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Or maybe just the way it should? A couple of words about the "Immortal shelf"


If you pick the recent past, it is easy to recall how many copies and keyboards were broken around the very idea of ​​the "Immortal Regiment". And they didn’t come up with it, and didn’t realize it, and stuff like that. And the main opponents settled down after Putin himself passed in the ranks. Here, of course, there is no reception against scrap.

However, time puts everything in its place. I agree that in our country an administrative resource can ruin any undertaking, even the most remarkable and useful. Allocations on the topic of participation have a place to be in different cities, I heard about it. But the fact that I watched 9 in May in Voronezh is impossible to create with orders and directives.

Believe it or not, but the photos clearly show that the spectators who came to the parade and the “Shelf” procession were two times smaller than the participants. A lot, but when this endless column began to go, it became clear that there were more participants.

And no administrative resource is to organize such a march. Today we can say with confidence that the Immortal Regiment received precisely popular support. And if the people here have decided that the work is good and useful ... Who would now venture to ban, if that.

In general, watching the stream of people passing by me, I felt some déjà vu. Something from the May Day demonstration was. But much cooler. Demonstration on 1 May - well, I remember them perfectly. Holiday about nothing. They walked, rustled, carried banners ... Good weather, good mood, but really - a holiday from nothing and nowhere.

Here is another completely. Yes, May, yes marches and songs of the war years, May sky, as always with us on this day is bright and warm. But people are different. More precisely, the same people, and many of them on May Day demonstrations were messed up. In the eyes of another.

Take a break. When I drove in a minibus to the center of events, I watched the dialogue between the driver and my colleague. And a colleague, a man of my age, was quite skeptical about the parade and the procession. Say, the year is not a jubilee, the people are planting kartohu, no one will be special. And he goes only because the child rested horn. I want to say, go, and all. The child was sitting nearby and something muttered under his breath, angry looking at the sides. With St. George ribbon and portraits in the package. In general, everyone in the family was unhappy with each other.

And it so happened that I noticed them in the column. Father and son walked alongside, each had a portrait in their hands, and on the older one, I also saw a ribbon and tricolor flowers. And the faces were completely different. Just like others.

You know, they say that faces are mirrors of the soul. You will see in the photographs yourself; there were no dissatisfied people there, that they were torn away from the potatoes or something else important. People came to the procession in advance. Gathered in columns. They waited for the parade to pass. Not one hour. And let's go.

Pride. Involvement to the general idea. When the column approached the place where there were cameras and photographers, many turned the portraits of their heroes to us. Look, here are ours!

Honestly, yes, the parade is beautiful. It is wonderful. But such a parade more calls in the soul. Because it is not by obligation, but by the call of the soul and heart.

He worked for himself and for his father: "Veteran of Labor" and "For the construction of BAM". Earlier, in the USSR, they said: “A medal is poured from one metal for a fight, a medal for labor”.

I agree, but much can be fixed, if the whole world.

I do not know how in other cities, but here it is possible and so. Moreover, in those days villagers photo was not always possible.

Local reenactors became part of the procession.

I hope that this is not a local peculiarity: there are a lot of children, and older people in the form of those years.

Our special pain and pride: border guards

Such faces are good to see.

Our local hero. Anokhin Yuri Mikhailovich.

Great-grandfather and great-grandson. Two Peter Bobrovnikovs.

Reconstructors can not only play, but also sing. Under the accordion sang great.

Host: heads of the region and command of the 20 Army. The parade was much shorter than the procession, but ...

I listened, honestly, where did this little girl come from, but she read the poem of our countryman so that goosebumps ran the size of a cockroach. Squinting, almost in the same breath, but great to read.

Often it was. People left the column and gave flowers to veterans. And this little girl shouted “Thank you!” So ​​that, probably, the whole square was heard.

People walked, walked, walked ... The leadership frankly steamed in the sun of the square, but the flow of people continued to go past. With shouts, shouting "Hurray!"

I do not know how you can count all those who participated in the passage, it is difficult to say how many thousands there were. But such a thought occurred to us: we were taught to survive. Well taught, and their, and foreign partners. And the robbery of the country, and sanctions. Almost got to make us repent before the whole world, for what we are, what we are. Almost humiliated our victory. Almost trampled in the mud of our banners. Almost beat us in 1991 and in 1941.


What a capacious word, dear.

But this is not considered "almost." And so that they would not talk about the idea of ​​the "Regiment", which we no longer have a regiment, but rather, the army, judging by the number, did not have enough.

And it turned out that we can both remember and honor. And to revive from the ashes is the Russian national tradition in general. We will revive and tomorrow what seemed to be forever lost yesterday. And here we still have work - the edge is no end.

But - we get up. Little by little, but we get up. And pride in the affairs of their ancestors - this is the starting step. Today, he spat on home and dacha affairs and devoted a holiday to just passing an hour in a column with people like you yourself, showing that we remember and are proud not just in words - this is already a small victory.

We get up, we get up. No matter how much those who are not with us would like to. And our war is still to come. And not only with modern enemies. But with a legacy that she tried with all her might to humiliate our spirit and spit on our history.

We still have a lot of fights ahead. But today's day gives hope that we will win them. Slowly, hard, with big losses, but we will win.

