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May 20 - Foundation Day Yekaterinoslav (Dnepropetrovsk)

Today Dnepropetrovsk celebrates the anniversary of its foundation on the Kilchen River. In 1776, by decree of Empress Catherine II, the center of the Azov province was founded, which received the name Ekaterinoslav. The initial position of Yekaterinoslav (on the Kilchen river) after some time was considered unsuccessful from the geographical and climatic points of view - frequent flooding, wetland. And in 1784, it was decided to transfer the provincial center to the Dnieper.

20 May 1787, Catherine the Great officially founds the new Yekaterinoslav. The foundation of the city is actually connected with the laying of the first stone in the foundation of the Transfiguration Cathedral. The date 20 of May 1787 was considered the official date of foundation of the city in the Russian Empire. In connection with the transfer of Yekaterinoslav from the Kilchen River to the place where the city is located to this day, Dnipropetrovsk actually has two official “years of birth” - 1776 and 1787. And both of these years are associated with the name of Empress Catherine the Great.

May 20 - Foundation Day Yekaterinoslav (Dnepropetrovsk)

As you know, in the heat of the struggle for "decommunization", the current Ukrainian authorities decided to rename Dnepropetrovsk. The initiative to rename was put forward by the Institute historical memory of Ukraine. However, the memory of this institute is clearly not all right, and therefore, instead of the historical name Yekaterinoslav, the city was given the name of the river on which it stands - the Dnieper. The decision was made by Ukrainian people's deputies, but not everyone supported such a renaming.

Within a few hours after the decision on Dnepropetrovsk-Dnepr was made, the deputies thought about the reverse renaming of Dnepr to Dnepropetrovsk. Until now, the Ukrainian media are thinking about how to cover news from the city: call it the Dnieper or is it Dnepropetrovsk? ..

At the same time, it was announced at the Ukrainian forums that celebrating the birthday of the city of 20 is not worth May, since the “ancient Ukrainian city” had been at this place before. This statement is from the same series as the statements about the "digging of the Black Sea by the ancient Ukrainians", as well as about the submarines "invented by the Cossacks".

Happy Birthday, Dnipropetrovsk (Yekaterinoslav)!
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  1. Teberii
    Teberii 20 May 2016 16: 05
    Everything is in order with their memory, they are writing their own history. And they will have everything in a new way - this is the history of all nationalists.
    1. Samen
      Samen 20 May 2016 16: 13
      Residents of Zaporozhye and Kherson tensed while waiting for their turn to change the name ...
      1. cniza
        cniza 20 May 2016 16: 25
        Sooner or later, this nonsense in Ukraine will end, the junta will be thrown out and everything will be fine.
        1. DMB_95
          DMB_95 20 May 2016 18: 35
          Quote: cniza
          Sooner or later, this nonsense in Ukraine will end, the junta will be thrown out and everything will be fine.

