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Do not plant those!

Do not plant those!The case of retired airborne colonel Leonid Khabarov is either an extreme degree of paranoia on the basis of the fight against extremism, or a formal attempt to adjust the accountability in this fight to the planned result.

Suspect preparations for a revolution based on rare collections of knives and cartridges, various types of small weapons, a rusting shooting fountain pen, a 50 thousand rubles and a first-aid kit with a 30-year-old prodolom brought from a Soviet field hospital in Afghanistan - this is some sort of mockery of revolutionaries of all times and peoples. Nevertheless, the investigative department of the UFSB of the Sverdlovsk region of this "revolutionary ammunition" was enough to bring the legendary Afghan veteran, order bearer, patriot, respected resident of Yekaterinburg, Colonel Leonid V. Khabarov to responsibility for preparing for the organization of an armed insurgency to overthrow the constitutional order of the Russian Federation, as well as recruitment and involvement of persons in terrorist activities. By hiding a 64-year-old pensioner, a second-group disabled person, the UFSB reported that the cell of the Minin and Pozharsky people's militia was eliminated in Yekaterinburg.

And in September, the patient, crushed by the monstrous injustice of the veteran, was transferred to Moscow, to the Lefortovo SIZO for medical and psychiatric examination, which to this day has not even been appointed. According to the lawyer Colonel, Andrei Burmistrov, the Institute. Serbian still did not receive documents on the case of his client. Meanwhile, the veteran's health continues to deteriorate.

Retired Colonel Leonid V. Khabarov - a graduate of the Ryazan Airborne School and the Military Academy. Frunze, Ph.D. He performed international duty in Afghanistan as a reconnaissance platoon commander, commander of the assault battalion in Chirchik, 4 commander of the assault assault battalion 56 of a separate assault assault brigade. 25 December 1979. His battalion was the first of the troops of the Soviet Army to enter Afghanistan and took control of the Salang Pass. He was seriously wounded during the fighting in the Panjshir Valley. Having recovered from his injury, he graduated from the Frunze Academy in absentia, after which he served in Chirchik as commander of the cropped motorized rifle regiment. In 1984-1985, Leonid Vasilyevich was again sent to Afghanistan, already as the chief of staff of his native 56. There also received a second severe injury. After serving in the DRA, he served in the Ukrainian SSR in Lviv, in February 1991 transferred to the military department of the Ural Polytechnic Institute. From 1991 to 2010, he worked as the permanent head of the military department, which he reorganized first into the faculty of military training, and then into the Institute of Military Technical Education and Security of UrFU.

Choosing the candidacy of Leonid Khabarov for the role of conspirator-revolutionary causes, to put it mildly, bewilderment. It seems that in the growing anti-extremist psychosis in the law enforcement bodies an officer phobia has developed. All past military hot spots will be automatically credited to the category of unreliable.

The arrest of Colonel Khabarov caused a great public outcry. Three days after the arrest of Leonid Vasilyevich, as well as four others suspected of “preparing the uprising” (businessman S. Katnikov, former police officer V. Ladeyshchikov, inventor V. Kralin and reserve officer A. Ermakov), on July 22 the Yekaterinburg media quoted the retired spouse Colonel of the GRU V. Kvachkov, who is also under arrest: Nadezhda Kvachkova reported that in Yekaterinburg there was no branch of the “People’s Militia”, to which, according to the Yekaterinburg “vazhnyakov”, belonged to the detainees of Yekaterinburg, although with ApoB her husband and was familiar - "he has a lot of friends and acquaintances in the military all over Russia." A veteran of the Afghan war, a member of the board of the regional branch of the Union of paratroopers of Russia Gennady Kunyavsky does not hide that he was also acquainted with V. Kvachkov, but he sees nothing reprehensible in this. “Brothers in arms” communicate tightly enough, they meet periodically, but this does not mean that they are all in a criminal conspiracy.

