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Tricky comments. In May, it is very difficult for us to live according to Lavrov

"When a cat has nothing to do ..." Well, animals are not offended, cats really have nothing to do with it. "Make a fool pray to God ..." And religion is also somewhat out of place in the references, well, I hope everyone has already understood the promise.

In addition to those who fall into the category, aptly described in a nutshell by our great foreign minister. This, of course, will go about them, darling.

Many categories of living organisms, both possessing certain primordia of the mind, and those living solely by instincts, often experience exacerbations in the spring. Someone, like the aforementioned cats, in March, for example, and someone in May. On the eve of Victory Day.

Naturally, the results of this aggravation are poured into the Internet. For all possible resources. Reading all this hlebov, you begin to think about the fact that, in principle, genocide is not such a stupid invention of man. The only question is how to apply.

I don’t have a question to whom. All to the same stratum, which assumed the title of "intelligence, honor and conscience" of the people. But here's the catch, I'm a people too. And I do not need someone else's mind and someone else's conscience. Especially since they are often insulting to my mind and my conscience.

And for them, sandwiched, normal. And each of the stratum considers it really its duty to express their next “fe” about what is happening in the country.

Mr. Bunin began his spring aggravation from the Silver Rain radio station. To the depths of the soul, he was angered by the following fact:

Tricky comments. In May, it is very difficult for us to live according to Lavrov

I agree with him in some way that it would not be worth setting a portrait as an advertisement. But because of what all the fuss? A word to Bunin himself.

"Ok, I will explain. I see on the photo the sale of the Defender of the Fatherland. Probably the deceased. Or just dead, judging by the age. And they sell it. With a discount, ****. And after that you will let tears go" oh, thank you, heroes, for our clear sky! "? For the sake of what is all this" Immortal regiment "? To remember? To be proud? To never forget? Including not to make such a sign in a year? And not to run at the last moment" oh, how cheap. ”***** did they die then? So that we, Krivorukov bums, could take a picture of them in the sales area among toilet paper and sa ovyh grabelek witness? "

Well, let's say, nobody sold a photo of a front-line soldier. The naked eye can see that the rest of the products are completely empty. But what a wonderful excuse to break into a certain substance ...

Our adored former rock musician, Mr. Makarevich, continued.

Andrei Makarevich
on Saturday
I'm going home in the evening (I live in the new Riga). On the way, I stop at the mall - there we have a "Crossroads", a pharmacy, and anything else. All saleswomen - both girls and fully grown women - in military caps. Look, frankly, stupid, and they feel it. I understand, I ask - why not immediately in helmets and where, in fact, are the automata? "We were ordered ..." - guiltily, hiding his eyes. Who??! They are silent.
Lord, save us sinners ...
(Publ. Without editing.)

I really don’t know how the silly and guilty look there was of the saleswomen; here you know yourself, Andryukha will lie, and with pleasure and absolutely free. And what the question was was the answer. By the way, it would be interesting to know, the management of the market obliged saleswomen to buy caps or issued. In our city, for example, they gave out. And no one saw anything wrong with that. Low price issue, by the way. My daughter so simply bought herself specifically for a trip to the "BP". For 150 rubles.

What's so tragic? But Makarevich knows better.

What can I say ... just quoting Makarevich himself Makarevich in part of the fact that "weeds gave birth to weeds." This is not in the address of Vadim Makarevich, do not think. Vadim Grigorievich had just fought, and lost his leg in that war. I do not think that Makarevich Sr. would be delighted with the fact that his son today otchebuchivaet ...

Burian, that there is weed ...

Rustem Adagamov ✔ @adagamov
When millions of unburied fighters lie in damp ground, only rascals can arrange parades. 9 May - the day of sorrow and the memory of the dead.

Another dissatisfied. Here I would like to say only one thing - it is interesting, but how many soldiers found and helped bury this leader of the blogosphere? I will not even bang the numbers, and so everything is clear.

According to Mr. Adagamov, we are a scoundrel people. Well, thanks.

Next we have Mr. Gozman. He decided not to be original at all, and simply copied his last-year soul ik to FB:

"On TV and from the stands, all this is pronounced by the marauders who have appropriated the Victory - the spiritual heirs of the specialists, the ideological followers of those who, together with Hitler, unleashed World War II, who for centuries kept the country from lying and violence. They seem to really think that they are the winners. They believe that it is enough to be an Italian, even Mussolini, to inherit Dante, a Georgian - Rustaveli, a German - Goethe? And they still graciously invite the surviving veterans to a holiday stolen from these same old people ivaya glass of vodka in the hallway. Really for the sake of the tens of millions of our fellow citizens have brought such terrible sacrifices? "

Well, you could expect something new from a friend of such great Russian people as Yegor Gaidar, Anatoly Chubais. But Lyonchik decided not to strain his brains at all and he managed the old one. Like, people shavaet and so.

But I just do not understand, is it about which country he wrote? Although I can and down. For I am really a spiritual heir, though not a special person, but elders from SMERSH.

Ksenia Larina, she is Oksana Barsheva, an asterisk from "Echo of Moscow":

Xenia Larina
There are two observations.
Creepy frozen smiles on the marching faces. Apparently, in order not to resemble North Korea at all, they gave the command "Smile" from above, as if they were tearing everyone's mouth with their fingers.
And another of the new technologies of television photography, which are improved every year, is at gunpoint tank put the camera, then the manhole cover.
This time the camera was practically laid on the pavement, and she removed the boots attacking her. Literally on our heads stride.

Psakism there. And in the brain. Apparently, the distortions are already irreversible. I do not even try to refute, because the clinic is there. More precisely, in the head. Oh, Ksyusha, give me the will, I would walk over your heads with such pleasure ... Only the crunch stood on the whole of Tverskaya.

Victor Pelevin (Victor Pelevin)
All who participated in the action Immortal Regiment, please unsubscribe from this page
(Publ. Without editing.)

This is right demarche! Why unsubscribe from the page? Let's get serious! "Everyone who participated in the action" Immortal Regiment "and has ever acquired my" masterpieces ", please send them back to me. I will return the money."

That would be a real act of a real chela. And a mate in FB to the dissenters ... Vit, you live at their expense, if that. Or how much you need to be sure that your cooking will be somewhere else to buy? Come on, Solzhenitsyn thought so too ...

In general, the list of moral monsters, to my regret, is great. And, what else causes some concern, the list of those who likes them in social networks is great.

If we have enough desire and everything else to express our attitude to memory in this way, putting on ribbons, participating in the procession, today we can confidently say that it is PUBLIC, then naturally this will cause colic among those who are against all this.

