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The parade, which will not show on TV

I managed to go “behind the scenes” of the preparation and passage of military equipment from its place of deployment to Tverskaya, drive a car through the blocked streets of Moscow and see how Tanks spoil the public roadway of the city. About all this in today's report.

The parade, which will not show on TV

1. Due to the active development of the Khodynka field, where the military equipment and the placement of military equipment were conducted over the last 8 years, it was decided to move the site to a new location. The new site is located on Nizhny Mnevniki Street in the North-Western District, far from residential areas and road junctions, with a gorgeous view of the City. This site was prepared by the State Budgetary Institution “Highways”, and they also helped me to arrange this shooting.

The whole territory is fenced in two rows of fences. The first, serious, which is not visible in the photo, was guarded outside by police officers who were sleeping in Pasik. Inside the perimeter of the military were on duty. All equipment on the site was located behind the second fence, which was sealed for the night and understood only upon the arrival of personnel (this is a dozen intercity buses filled with military).

2. Initially, I was hoping to shoot a technique at night, with a tripod, with a clear and alignment. But with the military, things are not so simple, so at first I waited three hours in the car, and then 15 took minutes to shoot at dawn before the column began to move.

3. Non-standard foreground for the City.

4. In 3: 40 in the morning I most wanted not to take military equipment, but to sleep peacefully. Therefore, I was a little confused and did not understand why. I admit honestly that I don’t feel the thrill of combat vehicles, and I don’t understand the names of these products at all, so I will be glad to help in the description.





9. I saw such pure military equipment only at the factories where it is produced. Cars literally shone and glittered. The slightest specks immediately wiped or painted over.


11. Rubber shines.

12. Shooting at the site ended quickly. The column was preparing for the start, and if I had spent a little longer, I would have fallen under the ceiling. Although I already got into it. Only I was inside the route, so I rushed alone to the center along the empty Zvenigorodka.

13. Before the overlapped Tverskaya had to wade courtyards. In past years, everyone could look at the column of equipment at least in the days of rehearsals. Now it can be done on the route after the Red Square, or at the very beginning in Khoroshevo-Mnevniki.

14. For the whole of Tverskaya for the columns of technology applied a temporary marking.

15. At the intersection with Mokhovaya Street, this is a dotted quest)

16. Further marking went along Manezhke to Red Square.

17. To cover the streets, several hundred utility vehicles were involved. It is convenient - the trucks are big, heavy and bright.

18. The entire route was divided into sections assigned to individual groups of harvesting equipment, which washed the roadway before the column and, after the parade, “cleaned” for the military.

19. SEM-KL

20. The same car, shot by us in the studio in 2015 year (a reflection of the present).

21. The column was in three groups. First, various special equipment, repair cars and tractors, which did not participate in the parade itself. In addition to the old T-34, the rest of the equipment came under its own power. The second group consisted of spare military equipment, which also did not participate in the parade. Accordingly, the third group was the largest - it all went to Red Square.


23. The same technique as a couple of hours ago, but with driver mechanics.












35. Oversized equipment was accompanied on foot.


37. Every third tank was driving his videographer.

38. And asphalt and markings were flying along Tverskaya.

39. By 8 in the morning, all the equipment lined up from Manezhnaya to Pushkin Square and was ready to advance to the parade.

40. As can be seen from the photographs, part of the route passed along the reconstructed Triumphal Square. In order not to damage the granite coating, we put special rubberized mats (or as they are called, I do not know).

41. After each pass of the technique mats became uneasy.

42. Therefore, after each rehearsal, the hard workers cut off the fastenings of the mats, which they need to change and fasten back.

43. Dividing line on Tverskaya. The asphalt was badly damaged in the place where the vehicles were turning (despite the rubber inserts in the tracks).

