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The murder of the USSR

The murder of the USSR

26 December 1991 was treacherously finished off the USSR. 25 December President of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev announced the termination of his activities as the President of the USSR "for reasons of principle" and signed a decree on the resignation of the powers of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. He also gave the head of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin the management of a strategic nuclear weapons. December 26 The 1991 session of the Upper Session of the Supreme Council of the Union, chaired by A. Alimzhanov (Kazakh writer and public figure), adopted Declaration No. 142-Н on the termination of the existence of the Soviet Union.

In connection with this date - 20 anniversary of the betrayal of global proportions - the new composition of the State Duma of the Russian Federation should make a proposal to start a large-scale investigation by the highest state authorities of Russia, together with the authorities of Belarus and Kazakhstan, the actions or inactions of Mr. Gorbachev, Yeltsin and a number of other people , who, while in senior government positions, led to the power entrusted to them to collapse. They must answer for this act of treachery, the dead must be deprived of state awards, betrayed to shame.

And the understanding that the USSR could have been saved is also at the highest political level. So, Vladimir Putin, answering the question of historian Natalia Narochnitskaya during a recent live broadcast, said that although история has no subjunctive mood ... “but, of course, it was necessary to start economic transformations and reforms in the USSR in time and fix them with democratic reforms in the country. It was necessary to consistently, persistently and fearlessly, not hiding my head in the sand and not leaving the ass outside, to fight for the territorial integrity of our state. ”

15 March 1990 Mikhail Gorbachev at the meeting of the Extraordinary III Congress of People's Deputies of the Soviet Union in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses took the oath as President of the USSR, becoming the first and only President of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. According to this oath, Gorbachev had to respect and protect the Constitution of the Union, protect the security and territorial integrity of his state, faithfully serve the Soviet people. And he betrayed the country and the people.

Gorbachev, the President of the USSR, was obliged, after 8 of December, the heads of the Russian Federation (RSFSR), the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine signed an agreement on the establishment of the Commonwealth of Independent States (the so-called Belovezhsk agreement), to remove from power the leaders of the RSFSR, the Ukrainian SSR and the BSSR. And then appoint re-election of the heads of these republics, which violated Soviet law. The activities of Yeltsin, Kravchuk, Shushkevich and their entourage should have been investigated and received legal assessment. Gorbachev as the head of the USSR and the Supreme Commander had to do everything that depended on him to save the country, up to the arrest of those who encroached on the territorial integrity and security of the USSR. If necessary, go to the introduction of an emergency, "cleansing" and repression. This struggle would be supported by the majority of the population, by the army. It was necessary only to show political will. Instead, Gorbachev resigned.

Those who believe that such actions led to the Civil War, millions of victims, are mistaken. First, the collapse of the Soviet Union and so led to millions of victims - huge direct and indirect demographic losses, the return of Central Asia to the past - in the Middle Ages, the loss of geopolitical, economic, military positions that were lined up for centuries, then with the blood of hundreds of thousands of our ancestors. Secondly, Russia was able to preserve integrity in the most difficult 1990s. Third, the validity of the unity of the territory of the former Soviet Union is confirmed by the current integration processes. This process is historically justified, lawful and simply necessary for the survival of our peoples in the storm of the world “storm”.

Association will solve a lot of problems, including migration. Stability will come to the republic, the standard of living will increase, people will not have to leave in search of a better life. It should be noted that in the Russian Empire and the USSR there was no problem of mass migration, the Russians brought stability, order and prosperity to the outskirts.

