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A working NATO methodology for the sale of bronchium to Lithuania

Lithuania is preparing for the largest artillery exercises for the entire history its independence. We are talking about the teachings "Fire salvo 2016", which will be held in the summer. One of the formations that has already begun active training is the artillery battalion named after Romualdas Gedraitis (Rukla), which is commanded by no less than Lieutenant-General (!) Of the Lithuanian armed forces (Aushrius Buykus).

According to Lieutenant-General Buikus, for the first time Lithuanian soldiers will conduct firing from the German Panzerhaubitze and not only. In total, the course of the exercise will involve eight howitzers. General Buikus noted that four of them would be provided by the Bundeswehr military personnel (Germany) for the time of the exercise. Four other self-propelled howitzers - as if "Lithuanian". They were acquired by the Ministry of Defense of the country, and the first units of this type of weapons will arrive in the country in May.

Commander of the Lithuanian artillery battalion relied on by the Baltic portal BNS, said that for the first time in a long time, servicemen serving in conscription would be allowed to fire.

It is worth recalling that the call to the Lithuanian army was resumed at the initiative of Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite, and the call-up service lasts 9 months. And if in the first “recruiting session” in Lithuania there was an influx of volunteers between the ages of 19 and 26 years (such are the boundaries of the draft age in the Republic of Lithuania), then there are more and more problems with each new draft wave. Volunteers quickly “ended”, and given the fact that the planned number of recruits is increasing, the percentage of non-attendance at the agendas is growing at a significant pace. The most common reason for non-attendance on the agenda is the absence of a young person at his address. Relatives answer: he takes care of, they say, an elderly great-aunt somewhere near Warsaw — he cannot come, he will not leave his granny alone ...

Lithuanian public organizations publish reports that every third Lithuanian young person who has been educated tries to go abroad in search of work. And if while the plan of an appeal manages to be carried out, then with each its new stage process becomes more and more difficult.

However, about the teachings ...

One of the directions of the exercises is the suppression of artillery batteries of a conditional opponent. To do this, it is planned to use (according to the Lithuanian battalion commander in the rank of general) 105-mm guns, the firing of which will be carried out at a distance of 11 km, as well as 155-mm PzH2000 with a firing range of 40 km.

In total, Lithuania acquires 16 artillery mounts from Germany, three of them at once for spare parts. Supplement from General Buikus about spare parts eloquently testifies to the fact that the equipment goes to Lithuania.

In addition, the Lithuanian Defense Ministry plans to purchase from NATO partners 26 used command and control machines M577 and six also used armored repair and evacuation vehicles (BREM) BPz-2. The beginning of the creation of this technology refers to the 60 years of the last century. And there is a technique and even earlier production.

Lithuania, as a state whose budget currently spends the least amount of money (compared to NATO partners), is trying with all its might to bring its military spending to the NATO standard - 2%. And therefore, they do not hesitate to buy even outright scrap metal, which other countries of the North Atlantic Alliance send to Lithuania, not without pleasure, whose authorities live from one speech about “probable Russian aggression” to another.

A working NATO methodology for the sale of bronchium to Lithuania

In this regard, Lithuania, and other Baltic countries, for the “partners” in NATO are turning into an ideal platform for recycling (and also for the Baltic means) of armor. And so that the “three Baltic tigers” would buy the “used” (often 30-40 years) military equipment more actively, new and new training maneuvers are being developed at NATO headquarters.

The principle is simple and straightforward: a document is dropped in Vilnius, which says that large-scale artillery exercises along the NATO line are coming, for example, they say, countering Russian “aggression”, all that ... The defense minister begins to recall and what, in fact, artillery is at his disposal. Recalls the battalion of them. im.Romualdas Gedraitis. While he recalled, another directive comes from NATO - serve, you understand, self-propelled howitzers and evacuation vehicles, for they must be involved in maneuvers. - But where will I get you these self-propelled howitzers? - the Minister of Lithuanian Defense is being killed. - It does not matter, they answer in Washington, Berlin and Brussels - buy from us. If there is no money for a new one, then we will sell an excellent, but in some places “second-hand”, equipment - the soldiers will clean up, tint, it will look like a new one ... You look, it will even shoot a couple of times ...

In addition to the Lithuanian military, military personnel from the USA, Portugal, Germany, Latvia and even Ukraine will take part in the “Fire Salvo 2016” exercises.

It is reported that not only artillery units will be involved in the exercises, but also military personnel of other types and types of Lithuanian troops. Preparation for the exercises is going on in several Lithuanian training grounds.

