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Results of the week. “Have you had any construction accidents?” Did not have? Will be! "

Return to Cam Ranh?

A statement by the Vietnamese ambassador to the Russian Federation, Nguyen Thanh Sean, was published this week. He spoke about how Vietnam would react if Russia were to rebuild a military base in Cam Ranh. With the inherent ornate ornateness, the Ambassador of Vietnam made it clear that the deployment of a Russian military base in Vietnamese territory was in the interests of official Hanoi. From the statement of the Ambassador of Vietnam (Socialist Republic of Vietnam):
Vietnam’s policy is not to join military alliances or to ally with one state against another. In this context, the implementation of the ports of Cam Ranh for multilateral international cooperation in order to provide maritime transport services, ship repairs and the development of military equipment to ensure peace and stability in the region is a suitable direction.

Results of the week. “Have you had any construction accidents?” Did not have? Will be! "

It can be assumed that if the question of the return of the Russian naval base to Cam Ranh really will be decided between Moscow and Hanoi, then our American "partners" will again make a statement on the ornithological or ichthyological topic. For example, they will talk about how a frightened gull can accidentally break through the skin, and a tortoise gnawed the propeller of the Russian Navy missile cruiser in the Kamrani region ...

Will the Chinese comrades be pleased with the return of Russia to Cam Ranh? In Beijing, with rhetoric about crazy seagulls and inadequate turtles, everything is certainly calmer, but the vigorous joy from the Russian return to Vietnam there, too, I suppose, no one is going to experience.
That's just for Russia, this is the tenth case. If there is a strategic interest in Cam Ranh, then why not take advantage of Vietnamese loyalty?

Comments from our readers:

I have always considered the Vietnamese, unlike the Arabs, our real allies, so to speak ... They now need money for development - we need a base. So let's collaborate.

Do not wait. They wag a famous place. To us - about Cam Ranh, and mattress tokens - about readiness to enter into the Pacific Partnership. So Russia still has only two reliable ally.

It would be interesting to imagine if we would install our missile defense system in Cam Ranh ...

You never know, suddenly Indonesia wants to launch a rocket attack on Mongolia.

Where are many wild monkeys

Eh, Thomas, Thomas ... In Russia, they thought that you really were Bach, and you, it turns out, are just pshik ... Well, at least, the statements themselves about the possibility of disqualification of the entire Russian national team and not allowing each of the Russian athletes to the Olympics in Rio, sounding not from someone, but from the President of the IOC, lead to this conclusion.

And someone thought that hamsters from all sorts of gaming and committees that Baron de Coubertin would disperse, excuse me, with ... rags, would they behave differently? It seems that even if the contest held in Sweden was won by Mr. Lazarev, then he would have been two or three weeks on the air of another sentimental talk show that he was at the time of the show "under the meldonium." Well, and that there were no Russians at the Olympics in Brazil, the “friends” decided to play it safe initially, presenting materials with the “authentic” menu of Russian athletes in newspapers like “Honest Democrat” and “Pocket Freedom”:

Breakfast: Meldonia porridge;
lunch: meldonium, baked in meldoniya; dessert “Mutko. Know the criminality.
Dinner: Russian vodka, a lot of Russian vodka.

Comments from our readers:

I beg you not to kick me hard, but it seems to me that it’s time for the Russian Federation to announce that we are not going to the Olympic Games due to the fact that Russia is under tremendous pressure in order to discredit the country and the athletes. In this regard, Russia introduces a number of restrictive measures until political protests stop linking sport with politics. And, by the way, it is necessary to impose a ban on some western medicine like meldonium.
I think our people will cling to this Olympiad to the last, because officials have such travelers, such numbers and women))) and they are so tired that it’s time to go to Brazil. And when Mutko apologized for the athletes with meldonium, why this knysch did not apologize for himself and his ministry, which must respond in time to the innovations being introduced, and not wait for the Western “partners” not to charge the bream in the pond and dirty foot kicked in the ass , worth disgrace, others' drool from the face erases.

On the one hand, you are right, and it will be very beautiful and symbolic. On the other hand ... The century of a professional athlete is not so long, and in many kinds of sports it is generally short-lived. Demarche for a couple of Olympics, and the athlete will never visit the greatest competitions in his life, there are no former Olympic champions, this is the dream of any athlete. And for the sake of what he trained all his life, ruined health, and professional sport obviously does not add it?

Mikhail m
The whole big sport is sitting on the preparations. The only question is that they discover their use on request.

This is a war with Russia, but on a different level.
HOW and Euro vision. As in science fiction films --- on the visible plane, invisible in the past and the future!

What a barrel of oil we are preparing

In recent days, a barrel of oil has been knocking hard at the door of the price tag of 50 dollars. Moreover, about 2 months ago, there appeared “experts” who predicted oil prices by the end of spring at the level of 20 dollars per barrel and who were anticipating the next stage of how “the Russian economy would be torn to shreds”. There is no great euphoria due to the fact that oil prices have returned to fifty, for the simple reason that a simple formula works in Russia: “the more expensive oil is, the less willing there is to work with specialized officials”. But they are clearly anticipating the euphoria of those very relevant officials. Still - vacation can take place in full! ..

I remember one person saying that at the price of a barrel below 60 dollars, life on Earth almost ceases to exist ... Bankers will be listed in the Red Book ... In the central office of OPEC, they will start to build ritual bonfires ...

Now it turns out that at fifty bucks a barrel, individual government officials, if not rejoicing, are quite obviously in a cheerful mood. With the sixty dollars mentioned above, mass festivities and eating lobsters for a while will begin, and the date of a hypothetical return to a hundred may be announced as a red day of the calendar. And tell me how in this situation to live the old Barak, who almost passed the second level of the computer toy "Tear to Shreds"? ..

Comments from our readers:

Low oil prices are not profitable to anyone in the world! The focus A la 80 of our overseas comrades did not pass, the Russian economy did not collapse, but on the contrary, that's why they play everything back!

Ami du peuple
Has the economy risen? Something did not notice. Though it did not collapse - and that is good. But I am not a "leading economist" - perhaps I misunderstand something. Low hydrocarbon prices are profitable for any consumer. But to us, judging by the prices of gasoline at Russian gas stations and payments for utilities, this axiom does not apply.

It's just like an old joke about physicists. The experimental physicist comes to the theorist and says that, they say, during the experiment, this dependence has turned out — it stretches the graph — and it’s impossible to explain, they say. A theoretical physicist takes a graph — and in two accounts with accessible words explains the results. Here the experimenter notes that the theorist keeps the graph upside down - and informs him about it.
Well, in this case - even easier - and again gives an explanation.
Our economic gurus do exactly the same - forecasts are made not at all thanks to knowledge and not on their basis, but purely by instinct, but in hindsight they can explain absolutely everything!

Citizens of parasites, two steps forward! ..

Last week a lot of noise was made by the statement of the State Secretary - Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection Andrei Pudov. The statement concerned the fact that the Ministry of Labor is discussing the possibility of introducing the so-called parasitism tax in the Russian Federation. We are talking about the fact that tax may be imposed on citizens of the country who are at working age, but for a long time (for reasons not related to health, for example) who are not officially engaged in the labor sphere.

Here the main question is who today the state is ready to rank among the parasites? Those who provide themselves and their families with their work, despite “the care of state officials,” or the state officials themselves, who often disguise their status as “advisor to assistant deputy” or “second deputy junior member of the expert council at the monitoring group”? And in general, how to deal with this law, when attendance in the chamber of the lower house of parliament is usually such that it suggests the real lack of money for those who inject voters ...

Comments from our readers:

Here is insanity: parasites discuss the law of parasite ...

It remains only to revive the law "by the balls." If anyone remembers, tax for childlessness.

In general, the normal state of the soul of a person is to engage in a LOVED affair, preferably at least hours and with a maximum salary.
And if a person is able not to work and he has the means - yes, for health.
The question may lie only in one category of the population, which does not want to work, but at the same time requires providing them with benefits and medical insurance. It is necessary to fight with such a contingent, and the rest ...
Who can afford not to work and does not sit on the taxes of citizens on health.
Persons with disabilities and pensioners should receive the quality and living conditions corresponding to the average level. Children and adolescents - medical care and education. And the rest - work will force life. Or well in the trash.

