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Human rights activists: Turkish border guards killed five Syrian refugees in 3 of the day

As a result of an attack by Turkish border guards on Syrian refugees trying to get to Turkey, five and injured 14 people were killed, said in an interview yesterday RT representative of the human rights organization "Human Rights Watch" Jerry Simpson.

Human rights activists: Turkish border guards killed five Syrian refugees in 3 of the day

“We talked with Syrians who are in Turkey, but they know well those who live in the border areas of Syria. Using certain techniques, we easily recorded seven cases of attacks on refugees in three days, as a result of which five people were killed and 14 were injured. Such figures make it possible to estimate how many such cases occur on the Turkish-Syrian border: after all, only one person received these data in a very short time, ”
said simpson.

The channel reminds that Ankara constantly refutes reports of attacks on refugees.

“Recently, we shared our data with the Turkish authorities and asked them for comments, but never received an answer. As far as we know, no statements were received from their side, ”he said.

HRW called on Ankara to open the border for Syrian asylum seekers. Turkey claims it is already "pursuing an open door policy towards migrants." However, sources denied this statement.

“Since October 2015, we have been documenting the situation in great detail and we have accurate data that since March of the same year, the border is closed and tens of thousands of people are being pushed back into the combat zone. We recently published two press releases regarding the situation of those who are forced to stay in the north of Syria in the so-called safe zone that Turkey is trying to establish with EU support, ”said Simpson.

The organization had previously reported 16 killed refugees, including three children.

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  1. Monos
    Monos 11 May 2016 11: 06
    In March of that year, the border was closed and tens of thousands of people were forced back into the war zone.

    The Turks put detachments. They force the Basmachis to work out the money invested in them.
    1. yurii p
      yurii p 11 May 2016 11: 28
      They meet the basmachi with flowers and pies and arrange in sanatoriums or hospitals, and these refugees are simple people who are of no use to the Turkish authorities, and therefore they are treated like cattle, ordinary fascism performed by farther and liberal West.
      1. Michael67
        Michael67 11 May 2016 11: 42
        Turkish Führer, I hope they will be put on one dock together with the ukropitek corrupt killer tsar.
        It would be nice to know the court date.
        Would come to see.
  2. Andrey K
    Andrey K 11 May 2016 11: 09
    Turks cut off refugees and knock them down, and we should not talk about "the last three days" ...
    But the barmalei across their border roam like at home.
    And the stamping of passports, a la "Syrian" ones, was put on stream. To all "refugees" who wish.
  3. atamankko
    atamankko 11 May 2016 11: 13
    Human rights activists, where are you?
    1. udincev
      udincev 11 May 2016 11: 21
      In London, at the observatory ...
      1. cap
        cap 11 May 2016 12: 10
        Quote: atamankko
        Human rights activists, where are you?

        Quote: udincev
        In London, at the observatory ...

        The main "observator" to whom the Western press refers.
        Not poorly settled. "Repeater" at work in London.
  4. nrex
    nrex 11 May 2016 11: 50
    A bullet is cheaper than being held in refugee camps. Money paid by Europe, now we need to save. Initially, it was a refugee business, and this is a continuation. Note, we know only known cases of murders, but as a rule this is only 5-10% of the total number.
  5. Prisoner
    Prisoner 11 May 2016 12: 33
    Apparently Europe pays for this Erdogad.