Kvachkova’s lawyer, Oksana Mikhalkina, told reporters at the same time that the case of Yekaterinburg prisoners with the case of her client was not yet merged. In her opinion, as reported by the media, the arrests in Yekaterinburg are caused by the fact that there are “too few accused persons” in the case of an armed insurrection. It is worth recalling that about a year ago, the secret services already stopped one “attempt at armed insurrection” by detaining a citizen with a crossbow in the forest near Vladimir, who turned out to be the head of the Togliatti branch of the “People’s Militia”. A citizen with a crossbow showed that Kvachkov had been sent to raise an armed insurrection in Vladimir. After that, V. Kvachkov, who was acquitted on the eve of the jury trial of the attack on Chubais, was again taken into custody, now - for "facilitating terrorist activities" and "attempting to organize an armed insurrection" - it is known that these articles are not within the competence of the jury ...

Almost immediately after Khabarov’s detention, UFSB information began to spread through local information channels. Journalists vied with each other to repeat the same thing, peering from the Decree on engagement and from each other: “August 2, on the day of the 81 anniversary celebration since the founding of the Airborne Forces, an armed coup organized by supporters of retired Colonel Vladimir GRU could begin in Russia Kvachkov. The program of the planned uprising, which had been torn down by the state security bodies, was quoted as a copy: about how the conspirators were going to kill a number of responsible Yekaterinburg figures, blow up the power lines, cause panic, arm the volunteers and wait for a chain reaction all over Russia. L. Khabarov and the four "associates" from the publication to the publication were presented as supporters of an extremist organization and its leader V. Kvachkov, "underground fighters", "rebels", etc. And for everything about everything - 50 thousand rubles, a first-aid kit with promedol and a collection of captured ammunition ... Gradually, as they were understood, irony began to appear in the publications of journalists.

Meanwhile, relatives, friends and colleagues of Leonid Khabarov began to organize events in his defense: they held a rally, started collecting signatures on citizens' appeals to the President of the Russian Federation asking to change the preventive measure to an innocent, weakened by diseases and consequences of severe injuries to the veteran.

Veteran organizations, the Union of Russian Officers declared their petitions in defense of the colonel. The leaders of the Russian Paratroopers Union in an open letter addressed the FSB director Alexander Bortnikov: “In the Russian Paratroopers Union, Leonid Khabarov is known as a thoughtful person with an active lifestyle. He has a personal, professional, largely grounded, opinion on the problems of military development, army reform and fleet, on the state of law and order in the Sverdlovsk region, openly speaks about the need to improve them. His position as a statesman and defender of the Fatherland is well known and arouses respect among people. Leonid Khabarov is open to friends, conducts work on patriotic education of youth, enjoys authority in the youth and student circles. He and on his example of serving the Fatherland raised thousands of young patriots of Russia. That is how we know him. We are convinced that there are no grounds for accusing him of “preparing an armed rebellion” and “promoting terrorist activities”. Relatives and comrades are concerned about the state of health of Leonid Khabarov. We know that he was tormented by battle wounds. The detention in a pre-trial detention center of a person in need of constant medical care is commensurate with the intentional infliction of harm to his health. ”

In the context of the accusations made against Leonid Vasilyevich, special attention should be paid to the work on the patriotic education of young people, to which he has the most direct connection. As part of the completely official integrated program “Preparing Youth for the Sverdlovsk Region for Military Service” for the 2011-2013 years, adopted by the Resolution of the Government of the Sverdlovsk Region in September 2009, a military-sports airsoft club, in which the patriotically-minded youth is engaged, legally operates. The tasks of the club include pre-draft preparation of young men. The organizer of the club is one of the detainees simultaneously with Khabarov - A. Yermakov. At one time, the club management had planned command and staff exercises (ESS) with a current counter-terrorism focus. As in the classic game “Zarnitsa”, according to the plan of the exercise, two opposing groups were to be created - “sabotage” and “counterterrorism”.

