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Planet after ISIS

From the May reports on the situation in those sectors of the Syrian and Iraqi fronts, where the militants of the so-called Islamic State take part in the hostilities:

The Syrian government army seized the initiative from the IG terrorists in the province of Deir ez-Zor.

The Iraqi army and militia forces lifted the blockade of the Hadith settlement. The blockade was carried out by ISIS militants for about a year and a half.

Representatives of the so-called Syrian opposition from “Jaish al-Islam” detachments attacked positions of ISIL militants in the east of Damascus province in order to knock out the igilovtsev from the territories under their control.

The Syrian army successfully attacked the positions of ISIS in the east of Homs, knocking out terrorists from their positions in the height of Jebel Gizel.

IG militants were driven out of four villages north of Aleppo.

The Russian Space Forces conducted effective air strikes against ISIS positions north of Palmyra, giving the Syrian army the opportunity to further advance.

Planet after ISIS

Territories controlled by ISIS have decreased by about a third over the past six months. At the same time, several large groups that are part of the so-called “Islamic State” are cut off from each other and deprived of the opportunity to carry out mutual fire and economic support.

Against this background, the frequent press in the Western press, in which high-ranking politicians and military officials argue about when the terrorist group "Islamic State" will be finally defeated, draws attention to itself. An interesting fact is that the greatest optimism about this is felt in ... Finland. The Finnish brigadier General Petri Hulkko in an interview with local journalists reported on his views on this matter. According to Hulkko, "the situation of the igilovtsy is deplorable." According to the Finnish general, ISIS’s lamentability lies in both air strikes and the igilovtsy lost the lion’s share of their funding. Despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of Western countries did not impose economic sanctions on IS at the official level, traffic for the sale of crude oil turned out to be blocked in a number of areas, which the militants hunted for. In addition, two original financial centers (monetary vaults) of the igilovtsevs were destroyed in Iraq.

Taking into account the above factors, Petri Hulkko said that the victory over ISIL will be achieved "by the end of this year." In this case, the Finnish general adds that for the final defeat of ISIS will require a land operation. Apparently, the use of the Syrian and Iraqi government armies on land against ISIS is not impressive for the Finnish military leader. As the spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, says, we are here, you know, we are trying, we are trying to please, we have lost our feet, but he is not impressed with anything (it was said about British Foreign Minister Hammond, who found a tasteless concert in Palmyra) .

Informational portal Yle quotes Petri Hulkko:
I think that from a military point of view, the IS can be overthrown, and this will happen, say, within a year. I cannot say how far the ideology of the IG or individual cells can be broken, but from a military point of view it is quite clear that the caliphate will be defeated sooner or later. However, this requires an attack from land. Need infantry, which will reclaim the land from the IG.

Whether the general is right about the defeat "until the end of the year" or not right - the question, for obvious reasons, is open. Doing that sort of vangany about when (specifically) with ISIS will be finished is a very ungrateful exercise. However, the main question is not so much “when exactly”, but rather “WHAT is after ISIS?” Here it is worth paying attention to the statements of the Finnish general again, if only because they have a rather important remark. And this remark concerns this: even if what is now called pseudochaliphate, DAISH or “Islamic State”, is broken up in Syria and Iraq, then the Igil ideology and the very ISIL grain will disappear at the same time.

There are quite a few factors that indicate that the ideology of this terrorist movement (and this is the seizure of territories when sponsored by certain foreign benefactors) remains alive. One of the factors is related to the fact that the territories controlled by ISIS have long ceased to be limited to Iraq and Syria. Igilovtsy, as they say, took root in Libya and Afghanistan. The groups under their control operate in eastern Africa - in particular, in Somalia. Moreover, ISIS militants flooded Europe. According to German intelligence, only in the territory of the countries of the European Union, the militants of the so-called "Islamic state" are no less than 400 (these are those who have already managed to make war with weapons in hand). But also Turkey, where, until now, the authorities and power structures have strangely not slammed a finger on the closure of the local training camps of ISIL.
The training bases of militants who swore allegiance to ISIL operate in some states and pseudo-states (for example, Kosovo) in the Balkans.

It turns out that the destruction of ISIS and the announcement of the victory over the terrorist "caliphate" in Syria and Iraq is one thing, and the actual burning out of this destructive ideology around the world (which is, to put it mildly, very problematic) is quite another.

