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Concern "Kalashnikov" modernizes production and expands the range of products

The Kalashnikov Concern, part of the state corporation Rostec, as part of its own investment program to modernize the main production assets for 2014-2017, successfully put into operation new buildings and renovated workshops for the production of small weapons, tools and machinery, as well as a new administrative complex and logistics center. The grand opening of 5 of new facilities located in Izhevsk was held on 27 on April 2016 of the year with the direct participation of Rostec director Sergey Chemezov, general director of the Kalashnikov concern Alexander Krivoruchko and head of the Udmurt Republic Alexander Solovyov.

The total cost of construction work and technical re-equipment of the production base of the concern amounted to 2,3 billion rubles. At the same time, investments allowed to increase the efficiency and flexibility of the enterprise, which should speed up the process of mastering mass production and commercialization of new products and technologies. New production buildings and high-tech equipment will allow the concern to 20% increase energy efficiency, reducing costs by reducing electricity consumption. The area of ​​the new objects of the Kalashnikov concern amounted to about 49 thousand square meters, the press service of the company reports.

“The policy we have taken to accelerate the modernization of production capacities is due to the need to optimize the operating production costs of the enterprise and increase the volume of new product release. In 2016, the concern expects to double the volume of production to 18 billion rubles, ”said Kalashnikov’s general director Alexey Krivoruchko. - In addition to mastering the release of new types of products by 2017, the concern expects to double the sales of small arms - to 5,8 billion rubles (165 thousands of products), simultaneously launching into mass production at least 10 new products. ”


Today, Kalashnikov is a vivid example of successful development and modernization of an enterprise in the format of a public-private partnership. The state corporation Rostec, as a controlling shareholder and within its own development strategy, supports projects that are aimed at increasing the capitalization and production efficiency of the concern. Especially taking into account the fact that today the management of the Kalashnikov concern focuses on introducing innovative technologies and launching new types of products into production: only in the direction of “small arms” at the Izhevsk company is working on 50 projects. In the development and modernization of production over the past two years, the concern has invested over 3 billion rubles. In 2015, the growth in production at the enterprise reached 158%, 5 of new types of civilian and military weapons was supplied to the conveyor, the plan for 2016 of the year was to launch at least 10 new products. “Today we are confident that the increase in overall production efficiency and an increase in the share of civilian products will be the key to preserving the export potential and competitiveness of the flagship of the Russian arms business,” said Sergey Chemezov, general director of Rostec.

Certain hopes concern the concern with AK-12. The machine for the Russian outfit soldier future "Warrior" are going to choose in the fall of 2016 year. Currently, both Izhevsk AK-12 produced by the Kalashnikov Concern and the AEK-971 automaton produced by the Yakovlev Plant participate in state tests. Degtyarev. According to Alexei Krivoruchko, in the near future, the military phase of operation of these two machines will begin. He stressed that in Izhevsk they take the tests very seriously and expect to win the competition. In the event that AK-12 passes the tests and becomes part of the “Warrior”, the concern will be provided with a constant state defense order. Earlier, Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia Yuri Borisov said that the machine gun for the “Ratnik” would be selected during trial operation, which will be held in all 4-s military districts of Russia during the 2016 year.

Concern "Kalashnikov" modernizes production and expands the range of products

To increase the volume of production of small arms and expand the existing product line, the company carried out a comprehensive reconstruction of the assembly shop of weapons production. Here the outdated control system of conveyor lines was completely replaced. Due to this and building new assembly streams in accordance with the standard of lean manufacturing, as well as increasing the productivity of conveyor lines, the development time of new products in the enterprise should be reduced from 6 to 3 months, which will positively affect the cost of shooting products, it will decrease.

To reduce the cost of in-house logistics, a new logistics center was opened, which will replace the outdated 33 warehouse, which until recently were located throughout the enterprise. The capabilities of the new logistics center will allow organizing an automated storage and movement system for products and materials, marking them with bar codes, as well as completely eliminating the likelihood of finished products and blanks becoming unusable. The new complex has a total area of ​​11 thousand square meters and consists of 34 administrative and storage facilities, which are equipped with modern automated systems for sorting and storing products.