Naturally, each of the groups has its own plan of action: one “captures”, “undermines” and “eliminates”, the other “neutralizes” the first. Apparently, as suggested by Leonid Vasilyevich, the plan of the “sabotage group” KSHU was taken by the FSB officers as the basis of the charge. In addition, Khabarov, as a public man and an excellent organizer, actively supports the idea of ​​forming voluntary national teams in Yekaterinburg (DND). The draft law “On the participation of citizens in the protection of public order”, which regulates the activities of DND, was submitted to the State Duma two years ago on the initiative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Unfortunately, he has not yet been adopted. But in many regions, the work of organizing national teams has long been conducted on completely legal, official grounds. Local authorities are issued orders and regulations governing the activities of the DND to help the police. Leonid Khabarov was also engaged in projects of this kind, considering the self-organization of the population to ensure public order is necessary against the background of helplessness and corruption of law enforcement agencies. Probably, all these noble and useful for society initiatives have awakened some kind of anti-extremist reflexes in the special services, which have found a way to interpret them in the spirit of the articles of the Criminal Code ...

In September, close relatives and military friends of Leonid Vasilyevich carried out an impressive rally in his defense: the Yekaterinburg-Moscow motor rally, which was supposed to draw the attention of the people to outrageous outrage and help collect signatures in defense of the colonel. The rally, in which representatives of the Union of paratroopers of Russia took an active part, was headed by the son of Leonid Vasilyevich, a veteran of military operations in Chechnya, and major reserve Dmitry Khabarov. Throughout the route - in Ufa, Tolyatti, Penza, Ryazan, Moscow - activists collected signatures under the appeal of citizens to the president, the convoy was replenished with new participants. Instead of eight cars starting in Yekaterinburg, twenty arrived in Moscow. In the capital, the rally organizers handed over an appeal to the Presidential Administration and held a press conference, telling journalists in the capital about the circumstances of the colonel’s arrest, and the public’s paratroopers ’opinion on the matter and the ideas of the military’s participation in insurrections and upheavals were made very clear to the public. maturing in the wild heads of the FSB.

The organization of a coup d'etat, the incitement of civil war are incompatible with the mission, the mission of the landing troops — as the elites of the armed forces serving the state. “We have seen in reality that such a war is scary, believe us, the military: we will eat up the last bread, but we will not allow a military nightmare to occur in our Homeland. And accusing us of extremism is ridiculous. We understand perfectly well what chaos is - we saw it in the countries of North Africa, in Syria - we don’t want it! ”- assured journalists the deputy chairman of the Central Council of the Union of Paratroopers of Russia Valery Yuriev. “Our organization is not political. The only political demand that the organization has put forward throughout its existence is the resignation of Defense Minister Serdyukov, whose activities, we believe, are aimed at the collapse of the Russian Armed Forces. The arrest of Leonid Vasilyevich Khabarov provokes the politicization of the veterans of the Airborne Forces. Because Khabarov is a legendary personality for every paratrooper. His name is written in gold letters in history Airborne. Every trooper knows his name and his exploits. I think this is a fabricated case for someone’s political order. ”

Alexander Masalov, Deputy Chairman of the Voronezh Branch of the Officers' Union, on behalf of the Voronezh officers expressed extreme indignation at the arrest of Colonel Khabarov and, by the way, noted that he himself had recently been prosecuted for the current 282 article distribution of materials of the All-Russian officers' meeting of 2009 of the year, in which an analysis was made of the state of the Russian Armed Forces. “Criticism of the leadership of the country, which allows the state in which our Armed Forces are now, is now regarded as a crime,” said Alexander Masalov: “You can’t treat the people this way ... The authorities accuse absolutely innocent people of insurrection and pushes them to this rebellion. It reminds of the innocent victims of the Stalinist regime, and immediately these sacrifices are made ... ”

“Khabarov has always stood up for the law, for order in the army. Yes, we asked to remove the Minister of Defense - but by lawful means, no armed seizure! ”- Anatoly Khan, a veteran of the Airborne Forces from St. Petersburg, who served with Khabarov in Afghanistan, told reporters.
Some Moscow publications believe that the Khabarov case was inspired directly at the direction of Serdyukov (The Moscow Post). The direct and fearless colonel repeatedly criticized the leadership of the Ministry of Defense, and the policy in the country as a whole ... He did not hide his intransigent position regarding the policy of the collapse of the country, freely said that Serdyukov was ruining the Russian army worse than the Western special services. His opinion sounded openly in conversations with comrades and from the stands. But true conspirators do not behave this way: they carry out their plans quietly, in an atmosphere of the strictest conspiracy. Politically, the colonel supported the party "Fair Russia" and always voted for it in the elections.

