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Europe introduces a "brake" regime for Ukraine, Turkey, Georgia and Kosovo

Last Friday, the European Union decided to “please” those Ukrainians who seriously believe that a visa-free regime with Europe will solve all the country's internal problems, with another shift in the consideration of this issue. In Brussels, it was announced that they, they say, would abolish visas for Ukrainian citizens, of course, but not today or tomorrow. And not even the day after tomorrow - they say, we have a lot of things to do, and we will think about Ukraine later - “in a few months”.

Europe introduces a "brake" regime for Ukraine, Turkey, Georgia and Kosovo

At the “Square” itself, such a decision of the European Union caused mixed feelings. Some immediately accused individual European officials of being “puppet to the Kremlin,” others shifted the “burden of responsibility” to the Ukrainian authorities, saying that Europe was trying to point out to Kiev the need to combat total corruption. In general, who and to whom indicates what - the question is open, but the fact remains that Brussels postponed consideration of the “case” of visa-free regime for Ukraine for an indefinite period.

It would seem that the topic for discussion is closed, but ... This is not the only decision of European officials on visas, which is worthy of discussion. The fact is that against the backdrop of the refusal to consider the possibility of introducing a visa-free regime with Ukraine, European politicians decided to find a formula that would at least somehow protect the EU’s borders from the influx of migrants. Indeed, in Europe they are well aware that as soon as one or another country, which has long dreamed of visa-free relations with EU states, it receives these intercourses on a platter, immediately a stream of immigrants, who are going to not only see European sights, but also settle in EU for a long time with an eye on securing from a consolidated Euro budget.

So what is the formula that inventive Eurobureaucracy brought out? The formula is called the "emergency brake mechanism". This is a real democratic apogee, at which the European Union reserves the right to refuse a visa-free regime from any of the countries in respect of which such a regime was introduced in due time. The European authorities are going to put pressure on such a brake if citizens of individual countries begin to apply for asylum in the EU on a mass scale.

The circle of states in respect of which the countries of the European Union are ready to put pressure on the “emergency brake” at any moment is also outlined. The most interesting thing is that countries from this list do not have a visa-free regime with the European Union, but Brussels is acting ahead of the schedule. As it is easy to guess, Ukraine is on the list of countries in respect of whose citizens Europe is ready to “urgently slow down”. In addition, the list includes such states and pseudo-states as Turkey, Georgia and Kosovo.

Regarding Turkey, the visa-free regime officially has to start working since this fall. And these agreements were reached, as is known, in the framework of attempts to bribe Erdogan so that he would close the border for new flows of refugees, and he who had already managed to leak into the EU deigned to accept back. Under these measures, Erdogan from the European economy has already unfastened 3 billion euros, but Recep wants more - at least three billion ... And plus - the visa-free regime promised by Brussels.

Europe agreed to the Erdogan conditions (and what else can it do with the policy that has recently been implemented by the main European bureaucrats). But now in the EU they have begun to scratch their turnips and think about this: won't it happen that together with the abolition of visas for the above states (and Kosovo), the European Union will experience a new wave of migration? According to European institutions for the study of migration, only Turkey and Ukraine can enter the EU more than 2-million people who are ready to seek asylum in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Taking into account the fact that the EU is at a loss as to how to send more than 3 to the million refugees from Africa and the countries of the Middle East who have already entered the countries of the Union, the new migration influx is not exactly included in the Brussels plans.

And so - they decided a priori to impose restrictions. Like, if they use the visa-free regime as tourists who are ready to spend money on sightseeing of an old European woman, then for God's sake. But at the same time, in the camp of the EU authorities, not quite idiots are sitting, and therefore they understand what to expect from Turks, Georgians, Kosovars or Maidan perehozhnik that they need to refuse the visas only to inspect The Brandenburg Gate or the Pissing Boy is not to be. Understand that the crowd eager to get, if not work in the EU, then certainly unemployment benefits, can once again add to the headache of the European economy, and today really does not know what to do with asylum requests from hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of Syrians , Libyans, Afghans, Iraqis and other “modern Europeans”.

