Military Review

Red Square yesterday. How it was

Photo-report about the Victory Parade-2016 from Red Square.

Press brought by bus. On the red square of all; We are waiting for the boxes with the military.

Someone without invitations managed to get to the Kremlin wall, they will have a good view of people and equipment.

Media zone near the monument to Minin and Pozharsky at the Intercession Cathedral.

The first channel is preparing to “get straight” - this is how the TV people called the live broadcast.

The orchestrants take their place among the last, at the beginning of 10, everyone is ready.

The people with nominal invitations come from Ilinka, every second makes himself or photographs himself.

Ba! Familiar faces!

Those who photograph from the stands - the hardest - in two rows are the military, and then also the linear ones. Without a stepladder can not do, but then the audience will begin to resent the first rows from the stands.

The Victory Parade-2016 opens with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

- Hello comrades! I congratulate you on the 71 anniversary of the victory in World War II!
- Hurray, hurray, uraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Then Shoigu makes a report to President Putin, then the President’s speech and a minute of silence.

After the banner is carried by people.

On the square itself hearty and joyful.

And closer to Vasilyevsky Descent, they are already relaxing, but in vain - there are photographers standing there and continue to shoot.

But some guys continue to shine and the picture turns out.

Women's battalion.

The technique appears in 10: 40.


The Tigers.

Armored car "Typhoon-K"

Armored car "Typhoon-U"

Self-propelled howitzer 2C35 "Coalition-SV"


T-14 Armata.


ZRPK "Pantsir-S".

Self-propelled launchers SAM C-400 "Triumph".

Mobile missile complex "Yars".

10: 51, MI-26 surrounded by Mi-8 pass over the GUM.


Mi-xnumx over snipers.

Imitation refueling perform IL-78 and Tu-160.

Lonely An-124 "Ruslan".





Crews of the Lipetsk aviation center showed the Tactical Wing combat system over Red Square, in which the newest Su-30 and Su-35 fighters took part for the first time.

Il-76MD "Orenburg".

"Russian Knights" and "Swifts".

Six Su-25 with tricolor.

The end of the parade.

Veterans diverge, but most of them are brought up on special autocars (on the left).

Suddenly Kobzon.

Something like that.

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  1. Wild_grey_wolf
    Wild_grey_wolf 12 May 2016 07: 15
    Excellent photo story. . . made with kindness and love. There are many moments that you can’t see live, if not the Correspondent. Many thanks.
  2. parusnik
    parusnik 12 May 2016 07: 56
    Wonderful report..warm and bright..Thank you ..
  3. Wild_grey_wolf
    Wild_grey_wolf 12 May 2016 08: 37
    when the flight of aviation near the monument to Minin and Pozharsky is captured, it looks like parting words, it is clear that this photo was received but very successful came out, the girls are very beautiful. . . slender legs, except that women in the Army. . . but in life everything happens. Well done veterans hold on. . . great health to them. My Veteran survived until 2007 Gunner. Everlasting memory.
  4. King, just king
    King, just king 12 May 2016 11: 33
    The parade is good.
    The mausoleum again .... Either the mausoleum is not pleasant, or the word "Lenin" cries the current rulers. And it's scary to take down, and they can't see.

    And here under: "Bah! Familiar all the faces!", Where two klushki go, dressed as in a night club - is this hto?
    1. Nadia
      Nadia 12 May 2016 11: 43
      the parade is good, the holiday is good, but how can you do without a fly in the ointment, why is it here? why can't you just rejoice? in general from me minus for inappropriate koment
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. King, just king
        King, just king 12 May 2016 14: 01
        One of my messages to you was deleted, I will write again, more modestly. You, Nadia, are stupid.
        1. Nadia
          Nadia 19 May 2016 01: 07
          maybe I'm stupid, but you're not smart, look for nasty things where people see the good and the good
      3. The point
        The point 12 May 2016 15: 28
        What fly in the ointment? The mausoleum is our story. It was to the mausoleum that the banners of the defeated enemy were thrown.
        1. bastard
          bastard 12 May 2016 21: 24
          Quote: Maksud
          The mausoleum is our story. It was to the mausoleum that the banners of the defeated enemy were thrown.

          Quote: King, just king
          The mausoleum again .... Either the mausoleum is not pleasant, or the word "Lenin" cries the current rulers.

          Thank! He wrote about it, there are those who disagree about what can be done, not fate. No matter how much you cover the Lenin Mausoleum with rags and cardboard, it is still part of our history, even if it is demolished (I am categorically against it).
          By the way, the media often mention that our Sun-like president is seriously interested in history (does he rewrite something from the words of Shlomo Dov-Ber Pinhos Lazar (Hebrew שלמה דובער פנחס לאזאר) and Mr Gundyaev?) And highly esteems it. The historical "shoals" of Goodwin the Great and the Terrible are widely represented on the Internet, so it is quite obvious that while Chuk and Gek, who usurped power and remain with it, are selling the remaining socialist property of the once mighty country into private (in their own) hands, nothing worthwhile to expect not necessary.
          Motto Dumb Putin: everything is for friends, the rest is faith and law.
          There is no money for medicine, education and social services, but for the program of construction of religious buildings, shopping and entertainment centers within walking distance and other (unprintable, such as summits, Olympiads, championships, etc.) show, "ballet", so to speak, on this "plywood" is, but for pressing matters like agriculture, industrial production. ... ...
          We believe and pray, then we trade and have fun, smile and wave, smile and wave. . .
          Well, the law, kaneshno, the effect of which will apply to us only then, when it is necessary to punish. Or rob.
          As the chief of police put it in the film "Feast of St. Jorgen":
          “The flock of Christ needs supervision!”
        2. Nadia
          Nadia 19 May 2016 01: 09
          I didn’t add a fly in the ointment, I also think that the mausoleum is part of the history of our country, and wrote precisely that if a person wants to find something good, he will see a holiday in the photographs, but if a person has a black heart, he will surely try to spoil it for others
  5. Waran
    Waran 12 May 2016 13: 08
    Well, for some reason, there is a general plan, and it's nice to look at the legs. The main thing is not to go in cycles ....
  6. Evver
    Evver 12 May 2016 19: 02
    I envy, Marina ... thanks for the report !!!
  7. SlavaP
    SlavaP 12 May 2016 21: 44
    Thanks for the report! This year I could not watch the broadcast, I will now have an idea.
  8. Evgeniy30
    Evgeniy30 12 May 2016 22: 00
    All is well, but ... Stop draping the mausoleum!
  9. Evgeniy30
    Evgeniy30 12 May 2016 22: 03
    And yes, women’s hats are about nothing .. It would be better if they left the usual familiar caps.
  10. ivanovbg
    ivanovbg 12 May 2016 22: 22
    Excellent selection of photos. I'm picking up T-34 on Facebook with 《Tigers》
  11. Hammer
    Hammer 13 May 2016 06: 37
    Marina knows what to focus on in the photo
  12. Basil50
    Basil50 14 May 2016 23: 04
    It turns out that if, contrary to the opinion of the people, they * drape * the Mausoleum IN AND LENIN.