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Judge in Latvian ... On the progress of the investigation in respect of a volunteer from Daugavpils

Latvia is actively discussing the fate of 26-year-old resident of Daugavpils Artem Skrypnyk, who was detained by security police on charges of participating in one of the Donbas militia units. The detention of Skrypnyk and the incrimination of Article XXNX of the Latvian Criminal Code (“Participation in an armed conflict outside of Latvia, which (the conflict) is directed against the territorial integrity or political independence of the state”) became known after the publication of the Latvian public figure and politician Vladimir Linderman (Abel ). Vladimir Linderman is known for numerous criminal prosecutions by the Latvian authorities, allegedly in connection with calls for the overthrow of the authorities of the Baltic state. Today, Linderman is positioning himself as the leader of the Latvian movement “For the mother tongue!” (Acts in defense of the Russian language in Latvia).

The article by Vladimir Linderman, published on the website, it is said that Artyom Skrypnyk, who spent some time on the territory of the Luhansk People's Republic, was seriously wounded there. After returning to Latvia, Skrypnyk was immediately arrested, not allowing him to undergo a full course of treatment after being wounded. The lawyer of Artyom Skrypnyk, Imma Jansone, reports that her client, despite the almost complete paralysis of his right arm and right leg, is being held in a regular cell, and that he does not receive any serious treatment.

Under the new article of the amended Criminal Code (referred to in Art.77.1), Artem faces up to 10 years in prison. It is interesting that Artyom Skrypnyk, who has lived in Latvia for many years, has the status of “non-citizen” (“alien”, as they say in Latvia itself). In this connection, the interesting fact about the Latvian “democracy” attracts attention: the fact is that in relation to non-citizens, the Latvian state is not ready to realize many rights, but, as they say, ALWAYS READY to realize the criminal law ... And the criminal law system of Latvia “ Justice ”is preparing to implement under the article, which in the Criminal Code of Latvia appeared only last year - as if specially tailored to those who did not remain indifferent to what is happening in the Donbass territory. That is, the article itself appeared as if retroactively, but this does not negate the impulse to apply this particular article in relation to the same non-citizen of Latvia Skrypnyk. Apparently, the "reinforced concrete" norm does not work in Latvia: the law is not retroactive. If this is true, then these are amazing peaks of “democracy”, nothing can be said ...

Judge in Latvian ... On the progress of the investigation in respect of a volunteer from Daugavpils

From the material of Vladimir Linderman, which he dubbed on his page in Facebook, since the site after its publication about Artem Skrypnyk underwent a DDoS attack:
During exhausting interrogations, the investigator of the PB (security police - note “IN”) (the same one that leads my case on “recruiting terrorists”) obtains testimony from Skrypnyk about the presence of Russian soldiers in the Donbass. And yet - no joke! - requires information on Russian military units preparing for the invasion of the Baltic States. Artem keeps firmly, denies his guilt, does not give delusional testimony.
In Latvia, Artem's mother and grandmother, he himself is a non-citizen of the Republic of Latvia, lived in Daugavpils. Of course, returning to Latvia was an ill-conceived decision, but what was done was done.

At this stage, the main task of protection is to achieve a change in the preventive measure. At least - for house arrest, and even better for a softer measure - on his own recognizance not to leave, which will allow at least normal treatment. I do not want to croak, but with such a wound, being in prison will simply kill Artem or make him a helpless disabled person.

In the course of the correspondence, which leads Vladimir Linderman and Artem Skrypnyk, who is in the pre-trial detention center, it was established that Artyom declares his participation in a humanitarian mission on the territory of the LC. According to him, he was engaged in the distribution of humanitarian aid.

Whether it was spreading humanitarian aid or was engaged in other activities - a separate conversation, which today should be more disturbing to the Latvian investigation. After all, by and large, grabbing a person in need of serious medical care is one thing, and presenting real evidence to the upcoming court process that it was participation in an armed conflict, and already after the appearance of the infamous article 77.1 in the Criminal Code of Latvia - quite another.

In the material of Vladimir Linderman there is also a call for assistance to Artem Skrypnyk in the form of attorney fees. Let me publish this call here:
There are arguments, but there is no money. The lawyer Imma Jansone is a deeply decent person, she will not take too much, but in this case she has to do a lot of work requiring adequate payment. I ask members of the club to provide financial support. Here are the details:
Recipient: ZAB Latinlegis
Registration number: 90000365066
Beneficiary bank: AS DNB banka
Registration number: 40003024725
Beneficiary bank account: LV15RIKO0002013119987
Purpose of payment: honorārs par advokāta - I.Jansones - palīdzību Artjomam Skripnikam (personas kods: 120990-12405)
In the case of foreign transfers, the purpose of the payment should be: I.Jansone - for Artyom Skripnik (personal code: 120990-12405)
Add a little pathos. For me, volunteers from Latvia who went to the Donbass are unconditional heroes. A matter of honor is to help those of them who are in trouble or in a difficult situation.