After making decisions about the “emergency brake”, the Dutch Minister for Migration Affairs Klaas Dijkhoff spoke with enthusiasm. He said he was happy to work out a mechanism that would allow abolishing the visa-free regime “in case of unforeseen circumstances in relations with individual countries”. I am very happy ... Joy Dyckhoff must have been added by the British Prime Minister, "waiting" for Turkey in the EU not earlier than 3000 of the year ...

Against this background, Brussels was reminded that the visa-free regime will apply to only those citizens who are “happy owners” of biometric passports (ID card with a chip). Holders of such passports in Ukraine (according to statistics) - about 4% of citizens, in Turkey and Kosovo - within the limits of statistical error.

At the same time in Europe they hardly understand that they themselves have become objects of blackmail. After all, if, in relation to, for example, Turkey, a visa-free regime is introduced, and then Brussels suddenly uses the “emergency brake” mechanism, then Mr. Erdogan can buck. If Kiev kisses, then they will quickly undermine it, for example, by failing to issue loans. But with Turkey everything will be much more complicated: it is unlikely that the Eurocrats will have enough strength and will to throw Erdogan, who has decided to openly blackmail the EU, given the fact that Turkey has already firmly seized Brussels for a soft spot.
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  1. techie
    techie 24 May 2016 06: 07
    They came up with something sensible in the EU. The brake is not a brake, but the thought is correct. Break off all the main hunig and bespredelschik, who are clearly going to abuse with shrewdness.
    1. The black
      The black 24 May 2016 06: 15
      Turkey will never receive a visa-free regime. Those conditions that the EU put forward to them are impossible for them.
      1. The stranger
        The stranger 25 May 2016 01: 38
        Impossible. But in this case, Turkey is even more wrong than the European Union.
    2. Finches
      Finches 24 May 2016 07: 16
      Glory to Ukraine!! laughing

      But to be completely serious, Russia also needs to think about a mechanism for more thoroughly allowing Ukrainian citizens to pass, especially the rear-right ... right-bank Ukraine! Yesterday morning a whole minibus of Zapadentsevs drove into our yard and they rushed into the rented apartment, pointing their mob into a rented apartment sadness on guys hanging out not far from the Asian republics ...! And I, going to the service, thought, the season has begun! Not because I’m a nationalist, no, but I can’t understand why Russia should feed the inhabitants of the country who in the most insolent way spit in our backs ?? Wanted in the EU? Forward and with the song!
      1. avt
        avt 24 May 2016 08: 48
        Quote: Finches
        Glory to Ukraine!!

        Hemorrhoids pissed! Herring Cottage cheese! bully Axis i'm not a rosemary
        Some immediately accused some European officials of "puppetry with the Kremlin," while others shifted the "burden of responsibility" on the Ukrainian authorities, saying that Europe was trying to point out to Kiev the need to combat total corruption. In general, who points to whom and what is an open question, but the fact remains - Brussels postponed the consideration of the “case” on a visa-free regime for Ukraine for an indefinite period.
        Chi zrada, chi peermog? What’s the chance? None of the hottest peermog! what Peermogu calmed down ..... fellow Well yak zhezh I do not mind !? ZRADA USIZ PEREMOG !!!!! Banderlog! I appeal to you! Well, should you ride on the Maidan for this? fool
      2. Nyrobsky
        Nyrobsky 24 May 2016 09: 50
        Quote: Finches
        And I, going to the service, thought, the season has begun! Not because I’m a nationalist, no, but I can’t understand why Russia should feed the inhabitants of the country who in the most insolent way spit in our backs ??

        How many dill do not feed, he still looks at Europe.
      3. Alex20042004
        Alex20042004 24 May 2016 19: 46
        Well, here’s Tabe’s worthy answer that Russia shouldn’t feed ...:
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. siberalt
      siberalt 24 May 2016 07: 22
      Themselves put the scumbags and wanted to tame. And they got rid laughing But these are still flowers. It will only get worse.
    5. Pavel Tsybai
      Pavel Tsybai 24 May 2016 08: 41
      The EU completely lost the scent, such garnish lads are not allowed into geyueropu, LORD EUROPEANS THIS IS NOT GOOD!
    6. The comment was deleted.
    7. Vend
      Vend 24 May 2016 09: 40
      Quote: techie
      They came up with something sensible in the EU. The brake is not a brake, but the thought is correct. Break off all the main hunig and bespredelschik, who are clearly going to abuse with shrewdness.