Russia will not save the creation of a so-called. "Russian Republic" ("Russland"). An example of the greatest leaders of Russia-Russia-USSR: Oleg Veshchy, Svyatoslav, Ivan III, Ivan the Terrible, Catherine II, Nicholas I, Stalin - says that they always moved towards the expansion of the territory of the state and never left those territories which were taken by good or sword, where the blood of Russian warriors was shed. Retreat, care speaks of degradation, the proximity of the death of the state, civilization. The leadership of the USSR betrayed the Soviet people, the Russian and Russian-speaking population, who lived in the “independence” republics. On the territory of the former USSR there is not a single republic that would live better after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Everyone has a whole bunch of problems that lead to complete death, dissolution in neighboring projects, the powers. Millions of Caucasians, Central Asians do not flee from a good life and go to Russia. Ukraine is dying out, the former "showcases" of the USSR are the republics of the Baltic states, Belarus has serious problems (there is no perspective without integration with the Russian Federation), Georgia is on the verge of a new collapse. Azerbaijan in the long run will be a province of Turkey, and now it is threatened with a war of extermination with Armenia. The republics of Central Asia are waiting for China's absorption or chaos of bloody ethnic slaughter, Islamization and a final return to feudal relations. We leave, others come - Anglo-Saxons, Saudis, Turks, Chinese.

It is unreasonable to assert that it is impossible to “feed” the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Baltic States and other suburbs again. Of course, the excesses that were in the USSR should not be allowed when the Russian regions were in desolation, and the outskirts received priority funding. On the other hand, Russia, the Russian people at one time took responsibility for all these small nations, became for them the “big white brother”. And it is not permissible to “throw” them; this is one of the reasons for the sharp fall in respect for Russians in the 1990s. Once rescued in time, subjugated, taken into its composition, it is necessary to bear responsibility. Punish for mistakes, following the example of Joseph Stalin, who “punished” Chechens, Ingush, Crimean Tatars. And for the "cause" and very gently, mercifully. And all this then knew. "Encourage" for success in the growth of culture, civilization.

20 years passed, and the republics of the former USSR, except for Russia (the core of Russian civilization), could not become independent states. In addition, in some of them decomposition processes have gone so far that they are facing the threat of crushing, death. This is confirmed by the unrest in a relatively prosperous Kazakhstan. Without Russia, none of them has a chance in this cruel world, where the law of force rules. A significant part of them cannot even feed themselves, let alone national security, or territorial integrity.

It is foolish to talk about the "inevitability of the collapse of the Union." There is always a choice, Gorbachev also had a choice. When the Poles and the French sat in Moscow, the Germans stormed the capital of the USSR and prepared for the parade on Red Square, many also thought that this was all, the end of Russia-Russia-USSR. But thanks to the will of the leaders, the heroism and courage of the people, the enemies miscalculated.
Shock therapy: 20 years without USSR

Directed by: Oleg Dolgopolov. The film of Belarusian filmmakers tells how 20 years ago did not become the largest country in the world - about how and who destroyed the USSR ...


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  1. dred
    dred 22 December 2011 08: 30
    And so the great country was destroyed. And to rebuild us.
    1. Artemka
      Artemka 23 December 2011 15: 41
      Yes, to spread such a power on pebbles.
  2. Tyumen
    Tyumen 22 December 2011 08: 49
    The USSR was finished off not by Gorbachev's abdication, but by the turbulent activity of Yeltsin. In general, the Central Asian were put before a fait accompli. It was necessary to go along the Chinese path - abandon ideology, modernizing everything else.
    1. foundling
      foundling 22 December 2011 13: 45
      What activities of Yeltsin are we talking about? As far as I remember, he was only engaged in the fact that he drunk without drying out and rode abroad, shaming his people. And Gorbachev himself, without realizing it (and maybe even realizing it), was just a puppet in the hands of Bzezhinsky and the CIA. Now, if the authorities really want an investigation, they need to give a task to the special services (of course, the investigation should be secret), and then it is already possible to formally create a commission in the Duma (I think that the factions that took an active part in the investigation will increase the loyalty of the electorate). And upon completion of the investigation, of course, it will be necessary to steal all these artists> deport> imprison. If Putin does this now, I think if not 100 percent, then 99 percent of legitimacy will definitely get. Now the main thing is not to let these clowns from the NED again powder the brains of people, and this is the work of the FSB and SVR.
      1. Tyumen
        Tyumen 22 December 2011 15: 48
        Quote: Foundling
        What kind of activity are Yeltsin talking about?