However, speaking of the trial against Artem Skrypnyk in Latvia, it is necessary to recall that not only Latvia decided to launch a punitive mechanism against persons acting in a particular status in the Donbass. So, in December 2014, the Kazakhstan portal reported that a Kazakh citizen 30-year-old Yevgeny Vdovenko was sentenced to 5 years of a strict regime colony, being found guilty under art. 162-1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Participation in foreign armed conflicts". True, Vdovenko then himself acknowledged his participation in the militias of Donbass, but additionally stating that "he did not kill anyone." And the article, although controversial, was nevertheless applied in Kazakhstan not retroactively, as it is attempted to do in Latvia. Although this, of course, is not an excuse for Kazakhstani justice and legislation ...

By and large, it is surprising that the very fact that such articles (CCs) actually row with the same comb as those with weapons in the hands came to impose a punitive order on the residents of Donbass, trying to crush them under the Maidan destructive ideology, as well as those who tried to defend the Pitmen and Luhansk residents who were in great trouble. Although in the case of Latvia, this approach today can hardly be surprising. The very policy of this country is built on the protection of "democratic gains", obtained with the active support of the chief puppeteer.
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  1. parusnik
    parusnik April 28 2016 06: 36
    The very policy of this country is built on the defense of "democratic gains".... Long-term militant: Latvia and "strangers" ..
    1. siberalt
      siberalt April 28 2016 15: 29
      In general, I feel positively about the articles by Alexei Volodin. He is like a "weathervane" of the forum. And that's okay. But something clings to the "snags" in his statement of facts. I'll try to explain myself.
      Even when running, but downhill, it will stop hard. And here it’s like auto-media, then a thousand times even more difficult. It’s easier for a cook to divide in half what he got, and then share with and haw yourself - not to feed you all from a spoon! As if all adults and thinkers.
      And how can you not understand that after such publications on the forum they will laugh at the "Balts" (in which he himself is a sinner), but what is all this for and how much can you poison peoples against each other? That's the question. Maybe it's time to slow down so as not to drive outside the boundaries of a universal understanding of life, especially with neighbors? Alexey, for God's sake, stop this dangerous sublimation of mutual hatred that nobody needs! You will be honored if adequate citizens from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia appear on the forum. This is where to go. The enemy is common to all of us. Changing (latently) liberalism into patriotism, and patriotism into rejection of a different opinion is an explosive occupation for society. The chain mail may be a bit short.
      The same Banshee has his own opinion, but the peoples of Ukraine and Russia do not split, gives out personal judgments, which he honestly upholds at the forum, not being afraid of the revelations of those who disagree with him.
      Let's talk with the people, with the citizens, and not decide about them in droves from the pages of the yellow press, and the filing of corrupt journalists.
      All these "hee-hee", yes "ha-ha" over other nations - our former friends and relatives, just play into the hands of the State Department. It turns out
      that they laugh at us laughing, whom they made laugh for their own purposes, like puppets. No thanks! Stop living in a rut of any propaganda. Sorry for the tone. Boiling up. hi
      1. Bath
        Bath April 29 2016 09: 30
        Is it the Baltic states that our brothers and relatives ??? did you live there yourself? or internationalism in the blood? I’ve lived in Lithuania for 12 years, we’ll never be brothers and relatives to them, and never have been and it’s not about their elite they are all nationalists
  2. Aleksander
    Aleksander April 28 2016 06: 39
    seeks testimony from Skrypnik about the presence of Russian troops in the Donbass. And yet - no joke! - Requires information on Russian military units preparing to invade the Baltic states. Artyom holds firmly, denies his guilt, does not give delusional evidence.

    Ordinary fascism, and even with debility. Russian diplomacy could help the hero, he is NOT a citizen of Latvia ....
    1. gaura
      gaura April 28 2016 13: 12
      Russian diplomacy could not even get the "special forces" out of Ukraine. I don't remember any messages that she even tried. And you are talking about Latvia.
  3. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack April 28 2016 06: 56
    will be condemned now .... Criminal Law - they implement it readily ........
  4. Uncle Murzik
    Uncle Murzik April 28 2016 07: 07
    sorry guy, in vain returned to Latvia!
    1. Moore
      Moore April 28 2016 08: 48
      Quote: Uncle Murzik
      sorry guy, in vain returned to Latvia!

