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DAN about “war and peace” on the contact line in Donbass

Today at night, Ukrainian units fired mortar-gunned settlements in Spartak and Zhabichevo north of Donetsk, as well as the village of Sakhanka, Novoazovskiy district, reports DAN message source in the Donetsk Republic.

“From 22: 30 to 01: 00, the Ukrainian side fired Spartak, Zhabichevo and Sakhanki with 120 and 82 mm mortars,” the source said.

According to him, "in total from the standpoint of the Ukrainian security forces, 15 mines of the 82 mm caliber and six mines of the 120 mm caliber were released."

The fire was fired "from the areas occupied by the Ukrainian side of Avdiivka, Skilled and also the environs of the ventilation shaft of the Butovskaya mine"

The agency also spoke about the start of repair of the gas pipeline between Donetsk and the controlled Ukrainian Marinka.

“Repair work on the gas pipeline between Donetsk and Marinka, which were agreed at the Minsk talks at the end of 2015, began today on the contact line of the parties,” said the head of the operational command of the DPR, Ruslan Yakubov.

He noted that the gas pipeline was being repaired "for the first time since its shutdown after the shelling of the Ukrainian Armed Forces a year and a half ago."

“This was achieved thanks to the efforts and concerted actions of the Russian side in the JCCC with the authorities of the DPR,” he clarified.

“The beginning of the work was preceded by lengthy negotiations between Russian and Ukrainian representatives in the JCCC. The most important problem was the reluctance of the Ukrainian side to comply with the previously approved agreements and the terms of the cease-fire ",
added Yakubov.

According to him, “the main task of the repairmen is to re-build the 300-long pipe from Marinka in the direction of the settlement. Trudovskoe (under the control of the DPR) ".

Upon completion, gas will be able to re-receive the occupied settlements Marinka and Krasnogorovka.
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  1. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 22 May 2016 13: 35
    “The main task of the repairmen is to re-lay a pipe 300 meters long from Maryinka in the direction of the settlement Trudovskoye (under the control of the DPR) "
    put them under the pipe engineering ammunition from the "Serpent Gorynych". The mine passage will never be superfluous in the conditions of a sluggish truce
    1. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 22 May 2016 13: 51
      We are waiting for the announcement of a sharp exacerbation for today. As early as March 27, they talked about May 22, everything coincides here - the feast of St. Nicholas, the days off and the earth dried up, the APU had already pulled everything that they could. Let's see in general.

      In the blog of Chervonets I wrote about this in my summary

      Eighteen Ukrainian soldiers could have died, another 25 were injured in the Avdeevka area over the past 16 hours as a result of uncoordinated actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Our intelligence notes the opening of fire from the positions of the 58th separate motorized infantry battalion of the 13th regiment at the positions of the 58th battalion of the 18th brigade in the Avdeevka area. As a result of the shelling of their troops, which could have been deliberate, up to 25 Ukrainian servicemen were killed and more than 16 people were injured. It should be noted that the latest fact of the deaths and injuries of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from "friendly fire" was recorded by the intelligence of the Republic on May XNUMX in the Avdeevka area.

      DNR reconnaissance recorded a new relocation of Ukrainian military equipment in the area of ​​the demarcation line of the parties. Kiev threw to the front about 20 units of military equipment - MLRS, BMD, self-propelled guns, howitzers. Our intelligence continues to record the concentration of prohibited weapons of the enemy along the line of contact. Intelligence revealed that the enemy deployed 5 towed D-30 howitzers, three BM-21 Grad MLRS, two 152 mm ACS Akatsiya and a 203 mm Pion gun, as well as two 120 mm Nona-S SAOs, four BMD, two armored personnel carriers and 14 trucks with ammunition. Also, the preparation for the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles of 3 mb 54 ombre of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the night of May 21 in the region of Debaltseve was revealed. The arrival of Ukrainian equipment was recorded in the settlements Green Field (25 km to the contact line of troops), Ravnopol (34 km to the contact line of troops) and from Andreevka to Granitnoye (500 m to the contact line of troops).
      1. Lelek
        Lelek 22 May 2016 16: 27
        Quote: Sith Lord
        Lord of the Sith

        Hello, Sergey.
        And what do they say "on the dish (ateli)" about this? Or as always (three monkeys)?
        The other day, Pan Waltzman once again declared himself and the junta to be the defenders of Europe from the barbarians. The question is who really is "enlightened Europe" and who is a "barbarian" without shame and conscience. Here is a video about this very Europe, which is choking on snot over the fact that it is being raped by barbaric migrants.
        1. Lelek
          Lelek 22 May 2016 16: 30
          Quote: Lelek
          Here is a picture of this very Europe

          And here's another one (in "well, very tolerant").
          1. Gray brother
            Gray brother 22 May 2016 21: 35
            Quote: Lelek
            And here's another one (in "well, very tolerant").

