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The Baltic States and Poland stirred up NATO generals, returning at least some practical meaning to the alliance.

The meaning of this is that NATO has a serious military adversary, who is sleeping and sees how to occupy the Baltic States and Eastern Europe. Politicians of the Baltic countries, who recently joined the North Atlantic Alliance, speak in vain. By the way, when the Baltic republics accepted into NATO, no one made any real plans for their defense.

The Baltic States and Poland stirred up NATO generals, returning at least some practical meaning to the alliance.

Who kindles the fire of war in the Baltic

According to experts, the situation has changed after the Russian-Georgian conflict and is extremely tense with the events in Ukraine. Today, under pressure-provoking appeals of the Balts, numerous exercises are being conducted, real military scenarios are being worked out, and there are regular reports of the interception of Russian military planes over the Baltic Sea, following their western enclave.

The other day, two noteworthy messages came from the British capital. The former deputy commander-in-chief of NATO forces in Europe, General Richard Shirreff, presented on Wednesday his own book, on the subject of which in 2017, the West would start a war with Russia. Actually, General Shirreff writes that Russia will be the initiator of military actions. She "begins to seize territory in the east of Ukraine, discovering a route to Crimea by land, and invades the Baltic countries." NATO will strike back in response, which will escalate into a full-scale war.

The Guardian, which reported on the presentation of the book by the British General, notes that, according to the author, the likely events described by him are based on the experience of working at NATO during the exercise of future probable conflicts. Now the retired general makes his predictions publicly, once again scaring and so timid colleagues in the Baltic States and Eastern Europe. Another thing is noteworthy: Shirreff revealed to the world all the paranoia that walks in the minds of NATO commanders. The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Sergei Lavrov, assessed this diplomatically: the Russophobic minority in NATO unites the alliance on an anti-Russian basis.

Shireff’s compatriot, member of the international committee of the House of Commons of the British Parliament, Daniel Kochinski, spoke on the same subject. “Recently, we often hear about air interceptions between Russian and NATO aircraft in the skies above the Baltic Sea - this situation is like a powder keg. Let's not forget that both sides have nuclear weaponwhich will be enough for the complete destruction of each other. Now, I often recall how much work has been done in the past. Indeed, in those times, the friction between the USSR and the West was no less than it is now. But then Western politicians understood how important it is to show respect for the Russian side and enter into a dialogue with it, to make efforts to find some points of contact, ”the deputy noted in his press statement.

It was not a public controversy. Coincidentally, two representatives of the British elite, almost synchronously, voiced two completely radically different opinions about NATO’s military plans. Now we know that in addition to the hysteria that has recently been fomented by the strategists of the North Atlantic Alliance, there is also a sensible understanding of the military situation in Europe.

The possibilities are real and imaginary.

There are few such examples. Recently, the media have been more filled with the horrors of generals and military analysts, who frighten Western inhabitants in the catastrophic NATO’s lagging behind Russia in armaments, equipment and training of personnel. This is how the famous American portal War on the Rocks presents it. Not so long ago, he published an article by analysts from the Rand Corporation Research Center David Shlapak and Michael Johnson, in which there are figures pleasing the Russian soul.

Having modeled a hypothetical military conflict between Russia and NATO, Rand Corporation analysts came to the disappointing conclusion: “Russia will have an initial advantage over NATO in quantity tanks in the ratio of 7: 1, in the number of infantry fighting vehicles - 5: 1, attack helicopters - 5: 1, barrel artillery - 4: 1, long-range rocket artillery - 16: 1, short-range air defense systems - 24: 1 and the number of long-range air defense systems actions in a ratio of 17: 1. "

The authors of the article, among other things, mourned that Russian guns and artillery beat far longer distances than their counterparts, which are in service with the United States. All this, as well as the other advantages reflected in the article, would allow Russia to smash NATO forces in the Baltic States in three days.

The article by Shlapak and Johnson echoes the recent statement by the Chief of Staff of the US Land Forces, Mark Millie, which he made in a speech before the Senate Commission on Armed Forces. General Millie admitted that Russia is superior to the United States in terms of the range and number of weapons.

In the heat of this public controversy, no one began to pay attention to the assessment of the ratio of real forces of Russia and NATO, which was given on the German TV channel Das Erste by Russia's permanent representative to NATO Alexander Grushko. In his opinion, the North Atlantic Alliance surpasses Russia in all categories of weapons.

Many have linked the self-blame of Americans with the struggle for money for the Pentagon. However, such activity usually coincided with the budget process and was observed mainly in the fall. Now it's springtime in the yard, and the scare about the decline of NATO forces is becoming more and more.

