education. The basis of the sports development of the German youth were various sports competitions. Since 1935, sports competitions of the Reich were organized annually in Germany. There were competitions in team sports and athletics, hand-to-hand combat and many other disciplines. Beginning in 1937, the Hitler Youth introduced compulsory adolescent training for shooting weapons.

At the first stage, even despite the fact that the Third Reich needed perfect people without flaws and injuries, special departments were created in the Hitler Youth for those children who had problems with hearing or sight, but on one condition that it happened not their fault. In general, it all began quite harmlessly. Something the organization was like any other organization of adolescents, be it the pioneer or the boy scout movement. So the boys were engaged in the fact that in the summer they sailed, pasted model airplanes, went on campaigns. It would seem okay. For children and adolescents, such training was interesting, and for adults it was a great opportunity to circumvent the terms of the Versailles Treaty, according to which the German army was limited to a minimum. The winning countries in World War I did not care about the German teenagers, who for some reason played war. However, after graduation from the Hitler Youth, almost every young man was ready for military service. In the middle of the 1930-s, those of them who glued airplanes began to learn to control the glider, who sailed - they served on ships, and in the campaigns, children increasingly practiced shooting, orienteering and disguise skills. A little later, they will sit down at the controls of the most real bombers and fighters, become submariners, take small arms in their hands and go to kill and enslave entire nations, subjugating almost all of Europe.

Eleven-year members of the organization train in rifle shooting

Over time, the influence of the organization increased, it turned into a mandatory for all adolescents without exception. 1 December 1936 of the Year in the Reich adopted the “Law on the Hitler Youth”, according to which all the young people of Germany, in order to prepare for their future duties, were to join the Hitler Youth and be brought up exclusively in the spirit of National Socialism. After this law was adopted, as well as the accession to the Reich of Austria and the merger of the youth organizations of this country with the Hitler Youth in 1938, the number of the union of German working youth increased to almost 9 million people. Also in 1938, the leadership of the Nazi Party comes to mind another "bright" idea to educate the German youth in the tradition of serving the community and the people not only in words but also in deeds. In 1939, the imperial youth leader Baldur von Schirach, together with Heinrich Himmler and the leadership of the German police, formulated instructions for the voluntary service of the organization’s members in special security units designated Streifendienst-HJ. The main purpose of these units was to assist in the fight against fires.

So first, formally voluntary participation in the youth movement has become a prerequisite for life and existence in Nazi Germany. According to the laws adopted in Germany, all without exception the families of ethnic Germans, who had state citizenship, were obliged to give their children to Jungfolk, Hitler Youth and BDM. They were threatened with large monetary fines or imprisonment, as well as rejection of children from the family in favor of numerous social shelters for refusing this practice. Also, despite the existing treaty between the Vatican and Hitler, innovations about the obligatory presence of adolescents in the Hitler Youth extended to the Catholic organizations operating in the country. As a result, the Nazi youth organization swallowed up all the young men and women whom she was able to reach.

After the start of the Second World War, in 1940, Germany developed a special program for the evacuation of children - the government rented farm houses and hotels located far from large industrial facilities and cities of the country, where more than 1940 thousand small were transported from September to November 200 German children. In the 1942 year, there were already about 600 thousands of boys and almost 1,5 of a million girls who provided all possible assistance to farmers. Also in 1942, a camp was opened, intended for three-week training of adolescents under the age of 17. The pupils of German schools went to these classes as whole classes, which were taken for a separate military unit. By November of the same year, the 120 camps in favor of the Wehrmacht and 45 in favor of the SS troops were operating in the Third Reich.

Hitler youth as a supplier of "cogs" for the Nazi regime

In the 1943 year, when 6, the German army agonized around Stalingrad, when the country could no longer ignore the increasing human losses on all fronts, when Churchill and Roosevelt announced at the Casablanca conference that they would accept only the unconditional surrender of Germany and others Axis countries, the Nazis set themselves the task - to win the war at any cost. However, where were the people to get to patch all the gaps that were formed. In response to the demands of unconditional surrender, Joseph Goebbels proclaimed a "total war".