That's how they live ... They will buy several German or American howitzers and armored vehicles. Shoot from artillery guns, if, of course, does not jam. Disassemble the two, to collect one - and instantly build a report on the "global opposition to Russia."

And in the headquarters of NATO, in the meantime, the new plan will ripen in order to plant Balts on the purchase of the North Atlantic military junk. The new plan is another "large-scale" exercises, for example, with the maritime component. And the same Dale Grybauskaite together with the ministers will have to shell out for German or British boats, without which, as they say in NATO, the exercises will not be recognized as successful. Five boats will buy, of which three are again for spare parts, so that the other two will not go to the Baltic bottom ...

It seems that soon in the Baltics we will have to prepare a landfill not small in size for storing Chermet’s equipment, which was bought from “partners” in NATO, and which, having fired two times, ordered to live a long time. The landfill is for warehousing, after all, they might have melted it, letting it go to a new, but only where is the Baltic industry? .. Although, on the other hand, why create some kind of landfill for storing NATO armor to be made beautifully? create a battalion (well, the same Romualdas Gedraytis), appoint a whole general to the battalion commanders and supply the formation with a NATO rusting background, so that the conscripts were against the background of what to do.
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  1. Sirocco
    Sirocco April 26 2016 05: 57
    It seems that soon in the Baltic states it will be necessary to prepare a landfill, not small in size, for storing ferrous metal - equipment that was purchased from NATO partners, and which, having fired twice, ordered to live long.

    I don’t know how it goes about Chermet’s base, but the landfill for the disposal of the local population, in the event of an armed conflict, is not bad.
    Well, about everything else, what can I say? nothing new, Nothing personal just business, backed up by a quote, God is on you that we do not care.
    1. Barakuda
      Barakuda April 26 2016 07: 32
      as well as the 155 mm PzH2000

      Not so ferrous metal (excerpt from an article on "VO" for 2012) - by the way, I got a bunch of pluses
      "ACS PzH-2000 (abbreviation PzH - from Panzerhaubitze, the number" 2000 "indicates a new millennium) is designed to destroy various point and area targets, primarily fire weapons (including tanks and other armored vehicles), fortifications, and The enemy's manpower can be fired from both mounted and flat trajectories. The relatively recently adopted by the Bundeswehr ACS combines a long firing range, increased security, operational and tactical flexibility of use and high mobility. This howitzer is recognized as one of the the most advanced and fastest-firing self-propelled guns in the world "
      1. Lopatov
        Lopatov April 26 2016 07: 43
        Quote: Barracuda
        Not so ferret

        This is still very softly said. Not at all, it's better. SPG level upgraded 2С19
        1. Alex_59
          Alex_59 April 26 2016 08: 30
          Quote: Spade
          This is still very softly said. Not at all, it's better. SPG level upgraded 2С19

          There are suspicions that the most worn-out self-propelled guns will be thrown off to Lithuania, which in a sense smooths out the initial effectiveness of the system. At least from other types of weapons that NATO senior friends threw off to the Baltic countries, most of them were just ferrets. Well, plus the crooked little hands of the Baltic states are hardly capable of squeezing even full efficiency out of the latest technology.
          1. Lopatov
            Lopatov April 26 2016 08: 49
            Quote: Alex_59
            There are suspicions that Lithuania will throw off the most worn self-propelled guns

            And where did they have time to "wear out"? While they were transported from the park to the landfill on low loader trawls and back?
            The fact is that the Germans have only 2 (two) units of relatively worn-out self-propelled howitzers. Those that were taken to Afghanistan. No more 8)))

            Well, what about "purchasing three SPGs for spare parts at once" ... Noble nonsense. Why spend extra money when ordinary parts are not a problem. Especially when you consider that the PzH-2000 is produced not only by Germans, but also by Italians.

            Quote: Alex_59
            Well, plus the crooked little hands of the Baltic states are unlikely to be able to squeeze even full performance out of the latest technology.

            "Crooked Lithuanian little hands" manage to keep even such old items as M113 in working order
            1. the47th
              the47th April 26 2016 12: 32
              Quote: Spade
              Well, what about "purchasing three SPGs for spare parts at once" ... Noble nonsense. Why spend extra money when ordinary parts are not a problem. Especially when you consider that the PzH-2000 is produced not only by Germans, but also by Italians.

