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Why all the time one America? (, Czech Republic)

Why all the time one America? (, Czech Republic)

“The Sea Wolf” by Jozhka Osobah, who during his life under the flag of the Czechoslovak Maritime Shipping has traveled to many countries, and today owns a small gallery in the center of Pilsen, is allegedly again unable to express his views out loud. He speaks positively of Putin, for which he is branded as a Russophile. In addition, in an interview with the portal, he recalls the Allied bombing and wonders how someone could confuse Dobržany and Pilsen with Dresden. Unlike the West, we forget about Gagarin, and we also treat ourselves badly ...

ParlamentniListy. cz: In Ukraine, the new government. How do you think events will develop further?

Yozhka Special: As before, because different factions will argue there. In addition, they want goods not from Russia, but from Western Europe and America. There is not like ours. Although we have diverged from Slovakia, we still have connections and we help each other. But there they completely diverged. As for what happened there two years ago, so all sensible people know who started it, and that everything was rigged.

- They say that Russia is to blame for everything, and Putin’s hand must be seen everywhere ...

- All Putin, Putin ... He has subordinates who advise him. All this is artificially created. Now people say: “America, America”, but America borrows money from China. A big mistake was made when we obeyed and joined the boycott. Just imagine how many firms and citizens are paying for it. We have. Brussels doesn't care what's going on with us. And look how China enters the Russian market, how the doors are open there today. And to America too! First, the Americans boycotted Chinese goods, and now they import them and even borrow from the Chinese. Russia today receives a large number of Chinese goods and technologies. BUT weapon? Who arms China? Russia. And who arms the rest of the country? America! People are simply blinded, but they must take into account that the powers were here, are and will be. We are again entering the period of the Cold War and are again opposing one another. Now we are all against Russia. And this is serious. But Russia cannot tolerate the fact that the American bases are approaching the Russian borders. We are forcing Russia to arm - and as much as possible. China will not be with the Americans - rather, it will be with Russia.

“But there have been conflicts between China and Russia ...”

- Of course, even with the king, with a great empire, but the situation was always calming down. Imagine that in the 50s in the oceans, ships under the Chinese flag were not allowed to sail. Who helped them? We and the Soviet Union. There were also moments of border riots, but everything was settled there as well.

- But Russia occupied the Crimea ... And now it is supposedly interested in the Baltic states. Is this not intimidation of us, ordinary citizens?

- Of course! People are afraid, and it is in the hands of someone. See who is starting to build military bases in the Baltic States and Poland and who is supplying weapons there. And let no one tell me that the Russians can not defend themselves. We just force them to spend money on armaments instead of food purchases and development.

Last month, 55 celebrated its anniversary of the first flight of the first cosmonaut. Russia and the United States vied for who will be the first in space. It cost money and lives. The first were the Soviets, and this must be remembered, because even the Americans recognized it. Due to the fact that these two rivals competed in astronautics, look at what technique even entered our everyday life. But at first it was intended to fly into space. In 90 for several months everything calmed down, and then it began again. Germany was united, Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union were crushed. America did not fall apart, but rather the opposite. After 60 years, the Americans want to take Cuba again. They want those countries that are out of American influence.

- At the end of April there was the anniversary of Gagarin’s visit to Czechoslovakia, which became the first foreign country he visited. But this is not particularly talked about ...

- Because he is a Russian citizen! Surprisingly, he is remembered in the West. And we are holier than the pope ... We have canceled International Women's Day, the First of May, the May holidays. The most solemn festivals are in western Bohemia. Today, after 24 years have passed, we see that people are fed up with this, and that the celebrations will not be so big. It was decided that they will be lush every five years. In economic terms, of course, it costs a lot, and people are tired of it all. All the same constantly. Like 25 years ago, when parades were first held every year, and then once every five years on Letenski Field. So that история constantly repeated.

- We completely forget about the historical context in terms of the Second World War and its end, right?

- 25 years we forgot that February 14 and April 25 bombed Czechoslovakia. Yes, we were in the hands of the Germans, but the outcome of the war was decided. He was identified in Yalta, in Tehran. And there the powers agreed on how to divide a small Europe.

We forget that sad August 1968 of the year, and who was on our side? Fidel Castro, Romanians and Yugoslav Tito. And not all of these Poles, the GDR, who suddenly invaded the fraternal country. This is also forgotten. All blamed on Russian. Poles came, Bulgarians, who stopped, for example, on Smichov in Prague. And suddenly, after 25 years passed, it was said that there were only “these Russians” here, the USSR. And so in a boorish way. There were "allies".

