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Nemtsov asked for forgiveness from hamsters

Nemtsov asked for forgiveness from hamstersBecause of the joint rally that was scheduled for December 24, in Moscow, the publication of various compromising materials began on the Internet. This time, Boris Nemtsov, one of the leaders of the opposition movement called “Solidarity”, became the object of close attention. Most recently, the portal «», laid out the recordings of telephone (private) conversations of B. Nemtsov. It was made public about 9 audio recordings, which are called "The secret negotiations of B. Nemtsov with the opposition." Some headlines were also attached to them, in which the fact that B. Nemtsov speaks of his fellow political fighters was clearly demonstrated, in a rather impartial manner. He spoke of them as “scum”, “bitches”, and “n ... sah,” and called people “fearful penguins” and “hamsters” who attended the rallies.

Today, politician B. Nemtsov, commented on this publication, as well as his remarks. First of all, he apologized to those who could insult these rude remarks. In his blog, B. Nemtsov wrote: “I apologize to Bozhena Rynskaya, Evgenia Chirikova, and everyone who was insulted and hurt in my telephone conversations.” “I’m sure I’ve done completely wrong. You need to restrain your emotions, and always follow and control your words, and even when talking with friends and family, and by telephone. ”

The politician noted that some of the conversations posted on the Internet were genuine and took place, and the other part was merely a result of editing, or an outright fake. However, he did not specify which records were the result of installation, and forgeries, and which were genuine. At the same time, the oppositionist stressed that the fact of recording telephone conversations from a private person is nothing more than a criminal moment.

B. Nemtsov wrote: “They shamelessly and brazenly violated my rights under the constitution, and the rights of my interlocutors, to the sacrament of telephone conversations and correspondence. And they were not at all embarrassed by the fact that under the articles of 138 and 137 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, imprisonment up to 5 years is supposed for this. ” He also stated that the mentioned publication was “very unpleasant for him”, because “telephone conversations are equal to letters”, and “to read other people's letters, very ugly, indecent and impolite, even if these very letters are abusive”.

The oppositionist noted that “in public,” he never allows himself any indecent statements, and swore oath to everyone that in the current “historical days ”, does not intend to offend or criticize any of his associates, partners, associates and colleagues. He called the publication of the incriminating evidence a provocation. He said: “It is clear that the purpose of the provocation is the thirst for the breakdown of the rally scheduled for December 24th. They do not want a lot of people. That is why Surkov and Putin resorted to such a simple, and by the way criminal, way of contributing to the discord of the ranks of the opposition and the organizing committee of the rally. ”

It is worth noting that in the course of the telephone conversations mentioned, politician Boris Nemtsov proposed to Sergei Parkhomenko (journalist) to organize a club whose members had not yet had sexual relations with Bozhena Rynskaya. In another conversation, he calls someone from the associates of the opposition "pi..sami." By the way, the authors of publications in parentheses clarify who we are talking about - this is Boris Akunin (writer) and Leonid Parfenov (journalist). However, in the recording itself, their names or circumstances indicating this are not mentioned.

The unflattering epithets that are sent to the address of the protesters, the written decoding of telephone conversations places a very positive context. It is known that most of the records (published) were made on the eve of the rally held on December 10 in Moscow, when the opposition could not agree where it should be held. Two places were discussed: 1. Where the rally was initially agreed upon - Revolution Square, 2. Or where tens of thousands of people can be accommodated - Bolotnaya Square.

B. Nemtsov, in his conversation with Valery Panyushkin (a famous writer) commented: “This square cannot accommodate such a large number of people. And since many will come from the “office plankton”, these internet hamsters, that they have never even seen a living policeman, and forgive me, but I will not turn people under the batons ”.

In another dialogue, the politician said almost the same thing: “The composition of tomorrow's rally, is radically different from all previous ones. It will be mostly cowardly public. A sort of white collar. They are terribly afraid to fall under the baton of riot police. All these people have some kind of support from the authorities, which does not shun to provoke Internet wars, in which they all confront each other. So they are infinitely afraid and shaking from the fact that they can sweep. And since most of these fearful penguins will be on the square, I believe that we must do everything so that they will not suffer in any way. ”
In the meantime, statements were made from those people who were more or less affected by the above-mentioned dialogues of B. Nemtsov. For example, Aleksei Venediktov (chief editor of Ekho Moskvy radio station), whom the oppositionist reproached for "b ... skim" behavior, claimed that this publication of telephone conversations would contribute to the rally scheduled for December 24, even more people , rather than previously expected.

