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Local fighting with ISIL militants in the provinces of Homs and Suweida (Syria)

The representative of the national defense forces of Syria reports on the successful actions of the national militia against ISIL militants in the east of the province of Suwayda. On the night of Friday, representatives of the SAR National Defense Forces organized an ambush in the countryside, having received information from the reconnaissance teams on the approaching convoy of vehicles with militants.

As soon as the igilovtsy approached the hidden positions of the militia, a crossfire was opened, as a result of which at least 9 militants were killed, more than two dozen were seriously injured. The rest rushed to run. Representatives of the national defense forces continued to pursue terrorists, killing two more and wounding five terrorists.

Death row belts were found on the bodies of the three ISIL militants killed. This may indicate that the militants were preparing to attack one of the military installations, which is located in the southern Syrian province of Suwayda.

Several abandoned off-road vehicles, in which several grenade launchers, assault rifles, mortars, RPGs, as well as ammunition boxes, became trophies of the fighters of the national self-defense forces of Syria.

It is reported that with air support, serious success in the confrontation with the ISIL militants was achieved by the fighters of the Syrian government army. Syrian soldiers and representatives of the people's militia seized positions that were previously held by terrorists. These positions are located approximately 7-8 km from the base of Tias Air Force SAR.

Local fighting with ISIL militants in the provinces of Homs and Suweida (Syria)

This air base is located between the cities of Homs and Palmyra. From their positions igilovtsy for a long time fired at the airbase with the help of mortars and other types weapons.
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  1. Michael67
    Michael67 13 May 2016 17: 39
    Mad dogs are shot.
    It would be nice even more and more often. And their owners Amersky there too.
    It will be easier to breathe.
    1. oleg-gr
      oleg-gr 13 May 2016 17: 44
      Well done Syrians. Do not relax and beat uninvited guests. Embody the teachings of Alexander Nevsky.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  2. LÄRZ
    LÄRZ 13 May 2016 17: 55
    Yes, everything is radiant there, there are enough problems:
    The attacks of the Islamic State terrorist group in the area of ​​the T-4 airbase are intensifying: terrorists intend to block the only supply route for government troops in the city of Palmyra in the eastern province of Homs. On Thursday, militants attempted to advance from an abandoned tank base to the Homs-Palmyra highway. However, their attack was repelled by units of the 525 Regiment of the 18 Panzer Division of the Syrian Arab Army before the terrorists could do any damage. However, the IS attack forced the Syrian government to close the Homs-Palmyra highway on Thursday for security reasons The Syrian army needs to drop IS militants from the T-4 airbase. If this is not done, the terrorists will threaten not only the presence of the Syrian Air Force in this area, but also the temporary air base of the Russian Air Force.
    1. Siga77
      Siga77 13 May 2016 18: 07
      And in war, it’s radiant only from explosions.
      1. LÄRZ
        LÄRZ 13 May 2016 18: 56
        Quote: Siga77
        And in war, it’s radiant only from explosions.

        I meant the tone of the article.
  3. aksakal
    aksakal 13 May 2016 18: 02
    Quote: LÄRZ
    Yes, everything is radiant there, there are enough problems:

    Thank you, there is not enough news in Syria, but something flickers bad - you lost Khan-Tuman, you laid it out - there are attacks on the Homs-Palmyra highway, then things are not so radiant in Aleppo, and there are disastrous Syrian attacks in Latakia army to some heights ... Syria is worried about something, but I can not scratch laughing Who has the news in this part? Briefly and concisely, I would be very grateful.
    1. MAGA
      MAGA 13 May 2016 18: 49
      Donavi wrote that everything is not so smooth and sweet there, most likely Assad can return to the positions of 2015 - and this is bad for him.
    2. LÄRZ
      LÄRZ 13 May 2016 19: 17
      Quote: aksakal
      Who has the news in this part? Briefly and concisely, I would be very grateful.