On January 26, 1943, a law was passed in Germany that allowed the use of Hitler Youth members as assistants in the ground services of the Luftwaffe and the Kriegsmarine, as well as in rear anti-aircraft batteries. Fortunately, the organization’s pupils completed the necessary physical training course, were faithful and loyal to their Fuhrer, and were also ready to sacrifice their lives in the interests of the Reich. Then in 1943 the idea came up to create a whole unit, which would consist, if possible, of the members of the Hitler Youth. So at the beginning of 1943 the 12th was born tank Waffen SS division of the same name "Hitler Youth". A decree on her education was signed on February 10, 1943. Later, division soldiers earned the fame of fanatics, stubbornly fighting the Allied forces in Normandy in 1944. Most of the division will be lost in those battles. In one month of service, the division will lose 60% of its strength: dead, wounded, and missing. An interesting detail is that Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Alois Ratzinger) became a member of the Hitler Youth in 1941, and in 1944 he served in the Munich Air Defense Support Unit.

By the autumn of 1944, a very large number of members of the Hitler Youth was attracted to digging anti-tank ditches, and members of the organization’s flight sections began to quickly prepare as pilots for all types of combat aircraft available, including jet aircraft. The culmination of the transformation of children and adolescents into soldiers was the last year of World War II, when 13-year-old German boys were hastily trained to use Panzerfausts, sending Hitler Youth to anti-tank units. Particularly fierce resistance to the Soviet troops these Hitler cubs in a uniform, which was often more than their own size and in helmets dangling on their heads, had during the battle for Konigsberg, Breslau, Danzig and, of course, Berlin. For clarity of their devotion to the regime and the Fuhrer, even at the time of the complete collapse of the state, we can give one illustrative example, when a group of German teenagers 500 held defenses of the Berlin bridge Pihelsdorf for 5 days. During the fighting for this bridge, the group lost 450 people killed and wounded.

In fact, the members of the Hitler Youth and other Reich youth organizations became the last line of German defense. Even after the order was issued to dissolve the organization and the surrender of Germany, some members of the Hitler Youth continued to resist the forces of the allies. They sabotaged, fired allied soldiers, continuing to wage their own war out of revenge, or perhaps because they could not do anything else. After the end of the Second World War, some members of the organization were accused of committing war crimes, but they didn’t bring the youngsters to court because of their small age.

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  1. svp67
    svp67 25 May 2016 06: 18
    Forge Nazi personnel 12th SS Panzer Division "Hitler Youth", formed from the pupils of this "blacksmith". I fought until the last day. And in the actions of "werewolves", after the Victory they made a significant contribution. Maybe it’s worth regretting that not all of them were harassed back then, these "children" ...

  2. kalibr
    kalibr 25 May 2016 06: 50
    Very good material, giving an exhaustive idea of ​​what it is Hitler Youth. If this topic is continued by the author (well, all of a sudden), you can advise additional use of the Bundesarchive materials. If you write there and explain everything to them intelligently, then they will send photocopies of documents even for free!
    1. sherp2015
      sherp2015 25 May 2016 07: 14
      Quote: kalibr
      If you write there and explain everything to them intelligently, then they will send photocopies of documents even for free!

      Free under capitalism, traders do not even want to spit ...
      And for all kinds of Hitler youths, you need to look to the west of Ukraine - there it seems your hahlaugend comes to life, so as not to miss a critical mass
      1. kalibr
        kalibr 25 May 2016 10: 36
        You are not right. A lot of materials were sent to me from there and from Samur, and all for free. My graduate student, too, so not everything goes there for the money. Why did I write that you can work with them. But it does matter to researchers. They have to work with it.
        1. sherp2015
          sherp2015 25 May 2016 12: 42
          Quote: kalibr
          You are not right.