        On the dissolution of the Union, on the distribution of lands and republics. About the abandoned and forgotten hundreds of thousands of Russians and not only in the backyards of the country.
        A commission in the Duma will be looking for? Each other?
        1. foundling
          foundling 22 December 2011 19: 01
          You are talking about this activity ... And I thought you were one of those who are now trying to give its role a different meaning ... Well, you know, like he allegedly did not allow a civil war, etc. etc. I think the civil war did not happen because the people in our country were mostly educated, had their own opinions and knew their history, not like some barmel men from Arab states. Now I don’t know how things are with our culture, a lot has changed since then.
      2. ballian
        ballian 22 December 2011 17: 26
        You fool. .You probably 8-9 years, no more.
        1. Tyumen
          Tyumen 22 December 2011 17: 59
          You probably understood what I mean. What kind of lunge?
          1. ballian
            ballian 22 December 2011 18: 07
            Here, the comments fall at random, I'm not for you but "
        2. idris shah
          idris shah 22 December 2011 18: 04
          since 1991 we have been living on the ruins of an empire, a rather bleak sight, but what is 20 years of history. The history of Russia is always in falls and victories.
  3. Hleb
    Hleb 22 December 2011 09: 05
    it was necessary to start economic transformations and reforms in a timely manner in the USSR

    maybe right ... in the early 80s it was already necessary to think.
    1. Farvil
      Farvil 22 December 2011 16: 11
      from the 70s it was already necessary to begin reforms.
  4. ytqnhfk
    ytqnhfk 22 December 2011 09: 11
    I don’t want to comment, I’m tired of all this - it’s necessary to build a new one now it’s too late to look back! Remember, learn and go forward only ahead! Without making mistakes, analyzing the economic mistakes of our western neighbors! And developing the country, industry, defense and social directions! There is everything good for this money and resources and ambition!
    1. Hleb
      Hleb 22 December 2011 09: 14
      to develop the country, industry, defense and social directions! Fortunately for this, everything has money and resources and ambitions!

