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Airborne units near Ryazan for the first time demonstrated an integrated approach to solving combat training tasks

At the direction of Commander of the Airborne Forces Vladimir Shamanov, the troops developed a new approach to checking and assessing the coordination of subunits - for the first time, the personnel completed the full range of assigned tasks without interruption between the stages, reports press office Ministry of Defense

Airborne units near Ryazan for the first time demonstrated an integrated approach to solving combat training tasks

“The first among the units and subunits of the Airborne Forces this method was tested and introduced this year into the combat training system paratroopers of the Tula Airborne Division. In the course of conducting a comprehensive lesson a practical rally was drawn up with the landing of personnel, equipment and weapons, ”the release says.

It is reported that "after the landing of the main landing forces, special units conducted a raid and violated the conditional control system of the enemy, and also captured the airfield." At this time, "UAV calculations determined the most important strategic objectives, which were hit with attached mortar and artillery batteries."

The landing of subunits and equipment in the rear of the “enemy” “was carried out from a height of 600 meters from 5 BTA IL-76 aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Force,” the press service specified.

“The uniqueness of this technique lies in the fact that combat training tasks are carried out by the personnel of the unit in the complex, and all stages are carried out in dynamics without interruption. Previously, verification and assessment of the coordination of a paratrooper company or a platoon was carried out according to individual elements: during landing, when performing tactical or fire missions, etc., ”
told the deputy commander of the Tula airborne unit Andrei Vasilyev.

“Now this approach will be the admission of the unit to company tactical doctrine,” he added.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 22 May 2016 09: 29
    Clear. If shooting, then from the march (or from a march, when breathing "with a whistle" and hands shaking)! The combat readiness of our troops is being increased by all means. In reality, they are preparing for combat conditions, without "showing off."
  2. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 22 May 2016 09: 35
    Improving combat training is a powerful incentive to solve any problems, however, there are no impossible tasks for the Airborne Forces.
  3. iliitchitch
    iliitchitch 22 May 2016 09: 41
    Devils striped there accidentally field kitchens did not destroy in the heat of a "combat" attack, and then something to devour something "conditional enemy". You need to be more attentive, you need to be more attentive, and stop chewing, straight on Vinokur: "Corporal Pear, stop chewing!" ...
  4. smith7
    smith7 22 May 2016 10: 10
    All the same, in the minds of our general staff officers there is enough "porridge" in the form of "management efficiency". If only they would have graduated from the Higher School of Economics (or even better, something from London), and then the cost in the first 5 minutes of the battle of the "guard of Private 51st PDP Ivanov" will be finalized. A holistic approach is great, but it should be like a sunrise, of course. This material says that this was not the case before. Yes, it was, just this time everything turned out as the "effective managers" from the General Staff wanted. There is nothing to boast about, it has been and will always be. But this time there was enough money for the entire combat training program from start to finish, which was what the Divisional Commander Vasiliev told reporters;)
    1. VP
      VP 22 May 2016 16: 08
      I didn’t understand why you were suddenly struck by some London managers ...
      Are you sure you did not confuse the note ??
  5. atamankko
    atamankko 22 May 2016 10: 23
    These brave guys can solve all the problems, but training is needed.
  6. vlad-53
    vlad-53 22 May 2016 10: 59
    Good where they are and very bad where they are not. Nobody but them! Thank you guys! We know your power, and therefore we are calm!
  7. 34 region
    34 region 22 May 2016 19: 10
    Another question is interesting. When capturing an airfield, one group of paratroopers guards the airfield, and the other captures. The question of who is whom is not discussed in advance. And so the teachings are obtained with a known result. Not interested. If some paratroopers defend, while others advance, it will be more interesting. These will work out coherence in the defense, and these in the offensive.
  8. russmensch
    russmensch 22 May 2016 19: 29
    Why didn't this happen before? It was ... As an example of the Shield 80 teachings. Troops from Belarus began to move and without stopping completed all stages such as crossings on the move, conducting hostilities, capturing settlements and so on. I myself took part in them as a mediator. I do not know about the participation of the Airborne Forces, but only the newly formed DSB took part in the GSVG, as did aviation. Is everything new really well forgotten old?