I find it difficult to judge who does more harm, embezzler or mozkoklyuy, shitting in our direction. But it is obvious that deserved punishment must be borne by both.

It turns out unfairly that the reptile who stole state or public money in his pocket may sit down, and his colleague, spitting in the face of this people, does not risk anything except a cake in his face.

It is unfair, as for me.

It is necessary to solve this issue at the state level. Ideology should be. And the punishment for contempt and denigration of our memory and the will of the people.

If the people express their will in the procession (it’s already clear that they don’t smell like any administrative resource), then everybody who spits on the will of the people should be roughly punished. Before the people in which he spat.

That's how we live. Spring aggravation is evident. This I have not all quoted.

What else can you say about these gentlemen?

... (c) S. V. Lavrov.

And all the rest, "the ideological heirs of the Osochists", "Vatnikov", "Colorado", "fooled by the box of Putin's slaves", Once again, with the great Victory Day, dear comrades!
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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 12 May 2016 06: 34
    Traitors do not need patriotism ...
    1. Air defense Valga
      Air defense Valga 12 May 2016 08: 34
      For little money, they will beat their own mother. The slobbering gozman, the mediocre pelevin and other worms do not look like people - faces like mutants. They must be crushed under the root, they are worse than the Nazis trash. It's a shame to tears that my grandfather fought for the life of such geeks.
      1. Blondy
        Blondy 12 May 2016 09: 39
        That's right: such statements are a reputation (in certain circles), and a reputation is grants. After all, for example, they won’t pay a ruble to VO even to the most hooray-patriot, so it’s quite obvious that if anyone wants to kick a penny that is 30 silver coins in no direction, it’s necessary to pour g ... o to the fan.
        1. OlegLex
          OlegLex 12 May 2016 20: 56
          Quote: Blondy
          That's right: such statements are a reputation (in certain circles), and a reputation is grants.

          Why be surprised? you will go over your eyes at German publications, and then you will immediately understand where these XIVI get their Dermo
          "On Red Square on May 9, Putin flexed his muscles. The victory of the USSR over Hitler's Germany for the head of the Kremlin, Putin, is an occasion to once again demonstrate his armed forces. In the best seats in the stands, one could sniff the gasoline of tanks moving across Red Square. This performance was intended to inspire respect. ”Thousands of people watched the weapons exhibition in Red Square. More than 10 soldiers, 000 aircraft and helicopters, and 71 pieces of various weapons, including the state-of-the-art Armata tank, intercontinental missiles and the S-135 anti-aircraft system were to tell the world: Russia jokes are bad, German TV and radio company Deutsche Welle reports "
          "With a huge army parade, Russia celebrated on Monday its victory over Nazi Germany in World War II. On Red Square, Putin boasted about his missiles, about 10 soldiers marched here, as well as tanks, air defense systems and military aircraft flew," writes the newspaper Bild "
          "Putin looked very pleased, says Süddeutsche Zeitung"
          “According to the newspaper, Russian children are taught from an early age to self-sacrifice. The professionally made video clip, which was rapidly spreading on social networks, tells the story of a little boy in military uniform during the war, who shares his military memories of death with modern Russian schoolchildren. and they ask, are you really not afraid of death? But the young soldier replies that he is not afraid of death, as long as victory is ours.
          Contempt for death in Russia prevails in patriotic education. But at the same time, disability and injury are taboo. Today, few people know that after 1945, disabled people were expelled from cities to the inhospitable Russian North. Memories of injuries were eradicated. But young parents today can buy a Pobeda walker for newborn children. There are also on sale authentic military caps with a red star for the little ones. And also strollers in the form of retro cars from the 40s. Sellers of military paraphernalia and church utensils these days have a fatty fat. The war in Russia is everywhere. It kind of symbolizes the victory of the Russians over the rest of humanity. In this semi-official picture of the world, there is no room for the Western Allied Powers, as well as for other peoples of the former Soviet Union, TAZ believes. "

          1. Alena Frolovna
            Alena Frolovna 13 May 2016 00: 05
            In many categories of living organisms, as having some rudiments reason

            I’ll give you one Japanese proverb:

            "Where foolishness reigns supreme, mind is hiding there".
      2. Real stalinist
        Real stalinist 14 May 2016 21: 27
        These creatures don’t have to say, but you need to pray ... Pray that the people accidentally do not look into their cozy little breeches ... And they don’t read these vysery ... It’s real that they’ll trample the freaks with their feet ...
    2. Aryan
      Aryan 12 May 2016 08: 49
      Why do you endure them there? Drive them out of the country with a broom
      1. Art
        Art 12 May 2016 10: 32
        You do not understand the essence of their existence, I mean the benefits to Russia. Yes, no matter how contradictory it sounds. They only help us to unite, to think about patriotism, to think that there are internal enemies and that there are not only open enemies like them, but also the worst hidden enemies! This is one of the elements for our unity!
        1. Diana Ilyina
          Diana Ilyina 12 May 2016 14: 54
          Quote: Kunst
          to think that there are internal enemies and that there are not only open ones like them, but also the worst hidden enemies!

          Here is a fresh example about hidden enemies. Although I’m talking about enemies in vain, she’s not an enemy, she just doesn’t understand. So the conversation in the dining room half an hour ago. Characters:
          she is the head of the commercial department of the years forty-forty-five;
          I am the head of the economic service, a little younger ... lol