      So in the USSR it was. And the result?
  5. Ascetic
    Ascetic 22 December 2011 09: 44
    On the subject of the collapse of the USSR, there is a rather interesting book by Alexander Kostin: "The conspiracy of Gorbachev and Yeltsin, who was behind the owners of the Kremlin?"
    In this book, on the basis of real documents, the author explores the origins of this conspiracy, convincingly proving that "perestroika" was conceived not by Myu Gorbachev, but by Y. Andropov as a course for political and economic reforms according to the "Chinese" version. However, Andropov's plans were not destined to come true, since the treacherous shot of S. Shchelokova radically changed the situation and the Gorbachev-Yeltsin alliance entered the political arena, whose political conspiracy against the CPSU ultimately led to the collapse of the USSR and the emergence of a state-political "miscarriage" - Yeltsin's Russia.
    Book from the series "Project Anti-Russia" .Moscow.ALGORITHM. 2010
    1. Trudy
      Trudy 22 December 2011 10: 13
      Interesting information. Thank.
    2. bagira
      bagira 22 December 2011 13: 56
      Here is another interesting character:
    3. ztk1
      ztk1 22 December 2011 22: 58
      The "Chinese version" of reforms is that the Chinese stole the reform program from us or gave it to them on purpose. Sometime in 84-85, I read Andropov's program in such a newspaper "Soviet Russia" (there was such one before). What really surprised me in it was the proposal to introduce the concept of private property, free sale and purchase of land, private production, well, many other attributes of capitalism, but with a social face. (I was surprised because everything was state-owned and we were brought up differently). Then Gorbachev came and what happened happened. My conclusion: Andropov did not bet on that when he promoted Gorbachev to the Politburo.
      1. Trudy
        Trudy 23 December 2011 01: 20
        I agree with you.
      2. Ascetic
        Ascetic 23 December 2011 18: 44
        But in this book, everything is examined in detail and more or less clear answers are given to your judgments.
  6. Varnaga
    Varnaga 22 December 2011 09: 54
    blablabla, what is the article about?
    SAMEDOV SULEYMAN 22 December 2011 14: 12
    Analyze what exactly happened after the collapse of the USSR, another 14 states were formed, some of which were hostile to Russia, the external debt of the entire USSR fell on Russia’s shoulders, Russia lost both many major and related enterprises of strategic importance, Russia lost the so-called buffer zone and etc. I can list endlessly all that the Gorbachev-Yeltsin tandem did in its time. Russia will no longer rise as many thought. And this was the scenario of the West, which one (Gorbachev) meticulously executed, and the second (Yeltsin) drank godlessly and he was all on the drum. Therefore, thank Putin.
    1. Farvil
      Farvil 22 December 2011 16: 20
      Putin was put by those who made this mess. Yeltsin already knew that the country was kirdyk. And in his place would be worthy people and would call them to account, and that this would not happen, Putin and those who follow him would get out of the chest. Guarantees of inviolability and non-jurisdiction.
  8. bistrov.
    bistrov. 22 December 2011 15: 02
    It’s not only Gorbachev who is to blame for the collapse of the Union, but also the entire top (political bureau) of the Communist Party and the entire leadership of the USSR (KGB, defense and internal affairs ministers), primarily, who did not take timely measures to save the situation. GKChP-was simply ridiculous because of their indecisive actions. It was necessary to raise the alarm of all the armed forces, the police, declare martial law, curfew, arrest Gorbachev, Yeltsin and all those calling for the dismemberment of the USSR. In addition, according to the Constitution of the USSR, the decision to secede from the USSR is authorized to be made only by the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, and not the Union republics, which should have addressed there with this issue. Where was its chairman Tatar Khasbulatov? There is a general conspiracy, and all these persons are subject to trial by a military court. Now all nations are paying for the actions of a handful of traitors!
    1. ballian
      ballian 22 December 2011 17: 30
      My question is - did Yeltsin fall from the sky? - this is the choice of the people of that time - you can pour at least tons of saliva on the EBN - this is the choice of the Russians - you voted for him. - but of course everyone is blamed on Yeltsin and Gorbachev - not on themselves - although they were glad - here we will destroy the scoop and live humanly .
      Govorukhin even made a fundamental doc. Film on this subject., And then squealed like a demon beguiled.
      1. Hleb
        Hleb 22 December 2011 17: 49
        yes you can’t argue with that ....
        1. Roman Skomorokhov
          Roman Skomorokhov 22 December 2011 17: 55
          ballian, + 1.
          nothing to add.

          In general, traditionally: they voted all over Russia (this is me about the referendum, if anything), everyone was in favor of destroying the scoop, give democracy and freedom to everyone, and they destroyed everything Gorby and EBN ...

          Something somehow does not add up, do not you find?
    2. Terminator
      Terminator 22 December 2011 19: 49
      Khasbulatov is not a Tatar.
      1. Tyumen
        Tyumen 22 December 2011 23: 33
        Yes, he is a Chechen.
  9. bistrov.
    bistrov. 22 December 2011 15: 25
    And since the author is completely right, and the best thing is to get back together again in the UNION and almost all the people want it. But the thing is that in the former republics criminal-oligarchic local clans have become in power, who are not profitable to return to the Union, because then you have to lose the looted wealth. So, for example, the Ukrainian oligarchs are in every way slowing down accession to the CU, even under the threat of default and a complete stoppage of industry, and in Georgia the openly pro-American, hostile regime to Russia, the Baltic peoples found themselves in an enemy camp and will fight against Russia in the event of a military conflict. But there are many Russian-speaking people there. We have two ways: improve the armed forces of Russia, as the foremother of all our peoples, because with the defeat and collapse of Russia, all other peoples, Belarusians, Ukrainians, Kazakhs and others will forever fall into slavery while Russia is still alive, the other nations will live 2. try to bring the Communists to power, although in Ukraine and Russia, and on a new basis, will revive the great and mighty Soviet Union, taking into account previous mistakes.
    1. ballian
      ballian 22 December 2011 17: 36
      Quote: bistrov.
      and almost all nations want this

