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The Devil Wears "Truth"

Liberal propaganda is trying with all its might, no matter how strange it may sound, to defeat the GREAT VICTORY. Yes, it is trying with all its might, because the funds allocated for this are considerable ... The descendants of the Soviet soldiers who died before the complete collapse of Nazism should not only stop feeling proud of the Victory Banner over the Reichstag and the difficult four-year path it crowns but even “to find” in exchange for this feeling in the heart is a completely different feeling (contempt) for that path and in particular for the main victor state - the Soviet Union.

The actions of the military-political leadership of the USSR, as we are persistently "prove" and what the representatives of the so-called "new look" at history Of the Great Patriotic War led to the “defeat of 1941 of the year” and to the “unjustifiable delay of the war” with the enemy, who, it turns out, was hopelessly inferior to us ... And we must slowly but surely come to the “realization” that the Great Patriotic War war is a completely unnecessary, extra page in our history. It should not have been at all! After all, this, you know, is nothing more than a “unreasonably protracted,” or rather, a sprawling Black Hole, which absorbed millions of “senseless victims.”

But everything was supposed to end, according to liberal “historians,” even in border battles in the summer of 1941. "Little blood" from our side, of course. But only the accompanying "evidence base" in such "historical research" is, as a rule, the usual "information noise", in the creation of which liberal propaganda has succeeded so much ...

I consider it expedient to refer in my article to the “classics”, whose example instructs and inspires the liberal revisionists of our past. And in this regard, the candidate more suitable than Viktor Suvorov (Rezun), it is difficult to imagine. Looking around the roots of the books I have for his authorship, I get “Suicide” from the shelf. The name is terrible, but in here, as in other Rezun's “works”, there is no one to be afraid, except for the country that our grandfathers mistakenly called the Motherland ...

But we will begin with the one whom one does not need to be afraid of - from Nazi Germany. As you know, in the German doctrine of "lightning war" ("blitzkrieg") the main emphasis was on the high mobility of troops during the offensive, which was intended primarily to deprive the enemy of the necessary time to organize and strengthen defense. This allowed us to achieve a favorable result for ourselves both in battles and in campaigns in general. Provided the necessary mobility for a “lightning war” numerous and modern self-propelled vehicles. The main striking force of the Blitzkrieg Tanksaccompanied trucks with food, fuel, engineering cars. Artillery tractors and vehicles for transporting manpower created a willingness to engage in battle directly from the march, because without the use of artillery and infantry from armored vehicles it is of little use. Including in the case of counter strikes from the enemy. In short, without proper self-propelled transport, a “lightning war” is nothing more than a phrase!

German troops who invaded the Soviet Union had half a million wheeled and half-tracked vehicles. One of the symbols of the German Blitzkrieg, the 3-ton truck, the Opel Blitz, was produced in Germany in large quantities from the 1937 year to its very defeat in World War II. This reliable, durable and easy to use car was well adapted for "service" in the army. By the way, one out of every four such trucks entering the army was all-wheel drive. In terms of the prevalence in the troops of the aggressor, it is impossible to ignore the "three-tonnets", which were produced for the needs of the Wehrmacht by the Ford car factory, built by the Americans back in Vesthafen, 1928, near Cologne. Among light trucks, I want to highlight the army multi-purpose off-road vehicles L2H143, which were manufactured by the Krupp company in Essen. These cars passed where lend-lease “Willis” and domestic GAZ-67 “Jeeps” appeared later in the Red Army. The engine, which stood on the L2H143, withstand severe frosts. This car was intended mainly for towing light artillery pieces and transporting motorized infantry. As for the half-track part of the transport of the Wehrmacht, here I consider it necessary to mention the tractor FAMO F3. It is the heaviest and most powerful semi-tracked tractor of the entire World War II. Created by the company "Farzoyg und Motoronbau" (FAMO) in Breslau. Produced with 1939 year. These vehicles were used to evacuate damaged armored vehicles from the battlefield, including medium tanks.

Of course, in terms of equipping the German army with trucks, the factories of the French Renault, the Czech Skoda, and the Italian Fiat helped.

In “Suicide”, the Wehrmacht appears not as a highly mechanized army, but as its antipode: “Blitzkrieg is a maneuverable war. The basis of German maneuverability in World War II is a pair of horses harnessed to a cart ”(Victor Suvorov,“ Suicide ”, ed. 2006, p. 132); "The basis of the German artillery thrust - horse" (p. 100); “The infantry formations of the German tank groups moved in the same way as the Egyptian infantry four thousand years ago — legs ... How did this so-called blitzkrieg differ from the Assyrian, Carthaginian, Roman, Spartan or Macedonian infantry strategically? What kind of blitzkrieg are we talking about if the commander of a tank group moved the tanks forward into operational depth, and behind it the infantry was dusting and the axles of infantry carts were creaking? ”(P. 131).

Well, we agree with the author: “If this was the case, then a blitzkrieg was impossible” (p. 132). It is also meekly to agree that Rezun understands the “blitzkrieg” doctrine much better than the entire German generals taken together, because Hitler’s strategists made it a “knight” a key figure of the blitzkrieg ”(p. 132).

What, I can not believe in such calculations? That you just "Suicide" did not read! And if they had read, they knew that practically the entire military-political “upper crust” of Nazi Germany was a bunch of fabulous fools: “... thinking people, capable of bearing responsibility for their actions, were very little in the top leadership of the Hitler state. Mostly - thoughtless performers. The main weakness of the nazi army and the state was the lack of professionalism in the top command echelon. It is completely incomprehensible why these people wore golden shoulder straps and marshal batons if many of them were not able to perform even the duties of a switchman ”(p. 51); “Hitler did not have a high school diploma. Hitler's generals and field marshals had certificates and diplomas, but in terms of mental development they were in no way higher than the demoniac model ”(p. 89).