There are at least two reasons for this. In recent years, NATO’s military activity has sharply increased, and an appropriate justification must be found for this. As Alexander Grushko explained to German viewers, today literally “new exercises take place every other day in accordance with the Alliance’s readiness action plan.” The number of NATO exercises has exceeded 200. " Grushko noted that the total number of tactical flights aviation NATO over the Baltic and Barents Seas, as well as the regions adjacent to Russia in 2014 exceeded 3 thousand, which is twice as much as in 2013.

The second reason is related to the upcoming NATO summit in Warsaw in July. As you know, it will be approved the concept of deploying an additional contingent of troops in Eastern and Southern Europe. As conceived by NATO strategists, the alliance will deploy five elite battalions on its eastern borders. They must become a kind of rapid response team. This operation was pathetically called "Spearhead".

Such formations, according to the generals of the alliance, will serve as a deterrent for Russia. Therefore, all statements by analysts and military leaders about the weakness of NATO are ultimately just an attempt to impart at least some legitimacy to the deployment of new units in Eastern Europe and the Baltic States. After all, such a step directly contradicts the Founding Act on Mutual Relations, Cooperation and Security between the Russian Federation and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, concluded in the spring of the now distant 1997 year.

Shy Baltic dictates new rules of behavior

In their own way, the young members of the alliance look at the goals of the upcoming summit. They have already learned to dictate their agenda to NATO. Now they want to become full-fledged parties to the treaty, whose position will directly influence the adoption of military and political decisions. For example, Polish President Andrzej Duda sees the result of the summit in Warsaw. His Baltic neighbors do not object to such a turn of events, but out of habit, they are busy achieving tactical goals. The main one is to abandon the Russia-NATO Founding Act.

This treaty hinders the Alliance's advance to the East. Therefore, any such NATO action, as we have seen, requires additional political and propaganda efforts. The leaders of the Baltic countries want to avoid these unnecessary actions, to simplify the adoption and implementation of NATO decisions regarding Russia. Hence the prohibitive anti-Russian rhetoric.

In the West, it does not suit everyone. At the end of April, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, after talks with Latvian Prime Minister Maris Kuczynskis, firmly stated that it is important to comply with the Russia-NATO Founding Act in order to increase the level of security of the North Atlantic Alliance member countries.

Merkel is certainly not suspicious of pro-Russian sentiment. She simply understands the importance of following agreed rules for the mutual security of the parties. In addition, the chancellor now has to act with an eye on the German public. And there is a completely different mood.

As the American newspaper Wall Street Journal writes, in March the German Bertelsmann Foundation conducted a survey according to which 56% Germans do not consider Russia a “military threat” and disapprove of sanctions, and 57% were opposed to the German army defending Poland or the Baltic States, “if they will be attacked by Russia. "

The attitude towards Eastern Europeans in the United States itself is no better. Here they have already begun to call parasites. So, Doug Bendow, in an article for National Interest, wrote directly: “In search of the maximum number of allies, the United States created a whole brood of dependents. Washington has endured superstition for too long by its allies, it is time for the United States to begin to throw off this burden. ” Bendou counted among his dependents a large circle of Allied American countries, including the NATO partners from the Baltic States and Eastern Europe.

These new revelations in society must be disagreeable to NATO strategists. However, in return, they now have the main thing - the image of the enemy, fashioned from Russia by political sculptors of Poland and the Baltic States. The Alliance united against Russia, and its generals had at least some real sense of activity after the forgotten cold war. And so NATO is moving in the new century, creating only new threats to security and peace ...
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  1. qwert111
    qwert111 20 May 2016 06: 35
    "The Baltic States and Poland aroused NATO generals, returning at least some practical sense to the alliance"

    To NATO generals, we must be more discriminating in choosing partners! And from frequent communication with p / r / o / s / t / and / t / y / t / k / a / m / and in the end you can wrap something! Of course, Russia can provide medical care, there is experience, but suddenly the doctor will say to cut or amputate!
    1. bocsman
      bocsman 20 May 2016 07: 09
      Quote: qwert111
      but suddenly the doctor will say to cut or amputate!

