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The number of tests of weapons in the Astrakhan region has doubled

At the Kapustin Yar test site (Astrakhan region), the number of samples of weapons and equipment has doubled in recent years, RIA News Post Commander RVSN Sergey Karakaeva.

The number of tests of weapons in the Astrakhan region has doubled

“It must be emphasized that about 20 samples of weapons and military equipment are tested here every year, and in the past few years this figure has almost doubled,” Karakayev said.

“On average, around 300 missile launches, targets and rockets are conducted at the test site, but in the 2015 year there were more than 500 launches”,
added on.

"Currently, work on the creation of promising complexes and models of missile weapons are at the stage of flight design and state tests, which causes such a marked increase in test work at the Kapustin Yar test site," the general explained.

According to him, in the near future the testing ground “after the modernization of the measuring complex will switch to automatic operation”. Experts started solving this task back in 2013.

“For this purpose, a work plan was drawn up, which is now being implemented. This year we plan to conduct state tests of the automatic measuring point, ”Karakaev said.

He noted that "the main efforts are focused on the creation of data transmission channels based on high-speed radio-relay stations and fiber-optic lines on the Kapustin Yar test site, and expanding the capacity of the information-computing center of the test site."
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RIA News. Alexey Kudenko

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  1. bad
    bad 10 May 2016 18: 08
    It’s not for nothing that it is ... adversity threatens us ..that we have to act to cool their heads ..
    1. Teberii
      Teberii 11 May 2016 04: 37
      Oh steppe, mother, where Still such open spaces to find.
  2. svp67
    svp67 10 May 2016 18: 08
    It’s not bad that the landfill is not silent, which means that the military-industrial complex is working. The main thing is that it does not stop again.
    1. Red_Hamer
      Red_Hamer 11 May 2016 02: 12
      Number of tests new weapons doubled in the Astrakhan region
      Let's hope that the quantity will only increase! The main thing is, in the header highlighted.
  3. parafoiler
    parafoiler 10 May 2016 18: 45
    1. cap
      cap 10 May 2016 19: 59
      Quote: parafoiler

      With such "friends" this is just how it should be. Nothing has changed since the days of the League of Nations, now the UN, OSCE and others acting at the behest of the States.
  4. LÄRZ
    LÄRZ 10 May 2016 18: 46
    Kapustin Yar. In our "office" he was simply called "kapiyar". It is moving onto new "rails", modernizing, it's good! How old is he, and everything is in demand by the country. Work hard, hard worker, it means it's too early for you to retire. Good luck!
    1. Maxom75
      Maxom75 10 May 2016 19: 26
      not Kapiyar, but Kapyar (Kapustin Yar railway station 88km.). 90km from me. We regularly fish there on Akhtuba and the Volga. And in the steppe there are full of mines. The military town there and the village. 30 km from it is the city of Akhtubinsk with the largest take-off and landing strip of the Russian Aerospace Forces and a testing center. Regularly, something flies overhead both day and night. For some reason, it is at this moment that it becomes somehow calm in soul, fly means the country is alive, then we are protected. Live my land, prosper our Motherland - our beloved RUSSIA!
  5. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 10 May 2016 18: 46
    Malova will be. They have lards, we have an asymmetric answer - tests of new systems.
  6. weksha50
    weksha50 10 May 2016 20: 43
    "" On average, about 300 missile launches, targets and rockets, but in 2015 such launches there were over 500"" ...

    Not sickly ... And in a year - 365 days ...

    I imagine that there is something to scratch the turnip for analytical management in the US Ministry of Defense ...
  7. Tanker21
    Tanker21 10 May 2016 23: 00
    was at this training ground) traveled far and wide on the tank))) they hung out there for a month
  8. MiRvSeMvDoM
    MiRvSeMvDoM 10 May 2016 23: 02
    A low bow to our National Leader-GDP. The greatest grandmaster on the political chessboard. Feels like a storm is coming. The number of new weapons in recent years is simply impressive! Keep it up!
  9. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 11 May 2016 10: 04
    Great news. I am glad that the work is only increasing, so we are doing well with the developments.