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On the path trodden by Borman

How many articles are written about fascists and fascism in Ukraine! In any publication during the week necessarily something like this appears. Now there is a torchlight procession, now another monument is “won” ...

The topic covers, probably, only the theme of the work of the new government of Ukraine. No one reads about any ordinary zradah or peremogs. Habit. And the understanding that any Ukrainian peremoga after two days will become another sight.

And against this background, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who was loved or unloved by everyone, was completely lost yesterday. There was a prime minister, but all went out. But how interesting it was to read about his affairs for the good of the country! And the Ukrainians themselves. They look around ... Ass. And then turn on the TV. Arseny says that no ... This is not an ass ... This, on the contrary, is an apron.

It hurt me why such a man suddenly forgot everything. Unfair it is. Political kamikaze and suicide, in his own words. A daredevil who was going, if that, to get a “smack in the forehead”. Well, you can not just take it and forget it. And Ukraine somehow forgot. Again zrada.

I had to do a little investigation. Where is Arseny? Who hid the hero? Did any "Donetsk DRG" work?

Interesting, but the Ukrainian media, too, have no particular desire to find Yatsenyuk. They are also not interested in this "fuck." So searches through journalists, alas, were not crowned with success. Even the most informed answered that the topic is a dummy. It does not hit the brain of the people, and therefore it is not worth doing it.

But it was possible to find such people among politicians and other political beau monde. I don’t know for what purpose they collect this information, but they collect it.

Remember, after the end of the Second World War, it was suddenly discovered that some political leaders like Martin Bormann, as well as high-ranking Nazis from intelligence, the SS, the Gestapo, disappeared somewhere? They evaporated from the territory of Germany. And so that they could not be found.

What only versions were not nominated then. And as it turned out, everything was much easier. We felt the "Fuhrers" that the earth began to burn under their feet, and they disappeared. Throwing the army and the police, and the people of Germany. The main thing is my own ass.

And they did not slip into the toilet or sink any. Washed off in Latin America. Who to Argentina, who to Brazil, who else where. There are impassable forests, wild. As the famous hero of the famous film said, there are many, many wild monkeys. Search will not be exactly.

And did not look. While the former Fuhrer with different attachments to the title did not become impudent and did not stop hiding at all. It was then that the truth about the land, capable of hiding any criminal, was revealed.

So, I don’t know what Yatsenyuk knows about his fate, but he guesses about what, but according to my information, the ex-prime minister jerked in the footsteps of the Part-Rousse Bormann. I drove off to Latin America. Even the press secretary of the former prime minister turned off her phones. In order not to "burn" the chef.

The only person who dared to merge information is MP Sergey Kaplin. I do not know whether by stupidity, or by the simplicity of the soul, but ...
"According to my information, Arseniy Yatsenyuk flew to Argentina. A business trip, for the purpose of rest or flight, I do not know. When he returns, it is also unknown." This was reported "Vesti".

Sorry Arseny. What will he do with one billion in Argentina or the Amazonian forests? Starve and sit on the porch of a temple? An unenviable fate for a man who showed Ukrainians a direct path to the future. And not only pointed out, but also actively pushed into this future. Some clever speeches, some handouts of the former state property, and some tanks and armored vehicles.

As shows история, fascists are born all over the planet, but for some reason they are going to die in a certain place. We used to think that this only applies to animals. And it turns out how. Although, how do fascists differ from animals? Probably, only by the fact that the animals are more humane towards their fellow tribesmen ...
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  1. EvgNik
    EvgNik April 28 2016 06: 27
    But how interesting it was to read about his affairs for the good of the country. Moreover, the Ukrainians themselves.

    Such plans were not allowed to complete! Well, they would have suffered a little while Senya had not accumulated at least the second billion. And there....
    Yes, Europe and the states have already set a barrier for Ukraine. So in time he managed to get away.
    1. ver_
      ver_ April 28 2016 08: 45
      .. and, however, he is now not just a rabbit, but a golden rabbit, and if he is in the correct position - according to fen shui some "pious lambs" put him, he may become a pockmarked hen - carrying golden eggs ..
      1. dauria
        dauria April 28 2016 10: 31
        if it is in the correct position, some "pious lambs" will put it in fen shui

        In Feng Shui, he managed to deliver, milk, share with whom it was necessary and the most amazing thing was to shed time ... laughing Berezovsky does not look like an adventurer, (rather, Luzhkov) will behave decently. And if you didn’t hook Wall Street guys, they will give him (or rather his money) a quiet, quiet place.
        For peers, they may not recognize. But he doesn’t like this. And his sins will be hanged on other idiots - Ukraine has a lot of time ahead.
        1. Azitral
          Azitral April 28 2016 11: 23
          Luzhkov is a prominent figure, not a jerk like Yaytsenyukh. And he did a lot of useful things in difficult circumstances. Just once outlived his time. And from the Rabbit one harm.
  2. ovod84
    ovod84 April 28 2016 06: 47
    And he’s done well if he left the square with a bunch of dough.
    1. Karasik
      Karasik April 28 2016 10: 24
      Quote: ovod84
      And he’s done well if he left the square with a bunch of dough.