"Echo of Moscow" quoted him saying: "I believe that more people will come, because everyone felt in the place of the politician B. Nemtsov, and realized that his phones are also possible to listen, and information can easily be merged in the media . I am sure that every citizen of the country felt himself wounded and humiliated by this glaring violation of the Constitution. I know a few people who did not want to go to the rally, but after these publications, they declared their firm intention to be there. ”

According to RIA "News”, Many people agreed with this opinion, including the direct organizers of the rally called“ For Fair Elections ”. Olga Shorina (spokeswoman for Solidarity) commented: “It is quite obvious that the purpose of publishing the recordings was to introduce discord among the rallies and organizers. But as far as I understand and know, all members of the organization are well aware of the baseness and meannesses of provocateurs who put such personal negotiations on public display. And we all perfectly understand that their actions should not prevent us from doing our common cause. ”
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  1. Boos24
    Boos24 21 December 2011 16: 31
    you’ll go far if this applies to colleagues, what can we say about those who just came to the rally, they will go again knowing how the organizers relate to them, clearly worked and the specialists merged the information on time
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 21 December 2011 18: 13
      This is a lesson for everyone who believes that it is invulnerable, covered, invisible and not heard. Big brother sees and hears everything. nobody is forgotten and nothing is forgotten. Well, the specialists worked for their holiday
      1. Uhalus
        Uhalus 21 December 2011 23: 32
        Probably, they set up their own. A rally is more profitable for the authorities (they will shout and calm down, and Vaska listens and eats ...) than an opposition politician - a rich man with connections. So they eliminate him as a politician. In general, it is witty. And it will be good if he is "kicked". Who else, but I do not believe so ESPECIALLY.
        And which of us did not honor someone in a conversation (even if by telephone) with perfect words?
        1. esaul
          esaul 22 December 2011 05: 35
          For me it is more important not what the "hamsters" will say about this Judas, but the fact that they will see at least a little and see that they are, simply, used and used by people who deeply despise these "hamsters"! Here it is - a luminary and a preacher of a philanthropic, humane and talerantic idea! Cr-r-racota !!!
  2. mambito
    mambito 21 December 2011 16: 37
    He felt himself vulnerable, and the fact that he wants to make the country vulnerable does not shake him (here is pi ... races). And all the more, his words prove that the telephone conversation belongs to him (for this, in my opinion, he should be arrested and imprisoned to hell so that he does not see the white light).
  3. Denis
    Denis 21 December 2011 16: 47
    For a politician, if Nemtsov considers himself so, this is a failure.
  4. mitrich
    mitrich 21 December 2011 16: 49
    Nemtsov demonstrated his Murlo ...
  5. подводник
    подводник 21 December 2011 16: 52
    Goodbye Nemtsov ..................
    1. Che
      Che April 27 2012 08: 08
      Better goodbye and forever with your tweets and bulk. Special services respect that poured info on this ghoul.
  6. Fantomac
    Fantomac 21 December 2011 16: 52
    The skin is pro-Western what the hell he lives in Russia in freedom. To uranium mines a filthy broom with all the liberal gang ..
  7. Denis
    Denis 21 December 2011 17: 03
    Hilary will definitely not receive the New Year's prize.
  8. starded
    starded 21 December 2011 17: 06
    Another overseas MONKEY ...
  9. mitrich
    mitrich 21 December 2011 17: 16
    That's what I want to write about the rally on Bolotnaya Square, because talked with a perfectly normal man who was there. He is not a democrat, not a liberal, not a monarch, not a communist, etc. It's just a normal man, outraged by the election results.
    So, 2 rallies were supposed to take place: one on Revolution Square, the second on Bolotnaya Square. But the application for a rally on Bolotnaya in the Moscow mayor's office was from the liberal Kasyanov, Nemtsov and other shit. Revolutions, motivating their actions by the fact that there are more places on Bolotnaya. Naturally, none of the Muscovites and guests of the capital were aware that this was a rally of liberals, people came to protest against dishonest elections! And liberals, inspired by the fact that a lot of people came (before, they never collected more than a few hundred), usurped the rostrum and let their own, homosexual, shout from there ... And in the direct sense. The comrade told me that there were also LGBT figures (or somehow she called): pure homosexuals and lesbos. And so they broadcast: "We, the lesbians of Moscow, protest against ..." The people are just from such layouts, although Muscovites are already familiar to everything. It is clear that Nemtsov and Ryzhkov simply didn’t get off the podium. people were not allowed to the microphone.
    In short, it’s fucked up by people, but they gave it all away for supporting themselves and their loved ones. That's how it really was.