Such a “collective guarantee”, which is very beneficial for the author, is obtained, or rather, circular dullness: no one interferes with anyone to show dementia - all fools “rule” all around! With a fool, as you know, the demand is small, and therefore the reader will not ask unnecessary questions about glaring contradictions. The glaring dullness will explain everything! The harmony of Rezun's compositions, achieved in this way, is really impressive! Oh, excuse me: not harmony, but “slender evidence base,” as seen by fans of Viktor Suvorov.

The entire state and military apparatus of the Third Reich, as you might guess, was a worthy creation of its stupid creators. And this, of course, left a corresponding imprint: “... chaos and slobliness flourished in the German army and state, which the light has not seen since its creation” (p. 67).

“Hitler’s immediate environment — adjutants (and their wives), secretaries, doctors, pilots, drivers, a photographer, guards — had an influence on him, and everyone was involved in public affairs, and everyone was pulling in his direction. The German socialists failed to realize Lenin’s dream of cooks, state leaders, but they were very far in this direction ”(p. 67). Using the well-established stereotypes about the word “adjutant”, which are inextricably linked with the image of such an “errand boy”, the great educator Viktor Suvorov writes (hereinafter referred to as): ground forces. It would seem that the adjutant is doing his job - he carries a briefcase, sharpens pencils, and the head of the main personnel department let him manage his complex and extremely responsible economy. But no. An adjutant receives and deals operational cards, carries them behind Hitler in a black briefcase, performs minor assignments, and in between cases assigns and dismisses generals from their posts, assigns military ranks, distributes cadres in troops, keeps records of years of service, awards and losses in a multimillion-dollar army ".

Adjutants in the German army were primarily personnel officers. Deal with relevant issues at the level of battalions, regiments, divisions, etc. Interestingly, in the location of the army, the adjutants, which is not very typical for pencil sharpeners, were reserve combat officers and could at any time be sent to replace the killed or wounded field commander. That is, they were the real military, and not just wore a uniform. Rudolf Schmundt, who went through the entire First World War, is no exception. Prior to becoming Hitler's personal adjutant in 1938, Schmundt held the position of chief of operations for the 18 Infantry Division headquarters, stationed in the city of Lignnitz.

In contrast to the stupidity of Hitler and his cliques, as well as the flawed state and military apparatus of the Third Reich, Viktor Suvorov in every way extols the Soviet system and Stalin in particular. At the same time insistently hinting that this is where she is, the abode of the world EVIL! Absolute EVIL, with all its being pointed to turning the world into hell! Stalin, as befits the devil in the flesh, is at the same time clever, cunning, cunning and ruthlessly calculating.

Because of all this, Nazism does not look like a threat to humanity, but only as a miserable parody of it. This brings to mind the following lines from Suicide: “Immediately - Minister of Propaganda Goebbels. It is customary to speak of him as a clever man ... Now we will pay attention only to his official title - the Minister of Propaganda. It is impossible to invent anything more stupid. Whatever he says, we know that this is propaganda. Any products of his department - propaganda. So officially called. How far he was to the Kremlin comrades! Compare: "Truth"! "TVNZ"! "True Ukraine"! "Cherkasy truth"! "Uryupinskaya truth"! Truth, truth, only truth alone, and nothing but truth! ”; “The main task of the devil is to prove to the misguided that there is no devil. This is the only way to get their souls ”(p. 57).

So this is why the Bolsheviks carried out an educational program in the country (having achieved the main successes in Stalin times)! To corrupt the people with all sorts of "truths"! Truly diabolical mnogohodovochku watch, gentlemen! And if we talk about how to kill people's souls, in order to turn their citizens into obedient tools, then the funny Nazis give the most obvious answer: you need to take away the spirituality of people! The guns must be soulless. It is necessary to replace the real human ideals with pseudo-ideals that have nothing in common with humanity. It is clear that the book “Mein Kampf” is unlikely to “get along” on the shelves of libraries with works by Goethe, Schiller, Mann and other humanists, because the latter will interfere with the spiritual “decapitation” of the masses, and therefore such “competition” had to be destroyed at any cost. Some works were proclaimed “Jewish”, based on what was written by Jews by origin (for example, the same Thomas Mann), a number of others were “rejected” as something completely irrelevant for the era, the beginning of which was proclaimed by the Nazis ... The fires from the books perfectly demonstrate the fear of a truly anti-human regime before the world spiritual heritage.

But Rezun prefers to stick his nose at something, as it seems to him, the most important and utterly indicative. More precisely, poke his readers into it.

Those who enjoy Rezun's harmony from book to book, that is, they are true, proven “Suvorov’s”, will strongly oppose me about my lack of confidence in the writings of the writer they respect. One of the most probable to me is the reproach that I ignore the author’s extensive "handling" of quotations from various sources - Soviet, foreign ... Doesn’t this speak in favor of objectivity?

Yes, various sources are indeed cited in Rezun's writings, but there is no way to talk about objectivity here! Viktor Suvorov, just on the basis of his divine will, decides who you can trust and who absolutely not! Words from some sources are regarded by our "researcher" as a blatant lie that does not withstand the test of his "well-formed evidence base", and words from others are bravely used.