          This delirium will either end or turn into irreversible who cannot get out of. And then they will turn off the support system for such a life.
      2. Sergej1972
        Sergej1972 20 May 2016 16: 59
        Well, Kherson has always been called that way.
        1. goncharov.62
          goncharov.62 20 May 2016 22: 41
          Chersonesos is a Greek city. I have friends in Dnipro - they are happy to be renamed. Just why don't Ukrainians build a new city and call it whatever you want: either Verkhnekalomoisk or Nizhnebanderovsk. And Yekaterinoslav-be! "
        2. jaroff
          jaroff 20 May 2016 22: 56
          Dneprpetrovsk left the first part, the Dnieper, by analogy, what will Kherson be called if you leave only the first syllable? The same is with Zaporozhye.
      3. Makarov
        Makarov 20 May 2016 19: 33
        no one bothered, because there are no communist "elements" in the names of these cities ...
        1. serezhasoldatow
          serezhasoldatow 20 May 2016 21: 38
          You think so, but in the Rada they can differently ...
      4. Skifotavr
        Skifotavr 21 May 2016 22: 42
        Among the main options for renaming Dnepropetrovsk was seriously considered ... as Zadornov says, take in more air ... Jerusalem on the Dnieper! hi laughing
    2. x.andvlad
      x.andvlad 20 May 2016 16: 15
      I would like to believe that the Natsiks in this city will not have a long century. And normal people will remember a normal story.
      1. Pereira
        Pereira 20 May 2016 17: 50
        Some site visitors call these squalid "Samiznaetekto".
        I think it would be more correct to call them like this: "Those whose name is pronounced zapadlo" or in abbreviated form - IPZ.
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. Sergerius
      Sergerius 20 May 2016 17: 12
      Only their history will be short, not everything in this state with a bullet in the head.
      1. jjj
        jjj 20 May 2016 19: 37
        Yesterday "MK" conducted a poll: how to correctly name the residents of the renamed city. The majority clicked the "Poor People" button
  2. Buffet
    Buffet 20 May 2016 16: 08
    The country was waiting for heroes ... But fools were born ... wassat
    1. mig29mks
      mig29mks 21 May 2016 15: 49
      Hitlerburg, Banderopol, Shukhevychstrasse, Obamaslav, Nulandberg can step further! and all the heroes of the new Ukraine !!!!!!!
  3. Yarik76
    Yarik76 20 May 2016 16: 09
    In modern ukrost, it is time for the inhabitants of Kherson to get very nervous - they will be ashamed to open their passports! All maydaunam itching.
    1. reservist
      reservist 20 May 2016 16: 15
      Quote: Yarik76
      it's time for residents of Kherson to get very nervous
      1. Demeter
        Demeter 20 May 2016 16: 39
        You +, thank you, made me laugh. After they announced that they dug the Black Sea and filled the Caucasus Mountains, I will not be surprised at anything ...
      2. Sergerius
        Sergerius 20 May 2016 17: 14
        Bravo, you can't imagine better, but how to the point! +
      3. your1970
        your1970 20 May 2016 18: 19
        Dnieper on the Dnieper = square Dnieper ....
  4. LÄRZ
    LÄRZ 20 May 2016 16: 12
    Happy birthday, Dnepropetrovsk / Ekaterinoslav! Renamed to the Dnieper? It will pass, this muddy foam will disappear. My native Gatchina was renamed both Trotsk and Krasnogvardeysk, and remained Gatchina. These dashing times will pass, they will surely pass.
    1. Bulrumeb
      Bulrumeb 20 May 2016 16: 20
      My dear Gatchina was renamed both Trotsk and Krasnogvardeysk, but remained Gatchina.

      So the joke is that the historical name is not kosher at all, so you have to strain your gyrus laughing
      1. LÄRZ
        LÄRZ 20 May 2016 16: 59
        Quote: Bulrumeb
        therefore it is necessary to strain the gyrus