      The situation in Syria remains stably conflicting. The most active clashes continue in the province of Aleppo and in the eastern suburbs of Palmyra. Aleppo Province Despite the extension of the ceasefire, the militants periodically open provocative fire at the positions of the Kurdish militia and do not abandon attempts to establish control over the northern regions of the city of Aleppo. This morning, fierce battles began in the area of ​​the Khandrat camp and n.a. Khan-Tuman. Yesterday, an al-Nusra group of up to 30 militants arrived in Khan-Tuman to prepare for the offensive. Extremists are preparing an offensive in the direction of the Quirez airfield. In addition, at night in the province of Aleppo, Kurdish positions were fired from mortars in the Maranaaz and Ain-Dakna regions, and as a result of sniper fire, one civilian was killed. Latakia Province For a whole day, Syrian al-Qaeda jihadists fired on positions of government troops in the north-west of Latakia province, near the city of Kessab. To prepare for the next offensive, three trucks with weapons and ammunition arrived from Idlib province to the northeast of Latakia province. In addition, about a hundred Jibhat-en-Nusra militants arrived in the north-west of Latakia province to conduct a massive assault in the areas of Kudehi, Sfira. Damascus Province Government forces, with the support of the Lebanese Resistance, continue to advance in Eastern Ghouta, having recaptured several settlements and heights near the village of Deir al-Asafir from jihadists. Also, the SAR Armed Forces finally took control of the village of Nolah. As a result of the assault, 19 militants died, their own losses amounted to 7 people. As a result of the decisive offensive of the Syrian army, the positions of the Islamists in the east of the province were thrown back to the outskirts of the Shaer gas field. In the villages of Al-Khabrah al-Gharbiya and Umm Ar-Rish, government troops attacked the weakened positions of the Islamic State. Dozens of extremists die as a result of the military operation
    3. Botanologist
      Botanologist 13 May 2016 20: 18
      Quote: aksakal
      Briefly and concisely, I would be very grateful.

      There is a branch about Syria on courage

      And if it’s compressed, after the withdrawal of the main forces of the air forces, the Syrian army stopped and was sitting at the checkpoints. The Baha'is accumulate strength, rearm and prepare a serious batch at Allepo and Palmyra. Iran loses volunteers and asks VKS to bomb more actively.
    4. The comment was deleted.
  4. LÄRZ
    LÄRZ 13 May 2016 18: 03
    Yes, and under Palmyra "tension":
    The director of the Center for the Study of the Middle East and Central Asia, Semyon Baghdasarov, draws attention to the inconsistency of messages coming from the Palmyra direction. - It is clear that the Syrian news agencies will in every possible way deny the successes of the militants, and the latter will exaggerate. The Homs-Palmyra highway is the only road that connects Palmyra with the territories of Syria, which are controlled by government forces. From the north, east and west, the territory is still captured by the IG. There is no solid front in Syria, so today militants can cut the track, and tomorrow they can be knocked out of there. For militants, it’s important to block it, not even from the point of view of revenge in the Palmyra direction, but because it allows government forces to transfer resources for military operations in Deir ez-Zor, and then in Raqqa. I do not think that something is threatening Palmyra. Firstly, our military will do everything possible not to lose it, since this will hit the image of Russia, especially after the concert of the Mariinsky Theater Symphony Orchestra organized in the historical part of Palmyra. Secondly, there is a desert area and aviation can work quietly. The current clashes in that area are, of course, an unpleasant phenomenon, but they are focal in nature. On the border of the Syrian desert is the base Ukeyrabat, through which there is a supply of gangs. It serves as a kind of springboard for attacks by militants on settlements, oil rigs and gas wells in the vicinity of Palmyra. In addition to the T-4 airfield, fights are fought for three fields - Ash-Shaar, Mahr and Jezal, which supply the CHPP in Homs and Damascus. Judging by reports, the Syrian command is transferring reserves from other sectors of the front there. In general, I would not worry about Palmyra. The most difficult situation is now in Aleppo. It seems that a truce is officially being maintained, but clashes are ongoing. Crossings on the Syrian-Turkish border are not closed and mercenaries, weapons and ammunition continue to come from Turkey.
    This is an excerpt from the article.
  5. Siga77
    Siga77 13 May 2016 18: 04
    This is how the exalted drug addicts-barmaley gradually and inevitably grind and the dollars of their bloody demoniac sponsors of the fascists from the "exclusive state" are burned up.
    1. uhu189
      uhu189 13 May 2016 22: 27
      You understand that the Syrian units, which have been fighting for 5 years already, and their mobilization resources are already practically exhausted, are also inevitably grinded. And the resources of ISIS and other trash in comparison with government resources are practically inexhaustible. There was information that it was not the Syrians and their "Desert Falcons" who stormed Palmyra, but completely different people, the Syrians were only for pictures on TV. Assad no longer has enough strength to control the territory, even with very serious support from us, the Iranians and Hezbollah. No successes, Palmyra is in an operational environment, at the T-4 base a few kilometers from the front line, our aviation is among other things. But from morning to evening on TV about some kind of truce they say virtual ...
  6. donavi49
    donavi49 13 May 2016 18: 11
    Strange article.

