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Events in honor of the 71 anniversary of the Victory, held in the republics of Central Asia (photo compilation)

Solemn events in honor of the 71 anniversary of the victory on the eve were held in various CIS countries. Despite the rainy weather, festive processions and rallies took place in the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek. According to the estimates of Kyrgyz journalists and according to the local state statistics services, there are fewer than 900 veterans of the Great Patriotic War living in the republic today. On May 9, the President of the Republic Almazbek Atambayev personally met with some of them.

Events in honor of the 71 anniversary of the Victory, held in the republics of Central Asia (photo compilation)

Flowers were laid at the memorial in honor of the fallen soldiers, organized by the marches of Kyrgyz soldiers.

Photos of the Kyrgyz portal AKIpress:

The action "Immortal regiment" in Bishkek was attended by at least 20 thousands of people.

May 9 events in honor of the 71 anniversary of the Victory were held in Dushanbe. The President of Tajikistan, Emomali Rakhmon, laid a wreath at the memorial to the Tajik soldiers and soldiers who died during the Great Patriotic War. made a speech:
From Tajikistan, hundreds of thousands of men participated in the bloody war fronts, who showed invisible heroism. Most of the envoys of Tajikistan, fulfilling their filial duty, died in the fierce battles of the war, their memory forever imprinted on the pages stories of our people. Despite the fact that the battlefield was far from Tajikistan, its influence was felt and observed in all corners of our country and in every family. The Tajik people made a significant contribution to ensuring victory and the rear. If during the war years there was no strong and reliable rear, dedication and tireless work of the working people, this Great Victory would never have been ensured. Despite the many difficulties, the Tajik people in the shortest time in the rear mobilized all the economic structures of the republic for the needs of the war period. The main labor force in the rear was predominantly women, adolescents and the elderly.

639 participants and disabled people of the 9 war of May 2016 of the year received 4 thousand somoni as a one-time financial assistance (about 33,6 thousand rubles).

There were ceremonial events in Uzbekistan. The head of the republic, to the sounds of a military orchestra, laid a wreath at the monument to the Grieving Mother, and then met with veterans:

Islam Karimov:
These days in all cities and villages of our country, in every family, old and young, all our compatriots celebrate 9 on May - the Day of memory and honor, the 71 anniversary of the Victory over fascism in the Great Patriotic War. It gives me great satisfaction to congratulate our veterans, who have shown courage and heroism in winning this Great Victory, our compatriots, who worked selflessly in the rear, to wish them good health and a long life.

This date, which will remain in history as an unforgettable day, is the fact that among the thousands and thousands of people of various nationalities who showed courage and steadfastness in winning victory over fascism, there were many of our compatriots, our fathers and grandfathers, many of whom did not return from the war, 338 of our compatriots were awarded the high title of hero, thousands - awarded with military orders and medals - all this, undoubtedly, overwhelms our hearts with a sense of pride.

(...) when it comes to the contribution of our people to the fight against fascism, we again and again remember the immeasurable losses that will forever remain an unhealing wound in our hearts.

In this regard, I think it is appropriate to cite the following figures.

The population of Uzbekistan at the beginning of the war was about 6,5 million people, of whom 1,5 million participated in the war. If we consider that more than 500 thousands of them died on the battlefields, many returned disabled, and many went missing, then by itself it is obvious how much this victory cost us.

Congratulated the veterans of the Great Patriotic War and the president of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov (quoted by the presidential press service):
Victory Day is a holiday proclaiming the ideas of peaceful coexistence, goodwill, humanism, calling on peoples to friendly and fraternal relations. Victory Day plays an important role in strengthening social cohesion, educating the young generation in the spirit of true patriotism and high morality. We respectfully recall our heroes, who displayed in the fierce battles in the name of freedom a high example of courage, courage and indomitable will. We also remember the workers of the rear, who were carrying the labor watch day and night, bringing the long-awaited Victory

During the years of the Second World War 104 Turkmen were given the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, 15 military men became full holders of the Order of Glory. In total, awards for participation in the Great Patriotic War were received by more than 70 by the thousands of residents of Turkmenistan.
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    NAV-STAR 10 May 2016 12: 29
    Like it or not, but our Victory is One-General. Glory to the People of the Winner !!!
    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana 10 May 2016 12: 39
      WWII veterans now have a great mission of friendship and peace between nations!
      As long as WWII veterans are alive in the former Soviet Union republics, both peace and friendship of peoples in the post-Soviet and post-socialist space will be maintained.
      Glory to the victors over German fascism in WWII!
      1. cniza
        cniza 10 May 2016 13: 10
        Quote: NAV-STAR
        Like it or not, but our Victory is One-General. Glory to the People of the Winner !!!