      There is another old-fashioned way to cauterize!
      And for the very excited there is a straitjacket. The old, Soviet worn out, but they are already sewing a new one, there is little left to finish!
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 20 May 2016 08: 30
      You can look at the EU and NATO in a different, pragmatic aspect. Everything flows, everything changes - that is an immutable truth. After the collapse of the Warsaw Pact, NATO seemed to be out of work. Here the need arose to create the EU and an insurance company to protect it, with an insured event - a sudden war from any possible aggressor (although it is clear from whom). The author of this whole structure, of course, is the United States. Here for them an option is not only a win-win, but also an archival one. To keep the EU in an economic leash, while NATO is in the role of their policeman, who is also given 2% of the budget of the member states for the "roof".
      The United States expertly manipulates the actions of the Council of Europe and NATO, as its own structure, and is the main beneficiary. The second beneficiary is the founding states of the EU. They just stand at the top of the financial and economic pyramid, and therefore are rigidly attached to this design. It is enough to compare the incomes of citizens of Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark with the same Poland, the Baltic countries and the former from the belt of socialism, then they differ by at least 5 times. In this case, no progress towards improvement in the latter is generally observed. But any pyramid eventually collapses when the replenishment ends with the newly accepted students or the participants themselves, and in this case, this European scam.
    4. Volksib
      Volksib 22 May 2016 10: 06
      Defectors from the USSR and the police department is still an army !!!
    5. Volksib
      Volksib 22 May 2016 10: 06
      Defectors from the USSR and the police department is still an army !!!
  2. inkass_98
    inkass_98 20 May 2016 07: 17
    The activity of the NATO generals is quite understandable to me: more shouting - more money, more posts, later - a more fat pension. The activity of non-Tigers is also understandable: at someone else's expense, you can slightly improve your material and technical equipment, shift some of the concerns onto the occupation troops (there is no other way to name the foreign contingents on their territory), and increase some kind of trade turnover in the places where the "guests" are deployed. I also understand the Poles: their role as a regional leader is increasing, which they dream of and have been implementing with very variable success for the last thousand years (they had extreme success just 400 years ago laughing ).
    I don't understand Germany, France, Italy and other old and active NATO members - everything is fine, "but there may be children" (C), i.e. effects. And they will definitely be. How Denmark squealed when, after deploying a missile defense control center there, Russia announced that now Denmark will also be a priority target in a retaliatory or preemptive strike. And after all, "is it safe?" not the last time it is heard, but the mind does not increase in any way.
    The United States and the "Young NATO members" are diligently dragging Old Europe into the war, but it keeps scratching and hoping that everything will be okay - it will not be. And then there is Montenegro, with its gigantic military capabilities, is rapidly rushing into the alliance ... It’s time, I think, for Europe to start thinking with its head, and not in the places that it used to think for the past 55 years. It's high time already.
    1. Knizhnik
      Knizhnik 20 May 2016 07: 49
      I do not understand Germany, France, Italy and other old and active NATO members

      In fact, the intensified hilling of "Old Europe" by the United States began long before 2014. For many years they tried to persuade them to turn their backs on the Russian Federation and get closer to the United States, made billions of dollars in projects, drew charts, counted, proved. There was not only a carrot, but also a stick - blackmail, intimidation. Of course, they also promised "protection" (yes, this is racketeering, they have it in their genes). As they decided, they immediately began to Maidan in Ukraine.
  3. surrozh
    surrozh 20 May 2016 07: 25
    NATO is an obsolete structure, and our diplomats need to convey this to everyone in the West. Incidents in Europe with NATO are connected, but with the United States, and before the war, not far from the paranoia of the Baltic states with the Psheks.
  4. Dam
    Dam 20 May 2016 07: 34
    NATO, like any fat bureaucratic system, first of all, seeks to preserve itself and inflate funding and staff. So that's nothing new.
  5. Knizhnik
    Knizhnik 20 May 2016 07: 51
    The main objective of NATO at the moment is to justify its existence.
    1. godofwar6699
      godofwar6699 20 May 2016 11: 15
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  6. Stinger
    Stinger 20 May 2016 08: 00
    NATO has a proven methodology. As in advertising. The main thing is to come up with a meaningless phrase, like "Russia wants to seize the Baltic states," and repeat it endlessly until the average person buys it.
  7. novel66
    novel66 20 May 2016 09: 25
    Well, the Baltic states - they are hot-needy, but their howl is somehow justified, geopolitically, so to speak, but pschets? offensive from the enclave, and the goal? ay, gentry, read lips - do not need any .... what, in general. only bastards are nervous!
  8. techie
    techie 20 May 2016 09: 37
    NATO has a serious military adversary who is sleeping and sees how to occupy the Baltic states and Eastern Europe