  10. Gurza
    Gurza 21 December 2011 17: 30
    Already 2 day listening to his recordings.
    This scum in the 90 years showed its face.
    In fact, the entire "opposition" is such an extremely disgusting mass of people. I have not seen normal people among them! IMHO
    1. Uhalus
      Uhalus 21 December 2011 23: 35
      Somewhere I had the sayings of the liberals ... If they were seriously planning to do this ... You will involuntarily exclaim: where are you, good old NKVD?
      I’ll look now.
      1. Uhalus
        Uhalus 21 December 2011 23: 47
        Found. And he doubted: is it necessary to recall this abomination? Moreover, you know all this. But I decided what I needed.
        That is:
        Anatoly Chubais:
        "What are you worried about these people? Well, thirty million will die out. They didn't fit into the market. Don't think about it - new ones will grow up."
        "Imagine organizing a truly completely democratic election in the country based on the will of the workers with equal access to the media, to money ... The result of such an election would be much worse, and perhaps simply disastrous for the country."
        “I read all of Dostoevsky, and now I don’t feel anything but physical hatred for this person. When I see in his books of thought that the Russian people are a special, God's chosen people, I want to tear them to pieces. ”
        Egor Gaidar:
        "There is nothing wrong with the fact that some of the pensioners will die out, but society will become more mobile." (there is information about a satisfied lawsuit for attributing this phrase to Gaidar)
        “Russia as a state of Russians has no historical perspective”
        "At the beginning of the reforms, I said to Gaidar: you are looking for a middle class. But there is also: teachers, doctors, technical and creative intelligentsia. And I heard in response: this is not the middle class, but dependents." (Oleg Poptsov, "The Moment of Truth", TVC, 23.06.2006)
        "... in Zelenograd, our medicine recorded 36 deaths due to hunger. Gaidar replied simply: radical transformations are underway, money is difficult, and the death of people who are unable to resist these transformations is a natural thing."
        Vladimir Varfolomeev, Deputy Editor of Echo of Moscow:
        "... it is better to retain in power (even by adding) corrupt and not the most bloodthirsty bureaucrats than the coming to this power of Stalinists and dense nationalists"
        Valeria Novodvorskaya:
        "Russians cannot be allowed into the European civilization, they were put in the bucket, and they did the right thing. The miserable, spiritually insolvent, cowardly sleep with the bucket and have no rights. If such rights are given, the general level of humanity will go down."
        "If Russia dies, in general, in principle, I personally will not grumble"
        Mikhail Khodorkovsky
        "... It's a shame not to steal from such a state"
        "Corruption began with us, and it should end with us"
        “Our attitude to the authorities? A few months ago, we considered it good for the power that would not interfere with us, entrepreneurs. In this regard, Mikhail Gorbachev was the ideal ruler. At that stage of our development, this was enough. Now that the entrepreneurial class has gained strength and It is no longer possible to stop this process, and our attitude towards the authorities is changing. Neutrality towards us is no longer enough. Implementation of the principle is necessary: ​​he who pays, calls the tune "
        "Have we earned reproaches that we feast when the masses are plague? Isn't our feast ultimately beneficial to the same people ?!"
        Lev Ponomarev, head of the human rights movement For Human Rights:
        "People with democratic views and a high degree of civic activity will always find the strength and courage to support those who disagree, including those who support the legalization of cannabis and gay pride parades."
        Igor Yurgens, head of INSOR:
        “What innovations are there, what an industry! The fate of Russia is to export oil and other raw materials! Forget the rest! ”
        About the province. "It will take a long time for ICT to enter regions that are not very promising for business and to" unpromising "social strata
        "Russians interfere with Russia - the bulk of our compatriots live in the last century and do not want to develop ... Russians are still very archaic. In the Russian mentality, the community is higher than the individual ... Most (of the people) is in partial dequalification ... general degradation ".
        Evgeny Ikhlov, expert of the Movement for Human Rights:
        "... General Vlasov was right: the best fate for our country is to divide into ethnic states, the highest achievement of which will be integration into Western Europe as difficult younger brothers."
        "Anything is written in the Constitution" (in the context of "it is not necessary to fulfill this")

        headshotboy quotes:
        Valery Panyushkin: It would be easier for everyone in the world if the Russian nation ceased. It would be easier for the Russians themselves if tomorrow they didn’t have to form a national state anymore, but could turn into a small nation like Vodi, Khanty or Avars.