          Of course I'm wrong! We live under communism. All common and free
          1. gladcu2
            gladcu2 26 May 2016 15: 24

            Your morality is clear from the point of view of a citizen of the Russian Federation. But kalibr is right nonetheless. The "settled" countries of capitalism have some public sectors with full communism inside. Even some private corporations maintain a communist morality within themselves. It's more convenient to interact this way.
    2. gladcu2
      gladcu2 26 May 2016 16: 28

      You are right the material is very good. But. They do not speak of the enemy in a positive tone. Minimum in neutral. And you, kalibr, as a historian and publicist, need to do a comparative analysis of the systems. In simple, clear words. Not referring to Wikipedia, but with the help of simple everyday speech without unnecessarily broad concepts and scientific terms.

      To explain why, national socialism and fascism receive a negative assessment.

      Because it is a form of capitalism.

      Capitalism is a system of pumping, withdrawing, squeezing, money, money, resources from the hands of the majority into the hands of units. The accumulation of capital.

      When the crisis of capitalism comes, and this is when money has already been pumped over and there is nothing to pump. The vast majority are poor as church mice, then capitalism is looking for a way out of the situation. At this point, as a rule, the merger of the state and large private capital has already been completed. Then the capitalists pay attention to the people who by this moment are completely robbed and can barely make ends meet.

      Material resources are allocated attention !!!! Material resources for the formation of a single moral. Morality of national superiority and indicates the enemy, because of which this people lives poorly. Typical Ukraine.

      People have the opportunity to manage. The next step is the beginning of the wars of conquest. Fascism begins to conduct aggressive international politics guided by noble ideas.

      I hope I correctly and intelligibly explained.
  3. 34 region
    34 region 25 May 2016 07: 01
    Competent brainwashing. Very similar to post-Soviet Ukraine. It started so well. Interest groups, history, patriotism.
  4. qwert
    qwert 25 May 2016 07: 22
    Normal program of patriotic education of youth. Remove only the theory of undermenings.
    No drug addiction, alcoholism, depressions and other things that young people are suffering now. He designated the goal and the youth prepared for it. She felt herself a part of great achievements (I'm not talking about genocide and the conquest of the world) and a great power. This is a huge plus of such organizations.
    1. Aleksandr72
      Aleksandr72 25 May 2016 07: 59
      Who argues. But any such organization has a huge minus - young people (especially adolescents), due to their youthful maximalism and general immaturity of thinking, are easily influenced from outside. Roughly speaking, anything can be put into the heads of youths if presented with the appropriate sauce. And if you equip these youths, teach them to use these weapons in the slightest degree and point out the enemy, then there is nothing worse than 12-15 year old teenagers with machine guns. Post-war history of Africa and Asia, as called national liberation movements and simply tribal conflicts perfectly demonstrated this. I'm not talking about nationalism, tribalism and other ideas of national (tribal, etc.) exclusivity.
      The patriotic education of youth in such organizations is good for society, especially if you embrace youth as widely as possible - there will be no young gopniks loitering in the streets, there will be no youths hooked on weed (needle) or abusing alcohol. But this is only in one case - if the state takes on the task of developing a program of patriotic education with an appropriate ideological component. Without a fundamental idea, this work will not yield a result - all the steam will go off the whistle, there simply will not be a goal to be strived for, and young people don’t know the golden mean — they need achievements, a super task and this is right.
      We already had a pioneer and a Komsomol (about which I can’t say anything bad, if only I could avoid formalism and excessive bureaucratization in their work, which was far from always). But it was in a state called the USSR with its ideology and the idea of ​​internationalism. In the current modern capitalist (?) Society (in Russia, what we have in Kazakhstan) there is no idea (we are trying to develop a national idea, which however has every chance to slide into banal nationalism), respectively, and there is no goal to which we should strive .
      How to get out of this vicious circle, I personally imagine weakly. Not without reason in our country with such respect for the celebration of Victory Day, to the memory of that war - this is the little that still unites us all - our common mournful and heroic history. Perhaps this is the solution to the problem, at least one of the components of this solution.
      I have the honor.
      1. Bashibuzuk
        Bashibuzuk 25 May 2016 10: 20
        But I completely agree with you.
        The ability of the Germans to organize such a process of universal involvement of young men, youngsters, in the work of establishing statehood can only be envied.
        The direction of the state, of course, is disgusting, super- and untrue.
        And the approach to business is nowhere more thoroughly.
        The organization of sports, the organization "Sport through Joy" - also, for sure, was closely related to the Hitler Youth.
        As I can imagine how the struggle was put there - with drunkenness, drug addiction, youthful hobbies, imitations, all sorts of deviations - trembling crept.
        They immediately recall their own - the Oktyabrat, the Pioneer, the Komsomol - with the inevitable meetings and meetings.
        And now? Who will have time to shoot with a lot of "croc" before sticking the fins together? Here's a good time, huh?
        Young girls smoke wider and more than guys. More often you will meet a girl with a cigarette, GOING somewhere, than a guy.
        Here's what to do with youth? A dream.
        And what could be a dream? Ocean and space, the ice of Antarctica.
        And all this is very serious and costly, only on a state scale and can be mastered.
        But not the oligarchs.
      2. Mikhail Matyugin
        Mikhail Matyugin 25 May 2016 12: 23
        Quote: Aleksandr72
        Roughly speaking, anything can be put into the heads of youths if presented with the appropriate sauce. And if you equip these young men, teach them to use these weapons in the slightest degree and point out the enemy, then there is nothing worse than the 12-15 summer teenagers with machine guns. Post-war history of Africa and Asia, as called national liberation movements and simply tribal conflicts perfectly demonstrated this.