        And this gyrus does not end with an anus? Although, if it takes a long time, something will work out. laughing
    2. sir_obs
      sir_obs 20 May 2016 16: 25
      I will join.
      A lot is connected with this city for me. It hurts to look at all this.
      God grant that the name of the city will also return to the people.
    3. Paranoid50
      Paranoid50 20 May 2016 21: 20
      Yes, and less and less often I remember that the Admiralteisky district was once Oktyabrsky-Leninsky-Dzerzhinsky-Narvsky, taken together (geographically, incl.)
  5. mark_rod
    mark_rod 20 May 2016 16: 15
    Hmm ... pans on the head perfectly protect against historical memory!
  6. MuadDib
    MuadDib 20 May 2016 16: 35
    After the renaming of Dnepropetrovsk, the turn of the Ukrainian flag will come.
    The nonsense carried by the young deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in 2014 is being implemented slowly but surely - the flag will be turned over. Then other cities will be renamed. And the state itself will be renamed. To Tsentrina, I guess. Because for two years now this region has been in the center of attention of the world community. And when attention is not enough, you can observe hysteria and performances of various representatives of Ukraine as yet.
    What is the meaning of these actions? In the same, in what was the meaning of the wandering of the Jews, under the leadership of Moses, in the wilderness. Erasing the memory of the real past. And the education of new generations in the spirit of nationalism, probably. But nationalism is a dead end. The one that will be instilled in young Ukrainians is aggressive. There will be no love for the fatherland in him, but there will be hatred for the enemy fostered in the minds of people - Russia.
    The future of Ukraine is a black square.
    1. Pereira
      Pereira 20 May 2016 20: 07
      Very good rebranding for the country 404.
  7. Demeter
    Demeter 20 May 2016 16: 38
    It's time to remind dill more often that Dnepropetrovsk is Yekaterinoslav, and dill is an occupier on Russian soil ...
    1. reservist
      reservist 20 May 2016 17: 12
      about the invaders ...
      the monument to Catherine II was destroyed by the German Nazis in 1943
      1. reservist
        reservist 20 May 2016 17: 19
        the current ones are also at war with monuments ...
  8. RUSS
    RUSS 20 May 2016 16: 39
    At the same time, Ukrainian forums announced that it was not worth celebrating the city's birthday on May 20, since "ancient Ukrainian city"has been in this place before.
    Ancient Ukrainians in the ancient city. laughing
    1. reservist
      reservist 20 May 2016 17: 28
      it seems that since then only the clothes have changed ...
  9. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 20 May 2016 16: 41
    Dnepropetrovsk people betrayed the city and its glory. For a well-fed life only for themselves, they betrayed. The time for the harvest of what you have sown will come. You will fully sip from your children. Just as you betrayed your grandfathers and fathers, so your children will betray you.
    1. 31rus2
      31rus2 20 May 2016 16: 54
      Orc herd, not humans
      1. The comment was deleted.
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      3. The comment was deleted.
      4. The comment was deleted.
  10. 23424636
    23424636 20 May 2016 17: 26
    a person trying to change, the tsarist enters into a dispute with the providence of God and is very grieving from this. What Waltzman does by changing the cliché marked on the map of the Russian Empire by the Jewish Bolsheviks who gave Finland, the Baltic states, Poland, the Western gubernia (Belarus) Bessarabia, Podolia under the Brestlite concession to the Freemasons , Moldova and the Kars fortress And in order not to pay the debts of the empire to the Belgian and other creditors, they called the scanty remnant of the Russian Empire - the USSR is commendable if it were the old Russian name. BO, the graduates of the Tsar's manifesto of 1904 (on the removal of the settled status from the Gentiles (Jews- tolmudchikov), they do not need Russian, they need the status they received from the secret sale of the right bank of the Dnieper with the lands to the west of their ancestors from the Poles who ruled there in the Andrusovo peace from 1667. In other words, the Pandora's box was opened by Tsar Nicholas 2 at the warm request of the Rothschilds continues to give its poisonous shoots on the glorious Russian land in its southern limits
  11. dnepropetrovsk
    dnepropetrovsk 20 May 2016 17: 39
    He called his friends crucians. They now live in the river.)))
  12. Barakuda
    Barakuda 20 May 2016 17: 46
    History will put everything in its place.
    Petersburg-Leningrad is stuck in my head, and it is. And Dnepropetrovsk. Although the embankment is not very good. Sorry.
  13. KnightRider
    KnightRider 20 May 2016 18: 48
    Whoever looks about Ukraine in the circus does not laugh ... laughing
  14. Pyokhar
    Pyokhar 20 May 2016 19: 40
    I propose to the banderlogs the city of Dnepropetrovsk to tear down, because it was born and built in the damned times of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. In my opinion it is logical. And then they somehow half-heartedly approach the issue.
    1. Eragon
      Eragon 20 May 2016 20: 27
      Quote: Pyohar
      I propose to the banderlogs the city of Dnepropetrovsk to tear down, because it was born and built in the damned times of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. In my opinion it is logical. And then they somehow half-heartedly approach the issue.

      E-mine, I'm at a loss, either minus you, or put a plus. I like the idea itself, but Dnepropetrovsk is my hometown. Please do not throw such ideas - we and the banderlogs are reading, suddenly they will like the idea.
      1. Pyokhar
        Pyokhar 20 May 2016 20: 48
        You are in vain scared, I spoke about logic, but there is no logic in the actions of the Banderlog. smile These are cephalopods. yes
  15. Jamesvv
    Jamesvv 20 May 2016 20: 57
    The fight against monuments and "decommunization" are additional reasons to remember Ukraine's pro-Russian past and to understand the erroneousness of its historical choice. Without Russia, Ukraine has never been, never will be.