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Two terrorist attacks in Yemen, more than 40 people died

In Yemeni Aden, where the government temporarily resides, a loyal president who fled the country, thundered 2 explosions that killed 45 people, reports the agency Associated Press.

Two terrorist attacks in Yemen, more than 40 people died

In both cases, the explosive devices were activated by suicide bombers: one was in a mined car, the other carried a charge on himself.

First, a car parked at the recruiting center exploded, killing at least 20 people.

The second suicide bomber blew up the charge at the house of the commander of the government army “The commander was not injured, but 25 recruits of the Armed Forces and those who wished to join the army were killed. Dozens of people were injured, ”a military source told the agency.

Responsibility for the explosions took the group of the IG.

Earlier it was also reported about the death of more 20-ti recruits as a result of the terrorist attack that occurred in Yemen on May 15.
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  1. iliitchitch
    iliitchitch 23 May 2016 13: 51
    To water. In toilets. Muffler right away. Jews have a lot to learn. This is ALREADY a philosophy of these scoundrels of pseudo-Islamists - to pull the people for nothing for nothing. Stoned and forward. What is the victory? Here are the bastards.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. with
    with 23 May 2016 14: 14
    The victory is that the psychologists from the CIA have introduced the identity programs they need into the mass consciousness of "Countries on the Way to Democracy" - a radical pseudo-Islam, the theory of occupation first in Poland, then in the Baltic States and Ukraine (after all, hatred of burials is irrational!). And now these phantoms have found real life, followers, fanatics, apologists. And since all these programs are the fiend of hell (the State Department), their impact on our reality is destructive. Therefore, Russia needs to unite all healthy forces, including religious ones, against the "tourists from the NSA, the CPU" and their projects, which are moving towards complete independence.
    1. iliitchitch
      iliitchitch 23 May 2016 15: 28
      I agree, colleague. About the "theory of occupation" is generally a masterpiece. No, I’m not joking. And for me, if a person is a ram - then put at least five matches in his eye - it will remain a ram. Critical thinking is the key concept. "Why is it cold outside? My aunt said on TV," yeah. Yes, full of such woodpeckers, which is the trouble.

      Putin had gathered all ALL religious leaders of denominations for a long time, gave them a pendal and said - calm the radicals, and beat your head against the wall, at least pray to the Holy Ishak in the Mariana Trench, but what would the order be. While the system is running.
  4. Fearless
    Fearless 23 May 2016 14: 33
    Under ISIS hiding American spies who are starting a war, and how to lure more into this war countries that are not pleasing to the amers.
  5. Angor
    Angor 23 May 2016 17: 38
    Where do they get so many suicide bombers from, do they clone them?
  6. sharp-lad
    sharp-lad 23 May 2016 19: 04
    It is necessary to express to the American "partners" concern about the lawlessness arranged by the "moderate oppositionists" they have brought up and call on the spies of international terrorism to clean up all the shit for themselves! am