          She - why are they holding this parade, why is it needed, well, yes, memory and all that, but for that kind of money ... 300 million, do we have nowhere to put them ?!
          I - Zhenya, this Parade is needed in order to remember. Believe me Memory is more expensive than money!
          She - yes, I understand everything, well, let there be the "Immortal Regiment", well, there are some shares, but why spend so much money on a parade ?! At least let it pass without technology!
          I - and what a parade without technology? As in the Baltic states, three cripples and a moped?
          She is in Yakutia, the forests are burning, the roads are in holes, we will soon work for six days, and we have nowhere to go for the money ...?!
          Further, it is no longer important, but the very fact of not understanding why it is necessary to preserve and pass on to descendants the memory of the war is important! But she is really older than me and she studied in a Soviet school in Soviet times, where the memory of the Second World War was cultivated, where the still living veterans came with stories about the war! Where in music lessons they learned not only the anthem of the USSR, but also military songs. And she's a good person, but she doesn't understand! So think after that who is worse, an open enemy or such who simply do not understand! And you can't explain to her that this "misunderstanding" has already brought more than one country to the handle! The nearest example is 60-70 kilometers from us in a straight line, I mean Ukraine, if anyone does not understand. And as it turns out, there are quite a few among us! Think and draw your own conclusions!
          1. vadson
            vadson 12 May 2016 15: 50
            I don’t know how about those who do not understand, as the old Soviet film says - if a person goes then it will be a long time. maybe it will come like a giraffe someday, but personally, after reading the material, I only want one thing - to be in the same queue as the makar in the store, to turn his filthy face in his direction and make sure that his eyes open only after a week . I understand it will be PR, the victim and all that, BUT SUCH AN ATTITUDE TO HIM SIMILAR SHOULD BE EVERYWHERE AND POVALNY. so that they know that they will get rot in their nipples in ANY case. and re-educate them with a dead number
            1. Lekov L
              Lekov L 12 May 2016 23: 45
              And I would add ...
              Makarke, with his feet, with a run.
              (Including my downtrodden young illusions)
              Just would not understand us with you surrounding.
              The police would be called, they would have been tormented by the courts.
              And this one would still have sprinkled with offended saliva - they say the damned "black hundred" crushes the "shvoboda".
              It is a pity - something in the world turns over.
              Already bastards and in the snout do not give ..
              And so itching happens.
          2. Andrey Skokovsky
            Andrey Skokovsky 12 May 2016 16: 59
            about Pelevin is not true, today they asked
            the message was posted by one of the "fans" who founded the group on the social network
            although with such "friends" - no enemies ...
            Re: question to Viktor Pelevin, the phrase about the "Immortal regiment"
            reply from: [email protected]
          3. Konstantin Yu
            Konstantin Yu 13 May 2016 11: 02
            People who do not invest in their memory will eventually become a herd of animals.

            They simply will not be allowed to have their own roads, protect forests, be proud of their grandfathers ... They think that independence can be cheaper, more modest, there are more important things to do ... ... to be deceived because of their historical illiteracy. There is no independence of the second freshness ... from this we get the proud Lithuanian moped parade.
      2. ruAlex
        ruAlex 12 May 2016 13: 55
        Yes, it should be, as in that old anecdote. A large steamer is sinking in the ocean and here one old begged about ... God, may I be the sinner of the rest, that's why the heavenly voice rang out "for a long time I gathered you creatures in one place."
      3. t118an
        t118an 14 May 2016 09: 50
        do you think ... they are somewhere behind the hill someone needs ... they’re like mites, you won’t tear anything off, but if you tear off anyway part will remain ..
    3. Imperialkolorad
      Imperialkolorad 12 May 2016 09: 27
      All who participated in the action Immortal Regiment, please unsubscribe from this page
      I offer a flash mob. Namely, to subscribe, and then unsubscribe to everyone who went to the immortal regiment.
      1. ImPerts
        ImPerts 12 May 2016 09: 37
        It’s better, as in the article, to demand money by returning the books)))
    4. The comment was deleted.
      1. dkflbvbh
        dkflbvbh 12 May 2016 10: 47
        As for the camera on the cobblestones, I agree ... Busting ... And they showed only men, and when the girls went, they looked in the same mug ... Unfair ...
    5. The comment was deleted.
    6. alexej123
      alexej123 12 May 2016 11: 23
      He is like a sickle to them .... "According to their glorious pen."
    7. shtanko.49
      shtanko.49 12 May 2016 13: 22
      We take off the treatment too gently and they take advantage of it and climb into all the cracks, and yet they can affect the fragile children's heads, it would be necessary to beat the muzzle already.
      1. boris-1230
        boris-1230 13 May 2016 00: 54
        We take off too softly and they use it and climb into all the cracks

        And in my opinion, they need to be protected, to create a "reserve of goblins", so that this did not spread throughout the country, but was fenced off in one place. And besides, if there is no black, how do you recognize white? hi
    8. Prisoner
      Prisoner 12 May 2016 19: 38
      Moreover, it is harmful to them. It is uncomfortable to walk outcast among the clean.
    9. spinner
      spinner 14 May 2016 08: 07
      Patriotism is the last refuge of a villain.
    10. iskander1001
      iskander1001 27 May 2016 11: 39
      Don’t be offended by him ... Uncle just needs to be treated, let's throw off an examination, collect signatures. Well, forcibly!
  2. dobrik10
    dobrik10 12 May 2016 06: 45
    Freedom of speech, she is also a double-edged sword, and I think that these Pilevins and others like them hawk it at every corner, especially in social networks. From myself I’ll add in childbirth.
    1. Air defense Valga
      Air defense Valga 12 May 2016 08: 54
      Unfortunately, this doesn’t bother their rotten brains .. They don’t go among ordinary people - almost everyone has security, these larvae take care of their larvae and love them dearly. They perfectly understand what every person who has at least a drop of conscience wants to give them in the face to the crunch, to bloody snot, and in the face, regardless of gender and age ...
    2. jungler
      jungler 12 May 2016 11: 16
      Hmm ... But this is so ... Comrade. Scandalli Viktorovich Fantinin. Not just . And just a different worldview ... To someone to write notes and to someone to play music stands ...
  3. Tatar 174
    Tatar 174 12 May 2016 06: 48
    It is necessary to educate those like Andryukha mentioned and others mentioned. And for education, there are only two effective ways - the stick and the carrot. We have already tried the gingerbread - it does not help and they become even more impudent, only the whip remains. In general, such "people" should be sent to the provinces for 2-5 years, there in the provinces, that is, here in the provinces, not just in the capitals. Here they do not like any kind of people and will quickly bring them to life, i.e. give. Although there is a certain danger in this too, they will begin to feel themselves Decembrists and will think of themselves, it is not known what. Sick, on the head ...
    1. CONTROL
      CONTROL 12 May 2016 08: 00
      Quote: Tartar 174
      It is necessary to educate the ones mentioned by Andryukha and the others mentioned. And for education there are only two effective ways - carrot and stick. Gingerbread cookies have already been tried - it does not help and they are even more impudent, only the whip remains.

      ... Creative intelligentsia!
      What a phrase - double as if praise! or a curse? ...
      Well, you do not agree with THIS - with what the people agree unconditionally! So keep silent ... or express your indignation, quietly, going to a corner, and better - silently, "to yourself"! ...
      Did he speak? What prompted - an inner deep conviction or a primitive "creative" greed? We will not elaborate! ...
      But - you have lost more than you gained as a result of this "performance"! What a "Jew" you are after that - even if you have a commercial benefit - your personal! - don't you see? You lose real money - concerts, tours, circulations, don't go to publishing houses - they will be afraid that they will be closed for the release of "subversive literature"! ... Eh, Andryukha! Mu..k you after that ... The same applies to the Pelevin's with all the Sorokins and other producers of "literary surah" (or "Yo" instead of "Yu"? ...) - fully!
      1. Botanologist
        Botanologist 12 May 2016 08: 54
        Quote: CONTROL
        ... Creative intelligentsia!