“I support the social revolution and the national revival of Russia of all nations and nationalities headed by the main constituent (state-forming) Russian people,” Leonid Vasilyevich openly admits in his supervisory complaint. “That's why I am a particularly dangerous state criminal for those who are currently in the upper echelon of power, who lead Russia to complete spiritual, moral decay and degradation at any level, be it economics, industry, agriculture, army, science, education, the FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and others. And, unfortunately, including law enforcement agencies, if the Laws are not being carried out, but the Laws in the conduct of legal proceedings are being violated. ”

If this point of view is interpreted by the authorities as extremist, then there are not enough prisons in the country to imprison all such “extremists”. However, on the eve of the elections, interpretations of extremism sometimes blur in any direction. For example, with reference to the law “On Countering Extremist Activities”, an election campaign video of one of the parties with a story about meager pensions and rising utility fees was filmed on television. This is despite the fact that this video was already broadcast during the March election campaign, when extremism apparently meant something else ... So, imperceptibly, we came to the conclusion that any talk of social injustice, any criticism of the authorities on obvious and blatant facts of infringement of the interests of the people, became the basis for criminal prosecution. In the eyes of the police structures, the enemy is not the one on whose will the iniquity is created, but the one who speaks about it openly. Although 29-th article of the Constitution of the Russian Federation has not been canceled ...

In early September, the court considered the issue of changing the preventive measure to Colonel Khabarov, whose state of health had deteriorated sharply by that time, and, without taking into account the weighty arguments in the complaints of the defendant and his lawyer, he extended Leonid’s stay under arrest for another four months. A collective appeal of citizens to change the measure of restraint to the colonel from the Presidential Office through the Prosecutor General's Office returned to the prosecutor's office of the Sverdlovsk region. In early October, advocates Leonid Khabarov appealed to the governor of the Sverdlovsk region Alexander Misharin with a request to assist in the fair consideration of his criminal case. Despite the public response, which by this time had already received the “Khabarov case”, the governor did not deny the public the answer, concerned about the dramatic fate of his esteemed countryman. After all, he, as a prominent United Russia party, already had to prepare for the elections with might and main! Nonsense any time to do.

Currently, the son of Leonid Vasilyevich - Dmitry Khabarov is being pressured by the FSB bodies to force him to stop active actions in defense of his father. According to the confessions of Colonel Khabarov’s relatives, representatives of the regional FSB bodies are trying to gather evidence and evidence already against Dmitry, sufficient to initiate a criminal case - they check his activities, interrogate his friends. Meanwhile, the Khabarov case remains motionless. Under the pretext of secrecy, the investigating authorities mysteriously remain silent. The defenders of Khabarov do not try to influence the course of the investigation, but such a measure of restraint as arrest for the elderly, sick person is considered completely unjustified. For many, it is obvious that the "case of Colonel Khabarov" will "live" until the next court session, where it will collapse safely. Therefore, it is so diligently delayed, which gives the impression that the purpose of this case is not to establish the truth, but only to ensure that Leonid Khabarov "sits."
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  1. Desert Fox
    Desert Fox 20 December 2011 10: 57

    Some Moscow publications believe that the Khabarov case was inspired directly at the direction of Serdyukov (The Moscow Post). The direct and fearless colonel repeatedly criticized the leadership of the Ministry of Defense, and indeed the policy in the country as a whole ... He did not hide his implacable position regarding the policy of the collapse of the country, he freely spoke about that Serdyukov is ruining the Russian army worse than Western intelligence agencies. His opinion sounded open in conversations with comrades and from the stands. But true conspirators do not behave like that: they carry their plans quietly, in an atmosphere of strict conspiracy.

