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Deportation: a lesson or a reason

Deportation: a lesson or a reason

Deportation of the Crimean Tatars is again becoming an instrument of propaganda.

18 of May 1944 of the year pursuant to the resolution of the State Defense Committee No. 5859CC “On the Crimean Tatars” began the forced relocation of the Crimean Tatars to the Uzbek, as well as the Kazakh and Tajik Soviet Socialist Republics. The operation went swiftly - it was originally planned to be held in 12 – 13 days, but already on May 20, Deputy USSR Commissar of Internal Affairs Serov and Deputy Commissar of State Security of the USSR Kobulov reported in a telegram to the national commissar of internal affairs Beria: “The operation to evict the Crimean Tatars was completed today, 20 May, in 16 hours. 180 014 people evicted, shipped to 67 echelons, of which 63 echelon has 173 287 people. shipped to destinations, the remaining 4 echelons will also be shipped today. ”

The deportation of the Crimean Tatars, who had the opportunity to return to the Crimea only after half a century, still remains a convenient ground for a variety of speculations. This time, the effect was further enhanced by the Eurovision media resource, which was won by a Ukrainian representative with the song “1944”. Its text was more than politicized, although the leadership of the competition, where political declarations are, as it were, prohibited by the regulations, considered it neutral.

Je suis Crimean Tatar

Vigilant of all, the calendar was watched by the "friends" of Russia. The Turkish Foreign Ministry on the morning of May 18 issued a statement in which it was pathetically stated that "the occupation and illegal annexation of" Crimea by Russia "opened deportation wounds." Representatives of Ankara threatened that Turkey "will not allow to forget the pain of the shameful policy aimed at the destruction of an entire people," and will continue to support the Crimean Tatars in "their peaceful and fair struggle."

“On the anniversary of the deportation of the Crimean Tatars, which became a“ black page ”in stories of humanity, we condemn the fact of ethnic cleansing, ”the Turkish Foreign Ministry concluded.

It is curious that Turkey decided to condemn the fact of ethnic cleansing, which stubbornly resists the recognition and even mention of the Armenian Genocide on 1915, on its territory - the second most studied act of genocide in history after the Holocaust. There are good reasons for this - the Armenian genocide had a lot in common with the extermination of Jews in the Reich, even medical experiments on Armenians, which were called “harmful microbes” in official documents. The main promoter of this policy was Dr. Mehmet Reshid, the governor of Diyarbekir, who was the first to order horseshoes at the feet of the deportees. The Turkish encyclopedia 1978 of the year characterizes Reshid as a “wonderful patriot”.

Turkey spends significant funds on PR campaigns on “denial”, including making generous donations to universities. And when the issue of recognition of the genocide by the parliaments or governments of different countries is actualized, Ankara threatens them with diplomatic and trade sanctions.

In Kiev, the anniversary of the deportation was covered as expectedly widely. It is necessary to note the constant attempts to tie the definition of “genocide” to the deportation of the Crimean Tatars and somehow to blame, by complex semantic manipulations, what has happened in modern Russia.

President of Ukraine Poroshenko personally took part in the “requiem commemoration meeting of the victims of the deportation of the Crimean Tatar people,” where, by tradition, he declared himself a Crimean Tatar as a sign of solidarity.

And he made a sensual speech, where he tried as much as he could to incite ethnic hatred in the Russian Crimea. “The so-called friendship of the peoples in Moscow”, according to Poroshenko’s text, flowed into the “Russian occupational temporary authority”. And “Stalin’s grandchildren who deserve their ancestor,” the Ukrainian leader said, “reanimate the policy of genocide.” Since “capital, authorities and flags changed in Russia, kings, general secretaries and presidents ... from the time of Catherine II, Petersburg and Moscow invariably persecuted the Crimean Tatar people. This is a constant in the policy of Russia of all regimes, ”Poroshenko proclaimed.

His speech was accompanied by widespread activities of a smaller caliber, one way or another pedaling the theme of the everlasting alliance of Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars against a permanent enemy - Russia and the Russians.

