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Crafts of the Islamic State: the birth of fighting monsters


The formation of an Islamic state (prohibited in Russia) led to a myriad of self-made projects, as the group seeks to equip its fighters with the likeness of armor and fire power. The newest homegrown emerald was spotted during the attack on the Libyan city of Derna, where it was used in combat with the Libyan National Army and the Shura Council. The fighters of the Islamic state in Derna are completely cut off from the rest of the territory held by them in Libya, and thus must fight with what they currently possess.

The new thing is based on the truck 6x6, protected by metal sheets and lattice screens. It is equipped not only with a tower from the BMP-1, but in fact represents the entire body of the BMP-1 mounted on the truck chassis! However, the 73-mm main gun 2A28 The Thunder and the 7,62-mm PKT machine gun paired with it were removed and an armored platform with an American M106 40-mm recoilless gun was installed above the tower. Although an operator in the turret is needed to rotate the M40 cannon, a large angle of elevation of the cannon gives an undoubted advantage in close combat, which is currently taking place in the center of Derna.

The armor of this combat monster is special without any exaggeration. The armor protection of the BMP-1 hull sides was enhanced by the addition of trellis screens, which were also installed in the front of the vehicle. The space between the housing BMP-1 and lattice screens filled with sandbags. Metal sheets collected from everywhere and naturally having different strength characteristics cover the rest of the machine. Of particular note, of course, is the fact that the tracks from the BMP-1 were used to protect the vulnerable wheels of the truck chassis.

Armament consists of 106-mm recoilless gun M40 RCL, very popular weapons in Libya, plus machine guns and machine guns, the fire of which is from eight or nine (if you count the embrasure in the left stern door) embrasure BMP-1. It is not entirely clear why the 73-mm gun was removed, but it may have been damaged or removed even earlier for repair.

106 mm M40 recoilless gun

Judging by what we see in the photo above, the role of this vehicle is similar to the role of an armored personnel carrier or infantry fighting vehicle, although the landing and disembarkation of the car has become much more difficult. It is also worth noting that the driver of this monster must have enormous difficulties in driving on the narrow streets of Derna, not to mention reversing if you drive past the intended place, since the observation hole is very small. The driver in the photo “takes aim” from his AK-103 rifle into the viewing hole, although perhaps he is simply posing for the camera.

Libya is the birthplace of many homemade products, and there will undoubtedly be created many more miracles, the sole purpose of which is to give each group an advantage over opponents to ensure victory in a long conflict that never seems to end. The acute shortage of (operational) heavy weapons supplied to various groups, means that these self-made projects will continue to be implemented, whether they are actually useful or not.

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  1. Uncle Murzik
    Uncle Murzik April 28 2016 06: 13
    still in Ukraine, these crafts are not measured! laughing
  2. Waltasar
    Waltasar April 28 2016 06: 26
    For lack of a better.
    Judging by the booking scheme, the driver and operator of the gun are consumables. And in the back are spare)
  3. Bongo
    Bongo April 28 2016 06: 47

    The new contraption is based on the 6x6 truck, protected by metal sheets and trellised screens. It is equipped not just with a BMP-1 tower, but actually represents the entire BMP-1 body mounted on a truck chassis!

    But what is the sensation and what is the exclamation point at the end of the sentence?

    ISIS did not invent anything fundamentally new No. This is a purely compelled decision dictated by the lack of spare parts and repair facilities. In eastern Ukraine, the militia also used the defective BMD-2 on the KamAZ chassis.
    1. Doomph
      Doomph April 28 2016 07: 33
      This is a tow truck laughing
      1. Cat man null
        Cat man null April 28 2016 10: 32
        Quote: Doomph
        This is a tow truck

        - no. This is a mini-armored train. Which, moreover, does not need railway.

        Knowhow, however .. what
        1. Nikolaevich I
          Nikolaevich I April 28 2016 14: 51
          "Railway" -not needed ..... and "good" highway-yes!
    2. godofwar6699
      godofwar6699 April 28 2016 10: 51
      footage taken from the headcam of the Islamic State (IS) fighter, who died in March, fighting against Kurdish rebel troops in northern Iraq. The clash occurred about 30 miles north of Mosul ..
    3. Nikolaevich I
      Nikolaevich I April 28 2016 14: 48
      So not only BMD-2! But also the BTR-70 ... And about the "Cheburator" ... What? Forgot!?
  4. godofwar6699
    godofwar6699 April 28 2016 07: 12
    CLASH BETWEEN FSA MISTER / rebels and Syrian army | SYRIA WAR 2016
    1. abrakadabre
      abrakadabre April 28 2016 09: 36
      On the video in the area of ​​the 3rd minute ... They shoot in milk. No observation of the battlefield, no maneuver ... Stupidly raise the PKK above his head and shoot into the sky towards the enemy. Waiting until something mortar arrives at you.
      1. PSih2097
        PSih2097 April 28 2016 16: 20
        Quote: abrakadabre
        Stupidly raise the PKK above his head and shoot into the sky towards the enemy.

        this is called statistics (bullets planting the enemy’s location), such as whom God will send.
  5. Olfred
    Olfred April 28 2016 07: 21
    we wish this product with "passengers" and a taxi driver to get to hell as soon as possible am hi
  6. parusnik
    parusnik April 28 2016 07: 53
    The dill engineering thought is clearly traced ..
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. Good cat
    Good cat April 28 2016 08: 27
    Quote from the movie Brother-2: "Here are the hoopoes!"
  9. Atomist
    Atomist April 28 2016 09: 24
    No need to offend the bird! :)
  10. Vega
    Vega April 28 2016 10: 05
    Whatever the child would not amuse, if only to hell sooner !!
  11. 31rus2
    31rus2 April 28 2016 11: 15
    Dear, it is good to talk while sitting at home, and next to you there is a car service where everything will be done for you, and an attack by these "monsters" on a checkpoint armed only with small arms or a village? Here is the answer to you why such "monsters" are made in all hot spots , in the years of VO, due to a lack of technology, the same was not imposed from a good life, now these crafts are on post-moments and in museums, the main thing here is whose side this creativity is
  12. Zeeke
    Zeeke April 28 2016 11: 39
    Interesting engineering solutions. And then they will study the drawings of Da Vinci and build their own aircraft laughing
  13. alpamys
    alpamys April 28 2016 12: 04
    I am glad that the baboons are not so advanced in technical terms, they will remain the same, nature mother took care of this. good
  14. Sartorius
    Sartorius April 29 2016 05: 30
    The first picture reminded a Japanese heavy band from HERE.
  15. Pomeranian
    Pomeranian April 29 2016 17: 21
    Interesting article. I never cease to be surprised at the human engineering genius. wink For information: attempts to install the hull from a combat vehicle on a different chassis were made by the Bandera in 1943. They piled the building from the BT onto the NATI tractor. And we went to the showdown with the AK, where the Poles successfully knocked out this "shushpanzer".
  16. 19001900
    19001900 1 May 2016 01: 08
    Personally, I was more interested in the country supplier AK-103 in this article (if this is of course he). Try to guess Venezuela ?? Nah India ???? Nah, I don’t really think ......
    1. Ivan Kuzmin
      Ivan Kuzmin 14 June 2016 17: 49
      they were put back when Gadduffy
      2000 pieces