About how many people died here on April 25 during the Allied bombing, did not say. And it was forgotten that 5 and 6 in May people revolted and seized the German leadership. No, they constantly say that Americans have come here. But not a single American died here, but walking along one of the main avenues, Klatovsky, you see a lot of monuments and tablets to the victims. Unfortunately, today there are no reminders on some houses.

The same applies to the movement of Jews at the beginning of the occupation. Here they began to make panels with the names of people on the sidewalks, but the matter was never brought to an end. It is also forgotten that nearby Dobržany, which the pilots allegedly mixed up with Dresden, were also bombed ...

Like any political idiot can say something like that. We forget that in our politics there are people who have been there since the very beginning of 90's up to today. They are expelled from one place, and they find themselves on another. How can you confuse Dresden with Plzeен and say that 90 kilometers between them! But this year it was said on television and written in the newspapers!

“But the allies said they confused ...”

- Don't be like them! Did the allies say that? Have you heard of any of the allies who said this before? All this began to speak in the last three years, but it has never been said before that someone confused Dresden. They say it now because we want to get on with America. Do not be offended, but how can this be confused? It looks like fools began to change signposts in 1968, so that the "allies" would go around the circle. And when the soldiers arrived at the same place a second time, they realized that everything was different on their maps. Only a fool could think of such a thing.

- Let's go back to the present. Previously, on the ship you had to pull with one rope, but what is happening today?

- Today, people only look at the economic side. The mutual assistance that we had 25 years ago completely disappeared. Today, think about it, a child cannot go skiing if he is from a poor family and does not have a new outfit. This was not. Previously, younger ones wore older things. In general, the friendship is gone.

Look at the Pilsen. The city had its own airfield, and after the revolution, the strip collapsed, and today there are workshops. And the Chinese who come to America are given land for rent, but they do not sell. Only when you are a third generation American can you buy land there. Look at how many empty apartments we have here, but on the other hand, how many people are sitting on the bench, not having work and housing. And now people come here who are young, who are from where they are going could work, but they prefer to go here and wait for support. We are not at a level to give them the same as in Germany. Therefore, everyone wants to go there ...

- You are hinting at refugees and immigrants. What do you think about this as a traveler who contacted different peoples and religions? Will there be harmonious coexistence?

- I think not. Everyone must stay in the country where he was born. Look, for example, on the Czechs who left in the 18th and 19th centuries, when we had unemployment, when people went to America or to former Tsarist Russia, or to Romania, where they received land and could work. But everyone, when there was a war, went to help their republic.

When someone says that today we see the same thing as in times of emigration, I disagree. This is not the same! In this case, people artificially move, and someone makes a lot of money on it. Refugees as if on vacation. Imagine how many of our people emigrated after the invasion of the Warsaw Pact allies. I am in favor of the young people going to explore the world, as our ancestors went, but let her come back. Having gained experience, young people will return and will support and develop us here.

I do not advocate for the borders to be closed, but I am for allowing people here, say, for 90 days. And then, some say: there are fights ... But this is no longer the case: the intensity of fights is decreasing. This whole wave is simply artificially created and maintained. Our culture is completely different. We are Western Slavs. And our people will not adapt to another religion. But in Russia it is necessary to adapt.

- And we return to fear. We talked about the fear of migrants, and before that - about the fear of Russia. Now let us touch upon the fact that we are forced to fear, because in a state of fear a person tends to behave short-sightedly ...

- This is special. There comes a period that once was, and we were glad that we got rid of it. Again the cold war begins between the two powers, and a third one intervenes - China.

- You said that you are sometimes criticized for Putin. Recently it happens more often?

- Yes. People turn on the TV, and they are fed there with bias. I do not see in our media that someone was objective. And if someone dares it, then the audience pounce on him. Putin is president, that's all. They say more about Zeman. He is a legitimately elected president who also has advisers. And both of these presidents are just people. They are not sinless, make mistakes. But since we have chosen our president, we must respect him.
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  1. ALABAY45
    ALABAY45 19 May 2016 21: 24
    Yes, because 1: 2 ... on shootouts ...! winkAll...?! Bleached?! ... (, Czech Republic) The third day in the ass they blow ...
    1. poquello
      poquello 19 May 2016 21: 27
      Quote: ALABAY45
      Yes, because 1: 2 ... on shootouts ...!

      and do not care, our 3-1 lead
    2. evil partisan
      evil partisan 19 May 2016 21: 35
      Quote: ALABAY45
      Yes, because 1: 2 ... on shootouts ...!