    If they are now imprisoning for this, then I just fight with fear and beg the site administration to delete my comments that I wrote earlier about Serdyukov. HE HOLY HE IS OUR ALL !!! fellow

    1. urzul
      urzul 20 December 2011 11: 08
      Late comrade, it’s already a matter for you, only it’s strange this is the last time Serdyukov’s name where it didn’t come up
      1. vadimus
        vadimus 20 December 2011 11: 54
        Serdyuk simply must be thrown out of office!
        1. tronin.maxim
          tronin.maxim 20 December 2011 17: 10
          Yes cheto not in a hurry.
          1. petor41
            petor41 20 December 2011 17: 48
            This is not the first time I have noticed that many of the commentators do not even know anything about the topic they are commenting on! Just to write something! If anyone was interested, then he would know that Khabarov’s roof was completely blown away by his old age, and despite his previous merits, he has behaved more than adequately lately! And Khabarov himself is only one of the members of the extremist group that was uncovered, in which he was, let's say, the ideological inspirer! And this group (concerns all sympathizers) was preparing to carry out a series of terrorist acts in the territory of the Urals Federal District, including killing people! They also seized weapons and ammunition and much more, including their plan of action, I don’t remember exactly what it was called, but something was connected with the dawn! And Serdyukov, of course, is not a good person, but even this has nothing to do with it! I listened to the recordings of telephone conversations of Nemtsov today, so he definitely said about the hamsters that are being conducted for everything they write on the Internet!
            1. TRex
              TRex 20 December 2011 19: 14
              Do you yourself believe that Kvachkov set up a circus with indirect shooting and some kind of firecracker on the Chubais track? The workers of this system would like to - soak it quietly. "No noise and dust, as our chief says." You can't drink skill.
              1. petor41
                petor41 21 December 2011 15: 58
                And the article is not about Kvachkov, but about Khabarov, and a criminal case was instituted against Kvachkov under the article armed rebellion, and not for the attempt on Chubais!
                1. Igor Anatolievich
                  Igor Anatolievich 31 August 2017 08: 37
                  Petrarast means everything with you is clear
  2. Cap-3 USSR
    Cap-3 USSR 20 December 2011 11: 03
    Yes, the proverb says correctly: "Teach the priest to pray, he is ready to shatter his entire forehead." And what you want, fools and careerists have not died out in Russia.
    And our officials always sausage from side to side, from one extreme to another. Because among them, professionals have long been gone, only managers.
  3. ivachum
    ivachum 20 December 2011 11: 23
    “Brain, what are we going to do tomorrow?” request
    - Same as today, Pinky .... Let's try to capture the whole world !!!!!! am

    from the extremist cartoon "The Adventures of Pinky and Brain" wink
    I propose: to ban the cartoon, mice - to shoot! am