However, historically it has always been with the Russians.
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 10 May 2016 06: 41
    Only the whole World, all peoples, can and should defend the Truth about the Great Patriotic War!
    1. Finches
      Finches 10 May 2016 07: 21
      The idea of ​​the "Immortal Regiment" is unique! For our country, our people, this is the unifying and national idea - the People is the winner! Not for the sake of PR, but from a pure heart, a spiritual impulse, people think about those generations who, at the cost of their lives, made the world what it is now. Many people are rethinking many things and somewhere a reassessment of values ​​...! When yesterday I saw, after passing the Immortal Regiment, how a group of 20-year-old boys and girls sang the immortal lines of Okudzhava with a guitar, chorus: "The planet is burning and spinning, Smoke over our Motherland, So we need one Victory! One for all, We will not stand for the price! ", even a lump in my throat smoked and I realized that no NATO has a single chance to bring Russia to its knees! Not now, not in the future!
      1. Yura
        Yura 10 May 2016 07: 34
        Quote: Finches
        The idea of ​​the "Immortal Regiment" is unique! For our country, our people, this is the unifying and national idea - the People is the winner!

        That's right, at first when I first learned about this procession, I was not at all opposed, but it seemed that it was not quite modest to march in the ranks next to those who were no longer there. But then I thought that nothing happens just like that, everything that happens has a reason and a reason, I remembered that I had heard: "and the dead will rise ...". Our ancestors, they are our protectors, saints.
        1. Andrey K
          Andrey K 10 May 2016 08: 15
          Indeed, you cannot turn memory on or off.
          If in every family, from generation to generation, the history of ancestors is passed on, the love for loved ones is instilled, for the land on which he grew up, it is simply impossible to defeat such a people, and to impose false values ​​too.
          "This is not necessary for the dead, it is needed for the living!" - Right words!!!
          Our children will continue our work soldier
          1. jjj
            jjj 10 May 2016 09: 30
            The "Regiment" became a demonstration of the manifestation of personal and family feelings in relation to memory, history and the Motherland. There are a lot of young people and children. The West will not be able to organize another Bolotnaya
            1. Thrall
              Thrall 10 May 2016 09: 48
              "Russia will become a Great Power when the dead rise from the graves and become on a par with the living."
              1. The comment was deleted.
              2. 0000
                0000 10 May 2016 13: 31

                [quote = Thrall] Wang:
                1. Dimontius
                  Dimontius 10 May 2016 18: 00
                  Thank you, I didn’t know!
                2. 0000
                  0000 11 May 2016 06: 13
            2. Stas57
              Stas57 10 May 2016 10: 04
              Quote: jjj
              The "Regiment" became a demonstration of the manifestation of personal and family feelings in relation to memory, history and the Motherland. There are a lot of young people and children. The West will not be able to organize another Bolotnaya

              and after all, it all began just like a white-tape, anti-para-Putin, Tomsk action, a procession with the prohibition of Soviet symbols in it, and over there, as a people, it remade everything correctly.

              Itself was yesterday, this of course is real unity — the Buryats, Tuvans, Armenians, Georgians, Ukrainians, Russians, all marched together, in one column. I didn’t meet anyone who would go for money
              1. Alena Frolovna
                Alena Frolovna 10 May 2016 17: 36
                And when the grass ripples in the fields,

                And when fireworks burst again on the graves of the dead,

                And when for those who have gone beyond the will, but in the distance others,

                Everywhere and happily they will sing the whole song together.

                Then they’ll stand nearby, as they were, alive,

                Then, with each, rows to shoulder again, they will pass,

                Then they will remember every day, glorious and fighting,

                Then they together, again, from the heart will sing for us all.

                And again, as then, thunders loudly - Victory !!!

                And again, as then, rains again shed tears,

                And again, as then, with them we will drink for Friend, for Grandfather,

                For the Father and for the Son, for Mother and for the Daughter, that having left, they did not leave.

                Oleg Ace
        2. Blondy
          Blondy 10 May 2016 11: 45
          Only facts: from the West, the planet received pederast parades and same-sex marriages, and from Russia - the Immortal Regiment - the procession took place in 40 countries - and feel the difference.
          (about pederast parades - this is the work of moderators, or maybe they are right, at least the essence is clear, otherwise these are all sorts of euphemizing arrogant-Saxon borrowings ...)
          1. GriggoT
            GriggoT 12 May 2016 15: 17
            from Russia - Immortal Regiment - the procession took place in 40 countries - and feel the difference.

            But it’s unpleasant for me, one might say, the position of the leadership of Belarus, or how they emphasize Belarus, is no longer surprising. According to Ukrainian patterns, they are torn from Russia, but there is no particular resistance to this. Soon we will hear Belarus - non-Russia. In Ukraine, it was suggested that there was no common Victory, and, please, Belarus refuses a common history.
            The slogan of the patriotic action “Belarus remembers!”, On Victory Day on May 9 - “This is our Victory with you ...”
            Everything is very neat. Everything is thought out. But water wears away the stone ...
        3. Uncle lee
          Uncle lee 11 May 2016 08: 41
          Quote: Jura
          go in line with those who are no longer

          Our dead will not leave us in trouble
          Our dead are like sentries!
          The sky in the forest is reflected, as in water
          And the trees are blue!

          V. Vysotsky
        4. 30BIS
          30BIS 11 May 2016 20: 23
          Hello mom, we haven’t all returned ...
          Barefoot to run through the dew!
          Half of Europe walked, half of the Earth, -
          We brought this day as best we could.

