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Arms shipments to Libya will resume

At the meeting in Vienna, the International Support Group for Libya, in which more than 20 countries participated, incl. Russia, decided to resume deliveries to the Libyan government weapons to fight the "Islamic State", reports Kommersant.

“The meeting of representatives of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and even more 15 European and regional states held in Vienna on Tuesday took place after Libya, on the verge of collapse, took an important step towards overcoming the dual power. In March, a national unity government headed by Fayez Sarraj, who moved to Tripoli from Tunisia, began work in the country, ”the newspaper writes.

The creation of a government created with UN support was announced in February 2016.

“The efforts of the government of national unity to strengthen its power was complicated by the awkward attempts of some Western governments to intervene in the Libyan situation - for example, by sending special forces to the country to support those or other armed groups. Europe faced an urgent need to reconsider its political and anti-terrorism strategy in Libya, ”said Mattio Toaldo of the Council of Europe on international affairs.

Secretary of State John Kerry, who chaired the meeting, explained:
“The Government of National Unity has expressed its intention to appeal to the UN sanctions committee on Libya with a request to partially lift the arms and ammunition embargo necessary to combat the groups recognized by the UN as terrorist and to counter the Islamic State throughout the country. We fully support these efforts and at the same time strengthen the UN arms embargo. ”

The final statement adopted by the participants of the meeting states that its participants are ready to start supplying weapons to the government of Fayez Sarraj “in response to a request for training and equipment of the presidential guard and proven forces united by a common command”.

At the same time, the arms embargo will be maintained - “to prevent weapons from falling into forces that are not under the control of the government of national unity”.
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  1. Shadowcat
    Shadowcat 18 May 2016 13: 05
    We extinguish a fire with gasoline
    1. Wild_grey_wolf
      Wild_grey_wolf 18 May 2016 13: 08
      But it was not necessary to destroy the state, and now it is not clear to which government to deliver weapons. . . from Syria they planned to do exactly the same swamp. . . here weapons can not do. The weapon then walks around the region. The main state collapsed did nothing and took up the next and BEAT YOURSELF IN WE THE MOST LOVING AND DEMOCRATIC. I even doubt that with such a rabble, Russia's participation would bring at least some benefit. . . it’s clear that you need to participate, only the MANIFESTANTS are doing everything at hand.
    2. Andrey K
      Andrey K 18 May 2016 14: 04
      Quote: ShadowCat
      We extinguish a fire with gasoline

      It is formulated capaciously, I agree yes
      The Government of National Unity expressed its intention to appeal to the UN Committee on Sanctions against Libya with a request to partially lift the embargo on the supply of arms and ammunition ... request

      We read from other sources: "The visit to Libya of Fayez Sarraj, the premier of the future Government of National Unity (PNS), failed from the very beginning. Starting with a protest at the Misrata airport, this diplomatic voyage ended with an attack on Sarraj's motorcade on the Coastal Highway and an urgent evacuation back Only the intervention of the General National Congress (GNC) from Tripoli made it possible for the PNC delegation to organize a return corridor to Misurata to allow them to fly to Tunisia, since all checkpoints in Zliten, Tripoli and Misrata were blocked by militants "...

      That is, amid the chaos and chaos in Libya, after the arrival of "democratic" bombers there, there is no unity among the bandits. And in order to somehow create an appearance, a "Government of National Unity" was formed, or rather imposed ... negative
      True, this is the government with the prefix "zits" and does not affect anything request
      The proposed supply of weapons is nothing more than the strengthening of one of the warring gangs. ISIS in Libya - this is already part, unfortunately, of Libya itself. Nobody will fight him there request
      1. Shadowcat
        Shadowcat 18 May 2016 14: 36
        Quote: Andrey K
        It is formulated capaciously, I agree

        And you, comrade Andrei, thanks for the details. drinks
        It’s especially cool that the government arrives to country...
  2. tatarin_ru
    tatarin_ru 18 May 2016 13: 15
    This "democratized" state can NOT do anything. Citizens who are free from dictatorship freely express their opinions, though out of habit with a gun in their hands.
  3. iliitchitch
    iliitchitch 18 May 2016 13: 15
    Ay-ah, there is a government in Libya. Come on, throw weapons with the S-130. It’s like in our city a salute for City Day - dibs minus overhaul of the housing stock. But it’s beautiful, and one volley from my apartment for the price ... I am such a volley for 1 sq.m of a shed, along with a rake, I will smell purely economically ... Without damage to others.
  4. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 18 May 2016 13: 21
    Once again, they made a shit ... now they’re not looking for ways to rebuild the state (for example, like Russia in Syria) ... but they are working to further maintain the conflict ... It’s not clear to anyone who ultimately gets weapons there (again in Syria ... ah again, the rebels ... and other bullshit) ... there is simply no guarantee of its correct use ... And if you face the truth ... there are more than enough Soviet and then Russian weapons there ...
  5. Ajent cho
    Ajent cho 18 May 2016 14: 05
    Explain who is in the subject: which parties are fighting among themselves in Libya?
    1. iliitchitch
      iliitchitch 18 May 2016 15: 01
      Quote: Ajent Cho
      Explain who is in the subject: which parties are fighting among themselves in Libya?

      Some savages in others throw axes, you won’t understand without a bottle.
      Gaddafi, you see, did not like the Americans. Gold dinar wanted. These thieves already have a stinky bucks (literally stinky - this was the equivalent of a cowboy’s scored mustang skin). And here really is currency, but in gold. Here the rams jumped, and for some reason they think they have the right. Yah ?