The "enticing" authors are unceremoniously recorded as "enemies of the people" (using Rezun's vocabulary). It would seem that here, too, everything is extremely harmonious. But, alas, thunderstorms happen even in Rezunovsky “evidence-based” paradise ... “Comrade Stalin was generous. He gave Hitler the entire gold reserves of Germany along with her, with her cities, roads, factories and ports, museums and flea markets, along with a Berlin menagerie with his swans and bears. Stalin presented Germany with Hitler together with all its people: workers, peasants, labor intelligentsia, along with burgomasters and policemen, escorts and prisoners, chimney sweeps, doctors and violinists. Stalin gave Hitler power over Germany. “Without Stalin there would have been no Hitler, there would have been no Gestapo,” so in October 1936 of the year Leon Trotsky appreciated Stalin’s assistance to Hitler. No more and no less: without Stalin there would be no Hitler. Without Stalin’s help, Hitler would not have come to power in Germany ”(p. 24). The author uses the words of Trotsky as an authoritative confirmation of his own words, but later the page of Lev Davydovich suddenly appears to us to be quite different from the person who should be trusted: “... one socialist has broken his skull to another. The case is familiar. For all of us, gangsters are gangsters. But gangsters are different, they bite each other and often kill each other. So among the socialists. This is for all of us socialists - one color. And they are distinguished between each other for some completely inconspicuous nuances of each other ... ”(p. 26). In my opinion, Mr. Rezun, you are the bandits "for some completely inconspicuous nuances" you distinguish, looking for allies among them in the struggle for your TRUTH.

To be continued ...
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  1. Andrey K
    Andrey K 13 May 2016 12: 40
    Our liberal party, can put anything upside down negative
    There would be grants, and specialists to rewrite history, among the "pgavozashchitnikov" and the insulted and humiliated there will be negative
    Whatever the traitor and defector is, the prisoner of conscience laughing
    Whatever is messed up on kickbacks is a fighter against corruption laughing
    Kylo in their arms and mountains to level yes
    1. cniza
      cniza 13 May 2016 12: 46
      We really do not know the true story beyond 100 years and it is constantly rewritten.
      1. Andrey K
        Andrey K 13 May 2016 12: 52
        I don’t know how you are with a true story, but I just have a story as it is hi
        Fortunately, I literally know the story of my family to the seventh generation. The truth is further there, everything is already at the level of traditions ... request
        But what I and my children know is at least nearly two hundred years old hi
        And accordingly, I know what was happening around, in the Russian state. And to impose from the outside, on me, some rewritten "history" is a priori impossible request
        1. serega.fedotov
          serega.fedotov 13 May 2016 13: 08
          Quote: Andrey K
          And accordingly, I know what was happening around, in the Russian state. And to impose from the outside, on me, some rewritten "history" is a priori impossible

          HONOR AND RESPECT !!!!
          Only here their normal brains are not transplanted to everyone! And fools, though around, though few, but really a lot oooh
          Such is the "research" garbage-order, he is also in Africa an order. It is much more terrible when they "forget" any "small" facts, like everything is the same, but the essence is different ... Czechs and Romanians with Hitler, and they believed ...
          1. PHANTOM-AS
            PHANTOM-AS 13 May 2016 13: 52
            Before the Victory Day, a lot of "remake" films about the war were shown on TV. In each of them there are necessarily scenes discrediting political workers, NKVD troops and, of course, Comrade Stalin.
            Who lobbies for the release of these "libels" on the screens, who allocates money for these films? Aren't they our liberoids, who have entered the government and the administrative president?
            So who is rewriting history?
        2. Nikolay K
          Nikolay K 13 May 2016 13: 52
          [quote] I do not know how you are with a true story, but I just have a story, what is / quote]
          A statement from the series "my opinion is the most correct, and who does not agree, go to the train ..."
          Nothing new. It’s just that someone has a critical view of the world, including himself beloved, and there is the assumption that any opinion may be erroneous, while someone is used to BELIEVING in the only true theory
          1. Andrey K
            Andrey K 13 May 2016 14: 29
            Quote: Nikolai K

            A statement from the series "my opinion is the most correct, and who does not agree, go to the train ..."
            Nothing new. It’s just that someone has a critical view of the world, including himself beloved, and there is the assumption that any opinion may be erroneous, while someone is used to BELIEVING in the only true theory

            You somehow turned everything upside down, well, God be with that ...
            1. I do not impose my opinion on you, if you have not noticed request
            2. Critically or not, to perceive my story to me, this is my business hi
            3. My opinion, in relation to my story, really is the most true hi
            4. I expressed my critical view of the world in my comment yes
            5. To the opponent above, I replied that I know my history (without generalization by the word "We") and that it will not work for me, for me, to present my history and, accordingly, the history of my State (with which the history of my ancestors is inextricably linked) yes
            Something is wrong? hi
            1. Nikolay K
              Nikolay K 13 May 2016 15: 00
              You reassured me a little. You have enough criticality. True, there are doubts under paragraph 1: if you pronounce your opinion publicly and at the same time declare that your opinion is unambiguously correct, then this is already an attempt to impose your opinion on others, right? Although we all sin to one degree or another. Otherwise, we would have kept our own opinion to ourselves, but did not post it here.
      2. excomandante
        excomandante 13 May 2016 13: 41
        Nobody rewrites anything, the facts are facts. The assessment of events and the placement of accents are changing. PS I hope that you do not consider Rezun's opuses "history" ...
      3. Altona
        Altona 13 May 2016 14: 55
        Quote: cniza
        We really do not know the true story beyond 100 years and it is constantly rewritten.