              I think it is unlikely that the Germans and Italians will just sell spare parts without service contracts, and this is money comparable to the cost of the howitzers themselves. And Lithuania, most likely, will save money and will not conclude contracts. This is why you need "extra" self-propelled guns.
              1. Lopatov
                Lopatov April 26 2016 17: 31
                Quote: the47th
                And Lithuania is likely to save

                That's the word, I have never heard that someone bought two used cars at once in the hope of so "saving" on maintenance and spare parts ...
                1. the47th
                  the47th April 27 2016 09: 14
                  This is not a car, spare parts wherever you buy. Most likely, without concluding service agreements, Lithuania will not receive spare parts at all. We have to get out.
        2. Lt. Air Force stock
          Lt. Air Force stock April 26 2016 10: 36
          Quote: Spade
          This is still very softly said. Not at all, it's better. SPG level upgraded 2С19

          Well, how much will they buy them? And how much will they increase defense capability?
          If a country wants to increase its defense capability, it is necessary first of all to start with the country's air defense and air force, also if the country has access to the sea it would be nice to have several corvettes and diesel submarines, but it’s expensive ...
        3. Shark Lover
          Shark Lover April 27 2016 02: 36
          I think "ferrous metal" meant the state of the transferred ACS, and not specifically about the model. BOO. Damn, maybe on the sly of their car market Japanese BU zabobakhat as soon as they are tied to these exercises?
      2. Alexey-74
        Alexey-74 April 26 2016 11: 37
        And how many pieces ....?
      3. Gomel
        Gomel April 26 2016 16: 25
        Here it is interesting, and why on-line stuffing articles began to appear on IN?
        why the author did not give examples of the characteristics? And even more shot a couple of times?
        Why do we have such a dismissive attitude to the topic of the material?
        1. although
          although April 26 2016 18: 19
          So I think, why? Do not wait for us to go down to the level of the censor, hoot and scream with every throw of a fresh batch ... ... Have you bought and bought, do they need them? Well, maybe they need .... Help ??? Hardly.
      4. Aryan
        Aryan April 27 2016 02: 01
        Even if they are such super-super-guns ... and what will they have time to do if it starts in the air?
        A placebo, grandmas spent in vain, so defense is not a healer
        Whatever it is, but not fortification
    2. siberalt
      siberalt April 26 2016 08: 07
      A call for 9 months is a tricky little thing. Not every married conscript can find out from whom the wife gave birth. laughing
      1. Bolhevik
        Bolhevik April 26 2016 20: 59
        Yes, with their policies, wives need to worry more so that during the period of service, the husband does not fight off
        a sergeant from a neighboring company - a field romance of tolerance, so to speak.
    3. 222222
      222222 April 26 2016 10: 15
      "NATO's working methodology for selling armored metal to Lithuania"
      Simple banal squeezing from the arms market of the Russian military-industrial complex. no more!!
      For what :
      - making a profit for the American, primarily the military-industrial complex and the western.
      - holding these countries in the sphere of their geopolitical influence
      All former USSR and VD are still armed with Soviet military equipment .. and which is still suitable ..
    4. Alexey-74
      Alexey-74 April 26 2016 11: 36
      The Balts do not understand that they are used as a rubber product ...? NATO needs them no more than as a gasket and as a bridgehead bordering Russia .... the consequences in the event of a military conflict for the Baltic republics will be very sad
    5. Megatron
      Megatron April 26 2016 13: 01
      A good photo in the article, I just want to weigh the pendell!
    6. Vadya
      Vadya April 26 2016 13: 25
      HERE HERE THE ROLL AMAZED, a little out of topic, but "HOW THE JAPANESE REPAIRED THE TANK" laughing laughing laughing
      And HOW our fighters do it !!!
  2. izya top
    izya top April 26 2016 06: 00
    and landed chameras dill on credit wink
  3. Runx135
    Runx135 April 26 2016 06: 03
    With their eagerness to "lick", I think the West is upset only by the size of the Baltic partners ...
  4. Thirteenth
    Thirteenth April 26 2016 06: 31
    The author of this article decided to poke fun at the "dumb" Balts with their weak armies and antediluvian weapons? In vain! In principle, you can not take the Balts into account, but NATO as a whole will have to be taken into account.
    You just think about it - the American army is located on the territory of the former Soviet republics directly bordering Russia. The fact that at present their presence is not numerous does not mean anything good! Today there are 1000 of them, and in a year it may become 100 thousand!
    1. inkass_98
      inkass_98 April 26 2016 07: 18
      Where can I place them all? And they need to be fed, watered and occupied with something, otherwise such a circus with horses will begin there that the Balts will definitely want our occupation, there have already been examples.
      But seriously - there will not be 100 000 Americans, there were about 400 thousand of them all over Europe in the old days, and you are only going to drive half of the German armed forces to the Baltic states (for example). Yes, and it is very expensive, although here you can warm your hands with skillful posing of the issue.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. siberalt
        siberalt April 26 2016 08: 15
        The point is not the number of the NATO contingent in Lithuania, but the formation of military infrastructure in the place of their presence in the form of: runways, hangars, warehouses for storing weapons, equipment and ammunition, command posts, radar stations, etc. for deploying military forces as needed at the certain time.
        It is not in vain that NATO members are planning to create a "flying division", just for the arrangement of such sites along the perimeter of Russia.
    2. Orionvit
      Orionvit April 26 2016 09: 01
      The American soldiers are not Russian, they will not eat their NATO ration and simply will not live in the barracks. Around all American bases around the world, the whole infrastructure, with bars, restaurants, nightclubs, brothels, and the rest is fun. Otherwise, American soldiers will not serve. I recall the case when an entire American base refused to serve, because they didn’t deliver the contracted hot lunch on time. Therefore, I do not think that the United States will increase the presence of personnel for no particular reason.
    3. Rivares
      Rivares April 26 2016 18: 13
      Quote: Thirteenth
      Today there are 1000 of them, and in a year it may become 100 thousand!