All this activity was supported by a wide variety of media, including the BBC and Radio Liberty.

During the rally dedicated to the next anniversary of the deportation of representatives of the Crimean Tatar people from the Crimea. Photo: Alexey Pavlishak / TASS

Causes and Effects

It is safe to say that the topic of deportation of the Crimean Tatars will be regularly pulled out to the surface as long as Russia has Crimea, as long as Russia has enemies and Russia exists at all. This is too convenient a reason for anti-Russian propaganda to not use it.

At the same time, the facts are such that the deportation of 1944 of the year was, perhaps, the only possible action under those conditions, which certainly had nothing to do with the genocide or the attempt of it.

If during the perestroika and post-perestroika period it was possible to refer to a certain closeness of the archives and the lack of access to the necessary data, thanks to which fantasies and speculation were not restrained by anything, then by now the situation has changed. Information on the course of the deportation and, most importantly, the reasons that led to it, is available to any researcher.

The Crimean Tatar of the period of the Great Patriotic War could not be considered a model of a loyal Soviet citizen. With a total population of 200 thousands of people (the pre-war Tatar population of Crimea was less than 20% of all inhabitants of the peninsula) according to the certificate of the High Command of the German ground forces from 20 in March 1942, in the service of the Reich consisted 20 of thousands of Crimean Tatars, that is, almost all mobilization call-up population. Most of these 20 thousands deserted from the Red Army.

This circumstance was one of the key points in the letter to Beria to Stalin No. 424 / 6 of 10 in May 1944 of the year, which also stated that the German fascist occupiers created an extensive network of "Tatar national committees," whose branches "widely assisted the Germans in organizing and putting together from among deserters and Tatar youth of Tatar military units, punitive and police units for action against units of the Red Army and Soviet partisans. As punitive and police Tatars were particularly brutal. "

Tatar National Committees took an active part, along with the German police, in organizing the hijacking of more than 50 thousands of Soviet citizens in Germany: they collected money and things from the population for the German army and conducted treacherous work on a large scale against the local non-Tatar population, oppressing it in every way. The activities of the "Tatar National Committees" were supported by the Tatar population, "to whom the German occupying authorities provided all sorts of benefits and incentives."

Considering all the above, the Soviet leadership was faced with a non-trivial task: how to react. Committed literally before the eyes of the rest of the non-Tatar majority of the population of the peninsula, it was simply impossible to ignore and unleash the brakes. The absolute majority of non-Tatars perceived their neighbors as criminals and often blood enemies. The situation could well turn into a real genocide, and a spontaneous one.

It was also problematic to act in accordance with the letter of the law - all solutions to such situations prescribed in the laws were again reduced to actual genocide. According to article 193-22 of the then Criminal Code of the RSFSR, “unauthorized abandoning of the battlefield during a battle, surrender that was not caused by the combat situation, or refusal to act during the battle weaponsas well as going over to the side of the enemy entails the highest measure of social protection with confiscation of property. ” If the Soviet government decided to act according to the law, then the majority of the Crimean Tatar adult male population would have to be shot.

As a result, the deportation was chosen, which, contrary to myths, was carried out with the greatest possible comfort at that time. Although the observance of human rights in their modern sense was not really a question: in the courtyard, we recall 1944 a year.

It is also noteworthy that during the three-day deportation 49 mortars, 622 machine guns, 724 machine gun, 9888 rifles and 326 887 ammunition guns were seized from the “special contingent”.