        What is being rewritten for you? There is waralbum, there is youtube. Come in, watch videos, photos, compare. Everything is there, everything is documented. Reading nonsense about "horses with carts", "cunning paranoid" Stalin and "stupid" Hitler is really ridiculous. By the way, read Mein Kampf, there are many youthful memories and conclusions of Hitler. Many things are available for reading and analysis. Now many have higher education, which means that you yourself can calculate the balance of forces, the sources of these forces, economic potentials. You can analyze the efforts of diplomats during this period. I am constantly trying to find something, watching feature films and documentaries. The husk disappears, but the truth crystallizes. Now they say that all world wars followed one multi-pass scenario. The first part is the destruction of empires, the second part is the destruction of all who can impede the US hegemony and the final dismantling of the British Empire. But something went wrong, a powerful USSR and a socialist camp arose. And by the way, compare the economic potentials. USA-41% of world GDP, Germany-one-14,7, USSR-14,2. So who was more ready for war and who needed it more? The USA, of course, for new markets and absorption of the rest of the world. And we are writing some kind of bullshit about stupid and paranoid people. There were no stupid ones, then a person did not have a computer and fools were not kept at the top as they are now. The cost of a mistake was too high, too many people and resources were involved, any miscalculation led to enormous consequences.
        1. PHANTOM-AS
          PHANTOM-AS 13 May 2016 16: 34
          Quote: Altona
          So who was more prepared for the war and who needed it? Of course the USA, for new markets and the takeover of the rest of the world

          This is undeniable. The war began as imperialistic, after the attack on the USSR, the war acquired a class national liberation character.
          And it is quite obvious that as a result of this war, our overseas "colleagues" received impressive dividends, which they use to this day. Rewriting history is an important task for mattresses and other Saxons, which they successfully do with the support of our 5th column.
      4. The comment was deleted.
      5. bovig
        bovig 13 May 2016 15: 25
        Quote: cniza
        We really do not know the true story beyond 100 years and it is constantly rewritten.

        Be more attentive ... This is your phrase for "Ivanov who do not remember kinship" ... And since childhood I taught two stories: one at school, and the second was told to me by my grandmother, who survived the revolution, two world wars, more than one hungry year, who gave birth to and raised thirteen children (not all, of course, lived to adulthood) and, oddly enough, her story (not school) had nothing to do with Rezunov's! I read one book by Rezun (I already forgot the title, but not "Suicide", although the phrases and techniques: "carbon copy"!) And made one conclusion: πΔ® and GniΔA this Rezun and no more - I don't even want to add anything else ... Is it worth wasting time and emotion on it? Spit and grind - let the fuckers-rezunovtsy at least minus ...
      6. CALL.
        CALL. 13 May 2016 15: 59
        And in this regard, the candidacy is more suitable than Viktor Suvorov (Rezun), it is difficult to imagine. Glancing at the roots of the books I have available for his authorship, I take the Suicide off the shelf