Such are the "realities"

Last week, all the “progressive humanity” in the face of scooping rules of life exclusively from CNN reports, Voice of America and Radio Liberty reflected on the blockade of one of the creations of that very Radio Liberty website Crimea. Realities. The site was eventually unblocked, however, the publication of conjectures and outright lies bots virtually disappeared.

At one time, “voices of america” and “free radio stations” did their job - they nagged the Soviet people so much that most of the people really began to think what was better: worn jeans as a “humanitarian aid” from the United States or a single country? And then the people no longer asked what was better ... They just threw holey pants, cola, chewing gum and other benefits of democracy into the crowd, and when the people shrank and swallowed completely, he looked around and suddenly realized that his country not.

Do I need to deal with blocking this apparent anti-Russian heresy today? So the point is that in Soviet times they were “jammed” - and what was the point? No, now it is really necessary, as one well-known comrade (who is far from all comrades), to go the other way. Moreover, the Russians (with the rare exception of non-living ones) managed to develop a stable immunity to the ravings of the “most free radio stations and television channels”. The main thing is that we ourselves do not suit our immunity with an impermissible strength test.

Comments from our readers:

Alexander Romanov
I tried to leave a comment on Radio Liberty. I wrote that the article was fake, and sent a comment. First, the inscription on the screen: "After checking your comment moderator, your comment will be added." 3 minutes have passed, and I have an inscription on the screen: "You are banned."
Freedom of speech in American.

The site is unblocked. It turns out that their “stomping feet” makes an impression, as a result of which they are even more impudent. Here the questions are already to the Prosecutor General’s Office and Roskomnadzor: how long will they allow all these “freedoms” to frolic in Russia ?!

Mountain shooter
For the benefit of the site "Crimea. Realities "does not work. But it is not necessary to close them. Through the network you can watch Ukrainian TV channels. And not by hearsay, to understand how exactly the "svidomye" moderators (and editors) are brainwashed. The lack of Russian-speaking hosts, IMHO, somewhat reduces the effectiveness of ukropropaganda, since most of the residents of Maidania BAD understand “movu” and prefer to speak Russian, simply because ... Did the Censor have any influence on our attitude to Maidania? As hated Natsik, so hate.

The opposite point of view gives balance to the bipolar picture of the world, and does not allow OUR information systems to “sleep” and cease to work actively. Having found the USSR with its one-sided political information, I would not want their repetition. Since the bias "in the opposite direction", which began during the restructuring, strongly influenced many, causing the majority of the population to be at a loss. Yes, and immoderate love for everything western then going wild. Because of the uncritical perception of information "from there."

Occupants, dear ones, well, buy sprats ...

And you want, and prickly. Approximately according to this logic, there are not too much proud neighbors from the Baltic republics, whose authorities at every corner shout about "Soviet occupation" and "Putin's aggression", and businessmen are increasingly looking to Russia in search of lucrative offers on contracts.

And indeed, when the Western partners left the industrial production of the three Baltic sisters except the factories for the production of smoked sprat, which the Western partners themselves do not need, the politicians still have to concentrate more actively on yelps about Russian aggression, and Peter and Moscow. They say that you pay attention to these politicians - let's trade as before. We say: but before that, the type of "occupation", everything is so ... The Baltic business quietly answers this: your "occupants" gave us the opportunity to receive free education in the best universities of the country, built us houses, gave us work at one time, provided free medical care service, also did not urinate in beds - well, buy sprats already! ..

Comments from our readers:

After all, it must be borne in mind that in the West, the most talented and brainy young people are bursting into business, money is being pinched. But the government and politics have to deal with hitropopym, but not so smart.

What a simplified, to put it mildly, vision of reality. The most profitable and highly profitable business today is politics. And this is not only in Russia, it is everywhere - in Europe, and in Asia, and in America. Always in the greatest profits are those who write the rules of the game, and today this is the right and opportunity of politicians. Businessmen are increasingly fighting with trade unions, antimonopoly and other zahrebniki that do not want to deal with the real economy.

This is exactly what they accuse us of - in the quiet and cozy agricultural country of Latvia, giant, useless enterprises, flood meadows and shelters with hydropower plants, brought so much grief, so much grief ... And guess what? Do not know. And all in order for the drunkers of St. Petersburg men to float from St. Petersburg into a wonderful and magical Latvia (in order to have something to do). And Latvia did not ask for anything like that. This is the reasoning of a person with a higher education (still Soviet) 3 a year ago.

Tanks for airborne

The commander promised before the end of this year to introduce into the airborne troops 6 tank companies equipped with T-72B3M tanks. And in the future in two years to deploy these companies to full-fledged battalions. The fact is that heavy tanks can not be landed in the usual way. And there are not so many airplanes capable of doing this. Literally individually can be considered. And it is impossible to modernize tanks for landing. So why does General Shamanov make such statements? And makes them not for the future, sometime later, but by the end of this year? Why does the commander need to strengthen the already sufficiently increased fire and armor power of the units and units of the Airborne Forces?

Of course, a lot of technology, good and different, for a particular kind of troops, as they say, does not happen. And therefore, the Airborne Forces can be equipped, as it were, with “Armaty” ... But if they are still tanks, then certainly not to “carry” them through the air - to land on airborne troops (or only those intended to be retained) in the rear of the enemy. To drive back and forth "Ruslans" (which, to put it mildly, not so much), and even though IL-76 for "landing tanks" - not a single military leader, as they say, will drink so much ... But how is a motorized rifle supplement with a good armor and serious caliber - it is quite possible, especially since the Airborne Forces are still a separate branch of the military, and not something in the composition of something ... And God himself ordered a separate branch of the army to count on itself under any conditions formed on TV .

Comments from our readers:

The realities of our time are such that our airborne forces need strong armor and a powerful gun ...

I did not understand from the article how they are going to deliver tanks to the defense sites of the objects captured by the paratroopers. And why this task cannot be solved by motorized riflemen with their tanks? PDP captured the airfield, and to keep it there, a tank company from the usual linear all-arms unit was deployed there by landing. What is the problem?

In Soviet times, there was an experimental army corps of a mixed motorized rifle paratrooper unit. It was supposed to act according to a similar scheme. The paratroopers in helicopters seized the object in the depth of the defense, and the ground component of the corps, with a powerful concentrated blow, broke through in a narrow area to this already captured object on the ground with its tanks and artillery. But this was done in the interests of the ground forces, and not the airborne troops, i.e. tasks were solved tactical.

Air assault regiments subordinate to the commander of the district were in two districts. And there were only two regiments. Indeed, they were supposed to be used according to the scheme you voiced. But at present, the Airborne Troops are independent. this means that the issue of motorcycle rifles should be decided on a very serious level. And this time ...

In other words:
-tanki paratroopers are needed when using them as ordinary motorized infantry;
- nobody in their right mind would take tanks through the air to captured and held objects in conditions of unsuppressed enemy air defenses.

Science at the Security Council

The implementation of existing plans to upgrade the armed forces and modernize the defense industry continues. In parallel with such work, measures are being taken aimed at optimizing the programs carried out and fixing the problems identified. A few days ago, the Russian Security Council held a regular event dedicated to the development of the defense industry.

The council discussed the main directions of development of the technological sphere of Russia. These are communications, navigation, control, intelligence, EW and more. The very fact that such meetings are being held is already being set up in a positive way, because quite recently it has been assumed that the development of technology inside Russia is a laugh to chickens, because "everything can be ordered from the Chinese or the Germans, and then organize a quick screwdriver assembly" . However, the well-known events made the pot boil. The main thing is that the process of "cooking" is not limited to the only paper conclusions, and was closer to practical reality.

Comments from our readers:

It is necessary to create and approve by the Security Council a classifier of defense technologies. Determine the level gradation, consistency and responsible for the country implementation in industry. NTS at Security Council is good.