The deportation of the Crimean Tatars and the events that caused it do not refer to those pages of national history that are called glorious, but one should not forget the lessons of history. For this reason, events in the Crimea itself were far from being as demonstrative as those of foreign "sufferers." The Government of the Republic of Crimea has opened the first stage of a memorial memorial at the Lilac station in the Bakhchisaray district. The head of the Crimea, Sergey Aksenov, said that "the complex will be crowned with a mosque and an Orthodox church as symbols of unity not only of two religions, but of all denominations on the peninsula."
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  1. verb
    verb 28 May 2016 06: 37
    That's right. Only I would say bluntly: RUSSIA DOESN'T EXIST, but as long as Great Britain, France and, especially, the States exist. Maybe they will be washed away at last. I’m not a hater, but it’s time for Mother Earth to intervene in human affairs.
  2. Egoza
    Egoza 28 May 2016 06: 38
    Crimean Tatars should thank Stalin for the deportation. Otherwise, the returning soldiers of the Soviet army would have remembered all their "art" and no trace of them would have remained at all.
    1. Volga Cossack
      Volga Cossack 28 May 2016 07: 30
      One of the reasons for the deportation was precisely the fear of pogroms of the Crimean Tatars - not from the Red Army but from the local population, for all their atrocities ......... so they should be grateful that they were preserved as an ethnic group, as it were did not sound. I have the honor. Cossack Volgin.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Igor39
      Igor39 28 May 2016 08: 43
      And the Germans deported on August 28, 1941, 367000 should also say thanks to Stalin?
      1. sevtrash
        sevtrash 28 May 2016 09: 29
        Quote: Igor39
        And the Germans deported on August 28, 1941, 367000 should also say thanks to Stalin?

        Did 110 interned Japanese say thanks to Roosevelt? And Roosevelt’s decrees declaring not only the Japanese, but also the Germans, Italians (there hasn’t been a war with the latter yet) - hostile foreigners?
      2. Ami du peuple
        Ami du peuple 28 May 2016 09: 38
        Quote: Igor39
        And the Germans deported on August 28, 1941, 367000 should also say thanks to Stalin?
        Yes thank you. In truth, the Volga Germans were also saved. There were objective reasons for the resettlement of the Volga Germans. The front rolled towards the Volga. And ahead of the front was a wave of refugees who saw with their own eyes what atrocities the Germans did. Not some abstract fascists there, but Germans. And what would those refugees with the very Germans have done there, in the Volga region, in whose eyes the Germans had burned their villages, killed relatives and relatives?
        That is why they were moved away from sin away, and not because they were afraid that all the Volga Germans would join the German-fascist troops together. Although this factor, of course, also could not be discounted. The German occupation administration without fail involved collaborators in the occupied territories. And Volksdeutsche was an ideal target for them for recruitment.
        Again, the Americans did much better - all ethnic Japanese, US citizens, were simply closed in concentration camps.
        1. Igor39
          Igor39 28 May 2016 10: 31
          What would it be if .... I now know for sure that if my grandmother had ..., then she would be a grandfather.
      3. EvgNik
        EvgNik 28 May 2016 17: 28
        Quote: Igor39
        And the Germans deported on August 28, 1941, 367000 should also say thanks to Stalin?