44. After the parade of military equipment began the parade of communal.

45. First, there was a column of vacuum cleaners, which collected all sorts of pieces and bits and pieces.

46. Following the roadway thoroughly washed.


48. In general, if you are going to watch the parade not on TV next year, then I recommend studying the route of technology and choosing a point after Red Square. And it's better to turn it all up during rehearsal, and May 9 to spend with the family away from the blocked streets.

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  1. ostrovetyanin
    ostrovetyanin 17 May 2016 07: 03
    Very interesting! The first 4 pictures against the backdrop of modern Moscow, in general the bomb!
    1. Wild_grey_wolf
      Wild_grey_wolf 17 May 2016 07: 30
      Thank you very interesting report, especially not for residents of the CAPITAL. New angles and views.
      1. reservist
        reservist 17 May 2016 13: 32
        interesting for residents drinks
    2. Ramzaj99
      Ramzaj99 17 May 2016 17: 59
      I honestly admit that I do not feel the thrill of military vehicles,

      Well, how can one be next to them not to feel awe ?? !!))
      Thank you so much for the photo story.
      1. pilot8878
        pilot8878 17 May 2016 22: 57
        Quote: Ramzaj99
        I honestly admit that I do not feel the thrill of military vehicles,

        Well, how can one be next to them not to feel awe ?? !!))
        Thank you so much for the photo story.

        At half past three in the morning I want to sleep, not to tremble from technology.
    3. Dante Alighieri
      Dante Alighieri 18 May 2016 17: 37
      Now imagine that this is not Moscow City, but, for example, the skyscrapers of Los Angeles, San Francisco or Seattle.
      1. OlegLex
        OlegLex 18 May 2016 20: 25
        It's not difficult to imagine, that's just in order to take photographs against the background of the Reichstag, our grandfathers for four years, together with the whole country, poured blood on the road to it. so for me a bad peace is better than a new war. the main thing is that under the "bad world" WE DIDN'T DO WHAT WE DID WITH THE COUNTRY OF ADVICE
  2. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 17 May 2016 07: 48
    Beautiful report !!!! Thank!!!! gladly looked !!!!
  3. dsm100
    dsm100 17 May 2016 07: 51
    Great photo report. Thanks to the author.
  4. NEXUS
    NEXUS 17 May 2016 09: 00
    When I saw Armata for the first time last year, I thought, "Some kind of strange tank with a strange turret. But for a year I got used to its appearance and now there is no such discrepancy in the visual impression with pride in our tank builders. At the same time, I must say that the entire line of new armored vehicles , starting with the "Tigers" and continuing with the "Boomerangs" and "Kurgan and Armata T-14/15", as well as Typhoons, the truth is impressive and happy. its configuration.
    One thing that’s important right now is to start up all this in a series and equip the troops as soon as possible.
  5. Batia
    Batia 17 May 2016 09: 06
    Hammer! The wrong side of beauty, for warriors, is sometimes even more interesting. For a military holiday, like a horse’s wedding, the head is in flowers and the ass is in soap.
  6. Roman 25
    Roman 25 17 May 2016 09: 13
    Photos are great! But why is this "how tanks spoil the government roadway of the city"
    Let's tell (to the delight of certain categories, including our citizens), how did someone spit during the passage of the Immortal Regiment, or what damage is done to the cobblestones of the main square of the country from the passage of parade regiments, in which almost every soldier has iron soles heels.
    Incidentally, the maintenance of this treasury carriageway of the Capital, taxes from all over the country, incl. and from those who drove there (military) ...
    You can throw tomatoes, but IMHO this is not what!
    1. otter.1
      otter.1 17 May 2016 13: 25
      It also "cut" me, what the fuck? Would have sent these pictures to Andryushka "Macaron" then he would have bungled the "song".
    2. max702
      max702 17 May 2016 13: 44
      Quote: Roman 25
      But why is this "how tanks spoil the state roadway of the city"