I would like to see the LARGE article in the near future: "The Scientific Council under the Security Council CHARACTERIZED the state of affairs with basic and critical technologies, and EXTERNAL RECOMMENDATIONS for the further development of the country for the next 15 years."

The situation with basic technologies is critical - this is clear and without study. But to recommend specific measures and personnel decisions is the task of the council.

Sing about the facts

Discussion of the politicized Eurovision Song Contest continues. In connection with the victory in the competition of the Ukrainian singer, who performed the song “1944” about the deportation of Crimean Tatars, the world began to discuss which version of the song should be offered as an answer worthy of the first prize. The Norwegian political scientist Bjorn Nistad invited Russia to nominate an artist with a song about the atrocities of Bandera and his associates in World War II: “Ukrainian fascists, Bandera and his friends, killed Poles, Jews and other ethnic groups during World War II. According to the logic of the jury, this is also historical a fact that happened a long time ago. “Russian artists have the right to sing about Bandera’s atrocities next year, because that’s also not politics.”

Recall, the Ukrainian junta is still barking with Western mongrels, accusing Russia of either “aggression” or “annexation”. In the meantime, the Maidan regime continues to commit crimes against civilians in Donbass. And the situation in Ukraine is terrible - real tyranny reigns in the country, and there is nothing to say about the economy: total collapse, corruption, theft, and even the IMF does not want to give any more money.

And on “Eurovision” appears Jamal. And the political performance becomes a pop art farce. In this case, indeed - why not sing to political scientists?

Comments from our readers:

I thought Europa finally vustanulas. But no. There are still sensible people. Thank you, Bjorn Nystad, for a clear mind. But in hockey, we will fight you now anyway ...

Major Yurik
I don’t see the point of singing songs, even about the atrocities of Bandera, in a public hedgehog into which the same Bandera turned Ukraine. Europe likes, let them wail in front of their offenders, knee-deep in the blood of children and old people of Donbass. Finally, we must remember Russian pride, not money at any cost!

Thank you, Elena Gromova, for the article! Your question is absolutely correct. I would add one more thing. I think that many will come to my opinion with time.
I do not believe that Jamala did not understand that she consciously participates in political provocation against the historical truth of the overwhelming overthrow of the Crimean Tatars during the Second World War and against Russia - the country in which she lives hospitably with her parents, being a citizen of Ukraine. You just need to expel such enemies of the Russian Federation from the country! Especially because she is a foreigner. Delov something! What problems can there be if its political action had such a negative, hostile, negative political response? During the new war with Russia, she first soaped up somewhere in the United States or England. The “legs” of her song seem to be growing there.
For example, a young lady from Maidanov with a dream of “lace panties” in the EU and aggressiveness against Russia did not provide the job in the Russian Federation she was counting on. She still sticks out in Ukraine. And with Jamal everything for Russia is much politically steeper and much more hostile!
Need to take action. NATO is now threatening Russia with war with might and main, and why do we need Jamal in our rear ?!

The future of the Russian defense can be seen today

Russian defense assets are already enough to neutralize the attack and give a decent response. The country's leadership returned to the original principle of defense formation. “Necessary sufficiency,” A. Staver calls this principle. “Does it matter how many times nuclear weapons of any country can destroy the planet?” Once or ten ... Is it so important to have a lot? Maybe it is enough to have so much to be sure of the 100% reflection of the attack and the 100% destruction of the enemy? ”- argues the observer.

In the coming years, we will hear about the latest systems that will be a headache for potential opponents.

The systematic reforming of the army, which, according to a senior American general, made the modern Russian army the strongest since the collapse of the USSR, is of great concern to other strategists across the ocean. And this is the best indicator of the correctness of reforms in the army. In addition, successful operations in Syria and Crimea showed the world the capabilities of Russia.

Comments from our readers:

Ivan Slavyanin
We should not be ashamed of our complexes ... neither Iskander, nor Yars, with Topol.

Ground launchers are essentially medium-range missiles. In the future, the replacement of their hypersonic systems. Put the special warhead, and voila: the first strike on the rocket brigades, objects SPRN, KP, communications centers, objects of the air defense system. And then the wave of the CD. Last time we had Cuba. I hope ours will figure out how to answer the mattresses.
This is not the point. The problem is that in Russia the population is very crowded in several places, and the breakthrough of even one military bloc leads to disastrous consequences. There will be no time for evacuation. The bomb shelter system is dead.

Well, what to say about this ... In the good old days, when I was small, I very clearly recall one slogan of the USSR: “We will protect the interests of the USSR anywhere in the world.” That's when NATO was afraid of us. So, maybe remember the motto? What do you think, comrades?

“History will not forgive us”

NATO fears that Russia will further increase its presence in the Black Sea and deprive the alliance of operational maneuver, according to the Financial Times.

“I told him (NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg):“ You are almost absent in the Black Sea. It almost became a Russian lake. If we do not act now, history will not forgive us, ”RIA quotes“News»The words of Turkish President Erdogan spoken in Istanbul at a meeting of the chiefs of staff of the Balkan countries.

According to the NATO military committee, “Russia creates military power in the sea that goes beyond its borders, and in this way Moscow is able to deprive the alliance of operational maneuver near NATO borders,” the Financial Times article says.

As a matter of fact, not one Turkish president was worried about turning the sea into a "lake". The Ukrainian leader Poroshenko also showed discontent with the Russian invasion. Unlike the “neosultan”, the Kiev candy king not only spoke about the need to strengthen the alliance’s position in the Black Sea, but also approved Romania’s plans to create a “separate Black Sea flotilla within NATO. ”

Comments from our readers:

Are they surprised yet? It has always been a zone of our interests, both dominated and dominate in this region a priori !!! Let the materiel and history be taught so that there will be no surprise ...

Erdogan and Poroshenko, you will not be in history soon, but NATO has nothing to do in the Black Sea.

Yeah! Militant Erdogan is still a very convenient person for Washington and the Pentagon in Turkey on the BV.
In fact, war is either bad governance (war of despair), or correcting deficiencies of management, or imposing and securing roles as part of management.
The war has two important principles: the principle of "justice" and the principle of "profit".
And if the principle of “justice” of war is always the basis of agreement in society regarding its conduct, then the principle of “the benefits of war” is the main principle of searching for and attracting strategic allies and forming the necessary coalitions out of them.
Erdogan benefits from a predatory war in Syria, although it is unfair, and this “benefit” is more important to him than peace with Russia and peace in the Balkans. For the sake of the war in Syria, Erdogan is creating a military coalition in the Balkans against Russia just in the interests of the Pentagon and thus creates the threat of a war of NATO countries in the Balkans with Russia.
Erdogan’s provocative statements and a gathering of NATO militarists of the Balkan countries in Turkey are called upon to prepare the people of the Balkan countries to realize that they are supposedly “just” declaring war against Russia.
American militarists, of course, Erdogan applaud!

Washington's dream came true ... in Moscow

The tests of the airballistic warhead for the new Russian Sarmat rocket showed that Russia will soon become the only country in the world capable of destroying any target anywhere in the world in half an hour without using nuclear weapons. weapon. Moscow was the first to accomplish what it had long dreamed of in Washington. The RS-28 “Sarmat” intercontinental missile, which the Kremlin plans to put into service over the next two years, mixed American card generals, writes Konstantin Dushenov in a newspaper "Tomorrow".

From now on, attempts by the United States and NATO to gain quality military superiority over the Kremlin are doomed to failure. A military victory over Russia, as in Soviet times, has become absolutely impossible, Dushenov believes. In his opinion, the personal achievement of President Putin is indisputable in achieving such a result. Already in the foreseeable future, Russia will turn "into the universally recognized leader of the world resistance to the God-given globalization, the main defender of the traditional spiritual, religious, moral and historical values ​​of all the peoples of the Earth in the face of the global aggression of the God-given West." And the author concludes: “Help us, Lord! Amen".

Comments from our readers:

“Moscow has regained its indisputable leadership in the field of strategic nuclear weapons” - this is the main thing that they must absorb, sink, drain, eat American and all the other “exceptional” ones.
They must understand that in the event of their aggression there will be no nuclear strike with the death of a multitude of the population and, accordingly, there will be no reason to cry about inhumanity. It will be every "exceptional" hypersound with arctic fox personally in the window. Well, in the pindagon, of course, with the State Department. There yours all polls ohreneli.