    There were intense battles yesterday, if we cross out the confrontation in Daraa between blacks and different broads from groups supported by the USA and Jordan, and the massacre in the north of Aleppo, where again the greens surrendered several auls (but there the battle started by five hundred US-supported broads and a hundred blacks, has already grown to the confrontation of thousands, with tanks and artillery).

    So, here the fights were intense in the region of Khandarat - Liva Al-Quds went on the attack, but stumbled on a powerful defense and retreated. Video, retreats:

    There was also a night assault on the approaches to Khan Fog, but it is not clear there. The Baha'is say they recaptured and returned the lost. CSKA that hold the approaches and the height. No confirmation yet, except for a night attack.

    And the biggest failure is the Rastan enclave. There is a "democratic" Akhrar, a little more SSA, as well as a group that has been defamed with Nusra. During the onset of winter, the common pocket was practically divided in two, the Rastan enclave proper was cut off from Kisin, taking the road through the settlement of N of the item. Kafrnan. On the northern coast, the Alavite villages of Zara and Dzharzhisakh were located. Now there is a truce, so it was agreed that the army withdraws artillery and heavy weapons from Zara and Dzharzhisakh and leaves a minimal garrison, mainly militias.

    As a result, the baboons took Zara in a matter of hours, losing 2 people killed, and then slaughtered all the Alawites in the village, taking everything off and putting it on tweeters. They write that more than 50 Alawites were killed. The army could not come to the rescue, because it was withdrawn by agreement to a truce, and the soldiers who were in the village of 4-6 (killed in uniform in the photo and video), as well as up to 6 militias (possibly policemen, they were killed in the police station) - not were able to hold out enough time. Capturing Zara opens up the possibility of attacks on the Power Station or Dzharzhisakh itself, and if they take Dzharzhisakh, then Rastan and Kissina will receive a direct message, the flow of the Bakhs and the TOU along the highway, that is, the situation will return to the November-December level of 2015 of the year.
    1. akims
      akims 13 May 2016 19: 18
      I did not understand what was in the video. Where are they shooting? To the air? Not a single hit!
      1. donavi49
        donavi49 13 May 2016 19: 33
        They shoot mainly to where the camera is in the first seconds. There, Liva fighters ran as fast as possible. The fence and the platform where the camera is looking are more than a kilometer away from topographic locations. It’s too much for the broads, they shot a little there, but in short flights of 200-300 meters.

        Liva fighters were lucky that there were no ATGMs there.
    2. Vadim237
      Vadim237 13 May 2016 20: 22
      At this pace, the war in Syria will go on for another 5 years, with its gradual transformation into present-day Afghanistan.
  7. MiRvSeMvDoM
    MiRvSeMvDoM 13 May 2016 18: 30
    Something tells me that the advance of the SAR army will increasingly slip, in recent times more and more disturbing news from there. Mattresses confuse all cards with their peaceful opposition. The more I try to delve into the Syrian problem, the more I understand that I don’t understand them .. what’s going on at all ... request I apologize for my rude, but blood is boiling in my veins ...
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 13 May 2016 18: 46
      Yes, everything is simple.