          2. GSH-18
            GSH-18 22 May 2016 22: 10
            Quote: Lelek
            Quote: Lelek
            Here is a picture of this very Europe

            And here's another one (in "well, very tolerant").

            I would have her on the wheel! lol Do you have her phone? I will reassure her in the framework of the Russian Defense Ministry lol
    2. GSH-18
      GSH-18 22 May 2016 21: 49
      the "hand" on the lever explains everything lol And everyone steers bl .. Yes RF !!! drinks
  2. LÄRZ
    LÄRZ 22 May 2016 13: 35
    gas pipeline repair is carried out “for the first time since it stopped after shelling the APU a year and a half ago
    Restore then restore, but for how long? These Kiev dirty tricks again shit something.
    1. techie
      techie 22 May 2016 14: 12
      Just about, the "terrorists" are engaged in repairs, and the "liberators" are throwing mines. There is something wrong here.
  3. Finches
    Finches 22 May 2016 13: 37
    Regular shelling of the Ukrainian Armed Forces says only one thing - Kiev has no desire to annex these territories! They are unnecessary to them - neither in a unitary state, which essentially already does not exist, nor in a federal state, which is unlikely to be! This is the agony of failed American politics in Ukraine during Obama's mediocre rule!
    1. avvg
      avvg 22 May 2016 13: 43
      More precisely, Kiev needs territory and resources in the Donbass, not the people who live there.
    2. KBR109
      KBR109 22 May 2016 13: 51
      Kiev is not an object but a subject of politics. Take a look from the other side. Obama managed to tear off part of Russian territory and economically destroy it. 80% of people under 35 are stupefied and become enemies. This is a huge blow to Russia. The failure of special services and politicians. Hitler did not succeed in such a trick.
      1. Winter cherry
        Winter cherry 22 May 2016 15: 50
        I do not agree, as a result of the war, Hitler and his sponsors in one way or another killed 27 million Soviet people. Now Putin cannot allow this. Now we have lost not Ukraine, but those who were not ours anyway.
        1. KBR109
          KBR109 22 May 2016 16: 24
          Who was not ours? People from the age of 80-85 ? Parenting abandoned by chance. And in life there is no place for emptiness. We don’t go far - appreciate at least a freak ambassador.
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. Igor Polovodov
      Igor Polovodov 22 May 2016 14: 41
      Rather, intentions, not desires, a protracted conflict, the main goal of separation, hostility, hatred, in this sense, are really not going to join ...
    5. Ami du peuple
      Ami du peuple 22 May 2016 14: 45
      Quote: Finches
      This is the agony of failed American politics in Ukraine during Obama's mediocre rule!
      Wow! What is agony and mediocrity? Russia acquired Crimea and two bits of the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, but lost all of Ukraine. And, I think that I lost for a long time. Do you think this is an equivalent exchange?
      1. Winter cherry
        Winter cherry 22 May 2016 15: 52
        Why do we need all of Ukraine? It is a gray area and okay. At least it is not necessary to feed them.
        1. Lens
          Lens 22 May 2016 16: 05
          Do you really believe that Russia fed Ukraine? You know, as a resident of this country, over the past two years I have not felt starvation. Why something, but there are enough products in Ukraine. Well, if you are figuratively, then at least put quotation marks. There is such a punctuation mark in Russian.
          1. avt
            avt 22 May 2016 16: 52
            Quote: Lens
            Do you really believe that Russia fed Ukraine? You know, as a resident of this country, over the past two years I have not felt starvation.

            Try to look a little from the other side, well, not directly in the forehead on food, but the volume of capital investments of the USSR in the Ukrainian SSR on the development of the republic as a whole. So for a second - the entire USSR was gasified, unlike the RSFSR, even if we take its European part to the Urals. True, the current energy minister’s campaign really considers this gasification of the Ukrainian village, in particular, the bloody legacy of the occupation, and I’ll repost yesterday
            All bullshit! Here the great Ukrainians soaked on the Vzglyad read -
            ,, “This is not a step backward (refusal from gas), it is a step forward, if boiler houses are created on wood pellets, which are now used in Germany, it will be a step forward. They should be. I will give a small example, we made a wood-fired boiler house in the city I headed, the city of Kalush ... As a result, the savings are almost 60%, ”112 Ukraine reports.