      And where in the article about bullets ??
      Return the asphalt to the people, wickedness! am
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      1. bubalik
        bubalik 19 May 2016 21: 44
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          evil partisan 19 May 2016 22: 12
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          Is there this curvy gluttonous who is still spreading sandwiches? How to finish unsubscribe in PM, and then there is no strength to look at how poachers gobble with impunity am in our country...
          1. bubalik
            bubalik 19 May 2016 22: 34
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      2. ALABAY45
        ALABAY45 19 May 2016 21: 50
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        1. bubalik
          bubalik 19 May 2016 22: 01
          Alabai 45, again you are with import substitution, what are you doing! ,, fellow
          1. ALABAY45
            ALABAY45 19 May 2016 22: 06
            The main thing is that the offended Czechs, offended Germans, tanks, against Russia, "in a new way", did not begin to rivet ...! Although, we have, in front of "soyuznichki" .... Those, more, weirdos ... I, not really politicizing hockey ?!
            1. evil partisan
              evil partisan 19 May 2016 22: 16
              Quote: ALABAY45
              I do not politicize hockey very much

              No stop . You half-load it yes .
              1. ALABAY45
                ALABAY45 19 May 2016 22: 18
                Well, now, the bays ... about the asphalt ...! Food loser ... repeat
                1. evil partisan
                  evil partisan 19 May 2016 22: 24
                  Quote: ALABAY45
                  Food loser

                  I look at the finely chopped smoked halibut, peeled dried sea ruff and a handful of red caviar in front of me and I understand that parallel reality begins in the Khanty-Mansiysk region yes .
                  And about the asphalt, the prosecutor will cove you ... wink
                  1. ALABAY45
                    ALABAY45 19 May 2016 22: 31
                    The reality begins when: smoked halibut, finely, do not cut ... Either it is not halibut, or, it is, very, not smoked ...! Believe me people! wink By the way, red caviar is not a "handful", if properly prepared, it quietly spreads over the sandwich ... And only with prolonged (improper) storage, with satiety with urotropin, it begins to "hunch" ... fortune, red caviar has never been saved ... Swallow, I ...
                    1. bubalik
                      bubalik 19 May 2016 22: 40
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                    2. evil partisan
                      evil partisan 19 May 2016 22: 44
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                      bubalik 19 May 2016 22: 49
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          2. vsoltan
            vsoltan 19 May 2016 22: 24
            What does he do? The man is drinking. ..I also, but not so tasty. .. :(
    3. Major Yurik
      Major Yurik 19 May 2016 22: 21
      Here is a life, enti for those, those for entih, and everything seems to be pralic, but there is no life!
    4. Finches
      Finches 19 May 2016 22: 40
      The Czech’s arguments are amusing, but simply correct! They have no independence what they say in Washington and Brussels, it will be so.
      1. ALABAY45
        ALABAY45 19 May 2016 22: 58
        Here, Colleague ... Mine, the previous "minuses" in relation to the Czechs, quietly grew into small "pluses" ... Experience! You won't drink it! Although, there have been attempts ... I'll go, come out, eat a cutlet from a young pike ... Nerves, you know ... recourse
        1. bubalik
          bubalik 19 May 2016 23: 52
          ,,,, You do not take your fingers off the Czechs ,,
      2. EvgNik
        EvgNik 20 May 2016 05: 45
        Namesake, I didn’t see anything funny. But what people think like our people, regardless of the line of government, yes, there is such a thing. And it does not even depend on the country of residence.
    5. Denis Obukhov
      Denis Obukhov 19 May 2016 22: 52
      By the way, many Czechs adhere to such views. The Czech media in this is very different from the people. If not for propaganda, the relationship would have been different. Typically, the Czechs are confident that the country will leave the EU, because Staying in this organization is not profitable.
  2. Comrade Glebov
    Comrade Glebov 19 May 2016 21: 28
    For the three hundred and thirty-third time I will not write "people are beginning to understand!" People who have brains in place have long understood everything. Uncle is really Russophile, which I personally approve. The Czech Republic will need to be returned, as well as all the Slavic land west of Russia. Perhaps this is only on the idea of ​​internationalism and building a common socialist future. Unfortunately, in the first place, the current bureaucratic government of Russia is not ready for such a union, so work in this direction will not be carried out. There is so much more to come.
    1. abrakadabre
      abrakadabre 19 May 2016 22: 27
      flying the flag of the Czechoslovak Shipping
      Am I missing something in geography? Does anyone tell me where the Czech Republic or former Czechoslovakia has a sea coast? An hour not in the same place as Belarus?
      Something sounds like a Nepali Navy.
      1. Moore
        Moore 20 May 2016 05: 42
        [quote = abrakadabre] [quote] Who will not tell you where the Czech Republic or former Czechoslovakia has a sea coast? An hour not in the same place as Belarus? [/ Quote]
      2. Sergej1972
        Sergej1972 20 May 2016 10: 49
        Czechoslovakia had its own merchant marine fleet, like Mongolia. The Czechoslovakian fleet was based in one of the Polish ports, the Mongolian in Vladivostok. Plus, the Czechoslovakians had their own Danube shipping company, which also had river-sea class vessels.
        Curious article
  3. bubalik
    bubalik 19 May 2016 21: 31
    Why is America the whole time ?,
    ,,, Because only Russia! ,,
  4. Altona
    Altona 19 May 2016 21: 32
    No one is interested in the opinion of ordinary people now. Everything is decided in Brussels, there is its own "Politburo" and its own ideological "must". Officials have long since pushed aside genuine democracy and are doing everything using "political expediency", playing geopolitical games, although the EU was originally conceived as an economic union. But politics outweighed the economy and pretty much.
    1. poquello
      poquello 19 May 2016 21: 49
      Quote: Altona
      Initially, the EU was conceived as an economic union.