        A low bow to all veterans, an eternal memory to those who have departed and have not survived to this day. Thank you on the Great Victory Day.
        1. Talgat
          Talgat 10 May 2016 19: 22
          In Kazakhstan, in all groups before the holidays, women congratulated men on Victory Day - as well as on February 23. it turns out we congratulate women only on 8 of March - and they have us 2 times - both on 23 of February and on 9 of May

          Our president joined Vladimir Putin yesterday at a parade in Moscow. It’s a pity that the Old Man couldn’t come - like the NAS with the GDP alone, without the Old Man looked unusually - usually the three of them walk like that - and then together
  2. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 10 May 2016 12: 33
    Good thing they remember. And the speech, it seems, without a double bottom ... Against this background, Poroshenko and his entire rotten junta look all the more vile ...
    1. Roman 11
      Roman 11 10 May 2016 12: 53
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      Good thing they remember.

      Obliged! You look at what terrible losses the people of Uzbekistan suffered - half a million .... this is 1 / 4,5 men, it is incredible how else can you play politics in this ??
      Poroshenko demon am
      1. NordUral
        NordUral 10 May 2016 13: 36
        He's just scum!
  3. Peacemaker
    Peacemaker 10 May 2016 12: 42
    The victory is common ... But recently, the entire Internet and social networks is filled with trolls, inciting ethnic hatred and trying to convince that victory is a defeat. That the Germans, on the contrary, won. That the USSR itself unleashed World War II, that they fought only because of Stalin’s fear. And much more dirt ....

    Take away the history of the people - and in a generation it will turn into a crowd, and in a generation it can be controlled like a herd. Bismarck.
    1. NordUral
      NordUral 10 May 2016 13: 38
      And we do not need to be fooled by provocations of trolls and bots. The USSR will rise again when the stupor of perestroika perestroika subsides. Moreover, the peoples will come to this themselves, without coercion by Moscow. Do not confuse the people and their mercenary elite.
    KAPITANUS 10 May 2016 12: 51
    On this holiday, a certain inner essence of countries and rulers and people manifested itself. I am glad that the normal majority.
  5. Oleg Lavrov
    Oleg Lavrov 10 May 2016 13: 06
    Foreigners do not understand our triumph with tears in their eyes on this Great Day - Victory Day ... like we do not understand the destruction of the Indians, slavery, not the Christian love of homosexuals ... we will have to live incomprehensible to each other ...
  6. Basil50
    Basil50 10 May 2016 13: 15
    Thanks to the editors for the photos. VICTORY unites us all, thank you for not confining ourselves to RUSSIA, we all share a common history.
  7. Runx135
    Runx135 10 May 2016 13: 26
    Thanks to everyone who remembers their feat, neither who is forgotten, nor what is forgotten !!!
  8. The comment was deleted.
  9. NordUral
    NordUral 10 May 2016 13: 34
    Thank you, grandfathers! Health and long life!
    1. avt
      avt 10 May 2016 13: 52
      Quote: NordUral
      Thank you, grandfathers! Health and long life!

      Quote: cniza
      A low bow to all veterans, an eternal memory to those who have departed and have not survived to this day. Thank you on the Great Victory Day.

      good drinks And by the way, Nazarbayev so respectfully accepted the GDP in Moscow on May 9. So solidly built the ceremony in the Alexander Garden, too. Everything was worthy.
  10. CORNET
    CORNET 10 May 2016 13: 34
    Great article and photo selection .. Everyone remembers that the victory was one for all ....! And all that we use now is a merit of the generation who defended our common homeland of the USSR! I looked and it became easier on my soul .. Thank you! hi
  11. thinker
    thinker 10 May 2016 13: 36
    Quote: NAV-STAR
    Like it or not, but our Victory is One-General. Glory to the People of the Winner !!!

    1. mark021105
      mark021105 10 May 2016 19: 20
      Thanks for this video !!! Two years ago, I had not been in my hometown ... I remember how on May 9, 1985, a month before being sent to the army, as students, after official events at the "mass graves", we bought flowers and simply gave them to everyone who came across paths to veterans ...
      At that time they were still remembered and cared for. They lived without needing anything ...
  12. KG_patriot_last
    KG_patriot_last 10 May 2016 13: 53
    In the Kyrgyz Republic 20 thousand people took part in the "Immortal Regiment" action. Video link:
  13. Andrey KZ
    Andrey KZ 10 May 2016 13: 56
    Immortal regiment in Shymkent.
    Congratulations to all on the Great Holiday, Victory Day!
  14. The comment was deleted.
  15. Shpagolom
    Shpagolom 10 May 2016 14: 19

    Kazakhstan celebrated this day, I am sure that this will continue!
  16. uskrabut
    uskrabut 10 May 2016 15: 20
    And all that’s necessary - to remain people and honor their heroic grandfathers and great-grandfathers.
  17. gozmosZh
    gozmosZh 10 May 2016 16: 08
    Immortal regiment.
    Ashgabat, school named after A.S. Pushkin