            On May 6, Deputy Prime Minister Pavel Rosenko said that residents of rural areas in Ukraine should think about giving up gas consumption and look for cheaper alternatives. "Only dung! This will not be like a step forward in the energy sector - a step forward! A jump with burst trousers! And then on the site we were joking about gas, firewood and manure wassat It turns out that the velkoukry were carefully written down and accepted as an order for execution! Bully Companeros! Muchachos and devcachos are on the site! I am writing to you - stop joking about velkoukras! They really take everything seriously and we they give them their great secret of pereioga with a laugh in the comments.
            1. Lens
              Lens 22 May 2016 18: 17
              Here, you must agree, depending on which side and at what time to consider the issue. Personally, from the commentary of the opponent, I saw "the nearest future." They say we will not feed and that's it! We feed now, and then we will not!
              If, from the historical (USSR, etc.), where did the gas be pumped from both the USSR and Europe to the opening of the Siberian deposits? That's right - Poltava. I don’t want to be like phrases like who fed whom. By the way, we have put many politicians in our place for these expressions. And then the Donbass Kiev fed, then the Dnieper .... They were shown digital numbers of subsidies and they shut up in a rag.
              And Rosenko .... He voices the reality. You have invented the term "import substitution" in Russia. In Ukraine, people are starting to remember about firewood, so as not to pay Gazprom. What is missing is replaced. Before the Second World War, a quarter of the tractors and trucks of the national economy drove on wood - they didn't have enough gasoline. And the Romanians laughed at us ...
              1. FREGATENKAPITAN
                FREGATENKAPITAN 22 May 2016 19: 11
                Let me remind you about gas .... Gas = oil in Russia (the Russian Empire, the USSR) downloaded from The Caspian , From the Volga ...... About Poltava, enlightened thanks ...
              2. avt
                avt 22 May 2016 21: 05
                Quote: Lens
                And then the Donbass Kiev fed, then the Dnieper .... They were shown tsiferi subsidies

                And before showing them the figures of subsidies, it would be necessary first to see the figures of deductions to the budget of the country from Donbass.
                Quote: Lens
                . By the way, many politicians have been put in our place for these expressions.

                It would be better before the Maidan jumps to attend to consider the cooperation of enterprises in different regions and with Russia, maybe then a thought would be rich.
                Quote: Lens
                ... In Ukraine, people are starting to remember about firewood, so as not to pay Gazprom.

                laughing Get this crap out of your head before it's too late. In Ukraine, there is NOTHING to pay Gazprom and even Poland for Gazprom's gas. When was the last time the IMF issued a loan tranche to you in Ukraine, and when will the IMF promise to give you another one - promised for 2015? And candy wrappers are hryvnyas, they don't pay for gas between states, and there are no villagers even wrappers. But you can drink songs - we don't want to buy. Well, as you approach the window, you come to Yu and there is no money, Yu well, out loud and declare - "Yes, fuck it, it just gave up to me." laughing
                1. Lens
                  Lens 22 May 2016 22: 05
                  Well, since you know better about gas in Russia ... Can you tell me how much this year, during the heating season, Ukraine bought from Gazprom? Wow! Not at all .... But it turned out to be more profitable without any discounts to purchase (not to take away, not to steal, as some honest media covered) from Eastern European states. Note - to acquire ... Do not borrow, do not ask on your knees, but simply buy.
                  If you think of me as some kind of super-visible or idiot with a happy expression on your face, then you are deeply mistaken. I just live in Ukraine and MUCH MUCH better know how I live, what I pay for, etc. And I don’t teach Russians how they should live in Russia ...
                  1. avt
                    avt 23 May 2016 10: 14
                    Quote: Lens
                    Wow! Not at all ....

                    laughing fool Except for the ALL purchased gas produced in Ukraine RO-SIY-SKY. BUT Raguli cannot do without peremogs and ... they pay extra to Slovaks and Lyakham for "reverse". laughing
                    Quote: Lens
                    But it turned out to be more profitable to buy without any discounts

                    You would try to steal European gas from the paid gas supplied in the pipe, but you simply don’t have any other gas there, the common people explained to you what would happen. Rejoice at the “reverse”, which has stopped from Poland so far - the pittance has run out.
                    Quote: Lens
                    . And I’m not teaching Russians how they should live in Russia ...

                    And no one has been teaching you for a long time, a useless activity is only to spoil. You were just told back in 2013 what and how it would be and even the GDP held a rehearsal at customs, such that it came to Ssynukovich and Azarov, and when they ordered the agreement on European integration to be translated into Russian, they read and turned on the back. For that they paid, but not Ssynukovich and his family and Azarov, respectively, and you’re all there - the population of Ukraine. Here you go ... hustle and bustle, now you’re decommunizing, well, destroying what Grandfather Lenin created by force — the Ukrainian SSR and Stalin registered with the UN as a separate state along with Belarus for their contribution to World War II, in 1991 you got the state of Ukraine. Well, go ahead and instead of the proposed federalization, build a unitary state under the flag of Mazepa, an ethnic slan for fornication expelled and settled in Sich, by the way, with the subsequent elimination of practically formalized national autonomies and pieces of territories in which the oligarchs legitimized their power by elections.
              3. a housewife
                a housewife 22 May 2016 23: 05
                Farewell to a few Ukrainian forests! And fed, no doubt Ukraine Ukraine, especially the starving Kuban.
              4. The comment was deleted.
        2. cherkas.oe
          cherkas.oe 22 May 2016 20: 05
          Quote: Winter cherry
          Why do we need all of Ukraine? It is a gray area and okay. At least it is not necessary to feed them.