        I have an empty soul, and my brain is full of division numbers. For a long time I could not carry such a book in my brain. It was NECESSARY to write her. But for this it was necessary to flee the country. To do this, you had to become a traitor ... "
        These words of Vladimir Bogdanovich are taken from the introduction to the Icebreaker. [Suvorov VB Icebreaker. Who started the Second World War? M .: New time. 1992. (Hereinafter referred to as “Icebreaker”.)] V. Suvorov rips off his clothes, sprinkles ashes on his head, in some ecstasy calls himself a traitor, a scoundrel and generally a bad person who did not even spare his own dad. Like, I didn’t want to, but I had to. It was necessary to reveal the truth to the world, to tear off the covers and present to the slightly dumbfounded world public the true culprits of the outbreak of World War II. I even had to become a traitor for this.
        I must say, my goal is not to evaluate the actions of the English publicist Vladimir Bogdanovich Rezun, who writes under the pseudonym Victor Suvorov. This, after all, is none of my business. In this book, I will simply analyze the works of Vladimir Bogdanovich, their evidence base and the level of his books as a whole. Was it worth them to do all those acts about which he so heartbreakingly wrote in the preface to the Icebreaker. Let's start with the main thing, with research methods, of the technology that Vladimir Bogdanovich uses to build evidence. V. Suvorov from the very first pages of his narrative claims that he relies on open Soviet sources, which anyone can discover and verify the validity of the “finds” of a publicist-innovator-provocateur. But how many of the readers of “Icebreaker” and “Day M” rushed to the library to compare the quoted quotes with the original sources? I am afraid that there are only a few of them. Most believed in honest citation and a correct understanding of the context of the citation.
        At one time, a friend of mine came to me to see the latest in my library. Word for word, the conversation turned to V. Suvorov and his epoch-making works. Actually, this was a continuation of a long-standing dispute, so in order not to crush the water in the mortar, I went to the shelf on which were the works of Vladimir Bogdanovich, and suggested that a friend choose at random any page of any of V. Suvorov's books, claiming that I would find distortion on it facts of quoted memoirs or books. He looked doubtfully through the 1992 Icebreaker and selected page 202. It did not take a long time to search - some, to put it mildly, distortions, met immediately, in the first paragraph. Vladimir Bogdanovich writes:
        “Colonel S. F. Khvaley (at that time deputy commander of the 202nd Motorized Division of the 12th Mechanized Corps of the 8th Army):“ On the night of June 18, 1941, our division went into field exercises ”(Khvalei S. F. On the North-Western Front (1941–1943): Collection of articles.M .: Nauka, 1969. P. 310).
        Here the colonel says:
        “It so happened that the division’s divisions by the beginning of the war were directly behind the border outposts, that is, in the immediate vicinity of the state border.”
        1. CALL.
          CALL. 13 May 2016 16: 01
          Everything seems to be clear - the division was put forward directly to the border. Apparently, in the process of preparing for the attack on Germany. The reader receives another proof of the theory of Vladimir Bogdanovich. The reader takes Vladimir Bogdanovich’s word for word. The reader will not look for these memoirs and check the quote. But it would be worth it. The fact is that on the 310th page of the indicated book the following is written: “It so happened that the artillery regiment’s divisions that day, during field exercises, changing firing positions, found themselves in combat formations of motorized infantry. And when the Nazi troops crushed the border outposts and units of the 125th Infantry Division and advanced in a wide avalanche towards our division, the gunners shot motorcyclists point blank and burned tanks. ” And that’s all. The 202nd division did not stand behind the border guards. The Germans crushed frontier posts, parts of the 125th Infantry Division, and only then collided with the 202nd Division. Moreover, the colonel clearly indicates the boundary of the division: Kelme - Krazhai. Reader, do not be too lazy to take a map and see how close it is to the border. Should I keep in mind the numbers of divisions, if you can’t even correctly quote the source? Or maybe this is not a mistake? Maybe this is a deliberate distortion of information? After all, most readers will not check the author. Most readers simply do not have the opportunity. And the reader takes Vladimir Bogdanovich’s word for word. But in vain.
          (ANTISUVOROV A. Isaev Introduction.)
          1. CALL.
            CALL. 13 May 2016 16: 04
            To Vladimir Bogdanovich word for word. But in vain.
            The game of pages did not end there. Page 232 was selected as the next. And again we are faced with a distortion of facts:
            “So, under the cover of the TASS Report, military commanders of the highest ranks at the head of the armies, and one even at the head of the front’s headquarters, secretly are being transferred to the German borders, leaving ALL internal military districts to the mercy of fate (and the NKVD).”
            Although, as of June 22, 1941, the rifle corps of the Military District Military District, the Siberian Military District, and the ArkhVO divisions did not move. A significant part of the divisions of the Ural Military District and the Volga Military District has not yet been loaded into the wagons. As an example, Vladimir Bogdanovich cites:
            “The 19th Army is all the troops and headquarters of the North Caucasus Military District. The commander of the district, Lieutenant General I. S. Konev, united all the troops of his district into the 19th army, stood at the head of this army and secretly moved west, leaving the district without any military control. ”
            Konev himself writes about it this way: “Remaining the commander of the troops of the North Caucasian Military District, I took over the command of the 19th Army” (Konev I. S. Notes of the front commander. M .: Golos, 2000, p. 36). At the beginning of the war, on June 22, Ivan Stepanovich was in Rostov-on-Don, at the headquarters of the district. (Ibid. Pp. 38–39.) And again the reader will not check Vladimir Bogdanovich. Here is such a "truthful" Rezun. Those who wish to be convinced of this, I advise you to find and read "AntiSuvorov" by Alexei Isaev, then throw out all Rezun's books and NEVER pick them up again.
      7. Lukich
        Lukich 13 May 2016 17: 50
        Quote: cniza
        We really do not know the true story beyond 100 years and it is constantly rewritten

        Russia is the only country in the world whose unpredictable ... past
      8. 4ekist
        4ekist 13 May 2016 19: 14
        Some comrades do not even know the names of their great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers and where they lived. And many liberals beyond their personal belly do not want to see anything.
    2. cniza
      cniza 13 May 2016 12: 46
      We really do not know the true story beyond 100 years and it is constantly rewritten.
      1. CORNET
        CORNET 13 May 2016 12: 52
        Viktor Suvorov (Rezun) is a traitor without a homeland, without a conscience .. And what he writes is primarily business, for a Western citizen it is all written .. (he makes good money on this)
        1. HERMES
          HERMES 13 May 2016 13: 05
          Quote: CORNET
          Viktor Suvorov (Rezun) is a traitor without a homeland, without a conscience .. And what he writes is primarily business, for a Western citizen it is all written .. (he makes good money on this)

          A traitor, then he is a traitor ... Solzhenitsyn there. But read their works (especially "GULAG" is worth). They also have a lot of truth. The problem is one - these scoundrels are using this truth to the detriment of Russia and its people.
        2. avva2012
          avva2012 13 May 2016 17: 34
          Quote: CORNET Victor Suvorov (Rezun) is a traitor without a homeland, without a conscience .. (he makes very good money on this)

          9th circle of Hell: Traitors to the homeland and like-minded people. "They were frozen into the ice up to their necks, and their faces are turned downward."
          What should he lose now. Before Eternity wants to protrude.
      2. sunzhenets
        sunzhenets 13 May 2016 13: 09
        We really do not know the true story beyond 100 years and it is constantly rewritten

        I’ll tell you a secret: history was rewritten more than 100 years ago. However, this is not a reason to believe Rezun.
    3. jjj
      jjj 13 May 2016 12: 54
      Until recently, I treated the Holocaust laws with skepticism and humor, understanding that most of the compensation was received not by the victims themselves and their relatives, but by lawyers from American law firms. The sanctions for Holocaust denial were even more skeptical. No, I know that there was genocide against the Jews, that millions were destroyed. It was just somehow perplexing with the zeal with which everyone who started to question these facts in a tolerant and democratic society was pulled to the right.
      But this May, a clear understanding has come for why this was all done. We see the story being rewritten. As the Russian people, the main victim and winner of the war is declared the aggressor, and the uninvited states take all their laurels. Against this backdrop, criminal prosecution for Holocaust denial seems very far-sighted and thoughtful. Without him, the Jews could, to everyone’s pleasure in the West, be recognized as the main instigators and guilty. And the legislation on Holocaust denial does not allow this. Before the foresight of the Jews must take off his hat. And draw conclusions at home
    4. iliya87
      iliya87 13 May 2016 12: 59
      What are you talking about? And here is our liberal party and Rezun (Suvorov)? You either don’t know who Suvorov is, or you didn’t read the article. So yes, but koment is not a topic at all.
      1. Andrey K
        Andrey K 13 May 2016 13: 13
        Quote: iliya87
        What are you talking about? And here is our liberal party and Rezun (Suvorov)? You either don’t know who Suvorov is, or you didn’t read the article. So yes, but koment is not a topic at all.

