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More than 100 terrorists destroyed in Hama province

Syrian government forces destroyed more than a hundred Dzhebhat an-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham terrorists during the operation conducted in the province of Ham, RIA News message agency SANA.

According to the agency’s source, “parts of the army broke through the defenses of the power station held by the terrorists and threw them back into the village of Khurbinafs in the south of the province”.

He said that "during the operation, the military took all the important positions north and east of Hurbinafs, destroying more than 100 terrorists and 10 vehicles with machine guns."

RIA "News”Also reported on the unofficial visit to Syria of US Commander in the Middle East, Joseph White, to Syria.

According to the US Central Command, "the general met with American military advisers and leaders of the" Syrian Democratic Forces "(an opposition armed group, the backbone of which is the Kurds)."

According to a number of publications, Votel also visited Kobani (near the Turkish border), where he held a meeting with the commanders of Kurdish troops.

“General Votel was in Syria preparing the attack on Rakka,” the US representative in the Western coalition, Brett McGurk, wrote on his Twitter.

He also noted the passive actions of the “Islamic State”, which are now reduced to “publishing audio recordings on the Internet”.

On Friday, the Pentagon, through the mouth of its representative, declared that it was not going to storm Rakka together with the Russian military. This statement followed after Sergei Shoigu invited the Americans to begin joint combat operations against Dzhebhat al-Nusra and other terrorist groups.
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  1. Lieutenant Izhe
    Lieutenant Izhe 22 May 2016 10: 40
    it means the USA as always ...
    military success - KURDAM, freedom - Comrade Ajalan!
    1. 3officer
      3officer 22 May 2016 10: 54
      Pro-American Kurds are like Old Man Makhno, it is not clear with whom and it is not clear what to expect.
      1. 3officer
        3officer 22 May 2016 11: 14
        Quote: 3officer
        Pro-American Kurds are like Old Man Makhno, it is not clear with whom and it is not clear what to expect.

        Although .. in principle, it is understandable, they want to grab oil and gas fields east of the Euphrates, and as they say - "GAZPROM Dreams come true!"
      2. Nyrobsky
        Nyrobsky 22 May 2016 12: 08
        Quote: 3officer
        Pro-American Kurds are like Old Man Makhno, it is not clear with whom and it is not clear what to expect.

        The Makhnovists first had a slogan - "Hit the whites until they turn red, and hit the red ones until they turn white," and only then they sided with the Reds.
        The Kurds have their own interest.
        They are not pro-American and not pro-Russian. Kurds for Kurdistan and today have two "priority" enemies - Turkey and ISIS. To achieve their goal, they cooperate with us and with mattresses.
        But the mattresses, which seem to be with the Turks in NATO and at the same time with the Kurds who are against the Turks, are really "muddy guys" from whom, as you said, "it is not clear what to expect."
  2. Bureaucrat
    Bureaucrat 22 May 2016 10: 41
    Our gases and rods. Glad to see. A hen on the grain and terrorists on the wall, they will kill everyone!
    1. techie
      techie 22 May 2016 11: 32
      A hen on the grain and terrorists on the wall, they will kill everyone!

      Yes, all and not necessarily. Such operations are good because they overwhelmed a hundred, and the remaining thousands sit and cubature to themselves, but is it not time to dump, until the next hundred. A very good good example for the bearded, a reason for them to think about the meaning of life laughing
    2. Blondy
      Blondy 22 May 2016 13: 13
      Whether there will still be after 25, when the term of the Shoigu ultimatum expires.
  3. Olegmog
    Olegmog 22 May 2016 10: 44
    Lawn nothing, but brittle, vigorous-loaf.!
    There is no week without breakage!
    1. BARKAS
      BARKAS 22 May 2016 10: 51
      But even a car service is not needed for repairs.
    2. 3officer
      3officer 22 May 2016 11: 18
      They were thrown on a test drive in the winter by the "express" of the 66s laughing
  4. Yak-15
    Yak-15 22 May 2016 10: 45
    Respect for the Syrians and Kurds, who beat the Basmachi, but they breed with the speed of lice, thanks to the mattress Reich and the pg`avo-protective kagal.
  5. ded100
    ded100 22 May 2016 10: 54
    Correctly destroy the devils; let the Erdogan clinics stand idle! good
  6. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 22 May 2016 10: 57
    You don’t want to live peacefully, pound yourself a box in advance.
  7. atamankko
    atamankko 22 May 2016 11: 15
    Victory is not forged immediately, but gradually, good luck, the patriots of Syria.
  8. LÄRZ
    LÄRZ 22 May 2016 11: 15
    during the operation, the military took all important positions north and east of Hurbinafsah
    This is all great and, of course, encouraging. Now, I would have to keep all that’s liberated and not give it back to the militants. The task is also not easy, but doable. Victories to you, the warriors of Syria, large and small and with less casualties!
  9. Koresh
    Koresh 22 May 2016 11: 24
    It turns out interesting ... The US deliberately slows down Assad's offensive to be the first to take Racca, so that victory over the IS is behind them ... as before the storm of Berlin. I hope that the Syrian troops and Russian advisers are considering a strategy of attacking Raqqa and taking it before the US allies.
    1. avva2012
      avva2012 22 May 2016 11: 53
      RF proposed the USA joint air strikes since May 25, but the Pentagon is categorically not interested in this, so Russia was refused with the unambiguous wording "We do not cooperate and do not coordinate military operations in Syria with Russia." Here, in fact, as before, there are no changes - actually two international coalitions are fighting against the Caliphate, I do not consider the Kurds in the intermediate position and Turkey's "special position". Russia however and previously not particularly claimed the right to storm Raqqa, therefore, it seems that the Russian contingent will, as before, be busy with more pressing matters east of Homs, in the Aleppo region and in northern Latakia, especially since the battles between the "greens" and "blacks" with US support will considerably thin out the ranks of Assad's enemies on both sides.
      Actually, we are now witnessing the final touches of preparations for the implementation of the new American strategy, which the Pentagon announced in January After the public failure of the United States in Syria in the fall of 2015, it took Washington several months to rebuild and bring a new approach to its actions on the territory of Syria and Iraq, which, according to the Pentagon, should lead to the capture of Mosul and Raqqa (what we are now preparing for), and let the Democrats hold onto the White House. We will see how soon the Americans will burn out with this. Perhaps in the next month the operational situation in Northern Syria will seriously change.
    2. Michael-rl
      Michael-rl 22 May 2016 13: 09
      It is not so easy to take Raqqa faster than the United States =) And the United States is pursuing the goal not to become the main winner of ISIS, but rather to seize a large city in the west of the country, put the "legitimate" opposition government of the FSA there, then put everyone at the peace table and, in fact, divide the country into two parts, thus preserving regional influence and tension.
  10. sharp-lad
    sharp-lad 22 May 2016 14: 46
    It is becoming more and more pleasant to see Syrian soldiers, and helmets, and armor, and everyone’s weapons are in order, and the coherence of the units is visible even to a non-specialist! Good luck and victory to you, the soldiers of Syria!