      Yes Svidomo all the same. They were promised that they will wait, ride and believe in a "bright" future laughing
    8. Starover_Z
      Starover_Z 24 May 2016 11: 06
      In Brussels, it was announced that they, they say, will abolish visas for citizens of Ukraine, of course, but not today and not tomorrow. And not even the day after tomorrow - they say, we have a lot of business to do, and we will think about Ukraine later - “in a few months”.

      They "liked" receiving "refugees" from Africa and the Middle East!
      Well, the flag is in the hands of the Gayropeyskoy Europe!
    9. The stranger
      The stranger 25 May 2016 01: 36
      What ...
      "Interpretation" and "European Union" are antonyms. This action is a usual action taken by the European Union. They always do this, no matter who they are. Even with us - which year are members. And also with the Austrians, Italians, French, Spaniards, about the Basques - Irish - Corsicans and there is nothing to talk about.
      It's the other way around, but the mechanism is the same - no way. Why - why - Not ordered! AND ...? No! Is it ...? Fuck! But I ... Vali the tramp!
  2. Dex
    Dex 24 May 2016 06: 15
    Europe does not need the Ukrainians who are starving, embittered and ragged in their countries. Europe needs to "gnaw" Ukraine by privatizing everything it can to maintain its own standard of living. "We consume more than we produce" has not been canceled. It is necessary to plunder Ukraine without a war, and therefore constant, but not productive negotiations in the Normandy format. When Ukraine is robbed, its people will also not be allowed into Europe, then another geopolitical player - the United States - will intervene, wishing to kindle a war with us with the hands of Ukrainians brutalized with hunger. Here Europe will not mind and all negotiations will come to naught. So a carrot in the form of a visa-free regime will always hang in front of Ukraine's nose
  3. Funnels
    Funnels 24 May 2016 06: 37
    Lacy panties were given and good. We saw that they were pulling them over their heads and began to understand that you cannot cope with such "people".
    1. Wolverine
      Wolverine 24 May 2016 12: 02
      Well said - Zadornov is resting ... wassat drinks
  4. tsvetkov1274
    tsvetkov1274 24 May 2016 06: 41
    Download further fool
  5. Valery Valery
    Valery Valery 24 May 2016 07: 00
    Bastards, villains - how much you can scoff at the freedom-loving people of Ukraine! After all, they fought and died for the sake of world democracy, for the sake of destroying their own economy, for the sake of the possibility and the right to be hangers and parasites in the EU. And here again the transfer .... again, subsidies and subsidies will not get. Once again, the Great Freebie turned her back on Ukraine, again it is necessary to fight for the sake of world democracy, for the destruction of her own economy ...
    1. Pavel Tsybai
      Pavel Tsybai 24 May 2016 08: 43
      Yes, this button seems to jam.
    2. Alex20042004
      Alex20042004 24 May 2016 19: 56
      Great Freebie will not pass by.
  6. Holsten
    Holsten 24 May 2016 07: 00
    If Erdogan’s requirements are met, then the end of the EU. And so already, ESKA is breathing in the wings, and then the legally elected sultan will appear. And the USA and Erdogan Turkey will divide Europe in half: not fraternally, of course, but as expected - like a wolf.
    1. The stranger
      The stranger 25 May 2016 01: 47
      Will not. But not because they are unacceptable, but because they won’t understand the vote. Believe me.
  7. rf xnumx
    rf xnumx 24 May 2016 07: 03
    Brussels postponed consideration of the “case” on a visa-free regime for Ukraine for an indefinite period.
    Another zrad from the zrad for Svidomo horses
  8. gorozhanka74
    gorozhanka74 24 May 2016 07: 26
    There is no limit to my indignation - why did they ride? ... honestly and sincerely - I am upset by such a policy of Brussels officials, too early they saw through the nature of jumpers and horses ...
    Europe has earned Europe with its filthy venal and hypocritical policies to get wonderful free-spirited citizens from Okraina ... so that the europeoids do not seem like a fairy tale and paradise when our, God forgive me, former brothers and neighbors come to them.
    1. EvgNik
      EvgNik 24 May 2016 07: 51
      Quote: gorozhanka74
      There is no limit to my indignation - why did they ride?