        Why not? Thank you to all deported peoples. They were not destroyed, they were resettled. And it is not known what would have happened to these peoples if they had not been deported. Although it can be assumed. Now they would practically not exist.
        1. Igor39
          Igor39 28 May 2016 18: 16
          Limitless kindness, as in a joke: Krupskaya recalls how kind Vladimir Ilyich was.
          - Vladimir Ilyich once sits on a bench, sharpens a razor, and next
          a little girl sits on a bench. Vladimir Ilyich will look
          look at her, and sharpen again, look, and sharpen again ...
          And he could have slashed !!!
          1. Ami du peuple
            Ami du peuple 28 May 2016 18: 33
            Quote: Igor39
            And he could have slashed !!!
            Igor, your sarcasm is clear. Moreover, I personally believe that the Volga Germans were punished (if deportation in their case is considered as punishment, and not salvation - as I wrote above) is unfair. Unlike the same kyrymly and individual peoples of the North Caucasus, who really actively and massively collaborated with the Nazis and are responsible for a significant number of anti-state crimes.
            Honestly, if I were in 1941 on the site of an ordinary Soviet citizen of German descent, I don’t know how I personally would have reacted to the eviction to Kazakhstan. Even realizing the need for such an event. I certainly would not be happy.
            But such was the usual then practice of all howling parties - to preventively protect yourself from possible accomplices of the enemy. Even by evicting / isolating entire national groups.
            1. Igor39
              Igor39 28 May 2016 18: 39
              They were forcibly driven out of their homes and places of permanent residence, as well as deprived of autonomy, they were allocated two days for fees.
              1. alleksSalut4507
                alleksSalut4507 30 May 2016 22: 28
                and peoples, at all times in wars, always robbed, deprived, sent for slaughter for the sake of someone, something. and did not particularly ask. in all ages there were extreme ones, with all the kings.
      4. alleksSalut4507
        alleksSalut4507 30 May 2016 22: 20
        read what the United States did with the Japanese who lived in the territory of the states, the French with the Germans (and that with those who denied the Hitler regime in the above privacy), the Japanese - with English speakers. take an interest. not a Stalinist whim here.
  3. Basil50
    Basil50 28 May 2016 07: 15
    There is no great complacency in the decision of the government of RUSSIA to pardon the Crimean Tatars, nor is there completeness. It is required * yesterday * to hold a tribunal for crimes of the Crimean Tatars, by name, and to convict in an open trial. War crimes do not have a statute of limitations. Many of today's Tatars, and other offended at once shut up. No one is happy with a public review of the vileness of their ancestors. But I’m afraid that the current government of RUSSIA will not decide on such a thing, it is a matter of the future, our children and grandchildren will still HAVE to carry out such processes, the need will force it.
    1. Basil50
      Basil50 28 May 2016 08: 06
      Actually, the photo shows loading into the train of Jews, under the * leadership * of the Jewish police.
  4. Koshak
    Koshak 28 May 2016 07: 25
    Crimean Armenians, Bulgarians, Greeks were also deported. Only their descendants are not PR.
    1. ProkletyiPirat
      ProkletyiPirat 28 May 2016 07: 55
      they are not currently trying to use their descendants as cannon fodder against the Russian Federation ...
  5. iury.vorgul
    iury.vorgul 28 May 2016 07: 48
    There is an excellent book by the historian I. V. Pykhalov "Why Stalin Expelled the Nations". It describes in detail both the reasons and the procedure for the deportations. But the liberal mass media keep silent about these facts.
  6. zoknyay82
    zoknyay82 28 May 2016 08: 06
    We must not forget that the Crimean Tatars, dear to the western heart, have raided our lands for centuries, betrayed Russia in the Crimean War, in general they have always been white and fluffy, in the western vzdyad. The American Indians were reduced to zero and no one is ashamed of them.
  7. Blondy
    Blondy 28 May 2016 08: 22
    The article is a definite plus, although certainly not the first swallow. But RT is a huge minus. I understand earlier, in the era of dominance of CNN, BBC, and other BC, but now. when RT is already considered in the west as a monster of propaganda, and enjoys considerable authority among their people. Here is a flaw in the disclosure of the problem of deportation of the Tatars, in a comparative aspect, with the deportation of Germans from all parts of Western Europe in the era of post-war denazification, and the suppression of other pre-war secret treaties, including the Hitler-Pilsudsky Pact of 1934. providing for the attack of Japan, Poland and Germany on the USSR. And the role of Yakovlev, as it turned out, was an aggrieved suspected CIA agent who did not ask why the United States published only the German-Russian Treaty and did not publish the rest. Failure to mention the automatic denunciation of the Soviet-Polish treaty (essentially a declaration of war) after the seizure of Poland’s Tishinsky region in a joint attack with Czechoslovakia with Germany. It is time for RT to switch from a clip worldview (these are diplomats who, in order to achieve progress, agree to consider the problem from now on, otherwise it will be possible to argue each with their own program until the end of the century) to the historical one, defending spreading our truth, or at least as fashionable now speak synergistic.
  8. Mikhail Matyugin
    Mikhail Matyugin 28 May 2016 09: 02
    As punishers and police, the Tatars were particularly cruel. ”
    Yes, and the funny thing is that the Crimean Tatars thought that the Germans "forgot or did not know" about how their ancestors cut out the last Goths in Crimea. But the Germans just knew about it and remembered well, and despite the general collaboration on the part of the Tatars, they were also preparing their deportation - only for other reasons than Stalin.
  9. netvrz
    netvrz 28 May 2016 09: 02
    Any state is only worth something when it can defend itself. This is an old truth, suffered with blood. This is, firstly. Secondly, or even somewhere at the end of all possible reasons, there is the question of Russian wine, the wine of the Russian people. It is enough to read the names of the persons responsible for the deportation, and try to find Russian names among them. However, for some reason only the Russians are to blame. I'm not a nationalist. I am deeply indifferent to what nationality some scoundrel belongs to, as well as those who, due to their parochial reasons, make every effort to destroy the country in which they live. And we must fight them in all ways permitted by law, regardless of what our "well-wishers" will say.
  10. masiya
    masiya 28 May 2016 09: 28
    That mass of weapons seized from the poor and defenseless Crimean Tatars deported in itself says a lot about a division, that’s enough for defenseless farmers and cattle breeders ... all this should have earned after our war in our people, by encouraging Western well-wishers.
    1. code54
      code54 29 May 2016 12: 07
      That's for sure!!! "49 mortars, 622 machine guns, 724 assault rifles, 9888 rifles and 326 887 ammunition were seized." This is not a couple of hundred hunting Berdanoks !!!
  11. Captain45
    Captain45 28 May 2016 12: 05
    German translation
    Foreign Ministry representative at the headquarters of the 11 Army
    REPORT No. 150
    Contents: The mood of the Crimean Tatars
    As an example, the attitude of the German army of the predominant part of the Tatar population in Crimea, I am sending you with this 3 copy of the translation of a letter of appreciation from one influential intelligent Crimean Tatar in the name of the Führer.
    There are not rare cases when defectors from the Tatars from the territory of the USSR ask for their enrollment in the German army in order to be able to fight weapons in their hands against Moscow and Bolshevism.
    On behalf of -
    Sonderfuhrer Schumann
    1) The High Command of the Armed Forces of Germany.
    2) Advisor to the Embassy von RANTZAU
    GA RF