As is known from stories, benefactors for adherents of various kinds of extremist, terrorist, Nazi and other similar groups have always been. After the end of the Second World War, quite a few representatives of the Nazi elite rather quietly moved from Europe to the American continent - both to North and South America. As is well known, numerous descendants of those who once burned people in Khatyn and organized the Volyn massacre live in Canada, who swore allegiance to Hitler, trying to prove this very loyalty at any price, even if this price is a brutal murder of children and the elderly.

There will still be those today who decide that a shelter for thugs should be organized, especially if one considers that these thugs have been nurtured by the benefactors themselves from the “civilization of the world and good”. They will be found for the simple reason that, after a while, the thugs may again need them - in one form or another, perhaps under the new “sauce”, but with a “timeless” ideology of chaos and blood. And if suddenly the benefactors do not wish to be, the thugs of the same ISIL themselves managed to prepare for themselves numerous bridgeheads (septic tanks), where you can wait, lick the wounds and re-embody those plans and tasks that were originally set before them by their creators. For the creators do not wish to bury their creature by definition. There is only one logic: what if it (creature) comes in handy again ... It’s generally difficult to believe the opposite when the expenditure side of the military budget of a single state exceeds 600 billion dollars and whose military bases are three to four times more than the countries themselves this planet.
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  1. PKK
    PKK 10 May 2016 06: 40
    Heroes are those who, after the Feast of Our Victory, came early and posted new articles. Respect you guys.
    1. Dembel77
      Dembel77 10 May 2016 07: 05
      After the end of World War II, many representatives of the Nazi elite quite calmly moved from Europe to American mainland - to both North and South America. As is well known, numerous descendants of those who burned people in Khatyn and arranged the Volyn massacre, who swore allegiance to Hitler, trying to prove this very loyalty at all costs, even if this price is the brutal murder of children and old people, live in Canada.
      I won’t be surprised if the remnants of the unfinished Ishilovites find shelter there! The American mainland - has been and remains the source of global evil. And in the foreseeable future, the situation is unlikely to change much. Therefore, something needs to be done with this.
      1. techie
        techie 10 May 2016 08: 13
        The remnants of the unfinished Ishilovites will move to Europe under the guise of refugees. Perhaps even in Finland. Perhaps even the Finnish predictor-general will be able to fight them at home. Then let him show himself. And then he somehow leaves a sofa impression.
      2. kepmor
        kepmor 10 May 2016 08: 45
        Eh, Yellowstone would wake up - here's the Stalin channel between Mexico and Canada ....
        And do nothing!
        I’m joking, however ....
        1. Aryan
          Aryan 11 May 2016 01: 30
          Quote: kepmor
          Eh, Yellowstone would wake up - here's the Stalin channel between Mexico and Canada ....
          And do nothing!
          I’m joking, however ....

          Damn, but I was about to make the telly louder and drive behind a bag of popcorn fellow
      3. Tatar 174
        Tatar 174 10 May 2016 16: 49
        Quote: Dembel 77
        I won’t be surprised if the remnants of the unfinished Ishilovites find shelter there!

        You have forgotten Great Britain, they also like to harbor criminals there.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 10 May 2016 07: 43
      It is difficult to maintain an ideology without monetary support. The Americans are "picking out" the Panamanian offshores, but they do not want to cut off the ISIS funding channels for obvious reasons. Although the donkey's ears are in plain sight.
      1. 34 region
        34 region 10 May 2016 12: 37
        Sibirbalt! 07.43. That's right. When the Americans entered Europe in the 45th, they created NATO. Entering Afghanistan, Al Qaeda appeared. Entering Iraq and Libya, ISIS appeared. Coincidence? And why did they receive the status of the state of Iraq and the Levant? They’d call it simply, bandits! So no! State! And what ideology does this state support? The ideology of those who bombed Dresden and Nagasaki. ISIS or Russia threatens the United States? Who are the sanctions against?
        1. Stirbjorn
          Stirbjorn 10 May 2016 14: 01
          Quote: Region 34
          Entering Afghanistan, Al Qaeda appeared.

          Al-Qaeda appeared long before the NATO invasion of Afghanistan, in fact, it was the reason for this invasion
          1. Ramzaj99
            Ramzaj99 10 May 2016 18: 59
            Quote: Stirbjorn
            Al-Qaeda appeared long before the NATO invasion of Afghanistan, in fact, it was the reason for this invasion

            Actually, al-Qaeda, it was the Americans who created it.

            The origins of al-Qaeda refer to the beginning of the war in Afghanistan, or rather to the US reaction to the introduction of Soviet troops into this Central Asian state. The United States viewed the emergence of Soviet units near Pakistani borders as a flagrant case of Soviet expansionism and aggression. The response was Operation Cyclone, in which the United States sent financial aid to the Afghan mujahideen through the Pakistani Interdepartmental Intelligence (ISI).