          This Victory Day smelled of gunpowder.
          This is a holiday with gray hair at the temples.
          This is joy with tears in his eyes.
          Victory Day! Victory Day! Victory Day! ---------- The main thing in this procession is pride in your own .. Tears for dead relatives. Scream - We are the people! We are proud people! We remembered that we are PEOPLE. We have something and whom we are proud of and pass on this memory to our children and grandchildren.
      2. iliya87
        iliya87 11 May 2016 15: 29
        While there is no one, God grant that it would be so!
    2. starshina78
      starshina78 10 May 2016 20: 11
      What administrative resource can we talk about if the children and grandchildren of the pilots of the Normandie-Niemen squadron from France took part in the Immortal Regiment action in Moscow? They specially came to Moscow to pass with photographs of their fathers and grandfathers. There were visitors from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia, and other countries. No administrative resource can make such a motley audience gather. And how many people the "Immortal Regiment" made to look for any data about their relatives who were missing or simply forgotten over the years and distant kinship!
    3. apostoll
      apostoll 12 May 2016 15: 13
      I fully support you, but do not forget
      that once a year we all remember our common misfortune and HUGE VICTORY !!!, and then for a year we forget ...
      We shoot down veterans with cool German jeeps, we bring the blockade grandmothers to a heart attack because of a pack of oil in Magnets, and we just frankly don't pay attention to old people who feel bad on the street in the heat or cold ...
      And what about the education of youth, I’m generally afraid to say: pay attention to how many pro-fascist organizations and youth movements are organized in Russia, and they work more than once a year, but all the time ... every day and every day ... did you pay attention to how often in your city, on your streets flickers the image of a swastika?
      Am I all this for what? Do not forget about the prevention of Nazism! You need to push in the bud ... If you think that in Ukraine the Nazis fell suddenly out of nowhere, then you are mistaken, they have been brought up for years, and they are doing it under your nose, both in Russia and Belarus ... .
      Pay attention more often ... DO NOT BE INDIFFERENT to manifestations of even elementary cruelty and perhaps WE WILL WORLDWIDE can avoid another bloodshed ...
      Live "NABELO" without drafts, so that later you will not be ashamed of "years spent aimlessly" ...
  2. hohryakov066
    hohryakov066 10 May 2016 06: 47
    A real national holiday! As long as we remember - we can’t be broken!
    1. OlegV
      OlegV 10 May 2016 07: 45
      Quote: hohryakov066
      A real national holiday! As long as we remember - we can’t be broken!

      Quite rightly ...

      Good memory to the heroes of the defenders.
      1. Spnsr
        Spnsr 10 May 2016 12: 19
        if you put aside religion! this is real faith !!!
        and one who refuses to believe in ancestors! will receive a foreign religion, whether it be Islam, Catholicism, or any other religion that rejects faith in their ancestors or replaces their holiness with their interpretation !!!
        1. gladcu2
          gladcu2 10 May 2016 18: 11

          Religion is not dependent on faith. Whether God exists or not does not depend on religion. Religion is power using moral control to achieve the goal. Religion also unites believers.
          1. Spnsr
            Spnsr 10 May 2016 20: 48
            Quote: gladcu2
            Religion is not dependent on faith. Whether God exists or not does not depend on religion. Religion is power using moral control to achieve the goal. Religion also unites believers.

            I don’t quite understand what you are talking about, but in continuation of your comment, you can add that when people begin to lose touch with their ancestors! (I mean not only parents’s commemoration, namely the connection with morality with the values ​​of ancestors), religion comes to the rescue, which can already be interpreted in any direction!
            and replace concepts, and holiness!
            1. gladcu2
              gladcu2 10 May 2016 21: 19

              It's good that you asked a question.

              Worst of all is not understanding. Will explain.

              I gave a definition of religion. From the perspective in which religion is necessary to perceive, it would be worthwhile to have an idea of ​​the structure of the world.

              To correctly see the event you need to be a pragmatist and often also a cynic. Many religion is perceived as holiness, which is unity. But if you want to know the world, then you need to go to the category of power.
              1. shasherin.pavel
                shasherin.pavel 11 May 2016 18: 23
                Quote: gladcu2
                holiness, that is unity.

                Holiness = rather "taboo" or inviolability! Take it at least ancient Russia, at least Hyperborea, even Judea. You cannot touch the "holy"; you must not touch what is given "into the holy", just as you could not touch the "ark of the covenant" of the Lord. Here I disagree with you. Unity is a "church" - which means "circle", and from that "compasses", "circus" and a circle of communication or unity. The church is what unites.
        2. shasherin.pavel
          shasherin.pavel 11 May 2016 18: 13
          Quote: SpnSr
          if you put aside religion

          religion = faith
          Quote: SpnSr
          this is real faith !!!

          Quote: SpnSr
          and one who refuses to believe in ancestors!

          The first prince to adopt the Christian religion in Russia was Prince Oskold and his squad, who was killed by the pagan brother of Rurik, the pagan Oleg Veshchiy (broadcasting from the veche - to speak), Later, Rurik's son, in the footsteps of his wife Rurik, was baptized by himself and baptized Rus of Kiev.
          Can you please tell me what faith of your ancestors do you mean? Pagan Rurik, or Olga who converted to Christianity? Maybe this is too deep for you by historical standards? Then make a choice from the times of Peter the Great, when, by order of the Metropolitan and Tsar of All Russia, Peter Alekseevich, the soldiers carried out the order: "Drive their filthy heretics into the church and burn everyone together with their filthy icons." Having become emperor, Peter I changed his anger to mercy and imposed an additional tax on the Old Believers of the Avakumites, but forbade them to hold mass services. Do you adhere to the Old Believers or Nikon?
          Quote: SpnSr
          other religions that reject faith in ancestors

