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Heroes of Donbass do not die


Donetsk, Partizansky Avenue ... Today he reaffirms his heroic name. It belongs to the Kievsky district, and the northern part of this area is called Putilovka. It is difficult to make even a step without stumbling upon the sad consequences of the shelling of the troops of the Maidan junta.

The Putilov market was once very busy, today it is closed. Still would…

People, as they can, try to patch up the destruction, to improve their life - it is necessary to live. But how many such cases - hoped on the Minsk peace agreements, put new windows instead of broken windows. And then one arrival - and all the work down the drain.

Donetsk Parish School No. XXUMX is located on Partizansky Avenue, which also did not avoid hits. I already had to write about this school, when on its facade opened a memorial plaque in honor of the Hero of the Donetsk People's Republic Oleg Grishin, call sign "Bear". He died at the legendary height of Saur-Tomb, causing a fire on himself.

This small memorial is sacredly protected by students and teachers, and there are always flowers near it.

However, 18 May had to open another one next to this plaque - the number of dead defenders of Donbass is growing. Pupils of the same school №58 were two more fighters: Dmitry Vladimirovich Prely and Alexey Alexandrovich Fedotov. Were ordinary boys, of which the teachers preserved fond memories. But to their lot fell the war, with which they did not return.

Both younger students and high school students lined up at the school door with flowers. A plaque to two graduates of the school was opened in the framework of the action "Heroes do not die." The corridors of this school remember the laughter and cheerful steps of these recent boys, who certainly had their own dreams and plans for life. Dreams and plans, crossed out Maidan and the subsequent war unleashed against the Donbass.

Keeps school and other memories - about the shelling to which it was subjected. A few months ago, when a memorial plaque was opened in honor of Oleg Grishin, the traces of the shells were clearly visible. Now the school has been partially repaired, and the consequences of the shelling, which she, the students and the workforce had to endure, are no longer so striking.

The director of the 58 School, Claudia Kharkovskaya, recalled the dead children with warmth: “Sometimes, we were indulging. Perform all tasks. We won in competitions and contests. We remember them today. ”

She also remembered Oleg Grishin and the day when a memorial plaque was opened in his honor: “Here he studied, closed his comrades and died the death of the brave on Saur-Grave. Many heroes, they do not list, we have Putilovka. How many underground workers who studied in our school! Alexander Vladimirovich Zakharchenko, opening the memorial plaque to Oleg Grishin, said - this is a heroic school. We will be guys, and we are heroes. We will love our school and your land. And we will always keep in the memory of those who died for our freedom, for the world ... They bomb, and we learn. They shoot, and we will live and win. And here on this school ground 2 May (2015 g.) 19 min flew. It was 19 funnels. They said, they say, it was not we who shot, they are “militants”, “separatists”. And the director of this school, they say, educates militants and terrorists. No, guys. We educate patriots, educate heroes, educate honest, real people who will always protect their homeland and remember those who are not with us. ”

The honorary right to open the memorial plaque was granted to the guests of honor - Deputy of the People’s Council of the DPR Yaroslav Korotenko and Deputy Head of the Administration of the Kievsky District of Donetsk Oleg Meshko.

Yaroslav Korotenko in his speech said: “More than two years ago, enemies came to our land who wanted to conquer our Donbass. Thanks to people like those in honor of whom we are opening a plaque, thanks to those who defended the Republic, our homeland will flourish. The most important thing is that the feat that our fighters, our brothers, accomplished was never forgotten. Remember these guys. ”

The sad ceremony was attended by Alexey's mother and Dmitry's parents. They did not want to let their sons go to war, but they had to do it - the young people did not want to leave or sit out.

25-year-old Dmitry Prely in his family was the only son, his father continues to protect his native land. And leaving 22-year-old Alexey Fedotov, asked the mother for a blessing ... Now parents, as well as teachers and friends, have only the memory of the children. But nothing can compare with the pain of mothers.
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Elena Gromova
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  1. EvgNik
    EvgNik 20 May 2016 06: 40
    Remember the fallen. A moment of silence.
    1. obraztsov
      obraztsov 20 May 2016 07: 21
      I can’t understand and imagine how these people can live in Ukraine, where their Minsk agreements are pushing.
      1. baudolino
        baudolino 20 May 2016 07: 30
        Even if, then only in another Ukraine, and then formally. But in any case, the yellow-blue flags in Donetsk are only for wiping shoes.
  2. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 20 May 2016 07: 10
    Keep quiet. Remember. People who have laid down their lives for their homeland!
  3. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 20 May 2016 07: 27
    These bandeglogs will definitely not grow out of these kids. Thank you for the memory stored in children's hearts!
  4. surrozh
    surrozh 20 May 2016 07: 35
    Yes, they must be remembered. Forever.
  5. qwert111
    qwert111 20 May 2016 07: 53
    What no adult weather faces of children in the photographs in the article! These children will definitely remember
    Heroes of Donbass. And they learned to hate all those who, with their bayonets and shells, brought grief to the Donbass. Looking at these faces, one wonders about what kind of united Ukraine is it.
  6. cayman gene
    cayman gene 20 May 2016 10: 35
    My cousin died in the DNI militia. There was a wife with two children. At the invitation of relatives to leave, categorically refused. She said: here is his grave and I will stay close. That also happens.
  7. Polar Bear
    Polar Bear 20 May 2016 22: 07
    Very touching article ...
    The exploits of the fallen guys from this school are comparable to the exploits of the heroes of the Second World War.
    And although the wars, alas, not experienced by them, are different, however, the goal was still the same - to defend the homeland at all costs.
    They coped with this task perfectly, for which they have Eternal Memory.
  8. Belarus
    Belarus 20 May 2016 23: 13
    God in heaven will have a strong army. And as we correctly wrote above, we must remember, remember them all so that this does not happen again.
    Eternal memory to them.