            Jihad was declared against the Soviet troops in Afghanistan. A large number of Arab mercenaries joined the war. Help went through international Islamic organizations. Among them, a special place was occupied by Maktab al-Hidamat, founded in 1984 in the city of Peshawar (Pakistan) by Abdullah Azzam and Osama bin Laden.

            Maktab al-Khidamat has set up guest houses and militant training camps in Peshawar. Osama bin Laden sent personal funds to support this organization. Since 1987, Azzam and bin Laden began to set up camps in Afghanistan itself. However, Maktab al-Hidamat and the Arab mercenaries did not play any significant role in the war. It is enough to say that up to 250 thousand Afghans opposed the Soviet troops, and more than 2000 at the same time never participated in the battles of the Arab mercenaries. Nevertheless, from 1982 to 1992, 35 thousand people from 43 countries of the world passed through the organization of Azzam and bin Laden. Soviet troops withdrew in 1989, and the Najibullah government held out for another 3 years before the Mujahideen took Kabul.

            After the assassination of Azzam in 1989, Maktab al-Hidamat broke up, and most of it joined Al-Qaeda.
          2. The comment was deleted.
  2. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 10 May 2016 06: 41
    Everyone knows where the Nazis and other degenerates of the human race found and will find shelter.
    1. Come on
      Come on 10 May 2016 19: 54
      In South America and the Arab countries?
  3. poma
    poma 10 May 2016 06: 45
    Daesh will be defeated - there is no other way.

    A general from Suomi is chatting because neither he nor his soldiers will have to be in the SAR. And be smart - do not feed bread.
  4. Alex_Rarog
    Alex_Rarog 10 May 2016 06: 51
    Well, the Finnish general, of course, knows better than the general!
  5. dmi.pris
    dmi.pris 10 May 2016 06: 58
    It’s extremely difficult to crush this ideology. It has taken root, it is fed regularly and financially, it has plenty of human resources. It’s possible to win on the battlefield, but it’s just like a hydra, one head can’t do it. Example-Afghanistan. The government army will not be able to cope on its own, we help her, but the Finnish brake is right — we need a ground operation and the liquidation of financial flows. It’s extremely difficult to do this. You need to put the whole Middle East with the nail on the nail. There is no Soviet Union, there is no peace in the world ...
    1. 34 region
      34 region 10 May 2016 12: 51
      Dmi.price! 06.58. But didn’t the idea that this is done and is being done on purpose? What are the disadvantages of the United States from a country with a medieval way? After the collapse of the USSR, the United States began to bring freedom to the whole world. And how broadly technologically did the countries take a taste of the fruits of freedom and democracy? They bounced back very technologically. Is it bad for the USA? No. This is good for them. Technological master and underdeveloped countries. Modern slavery. History spirals at a higher level.
  6. Gray 43
    Gray 43 10 May 2016 07: 01
    ISIS cannot be defeated as long as an outrageous fashion for "tolerance" is flourishing in the West, they also seriously root for the "rebels", provide them with all kinds of support - just remember Libya, the militants will change the name, inscriptions on banners, but will not change their methods and owners. This is a very convenient force that does not have a visible commander-in-chief, all the broadcasting "caliphs" are puppets that are easily replaced.
  7. parusnik
    parusnik 10 May 2016 07: 07
    Of course, if ISIS weren’t financed, they didn’t deliver weapons .. they would have dealt with them .. And so .. hard ..
  8. Andrey K
    Andrey K 10 May 2016 07: 08
    The planet after ISIS ... It's like the planet after the USA is the lack of population and wasteland. Eliminate, by joint efforts, ISIS - these puppeteers will come up with a new heartburn ...
    USA, vampire state - it exists on the pain and suffering of others. There will be no terrorists in the Middle East, it will breed them in other parts of the planet negative
  9. LÄRZ
    LÄRZ 10 May 2016 07: 45
    And if suddenly the benefactors do not want to be, the cutthroats of the same ISIS even managed to prepare for themselves numerous bridgeheads (settlers), where you can wait out, lick the wounds and again realize the plans and tasks that were set before them by their creators. For the creators will finally not bury their creations by definition. There is only one logic: what if it (creature) comes in handy again ...
    And you don't have to go far to find an example. How did Nazi ideology revive and raise its head in Ukraine? But 71 years ago, everyone thought that "khan" was her. And how it crawled out ...
    As is known from history, benefactors for adherents of various kinds of extremist, terrorist, Nazi and other similar groups have always been found.
    And how can these amers slap their snot and hands, so that they are discouraged to become "benefactors" again?
    1. 34 region
      34 region 10 May 2016 12: 58
      Larz! 07.45. To aggravate the United States, we need to raise our economy, create our own alliances and smash them economically. But while we will call outside assistants and sell off our assets, in my opinion, not a damn thing will be in terms of counteraction. The ideology of Nazism in my opinion is no better than the ideology of radical Islam. And these ideologies accidentally appear where the USA appears!
  10. iliitchitch
    iliitchitch 10 May 2016 08: 24
    About how, in Finland, almost e-e-sttonia, even generals with quick rabbits showed up.
    Yes, it’s not a question - the brave Finnish paratroopers of militants will dig out from under the duvalls and from underground caches at the expense of times, they are specially trained for this on a computer. The toilet, the main thing is an airmobile toilet; without it, a great victory will not take place.
    I repeat - pseudo-Muslims need to burn these hijackers with a hot iron, they have nothing in common with Islam. Bastards from all over the world have fled, such as boys in the area of ​​the point hold. What the hell is that? Already some bunches are heard - or maybe ig recognized as a state? (!!!) Che recognized - how do people cut Bosko and burn them alive? Some black bastard will establish its own rules. Watering on the toilet.
    And who will do it? Guess once.
  11. cap
    cap 10 May 2016 08: 52
    In general, it is difficult to assume the opposite, when the expenditure part of the military budget of a single state exceeds $ 600 billion and whose military bases outside it are three to four times larger than the countries themselves on this planet.
    Author Volodin Alexey "

