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In the Syrian army, more than 60 soldiers were shot for attempting to desertion

In the Syrian army, more than 60 soldiers were shot for attempting to desertionIt became known that while trying to desert from the Syrian army, more than 60 military were killed. This incident occurred in the north-west of the country, in the province of Idlib. And, as noted by RBC, the military, trying to leave the armed forces, in quantities from 60 to 70 people, were shot from machine guns.

By the way, quite recently, the UN General Assembly approved a resolution condemning the actions of the Syrian authorities using the most severe methods to disperse opposition shares.

In addition, December 19 Syria signed a protocol allowing access to the territory of its state for observation missions from the Arab League (Arab League of States). Observers intend to see and make sure that the authorities of the country are trying to resolve the crisis exclusively by peaceful means, and also that there is no bloodshed.

Russia December 16 proposed a draft resolution on Syria in the UN Security Council. This document openly condemns any violence that may come from all involved in the conflict. This includes both opposition movements and government forces. In addition, it expresses concern about illegal shipments weapons certain formations of Syria.
The aforementioned draft resolution also demonstrates support for the actions of the Arab League in the peaceful resolution of the conflict that has arisen, and calls for a political dialogue between the opposition and the authorities.

It is worth noting that since March, 2011, in Syria, large-scale anti-government protests have been held. The opposition, supported by the EU and the US, insists on the resignation of Bashar al-Assad (Syrian President). Based on UN information, this conflict took the lives of a little more than 5 thousands of people, including civilians.

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  1. moldavan
    moldavan 20 December 2011 13: 06
    it’s normal, dogs have dog death, and they’re not deserters, but traitors of their country
    1. Sergh
      Sergh 20 December 2011 13: 13
      Now deserters will not run away anywhere, and they will stop stuttering. Immediately cured. If the homeland is in danger, then it requires sacrifices on both sides. Science to everyone else.
      1. Desert Fox
        Desert Fox 20 December 2011 13: 15
        They need 227 orders to adopt.
      2. vadimus
        vadimus 20 December 2011 13: 37
        Without blood, war cannot be won!
    2. Vadivak
      Vadivak 20 December 2011 13: 18
      If you add that reported about it London-based Syrian Human Rights Monitoring Center. It will become clear that the information needs to be double-checked and double-checked, after all, London
  2. Cap-3 USSR
    Cap-3 USSR 20 December 2011 13: 09
    Syria is now at war. And desertion in wartime, in any country, is severely punished, up to the death penalty.
    I do not presume to condemn, because thanks to such deserters, Libya was destroyed.
  3. AlexTarov
    AlexTarov 20 December 2011 13: 14
    It was necessary to write: "Bashar Assad shot personally." And better - "subjected his soldiers to terrible torture and then ate them."
  4. Lech e-mine
    Lech e-mine 20 December 2011 13: 15
    It is necessary to clarify and verify all this. Everything is blurry. Under what circumstances did this happen? Otherwise, WEST will again have another reason to run into Syria.
  5. Odessa
    Odessa 20 December 2011 13: 21
    There is a human rights group in the UK, yesterday they posted information that 60-70 Syrian military personnel, while trying to leave the base, fled and were shot by their former colleagues, since the fire was fired from the base.
    1. Lech e-mine
      Lech e-mine 20 December 2011 13: 23
      Anglo-Saxons are well-known masters of falsifications. I cannot stand their information.
      1. Odessa
        Odessa 20 December 2011 13: 51
        Yes, you’re right, and there are no UN observers in Syria. And where was this group used to be when the dead disappeared by the thousands? Just now, they got into trouble because of 60 deserters, why so suddenly? angry
  6. Mujahiddin777
    Mujahiddin777 20 December 2011 13: 24
    Hard! But as Lech noted, you need to know for sure whether this is really so. And as for the case, to be honest, they did the right thing, the deserters were never human, except in cases of bullying, etc. Suddenly, military operations, and they will give legs, 60 people - this is not halam balam ...
  7. Hleb
    Hleb 20 December 2011 13: 32
    Well, they can be shot in the case, after all betrayal ... but even more interesting, which prompted the herd to jerk ...
    1. Mujahiddin777
      Mujahiddin777 20 December 2011 14: 17
      Someone agitated, they wanted to be quiet ...
  8. serge
    serge 20 December 2011 14: 01
    Well, if in fact 60 people died, then the Westerners would give out,
    that 600 died. In fact, probably 6 people were shot.
  9. Alyans
    Alyans 20 December 2011 14: 17
    If he swore allegiance to the country once, then he must defend it to the end, and not run like a prostitute through other people's huts! They did the right thing to them. The rest of the lesson will be!
  10. Ustas
    Ustas 20 December 2011 14: 22
    It became known that when trying to desert from the Syrian army, more than 60 soldiers were killed.

    Traitors are not so much sorry.
  11. bob
    bob 20 December 2011 14: 45
    information war, no one was shot there.
  12. Lech e-mine
    Lech e-mine 20 December 2011 14: 47
    Gentlemen, do not rush to conclusions (it suddenly turns out that the soldiers died corrupted by an explosion of ammunition and the Anglo-Saxons write that ASAD ordered them to be shot)
    1. starred
      starred 20 December 2011 14: 55
      Leha e-mine,
      I’ll soon believe it ...
  13. Alex-z84
    Alex-z84 20 December 2011 14: 58
    Again, the propaganda of no evidence is all based on the words of some kind of human rights activists, we have already seen all this.
  14. Che
    Che 20 December 2011 15: 03
    It’s time to wet the rats. Assad of luck and patience.
  15. dred
    dred 20 December 2011 15: 23
    Tough but fair. That would be the same with us.
  16. bashkort
    bashkort 20 December 2011 15: 30
    All the same, this British belligerent step is moronic, or it’s our business, Prussian-Russian, to watch expensively. A deserters need to shoot, without this in any way. Then, as blood is tied, there will be fewer deserters.
  17. Leonid94
    Leonid94 20 December 2011 15: 37
    I heard the news that Minister of Defense Serdyukov was expelled and Rogozin in a chair.
  18. engineer
    engineer 20 December 2011 15: 50
    This information is disseminated by Agence France-Presse with reference to the London-based Syrian Monitoring Center for Human Rights (OSDH). This office has already reported about 4000 killed protesters, incl. there is no point in trusting OSDH information, it is a common information war.
  19. trojan768
    trojan768 20 December 2011 15: 53
    It is simpler than the peddlers of democracy to castrate and there will be world peace. For the sake of their interests and influence, these balamutes poison each other the whole world. Strangers shed blood. All boiling, the work of the United States.
  20. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 20 December 2011 15: 57
    In war, as in war, the sentence is one-death.
  21. Ascetic
    Ascetic 20 December 2011 16: 24
    It’s interesting to know how it looked. In the middle of the desert there is a certain military base.
    and suddenly in broad daylight a crowd of deserters breaks out of it, which is safely shot from which it is not clear the soldiers who remained there loyal to the oath. You can’t imagine
    Western magazines smoked smoke there with fear
  22. dive
    dive 20 December 2011 17: 30
    Soon, all the same, the pendoses will be in Syria, not in vain they conduct such information. war, they say there Nashik 100, how will they be evacuated? Or war again?
    1. tronin.maxim
      tronin.maxim 20 December 2011 18: 43
      We will protect them to the end!