        Boris Stomakhin: Kill, kill, kill! Russia can only be destroyed. And it SHOULD be destroyed - this is a measure of preventive self-defense of the human race from that savage devilishness that Russia carries within itself. Russians need to be killed, and only killed - among them there are not those normal, smart, intelligent people with whom one could speak and for whose understanding one could hope

        Boris Khazanov: In this country, goats graze with their plucked sides, along the fences scrawny residents screech their way. I used to be ashamed of this homeland, where every day - humiliation, every meeting - like a slap in the face, where everyone - the landscape and people - offends the look. But how nice it is to come to America and see the sea of ​​smiles spilled!
        1. mitrich
          mitrich 21 December 2011 23: 54
          it would be nice to force them to say these words out loud again ... and then shoot them to hell. Also live. All, including Khazanov.
        2. Lech e-mine
          Lech e-mine 22 December 2011 07: 56
          How much shit got out.
        3. Che
          Che April 27 2012 08: 13
          I copied to my memory about these ghouls. wassat
  11. logik
    logik 21 December 2011 17: 30
    Nemtsov revealed his nature, groomed on the outside with sweet speeches, but with clay inside, with a stone in his bosom.
  12. morpex
    morpex 21 December 2011 18: 09
    The fact is that in our Ukraine, normal people also took to the streets and expressed their protest. And nobody paid us a damn. It's just that politicians like yours Nemtsov want to get to the trough on this wave. Drive them in the neck! None of them. Do not listen! Especially corrupt zhurnalyug! As soon as they, God forbid, get to the power - that's it! Khan to the country! They just use you and throw you away as unnecessary, as it happened here. And then you will write on the fences "FORGIVE US VOVA "but it will be too late.
  13. ruaben
    ruaben 21 December 2011 18: 22
  14. patriot64
    patriot64 21 December 2011 18: 43
    And I think there are people on the site who ran to those demonstrations of outright stupidity! Well, let them know the opinion of the one who bought them !!! Hamsters !!! Penguins !!! Give me a minus !!! :-)
    1. mar.tira
      mar.tira 21 December 2011 19: 00
      Quote: patriot64
      Give me a minus !!!

      Are you a masochist! Love when you are beaten or something? Even for the idea! About Nemtsov, we already know everything, Judas is the same! I think it’s necessary to pack it for a long time!
      1. patriot64
        patriot64 21 December 2011 19: 10
        Never mind!!! I’ll endure it ... But those who were hanging out in that crowd would reach them that they made a booth with American money and danced under their direction? Six are corrupt!
        1. mitrich
          mitrich 21 December 2011 19: 17
          Quote: patriot64
          Six are corrupt!

          You are too cool for people ... I already wrote above - fuck .. or those who are meeting. To make it completely clear, I will give you the following allegory: imagine that you bought tickets for Chekhov's "Three Sisters", and instead of this Boris Moiseev showed you the "blue moon" from the stage ... something like this.
    2. Uhalus
      Uhalus 21 December 2011 23: 45
      But I won’t put it, but I don’t put it! lol
    ESCANDER 21 December 2011 21: 50
    Nemtsov, while promoting democracy, when he was the governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region, applied authoritarian methods of governance: pinched the opposition and the media.
    He openly supported Yushchenko during the Orange Revolution, and worked as his adviser.
    It is not surprising that this two-faced Ch m about allows himself a similar informality.
    Long time ago his Wolfovich did not rinse with mineral water.
  16. Evil Tatar
    Evil Tatar 22 December 2011 06: 12
    Quote: logik
    Nemtsov revealed his nature, groomed on the outside with sweet speeches, but with clay inside, with a stone in his bosom.

    With dollars in a box from under the Xerox under the arm ...