    Aleksey, but didn’t the same thing happen to the Nazis, whom the Americans hid.
    Tactics will not change. With this I completely agree.
  12. Professor
    Professor 10 May 2016 08: 58
    I have spoken about this before. I repeat now: ISIS cannot be defeated by bombs and tanks. This is an ideology and until it has an alternative, it is invincible.
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 10 May 2016 10: 34
      ISIS’s ideology may not be defeated, but it is possible to defeat them in Syria and Iraq, but this requires a powerful ground operation.
      1. Professor
        Professor 10 May 2016 10: 52
        Quote: Vadim237
        ISIS’s ideology may not be defeated, but it is possible to defeat them in Syria and Iraq, but this requires a powerful ground operation.

        Whom to smash? Sunnis? So they make up the majority of the population of Syria. Has Afghanistan taught anything to anyone? request
        1. Come on
          Come on 10 May 2016 21: 43
          This is Maliki, the prime minister of Iraq, a moron who needs to be thanked for pressure on the Sunnis after the mattresses left Iraq and the brutality of Assad during the civil war. These two components, like yeast, affected the success of ISIS. In order to ideologically defeat ISIS, it is necessary for Iraqi and Syrian Sunnis to guarantee equal rights both in government organization and in other areas, in business, law enforcement agencies, etc. Inchai, the Sunnis will simply have no choice but to accept the help of the Saudis, Qatari, etc., or worse obscurantists with ISIS.
    2. Darkness
      Darkness 10 May 2016 10: 49
      And with ideology, we have a seam.
  13. Sergey333
    Sergey333 10 May 2016 10: 39
    I completely agree with the professor: ideology can only be defeated by ideology. Although physically reducing their number is also not bad.
  14. ltc35
    ltc35 10 May 2016 11: 06
    The Finnish army has not fought for a long time. Many generations have been able to do this. I happened to serve with people who went through the afghan. And these are people from granite. And the Finnish general, just throw in there ... He and, excuse me, immediately get out of hand.
  15. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 10 May 2016 12: 35
    ISIS is a bunch of non-humans, the more we destroy them, the cleaner our world will be. They have no ideology except murder and abuse of people, these freaks who gathered under some ideology they invented must be destroyed, doctors are powerless here.
  16. Petrik66
    Petrik66 10 May 2016 12: 45
    As long as the Arabs remain the patients of the new era, nothing will change. And they tried to build socialism, and a monarchy, and capitalism with an Arab face ... but one thing turns out - a poor population, an incredible number of unsettled youth, a corrupt government and an unambiguous dead end in life for 90% of the population. Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Chad, Algeria, Iraq and others, others, others. And at the head are evil dwarfs like Qatar, Saudis and other sheikhs, whose place in Kolyma is to remove snow, there is a lot of it. They didn’t know about oil — it’s bad; they learned about oil — even worse. For the foreseeable future, they have no chance of a normal life. Only the ability to run with AK, kill, rape and rob. For many, this is the only chance to eat, have a wife and become "human."