      will not be. And who will protect migrants in Germany from Deutsch? If the NATO bases in Germany weaken, the Deutsch will drive out the migrants and then the NATO remnants. The states are already short of troops for operations in Afghanistan-Iraq-Syria, where they are concentrating on concentrating 5000 against the Aborigines) And then 100.000 will be thrown to the Baltic))) Then where will they be thrown there their regimes will be thrown off.
  5. Arkan
    Arkan April 26 2016 06: 42
    The Baltic states have found their place in the structures of NATO-dumpers-utilizers.
  6. wandlitz
    wandlitz April 26 2016 06: 50
    They act according to the well-known Russian proverb- "On you, CAREFULLY, what is useless for us."

    We are talking about a wretched man who does not mind giving only what we no longer need.
    Just about frank redneck.
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov April 26 2016 08: 54
      Quote: wandlitz
      They act according to the well-known Russian proverb- "On you, CAREFULLY, what is useless for us."

      You know, very, very many Russian artillerymen would be delighted to replace their obsolete, both morally and physically, guns and self-propelled guns with the PzH-2000. Which in our country is overtaken only by the promising "Coalition"
      1. Lt. Air Force stock
        Lt. Air Force stock April 26 2016 10: 44
        Quote: Spade
        You know, very, very many Russian artillerymen would have been happy to replace their obsolete moral and physical guns and self-propelled guns with the PzH-2000.

        It seems that there is a project to modernize the self-propelled guns Msta-S almost to the level of the Coalition-SV.
        1. Lopatov
          Lopatov April 26 2016 17: 27
          Yes, where does 2C19? I'm not talking about them.

          2C1, 2C3, 2C4, 2C5, 2C7 ... All these are machines, in their capabilities, or rather in their absence, very, very much losing to the German PzH-2000, which the author of the article managed to call "scrap metal".

          Moreover, the vast majority of the artillery weapons currently in the army have been in the position of "we will replace it in the near future, and therefore we will not modernize" for more than a decade.

          For example, the main "workhorse" of the Russian artillery is the 2S3 Akatsiya. At the moment there are twice as many of them "in service" than 2C19. Moreover, the modernization option, urging these old women close to the 2S19 in terms of their combat capabilities, appeared even in the USSR. But nothing has been done.

          Well, the most filthy situation is in the field of battalion artillery. There, even supposedly new complexes go to the troops practically no different from mortars of the war. There are no automation tools in principle. Against the background of the fact that automation systems for them have been transported at international exhibitions for 7 years ... It looks strange.
      2. kotvov
        kotvov April 26 2016 11: 44
        many Russian gunners would be happy to replace their obsolete and morally and,
        as I understand it, you occupy the post of commander of artillery in Russia?
        1. Lopatov
          Lopatov April 26 2016 17: 03
          Unfortunately no. If the old junk was in service, it would be at least modernized.
  7. dedBoroded
    dedBoroded April 26 2016 07: 05
    neighbors' metallurgical plants are preparing to receive recyclables.
    If it would be Soviet obsolete military equipment, then still wherever it went. And the traveled Euroclum ... Outpost, damn it ...
  8. Moore
    Moore April 26 2016 07: 31
    Let's not cap off about scrap metal.
    In addition to the aforementioned iron, Lithuania buys another 70 new Boxer armored personnel carriers - 350 lyamo air.
    Estonia buys 81 Sisu XA-188 armored personnel carriers (used, but after repair - issue 98-99) - 28,3 lama of greenery.
    Latvia has bought and continues to receive 123 CVRTs - old, but also after repair - 48 lyamo Eiro.
    Lithuania in this "hit parade" is ahead of all "Baltic tigers".
    Plus, the Americans crammed them all with Javelins for big sums.
    What quality the mechanized brigades created by the "tigers" will be based on is a polemical question, but all this cannot be ignored. IMHO.
    By the way, the respected author, the aforementioned Aushrius Buikus, is not a lieutenant general, but a lieutenant colonel, which corresponds to our military unit. "lieutenant colonel"
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov April 26 2016 07: 44
      Quote: Moore
      By the way, the respected author, the aforementioned Aushrius Buikus, is not a lieutenant general, but a lieutenant colonel, which corresponds to our military unit. "lieutenant colonel"