        You minus me for carelessness and rudeness request
        1. iliya87, judging by the nickname of my sons, but I did not allow you to poke hi
        2. 'I didn’t read an article"- Haste is good when catching fleas (folk art) (c). My phrase: Whatever a traitor and a defector is a prisoner of conscience laughing ... And now I will ask you: Do you know who Rezun (Suvorov) is? laughing
        Be careful, young man hi
        1. iliya87
          iliya87 13 May 2016 15: 42
          I edited my comment Initially, it looked like this: "Our liberal get-together, can turn anything upside down"
          Accordingly, the question, what does the liberal party have to do with the topic of the article about Rezun (Suvorov)?
      2. The comment was deleted.
  2. just exp
    just exp 13 May 2016 12: 43
    here few people believe that there was no Mongol-Tatar yoke. that Europe was Slavic, and for all attempts to explain that our history was rewritten by the Germans under Petrushe and other kings, there is only one answer - this is impossible and nobody needs it.
    so look at the history of the Second World War - also say that no one rewrites it because it is impossible and nobody needs it? Yes, the West has been rewriting our history for more than a thousand years, and therefore it is winning that Ivan the Fool believes in the history written by other peoples.
    1. serega.fedotov
      serega.fedotov 13 May 2016 13: 16
      On the same subject-After the start of regular flights to India, money bags were able to equate books about edible and spicy plants of Europe with GRIMOUIRS IN BLACK MAGIC with the burning of their owners, They were also banned in Russia!
      That is, for the sake of profit, they were able in Europe to actually prohibit the use of local parting - in comparison with this, compose a story with two fingers on asphalt!
      1. just exp
        just exp 13 May 2016 13: 29
        so rewrite not only history. but also folk traditions. the example of elves and fairies is one and the same thing, and initially it is a race of people who lived before modern Europeans came. which then went underground. we also have these, called a white-eyed chud. they were people. not super beings. they were our height, they had the same way of life and everything else. but then Shakespeare and other writers appeared who began to describe fairies and elves according to their own fantasies and it was the writers' fantasies that took root among the people, and not descriptions from legends. at what they took root in the 19th century, then official history finished off his opponent.
        so that you can twist from the peoples what you want if you rule the media and writers.
    2. Lukich
      Lukich 13 May 2016 18: 06
      Quote: just explo
      here few people believe that there was no Mongol-Tatar yoke.

      but I believe. where is Mongolia and where is Russia? and how could an army of thousands pass such a distance? is how much food and water do you need ??? Nowadays, SUVs can’t drive so much without any refueling. and this is at best 5-10 cars. and if 1? is how many tons of everything you need to carry with you?
      1. just exp
        just exp 13 May 2016 19: 10
        This is not even the point. let them show the burial of the Mongols. and then there are only 3 options
        1 Mongols are innumerable and did not die in battles
        2 corpses. and after the battles there should have been many taken home, that is, they drove corpses on horses for several months or even years
        3 there were no Mongols.
  3. Yak-15
    Yak-15 13 May 2016 12: 45
    Pg`protective nation, and its branch in Russia, as usual.
  4. avvg
    avvg 13 May 2016 12: 46
    Books of traitors, do not read at all.
  5. FenH
    FenH 13 May 2016 12: 46
    It is a pity that this pa-dal (Rezuna) was not nailed right away, although the possibility was
  6. Sars
    Sars 13 May 2016 12: 47
    But you never know what these geeks say about Stalin.
    Vaughn Soloviev comments on the 9th of May the Immortal Regiment, and all to him: the people are a hero, and Stalin is a criminal.
    Has anyone asked your opinion?
    I would see what would happen to Russia if it was not Stalin who was in power, but Medvedev.
    1. Aleksandr1959
      Aleksandr1959 13 May 2016 13: 31
      I would see what would happen to Russia if it was not Stalin who was in power, but Medvedev.

      You don’t have to go far for this. Rate the activities of Medvedev, Serdyukov .... during the events of 08.08.08. And something more ambitious ... and not worth comparing.
      The flow of liberalistic shit especially increased before May 9th. And the "memories of front-line soldiers" about the criminality of the war on the part of the USSR were thrown in, and studies of any "independent centers" were cited.
      It must be clearly understood that there is no historian-writer Suvorov, and there is a traitor Rezun.
  7. Mercenary
    Mercenary 13 May 2016 12: 50
    Pisaka suvorov- immoral, cheap, corrupt shit !!!
    Not a single self-respecting historian will ever refer to him!
  8. pazuhinm
    pazuhinm 13 May 2016 12: 53
    Enough of combing Rezun's hair ... Those who are interested have already read and understood the "masterpieces". His salary goes for it.
    1. Army soldier2
      Army soldier2 13 May 2016 15: 02
      Fair enough! The traitor Rezun had minimal popularity in the 90s. And now to analyze his "masterpieces" - to play into the hands of this villain and his masters.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  9. evil partisan
    evil partisan 13 May 2016 12: 57
    I am proud to have baptized 3 desperate resunoids in the right faith yes ... True to one of them. deputy. early CPL spent 3 years, no less. The most important argument was the books by A. Isaev "Anti-Suvorov" and Y. Mukhin "Aces and Propaganda".