    Yes, and prohibit the showing of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" as propaganda of prostitution and polyandry. and "Ruslana and Lyudmila" there ....!
  4. crane fox
    crane fox 20 December 2011 11: 24
    I consider it an honor that I personally know Leonid Vasilievich. This person enjoys great authority and respect from me personally and I think of all my colleagues. His arrest caused a shock comparable to the shock of falling skyscrapers in New York. This is some kind of misunderstanding; it cannot be that everything that was mentioned in the media is true.
    By the way, this was said to be somehow modestly quiet and restrained, there was no publicity on TV at all, it was people who knew Leonid Vasilyevich who created the resonance of the case. It's a shame and bitter to see such an attitude of the authorities.
    Though now I’m ready to defend Leonid Khabarov and do a lot for his release and removal of charges, even for barricades.
  5. PSih2097
    PSih2097 20 December 2011 11: 29
    Nonsense ... From the same opera that Kvachkov prepared an attempt on Red and Terrible and could not finish it ... It seems that the GB will soon take anonymous denunciations of enemies of the people and wreckers (we recall the 30s of the 20th century).
    1. crane fox
      crane fox 20 December 2011 11: 40
      Nonsense is not nonsense, but people are sitting because of these undercover games.
      1. vadimus
        vadimus 20 December 2011 11: 56
        This is not power, but a contrast shower ...
  6. танк
    танк 20 December 2011 11: 56
    Kvachkov, how did you miss Chubais, you have no forgiveness smile
    1. J_silver
      J_silver 20 December 2011 13: 05
      If he shot, he would hardly miss ...
      1. serge
        serge 20 December 2011 15: 10
        Well Chubais, suicide or something.
  7. Ascetic
    Ascetic 20 December 2011 12: 07
    Farce grows into a tragedy. Beat your own so that others are afraid
  8. SeregaKep
    SeregaKep 20 December 2011 12: 21
    it seems that the current government, because of hysterical fear for the stolen goods itself, pushes the people to what this people is and blames ...
    and after all pushed !!!
  9. plotnikov561956
    plotnikov561956 20 December 2011 13: 44
    What to expect from the FSB if it has given birth to over the past 20 years such a number of traitors of various ranks. Yes, and the GRU is slightly behind
    1. petor41
      petor41 20 December 2011 17: 53
      List at least one traitor from the ranks of the FSB, except for Litvinenko ?? !! And at least two of the GRU, except for Skripal ?? !!
      1. plotnikov561956
        plotnikov561956 20 December 2011 18: 30
        General Polyakov, Rezun, Colonel Poteev
    2. plotnikov561956
      plotnikov561956 20 December 2011 18: 52
      officer of the 8th Main Directorate of the KGB Lieutenant Viktor ... Makarov 1982-1987 year sentence 10 years West Germany and England
      KGB officer of the Armenian SSR Norayr Grigoryan Armenia 1974-1975 sentence 12 years
      counterintelligence agent of Georgia in 1936-1958 writer A.N. Cheishvili November 1958 West Berlin
      Anatoly, a member of the legal residence of foreign intelligence ... Rich traitor of Morocco 1982 fled to the USA
      Officer of the Legal Bonn Residency of Foreign Intelligence, Lt. Col. Gennady ... Varennik West Germany March 1985 - 1986
      Lt. Col. Leonid Georgievich Poleshchuk (PSU) 1974 Nepal Africa 1983-1985
      Major Sergei Konstantin ... deputy chief of the Moscow KGB Directorate ... Vorontsov 1984 traitor 1985 1986 America CIA
      Lt. Col. Valery Martynov (PSU) America traitor 1982-1985
      Foreign intelligence officer, lieutenant colonel Vladimir Ippolitovich Vetrov (PSU) France 1980-1981-1982-1983
      Lt. Col. Boris Yuzhin (PSU) America 1977-1986
      Major Sergey Mikhailovich Motorin (PSU) America 1983-1985 CIA
      foreign intelligence officer Vladimir ... Piguzov (PSU) traitor 1976 Indonesia America 1986
      GRU Colonel Stanislav Lunev, 1992 defector, remained in the USA
      a member of the military counterintelligence of the Western Group of Forces, Vladimir Aleksandrovich Lavrentiev 1991, began working in 1994. West Germany BND
      1. petor41
        petor41 21 December 2011 16: 02
        And who among the persons represented was an employee of the FSB? SCHMUCK.!!!!!
  10. Alyans
    Alyans 20 December 2011 15: 22
    Hold on, friends, do not let this rotten vegetable in the face of power take over us! Kvachkov, Khabarov and others are sitting or under investigation, but how many were removed !!!!! It’s just time to organize your warehouse of artillery weapons. Damn, I did not think that I would live to see such a ......
  11. plotnikov561956
    plotnikov561956 20 December 2011 18: 43
    military intelligence officer Colonel Oleg Vladimirovich Penkovsky America and England 1960-1962 / 1963
    Major intelligence officer Major Anatoly Nikolayevich Filatov America 1974-1977 / 1978
    Military intelligence officer Major General Dmitry Fedorovich Polyakov America 1961-1986-1988
    GRU operational photographer and photo technician of the International Department of the CPSU Central Committee Nikolai Dmitrievich Chernov America 1962-1988
    Colonel Gennady Alexandrovich Smetanin, Portugal-America 1974 (or 1983) -1986
    Colonel Vladimir ... employee of the apparatus of the Soviet military attaché in Hungary ... Vasiliev the traitor Hungary 1985-1986
    military intelligence officer lieutenant colonel (colonel) Vyacheslav Maksimovich Baranov a traitor to Bangladesh 1989 America 1989-1992 sentence not execution
    Vladimir ... Tkachenko (CCR GRU) state secret transfers to Israel 1995
  12. TRex
    TRex 20 December 2011 18: 58
    Something in our country conspiracies weave and weave ... And mostly retirees, old robbers. It would not be time in the army and navy, officers in the field ... or better generals. Then there are fewer military pensioners, however ... you can’t forget the cops, either the Ministry of Emergencies or the penitentiary system. Give them a purge of their ranks! Hot iron, iron hand ... and reporting will be ... and indicators.
  13. dark silver
    dark silver 20 December 2011 19: 35
    as usual in Russia !!!
  14. Dad
    Dad 20 December 2011 20: 11
    Officers with honor. conscience, love for the motherland, was thrown into a dungeon, and a cancerous tumor with white ribbons in the swamp, formed on foreign money, is afraid to touch so that some pass does not express condemnation. Freedom to the Patriots!
  15. Dad
    Dad 20 December 2011 20: 13
    Officers with honor. conscience, love for the Motherland, was thrown into a dungeon, and a cancerous tumor with white ribbons on Bolotnaya, formed on foreign money, is afraid to touch so that some pass does not express condemnation. Freedom to the Patriots!
  16. PSih2097
    PSih2097 20 December 2011 21: 35
    Do not plant those!