Then I don’t understand: if everything is so good for us, why do we allow merikos to chuckle, exalt, and generally do what they want, spitting at the same time, spitting on us, making us many nasty things and belching countless abominations in our direction?
And we all streamline and wipe, shuffling with shamefully leg.
What is the catch then? I do not believe that everything is so smooth.

This is a utopian article; it is not directly related to reality. Just because the Sarmat rocket is not in service and not put on a mass assembly. Therefore, here, rather, a possible future is described if the missile is put into service and in sufficient quantities. Again, no one has canceled spies, information leaks too. And the presence of such weapons does not give a strong advantage, since the current world depends on the US economy, with its destruction it will be bad for everyone. Accordingly, the appearance of such weapons in our country potentially sets the whole world against us and gives meaning to the existence of NATO, an organization that is much larger and wider than it was in the Soviet years.
In addition to the military theater of action, there is also an information one. Where we are losing very much, the sanctions have not been lifted so far, although it is intuitively clear who shot down the plane, whose real Crimea is, who is fighting in the Donbas, etc. The same UN - we don’t have as many allies in the Security Council has a usa.
Again, if you look at the history, then every breakthrough in the development of weapons is a worthy answer. Yes, if the rocket is such as is written in the article, it will give us a good strike weapon for long distances, but it will also force the scientific world to look for ways to neutralize these weapons, as it was during the entire cold war. And so on to infinity.

In the first varenichnuyu

Victoria Nuland held a meeting with the Assistant to the President of Russia Vladislav Surkov, after which she went to her favorite Russian establishment - “Varenichnaya No. XXUMX”. 1 May “Twitter” has boiled over, the news has stirred up the world community: Nuland is eating Russian food again! On the eve Nuland discussed with Mr. Surkov and Mr. Ryabkov the settlement of the Ukrainian conflict.

Nuland said later that the negotiations were held in a constructive manner. “I'm leaving home after a constructive round of talks. This is very important: keep the conversation going, try to solve problems together, ”the RT channel quotes the diplomat.

Nuland traditionally noted that the White House insists on the speedy implementation of the Minsk agreements. This time, she added that, under the implementation of the agreements, Western sanctions could be lifted from Russia.

The conflict in the Donbas before the presidential election in the US White House is unprofitable. Relations with Russia is one of the most important topics in the speeches of both Hillary Clinton and her competitors, including the expressive Trump, who promised to negotiate with all American geopolitical opponents, including Putin and even Kim Jong-un. Such pre-election statements do not leave H. Clinton, now a popular figure in the USA again, nothing more than to follow a similar peace-loving line, and even surpass opponents. The exacerbation of the situation and the launch of a new arms race are not what many Americans want today, and even among the military there is a serious protest against the alleged increase in the number of US ground forces in Europe and the new large budget allocations for weapons.

Or maybe the whole thing in the dumplings that are served in Russia? Maybe they have a wonderful property to tune in a peaceful way?

Comments from our readers:

“Freeze” in Ukraine is needed by the Americans, as long as they really control it. Not everything is stolen there. And money loves silence. Now they are straining Russia in order for the LDNR to abstain from elections outside the Minsk agreements. But they themselves are playing a two-faced game. If Russia does not allow LDNR to decide their own destiny, then again the United States wins.
They will not remove the sanctions from Russia until we have a pro-American president, and the Crimea will not become American until our cities pass through pederast parades, until the islands of Japan are surrendered ... The reason for sanctions is always found, as long as Russia exists as a state as opposed to America

Not Russian dumplings, but Russian rockets are setting Americans up for a peace-loving mood. We would learn to confront their hybrid pods!

Knocked grandmother

For two months, it took American financiers to properly respond to Saudi “blackmailers”, in March threatening to sell off Treasury securities and other US assets worth $ 750 billion. Recently, the US Treasury for the first time released data on the debt to Saudi Arabia. The amount of debt to Riyadh - total 116,8 billion dollars. True, the US Treasury doubts the accuracy of this indicator ...

If the Saudis talk about US liabilities of approximately $ 750 billion, the US Treasury gives out much smaller numbers, albeit with a reservation: Saudi Arabia’s foreign exchange reserves, they say, are 587 billion dollars, and two-thirds of such reserves are usually expressed in dollars. Therefore, the US debt to Saudi Arabia may not amount to 116,8 billion dollars, but much more. The US Treasury does not deny this, only it can not bring exact figures!

However, for a department that for more than forty years secretly owes to the Saudis, this is apparently an ordinary practice. We would not be surprised if the Americans “lose” some of the debts, and then, you see, the “color revolution” will break out in the kingdom. The former “strategic” friendship between Washington and Riyadh is already gone. Yes, and now the Americans own oil, shale. Now, former strategic partners have become economic competitors.

Comments from our readers:

We live by the principle “To whom we must, we forgive everyone”?

Ivan Slavyanin
No, the principle is different: the Saudis are declared an undemocratic country, where terrorism flourishes! Example - with Hussein!

Complex issue…
1) Arabs are prone to exaggeration, could easily and lie the size of their American securities.
2) Americans - masters play with numbers. Could cut their debts WITHOUT accounting for debt obligations to individuals and foundations, and in the case of the Arab monarchies the difference between the state treasury and the czar's treasury is very small.
3) A massive sale of US debt will lead to a fall in their value and allow the US to buy up its debts for cheap, which is certainly PROFITABLE for the US itself. There is a simple bluff.

Nikolay K
What differences does the author speak of? 116,8 billion dollars is the value of treasury bonds available on the KSA balance sheet. In addition, the Saudis probably have significant balances in accounts in American banks, because, as the author notes, the currency reserves of the kingdom 587 billion dollars, of which approximately 2 / 3 are denominated in dollars. Total, including bonds, about 400 billion dollars. In addition, Arabs actively invested in US stocks, real estate and other assets. So I fully admit that the total value of Saudi assets in the states can really be close to 750 billion. While the oil was at 100 dollars per barrel, the Saudis received from its sales at 1 billion dollars per day. That accumulated on a rainy day. Only, quite possibly, the Americans just waited until the jug filled.

But it will be fun when the Saud will present the bill, and America is classically like a horse-drawn ladies dodging.
The Germans understood how to give goat cabbage to preserve (that is, to America gold). They only asked to look, not even to pick up, - no, they say, it was, and now it’s gone somewhere ... And the Germans, characteristically, got lost ...

Pro Billy Miner

Mrs. Clinton said the other day that if she was elected to the presidency, she would instruct her husband Bill “to revive the economy”. She hinted that Mr. Clinton's knowledge would be particularly useful somewhere in the coal-mining areas of the country and in other places not so remote.

Here is what she said (the grammar of the original is preserved as far as possible, quoted in ABC News): "My husband, whom I am going to make responsible for reviving the economy, because you know that he knows how to do it." As a potential Democratic candidate noted, “especially” Bill will come in handy “in such places” where coal is mined, as well as “in other parts of our country”.

It seems that Billy's little wife, unwittingly, humiliated her husband, trying to exalt him.

Apparently, the old Billy is destined to go to the mines, become a proletarian and breathe coal dust. No wonder it is popular among the workers. Well, Mrs. Clinton will find a young intern in the White House ...

Comments from our readers:

Well, a young trainee in the White House will not interfere, a wedge of fire is knocked out, as they say.

"... will instruct his spouse Bill to" revive the economy. "
And these (no words) parading struggle with corruption all over the world. This is where corruption flourishes in rampant color.

Hillary commemorates Bill for a reason, it was the time when the US social and economic prosperity really happened, he played on nostalgia. But he had a good team that really worked.

One on one with nature

The current Britain does not like the current British. Life in London and its surroundings is a great disappointment. Many British are ready to move far away, just to get away from the damned islands. Mans British Britons: there, they say, Putin distributes land for free. Not in Moscow, of course, but “in the Siberian wilderness,” one British newspaper points out. Well, the British are ready to be alone with nature and temper the character.