      declared, and thought along the way in the form of the political bondage which is now
  5. Ajent cho
    Ajent cho 19 May 2016 21: 32
    Why is America the whole time?
    Because faith in the dollar is all Indian, and for this it is necessary that the rest talk about SyShyA as much as possible.
    APASUS 19 May 2016 21: 33
    Then I talked with one Pole.
    The bottom line is that everyone over 30 understands and supports the Russians, and those who have less brainwashed will ride like on the Maidan and their destruction of their own country will not stop
    1. Dym71
      Dym71 19 May 2016 21: 52
      Quote: APASUS
      Then I talked with one Pole.
      The bottom line is that everyone over 30 understands and supports the Russians, and those who have less brainwashed will ride like on the Maidan and their destruction of their own country will not stop

      Do not believe, they will tell you something else smile
      Young people brought up by those over 30, the Poles have Russophobia in the blood yes
      1. APASUS
        APASUS 20 May 2016 16: 46
        Quote: Dym71
        Do not believe it, they will not tell you something yet. Young people brought up by those over 30 have Russophobia in the blood of the Poles

        Do not think in stereotypes, I worked in Poland 5 years ago and I can say that there are plenty of adequate populations whose opinion the authorities put a big bolt on.
  7. Abbra
    Abbra 19 May 2016 21: 35
    Reread the article carefully. If you insert "taki" here and there, then it is clear that it was written by a Jew, or someone, mocking the norms of our, alas, idea of ​​Jews, did it. Apparently, he revised "Liquidation" - a great film ... I, Russian, So I think ...

    ... Yes. People turn on the TV, and they are fed bias there.

    But I would like Shoby my mom fed me food ... I want to eat it ... And what is Odessa? Shoot there? And stinks do not leave to another sea?
  8. vsoltan
    vsoltan 19 May 2016 22: 26
    What a boring site "VO" has become ...
    1. ALABAY45
      ALABAY45 19 May 2016 23: 10
      Come on, about the women! About the Russian stage, about pets killed in the suburbs, about silicone "stars", about Lazarev's "defeat", about the upcoming elections ... Just designate a theme for fun, we'll pick it up! smileMay be...
      1. vsoltan
        vsoltan 24 May 2016 22: 06
        Wow, answered Alabai... ... well answered. ... I haven't been here since today either. ... the site is still "bronze" .... swear. ... Alabaev I had 4 generations. ..
  9. atamankko
    atamankko 19 May 2016 23: 04
    All the disgusting things in the world come from the USA, and therefore America.
    1. Abbra
      Abbra 20 May 2016 08: 57
      All the disgusting things in the world come from the USA, and therefore America.

      How much deepest meaning, philosophical irony, adequate comprehension and deep concern about the fate of the world, in this simple and modest phrase atamankko !!
  10. iouris
    iouris 19 May 2016 23: 28
    You cannot fool the good old soldier Schweik.
  11. Swed
    Swed 20 May 2016 01: 33
    "When they came for the Social Democrats, I was silent - I was not a Social Democrat. When they came for the trade unionists, I was silent - I was not a union member. When they came for me, there was no one to stand up for me." - Martin Nemöller about the fascists.
  12. Wolka
    Wolka 20 May 2016 06: 51
    how much you shout, but China will never be a military ally of Russia, you never hear, at best, peaceful trade and military neutrality, despite your own powerful army, doubt, then turn over the history of China again, how can you not remember the words of Alexander III with him " Russia has only two allies, the army and the navy "...
  13. 96423lom
    96423lom 20 May 2016 10: 58
    The European intelligentsia writes touching letters to the Russian people, thank them for that. But their states are members of NATO and that’s it.