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The Iraqi army launched an operation to free Fallujah from ISIS militants

On the eve of the Iraqi authorities called on the residents of Fallujah, who has been under the control of ISIS militants for more than two years, to leave the city. After that, the major world media immediately came up with headlines stating that the Iraqi army was preparing an offensive against the positions of terrorists in Fallujah. This information today is confirmed. For example, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi announced the start of hostilities in the Fallujah area, located about 70 km from Baghdad.

The Iraqi army launched an operation to free Fallujah from ISIS militants

Information Agency Associated Press cites a statement by the head of the Iraqi Cabinet of Ministers:
The army of Iraq brings a great victory (over ISIS).

It should be noted that this is not the first attempt to repel Falluja from the militants of the Islamic State terrorist group. All previous attempts ended in failure - army units suffered losses and were forced to retreat to their previous positions.

At the moment, the forward detachments of the Iraqi armed forces are just a few kilometers from the city limits. In the city itself, if you believe the reports of the Arabic-language media, it has not yet been possible to enter. The militants respond with mortar fire from positions located on the industrial outskirts of Fallujah. It is reported that the operation is carried out with the air support of the so-called American anti-Igilov coalition.
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  1. 31rus2
    31rus2 23 May 2016 06: 31
    Dear, if it were not for the stupid ambitions of the United States, the leaders would already be judged, but there is no need for chaos, blood is needed, when will the real leaders be called
    1. Sirocco
      Sirocco 23 May 2016 06: 52
      Quote: 31rus2
      when will real managers be called

      And what does that change? Nothing. Everyone already knows everything, but nothing changes, because the United States keeps everyone in one place, with its green candy wrappers and other nyashki from the State Department. And while in these countries, there is an elite that looks at US handouts with lust, there will be no changes, and appeals to the population, and a reference to the people, they (the elite) did not care about him. And that is a striking example of the population of Ukraine, which is in complete prostration, and is distinguished by its apoliticality and indifference, such as my hut from the edge. There is no center of resistance anywhere, they crushed and intimidated everyone, and no one provides support from outside. (But do we need to deal with such amorphous ones ???)
      So, the circle is closed. The US skillfully shares and conquers.
      No matter how they rejoiced yesterday, they say the Italian province recognized Crimea, and is preparing to secede from Italy along with another province, but what's good for them? Nothing. As they say, it is easier to beat with a herd and dad. And the events with the dismemberment of Yugoslavia and Libya, and the attempt to break Syria, is an example.
      What will happen next?
      God knows him, but it seems to me that there’s nothing good, now with the help of the Kazakhstan’s elite, they’ll try to ruin him, with other republics, and the Old Man’s turn is just around the corner.
      Representatives of the business elite, both there and here, will sell their mother for money.
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 23 May 2016 06: 39
    The unfortunate city ... the Americans stormed it twice, destroying thousands of its civilians with phosphorous bombs prohibited by the UN Convention ... now the civilian population goes under the knife again, and both warring parties now become executioners ..
    Verily, the war in IRAQ is waged without any rules as well as in SYRIA.
    Human life is absolutely worthless there ...
    1. godofwar6699
      godofwar6699 23 May 2016 06: 55
      The consequence of a shootout with ISIS vs Peshmerga on May 4, 2016.
      The warning is very graphic [media = http: // I = 153_1463944227]
    2. evgen7419
      evgen7419 23 May 2016 07: 06
      for those who rule the world human life has never cost anything
  3. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 23 May 2016 06: 40
    I will be greatly surprised at the success of the Iraqi army. Is there a new motivation? Or did coalition aviation cease to hit its own? The country is practically divided into three parts - Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis. Between themselves, they have, so to speak, a truce. And then, suddenly, the mighty Iraqi army, having sprung out of nowhere, begins to fight ...
    1. Same lech
      Same lech 23 May 2016 06: 46
      And then, suddenly, the mighty Iraqi army, having sprung out of nowhere, begins to fight ...

      The current Iraqi army is a hodgepodge of assistance from around the world.
      In reality, only Kurds fight in IRAQ but their motivation ends on the borders of KURDISTAN.
      The coolly dressed soldiers (like in American militants) of the Iraqi army looked sorry when they were shot and killed by Ishilovites as prisoners ... without showing any resistance, they pitifully asked to save their lives ... which made the terrorists even more angry (they like to cut sheep and lambs)
    2. Plato
      Plato 26 May 2016 12: 14
      Oh and don’t talk!
      Suddenly out of nowhere appeared in ... E..s!
  4. taseka
    taseka 23 May 2016 06: 40
    So let's see how the US is "fighting" with ISIS in reality? It will be especially interesting after 25, if we strike a blow then as they said and did, and if Kerry again arrives in Moscow, then it is already diplomatic trade!
  5. samarin1969
    samarin1969 23 May 2016 06: 46
    A strange custom in Syria and Iraq: "to announce the start of an offensive on ..." Neither surprise nor surprise for you ...
    Bearded from Fallujah thoughtful ... wink
    1. Stirbjorn
      Stirbjorn 23 May 2016 09: 01
      Well, on Mosul and Raqqa from the beginning of the year, everyone "is about to start an offensive"
  6. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 23 May 2016 06: 48
    The people of Syria and Iraq are fighting against the nonhumans who have fled from all over the world and the more these nonhumans destroy the cleaner the world will be. Good luck in your fight against this evil. Basically, Russia helps the people in this difficult task, and does not pretend that they are concerned about how countries of the alliance.
  7. nivander
    nivander 23 May 2016 09: 53
    a new touted offensive --- - we are waiting for a deafening victory that will eclipse Palmyra. At the same time, we will rejoice at the filigree accuracy of American asso
  8. Denis DV
    Denis DV 23 May 2016 10: 06
    supported by airplanes from the so-called American anti-igil coalition.

    With such allies and enemies it is not necessary No.