        You are absolutely right ! This is exactly how it is! And many note that in inter-tribal squabbles and in the wars of Islamists against "infidels" in Africa, it was teenagers who most often showed absolute cruelty.
    2. kalibr
      kalibr 25 May 2016 10: 40
      Yes, but remember how they helped veterans of the First World War, disabled people, mothers of large families? There was "summer help", autumn, winter ... when they knitted mittens, sat with the children. Everything is like a scout, by the way.
  5. Fotoceva62
    Fotoceva62 25 May 2016 08: 11
    Old as the world principle "do you want to defeat the enemy, educate his children." National Socialists are cannibals and this is not discussed, but they raised their youth themselves and got those they wanted. Only the Soviet man could defeat the “blonde beast”. But both forms of education gave youth physically healthy and devoted to their homeland. This is the tragedy of the Hitler Youth, and indeed of all of Germany. Under the leadership of the Nazi cannibals (servants of the world behind the scenes), they themselves became cannibals and criminals. Recall the Hameln Pied Piper ... a fairy tale is a lie, but a hint in it, a lesson for good fellows ...
  6. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 25 May 2016 08: 26
    good material. thank you ........ that's just from a military - sports organization everything has gradually turned into a brainwashing factory. I would like such an article about the female part of the German youth of that time.
  7. Basil50
    Basil50 25 May 2016 08: 52
    The author did not mention that the willingness to kill was brought up initially.
    The kids in the summer camp were given a little rabbit and they fed him, they held competitions among rabbits, who have more or faster, etc. At the end of the shift, they prepared a dish from a rabbit and held a contest for the most delicious rabbit. To hammer, freshen and cook the rabbit * the young Nazi * had to do it yourself, and then make a skin, also for the competition. In different camps, on * fattening * there were different * pets * but the programs were similar.
    With the emergence of concentration camps and when the rental of slaves in the countryside was a daily practice, the * young Nazis * were both escorts and overseers and * executors *. It is in the spirit of the Spartans raising their children on the helots.
    1. Basil50
      Basil50 25 May 2016 15: 06
      * Young Hitlerites * DO NOT inculcate allegiance to the MOTHERLAND, the entire educational system was built on PERSONAL DEDICATION only to Hitler, and nothing else. The parallel with scouts is incorrect initially, especially with PIONERY or KOMSOMOL. Only age is common, but the goals, objectives and methods of education are absolutely opposite. Not a single state before Nazi Germany prepared the next generation for slavery and the destruction of other peoples.
      1. voyaka uh
        voyaka uh 25 May 2016 18: 35
        "DO NOT instill devotion to the HOMELAND" ///

        Here are those hello! But what about Hitler’s main, central slogan:
        "Germany above all."