    Go through the housing and communal services, and you will have exceeded the plan for a decade ahead, you can still go through the Pension Fund and the Moscow Region, the catch is fatter there, I generally am silent about the Governor administrations ...

    Better yet, go through these:
    In the bowels of United Russia, a proposal has matured to relocate all interested pensioners to countries with a lower cost of living. This is serious? Elena Kudryavtseva asked.

    At a meeting of the United Russia discussion club, a radical idea was put forward: it was proposed that Russian pensioners be relocated to countries with a lower living wage

    Elena Kudryavtseva

    Pensions of the countries The proposal for the mass transfer of elderly Russians to more comfortable conditions was made at a recent meeting of the Ulei discussion club under the Central Council of United Russia supporters. The author of the idea is the president of the All-Russian Society for the Conservation of Nature, and in the past, the founder of the mega-empire "Russian Lotto" Elmurod Rasulmukhamedov. Elmurod Abdurakhmanovich claims that such a revolutionary idea is not really new: back in the late 1990s, Russian pensioners massively moved not only to Israel and Germany, but also to the “cheaper” countries - Egypt and Bulgaria. Moreover, with many wealthy people, parents have long been living abroad, in apartments on the seashore, and grandchildren come to rest with them. The state should simply get involved in the process and help those who have no rich children to move. If United Russia had developed the appropriate programs, it would have made life easier for many old people living on their pennies. At the same time, the businessman noted that already in our country there is plenty of experience in the mass resettlement of a large number of people, for example, taking Siberia’s settlement or the Soviet experience of moving entire cities.

    “We have a choice,” said Elmurod Rasulmukhamedov in an interview with Ogonyok, “either to constantly raise pensions, give subsidies and invest money in financing programs to support pensioners, or to provide one-time assistance in moving and thereby save money and really help people.” So, according to my calculations, with an average pension of 6 thousand rubles, you can live well in Latvia, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria and India, and with an income of 10 thousand in Turkey and Egypt. Moreover, a person not only receives more comfortable housing and a mild climate, but also carries an important mission to spread the Russian language and the right Russian culture.

