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The Scientific Council under the Security Council examined the state of affairs with basic and critical technologies.

The implementation of existing plans for the renewal of the armed forces and the modernization of the defense industry continues. In parallel with such work, measures are being taken aimed at optimizing the programs carried out and fixing the problems identified. A few days ago, the Russian Security Council held a regular event dedicated to the development of the defense industry.

May 11 held a meeting of the Section on the problems of defense-industrial and scientific-technological security of the Scientific Council under the Security Council. The main theme of the event was the current state and prospects for the development of new technologies. During the meeting, experts heard several reports and discussed existing approaches to the creation and implementation of basic and critical technologies in the defense industry.

During the meeting, presentations were made by representatives of several departments and state corporations. Speakers from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Roscosmos, Rosatom and Rostec told about the state of the industry and work with new technologies. The information given in the reports became a topic for further discussion.

The task of the sections of the Scientific Council under the Security Council is to develop those or other proposals, which are further considered and used in new programs. The decisions of the sections are advisory in nature, but are taken into account by the Security Council and its individual bodies when making various decisions.

The Scientific Council under the Security Council examined the state of affairs with basic and critical technologies.

Unfortunately, accurate information about the issues addressed by 11 in May is not yet available. Reports of industry representatives have not yet been published. However, in the domestic press there are already suggestions about possible topics for discussion during the sessions, as well as critical technologies that are of most interest to industry and the armed forces.

For example, news The portal notes that critical technologies in the defense industry can be divided into two main categories: military and support. The former are intended for direct use in order to carry out combat missions of various kinds. This is the attack and defense of various objects, the movement of troops, maneuver, etc. Reconnaissance, navigation, communications, control, as well as ensuring combat readiness in various conditions, in turn, are implemented using supporting technologies.

Military technologies are currently developing in the direction of creating, implementing and improving guided weapons systems. In our country and in foreign countries, various systems are being developed and put into service with improved characteristics of accuracy and efficiency, achieved through the use of new and sophisticated equipment. In addition, there is an approach to the modernization of existing samples, which allows to improve their performance.

An equally important direction in the development of defense technologies is the use and improvement of navigation, communications and control systems. Due to the introduction of new technologies in this area, some problems have already been solved. The ability of units to determine their location has been improved, and the command and control of troops at various levels is also greatly simplified. All this, in the first place, is achieved by reducing the time required to complete the main tasks.

An important component of the so-called. providing technology is the introduction of unmanned vehicles, which can be used in a variety of situations to perform various functions. At present, reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles are actively used in the Russian armed forces. In addition, new similar systems are being developed, and unmanned systems of other classes are being designed. In particular, there are already several projects that may be of interest to the fleet.

The range of issues considered at the last meeting of the Section on the problems of defense-industrial and scientific-technological security, has not yet been announced. However, the composition of the meeting allows some assumptions. Apparently, the themes of the development of the space and nuclear industries in the context of the defense industry were touched upon. In addition, other programs could be considered, which Rostec Corporation is responsible for.

The task of the Scientific Council under the Security Council is to develop recommendations on certain issues, which are then presented to other structures of the organization. Although the details of the last meeting were not announced, information about its decisions may appear later, including on the results of new Security Council events. It is quite possible that the recommendations of the latter regarding the development of the defense industry will be drawn up from recommendations developed during the recent meeting.

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  1. atos_kin
    atos_kin 17 May 2016 07: 36
    It is necessary to create and approve a classifier of defense technologies by the Security Council. Determine the level gradation, sequence and country responsible for implementation in industry. NTS with the Security Council is good.
  2. sa-ag
    sa-ag 17 May 2016 07: 43
    interesting, but how are things with such a critical industry as pharmaceutical production
    1. sherp2015
      sherp2015 17 May 2016 09: 13
      Quote: sa-ag
      interesting, but how are things with such a critical industry as pharmaceutical production

      Not in the best way, as with the rest of the industry ...
    2. Bramb
      Bramb 17 May 2016 15: 07
      Nothing interesting: she ... well.
  3. gridasov
    gridasov 17 May 2016 09: 57
    You might think that from such meetings and conversations something will change. Any technology is based on scientific discoveries. So what new scientific discoveries have been made so that you can talk about the future? At the same time, evolution continues and people of the new time will even more lose touch with reality since there are no new methods for analyzing large volumes of information. People with a virtual perception of reality already have a big problem of a global nature.
    1. Bramb
      Bramb 17 May 2016 15: 10
      Mix milk with herring ...
      Do you have any idea how decisions are made and production is created? It seems very distant.
      However, tell us which technologies are based on, for example, general relativity?
  4. Skubudu
    Skubudu 17 May 2016 10: 09
    Spying to help them.
  5. Astrey
    Astrey 17 May 2016 10: 14
    I would like to read a LARGE article shortly: "The Scientific Council under the Security Council HARACTERIZED the state of affairs with basic and critical technologies, and INTRODUCED RECOMMENDATIONS / ORDERS for the further development of the country for the next 15 years."
    1. Bramb
      Bramb 17 May 2016 16: 01
      SCIENTIFIC advice, in your opinion, should order? !! )))))
  6. iouris
    iouris 17 May 2016 14: 55
    The situation with basic technologies is critical - this is clear and without study. But to recommend specific measures and personnel decisions is the task of the council.