      Colleague, it doesn't matter at all whether Rabbit managed to take a bunch of dough with him or not. The main thing is that everyone will say that he did it! Such a custom in Ukraine is to blame everything on fugitive prime ministers and presidents. Let us recall Pasha Lazarenko, who fled to the USA (Zrada, robbed a nenka for a billion!) Then there was Yanukovych, who was "angry" for 40 lards, you could blame everything on him. In some ukrosmi the money stolen by Yanukovych was considered Kamaz, and in fact many dumbbells in Ukraine believed! Now it's your turn, Senya! How much you stole is not yet known, they are calculating. The amount will grow day by day. You can't prove anything and you can't wash it off!
      1. Azitral
        Azitral April 28 2016 11: 25
        And how much can be stolen additionally, attributed to his flight!
  3. Forward
    Forward April 28 2016 06: 49
    My opinion is that the overseas owners sent him on indefinite vacation. Moreover, it is characteristic that along the route along which they sent the Nazis for their conservation. In this case, Yatsenyuk was put on conservation temporary or unlimited. The course of their thoughts is clear. As long as the geopolitical situation does not favor the use of this type, let it rest. Well, if necessary, they will throw them to the Bender dogs to be torn to pieces, like a sacred sacrifice.
  4. inkass_98
    inkass_98 April 28 2016 06: 50
    If you think with your own head, and not listen to any nonsense, you can ask yourself one question - what should the Plant do in Argentina? If the trip is actually business, then there are no questions. Well, if the goal is permanent residence, then why the holder of a Canadian passport some kind of naughty Argentina? Outside Canada and in the presence of the most powerful Diasporan lobby in the local government, it will never be handed out to anyone unless it is proved that Plants personally shot the Darwin hundreds. Yes and that ...
    Tack staff ... laughing
    1. EvgNik
      EvgNik April 28 2016 07: 08
      Quote: inkass_98
      In the local Canada and in the presence of the most powerful Diasporan lobby in the local government, it will never be given to anyone

      They may not give out, but they may even fill their faces - this is Ukrainians! Senya insured himself.
      1. Azitral
        Azitral April 28 2016 11: 28
        And you are right. There may be bloodlines. But Canada is somehow more dear.
        1. aba
          aba April 29 2016 00: 16
          But Canada is somehow more dear.

          It’s just easier to find there, not like in the jungle, where there are many, many wild monkeys!
    2. ver_
      ver_ April 28 2016 08: 52
      ... OBKHSS and find and break through the oil seal and any barrier - there is no smell of money .. (God commanded to share ..)
    3. Azitral
      Azitral April 28 2016 11: 27
      You're right. Canada, of course, is dearer. But there may be bloodlines.
  5. Valery Valery
    Valery Valery April 28 2016 06: 59
    Prediction: first, a criminal case will be brought against the Yatsenyuk, then they will put him in prison or kill him, and then his loot will be sawn. And the West will do it.
  6. parusnik
    parusnik April 28 2016 07: 31
    According to my information, Arseniy Yatsenyuk flew to Argentina
    Ostap dropped a sheet torn from a book onto a table.
    - This is a clipping from "Small Soviet Encyclopedia". Here is what is written about Rio de Janeiro: "1360 thousand inhabitants ..." so ... "a significant number of mulattoes ... near the vast bay of the Atlantic Ocean ..." Here, here! "The main streets of the city are not inferior to the first cities in the world for the wealth of shops and splendor of buildings." Can you imagine, Shura? Not inferior! Mulattoes, bay, coffee export, so to speak, coffee dumping, Charleston called "My Girl Has One Little Thing" and ... what to talk about! You can see for yourself what is happening. One and a half million people, all in white pants. I want to leave here. Over the past year, I have had serious disagreements with the Soviet authorities. She wants to build socialism, but I don’t want to. I'm bored of building socialism. Now is it clear to you why I need so much money?
  7. Egoza
    Egoza April 28 2016 07: 57
    Olga Lappo, press secretary of former Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, called the media information about her boss's departure to Argentina a "duck".

    "They write that Yatsenyuk is in Argentina. Fantasy is at its best. If only it were so wisely. The Russian media enthusiastically picked up the" Duck ". The story of Chechnya has taught no one to anyone," Lappo wrote on her Facebook page.

    As the Ukrainian newspaper Vesti reported on Wednesday, the former Prime Minister of Ukraine A. Yatsenyuk did not communicate with anyone after his resignation and, possibly, left the country.

    According to the newspaper, A. Yatsenyuk did not appear in his apartment and dacha in the village of Novye Petrovtsi since the middle of the week before last. The deputies claim that they last spoke with the leader of the Popular Front Party on April 14, the day of resignation, Vesti writes.

    Non-factional People’s Deputy Sergei Kaplin, in a commentary on the publication, said that A. Yatsenyuk flew to Argentina.