      Tatyana, why such strong emotions? love Live easier:
      1. The stranger
        The stranger 25 May 2016 01: 56
        Well yes. Alcohol kills nerve cells, a fact recognized by science. But Bulgarian scientists have proved that he doesn’t touch the calm, that’s why you should drink calmly. Well, as in St. Petersburg, but they are later, and not so deep.
        "One hundred years under brandy is not the limit of infancy!"
  9. 96423lom
    96423lom 24 May 2016 07: 52
    When inviting migrants to the EU, they thought that slaves would come, and parasites came. And now they understand that those who are hungry for a visa-free regime will throw off those who are not needed at home, and for the most part they don’t want to work, and by and large they really don’t know how. And they know and know how they get it.
  10. qwert111
    qwert111 24 May 2016 08: 05
    Learn the song, gentlemen, jumping Ukrainians and learn the device of the stop crane!

    Wait, steam train, don't knock, wheels,
    Conductor, click on the brake.
    I'm to my mother's sweetheart with the last revelation
    I hasten to show my eyes.

    Do not wait for me, mother, good son.
    Your son is not like he was.
    I was sucked dangerous danger
    And my life is an eternal game.

    Wait, steam train, don't knock the wheels.
    There is time to look fate in the eye.
    It's not too late for us to stop
    Conductor, click on the brake. wassat
  11. surrozh
    surrozh 24 May 2016 08: 11
    Yes, they caved in to Erdogan for a couple of million refugees, 6 lard are ready to pay, and then 10-15 million will be from the outskirts. KP Parashenki: visa-free - 20 million refugees - 60 lard greens. The war with Russia, everyone knows!
  12. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 24 May 2016 08: 30
    It is still just beginning. The second part of the "Marlezon Ballet". Erdogan received a new prime minister, and now he will organize a presidential republic, otherwise he spoke "not by a compass." Now the Fuhrer of the Ottoman Empire will expand to its full extent. We'll have to jam in earnest, and not only he will get it ... It's not worth talking about Maidania at all, they threw Svidomo "for all the money."
    1. The stranger
      The stranger 25 May 2016 02: 18
      No, it seems Putin has broken the horns of Obama, since the Kurds are shooting down Turkish helicopters with Needles.
      Turkey’s new prime minister is Erdogan’s son-in-law, according to his eldest daughter. And in such places such a defense, only relatives - kaput. Which means from my belfry that his Americans have surrendered to the Russians, and to Israel’s campaign too.
      He threw out the old American prime minister for his inability to buy 14 votes from the opposition during the year. Which in those parts means that he simply did not want to fulfill the order.
      There will be no Marleson ballet, there will be misunderstandings such as the beginning of Afghanistan. I’m only interested in what the hell, there are still tourists from Russia.
  13. Evdokim
    Evdokim 24 May 2016 08: 56
    In relation to Ukraine, it remains only for Russia to introduce visas, they want to be in a parliament, and they will jump in worse than before. Fools are not just law, common sense is not known.
  14. Skubudu
    Skubudu 24 May 2016 09: 19
    Is it possible that CE Europeans do not understand that Europe needs the Outskirts in exactly the form in which it has been since 2014. Those. in a state of civil war and a shattered economy. And it will be in this state indefinitely.
  15. Pitot
    Pitot 24 May 2016 09: 22
    Yes, they were not going to let them in. All this was directed against Russia. The Washington Party Committee gave the pointer .....
  16. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 24 May 2016 09: 50
    They told you clearly what the problem is.
  17. Vega
    Vega 24 May 2016 10: 01
    The show in Istanbul is the collapse of Frau's "politics" from Europe, Petya was handed over to the Turks and he is glad, they did not decide anything with the refugees, and Erdogan received points for going to the sultans. All according to the scenario from = overseas and from Albion.
  18. kirgudu
    kirgudu 24 May 2016 10: 34
    Well, always like that, the zradomer rolls over.
  19. Polar Bear
    Polar Bear 24 May 2016 10: 41
    The European Union is following the path of Nikolai Ivanovich Ezhov ...
    Why so? And here is why:
    1. The EU is a disciplined and obedient "puppet", like Comrade Yezhov.
    2. Just like Yezhov, she received (although not, rather, has) strength and power.
    3. And how Yezhov runs the risk of being "crushed" by his own actions (sanctions and others)
    1. Weyland
      Weyland 24 May 2016 23: 31
      Quote: Polar Bear
      The European Union is following the path of Nikolai Ivanovich Ezhov ...