In order to increase the level of production efficiency of high-precision guided weapons and reduce the volume of purchases of expensive tools from third-party manufacturing companies, the concern completed work on the complex overhaul of production workshops with a total area of ​​20 thousand square meters. It was here that the production of tools and special equipment was transferred. In addition, a new building of the modern administrative complex was commissioned, which was connected to the production areas of the enterprise by pedestrian galleries, which allows to reduce the time costs due to the proximity of production and administrative sites.


The Kalashnikov Concern modernization program was launched back in 2014 at the same time as private investors entered the company. The reason for the technical re-equipment of the enterprise at an accelerated pace throughout the 3-s has been the very difficult state of the industrial facility at the beginning of 2014: worn out production equipment, inefficiently used areas, and uncompetitive technologies. In this regard, in Izhevsk, a new strategy was developed, aimed at reforming the territorial plan of the plant, the entire production process and the construction of new ones that meet the requirements of time and technological spaces. An important component of the strategy adopted by Kalashnikov was the gradual transition to the use of advanced technologies in production.

For the solution of these tasks only in 2014-2015, more than 3 billion rubles were invested in the enterprise. In general, it is planned to spend more than 2017 billion rubles on a comprehensive program for the global reconstruction of the enterprise before 6. Such cash investments will reduce the amount of necessary equipment by more than 2 times and more than 40% reduce the production area of ​​the enterprise, which will lead to a significant increase in the efficiency of production processes. In the area of ​​manufacturing special equipment, it is planned to reduce costs at the level of 20%, while the production capacity in the framework of modernization work was increased to expand the volume and range of products. In 2015, the economic effect due to the modernization of the production of the Kalashnikov concern amounted to 311 million rubles, in the future it will only grow.


Directions of the investment program of the concern "Kalashnikov" to 2017 year

The main areas of the Kalashnikov Concern’s investment program before 2017 are increasing the flexibility of production processes, comprehensively modernizing the production base and optimizing the concern’s production areas from currently occupied 135 ha to 35 ha, as well as improving the efficiency of production control and planning processes. Thanks to the implementation of this program, the company expects to retain the position of a key Russian supplier of high-quality weapons for the Russian Defense Ministry and other law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation. At the same time, the concern expects to strengthen its position as one of the world leaders in the production of rifle complexes, both combat and civilian.

According to the results of 2014, the company completed a project to modernize the unique rifle section of its own KIS, the control and testing station, which allows testing of all types of small arms before its launch into mass production. Another no less important area of ​​modernization for Kalashnikov was the transition to the widespread introduction of MIM technologies (from 2014 onwards). These technologies allow to produce parts of complex shape without additional machining by pressing a special mixture, which consists of metal powder and filler. The technology helps to reduce the cost of products.

Since 2014 of the year, that is, since the start of work on the implementation of an investment project aimed at modernizing the main production assets of the Kalashnikov Concern, more than 130 modern CNC machines (numerical control), including more than 60 high-tech equipment, have been supplied to production. which the concern received in 2015 year. The introduction of modern equipment and lean production methods into the production process allowed only for two years (2014-2015 a year) to increase 3 productivity by up to 1,8 a million rubles per person working at the enterprise per year by 2, and to increase the processing speed of serial parts by 3,5, intended for small arms, while reducing the risks of defective products. Currently, the concern is implementing global projects for the reconstruction of forging production and the design and technology center (CTC) of the enterprise. The total area of ​​these two objects after reconstruction should be 17 thousand square meters and XNUMX thousand square meters, respectively.

Due to what the concern lives today

Although the Kalashnikov Concern is today the system-forming structure of the rifle sector of the defense-industrial complex of Russia, the share of small arms in the concern’s supplies under the state defense order does not exceed 5% today. The concern general director Alexey Krivoruchko told the Forbes magazine about this. “In 2015, the state defense order was planned for 75% of the company's revenue, in 2016, the volume decreased to 60%, if measured in cash. At the same time, the share of small arms produced in Izhevsk in deliveries under the state defense order does not exceed 5%, ”Krivoruchko told in an interview.