        Germany, the motherland, as it were, is inseparable from the Fuhrer. The Fuhrer is the father of Germany.
        You die for the Fuhrer, which means you die for your homeland, and vice versa. All such dregs ...
    2. The comment was deleted.
  8. masiya
    masiya 25 May 2016 09: 51
    The standard system for the normal organization of training for citizens of their country with a patriotic bias, and our history, the Oktyabrs, pioneers, the Komsomol is the same, only the ideological platform is different, as it is starting in Kakland now, so from a historical point of view the material is very interesting, but not unique.
  9. Divandek
    Divandek 25 May 2016 10: 25
    Parents of German children paid for such training? But I pay well for the same training my son. And the equipment is also at their own expense.
  10. King, just king
    King, just king 25 May 2016 10: 56
    Normal preparation. And a great idea. True with an "Aryan bias". Children and youth were brought up in a spirit of devotion to the Motherland and the country's leadership. The only thing, I repeat with the problematic racial approach. Although.........
    The problem of the Hitler Rigend is the Hitler regime, declared criminal.
    You might think of me as a pioneer of the USSR was brought up differently (rulers, summer camps, "Zarnitsa", etc., etc.).
    As a kid at that time, let’s say I really would like to be taught to shoot, drive a combat vehicle, and engage in weapons.
    That the Hitler Youth, that the pioneers - came out of scouts.
    Now what? Yes, the leadership, I think (although IM is probably p ... th), I would gladly restore pioneering, and bite it, bite it.

    Long live the indestructible union of the oligarchy and the workers - they will laugh, even babies. Pioneer be ready to protect the weak and oppressed - kids will send 3 letters.
    1. Fonmeg
      Fonmeg 25 May 2016 11: 15
      Tsar, simply Tsar (4) UA

      You might think of me as a pioneer of the USSR brought up differently ...

      Yes, only ideology was instilled in a man-loving, not animal one like these Hitler's fosterlings!
      1. King, just king
        King, just king 25 May 2016 22: 51
        By ideology. I did not want to write, but I will write.
        I wrote above: "With a problematic racial approach. Although ..."
        I read a book how it all began in the Union on the outskirts of the late 80s. There, the recollection is approximately: In Chechnya, a Russian mother and a Chechen father come to kindergarten to pick up their sons, they are told that yours fought today. The Russian begins to educate her son that it’s impossible so, to apologize, and the Chechen son slap his head that they said he fought badly with this Russian, he didn’t beat him. LIKE THIS!

        If only children from the kindergarten in the morning (as in China) sang a hymn, and they were told from the kindergarten that you are the Slavs, the coolest in this world, and no one is better than you on the whole Earth, then there would be such damned kids there were no gates. and slobbers such as whom the Basmachi beat and in the garden and at school. And the sports sections are free, and free dinners in the dining room with meat, and not gm, then the generation would grow up healthy, and not so faint and stunted-computer.

        If punk or an open rainbow homosexual appeared on the streets of Berlin in the late 1930s. guess how they would have reacted to them ... in the Gestapo, b ....
        I think I clearly reflected my racial approach.
  11. Fonmeg
    Fonmeg 25 May 2016 11: 11
    Plasticine from which you can mold anything! Nazi developments with the youths have adopted and fascist banderlog!
  12. castle
    castle 25 May 2016 11: 12
    [Alexander72] [But any such organization has a huge minus - young people (especially adolescents), due to their youthful maximalism and general immaturity of thinking, are easily influenced from outside. Roughly speaking, anything can be put into the heads of youths if presented with the appropriate sauce. And if you equip these youths, teach them to use these weapons in the slightest degree and point out the enemy, then there is nothing worse than 12-15 year old teenagers with machine guns]