    Well, here I agree with her. Argentina is a false trail. Rather, Canada or Israel. Senya is loved both there and there. And whether they will give out or "there is an ice ax" - wait and see.
    1. EvgNik
      EvgNik April 28 2016 08: 21
      Quote: Egoza
      Argentina - False Trace

      What a false trace - it also flashed through my head. From Argentina through the jungle, desert and to the Canadian border - the same rabbit.
  8. Ros 56
    Ros 56 April 28 2016 08: 31
    Now, for the sake of completeness, he would have been taken straight from there to Donetsk, and to the dock. I think half of the country will be watching the live broadcast from the courtroom, and the second half will shake me, me. Well, a billion to return to the treasury.
  9. Stas57
    Stas57 April 28 2016 08: 39
    Remember, after the end of the Second World War, it was suddenly discovered that some political leaders like Martin Bormann, as well as high-ranking Nazis from intelligence, the SS, the Gestapo, disappeared somewhere? They evaporated from the territory of Germany. And so that they could not be found.

    Which versions were not put forward then. And, as it turned out, everything was much simpler.

    Even simpler. This is not the Borman road, the Borman road is to be found on the outskirts of Kiev when laying the sewers.
  10. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 28 2016 08: 44
    There is no difference to Argentina, Canada or Israel, the main thing is that it is washed away. The bad news is that this ghoul can really escape a deserved punishment.
    1. yehat
      yehat April 28 2016 10: 54
      but I’m wondering, is there any special service that will let it disappear there?
      Moreover, I'm not only talking about Ukraine or the Russian Federation, the Israelis, for example, also have a motive.
      and even better if he accidentally loses the nude on the way ... earned as prime minister.
  11. Ros 56
    Ros 56 April 28 2016 08: 48
    Quote: rotmistr60
    The bad news is that this ghoul can really escape a deserved punishment.

    In fact, to solve such issues there is an office called OSS.
  12. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 April 28 2016 09: 19
    In Ukraine, the regime of Jewish fascism.
    That is the essence and truth of the events taking place there.
    The right sector is just for disguise.
    But this is hushed up purposefully, including in the Russian media ...
    1. Karasik
      Karasik April 28 2016 10: 36
      Quote: Pvi1206
      Jewish fascism

      Strongly said! Jewish fascism is a paradox in itself, but Ukraine is also a country of paradoxes. Or a country of militant marasmus under the leadership of Jewish fascism (abbreviated "Euro-fascism").
  13. Ros 56
    Ros 56 April 28 2016 09: 23
    Quote: Pvi1206
    Jewish fascism.

    I know German fascism, I heard Italian, but now in more detail about Jewish.
  14. sabakina
    sabakina April 28 2016 09: 26
    As history shows, fascists are born all over the planet, but for some reason they die in a certain place.

    Obviously, some kind of sacred zone ...
    About Martin Bormann. Somewhere I once read that there is a version of Bormann's cooperation with the USSR, why he stayed on.
    About the rabbit .... We will see.
  15. Amnestied
    Amnestied April 28 2016 09: 26
    Rumor has it that Herr Muitsenyukh (who is in the world of Bandera Yatsenyuk) participates in maydaunas, etc. Lives and discourages investments allocated through the foreign business community of heterodox R. Habard who has long been firmly in adherents since his sister, Bandera has been curating and crying for 15 years in Santa Barbara (USA), crying and curating sectarians of the psychological and investment department of the Scientology sect (it’s fun in general for the Nazi business sects under the Pope). Every Russian (Soviet) person knows that the Nazis spread around the world from the Vatican (Rome, Italy). And onet Nazis spread all over the world from Nazi Germany (Germany) and took all of them into themselves, led by combatants and collaborators from Europe, England, France and under the flag of the USA - the Reich Commissariat of Ukraine. Today, they are all veterans of these countries.
  16. morpogr
    morpogr April 28 2016 09: 55
    Yes, in time to betray and escape must be foreseen. With the new help you ukroevropeytsy.
  17. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin April 28 2016 10: 21
    I hope that the special services will whip behind this Jewish miscarriage and bring the righteous to court at the right time. Well, the ice drill also needs to be prepared at the ready if delivery fails. In the world of the living, such a vile fall, like egg-laying does not belong in any case.
  18. Prisoner
    Prisoner April 28 2016 11: 00
    Sorry for the rabbit. So many things he did for Nenko. Svidomo about to heal that the whole world is jealous. Europe will ask to the Lviv region, pushing the states in line to enter Ukraine, and he is like some kind of sucker in Argentina. winked They don’t know how to appreciate benefactors in Ukraine, oh they don’t.
  19. Barnaul, Altai
    Barnaul, Altai April 28 2016 19: 14
    Times change, habits remain laughing
  20. I am Russian
    I am Russian April 29 2016 12: 54
    The article is incomprehensible and ambiguous - I put a plus for the photo.
    Question: What about Bormann? teach materiel did not have time to dump Martin in Argentina
  21. kvd015
    kvd015 4 May 2016 15: 33
    Yatsenyuk as a statesman - utter mediocrity brought to the surface by revolutionary foam!
    It so happened that after the revolution there were (and still are not) worthy leaders. A vaccum, as you know, will fill up with shit ....