      And for me Duc these are questions to the road workers! Apparently, instead of bitumen and other required components, they dilute the whole thing with "donkey urine" .. My grandfather told me that during the war in Germany, after passing a column of tanks, the asphalt was as good as new! It surprised him even 40 years after the war .. So the road builders should be asked with passion ..
    3. lukewarm
      lukewarm 19 May 2016 15: 46
      Tomato reporter toss for these vysery and advice. And you did well.
  7. Resistance
    Resistance 17 May 2016 10: 11
    There is a page with the + Odessa sign in the Second World War: defense, landing, evacuation of troops to Sevastopol. The excellent evacuation of troops was facilitated by the white marking of the movement of troops throughout the city (clearly visible at night). Markup, good deal: o)
  8. uskrabut
    uskrabut 17 May 2016 10: 26
    Straight look inside the parade! Beautifully shot: technology on the background of sleeping Moscow!
  9. seti
    seti 17 May 2016 11: 54
    The good news is that we can not only hold a parade at the highest level, but also clean it after it. That is, residents and guests of the capital suffered at least no amenities.
    Great photo report, thanks
  10. Next
    Next 17 May 2016 12: 15
    I didn't like it. Because of this, I put "-". There are no photographs, they are definitely professionally made. Didn't like their presentation. Especially "how tanks spoil the state-owned roadway of the city." or "The smallest specks were immediately wiped off or painted over." You might think parades are held almost every month. The parade itself is held once a year and not in order to "show off" by showing what Russia has. Its purpose is different. Show respect and show that the feat is not forgotten. It's like grieving over sawed ribs during heart surgery. Everything has its own price, its other side of the coin.
    1. otter.1
      otter.1 17 May 2016 13: 27
      Well, apparently this moment does not reach them, they start "and they spent the dough", etc. etc.
  11. partizan86
    partizan86 17 May 2016 12: 33
    There are specialists who will explain why in military technology, rubber rather than silicone is used as rubber pads on tracks and in other places? It does not burn, its temperature range is much wider, and indeed more resistant to wear.
  12. King, just king
    King, just king 17 May 2016 12: 41
    I always look at the parade with sympathy. In 89th week we walked on sunny Kamchatka before May 9 on the parade ground of the Lenin regiment. The heat stood, the people in overcoats, it was some kind of complete paragraph. And they walked all day. It all ended in a 5-minute passage to METEL in front of the rostrum on May 9, the box was not visible in front, it was so shallow.

    A photo, good.
  13. The point
    The point 17 May 2016 13: 18

    This is how the parade was prepared.
  14. Dimon19661
    Dimon19661 17 May 2016 14: 53
    Well, it’s not entirely clear what the article-asphalt spoiled? Well, this is fighting vehicles on a caterpillar track. They spent money, well, this is the parade that the whole country was waiting for, and the whole country was paying by the way. The author did not get enough sleep, well, that's his problem. military respect and respect, as always on top, have something and whom to be proud of.
  15. Robert Nevsky
    Robert Nevsky 17 May 2016 17: 45
    Lovely look!
  16. proud
    proud 17 May 2016 21: 55
    Thank you for not too lazy and made such a wonderful report-looked with great pleasure!
  17. Slavs
    Slavs 17 May 2016 22: 15
    "... on May 9 to spend with my family away from the closed streets."
    That’s why the parade should be watched ... Better with the children ... And don’t worry about the asphalt, it will grow, especially in Moscow. Yes, and don’t do what you don’t like - don’t watch the parade and do not take pictures of the equipment ... Do something more pleasant for you.
  18. Mykl
    Mykl 17 May 2016 22: 50
    Gun barrels against the backdrop of the City ... As in front of the Apocalypse. Author, my respect to you!
  19. Alex0782
    Alex0782 18 May 2016 06: 19
    Good photos of the latest technology, in very good quality and excellent detail (just for spies if they suddenly did not capture something).
  20. lukewarm
    lukewarm 19 May 2016 15: 49
    The photos are normal and the text is an office hamster. He took off to show off his friends.
  21. The comment was deleted.