    The Russian Ministry of Defense decided to revive the Soviet practice of the movement of the Unarmeans. State Secretary of the Ministry of Defense Nikolai Pankov said that "it is planned to solve organizational issues for the creation of the army army, including the All-Russian rally, by the summer"
    “The Unarmia movement should start in full on September 1 of this year,” Pankov said, noting that samples of attributes of the Unarmeans have already been prepared, a standard work schedule for the year and a typical Unarme year have been developed. In addition, they will create uniforms for the children in accordance with the types of troops — paratroopers, pilots, tankmen, sailors, etc. “Yunarmia” will have a full-fledged military-patriotic and military-sports program: military sports, training in military affairs - This is not only the assembly and disassembly of machine guns, but also the course of a young soldier with drill and fire training with air guns. Children will learn the basics of tactical actions, study the military history of Russia ”
  13. iouris
    iouris 25 May 2016 11: 17
    Serious political forces that look forward to working with children.
    1. Dr. Sorge
      Dr. Sorge 25 May 2016 16: 51
      For example, with all kinds of cycling, the city is for the cyclist under the flag, and the rest is not good .... Oh, Western funds work :(
  14. 1rl141
    1rl141 25 May 2016 11: 28
    "In 1943, when the German 6th Army was agonizing surrounded by Stalingrad, when the country could no longer ignore the increasing human losses on all fronts, when Churchill and Roosevelt announced at the Casablanca conference that they would only accept Germany's unconditional surrender and other Axis countries "

    This phrase just kills me, stsuka. Someone laid down in the ground in 1943, and these bastards already decided how they would share the victory.
  15. Free wind
    Free wind 25 May 2016 15: 02
    And for whom else did you prepare this damn yuganda? It is clear that not to replenish the Communist Party. But the inhabitants of the GDR, there was such a country, consisted almost entirely of former fascists, and in the ranks of the military, and even in the Stasi there were many former fascists, but the infection, it was the most devoted ally of the USSR. Soviet soldiers in Germany were never insulted.
  16. Jaros81
    Jaros81 25 May 2016 17: 51
    I advise you to read the book "Agony of the 1st SS Panzer Corps" The 12th division of the Hitler Youth was organizationally part of this corps together with the 1st SS Panzer Division "Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler". These guys were so "invincible" that for "the sixth time in the history of Leibstandart and the third time in the history of the Hitler Youth, both divisions were practically destroyed." (this is a quote from the book). And what is remarkable, for the most part, this "elite" snatched away from our army.
  17. kos2cool4u
    kos2cool4u 25 May 2016 19: 08
    Pope of Rome, too, by the way from the Hitler Youth :)))
  18. dark_65
    dark_65 25 May 2016 19: 47
    and to learn such organizational and ideological work is ... applicable to our realities.
  19. Kaiten
    Kaiten 26 May 2016 15: 34
    Quote: dark_65
    and to learn such organizational and ideological work is ... applicable to our realities.

    I can only advise raising our children ourselves. Professional or sports club, yes. Ideological - in no case, if you want the child to grow up as an independent person, then he must get the basic values ​​in the family; otherwise, you will get robots with only one slogan in his head.
  20. tiaman.76
    tiaman.76 26 May 2016 22: 19
    in fairness, you can see there were teenagers who became the first antifa, so to speak .. not all succumbed to brown propaganda .. like pirates of edelweiss or white rose .. there were very few of them and their resistance was more symbolic .. yes, and what could these not large groups of students and adolescents fights with the superior masses of the Jungens, the printing of leaflets, that's probably all that motivated them, well, someone was the children of murdered communist parents, someone was guided by the ideas of Christianity, but the fact of their resistance movement is there and it is signed in blood. Scholgos was accused of treason for creating a white rose, seized by the Gestapo and his sister and executed. And he was also for some time in brown pants before being executed on the guillotine, shouted "LONG HONOR FREEDOM!"
  21. tiaman.76
    tiaman.76 26 May 2016 22: 25
    The Nazis can bend us And put on shackles,

    But the day will come, and we will break the chains ... And crush the Hitler Youth.

    We chant freedom, love and life. We are the "Edelweiss Pirates"