          What you are, still young and not wise. Likely at school at democracy studied.
      2. The comment was deleted.
    6. Vladimir61
      Vladimir61 22 May 2016 16: 39
      Quote: Finches
      Regular shelling of the Ukrainian Armed Forces says only one thing - Kiev has no desire to annex these territories
      They say a lot!
      1. Kiev is equally afraid of both "oblivion" and "enlightenment" on the part of the West, and above all - of Europop.
      2. Kiev needs arguments to write off the economic situation in the ATO.
      3. Kiev needs constant feeding of "patriotic" psychosis in the country.
      4. Kiev benefits from the state of the ATO for dictatorship, the suppression of democracy and dissent.
  4. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 22 May 2016 13: 52
    Shelling of this intensity is called harassing fire in military language. The goal is to put pressure on the “psyche.” Such a fire is not able to achieve any other goal. I suspect that drunken dill are leading him out of annoyance. Just because - it's a shame, an infection ... And the authorities do not stop ... the authorities themselves "do not dry out". And what else can he do in the contact line. Fighting is clearly not foreseen (and do not tell me that the Armed Forces have accumulated two companies of tanks somewhere out there. For a breakthrough, a full-fledged division is needed, but where can we get it?), There are no prospects, but the combat ones are going, drop-drop. Mortal boredom, constant stress - vodka - like a river.
    1. Vasiliev Yu
      Vasiliev Yu 22 May 2016 13: 59
      Objectively, and there is nothing to add.
      1. Reptiloid
        Reptiloid 23 May 2016 03: 41
        All this villainy after the visit of Nuland ----- provoked. And in words ---- another.
  5. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 22 May 2016 13: 59
    Quote: avvg
    More precisely, Kiev needs territory and resources in the Donbass, not the people who live there.

    Kiev does not have so many scrap metal collectors to clear the territory.
  6. svd-xnumx
    svd-xnumx 22 May 2016 14: 01
    In the conditions of the authorities’s unwillingness to pay for gas in Kiev from Russia to the DPR and LPR, the news about repairing the gas pipeline and connecting occupied settlements to gas supply from Donetsk looks strange, the desire to do the good of the maydanut authorities should have passed after unpaid gas supplies in 14 and the case of Genetic, when they didn’t say thanks, and they shamed them at the door.
  7. BOB044
    BOB044 22 May 2016 14: 43

    According to him, “the main task of the repairmen is to re-build the 300-long pipe from Marinka in the direction of the settlement. Trudovskoe (under the control of the DPR) ".
    AFU will be blown up as soon as the repairmen do. These reptiles do not have pity for their population or compassion.
  8. sabakina
    sabakina 22 May 2016 15: 30
    Comrades, sorry for the offtopic, but I want to understand this video from Lugansk for a long time. The video is true in 2014. What the hell is that in the sky? Tracers from nowhere at 1:10 are especially interesting ....
    1. German Titov
      German Titov 22 May 2016 18: 26
      These are the transfers in June-July 2014 went to the city beach of Zugress. For a long time the grandmothers were looking for their "3 = x year old separatists" (they found them in pieces). Yes, what would you, fucking pseudo-pilots, the children you killed come by nightmare every night. Shcha, fly. Will it look good?
  9. dvg1959
    dvg1959 22 May 2016 21: 12
    America controls America, while America controls it; everything is planned and financed in Ukraine.
    And the leadership of Ukraine is the traitors who sold their homeland and their people.
    All of them deserve severe and fair punishment.
  10. MATROSKIN-53
    MATROSKIN-53 22 May 2016 23: 33
    MANPADS cry for such fascist aces. Really DNR do not have such weapons? I doubt it. It’s time to bring down a couple of such letaks, then others will think: to fly or not to fly? Their point is not iron. It is one thing to bomb with impunity and another when you always expect that you can be sent to oblivion ...
  11. taseka
    taseka 23 May 2016 06: 36
    The United States does not need peace in Ukraine! Ukraine is now at the United States on sexual errands and, accordingly, it does not need peace. Germany and France need loyal satellites for peace (because they remember World War 1 and 2) but "ordered" to imitate excitement!
    Conclusion: All this hype around the implementation of the Minsk agreements is the illusion of a struggle for peace in Ukraine and another reason to "poke the aggressor with the face" of Russia for not fulfilling the agreements!