          And what about Christianity, which struggled with the faith of our ancestors in Yarilo and Perun and the goddess Glory, on whose behalf the whole Slavic clan went.
          Islam rejects the pagan faith just as Christianity and true Islam do not deny Christianity or replace it with force. "And no one can change or deny a single word of the prophet Isa (Jesus)" says one of the adats. Less pathos if you do not know the history of Russia and Russia at all. For your ignorance of the history of Russia and religious studies, I do not give you a grade, since it will be below the plinth. By the way: Catholics are also Christians and their Bible is no different from ours, which was copied from the communist translation of the Atheist publishing house in 1963.
          1. Spnsr
            Spnsr 11 May 2016 21: 28
            Quote: shasherin.pavel
            I don’t give you ratings

            too, I just really won’t give any ratings, even for the fact that you didn’t see for your memorization, that I didn’t say the faith of my ancestors, that in general it doesn’t go to the topic of the article, but the emphasis was placed on faith in my ancestors !!!
            I will not look for concepts about faith of ancestors, for this there will not be enough permissible number of characters in the comment! I will only emphasize that go to any church, any Orthodox church and you will see the faces of the saints! and now the question is not the same as before the beginning of the 17th century
            Quote: shasherin.pavel
            by the faith of our ancestors in Yarilo and Perun and the goddess Glory on whose behalf the whole Slavic clan went
            I just ask you not to shine with your knowledge of the interpretation that you interpret! otherwise, the impression is the ossification of consciousness and perception, determined once by learned lessons, and not the ability to see in the same texts, I will not talk about the truth, we were not there at that time, but a different kind of story
            Quote: shasherin.pavel
            What about Christianity, which struggled with the faith of our ancestors
            this is the same interpretation, only did Christianity fight !!!? here you can talk a lot about whether it was or wasn’t and whether it was anyway, you sound one interpretation, I can sound another, you can use the example of a not so distant past, you can just change the government, and new rulers with a new ideology began to replace those saints to those who, from their point of view, were full of holiness! (roughly, but as an example, the era of Stalin, which was before him, during and after him, and Ukraine, to help you, and this is a minimum of examples!)
            and now the worst thing for your consciousness!
            Quote: shasherin.pavel
            Muslims also reject pagan faith, as Christianity and true Islam does not deny Christianity and does not replace it with force.

            judging by modern history and a history more or less described in view of the fact that there were already parties that in one way or another would not have kept the facts silent! then all the religions you have listed are already derived from a once unified faith, only they recognize Isa! but abandoned the remaining common ancestors! (a somewhat distant, and cruel, comparison for your consciousness, but many republics of the USSR are already, relative to the Immortal regiment!)
            and from here Faith is not religion!
            in ordinary language, Faith in ancestors is the continuity of their morality and purity, their values ​​!!! religion, a set of laws, beyond which God forbid to stumble!
  3. Dmitry Potapov
    Dmitry Potapov 10 May 2016 07: 05
    I watched military equipment in Moscow yesterday, I saw the faces of people both Russian and non-Russian, I look at the faces in these photographs and I understand that we are not victorious!
  4. free
    free 10 May 2016 07: 06
    Glory to the fallen, praise for the memory!
  5. EvgNik
    EvgNik 10 May 2016 07: 07
    we were taught to survive. Well taught, both domestic and foreign partners. And the robbery of the country, and sanctions. It almost turned out to make us repent to the whole world for the fact that we are what we are. Almost humbled our victory. Almost trampled into the mud our banners. Almost defeated us in 1991 and in 1941.

    Well said. In fact, we were taught to survive. always. And taught. On your head.
  6. Tamanskiy
    Tamanskiy 10 May 2016 07: 23
    They are trying to throw us into a hole, but they don’t understand that every hole for a Russian is a trench!
  7. parusnik
    parusnik 10 May 2016 07: 32
    ..And our "opposition" .. fled from the Immortal Regiment ...
    1. Dryuya2
      Dryuya2 10 May 2016 09: 05
      Quote: parusnik
      .And our "opposition" ..

      Dmitry Puchkov (Goblin) has a lot of correct words in the program on the topic of the opposition good
      1. Darkness
        Darkness 10 May 2016 10: 35
        In Goblin, Boris Yulin very well told by whom, why this action was created.
    2. The point
      The point 10 May 2016 10: 51
      They are terribly far from the people. And the people are not along the way with them.
      In the photo of the village. Dzhonka, Khabarovsk Territory, Nanai District.
      1. lelikas
        lelikas 10 May 2016 11: 38
        Yesterday Peter -
      2. Yura
        Yura 10 May 2016 14: 47
        Quote: Maksud
        In the photo of the village. Dzhonka, Khabarovsk Territory, Nanai District.
        The photograph shows that there are no spectators, that is, not for the audience, this is all, not a bit of window dressing, it's all true.
        1. shasherin.pavel
          shasherin.pavel 11 May 2016 18: 35
          I am not a prophet, but I think that in the coming years the immortal regiment will not have spectators - the whole essence of the holiday will be in this single movement of the regiment, when not rallies and speeches will be the main ones, (there will be no one to speak to, since everyone will first stand in column of an immortal regiment), first, people of an immortal regiment will come to the city center and fill the square, and then speeches and triumphs.
    3. Koshak
      Koshak 10 May 2016 17: 00
      well, good riddance to them! wassat
  8. Irokez
    Irokez 10 May 2016 07: 45
    There has always been, is and will be who to protect life.
  9. dsm100
    dsm100 10 May 2016 07: 53
    When you look at these photos, it’s breathtaking. And I have not survived a single photo of my grandfather. Sorry.
  10. SveTok
    SveTok 10 May 2016 08: 35
    I am glad that many countries joined this movement and against this background the Immortal Regiment is a unifying movement against all the scum on earth.
    1. NEXUS
      NEXUS 12 May 2016 11: 45
      Quote: SveTok
      I am glad that many countries joined this movement and against this background the Immortal Regiment is a unifying movement against all the scum on earth.