    But then it was pleasant to watch the pulling out of the last hair on my head and lamentations of my deputy. chief: "Where were my eyes before! I believed him for 20 years !!!" The rest surrendered immediately after Isaev.
    1. just exp
      just exp 13 May 2016 13: 03
      that's who I would give the title "teacher of the year".
    2. Riv
      Riv 13 May 2016 13: 34
      Unfortunately, if a person does not have his own brains, then he will believe any book. Even Mein Kampf. And Rezun / Suvorov needs to be read by a person with brains to start doubting. For example, the most common thing for him is to refer to the materials of Soviet statistics, although not long before that he, foaming at his mouth, argued that these statistics cannot be trusted. And before that - refer to the statistics of Hitlerite Germany (although it is not very clear why the Germans can be trusted, but the Russians cannot?) Or point out the absurdities in the editions of Zhukov's memoirs and to the same memoirs and turn to: "Zhukov did not know! .." If he had nothing to do with his memoirs, then what was he supposed to know?

      And his attitude towards Stalin is the most banal envy of a hohl-loser towards a strong man. Although no, not the most banal ... This is probably his main impulse, a fix idea. "Control" is generally a masterpiece from this point of view. A superman capable of overturning an NKVD officer with a glance, who managed to subdue the magician Messing - and he is wrong. What a joy behind the text: the great one was wrong! I'm not talking about the scenes of executions in novels - that's where the talent was revealed ...
      1. evil partisan
        evil partisan 13 May 2016 14: 07
        Quote: Riv
        if a person has no brains, then he will believe any book.

        stop Do not. My boss worked in the Central Laboratory at a military plant as a deputy. early CPL 25 years old. They did not hold such positions without brains. It's not about the brains, but about that dissident trail and that "fig in your pocket" directed towards the country's leadership from the 80s, which the intelligentsia dragged in their heads into post-Soviet Russia. I know an amazing scientist (Doctor of Physics and Mathematics) and a person who firmly believes in Echo of Moscow and that Putin shot down a Boeing over the Donbass. The man is 73 years old, the family suffered at 37. So ...
        1. Army soldier2
          Army soldier2 13 May 2016 15: 05
          And Rezun / Suvorov should be read to a person with brains in order to begin to doubt.

          A person with brains will not read this nonsense.
        2. The comment was deleted.
        3. Riv
          Riv 13 May 2016 15: 22
          How could it be easier to explain ... Do you know what a lamer is? This is a person who knows something about the subject and believes that he knows everything about it. Well, his character is this: he does not know how to doubt his knowledge, or actions. He can be very smart, knowledgeable, erudite and even a good family man - and still remain a lamer.

          So let's say you need to hammer a nail into the wall. Lamer knows how to do it. He takes a nail, a hammer ... and from the first blow he paints his nail in blue. Only then does he realize that somewhere he is mistaken. Or doesn’t get it ... :)

          This is your doctor friend. Give me a drill with him and after six months he will pray to the spirit of Comrade Stalin.
  10. Koshak
    Koshak 13 May 2016 13: 00
    Author, you have either Rezun or Suvorov. It is high time to stop linking the surname of the Great Russian Commander with the Jewish surname Rezun, which he illegally appropriated to himself. Therefore, as a Jew-Rezun, no one would read, but people were led to Suvorov.
  11. atamankko
    atamankko 13 May 2016 13: 09
    The history of your people must be studied,
    just to know by what textbook,
    their pseudo-reformers riveted
    almost two dozen.
    ISSIDOR 13 May 2016 13: 12
    Hitler planned to start a war with the USSR in April 1941, Italy violated these plans by attacking Greece, the Wehrmacht lost time in Greece and Yugoslavia, postponing the beginning of the offensive to the end of June. Therefore, Rezun’s reasoning about Stalin provoked Hitler with his actions in May-June 1941. historical falsification and order of Western ideologists.
  13. Tanya
    Tanya 13 May 2016 13: 12
    The history of the Great Patriotic War is being rewritten before our eyes impudently, despicably and cynically. At all levels, ranging from crude forgery of documents, which are then sold at online auctions as genuine, publications of "memoirs" of war veterans in the style of Rezun and numerous "scientific" works on the topic of the "totalitarian communist regime" of the USSR and the "bloody dictator", with which Hitler fought. And all this is done within our country (and, apparently, well paid).
    So what can we expect from the "civilized" world, which relies on these "primary sources" and its age-old fear of Russians?
  14. sharp-lad
    sharp-lad 13 May 2016 13: 13
    But is it time to get this dirt to answer for verbal diarrhea? In the place of the Germans, I would have sued the Wehrmacht!
  15. Yak-15
    Yak-15 13 May 2016 13: 14
    For a very long time, one thought haunts. If we take for comparison Stalin and Peter the Great. For some reason Stalin is a criminal, and Peter is such a darling. Although the tasks and methods of their implementation are completely identical, but nevertheless, Stalin, who created the Greatest Power, is a criminal. But Peter, during the construction of St. Petersburg alone, put an unmeasured number of people. Looking at the current pg`avozashchikov, everything falls into place.
    1. Riv
      Riv 13 May 2016 13: 35
      And who said that Stalin is a criminal?
      1. Yak-15
        Yak-15 13 May 2016 13: 45
        Long list who.
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. bogdan4ik
      bogdan4ik 13 May 2016 15: 28
      Peter did not build Peter. And most importantly, for which he can safely be called a criminal - the introduction of slavery in Russia.
    3. avva2012
      avva2012 13 May 2016 17: 16
      Yak-15 Stalin, who created the Greatest Power, is a criminal. But Peter, during the construction of Petersburg alone, laid down an unlimited quantity of people.