Currently, according to him, one of the main tasks of Kalashnikov is to increase the share of civilian products in total production. "Now we are seriously engaged in this issue, and today we have more than 50 percent of the production of small arms - these are civilian products," the group's general director said. The company plans to significantly expand the civilian product line, one of the main examples in which the Saiga-MK-107 carbine should be with a balanced automation system.

At the same time, the concern today produces not only a wide range of small arms, the company also develops and guided missiles. So, in the framework of the implementation of the state defense order, the Kalashnikov concern put the Whirlwind-1 guided missiles to the Russian Defense Ministry. “Since the renewal of the state contract in the spring of 2014, the company has been able to quickly resolve the issue of replacing imported components with Russian ones,” said concern’s general director Alexei Krivoruchko. “To date, this contract for the supply of guided ammunition has been successfully implemented and closed.” The Kalashnikov Concern won the announced competition of the Russian Ministry of Defense in July 2013, the first batch of missiles was delivered to the military in October 2015. The total value of this government contract was approximately 13 billion rubles. Guided missile "Whirlwind-1" is designed to destroy various armored vehicles, as well as low-speed air targets. This anti-tank missile system is used on Su-25 attack aircraft and Ka-50 and Ka-52 helicopters. The maximum range of these missiles is up to 10 kilometers, while missile launches can be carried out from a height of up to 4 thousands of meters.

Today, Kalashnikov products are shipped to dozens of countries around the world. At the same time, Rostec State Corporation owns 51% of the group’s shares, the remaining 49% are owned by private investors. The company's projected revenue for the year 2016 should grow 2 times, increasing to 18 billion rubles, said Krivoruchko. In 2015, the group's revenue amounted to 8,2 billion rubles, showing an increase of 5,3 billion rubles (immediately 2,8 times). According to Alexei Krivoruchko, the unmanned aerial vehicles and the boats, which are also produced today by the concern, are not taken into account, but in the future they will have to account for 15-20% of the Kalashnikov concern.

The concern is going to deal with the release of short-range guided missiles. This will happen after a stake is acquired in the NPO High-Precision Systems and Technologies (TSA), this company specializes in the development and production of such types of weapons and military equipment, such as guided missiles and ground and airborne parts of the air defense missile system. “The decision to purchase a stake in this company is aimed at further expanding the Kalashnikov concern product line as part of the company's development strategy up to 2020, as well as forming a multi-disciplinary defense holding company that would specialize in the development and production of integrated armament complexes”, the press Kalashnikov service. At the same time, the size of the acquired share of the TSA is not disclosed until the purchase transaction has been approved by the Russian regulatory authorities.

Landing assault boat BK-16 with drone

It is worth noting that the Kalashnikov concern has long gone beyond the scope of an enterprise specializing in the production of small arms only, taking a course towards the production of integrated systems. For this, Kalashnikov acquires manufacturers of the most diverse technology, which, within the framework of a unified production development concept, seems to be the most promising managers of the concern. It was within the framework of the implementation of this strategy that the concern acquired the Rybinsk Shipyard, which is already producing a whole line of boats - from pleasure boats to assault and search and rescue boats, equipped with its own production combat module. In addition, the Kalashnikov concern has acquired a controlling stake in Zala Aero, which specializes in the production of UAVs. All of these systems, according to the ideology of the Izhevsk concern, can and should work in conjunction, forming a multidisciplinary combat system.

“Today we are aware that in modern realities, with one machine gun it’s difficult to solve the task on the battlefield. Therefore, at the concern’s expositions one can see not only samples of small arms, but also combat modules, equipment, unmanned aerial vehicles and even landing craft. All this is done today at the enterprises of Kalashnikov. Accordingly, we are able to fully equip a soldier from gloves to a helmet, give him a modern new machine, put him on his own boat, on which our combat module (turret) will be installed with a new Balkan grenade launcher of our production, targeting our same UAV. Thus, the division’s combat capabilities are only increasing, ”said Andrei Kirisenko, adviser to the general director of the Kalashnikov concern, earlier in an interview with Vestyam.Ru.

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