      The procession of the Immortal Regiment is like a litmus paper ... And from those who dodged, lied and were hypocritical, "caring for the Fatherland", this procession rips off the masks, clearly showing who is with us, who is a patriot, and who is a werewolf fed with the Western dollar.
  11. AndreyS
    AndreyS 10 May 2016 08: 35
    "... I hope that this is not a local feature: there are a lot of children, and even older people in the form of those years ..."
    There is no local feature. We have the same minimum cap, a lot of such small soldiers in the form of those years, and most importantly, the children are happy!
  12. drop
    drop 10 May 2016 08: 40
    My grandchildren also came with a portrait of my great-grandfather, who died on the Leningrad front of 27 December 1941. I have the honor.
  13. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 10 May 2016 09: 02
    It should be natural, like breathing - to be proud of your homeland! And the "Immortal Regiment" is the need for the people to feel that they are one and cannot be divided by anyone or anything. This is how to feel when everything is together, with the spinal cord ...
    Roman - a separate respect, thank you, recalled his hometown, has not been there for a long time, I remembered a lot ...
    1. BARKHAN
      BARKHAN 11 May 2016 12: 58
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      It should be as natural as breathing - be proud of your homeland.

      Beautiful thank you.
      I watched on TV, already goosebumps and tears in my eyes ...
      It's just a huge wave of energy, almost physically tangible, overwhelming you and filling everything around.
      Thanks to Roman for the article.
      I am proud. I remember. I believe. We cannot win.
      But all the same, it’s a bit rotten on television about the silence of Stalin’s role ... Victory is great. But the commander-in-chief, as it were, has nothing to do with it. It doesn’t happen like this in history. It never happens. There is always a leader.
      The kingdom of heaven and eternal memory to all the dead!
      And to my great-grandfathers who gave their lives for me ...
      Kalinin Ivan Vasilievich and Deitsev Gerasim Maksimovich.
  14. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 10 May 2016 09: 06
    Yes, children and grandchildren should be led to such events. It is here, as nowhere else, that the continuity and connection of generations is felt. It is here that the seeds of patriotism are sown, a feeling of ownership and unity with the Feat of our people.
  15. 31rus2
    31rus2 10 May 2016 09: 08
    Dear, what are you talking about? What kind of article? What resources do not touch with dirty hands, on May 9, alas, served and saw all the actions in Belgorod and in neighboring settlements, could not be conveyed with words, people's eyes were burning, everyone congratulated each other , children, youth shone from the happiness of being involved in the great, the huge, people who were older were not shy about tears, and you are some kind of administrative resource. Do not touch the sacred
    1. Tanya
      Tanya 10 May 2016 09: 20
      Last year, 12 thousand people came to Belgorod. And in this - almost 30000! The eyes burned not only among those who walked in the convoy, but also among those who served on that day, the spectators, and the correspondents. It was awesome !!!
    2. Kombrig
      Kombrig 10 May 2016 16: 45
      Quote: 31rus2
      What article? What resources do not touch with dirty hands,

      The author, just wanted to say that only with the sincere desire of people does this action have the strength and power that we have been seeing for the last few years, if only it does not turn into a routine event with a mandatory presence .....
      Some time ago I was very skeptical about this action, but for the last two years I have been observing colossal processions where ordinary people pay tribute to their ancestors and their eyes really shine ... because I am inclined to think that I was wrong.
      And as for the administrative resource .. The son of a friend came home from school and asked for a photo of his great-grandfather just for the "Immortal Regiment", the friend was very surprised, because the son knows perfectly well that the great-grandfather died shortly before the beginning of the Second World War, to which he replied that the teacher allowed (if only the photo was old), the friend went to school, but the teacher said that what difference does it make with which portrait his son will pass, in general, mutual understanding did not happen ... In order not to deprive the boy of the opportunity to pass in the honor column, we compromised - the son learned biography of one of the pioneers - heroes and dad printed out his portrait ... Everything is clear with the guy, but with the teacher? It is about this danger of the administrative resource that the author writes. Yours faithfully..
  16. uskrabut
    uskrabut 10 May 2016 09: 08
    The idea of ​​the Immortal regiment is ingenious and very necessary. I am delighted with the author's photos - thanks, countryman! Happy Great Victory Day of the Soviet people!
  17. luxprofi
    luxprofi 10 May 2016 09: 12
    Everything is good and correct. Only one thing jars. Concealment of the role of the Supreme Commander in the Great Victory. And the bashful drapery of the Mausoleum. Soloviev on May 9 continued to broadcast about the "bloody tyrant". This is strange. Although, on the other hand, he is just a mouthpiece for power circles. Talkative "six".
    1. Russiamoy
      Russiamoy 10 May 2016 09: 48
      The same thing comes to mind. And I do not like what year the president says that he congratulates on the Victory in the Great Patriotic War and all. Over whom? Unclear. They want to be politically correct and why. We must say so as before over the fascist German invaders. And as if they fought with themselves. The Immortal Regiment is a very good idea. We ourselves have been in the second year in the ranks with photos of our grandfathers. But here in Astrakhan we were poorly organized: they were quickly crumpled without special attention to veterans, only ordinary citizens gave them flowers. But on the other hand, the jerks of volunteers and volunteers constantly yelled at people to go almost in line, and when old grannies turned, they refused help. But I look at other cities and my heart rejoices. It all depends on the leadership of the city.
      1. vsdvs
        vsdvs 10 May 2016 10: 21
        In St. Petersburg, the vigilantes helped if, for example, you need to get out of the convoy with a child to the toilet - they will hold a protecting ribbon and tell you where to get closer and help you get back. But those who simply wanted to cross Nevsky were politely sent to the underpass.
      2. 31rus2
        31rus2 10 May 2016 10: 43
        A tradition respected in the USSR, whatever the president, prime minister, leader or minister would come to visit, to negotiate, first a wreath and a bow to the monument to the Unknown Soldier, and then things should be done, like this now and now, they must be forced to bow and pay tribute to the fallen soldiers
  18. mihasik
    mihasik 10 May 2016 09: 52
    While people WANT to believe and remember, Russia will always be. Unfortunately in the 90s it was different ...
    But while the veterans are alive, no one will be able to rewrite history and memory.
    May 9. Gorky Park. Rostov-on-Don. Grandfather hurries on a holiday.
  19. mihasik
    mihasik 10 May 2016 09: 56
    Immortal regiment in Rostov-on-Don:
    1. BARKHAN
      BARKHAN 11 May 2016 16: 26
      Penza. Immortal regiment.
  20. nobody14
    nobody14 10 May 2016 10: 45
    Yunna Moritz