As the poll showed, eight out of ten UK citizens seriously consider the idea of ​​emigration ... to Russia. This is not a joke: almost 80% of those polled by the Express newspaper are already considering moving to Russia.

True, despite the amazing natural beauty of Siberia, some of the British are afraid of bears. There is an opinion in London that “too many hungry bears” wander around Russia in winter.

Others covered fear of the cold. They learn that in those places where Putin offers to settle for free, it is minus forty seven degrees on the Celsius scale. This greatly reduces the attractiveness of the idea of ​​moving to Russia.

Finally, the British fear and clouds of mosquitoes that fly and bite people in the summer.

Nevertheless, there is interest in the project. The Russian Embassy in Britain confirmed the newspaper "Express": yes, "a number of Britons have already shown interest in the project."

It is curious, by the way, that none of the respondents questioned “democracy” in Russia, did not call Putin a “tyrant,” said nothing about corruption. On the contrary, the British gentlemen are very dissatisfied with their own government, whose top ranking does not reach 35%. But President Putin is just fascinating to the British. They really like this Putin, that they are ready to throw Britain to the devil and move, despite the clouds of mosquitoes and hungry bears, into the “Siberian wilderness”. There, former islanders will be able to admire the natural beauty and forge character. Real Russian character, I guess.

Comments from our readers:

A quiet occupation of Russia is being prepared. To this we are prepared. Thanks to Oleg for the warning.

A joke of humor appreciated. Have you lived in Siberia for at least a year or two? Cold, fluctuations in 30 degrees for some 8 hours, midges and mosquitoes in summer, 4-5 sun hours per day in winter, winter itself almost 8 months, average annual temperature from 4 to –15 and below.
Well, well, I'm just waiting for the invasion of the survivalists, it seems, all DiCaprio looked at the romance, damn it.

We in the Urals, far from all the villages have the light! Not like gas or the Internet :))
But the places are beautiful!
Here is the village of Sikiyaz-Tamak - there is light and a satellite phone! And the bear lives in 4 km. True, there is no bridge :(. When Sikyaz is bottled, they live like a month on an island - do not drive ...

The modern average European in Siberia will not survive ... Too much he is spoiled by civilization. Here you need a Russian character.

A hundred will die, and one will survive and become Russian.

* “Have you had any construction accidents? Did not have? There will be! ”- a phrase from the movie“ Operation Y and Other Adventures of Shurik ”
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  1. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 22 May 2016 07: 25
    Capacitively and Compressed and with Humor! Thanks for the review !!!! sensible as always! I read every week with pleasure!
    1. SRC P-15
      SRC P-15 22 May 2016 08: 47
      In connection with the victory in the competition of the Ukrainian singer, who performed the song “1944” about the deportation of Crimean Tatars, the world began to discuss which version of the song should be offered as an answer worthy of the first prize.

      It seems to me, in this matter, we are unlikely to surpass Ukraine yes :
      1. Thunderbolt
        Thunderbolt 22 May 2016 10: 11
        Quote: СРЦ П-15
        which song option should I offer as an answer
        I don’t know the version of the song (there are a lot of them!), But can it be better to dance to the Ensemble of the Russian Army named after Alexandrov?
        1. nazar_0753
          nazar_0753 22 May 2016 14: 48
          Quote: Thunderbolt
          Quote: СРЦ П-15
          which song option should I offer as an answer
          I don’t know the version of the song (there are a lot of them!), But can it be better to dance to the Ensemble of the Russian Army named after Alexandrov?

          Already offered - they say they won’t let me go crying
  2. Armored optimist
    Armored optimist 22 May 2016 07: 40
    The urine swayed! It is necessary to make their meldonium taste determined!
    1. ICT
      ICT 22 May 2016 10: 39
      The White House of a young trainee ...

      at gobel's rate lol rumor has it that she is to internKAM not indifferent
    2. sgazeev
      sgazeev 22 May 2016 11: 15
      Quote: armored optimist
      The urine swayed! It is necessary to make their meldonium taste determined!
  3. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 22 May 2016 07: 54
    And someone thought that hamsters from any geyrovideniya and committees that Baron de Coubertin would have dispersed, excuse me, with ... rags, would behave differently?
    No, they will not lead and will not. War, but in war all means are good. The bases around, sanctions, the discrediting of Russia wherever possible and not impossible. Strong Russia and prosperous they do not need. We need her. And we will fight for it, and we are already fighting, with the exception of some that are putting sticks into the wheels. But their minuscule. As the Chief said, it is not literally that We will have a worthy answer to any of their actions. I believe him.
    1. Reptiloid
      Reptiloid 22 May 2016 08: 19
      I’m very pleased with the review, I made up for everything that I missed before. Compact and informative.
      1. cap
        cap 22 May 2016 18: 53
        Quote: Reptiloid
        I’m very pleased with the review, I made up for everything that I missed before. Compact and informative.

        I read it with pleasure.
        Everything is as always. Authors Aleksey Volodin, Oleg Chuvakin
        Just three +++ good
    2. Knowing
      Knowing 22 May 2016 09: 27
      Et for halfax but... repeat In the light of gay moods
    3. Svidetel 45
      Svidetel 45 22 May 2016 21: 14
      "... their minuscule ..", but one traitor in his trench is more dangerous than 10 enemies in front of the trench, and a handful of sand in oil can disable the coolest car. If Stalin had not cleared out this "minuscule" from the army and the state apparatus before the war, then it is not known if we could have resisted then.
    4. papik09
      papik09 23 May 2016 02: 03
      [quote = s.melioxin] [quote] But their minuscule ... [/ quote] hi
      Sorry, I’ll explain a little ... winked
      PREFERENCE rules (there is such a game, card game) - DO NOT TAKE A BRIBE (that is, having 10 "cards in hand", give everything to your opponents). And, if at least ONE bribe will be given to the player, the scribe will be. And mulberries, y, like "playing", minuscule, okazYVATSTSA, bases of "hostesses", that is, sevens. And so - in all FOUR MASTERS. Speaking in a CONVENTIONAL, that is, UNDERSTANDING, language, this is called "STEAM". A fur-bearing animal came to visit the player ... Such a handsome one ...
  4. Aleksander
    Aleksander 22 May 2016 07: 59
    Accordingly, the appearance of such weapons in our country is potentially sets the whole world against us and gives meaning to the existence of NATO, an organization that is much larger and wider than it was in the Soviet years.

    Yes, yes, and if Russia disarm, then all of you will immediately turn into ardent friends of Russia. Amazing logic!
    1. sgazeev
      sgazeev 22 May 2016 11: 17
      Yes, yes, and if Russia disarm, then all of you will immediately turn into ardent friends of Russia. Amazing logic!

      One can forget about Russia.
  5. Knowing
    Knowing 22 May 2016 08: 18
    Authors Respect and Respect! hi
    But now that that is not hurt: Poluruberoid banned the word "Negro":

    "Negro", "Hispanic", "Eastern" - now these and other "offensive mentions of minorities" will be completely deleted from the US federal law. According to ABC News, the relevant law was signed by President Barack Obama.
    Parasenko again outpost, something there recourse "President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko claims that it is his country that stands on the defense of Europe from" barbarism, tyranny, and terrorism. "
    But the coolest (in my opinion) is this:
    Moscow advised Kiev to stop the decommunization farce, and to conduct honest decommunization, the main point of which should be the liquidation of Ukraine, and certainly within the borders within which it is now known. Because these borders are the undoubted legacy of the criminal Soviet regime, and nowhere and not in any way outside the works of the new heroes of Ukraine, pulled out of the historical garbage.

    “If you bring the Ukrainian law on decommunization to its logical end, you need to eliminate Ukraine.

    Because, after all, her father is not hetman Mazepa, and certainly not Bandera, but grandfather Lenin.

    As a state within its current borders, the author of this state was Grandfather Lenin, whether you want it or not ...