        When they told Gumilyov that he was an intellectual, he was very offended:
        "What an intellectual I am to you, I have a profession!"
        That is the whole essence of the "intelligentsia". Dropouts, idiots
    2. samuil60
      samuil60 12 May 2016 08: 10
      Yes, it’s too late to send them to the province - you can’t cure them with this. And then: Tsar Ulyanov sent to the further province. He refused the execution for subversive activities. And how did Ulyanov repay him !?
    3. potapych
      potapych 12 May 2016 09: 17
      ... there is no need to litter the purity of Siberian nature with the waste of "Western civilization".
      1. Starover_Z
        Starover_Z 12 May 2016 11: 10
        Quote: potapych
        ... there is no need to litter the purity of Siberian nature with the waste of "Western civilization".

        But do not go to Siberia, it will be too good - nature, clean air ...
        We must bunch these into one of the abandoned Arctic villages, send them to the 2nd Arctic development!
        All in one place - spiders in a jar! Without communication with the mainland, with the Internet!
    4. lelikas
      lelikas 12 May 2016 11: 38
      Quote: Tatar 174
      Gingerbread cookies have already been tried - it does not help and they are even more impudent, only the whip remains.

      Well-dried gingerbread, but on a curly head! Gingerbread will help too.
    5. Weyland
      Weyland 12 May 2016 20: 07
      Quote: Tatar 174
      Gingerbread cookies already tried - does not help

      Because it is too soft and crumbles when they beat! laughing
    6. The comment was deleted.
  4. Vodrak
    Vodrak 12 May 2016 06: 50
    the morning of May 9 in Almaty, at about eight o'clock, I stand at the window and smoke, the guys are walking down the street, about 18 years old and they are singing "Katyusha" all over the street .... already tears of pride ...
    They were also forced ?????
    1. cth; fyn
      cth; fyn 12 May 2016 07: 06
      At gunpoint armored buryat division
    2. igordok
      igordok 12 May 2016 09: 40
      At is interesting.

      Overheard in Lugansk on May 9:
      In the city center, in front of the Technique Parade. Past a parked car with the sign "To Berlin!" there is a family with a son of 6-7 years old.
      The child enthusiastically examines the car. And reads in syllables:
      - To Berlin.
      Then he repeats, not by syllables, as if to himself and collecting his thoughts:
      - To Berlin ... To Berlin ...
      And then he loudly asks the question to his father:
      - Dad! Dad! And BERLIN IS KIEV ??? THIS IS ON KIEV, YES ?!

      Such are our children now! So Ukraine "tried" to show its "love" to the residents of Donbass, that children here from an early age draw characteristic analogies ...
  5. Mikhail m
    Mikhail m 12 May 2016 06: 50
    After such quotes as from a garbage can got out. I'm going to wash.
    1. tank64rus
      tank64rus 12 May 2016 10: 25
      Maxim Gorky said: "With what to compare the traitor, I think that even the typhoid louse was offended by such a comparison." Another thing is interesting, why such individuals and on what means fatten and shit in OUR COUNTRY. Who maintains and patronizes them.
    2. tank64rus
      tank64rus 12 May 2016 10: 25
      Maxim Gorky said: "With what to compare the traitor, I think that even the typhoid louse was offended by such a comparison." Another thing is interesting, why such individuals and on what means fatten and shit in OUR COUNTRY. Who maintains and patronizes them.
  6. Cananecat
    Cananecat 12 May 2016 06: 51
    Probably for the first time in all time I agree with Makarka about the caps. It would be right to allow sellers to put on caps of the 1941 model at will, in compliance with the requirements of SanPIN, but to introduce the wearing of polls by every seller is an overkill. In other matters, as always, make a fool ... etc. However, in the case of the voluntary wearing of the caps by individual sellers, one would hear cries of uniformity from him ... well, what can I say, they would all blather into the stream, and if they fall, they won’t fall, this is already the tenth thing.
    1. Kazakh
      Kazakh 12 May 2016 08: 44
      Probably for the first time in all time I agree with Makarka about the caps.
      Did you find Brother to whom to trust macarque he lies as he breathes.
      1. Knizhnik
        Knizhnik 12 May 2016 09: 03
        Indeed, it’s hard to imagine: the manager ordered to put on caps, well, let's say that someone didn’t like it, they are angry, someone comes up here with a vaguely familiar face, and somehow (know how), smiling, throws a phrase about automatic machines and helmets. Saleswomen, as a rule, are brisk on the tongue ... If this were true, the answer would be quite different.
      2. Reptiloid
        Reptiloid 12 May 2016 20: 47
        Good evening, dear! Even did not catch up --- Makar says the saleswomen have silly faces? And who said that he is smart? Or did he decide that if he sells his homeland, then the saleswoman be able to? And they probably wanted to spit in his face, but at the workplace indecent ... Something like this
    2. parusnik
      parusnik 12 May 2016 09: 24
      On New Year's Day, the kind of sellers in Santa Claus caps are probably smarter ...
    3. Konstantin Yu
      Konstantin Yu 13 May 2016 11: 20
      At the expense of helmets ... Since Makarka is such a connoisseur of harmony and style, I would give my own example of taste ... I would teach everyone how to ... ... but I think there will be some snot, ah, ah. and so, as usual in his repertoire: figurine in your pocket
  7. Aleksander
    Aleksander 12 May 2016 06: 53
    the camera was practically put on paving stones- and she took off her boots advancing on her. Literally by our heads are walking.

    SAMA recognized her head-cobblestone lol And you can't argue ...
    1. cth; fyn
      cth; fyn 12 May 2016 07: 07
      Entertaining observation)
    2. Red_Hamer
      Red_Hamer 12 May 2016 07: 14
      Do not offend the cobblestone, he will be offended.
    3. Captain45
      Captain45 12 May 2016 09: 57
      Quote: Aleksander
      SAMA recognized her head as a cobblestone lol And you can’t argue ...