    Immortal Regiment

    In Russia, one must live after death,
    Russia is the birthplace of the Immortal Regiment.
    The devils howl and howl with terror
    Recognizing the Immortal Regiment from afar.

    When the Immortal Regiment of history,
    The devil is shaking from all sides:
    Immortal Regiment - the defender of the territory,
    So that we do not become food for the ravens.

    Immortal Regiment - he is of all peoples faces,
    Which in Russia - with all my heart.
    And the share of worthless devil is angry,
    What an Immortal Regiment we have!

    The Immortal Regiment, in its sacred power -
    "Slanderers of Russia" - forever!
    And after death you have to live in Russia,
    In the vastness of the Immortal Regiment.
  21. Koshel2901
    Koshel2901 10 May 2016 10: 58
    The Ministry of Economic Development proposed to limit the growth of income of Russians (
    51635 & lang = ru & lr = 213). Metallurgical enterprises (Mechel, etc.) have raised the price of metal by 30%. "Teddy bear" and his team are driving everyone into a big ... Frozen wages, high prices for food and goods, a sharp decline in purchasing power, as a result - the closure of enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, an increase in unemployment, etc. And the oligarchs are more alive than all the living. They put a big and hard one on education .... Are the 90s on the threshold again? But what about our guarantor? Where is he? Gave everything to the "plush"? The guarantor lifts our spirit, but the "plushie" and his command squeeze our throats? Is it so? Our memory, history and patriotism are NECESSARY! But we are being driven into a corner again. What's next? And when will we wait for the actions of our guarantor INSIDE the country and for us, and not for the oligarchy?
    You can put cons, even interesting.
    1. Darkness
      Darkness 10 May 2016 11: 06
      We are led into fascism, which is not surprising.
      1. gladcu2
        gladcu2 10 May 2016 20: 39

        You also noticed the trend very correctly. Fascism in Russia is possible as an economically social device.

        Fascism has the following brief definition.

        Fascism is the merger of large private capital and the state with the full support of the proletariat. The main reason for the union is opposition to an external threat. Or the ideology of national superiority.

        There is such a thing.

        Imagine capitalism in the following form. Three cowboys sit in the wild west and play cards for money. Each of them has a colt on hand. Go into reality.
        In the country there are oligarchs, each with a military formation at hand.

        What would such a reality not be. There is a state that, like a Colt, is ready to bast any cowboy or oligarch schuller.

        If the state is weak, then they are bending it, or take it as a share to a strong oligarch. Then all together they begin to rob people. And so that people do not rebel, they create an ideological mantra, a reason. Either an external threat or national superiority. And this whole thing is supported by the proletarian masses. Fascism.

        But in Russia, apparently the following situation. In Russia, there is a struggle for power. And the State, the Russian Guard along with the people will wage their struggle for power.

        Why is this conclusion made? Answer. "
        Immortal Regiment ", organized and provided by the state. This is a demonstration of the unity of the state and the people.
        Although, to be objective, the word "people" creates an inconvenience to use as it suggests a very broad concept.
        Inside, the people are not united. Though...
        1. gladcu2
          gladcu2 10 May 2016 22: 09
          By the way, in support of the conclusions and the above.

          Rosguard. Why is it created? From GDP, the following explanation is received. In order for the state to save on a single form of management of various structures. But he did not add that there would be no confrontation within the power structures, since this is the interception of the vertical of power.

          Question. Who could seize power? The answer is obvious from the explanations above.
    2. gladcu2
      gladcu2 10 May 2016 18: 45

      You're right. You have all definitely noticed. And it is clear that you understand where the dog rummaged.
      What you are talking about is an economic imbalance. Economics is a science designed to regulate the balanced distribution of material resources. The economy fulfills its function by establishing laws of relationship.
      Since the state is the institution of adoption and control of laws. That state and economy have common functions.

      If the state regresses the impoverishment of the overwhelming majority, then the state is not effective. Law revision required. What should the cabinet do?
    3. parafoiler
      parafoiler 10 May 2016 19: 12
      Wallet, do not blur the topic under discussion!
  22. Russia
    Russia 10 May 2016 11: 04
    And the children and I went along with our Grandfathers!
  23. Aleksander
    Aleksander 10 May 2016 11: 14
    And no such procession administrative resource not arrange. Today we can say with confidence that the "Immortal Regiment" received precisely the popular support.