      Yes, coming back was not the best decision. But what has been done is done ...
    2. The comment was deleted.
  5. Egoza
    Egoza April 28 2016 07: 15
    77.1 Article of the Latvian Criminal Code (“Participation in an armed conflict outside Latvia, which (the conflict) is directed against the territorial integrity or political independence of the state”

    And how does the conflict in the Donbass threaten the territorial integrity of Latvia? belay
    1. mad
      mad April 28 2016 07: 58
      Quote: Egoza
      And how does the conflict in the Donbass threaten the territorial integrity of Latvia?

      Too vividly shows what happens to the Nazis and other rabble zealously licking the ass of the State Department.
      1. Orionvit
        Orionvit April 28 2016 21: 44
        It is hoped that all these fascist democrats in due time will receive their full. In the meantime, carefully record all cases of the manifestation of such practices, with surnames and deeds. For the court.
    2. Revolver
      Revolver April 28 2016 17: 28
      Quote: Egoza
      And how does the conflict in the Donbass threaten the territorial integrity of Latvia?

      Here's something like this:
      Quote: old joke
      Nun (m), all in snot, abbess (n): Matushka, I was at Father Seraphim's confession, but he deprived me of innocence, cursed.
      m: Answer me, my daughter, in what way did he commit this obscenity?
      m: In no way, mother, but with a kind of candle.
  6. Kenneth
    Kenneth April 28 2016 07: 30
    It seems we also have such an article. It is interesting to see the application practice on it.
    1. Bath
      Bath April 28 2016 08: 55
      It was like in the article that in Moscow someone from the militia was seized, though they didn’t know, they gave him urkaine or they themselves
      1. muzrzn
        muzrzn April 28 2016 15: 44
        We have no such practice.
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 28 2016 07: 32
    If in Latvia the former front-line soldiers and veterans of the USSR Armed Forces are being persecuted, then what can we say about the guy who came under the distribution. At the same time, they calmly relate to former accomplices of the German invaders and resurgent Latvian fascism. Europe eat yours.
  8. Russia
    Russia April 28 2016 08: 15
    During grueling interrogations, the PB investigator (security police) obtains testimony from Skrypnik about the presence of Russian troops in the Donbass. And yet - no joke! - Requires information on Russian military units preparing to invade the Baltic states.

    Ordinary fascism interspersed with insanity.
    1. Nikolay82
      Nikolay82 April 28 2016 12: 24
      in Estonia the same thing. Vladimir Polyakov is being prepared for extradition to the Ukrainian authorities for suspicion of participation in hostilities in the territory of the Lugansk region in parts of the LPR.
      At the moment, the process has slowed down, the lawyers have filed with the European court. The Estonian court gave the go-ahead to extradition.
  9. Knizhnik
    Knizhnik April 28 2016 08: 28
    Now, if he fought on the opposite side, he would become a hero. am The law that draws ...
    1. Bath
      Bath April 28 2016 08: 52
      I wouldn't become a hero, either a hero or a cancer
  10. Yarik76
    Yarik76 April 28 2016 08: 49
    What can I say - disadvantages! Good luck and good health guy! I think we need to grab a couple of citizens of the labus and exchange!
    1. Kenneth
      Kenneth April 28 2016 11: 01
      On what grounds to grab. Maybe you better give money for a decent lawyer.
  11. PKK
    PKK April 28 2016 08: 58
    Bratishka got in. It was necessary to lie down in the training of the battalion. There is no particular hope for the doctors. It is unlikely that they will do neurooperations. You can do a lot for your health. Fasting on dry, transfer food to the internal. energetically, pumping up in sore spots, will restore damage. Medicine is not capable of such results. Get well soon, Brother.
  12. Vega
    Vega April 28 2016 09: 38
    Democracy in yusa in action, long live the Lithuanian court - the most "democratic" in the "world"!
  13. black
    black April 28 2016 09: 51
    From the point of view of strict legal law, that ISIS fighters, that militias in the Donbass, participants of illegal armed groups. We do not judge former militias in connection with a political, not a legal decision. Here is a parsley.
    1. Nikolay82
      Nikolay82 April 28 2016 13: 01
      it so happens that only ordinary people are judged "to the fullest extent". Here is democracy and other delights of the "free world".
  14. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn April 28 2016 11: 17
    Now, if he had returned from the Ukrainian law-breakers, they would have awarded 100%.
  15. Pioneer Leader
    Pioneer Leader April 28 2016 12: 11
    the time will come! all enemies of Russia will stand cancer!
    1. muzrzn
      muzrzn April 28 2016 15: 46
      I am not an enemy of my country, but a very friend. With 14 where you need it. Such lovers of knee-elbow poses are nasty. Interestingly, and you will put them (enemies) too?