      I personally was interested in following someone’s thought that has been sticking into our heads for decades:
      "Ivan the Terrible is paranoid, murderer (son), fanatic.
      Peter the Great- sadomite, killer (son), savage.
      Catherine the Great - nymphomaniac, killer (spouse), savage.
      I.V. Stalin is paranoid (the circle is closed), the killer (wife), a fanatic.

      Ivan the Terrible: the first Tsar of Russia, the creator of fragmented principalities, where the local godfathers ruled the State.
      Peter the First: the first Emperor, reformer of the army, navy, state apparatus, creator of the education system, healthcare.
      Catherine the Great: RI has reached its highest power, the development of science, the continuation of reforms, the strengthening of empires, the borders of the State that are not achievable for us contemporaries.
      JV Stalin: is it necessary to continue?

      I would like to ask, Who drove such a thought into the head of smart and competent people? Who divided us into people who are biting with each other, proving that RI is good, and the USSR is bad and vice versa. Well, this king is good, but this king is bad. It seems to me that when they start pouring slop on one of our Heads, this is a signal that this hatred is not casual. So, somehow he (she), earlier in history, pinched the tail of their ancestors.
      Who and when, what bad things wrote in the West, about Anna Ioanovna or Alexander III? (By the way, the law "on cook's children", his merit).
  16. zoknyay82
    zoknyay82 13 May 2016 13: 48
    And what inspired the respected author to disassemble the scribe's writings? Purely in g - do not pick. You should NEVER read such books !!! (if it is not related to your service).
    1. Tanya
      Tanya 13 May 2016 14: 06
      Sometimes you have to read such rubbish. In my case, this is not related to the service, but in these so-called books, very real names are mentioned and denigrated, incl. my grandfather. Unfortunately, we have to "pick".
  17. qwert111
    qwert111 13 May 2016 14: 22
    "Liberal propaganda is trying with all its might, no matter how strange it sounds, to win the GREAT VICTORY. Yes, it is trying with all its might, because considerable funds have been allocated for this ..."

    The liberals call it grants, and I call it the handouts of enemies to the Jews for the betrayal of their homeland and their people.
  18. bogdan4ik
    bogdan4ik 13 May 2016 15: 25
    The author of this article did not provide a dry historical analysis with numbers and only numbers, as Rezun does, but an emotional opus that puts pressure on emotions. Rezun, at the request of his patrons in the West, says a lot of bad things about the communist system. But nobody succeeded in reproaching him in numbers. And in general, if he did not give comments favorable to the West, then his historical research will become informative. I read all the existing whistleblowers. Expose as in the article, that is, in no way. Thick books about nothing.
  19. nomad74
    nomad74 13 May 2016 15: 38
    At the end of the 80s he was a schoolboy and simply could not be critical of the scribe's writing! It was time for me to mature, learn to think and analyze. He saw who is friend, who is the enemy! How much informational garbage and outright lies were thrown to us in the 80-90s? They tried and are trying to pit us with each other, sharing with such an information guano. How simple it is, it works at all times! Imagine two millennia later, the chosen ones will write another book in which they will describe their suffering and the struggle against the Nazis! Yes, all without lies, so who will be their winner? It is necessary to protect your history, including the laws, it’s like a passport so as not to disappear and not disappear!
    1. Tanya
      Tanya 13 May 2016 19: 17
      Write, do not hesitate. Documents are stamped tirelessly. Here is a small example:
      In batches, SMERS officers' certificates with photographs of completely different people are made and distributed. I recognized some of them, because these faces have been familiar to me since childhood.
      Here is one of them:

      Pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union P. Vysotsky - the squadron commander 80 BBKKAP suddenly turned out to be the head of the encryption branch of the counterintelligence SMERSH N.V. Ovchinnikov
  20. Tanya
    Tanya 13 May 2016 19: 32
    Here's more:
    Artilleryman, Hero of the Soviet Union Poletsky S.I. -beginning artillery 16 Guards rifle regiment 11 Guards army "miraculously" turned into a lieutenant colonel of counterintelligence. And so they will gradually turn the entire Soviet Army into a "bloody gebnya" with the appropriate evidence.
  21. onix757
    onix757 15 May 2016 09: 08
    Liberal propaganda is struggling, no matter how strange it sounds, to defeat the GREAT VICTORY

    All liberal propaganda was presented on Red Square, from the draped mausoleum to the people who took the parade on the high chairs.
  22. Ros 56
    Ros 56 16 May 2016 10: 20
    Just as there is a law on criminal liability for denying the Holocaust, so we need to introduce criminal liability for all kinds of chatterboxes for derogatory and distorting statements about our Victory in the Second World War. Five scoundrel will get a bastard, the rest will think. Stop indulging all sorts of idiots.
  23. nekot
    nekot 19 May 2016 15: 16
    Quote: bogdan4ik
    Expose as in the article, that is, in no way

    Bravo, that is, numerous falsifications, inaccurate quotes, taking out of context and outright lies of Rezun, is there any reason to doubt his "research"? As far as I remember, in numbers Rezun also deviated quite well))