    No administrative resource will work! In Chisinau, on the contrary, this resource was aimed at disrupting the "Immortal Regiment" and suppressing it. In addition, Victory Day coincided with the official day of commemoration of the dead - Radonitsa. And never, by any force and for any price, it would have been possible to distract people from visiting the graves of their relatives that day. And only Victory Day was able to invite people to celebrate the Victory and honor the veterans. There was a huge impulse among people so that their beloved grandfathers, great-grandfathers would go once more in the column of winners. They carried portraits on homemade posters, simply pasted on cardboard, in folders, files, framed portraits taken from the walls, both small and large, who had something to thank their grandfathers for the VICTORY with this march. There were a lot of young people, children, even babies ... The column stretched for kilometers, there were about 50 thousand people - the largest "Immortal regiment" outside Russia.
  24. tolyasik0577
    tolyasik0577 10 May 2016 11: 15
    Here is a national idea for you. A real idea. The main thing is not to break your forehead. It is necessary not only to understand the role of our ancestors in the great victory, but also the price for which they paid for it. So that the descendants of our fathers understand that we are not just winners. This is not a hockey game, this is a great sacrifice for freedom. Precisely "FREEDOM, and so that all sorts of jerks do not grumble," who needed it, why all these sacrifices? !!. Now they would be drinking Bavarian beer. "
    1. BARKHAN
      BARKHAN 11 May 2016 16: 38
      Quote: tolyasik0577
      Here is the national idea for you. Real idea. The main forehead is not to break

      The enemy will understand this too soon, and a massive attack will begin.
      This is precisely the banner into which the people can rally. The holy memory of the ancestors. The earth is covered with blood and sweat of our ancestors. A common history. A common past and future.
      Well, what about our traitors ... Where were Chubais, Navalny and others on that day? Here he is a test for his own and others, like holy water of demons ... You just need to put a ribbon of St. George on your forehead and see if foam comes from your mouth ...
  25. volodya
    volodya 10 May 2016 11: 49
    People gather in advance, no one drives them, as before at the demonstration. So everything is right, everything is right!
  26. Consul-t
    Consul-t 10 May 2016 12: 31
    Thanks so much for the selection of photos.
    This is history and the fact that the people came out and showed all the liberals that our cause is right and that we cannot be broken, it will remain. And no matter how much they yap, there are more of us!
  27. Obolensky
    Obolensky 10 May 2016 13: 12
    Everything is written correctly. And photos to goosebumps. Thanks to the author.
  28. Ros 56
    Ros 56 10 May 2016 13: 20
    That is how it should be. This is the true connection of generations. And whoever forgets about this is the finished Judas of the human race.
  29. The comment was deleted.
  30. asiat_61
    asiat_61 10 May 2016 15: 55
    I read everything with pleasure. Thank you all, and Happy Holiday.
  31. Konstantin Yu
    Konstantin Yu 10 May 2016 16: 56
    In my opinion, that Feat of the Grandfathers saves us even now, and how wise it is in the song "... not to lie, not to ditch, nor to turn off the road." Happy holiday, my people! Proud for you ...
  32. yastr
    yastr 10 May 2016 17: 32
    In St. Petersburg, they simply shook the banner "We won because we were all together", which was carried in national costumes by the inhabitants of our southern republics.
    In general, it is very difficult to see such a mass of people with portraits of heroes, many of whom did not return from the battle. The lump in his throat stood from so many ruined lives and destinies ..
  33. Nickname
    Nickname 10 May 2016 18: 50
    Interestingly, and someone saw in Moscow, in the convoy of the Immortal Regiment physiognomy Fili Kirkorov and other pid .. sticheskih shuchey lyceedeev and buffoons? After all, they all also had grandfathers and grandmothers. Where were they at that time (and grandfathers and their good-natured grandchildren)?
  34. Laksamana besar
    Laksamana besar 10 May 2016 19: 06
    Participated in Moscow, spent almost 5 hours in total. The emotional lift is amazing.
  35. Irokez
    Irokez 10 May 2016 19: 08
    There has always been, is and will be who to protect life.
    Quote: Russiamoya
    And I do not like what year the president says that he congratulates on the Victory in the Great Patriotic War and all. Over whom? Unclear. They want to be politically correct and why. We must say so as before over the fascist German invaders.

    In those days, there were fascists, not only German. And Italy, And Japan and their allies. This hour is called in one word Fascism and therefore it is no longer necessary to list the names of countries. It is possible to agree even to the point that against Russian Fascism, we also have underground cells promoting fascism.
    One word Fascism and victory over it and nothing more is needed and this is a capacious word for everyone.