      On May Day we had three types of communists - the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the RKRP, the ROT-Front, and so the front-line soldiers chanted: “Cobblestone is the weapon of the proletariat!” Is the head of the entoy syusha a weapon of the proletariat? wassat With your head, but for the proletariat. Horror, horror, horror! laughing
  8. rf xnumx
    rf xnumx 12 May 2016 06: 56
    Xenia Larina
    There are two observations.
    Creepy frozen smiles on the marching faces. Apparently, in order not to resemble North Korea at all, they gave the command "Smile" from above, as if they were tearing everyone's mouth with their fingers.
    And one of the new technologies of television photography that is being improved every year - they will either put a camera on the barrel of a tank, or a manhole cover.
    This time the camera was practically laid on the pavement, and she removed the boots attacking her. Literally on our heads stride.
    Here is a fool, when already this "echo" will be covered by similar gadyushniki
    1. Altona
      Altona 12 May 2016 07: 34
      Quote: vc 72019
      Here is a fool, when already this "echo" will be covered by similar gadyushniki

      An open enemy is not as dangerous as a hidden one.
    2. sa-ag
      sa-ag 12 May 2016 08: 29
      Quote: vc 72019
      Here is a fool, when this "echo" is already covered

      it is a resource indirectly funded by the government, it is needed so that the electorate neglects this resource, and the authorities remain aloof, very convenient, and the game is old and old, like a good and bad investigator
      1. Altona
        Altona 12 May 2016 09: 38
        Quote: sa-ag
        it is a resource indirectly funded by the government, it is needed so that the electorate neglects this resource, and the authorities remain aloof, very convenient, and the game is old and old, like a good and bad investigator

        Moreover, in this "tame opposition" there are many friends of the current government. There is even an anecdote when they in the evening after television debates and other "swearing in public" are friendly discussing in which restaurant to hang out for the evening.
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. The comment was deleted.
    1. Stas57
      Stas57 12 May 2016 07: 52
      it's not stupid people, it's scum

      full cut - I ask everyone to save in bookmarks - useful at the trial of history
      1. Jarilo
        Jarilo 12 May 2016 09: 58
        Gross mankurts.
    2. achist
      achist 12 May 2016 11: 01
      On the site of Pelevin's work, I found this: "Viktor Pelevin does not and never had accounts in social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LiveJournal, VKontakte, etc.). Any links in networks to his alleged accounts are falsifications." So it’s most likely a lie, you know, and a provocation. Fake accounts under the name of famous people. You can also see the content of the page.
      Z.Y. I have not read Pelevin; I am not a fan of creativity and thoughts.
  11. Red_Hamer
    Red_Hamer 12 May 2016 07: 07
    I wanted to comment on the statements of someone about our parade. And then I thought, well, there is a lot of honor in () them. To discuss dirt, dirt is dirt, it was washed off boots, and forgot. They will continue, all that is dear to the Russian heart, they will groan, they earn money that way.
  12. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 12 May 2016 07: 24
    got this echo with the rain ..... forbid to hell !!!! Dirt on their people pour for grants .... no words. swearing alone!
    1. hohryakov066
      hohryakov066 12 May 2016 08: 37
      On the other hand, in order for them not to misbehave on the streets, they must be kept somewhere! There aren’t enough psychos for everyone!
  13. qwert
    qwert 12 May 2016 07: 26
    What I agree with is that the operators on the parade are really stupid people .... So show the parade that you don’t need to consider a single car.
    1. Yuyuka
      Yuyuka 12 May 2016 18: 58
      What I agree with is that the operators on the parade are really stupid people .... So show the parade that you don’t need to consider a single car.

      Thank you, expressed my opinion! I’ve been watching the Parade for the second year and the operators and the director on the head want to tapping for this mediocre show! I’m not a professional, but honestly, shooting on my amateur and comparing with this TV-series I understand - I have at least talent! repeat at least revised the parade display during Soviet times! Managed to show all the beauty and power in the form of boots and a camera on a gun ... well, and aviation is generally a masterpiece! either the little outlines of airplanes, or the whole screen of a half-plane, and the frames as in the clips replace each other with the speed of a queue from the machine! the desire to show everything and immediately speaks of the inability to single out the main thing and the complete lack of vision of the operator. Although I can somehow justify the operator - such power and strength past that I don’t have time to take it off, I want to see everything myself because the camera rotates with my head ... as a result, after watching it there was a slight dizziness and feeling - but what was it like? belay it would be interesting the opinion of professionals from the cinema winked
  14. Kos_kalinki9
    Kos_kalinki9 12 May 2016 07: 46
    Oh, these impolite ....
    1. Jarilo
      Jarilo 12 May 2016 09: 51
    2. Kindzadza
      Kindzadza 12 May 2016 18: 44
      judging by mistake on the poster, she is still an oppositionist. Blinded what she managed.
    3. Weyland
      Weyland 12 May 2016 20: 27
      Filatov also had this in "Love for Three Oranges":

      - There was a skew in my head:
      I eat mice, frogs and dragonflies.
      Free from morality and law
      I publicly write from the balcony
      And at the same time I die like an owl
      And spewing swear words.
      Doctors say this is paranoia.
      Well, maybe! .. But I know only one thing:
      Whatever disease I am obsessed with -
      The current regime is guilty of it!
      laughing -
  15. Awaz
    Awaz 12 May 2016 07: 47
    Recently, during spring exacerbations regarding our victory, realizing that the standard rubbish of the Soviet past does not find support among the people, they began to discuss the topic that May 9 is not a victory but a day of sorrow. That all that the Soviet people did was done in vain and that the deaths of millions of people on Stalin’s conscience and so on and so forth. They even have already ceased to openly criticize history and are just trying to give their highs a sadness and sadness ...
    But based on the fact that it all started at the same time with completely famous characters, we can understand that they simply received additional instructions.
    Here is an observation
  16. okunevich_rv
    okunevich_rv 12 May 2016 07: 56
    It is necessary to solve this issue at the state level. Ideology should be. And the punishment for contempt and denigration of our memory and the will of the people.