      Here you mentioned Ukraine - the sociology data in the studio about "want" and Belarus at the same time - and then after all, except for idle talk when this topic comes up - there is nothing.
      1. bistrov.
        bistrov. 23 December 2011 00: 17
        According to the Communist Party of Ukraine, about 65% of the population agree to create a union state with Russia. Belarus and so is with Russia in a union state.
        1. ballian
          ballian 29 December 2011 20: 33
          Blat - waited for you "according to" KPU "data - goofy refer to specific polls of social services, and not to mysterious" KPU data "
  10. mar.tira
    mar.tira 22 December 2011 15: 48
    It’s a shame that the top of our country did not believe their people so much that even after the referendum they didn’t believe him. Yes, and we were pampered for 70 years by the state’s concern for us, and we thought that everything would settle down. I saw from the media what was going on in Moscow, and other Union republics, and could not believe his eyes the indecision of Gorbachev, if not cowardice, and arrogance Yeltsin, who was eager for power in every way possible. I was ready on the orders of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, and obeying the oath to defend the country, although all the media cried out about the hopelessness of the USSR as a state. But Gorbachev scared, and did not call on the people, the Army, to protect the country, which our ancestors so hard saved for us . And this is his worst crime. Isn’t he a traitor after that?!?!
  11. I627z
    I627z 22 December 2011 16: 33
    How can people brought up on the betrayal of the Russian Empire themselves not become traitors? Who is this top of the CPSU the descendants of the Bolsheviks who seized power by chance? You need to look a little deeper into the past. And then the USSR is a great state (which is smaller than the Russian Empire and weaker), but that was forgotten before the USSR. Personally, I feel much more sorry for the Empire.
  12. SL.Kocegar
    SL.Kocegar 22 December 2011 16: 56
    Whoever allowed Gorbach to power, resigned himself because everything went wrong as he intended, pah. But you were given a state machine, to the nail of balamutes. And now he sits and puffs from abroad, he does not like the current situation
  13. Volkhov
    Volkhov 22 December 2011 19: 02
    The "Americans" created the USSR, supporting the revolution, chose Stalin instead of Trotsky, since he led to world war, and Trotsky led to small concessions, materially provided industrialization, lend-lease, but they were afraid of Stalin's independence and, together with the Nazis, they eliminated him, then they led Khrushchev and Brezhnev, driving the USSR along dead ends, then they destroyed it in order to use it as a resource , now they need Russian infantry for the war against the Nazis and they "strengthen the army" - the conclusion is that after repeated destruction of the elites, knowledge and connection with ancestors, the people turn into a cargo donkey looking at their feet, and they can be sent anywhere.
    The "Americans" themselves are now being evacuated, and the "donkeys", through whose territory the railway transit goes, are offered to restore the USSR. play the Olympics, build Skolkovo, without specifying that there will be a seabed.
  14. Strabo
    Strabo 22 December 2011 21: 07
    Judge Bastards and strip all privileges. If anyone remembers collecting signatures so that the USSR remains and, as always, the votes are stolen. And again everyone decided without us. It feels like enemies rule. Homeland has long been not a mother, but a stepmother.
  15. 16
    16 April 7 2012 22: 23
    Gorbachev ----- to shoot for the pigsty !!!!!!!!!!!