    Fascism will not pass, period.
    1. mark021105
      mark021105 10 May 2016 19: 53
      The president, by the way, said in his speech that the war was not only with the Germans, but also against many European states. I also noted that he especially dwelled on the feat of the home front workers, who provided our Victory with their heroic labor. Maybe he used to say this in his speeches, but yesterday these words were especially wedged in my memory. He also spoke of the tremendous work of organizing the evacuation of industrial enterprises from the western regions of the Soviet Union, emphasizing, thereby, the role of state leaders, as it seemed to me ... hi
  36. epsilon571
    epsilon571 10 May 2016 19: 44
    Today Radonitsa is the Great Day of Commemoration of the Dead. "Immortal regiment" is also Radonitsa, let's rejoice friends: for the souls of our grandfathers, fathers and great-grandfathers, for the souls of our unselfish grandmothers and mothers, for the souls of our untimely dead sons and daughters - for all Russian people who gave their lives for their Motherland, for the People, for our great future with you! I am proud that I live and was born in Russia, I am a Russian person, and the memory of a heroic ancestor is in my blood. It is impossible to defeat us, we are immortal, and therefore - Happy holiday, my dears, and be happy!
  37. mark021105
    mark021105 10 May 2016 19: 58
    I believe and hope that the "Immortal Regiment" is one of the first and most significant building blocks in the reunification and unification of the divided and divided peoples of our Great Motherland!
  38. dropout
    dropout 10 May 2016 21: 16
    KERCH - the city of Hero! Immortal Regiment - 2016 - 5 thousand participants
  39. dropout
    dropout 10 May 2016 21: 18
    Kerch is a hero city! 2016 - the whole city came out!
  40. Falconmg
    Falconmg 11 May 2016 07: 21
    If we could unite not only on Victory Day, but also at such moments when we need to defend the future of our children, our standard of living, against the arbitrariness of the authorities and corruption ... We would live completely differently. Unfortunately, we can unite only when our country is under threat of its existence, and even then not always. But we cannot come out as amicably when the authorities spit in our face with Vasilyeva, when the mega economists headed by Medvedev to the question: "How to get more milk from a cow, but at the same time spend less on feed, I answer - milk her more, and feed less, "they do not know other methods of running the country. We look at it in silence, that's why we live the way we live. Do not think, I am not calling for the Maidan ... Sorry that is not the topic.
  41. Sevastopol
    Sevastopol 11 May 2016 08: 11
    We in Sevastopol also had a lot of people:
  42. Free wind
    Free wind 11 May 2016 08: 50
    Everything is great !!!!!!! Happy holiday to you !!!!!!!! Only now they are afraid of us like fire, they are afraid of Putin and his henchmen, they are afraid that we recall that a huge number of Red Army soldiers who fought against the Nazis threw off the king, won the civil war and repelled foreign intervention. All their hatred was shown on Victory Day by the prosecutor of Crimea Polonskaya. She walked with a drawing of Nicholas 2. walked in front of the column with portraits of veterans of which this king was shooting. She was afraid, around her there were about 5 guards, to be seen from the National Guard. They completely lost their conscience.
    1. Old warrior
      Old warrior 11 May 2016 12: 13
      I would like to know who framed her so.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Dillinjer
      Dillinjer 11 May 2016 22: 38
      Well, to be honest, the Tsar, who was shot 20 years ago before the Second World War, could not shoot its participants, but I don’t agree about the fact that the revolution was not organized by foreign states. According to forecasts (at the beginning of the 20th century) in 100 years, Russia will become an absolute leader in the world arena, both economically and politically, unfortunately due to the civil war, and many other factors, including the current power, we see the exact opposite.
  43. lukewarm
    lukewarm 11 May 2016 09: 23
    The Immortal Regiment shows that memory is still alive. If not collective, then family, through grandfathers and great-grandfathers. "There is no such family in Russia where its hero was not remembered." Indeed, the holiday is holy, it is very symbolic that this year it again coexisted with Easter.
    Now on the article. The poster "Sorry for wild capitalism" caught my eye (as life shows, it never happens to be different, it only pretends to be). And in the SAME Voronezh, in the SAME days in the hospital they humiliate, extort money for a free operation and rob a veteran. And so they remained ... Interestingly, these "doctors" also walked in columns? I think they were rather "planting potato". In general, we begin to be aware of ourselves. This is gratifying. But the process is long, it is slow and not for everyone. It seems that with this capitalism, in terms of spirituality and patriotism, we have irrevocably lost very many. Alas.
  44. dorogvalera
    dorogvalera 11 May 2016 11: 23
    While we hold parades, in other countries, the desire to hold our parade disappears in our squares. As long as there is memory, we will not forget that there were people who wanted to hold such parades.
  45. NordUral
    NordUral 11 May 2016 13: 09
    Not sentimental, but tears welling. Thanks again to the grandfathers! We need to beg forgiveness from them for being weaklings in '91.
  46. Londa
    Londa 11 May 2016 13: 36
    Also, tears welling up in his eyes, looking at these photos.)
  47. BEECH 1972
    BEECH 1972 11 May 2016 14: 23
    One more extremely important thing remained. Finally, find the time, strength and means to go to the places of the most fierce battles of the whole world and worthily bury all the fallen soldiers. Immortal regiment is necessary and very important, but to render the last honor to the fallen heroes is no less important and honorable. After all, they look at us their descendants, including from these very photographs, look and wait, when at last we their grandchildren and great-grandchildren will fulfill their sacred duty.
  48. Playerman
    Playerman 11 May 2016 17: 51
    Thank you Roman !!! Words are like nails, but photos? Words can not convey. +
  49. Lus
    Lus 11 May 2016 18: 19
    I really want to believe that the history of the Great Patriotic War will take its rightful place in school curricula in textbooks. to educate patriotism on the examples of war heroes is very correct. Still, the reality following Victory Day corresponded to the upsurge that one is experiencing these days. Pride, solidarity, confidence ... once common feelings. Now they are amazing and life-affirming. Wouldn't lose them in everyday life ... A very strong action "Immortal Regiment"!
  50. NBN
    NBN 11 May 2016 19: 26
    On the role of Stalin.
    Folk art is a joke.
    Tribune of the stadium. The German team rolled out the Russian team.
    Russian fan to German: "Yes, today we lost, but in 45 we will clean you up ..."
    German to Russian: "Uh, dear, then your coach was different !!!"

    In Stavropol in the Immortal regiment in 2015 there were about 12 thousand, in this - about 15!