    Well, suppose a little is already being done, for example, decriminalization of an article on beatings, like if you do not relapse then you can answer a little to a traitor, everyone who wants a little bit :)
    Maybe these gentlemen and ladies have the intention to renounce the citizenship of the Russian Federation, say only shy?
  17. shcishcok
    shcishcok 12 May 2016 07: 58
    nooo, May 9 is a sacred holiday! and no matter what all sorts of Makarevichs and Larinas with Pelevin's were blathering, pride in our grandfathers, fathers, in general, relatives who defeated fascism is simply bursting !!! and stupid people, they are everywhere. I liked the Immortal Regiment in Grozny very much, they read Rasul Gamzatov's poem "We are 20 million" while the Regiment was walking. Read, do not be lazy! Very much for the soul! Great poetry! All happy Victory Day!
    1. traffic light
      traffic light 14 May 2016 19: 22
      All right. But, blather, traitors. Rather, let them talk. Even on such a holy and great day. A low bow to all veterans and those who forged this Victory !!!!
  18. ImPerts
    ImPerts 12 May 2016 08: 26
    Cosmopolitans do not have a homeland; they have a mole where it is warmer. The dream of every liberal is a house in the country, rooms on 15-20, servants to clean it all up, wash and cook for the newly minted gentleman. And the newly mister will live on rent and teach. Teach everyone how to live. How to live. Well, the status of the untouchable.
  19. Kazakh
    Kazakh 12 May 2016 08: 35
    What can you say ... just cite Makarevich himself in the address of Makarevich in terms of the fact that "the weeds gave rise to weeds." This one is not addressed to Vadim Makarevich, do not think. Vadim Grigorievich just fought, and lost his leg in that war.
    It would be if the dad had two legs, so go and the geek would stumble.
  20. Saffron
    Saffron 12 May 2016 08: 37
    If people like Andryusha once became dissatisfied with something and explained to them in a mild form that he was not thinking correctly, then, whatever the authorities and really patriots do, everything will cause them a negative, even such a patriotic idea as the "Immortal Regiment" (here 99.9% of Russians agree that this is a correct and highly spiritual event). Therefore, we should forget about these pseudo-patriots and live on, we are not on our way with them!
    1. alexej123
      alexej123 12 May 2016 11: 46
      For Makarevich - Several months ago, he shared his impressions of the trip to Lviv. He said that he had dinner for $ 4, focused on the amount for us. As far as I know, Makarevich himself has establishments where they pour and feed. Here I have a question: "Andrey Vadimovich, can you set such prices for yourself?" So no, he will hang himself for a cent. All these liberals will sell their mother for a penny. And the answer must be simple - to direct the entire administrative resource to check the business of the liberals, impose fines on them. I assure you that after that most of them will deny their words, the soldiers will be scrubbed from the ceremonial calculations to shine.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  21. AID.S
    AID.S 12 May 2016 08: 38
    What can you do, in Russia, among other things, there is shit, for the sake of the production and processing of which, with the appropriate soundtrack, and there is a "democratic microflora" in its body.
  22. xorgi
    xorgi 12 May 2016 08: 38
    About the framework and caps. this is a private initiative, and here an incident arises: this can only happen under capitalism (the owner wanted to increase income), BUT the above persons are representatives of the right movement, which puts capitalism in the first place, therefore they should kick themselves!
  23. then
    then 12 May 2016 08: 49
    And who is Pelevin?
  24. The comment was deleted.
  25. Pyokhar
    Pyokhar 12 May 2016 08: 55
    What is surprising if Gozman-Bunin-Makarevich products are solid asses. So they fulfill their natural function - crush anywhere.
  26. Russia
    Russia 12 May 2016 09: 07
    If they don’t ring, they will forget about them!
    And then he "spoiled" the air - he got at least some "attention".
  27. Alpha
    Alpha 12 May 2016 09: 13
    "It is necessary to resolve this issue at the state level. There must be ideology. And punishment for contempt and denigration of our memory and will of the people." Here is the key paragraph. After all, any normal person's hands itch on all these scum. But since normal people are law-abiding, the scumbags get away with all their remarks every time. As a result, they believe even more that they are right. Therefore, if the authorities do not want the next Jewish pogroms, they themselves must take appropriate measures. And one more thing: it's time to start calling things by their proper names, so as not to create uncertainty. B ... d should not be called a night butterfly, pi ... r - gay, and a collaborator - an oppositionist. Then, you look, and the world would become cleaner.
  28. Basil50
    Basil50 12 May 2016 09: 16
    The author is confused by the fact that any display of respect for the GREAT VICTORY and the WINNERS causes indignation in * these *, but there is nothing surprising. Most likely the ancestors, if they became * defenders * of the MOTHERLAND, then * from under the stick *, or sat in policemen. Well, the descendants of the WINNERS SOLDIER cannot be such degenerates. I DO NOT BELIEVE such. So sincerely * spit * you need personal motives, it's just a shame to confess, and everyone has a desire * to be proud of their ancestors *. In another way I can’t decide for myself * motives * of such * manifestations *, should I stay in * such * at least something from a normal person?
  29. Nyrobsky
    Nyrobsky 12 May 2016 09: 17
    One thought that a people united by an idea can be united and go on an avalanche acts on white-winged artists like the sun on a vampire.
    They are writhing from anger and hatred because they really understand that for 25 years after the collapse of the USSR they did not destroy Russia and it again rises from the ashes, like a Phoenix bird.
    Hatred of the people is a manifestation of fear for the people asking for everything from them ...
  30. Egor-dis
    Egor-dis 12 May 2016 09: 23
    The best solution for such "pearl" - throwers would be deprivation of citizenship with confiscation of acquired property and "preferential", in the amount of 99%, taxation of income received from abroad. Don't you like the people and the country? Look for a new people and country that will agree to have you become their citizen. And in a new place earn your daily bread in the works of the righteous. And here, you are a migrant, with the right to register and work on a patent, worth 20 rubles (multiply the number of "non-profit" and "handshake" by 000 - these are the ups and downs for the state budget). And a very, very long procedure for obtaining citizenship, which, for the "especially gifted", can be complicated, for example, by exams in the Russian language (including phonetics, diction, phraseology and knowledge of literature, preferably in full and close to the text) and history (with an emphasis on the Great Patriotic War).
    1. Weyland
      Weyland 12 May 2016 20: 43
      Quote: Egor-dis
      "preferential", in the amount of 99%, taxation of income received from abroad.

      Strongly protest! stop For example, I provide consulting services of a scientific and technical nature to a large Kazakhstan mining company. Me for what?
      But for cooperation with hostile by states - something more abrupt than taxes is needed!
      1. Egor-dis
        Egor-dis 14 May 2016 09: 16
        Quote: Weyland
        Strongly protest! stop For example, I provide consulting services of a scientific and technical nature to a large Kazakhstan mining company. Me for what?