    Another legacy of the communist regime is the gas pipeline that runs through Ukraine, ”Mikheev said.
    - I applaud STANDING !!!
  6. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 22 May 2016 08: 18
    The Baltic business quietly answers this:
    The country is small. We don’t get money from anywhere, we don’t produce anything, we don’t really sell anything, but we want to live well, as in Europe. Yes, something worked before. But the Europeans, when we were accepted into the family, were asked to close us. We, they say, will give you money anyway, just don’t do anything that could be useful to anyone else, and don’t get in the way in our market, there’s enough without you.
    And for Europeans to give money, you must constantly remind yourself. Watch how we stand on guard of Europe, see how we worry about it. Like some sort of argument with Russia, we are in the forefront as the bravest. We’ll shout something louder - and to the Brussels box office: well, don’t we rely on anything for this? Well then, at least pour milk for harmfulness.
    Europeans pay something, we don’t need much, we are not some kind of Greece. Only recently have they started pulling us. Restricted in self-expression, do not allow to truly reveal. And another problem came up: as our requests grow, somehow European money ceased to be enough.
    And here is such a neighbor. From time immemorial in Latvia, it has been giving money and not asking what it has spent on. He built roads, cities, ports, factories. And now I'm ready to give. And ready to build. So you would not take advantage? That's the same. Therefore, we threaten with one hand, and quietly take the other - and in your pocket. When Europeans look, we are indignant and condemn. How to turn away - quietly and giving a hand kiss, and bowing helmet. What is illogical? Reputation? So we are a small state, we do not have resources and the Panama Canal. All that is - honor, reputation, freedom, and what else is there ... that's what it is, we are trading in that. I have to spin.
    Therefore, do not be offended by us. And do not despise. Everything is logical. And the fact that the Italians do not understand ... Maybe, of course, it is impossible to serve two gods, but not the gods burn the pots. And what is in the pots is also not done by them. That's how they live. Goremyki.
  7. Damask
    Damask 22 May 2016 08: 41
    Actually, the lands will not be bought for living, remember the privatization, how much bahl and bucks poured into the country, only God knows, they bought and ruined everything, here, too, I think everyone will buy and lag
  8. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 22 May 2016 08: 48

    A hundred will die, and one will survive and become Russian.

    Mahmut You are Krasava. + 100. The review is good. Find some waves in the calm. THANK! Cheered up.
  9. Egoza
    Egoza 22 May 2016 08: 51
    Hello everyone! hi
    Thanks to the authors for the excellent review, although there is a "smart guy" who immediately puts a minus without explaining the reasons. Well, the flag in his hands, Ukrainian.
    And in Ukraine yesterday celebrated Europe Day !!! the president and comrades definitely celebrated and then shared his thoughts and sweet dreams with the people on TV.
    "It is our country that stands on the defense of Europe from" barbarism, tyranny, and terrorism. "
    "We, Ukrainians, are today at the forefront of the defense of European civilization," he said. He is also convinced that Ukraine will be able to become a member of the European Union, and the Ukrainian language will receive the status of the official language of the EU. “I am confident that one day the best Ukrainian citizens will take their places in the European Parliament, the European Commission, in European institutions, this will be the day when Ukraine will take its rightful place among the member states of the European Union,” he said

    1. Thunderbolt
      Thunderbolt 22 May 2016 10: 22
      Quote: Egoza
      Ukrainian citizens will take their seats in the European Parliament, the European Commission, in European institutions,
      I can imagine what interesting times will come in European institutions if Ukrainian parliamentarians climb to some sort of controversial issue as they are used to in the Rada, using hand-to-hand fighting techniques wassat This will enliven the decision-making process and bring a healthy element of primitive Greekness.
    2. Knowing
      Knowing 22 May 2016 12: 33
      Quote: Egoza
      there is a "smart guy" who immediately puts a minus without explaining the reasons. Well, the flag in his hands, Ukrainian.

      There is a proposal for a flag (they asked to change ... exchange):
      1. Kos_kalinki9
        Kos_kalinki9 22 May 2016 14: 42
        There is a proposal for a flag

        Maybe right away .........
  10. Stanislas
    Stanislas 22 May 2016 08: 55
    former islanders will be able to admire the natural beauties and forge character. The real Russian character, probably
    laughing I see advertising brochures of travel agencies with the slogans "A real Russian character in 2 weeks !!!", "Meeting a bear and all the horrors of the Gulag for only £ 1000, including insurance !!!". The very idea of ​​taking up the education of Europeans on a commercial basis is tempting, we need to think smile
  11. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 22 May 2016 08: 58
    Thank you for the review, briefly, briefly, on the case. In an interesting time we live, camarades.
  12. Egoza
    Egoza 22 May 2016 09: 00
    Who laughed that Petya said that he was a Crimean Tatar? you do not understand far-reaching plans!

    On the Memorial Day of the deportation of Crimean Tatars, Petro Poroshenko said in his speech that he supported the idea of ​​creating Crimean Tatar autonomy and intended to amend the Constitution on the self-determination of Crimean Tatars, a special working group would be created for this. And today, the reality of this initiative was confirmed by the Head of the headquarters of the action on the blockade of the Crimea, Lenur Islyamov. He said that the Crimean Tatars intend to choose their own president and create their own government.
    “Poroshenko now has its own story. We want Ukraine to have a national identity assigned to us, which clearly states that ours is where it is, ”Islyamov said.

    It is no longer a secret that the Tatars claim to be in the south of Ukraine, in particular the Kherson region, and already local residents complained about the arbitrariness of Mezhdlis representatives and raider land seizures.
    And although Islyamov believes that Dzhemilev will become their president, and Erdogan will support him in every possible way, only there are some misunderstandings because now he is with Erdogan, and even Dzhemilev is old, everything can happen to his grandfather, and then the Petar-Crimean Tatar, their new president, will come in handy.
    1. Kos_kalinki9
      Kos_kalinki9 22 May 2016 14: 46
      Who laughed that Petya said that he was a Crimean Tatar?

      No one laughed. All in all seriousness wassat (although in reality it’s not a laughing matter. Ukraine is falling apart, or Don Pedro is falling apart, to the applause of others) -
  13. sergey2017
    sergey2017 22 May 2016 09: 01
    The deployment of a Russian military base on Vietnamese territory is in the interests of not only Russia, but Vietnam! The Vietnamese have not forgotten who helped them liberate the country! Anecdote to the topic!
    The Vietnamese pilot is explained:
    - There are three buttons in the MiG cockpit. You’ll press the first button if it’s bad in battle. Press the second - when it’s really bad. And if it’s really, really bad, press the third one!
    There is an air battle. Vietnamese are catching up with American planes. He pressed the first button - the MiG accelerated sharply. The Americans fired rockets. He pressed the second button - MiG made a missile defense maneuver. But here again! - On top, another link of Americans goes to attack him. He presses the third button and hears Russian speech from behind:
    - Come on, son, let go of the helm, now we are doing it ...
    1. SlavaP
      SlavaP 22 May 2016 23: 04
      Ha ha! But with the Vietnamese pilots had to intersect. Strong guys, although they did not come out tall. They themselves could do whatever they need.
  14. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 22 May 2016 09: 07
    Thank you for the review, I missed something during the week and filled the gap.

    From now on, attempts by the United States and NATO to obtain high-quality military superiority over the Kremlin are doomed to failure. The military victory over Russia, as in the days of the USSR, became absolutely impossible.