      There is Nusra - they have a rolled-up five 3 T-72 and 2 BMP-1 operating in a single group. Assault infantry groups, which are delivered first by a mechanized group, and then under their own power / pickups / cargo trucks.

      There are Ahrar, Jude Al Aqsa - who immediately form defensive groups and act on the flanks, on support.

      As soon as n.p. captured, Ahrar, Jude and other groups immediately enter. Expand TOU, begin to dig in intensively. 2-3 days is enough for them to create a solid defense. But you can’t bomb them anymore.

      Well, recently, everyone doesn’t give a damn even for cover. Won Zarah were slaughtered by women who are democratic and who have made concessions (the withdrawal of equipment, artillery from Zara, Dzharzhisy and Electro).

      Plus the Caliphate has grown stronger. They cannot be knocked out from Shaer even with the help of the Syrian marines, Tigers and Sokolov, that is, the most trained fighters. Moreover, the Caliphate has now begun a major operation in Iraq, according to the deblockade of Fallujah and the siege of Ramadi. On the scale, it can be judged, for today, the Iraqi army recognized 17 dead. On reports, the Blacks use wheeled armored vehicles (BTR-80 and American light armored personnel carriers), the drones of which remove army blocks and bases, conduct reconnaissance and adjust Babakhatak / shelling.
      1. MAGA
        MAGA 13 May 2016 19: 27
        Donavi49 would like to know your opinion about who will win at such a pace.
        1. donavi49
          donavi49 13 May 2016 19: 48
          Depends on external factors. If the swing, then a long time. If you take it seriously, the level of 60-80 flights per day, planning operations, etc. - then in a year and a half you can end big fights.
          1. MAGA
            MAGA 13 May 2016 20: 05
            Thank donavi49 Reminiscent of all this is the Civil War in Lebanon.
      2. uhu189
        uhu189 13 May 2016 22: 37
        In your opinion, are the Falcons the most trained fighters? They are just plain publicist militias, nothing more. The most trained units are the Republican Guard, which is forced to sit near Damascus, blocking the captured quarters and the suburb of Duma, and the army is mainly in Latakia and near Aleppo. The Syrians have sorely lacking forces even to retain territories.
    BARKHAN 13 May 2016 20: 52
    Sad and stupid. There is no worse than civil war. When the enemy is external, everything is simple. And here, in my opinion, only total destruction, carpet bombing can help. And how else to calm them down? They regard any agreements as weakness. And perhaps even " losing "and surrendering, will they change their ideology? No, of course. They will simply regroup and start all over again. If the population of some areas supports terrorists, then they are accomplices, with all the consequences.
    This is the east. Any "civilized" methods will not work there. Always there the enemy was cut out at the root. Neither we nor the West will do anything worthwhile there. We will take away the machine guns, begin to cut each other with knives. The only way out is to choose who to stay, to bury the rest. Or not. but then you have to catch them in your gardens ...
    1. uhu189
      uhu189 13 May 2016 22: 43
      Syria is not exactly a civil war, unlike Iraq. The militants are mostly foreigners and mercenaries, local people are simply trying to survive under any power, whatever it may be. And carpet bombing will not take place there - for them there are simply no goals - a cloud of small detachments, the absence of large targets, large warehouses. The militants are constantly disguising themselves as local residents, weapons are not carried in caravans, but in single vehicles, and they are received in Turkey. If it were so simple - Syrian aviation would have finished everything just 4 years ago ... To defeat Assad, you need to control the border. It will be able to control - it will be able to win, it will not be able - its forces will simply prevail in numbers. And the number of losses of the militants should not mislead anyone - they quickly compensate them, and every fighter counts with the government.