        Do you really belong to non-profit organizations and "pearl-throwers"? wink
        But for cooperation with hostile by states - something more abrupt than taxes is needed!
        Here, yes, virgin lands are not plowed. Sabotage, sabotage, treason. The deadline is set by adding for each proven episode.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  31. nekot
    nekot 12 May 2016 09: 25
    Roman, please check the information. Well, you could have at least somehow looked through the page "Victor Pelevin" which was referred to in order to understand that it has nothing to do with Pelevin, but is being conducted by some lump from "Khokhloma"? Why dance to the tune of the poor 404?
  32. Arkan
    Arkan 12 May 2016 09: 33
    The word genocide, cuts the ear, help natural selection is neutral. Cloak will always heal.
  33. Zakhar999
    Zakhar999 12 May 2016 09: 34
    Excellent article!
    But I do not quite agree with one thing: "... If the people express their will by participating in the procession (it is already clear that there is no smell of administrative resources here), then everyone who spat on the will of the people should be approximately punished. ... ".
    Emotionally this is correct! But, for "fans of wordplay" this will untie their hands and any constructive / non-constructive criticism will allow them to be summed up under "trouble".
    Conclusions: Scum, everywhere and always scum. This is not surprising - this is the life around. What is important, in my opinion, is something else: you need to change them (-) into (+), let them say, people should know them "by sight", so that looking at "this" we do not relax and constantly make ourselves better and cleaner.
    Well, if you “go too far,” then sanctions are already spelled out in the codes.
  34. aleks700
    aleks700 12 May 2016 09: 35
    Rustem Adagamov ✔ @adagamov
    When millions of unburied fighters lie in damp ground, only rascals can arrange parades. 9 May - the day of sorrow and the memory of the dead.
    . The fool
  35. 96423lom
    96423lom 12 May 2016 09: 42
    I have noted and will celebrate, as I consider it necessary, for this right my grandfathers paid with their lives. And neither these evil ferrets teach me.
  36. potapych
    potapych 12 May 2016 10: 03
    I don’t understand what these liberal masochists are, they are shitty from the environment, they are troubled and sick from the people of Russia, they have permanent diarrhea from the action of the authorities. And they are sitting in our country and the poor things are upset. Borders are open. Let's go and vomit in geyrop.
    1. Ride78
      Ride78 12 May 2016 11: 12
      They are paid to vomit here, no one will pay them for vomit there.
  37. Batia
    Batia 12 May 2016 10: 26
    These liberals are pouring mud so that the ghosts are not forgotten at all. Like a joke about the elusive Joe. Why elusive? Because nobody needs a fuck.
  38. gamer
    gamer 12 May 2016 11: 07
    As they say, the family is not without a freak!
  39. Ride78
    Ride78 12 May 2016 11: 11
    That’s not even the heir to the tornado and the Specialists. But Gozman and Makar would have shot and his hand did not flinch.
  40. Res_Ullus
    Res_Ullus 12 May 2016 11: 15
    Makar whipped about. IMHO
  41. Ajent cho
    Ajent cho 12 May 2016 11: 19
    Andrei Makarevich
    on Saturday
    I'm driving home in the evening (I live in new Riga)

    Well, what are you, mister Makarevich, on new trends it is necessary to say: "in new Riga"Don't you know this?
  42. The comment was deleted.
  43. Aaron Zawi
    Aaron Zawi 12 May 2016 11: 33
    I was saddened that after the publication of a mass of academic works about SMERSH, which was never part of the NKVD system, about "barriers", which were generally linear units subordinate to the army command, allocated for certain tasks, etc., people who did not have a bad intellect keep spanking templates. But it would seem how interesting it is to understand the structure of the same NKVD. To understand that the NKVD divisions are an analogue of the explosives and were actively used both to guard the rear, and, if necessary, as a reserve of the Red Army. That an army formed from the NKVD divisions was hiding in the UK. That the structure of the NKVD included the Border and Railway Troops. It would seem that this is a reason to put everything on the shelves, to popularize history, and to shine, damn it, but no. Template clichés. Boring, sir.
    1. alexej123
      alexej123 12 May 2016 11: 52
      Why is it incomprehensible? Who pays, that girl (liberals) and dances. And where did you get the intellect from there? Look at the former State Department official, sayings? Intelligence found in them? And liberals are ordinary singers, a pack of Tabaki jackals.
  44. Tanya
    Tanya 12 May 2016 11: 53
    All sympathizers of the 3rd Reich just rage in impotent rage. They do not cause anything but disgust.
    After them, the descendants will share their cars, cottages, shares and so on. Immediately after sharing, they will forget.
    And our ancestors stepped into immortality.
  45. EvaFerrari
    EvaFerrari 12 May 2016 11: 59
    When I read the statements of "our" liberals, I am even more convinced that if something like the Great Patriotic War happened in our country, these "people", without even thinking, with great desire and, perhaps, with pleasure, will become policemen
  46. rus-5819
    rus-5819 12 May 2016 12: 02
    Quote: Aryan
    Why do you endure them there? Drive them out of the country with a broom

    What? It is quite a sensible idea: to submit a PEOPLE'S bill to the State Duma, amend the criminal and civil legislation of Russia, collect, judge and expel (and especially "gifted" without the right to return in 20 years).
    1. Kenneth
      Kenneth 12 May 2016 13: 17
      Stupidity wrote. If there is no right to express their opinion, then there will be North Korea. And you will also be rolled up when in such a society you accidentally blurt out something wrong.
      1. rus-5819
        rus-5819 12 May 2016 16: 04
        I’m not for forbidding to express my opinion, but ...
        To "not blurt out something wrong," you need to have a head and soul not for sale.
  47. Yugra
    Yugra 12 May 2016 12: 32
    They say gazprom-national dostoyanie. And how does this property have the conscience to contain an "echo"? Someone will answer?
  48. Kenneth
    Kenneth 12 May 2016 12: 43
    And for me, let them be angry, let them be. To be seen, so as not to become so ourselves. Here in St. Petersburg I won’t say for 500 thousand, but Nevsky was scored from beginning to end. By the way, people smiled and sang songs, and shouted for Russia. And no mess, directions and everything else. I found demonstrations of late socialism. Everything was completely wrong here.
  49. Irbenwolf
    Irbenwolf 12 May 2016 12: 53
    It is amazing how generally sound thoughts expressed by a recognized enemy of Russian politics (people) automatically become dubious a priori.

    What is wrong the authors said? Yes, hysterically, with anguish and the like, but in fact they are somewhat right. Ask yourself, would you like to be remembered directly 5 minutes before the start of YOUR holiday?

    I (could I look down at our land) would probably be more pleasant if a child wrote by hand on a piece of paper in gnarled childish letters "Thank you, grandfather." It would probably be more pleasant for me to see a young girl at the mass grave, who will bring flowers to the point of tears if she tries to clean up here "with the men" on the graves.

    I absolutely do not need the young stsikuhi to wear the symbol of my victory (St. George’s ribbon), as a garter for their stockings (an acquaintance from Tula told me this). Let her be worn with trepidation that they touch my veteran valor and courage and our common death.

    I wouldn't really want our living friends to be remembered exactly 1 day a year. I would like the "Timurovtsy" and "Timurki", who wear the great symbol for May 9, to bring me from the store of bread and milk, because their legs, battered by shrapnel, simply do not hold me.

    This is what matters.
    Do not remember once a year until hysteria, and do not forget all 365 days a little.

    The poet wrote:

    Bequeathed to that life
    You are happy to be
    And my homeland homeland
    With honor to continue to serve.
    To grieve proudly
    Do not bend your head,
    Rejoicing - Not Boasting
    In the hour of victory itself.

    (Alexander Trifonovich Twardowski. I was killed near Rzhev, 1946)

    As if from 1946 it was clear what would become of this OUR GREAT VICTORY.