    It is said loudly. At one time there was such a poster, there is also a capacious
  15. sergey2017
    sergey2017 22 May 2016 09: 22
    Quote: “I don’t believe that Jamala didn’t understand that she was deliberately participating in political provocation against the historical truth of the treason of the overwhelming majority of Crimean Tatars during the Second World War and against Russia, a country in which she hospitably lives with her parents, being a citizen of Ukraine. just to expel such enemies of the Russian Federation from the country! Moreover, she is a foreigner. Business-like! What problems can there be if her political action had such a negative, hostile, negative political resonance? During a new war with Russia, she was the first to soap herself somewhere to the USA or England. The “legs” of her song seem to grow there.
    For example, a young lady from Maidanov with a dream of “lace panties” in the EU and aggressiveness against Russia did not provide the job in the Russian Federation she was counting on. She still sticks out in Ukraine. And with Jamal everything for Russia is much politically steeper and much more hostile!
    Action needs to be taken. NATO is now threatening Russia with war with might and main - and why do we need Jamal in our rear ?! "
    I completely agree !!! Where does the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB look? FMS reassigned, no one else to work?
    1. Sergej1972
      Sergej1972 22 May 2016 10: 21
      She does not live in Russia.
      1. Svidetel 45
        Svidetel 45 22 May 2016 21: 23
        She does not live in Russia, she only comes to Russia to earn money from grandmothers. We need to declare a boycott for her, boycott all her concerts, if she snoops on us again, we don’t need those who are engaged in anti-Russian propaganda.
  16. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 22 May 2016 09: 35
    Recall that the Ukrainian junta to this day barks in tandem with Western mongrels, accusing Russia of either "aggression" or "annexation".
    It is better to send n "x" p and regret a little, than to be very sorry that at one time you did not send n "x" p. This is not a competition, but a politicized showdown. Whom we need to raise, whom we need to push back. I didn't like it, but I looked. And now I don’t like it and I won’t look. If Shnurov doesn't go.
  17. Egoza
    Egoza 22 May 2016 09: 37
    Prime Minister Groisman also pleased us with his new fantasy project ...
    Experts discussed on Friday the draft program of the new Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine published the day before. As Vladimir Groysman, appointed by 14 on April, warned, approval of the document in parliament is scheduled for May 26.
    As the Ukrainian newspaper “Business Capital” clarified on the eve, among the goals of the government is to enter the 20-ku of the leading countries of the world in two years. In addition, the prime minister promised Ukrainians average earnings in 1000 euros.
    “If we take our European partners, we will see that the average wage in these countries, for example in Poland or Slovakia, is approximately 1 thousand euros, when in Ukraine it is about 150 – 170 euros,” said Vladimir Groysman.
    “We understand that with tremendous potential, natural resources, with competent, good governance, Ukraine can achieve these indicators, and this will mean that we can become competitive, and people will begin to gain opportunities for a quality life.”

    yes, yes, yes ... the salary is 1000 euros, pensions are 500, somewhere we already heard it. But he gave at least two years, but the mayor of Kiev promised to complete the decommunization in Kiev by Monday.
    "Kiev is the first to rename streets. We have removed all the signs and, I am sure that several monuments that have remained will not stand in their place on Monday," the mayor said to journalists, quoted by the website of the 112 Ukraine TV channel. ...

    They removed the tablets - they did not hang new ones. And there is still a monument to the KGB, a monument to the Motherland and the Arch of Friendship of Peoples!
    For reference...
    The Monument of the Peoples' Friendship Arch is dedicated to the reunification of Ukraine with Russia. It consists of three elements: the arch itself in the form of a huge rainbow, a bronze sculpture of two workers and a scene of the Pereyaslav Rada. In the center of the composition is a statue of Bohdan Khmelnytsky and Boyar Buturlin, the Russian ambassador. The scene of the Pereyaslav Rada of 1654 is carved from granite.
    The two-figure six-meter composition of the workers - Russian and Ukrainian is made of metal, granite and bronze. Together they raise the ribbon with the Order of Friendship of Peoples. Sculptural groups are connected by the arch-rainbow of the Arch of Friendship of Peoples, which symbolizes the unity of fraternal peoples. Behind the monument is an observation deck with magnificent views of the Dnieper and the Left Bank.

  18. Egoza
    Egoza 22 May 2016 09: 48
    The Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Igor Nasalik on the air of the 112 Ukraine television channel expressed the opinion that the rejection of gas was a step forward, not backward.
    “This is not a step back, it is a step forward, if boiler houses based on wood pellets, which are now used in Germany, are created, it will be a step forward,” he said.

    According to him, such boiler rooms are necessary. Nasalik cited the example of the fact that in the city of Kalush, which he headed, they made a boiler room on wood.

    “As a result, savings of almost 60%,” the minister said.
    "Wood pellets" or pellets - really is an economical type of fuel self-sufficiency. It consists of granules pressed from peat, defective wood, woodworking waste, bark, corn bits, straw, chicken droppings and twigs. This type of fuel, in fact, allows you to optimize the utilization of many production wastes and livelihoods.

    But there are NO factories for processing waste and producing these same granules in Ukraine. As there are no boilers that can use them. And when they will appear - it is not known at whose expense .... well, I understand. In the meantime, in many areas there is a "planned repair" of gas pipelines. Either the pipes are being changed, or the gas in the pipes ran out, but the gas was completely turned off for a week or two or a month. Apparently they are checking how the power lines will hold out when everyone is cooking on electric stoves. wassat
  19. Sergey333
    Sergey333 22 May 2016 09: 59
    Comments from our readers:

    Alexander Romanov
    I tried to leave a comment on Radio Liberty. I wrote that the article was fake, and sent a comment. First, the inscription on the screen: "After checking your comment moderator, your comment will be added." 3 minutes have passed, and I have an inscription on the screen: "You are banned."
    Freedom of speech in American.

    There are a lot of such non-profitable sites, for example, "photo country", where obvious lies are constantly coming out that discredit the country as a whole and the second target is Putin. When you try to remove this muck from your page and draw the attention of the moderators to this, the answer comes that everything is fine, the way it should be. Considering that there are millions of users on such sites, there is a bookmark in the brains of the inhabitants, there should be a reaction not from the state, but from the citizens themselves. I believe that every conscientious person should resist this to the best of his ability. The opposition is simple - in the same place in the comments to show readers that this is a lie, to ridicule this muck, etc. Believe me, there are hundreds of people generating dirty tricks, a maximum of a thousand, and there are millions of us. Here you can crush the infection at the root, the main thing is not to sit idly by.
  20. Egoza
    Egoza 22 May 2016 10: 03
    After it became known that the EU countries are currently discussing the possibility of postponing the introduction of a visa-free regime for Ukraine, (writes the Free Press.) And what was said in an interview with “European Truth” by the Ambassador of Ukraine to the EU, Mykola Tochitsky.

    Vice Prime Minister Irina Gerashchenko made the opening of the century!
    "This is a policy of double standards! We have fulfilled ALL requirements. There were no words about Turkey. The Ukrainians did not deserve this."
    ZRADA shorter from Europe! Only Ukrainians deserve it, those who betrayed themselves will be betrayed in the first place.

    Well and pleased (honestly) Vitalik. although there are rumors that it will be removed soon, but finally ...
    Klitschko asked the “Azovites” not to hide their faces
    The Kiev mayor talked to the protesters.
    Driving along the streets of the capital, the Kiev mayor, seeing a group of people in masks and clothes with the symbols of "Azov", stopped to communicate with them. As Ukrainian News Agency reports, young people walked along the street, shouting nationalist slogans and pasting stickers on the walls of houses.
    Klitschko appealed to the protesters not to hide their faces and to observe order.
    "Azovites" answered the mayor that they are not hiding, and thus protect themselves and their families. To this, Klitschko noted that a person who is not hiding anything should not hide his face.