    German translation
    Berlin, Schöneberg, 16.1-1942
    No. 160 / 42. Badenchesstrasse 51.
    Contents: On the improvement of the situation and on the release of Soviet prisoners of war - Crimean Tatars.
    1. Crimean Tatars should be immediately put in a better position than
    the rest of Soviet prisoners of war, in relation to food, uniforms and
    1. Since they undertake during the war to work as civilian employees in German economy or in occupied areas, they should be released from captivity.
    In the imperial regions, liberation should be carried out within the meaning of the order (OKV, 2 and 24.18 to prisoners of war (1) No. 3671 / 41 from 14.6.1941 (liberation of French prisoners of war Slovak citizenship).
    1. The remaining Crimean Tatars in the camps should be used in the best posts, for example, as an auxiliary guard, etc.
    2. To 15.3.1942, to convey:
    a) On the number of Crimean Tatars relieved of work in industry and
    the farm.
    b) On the number remaining in the camps.

    Head of OKV.
    On behalf of: Breyer. Right:
  12. Captain45
    Captain45 28 May 2016 12: 06
    Secret Field Police No. 647
    No. 875 / 41 Translation To His Highness Mr. Hitler!
    Allow me to convey to you our cordial greetings and our gratitude for the liberation of the Crimean Tatars (Muslims), languishing under the bloodthirsty Jewish-Communist yoke. We wish you long life, success and victory of the German army all over the world.
    Crimean Tatars are ready to fight your call with the German People's Army on any front. At present, partisans, Jewish commissars, communists and commanders who did not manage to escape from the Crimea are in the forests of Crimea.
    For the early elimination of partisan groups in the Crimea, we earnestly ask you to allow us, as good experts on the roads and paths of the Crimean forests, to organize from the former "kulaks", groaning for 20 years under the yoke of Jewish-communist domination, armed detachments led by the German command ... We assure you that in the shortest possible time the partisans in the forests of the Crimea will be destroyed to the last man.
    We remain loyal to you, and again and again we wish you success in your endeavors and long life.
    Long live His Highness, Mr. Adolf Hitler!
    Long live the heroic, invincible German people's army!
    The son of the manufacturer and grandson of the former mayor of the city of Bakhchisaray - AM ABLAEV
    Simferopol, Sufi 44.
    True: Sönderführer - MUDES
  13. Captain45
    Captain45 28 May 2016 12: 14
    These are the "innocent victims" they are. After all, paper is eternal, it keeps everything. In archives you can find a lot of interesting things, you can find who is with whom, how and how much.
  14. Hlavaty
    Hlavaty 28 May 2016 12: 47
    It would be interesting to see some documents about what the fathers of grandfathers Dzhamilev, Chubarov, Lenurov and other activists did during the war.