      You forgot another important similarity:
      During interrogations, Yezhov confessed, among other things, that "With anti-Soviet goals laughing indulged in homosexuality "
    2. The comment was deleted.
  20. aszzz888
    aszzz888 24 May 2016 11: 29
    The strangler, around the neck of the geyropa, drags on slowly, but very confidently.
    Well, they themselves have chosen "their own way". True with kicks from Fashington ... laughing
    1. The stranger
      The stranger 25 May 2016 02: 42
      And where did you get it? It’s in Moscow that the police and airborne forces beat liberals and chocks for you. And in Europe, the cops hit you for sneezing at a pederast, a black man, or about news with a obama. Nevertheless, the peoples of Europe are already voting against Brussels, and more every year. Although they are fired from work for this, they are not only beaten in the face, and are oppressed by other modern methods.
      Believe me, not every person, after his knee has been broken, remains with the same political views. Could you Come in, check it out. At the same time support us frail.
  21. mvnmln
    mvnmln 24 May 2016 14: 38
    They rushed to Europe, braked sharply and said: you have everything ahead. This thought is disturbing.
  22. Belousov
    Belousov 24 May 2016 18: 22
    As already tired of this news about the next breakdowns dill. Maybe it's enough to pour from empty to empty? Maybe it's time to talk about something positive?
    1. The stranger
      The stranger 25 May 2016 02: 45
      Are you tired of the smell of unwashed body? Me too.
      But since this is the policy of the site owners - ...
  23. Shustov
    Shustov 24 May 2016 20: 11
    The war in the Baltic states will soon begin to give their adherents in these countries (failed Europeans) to amuse themselves and at the same time to make money on the killing of Russians in the Baltic states.
  24. Strezhevchanin
    Strezhevchanin 24 May 2016 20: 24
    The old button accordion, but will still be in the subject)))
  25. 31rus2
    31rus2 24 May 2016 22: 08
    Dear, what is so enthusiastic? This is a normal "defensive" reaction, the list of countries is not accidental either, because these countries, if a decision is made, will be "suppliers" of both legal and even more illegal migrants, moreover, in these countries "on the move" and weapons and crime, but do not delude yourself more than once the policy has exceeded both the economy and security, some will put pressure on and begin to introduce quotas, norms, etc., but will be allowed
    1. The stranger
      The stranger 25 May 2016 03: 10
      And how will they go? Allowed - Unauthorized.
      They still didn’t go through Bulgaria at first - it hurts. They beat, throw back, it happens in parts. Of course, with his interest in crime, he took it. And the locals - with their own, they don’t need this shit. And the locals have more interest - this is their land, with great-grandfathers yet. They don’t need this, they have portraits of grandfathers who were cut with the Turks above the family beds. So I have no idea where they got gasoline and ammo from. A bear in a pot brought, they asked for a passport, and he was a wild beast, after all - he only sneezed and ran back.
      Until the 90s, all borders were locked. Che will not be closed again?
  26. Comrade
    Comrade 25 May 2016 05: 11
    The promise of visa cancellation in this case is akin to carrots in front of the nose of a harnessed donkey.