    PS And yes, it would never occur to me to put on a grandfather cap. And it’s not a matter of local Latvian fascists. It's just that this thing is not just a hat - it is a symbol. A symbol of his will and courage - I haven’t deserved my own yet, but putting someone else's on is like wearing someone else’s rewards. Children are another matter, they can, because they fought for them.
    1. Kenneth
      Kenneth 12 May 2016 13: 15
      Well you wrote but stupidity. Yes, of course, you need to help veterans, bring milk and so on. And believe me, in most cases this is done not only on May 9th. By the way, the pensions of veterans are very rather large and social workers regularly visit those who have no relatives and much more is done quite regularly, although not without annoying incidents.
      And now about the procession itself. Yes, it may seem blasphemy ribbons as garters to use. By the way, this is blasphemy, but even such blasphemy will give these fools the understanding that this holiday is not just a day off. Maybe they will grow wiser over time and their children will not be allowed to use ribbons as garters. In general, ribbons are not part of any orders, but a symbol of ownership and all normal people perceive them that way. And the Incompatible Regiment is an occasion to get photos of their grandfathers, to remember by the way who they were, where they fought, to finally feel gratitude, even if belatedly, to tell the children. This is a memory so as not to become Ivanes who do not remember kinship.
      I’d better not say anything about your Latvia. Sit further at home and watch the SS march. Although in Latvia no less people fought for the USSR in any way than for Germany, and they also had a lot of heirs. In Riga, I generally heard almost one Russian speech. And where are they.
      1. Irbenwolf
        Irbenwolf 12 May 2016 14: 11
        Hope. Perhaps someone wiser. Oh, by the way, do you yourself often remember veterans, let’s say, in 1812? Not? And when it started and ended - remember (you know)? So there is no need to stigmatize me, because the story itself shows that what happened the day before yesterday is no longer interesting to anyone.

        I am sincerely glad if in Russia all veterans (of whom there are already quite a few) “skate like cheese in butter”, although I am more than sure that this is far from the case. But let me take your word for it.

        Regarding the "immortal regiment" I can only say that such actions should be centralized (yes, yes, I know you will say that "it is") and the unfortunate photo tablet should not be sold in stores, but given to those who wish for symbolic compensation. The desire to participate in the action is commendable, but you can still get a photo of your grandfather more often than once a year, especially if you are SO very proud of him.

        And finally, about "our Latvia". You initially correctly decided to keep silent, but nevertheless you opened your mouth and said nonsense. Correctly they say, the first thought is from God.

        We are not looking at how the SS-sheep are marching - YOU are looking at it. And your strength is enough only for the usual phrase about "sit and watch", absolutely not trying to look at things more broadly. "Beyond this line in the west are all fascists" - primitive, but clear.

        And regarding the remnants of nonsense left uncommented - go here:

        jshij-pereskaz-sobytij-dnya.d? id = 47411567

        They are here.
        1. alexej123
          alexej123 12 May 2016 14: 45
          In your words, an insult is felt, an insult to Russia and us. Well, it’s your business. I want to explain to you for your reproaches - but not in one country in the world there is such an ideal as you describe. You describe as you want. But people are different everywhere. And especially, after almost 15 years of experiments on Russia and its people, and Thank God that there is 9 May, Parade, Immortal Regiment. So we are still alive, remember, mourn, thank you. For 1812 - Yes, many do not remember, and because there were no annual Parades in Honor of this Victory, there were no Immortal Regiments. I constantly look in YouTube flash mob in Russian - when hundreds of guys and girls dance in Siberian cities, tears well. Now I look at the passage of the Immortal Regiments, the state is the same. Only for the sake of these tears, after which you start to see everything a little differently, and it is worthwhile to carry out such actions. And the St. George Ribbons will be removed from the garters, once they arrive, two, people will calmly explain - and they will be removed, and they will be ashamed of them. But this is normal shame, so not everything is still lost for us.
          1. Irbenwolf
            Irbenwolf 12 May 2016 15: 23
            Perhaps you are right. You are mistaken only in one. I am opposed to being scratched under one comb with those who go March 16 with SS sheep. I'm in another column - to the Victory Monument on May 9.

            I was a few years old when these territories were surrendered, but we also showed respect and appreciation to our grandfathers for the Great Victory and the opportunity to live, and perhaps it was harder for us to do this - despite the propaganda of other values ​​for 25 years.
            1. alexej123
              alexej123 12 May 2016 21: 00
              I never thought to put you on the same "board" with the Nazis, I remember "clashed" with you smile , spoke out sharply for the mayor of Riga. And I perfectly understand your condition.
        2. The comment was deleted.
        3. Kenneth
          Kenneth 12 May 2016 15: 29
          I won’t tell about everyone, but the veterans known to me are arranged with dignity. When I recall my grandfathers, I don’t advise you, but I’m going to the cemetery to calm you down even without regiments. Regarding Latvia, if you don’t like our view of Latvia, this is your problem, and we don’t march along the streets of Roa veterans and former policemen, and there were no Soviet symbols to ban idiots
          With all due respect, of course
        4. nekot
          nekot 12 May 2016 15: 32
          Irben, please explain your logic (since it coincides with the logic of the so-called "liberals"). These pompous phrases about millions of unburied and about veterans remembered once a year (especially in 1812))) - they, in your opinion, justify the uselessness of the Immortal Regiment action and the Victory Day parade? It is all the more incomprehensible then why you are posting a link to a photo report from the Immortal Regiment's actions in Latvia? As for the "photo of your grandfather, which you can get more often ...", addressed to the person who personally commented on your post, this is unreasonable rudeness that does not do you honor. To cling to the "unfortunate plaque" and caps is an attempt to inflict at least some kind of negative, and, apart from disgust, such attempts cause nothing. As for the SS marches that you don't look at - well, it's so convenient to turn away and say: everything is fine with us, and only you can see the fascists, but you need to look at things more broadly. We do not need to teach us what to see, how to be proud of the country and how to honor the memory of our veterans - all the 90s taught, we listened enough, and there are enough such teachers here.
      2. sa-ag
        sa-ag 12 May 2016 17: 14
        Quote: Kenneth
        In general, ribbons are not part of any orders

        A mistake, a sash is part of the order, but there was no misfortune in the Great Patriotic War of St. George's crosses from the word at all, there were orders of Glory and a medal "For Victory over Germany", and pedaling the name of the sash, which existed until 1917, is a substitution of concepts and rewriting history
    2. esaul1950
      esaul1950 12 May 2016 18: 37
      Everything seems to be right ... but you are also a cunning enemy of Victory.
  50. The comment was deleted.