    When the Baltic states and Eastern Europe were left alone with NATO, ours could have figured out that in the end such a hemorrhage would happen. They knew who they were dealing with. The humpbacked brute left us such a Podlyan face. These always have one tactic: shouting "Stop the thief!" do your own shitty thing. And if these screams become louder than usual, then a special meanness is conceived, and squeals are a smoke screen, a distraction.
  9. Tektor
    Tektor 20 May 2016 11: 16
    Oh, it seems to me that we will soon have a boom in camouflage and camouflage specialists ... Perhaps we will have to allocate a whole department in the General Staff for competent "throwing dust in the eyes", such as the Semibaba economy. As a rule, most of the equipment perishes in the first minutes or hours of the conflict. I would like to make it so that only the "baits" are "affected".
    1. Kenneth
      Kenneth 20 May 2016 12: 43
      Here please
      1. Tektor
        Tektor 20 May 2016 14: 24
        Exactly ... We would like to tidy up the old airfields at a minimum level so that in extreme cases they could be used as backup. Naturally, those that represent tactical value, and there are many of them. In the meantime, place a props on them, in every way supporting the stealth mode ... Hee hee. At some point, this props should unmask itself and cause distracting fire on itself.
  10. atamankko
    atamankko 20 May 2016 11: 28
    Amazing but small but smelly states
    pour water on the mill of NATO, the EU and the USA,
    absolutely not understanding what will happen to them in the future.
    1. Kenneth
      Kenneth 20 May 2016 12: 38
      That's because of people like you and pour. They do not want something to happen to them in the future.
  11. Holsten
    Holsten 20 May 2016 14: 18
    "... the image of the enemy, sculpted from Russia by the political sculptors of Poland and the Baltic states"
    These sculptors in no case can be sculptors - they have the wrong status. And they have the status of "talking heads" in chorus performing an apocalyptic requiem for the unfortunate Baltic states, exhausted under the growing pressure of barbaric Russia. Logically, the code of a choral piece should be the requirement of a preventive strike in the name of saving democracy, the LGBT community and in general ... But who would think that they are allowed to generate thoughts themselves? The pack was let off the leash - they bark.
  12. EDP
    EDP 20 May 2016 17: 38
    Probaltov has an example of psheks before their eyes. The more anti-Russian hysteria, the more money.
  13. Essex62
    Essex62 20 May 2016 17: 48
    Unfortunately, what Joseph Vissarionich achieved was destroyed by a traitor or a sent Cossack marked by the results of BB2. Now we have what we have. Vrazhin literally hangs on our borders, and those territories and armies that were supposed to meet this foe with us themselves became hostile. Of course, NATO generals need an enemy in the person of Russia, which is understandable, many members of the forum have already spoken about this. There are very many reasonable people who understand that Russia does not claim any new territories (there are not enough people to develop its own) in Europe, including in power structures and it is better to be friends and trade with us. But the Brussels European bureaucracy and "national" higher authorities serve the interests of the masons from All Street and wanted to spit on the nat. interests. Russia has only one way to maintain its strategic forces in a combat-ready state and systematically, without strain, put into operation new RKPSN and a dozen BZHRKs. Moreover, this must be stated openly, so that every rockefeler knows that he will arrive with a guarantee. That Russia is not an amorphous geyropa, but an empire that, without a shadow of a doubt, will bury the whole World if he suddenly decides to continue to exist without her! The main thing is that at this time there should be a person “on the button” capable of making such, oh, not an easy decision. While there is such a person, God forbid that the receiver will be with steel eggs.
  14. Waciak
    Waciak 20 May 2016 18: 47
    For me, this comment can only be one:
    1. andj61
      andj61 20 May 2016 19: 32
      Quote: Waciak
      For me, this comment can only be one:

      Nice song, but it’s not clear who this Anthony is and what he is famous for?
      And then the song of the Polish group lists all the cliches of Western, and Polish propaganda, but for some reason Antoni is to blame for this ... request
      Inconsistently somehow.
  15. Waciak
    Waciak 20 May 2016 20: 02
    Anton Matserevich - Minister of National Defense.
    The view suits the character.
    Unfortunately winked
    1. andj61
      andj61 20 May 2016 22: 15
      Quote: Waciak
      Anton Matserevich - Minister of National Defense.
      The view suits the character.
      Unfortunately winked

      Thanks for the information!
      But for some reason after listening to the song it seemed to me that they had in mind Putin! repeat
  16. Polar Bear
    Polar Bear 20 May 2016 21: 58
    Baltic States and Poland excited NATO generalsreturning the alliance at least some practical meaning.

    If you know what I mean... repeat

    (Seriously, it doesn’t matter, such double-headed headlines do.)
  17. mr.fafes
    mr.fafes 21 May 2016 20: 56
    Did the Baltic States and Poland arouse NATO generals? And they still have something to get excited?

    The other day, two noteworthy messages came from the British capital. Former Deputy Commander-in-Chief of NATO Forces in Europe, General Richard Shireff, presented his own book on Wednesday, which, in 2017, tells the West that it will start a war with Russia.
    Could our missiles be able to personally greet the statue of liberty?