    With the discussion club "Beehive" of supporters of "United Russia", which gave rise to the idea of ​​a retirement outcome, the broad electoral masses, consisting of pensioners and their many relatives, are so far little known. But for regular supporters of "Edro" this forum is a well-known and quite authoritative format. First of all, because it is supervised seriously and at the highest party level, where they are sure that such a platform is needed to generate initiatives and, most importantly, to communicate with the people.

    - We need a club to discover and work out ideas and initiatives. Management often repeats that our task is to seek out new ideas, extract them, and then push them through, ”says Franz Klintsevich, head of United Russia party supporters, first deputy chairman of the State Duma Veterans Affairs Committee.“ Many things that were born in “ Hive, ”then became party ideas. It is important for me that the meetings should not discuss complicated, abstruse philosophical ideas, but life itself. In the case of the relocation of pensioners abroad, I think it’s too early to talk about any concrete steps. Like any initiative, it should be discussed, worked out, overgrown with information. We will consider the proposal in the working order, and then, perhaps, we will submit some of our proposals to the presidium, and we will implement something ourselves, of course, by informing the party.

    True, not everyone in United Russia is loyal to the project of mass transfer of domestic pensioners abroad. For example, the press service of party leader Andrei Isaev, who heads the Duma committee on labor and social policy, called the initiative delusional, saying that "we will not give our citizens to anyone."

    Meanwhile, Mr. Rasulmukhamedov is confident that his proposal will ultimately be met with optimism by both the pensioners themselves and any possible host. According to him, the Silver Threads program worked in Germany at one time. According to her, the government invested in the construction of iniums for pensioners in the countries of Southeast Asia. The retired German turned out to be a golden egg for poor Asia: he brought here great investments and a steady flow of tourists, consisting of relatives and friends. When asked whether Russian pensioners would like to relocate to distant countries en masse, Elmurod Abdurakhmanovich answered that this was a question of a proposal formulated by the government. Perhaps the programs should be different, for example, the Bashkirs and Tatars are likely to want to go to Muslim countries, and the Slavs to Bulgaria or Serbia.

    - I am very sorry that I was not at this discussion! “Exclaimed Valery Ryazansky, chairman of the presidium of the central board of the Union of Pensioners of Russia.” “The history of mass relocations in our country is quite extensive. Recently, for example, I was in the very north, in Salekhard, at the mouth of the Ob. Political prisoners were brought here in Stalin's time. As a rule, this happened in the last navigation: people were unloaded on an empty shore and the floating base left. I hope that our party leaders will use some other methods. But in general, my opinion is sharply negative. First, older people must live in their historic homeland. Various studies have proved many times that an older person, resettled or moved in space from a familiar place, very quickly loses interest in life and fades away. Secondly, I am categorically against creating enclaves for the elderly, albeit fashionable. The older generation should live in a normal environment, among grandchildren and great-grandchildren, communicate with both peers and youth. After all, the elderly are our wealth, wisdom, experience.

    It remains to add that almost 40 million pensioners live in Russia today, with the vast majority living either hard or desperately hard. Pensioners, however, remain the most active voters. And it is possible that the idea of ​​relocation at state expense to cheap, warm countries, which surfaced during the pre-election period in the bowels of the United Russia, experiencing rating problems, can warm the hearts of some part of the electorate. If this is the calculation, then the party’s problems are really big. Although a completely different turn is possible: from the level of the discussion club, a run-in of a promising business project has begun, which promises unparalleled budgetary profits to the organizers and curators. Nobody knows what the cost of arranging one “pensioner place” in foreign lands is. But it is clear that the money will be public ...

    1. TRex
      TRex 21 December 2011 07: 28
      And it would be nice to send Elmurod Abdurakhmanovich and Franz Klintsevich somewhere far away in order to "carry out an important mission to spread the Russian language and correct Russian culture."