    And it would also be very useful to tell in detail about the symbol that is on the flag of the Crimean Tatars (tamga of khans Gireyev if I am not mistaken). And what "services" these khans of Girei have before the Slavs. Slave trade, massacres, atrocities and other "merit".
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 28 May 2016 13: 07
      Quote: Hlavaty
      And what "merits" these khans of Girei have before the Slavs

      there is merit! in Bakhchisarai, the palace was built with a fountain of tears. There would be no such fountain, A.S. Pushkin would not have written The Fountain of Bakhchisarai. And what a wonderful ballet! Ulanova shone! Ltd! laughing
    2. bastard
      bastard 28 May 2016 20: 11
      Quote: Hlavaty
      It would be interesting to see some documents about what the fathers of grandfathers Dzhamilev, Chubarov, Lenurov and other activists did during the war.

      And it would also be very useful to tell in detail about the symbol that is on the flag of the Crimean Tatars (tamga of khans Gireyev if I am not mistaken). And what "services" these khans of Girei have before the Slavs. Slave trade, massacres, atrocities and other "merit".

      Quote: Silhouette
      The Crimean Tatars did not learn any lesson from what happened. Therefore, you will not hear repentance from them either. And with perseverance worthy of better use, upon returning to the Crimea, they chose leaders who were children of the policemen - Dzhemilev and the like, whom they began to call the Mejlis.

      Oranges will not be born from aspen. All! Dot!
  15. ver_
    ver_ 28 May 2016 13: 00
    Quote: zoknyay82
    We must not forget that the Crimean Tatars, dear to the western heart, have raided our lands for centuries, betrayed Russia in the Crimean War, in general they have always been white and fluffy, in the western vzdyad. The American Indians were reduced to zero and no one is ashamed of them.

    ... It’s just that the issues need to be resolved in a timely manner — when Crimea became part of Tsarist Russia to deport all this element to Turkey — then there weren’t many of them and there wouldn’t be any problems, at least the Americans would not stand on ceremony ..
  16. Silhouette
    Silhouette 28 May 2016 14: 40
    The Crimean Tatars did not learn any lesson from what happened. Therefore, you will not hear repentance from them either. And with perseverance worthy of better use, upon returning to the Crimea, they chose leaders who were children of the policemen - Dzhemilev and the like, whom they began to call the Mejlis. The local population of Crimea declared aliens, and themselves indigenous people. Well, they began to pave the way for the Russians in the Crimea, at the opportunity, to transfer to a powerless position. For this, in 1991, at their First Kurultai, they adopted the Declaration and Constitution of the Tatar state, as a goal guideline for the entire Tatar tribe.
  17. Dessa
    Dessa 28 May 2016 20: 01
    But the photograph with the Jews
  18. Aviator_
    Aviator_ 29 May 2016 11: 24
    And why has no one rehabilitated and repatriated the Sudeten Germans until now? Indeed, without the annexation of the Czech Republic, Hitler would not have had the Skoda and Che-zet factories, which supplied him with weapons until May 1945. In 1938, the Germans entered Czechoslovakia formally because the "bad" Czechs offended the "good" Sudeten Germans.
  19. magician
    magician 14 June 2016 22: 19
    I don’t remember the author, I read about the WWII scouts 30 years ago in a magazine. It describes the situation when in a village in the Crimea, our intelligence officers in German uniform presented a Tatar elder with a tray of Red Army books. It may well be fiction. But the Tatars fought the Red Army and fought very well.