    Yeah! I would also ask you to pose for a new monument to the fallen heroes of the ATO, which they are going to put in the distant future.
    ODERVIT 22 May 2016 10: 13
    Thanks for the next review.
  22. akinak-f
    akinak-f 22 May 2016 10: 22
    Good review. But not everything is clear with the Saudi dollars.
    “It took American financiers two whole months to properly respond to the Saudi“ blackmailers ”, who in March threatened to sell off Treasury securities and other American assets worth $ 750 billion. Recently, the US Treasury Department for the first time made public data on the debt to Saudi Arabia. -Riyadh - only $ 116,8 billion. True, the US Treasury doubts the accuracy of this indicator ... "
    So it's not clear. "Debt to Riyadh" - is it to the state of the KSA or a common debt? Saudi sheiks and emirs are rich people, they can have more than one hundred billion in their accounts, no? It turns out that what is on the accounts is not a debt to the KSA, but a debt to the FAMILY? Do I understand correctly that the Saudi FAMILY can easily bring down the dollar?
  23. sergey2017
    sergey2017 22 May 2016 10: 25
    Memoirs of the Soviet pilot who fought in Vietnam:
    "We did not officially fight in Vietnam. We were military experts and instructors. Finding a normal Vietnam is a problem. They are small, dead, they do not hold an overload. Our guys kept up to 10g normally, but these guys were already fainting at five. They were force-fed, they were sentenced to a tribunal. If someone didn’t eat the ration, they were twisted on simulators - all to no avail. They lose consciousness and that's it. For a few seconds, but this is enough. American pilots quickly realized that all Vietnamese aviation is divided into Russian pilots and Vietnamese. Shooting down Vietnam is an honorable, profitable business (the money paid good), and most importantly - safe. With the Russians, things were much worse. You throw them like unexpectedly from the sunny side, from a cloud, you seem to hit for sure, and he will make an anti-missile maneuver, spin a figure awesome overload, and already on your tail. To hell with them with money and fame, so after all it will also knock you down! True, those who ejected were not finished off. And for that, thanks to the Russian guys holes. The Americans quickly figured out how to tell the Russian from the Vietnamese. The fight is going on, as a rule it is very fleeting. F-4 on the tail of the MiG. The MiG is making a maneuver, the overload is increasing, five, six - hop! the wings trembled, for a second, barely noticeable - everything is clear, Vietnam. You don't have to be afraid. But if on 8g the MiG maneuvers just as confidently, then there is definitely not Vietnam, but Russian, and hell knows how it all ends. Therefore, the Americans openly went on the air and with the phrase "Vanya! I'm gone!" left the battle. And rightly so. God saves man, who save himself."
  24. AdekvatNICK
    AdekvatNICK 22 May 2016 10: 38
    The exact number of bomb shelters in Russia is unlikely to be countable, since they all have different departmental affiliations. A significant part of such shelters is located on the territory of industrial enterprises, and many of them are subordinate to housing and communal services, healthcare institutions and education. In large cities, tunnels and subway stations are also bomb shelters - they were originally built taking into account the need for re-profiling in case of war.

    In the 90s of the XX century, due to the normalization of international relations and the absence of a direct threat of nuclear confrontation, most Russian bomb shelters fell into decay, and some of them were privatized by businessmen and transferred to the category of commercial real estate. The remaining ones have big problems with the functioning of life support systems, and food stocks from them are stolen.
  25. atamankko
    atamankko 22 May 2016 10: 49
    Thank you guys for the review, as always right in the top ten.
  26. Antiprogressor
    Antiprogressor 22 May 2016 10: 55
    “And, by the way, we need to ban some Western drug like meldonium.
    It seems to me that ours will cling to this Olympics to the last, because officials have such travel arrangements, such numbers and women))) otherwise they are so tired that it's time to go to Brazil. And when Mutko apologized for the athletes with meldonium, why did this knych not apologize for himself and his ministry?
    Western intelligence agencies and their owners are well aware that sanctions and measures are being taken to lower, remind and intimidate Penguins from ministries, departments, and enterprises that feed on Fed derivatives.
    With regards to pharmacology. The masters of the world do not like that some Russian is splashing in their pool. Sports oversaturated with doping drugs is a gigantic business. And competitors do not miss the opportunity to kill an opponent. The dope that is used in the West is not doping. They will switch to a new product, declare the old forbidden ... Russia is standing on the sidelines with an outstretched hand (in many respects thanks to the authorities). Slam a door or raise a voice on owners from Washington? But they won’t let them go abroad! But the accounts will be arrested! But they will tell everyone ... But how to steal, but put in an American prison! So we must wait for further dirty tricks.
  27. Prisoner
    Prisoner 22 May 2016 13: 47
    The bases at Lourdes and Camrani are worth rebuilding. No fools created, smart and return. It’s a pity that those who drank it all can’t get it. We don’t have a damn treaty on extradition of criminals.
    1. ICT
      ICT 22 May 2016 15: 04
      Quote: Captive
      Bases at Lourdes and Camrani

      Quote: Captive
      We don’t have a damn treaty on extradition of criminals.

      in KREMLIN devils rule what

      Quote: Captive
      It’s a pity that those who drank it all can’t get it.

      like everyone is alive and as if in action
      1. sherp2015
        sherp2015 22 May 2016 23: 01
        Quote: TIT
        in KREMLIN devils rule

        Right now they’ll bite the lizuns! ))))
  28. iouris
    iouris 22 May 2016 13: 50
    The author's thesis that "the Soviet people were buzzed" seems to be erroneous. The coup and then the counter-revolution of 1998 were carried out from the very top.
  29. NordUral
    NordUral 22 May 2016 14: 12
    With 50, shreds don't talk about ...

    They do not speak only with powerful industry, agricultural, science and the armed forces. And only hiss in the corners.
  30. Starik72
    Starik72 22 May 2016 15: 36
    THANKS for the review !!! As always accurately and with humor! Just a class! Sincerely.
  31. yuriy55
    yuriy55 22 May 2016 15: 38
    Thanks to the authors! Nice to read ...

    Today is the day of preliminary voting from the founders of EP. I don’t know what they wanted to achieve, but upon presenting the passport, some aunts wanted to subject my passport data to computer processing. Having been refused, they promised to deprive me of the right to vote ... crying A woman standing in line complained about the difficulties that employers promised for refusing to come to the site. Many (if not all) were obliged to call the chief about the voting results what
    Fulfillment of the May decrees of the President of the Russian Federation was carried out by 15% (source - the program "Glavnoe" NTV) No.

    The closer the election, the meaner ...

    The result of the week - stir fellow But no one denied the influence of temperature (in our case, the arrival of summer heat) on the "Brownian" (political) movement yes
  32. Yuri Y.
    Yuri Y. 22 May 2016 18: 27
    But if you still have tanks, then certainly not to "drag" them through the air - to land on land held by the airborne assault (or only intended to be held) behind enemy lines. Drive back and forth "Ruslans" (which, to put it mildly, not so many), and even though IL-76 for "landing tanks" - not a single military leader, as they say, will not drink so much ...

    Well guys why be surprised. Forgot that Airborne Forces are often used as simply motorized infantry.
  33. mav1971
    mav1971 22 May 2016 19: 57
    In the good old days, when I was little, I very clearly recall one slogan of the USSR: "We will protect the interests of the USSR anywhere in the world."

    From 1975 to 1991 year - there has never been such a slogan. And I believe. which was not before.
    The USSR was not so stupid as the writer of this opus to openly declare this.

    On the contrary - on all political information and news and programs of "Time" - the "national interests" of the United States were branded ...

    Only for one thing is a lie - put the article minus.
    1. Svidetel 45
      Svidetel 45 22 May 2016 23: 18
      There were such slogans, only they sounded like "USSR on guard of world peace", or "USSR for peaceful competition with a capital system", for peaceful, but at the same time the arms race was on the rise.
      1. ICT
        ICT 23 May 2016 06: 41
        Quote: Svidetel 45
        There were such slogans, only they sounded like "USSR

        in one of the foreign ports, a poster, Brezhnev in a sweatshirt and the signature "well, who else to help"
  34. sery volk
    sery volk 23 May 2016 04: 23
    I don’t give a damn about the Olympic Games, who needs them, ask the people when the Sochi Games were, I’m sure that half will not be able to tell which year it was, the country's prestige is not in Olympic medals but in military strength and the ability to give any aggressor in the face, who can remember where they were about, and to Sich 2014, yes almost no one, so don’t have to rumble booty, spit on the Olympics from Mount Olympus
  35. sery volk
    sery volk 23 May 2016 04: 43
    why the sport of the highest achievements, it would be better if these sportsmen were engaged in agriculture, it would be more useful to everyone
  36. STAH029
    STAH029 23 May 2016 14: 45
    It is high time to restore all the bases of the Soviet Union !! And especially in Cuba !!
  37. Miseracle
    Miseracle 24 May 2016 13: 29
    Quote: sherp2015
    Quote: TIT
    in KREMLIN devils rule

    Right now they’ll bite the lizuns! ))))

    Here you have the usual emoticons, but for some reason they are so unpleasant ...