      That's right. I also noticed 8))) They increased the battalion commander 8)))
  9. Viktor fm
    Viktor fm April 26 2016 07: 49
    And in what kind of NATO is Lithuania with its cows?)))))))
  10. AID.S
    AID.S April 26 2016 07: 59
    The USSR, too, did not equip its Romanians with the most advanced equipment, normal practice for arming cannon fodder.
  11. Cananecat
    Cananecat April 26 2016 09: 23
    26 KSHM, etozh on what cloud of people is enough? fellow And how many howitzers? How long is the border with the Russian Federation? It would be necessary for every kilometer along the trunk ... why, even if they scare poachers and smugglers. negative
  12. kos2910
    kos2910 April 26 2016 09: 25
    Cool, the battalion is commanded by a lieutenant general! Well, the admirals are commanding an unmanned boat - this is the level! :) Why not the Marshal?
  13. Forest
    Forest April 26 2016 09: 42
    No need to throw caps over the Baltic states. Although the armies are not great there, they have enough modern anti-tank weapons. And our self-propelled guns are almost all older than the very first PzH2000.
  14. aszzz888
    aszzz888 April 26 2016 09: 48
    no less, lieutenant general (!) of the armed forces of Lithuania

    And the regiment, the dumb ones, the generalissimo ?! fellow laughing wassat
    1. Jlk07
      Jlk07 1 May 2016 02: 36
      Combat - in the normal rank of lieutenant colonel, info
      igade_iron_wolf / battalions_of_motorised_infantry_brigade_iron_wolf / general_romua
      ldas_giedraitis_artillery_battalion / command_2563 / battalion_commander.html
      There is a mobile phone, you can personally find out if he wants to become a general))
  15. kon125
    kon125 April 26 2016 10: 15
    Rukla, Ionava. The location of the former 44th Airborne Training Division. Famous Gaijunaya, I was there, served. The training was .. I won’t even tell you who passed Gaijunai, he knows. on maps there. Only I support commentators who are not inclined to laugh at pumping up the Baltic states with weapons and equipment. Iron Wolves are now standing on the territory of 108 Guards PDP.
    The following can be seen: Having lost the opportunity to deploy troops in the South-East of Ukraine, the United States is clearly preparing forces for pressure on the North-Western borders of Russia, Kaliningrad blockades.
    This may seem crazy.
    But all those who served know what KShU is. The command staff exercises, the conda company depicts a regiment.
    Having prepared training grounds, equipment deployment bases, ports, airfields, communications, and providing engineering services to technical services that know how to service, unload, transport NATO equipment, you can quickly transfer as much as you like to your existing equipment at any time.
    At the same time, there is air cover, the squadron on duty can be strengthened very quickly. The destroyer Donald Cook performs tasks on reconnaissance of the Baltic theater of operations.
    Just all the components will assemble like puzzles at the right time.
    And the Baltic States will not be the only strategic direction, Hitler learned the lessons.
    Stupidly from the West I didn’t attack tanks with tanks,
    This will be the persecution of a bear. They will punish you from the east, make you react, from Ukraine, there is already a direction that is holding down certain forces of the Russian Armed Forces.
    Do not underestimate the Lithuanians. They know their job, their task is to accept troops and become a bridgehead. They are in the role of the victim. And they like this role.
    1. aszzz888
      aszzz888 April 26 2016 13: 46
      kon125 RU Today, 10:15
      They are in the role of the victim. And they like this role.

      They are in the role of profit! laughing
  16. Lester7777
    Lester7777 April 26 2016 10: 22
    For the “three Baltic tigers” it would be nice if Sd Kfz 251 came up. Only where to get them ...
  17. Leeder
    Leeder April 26 2016 11: 35
    The equipment is excellent, perhaps the best in its class, that's just buying 3 units. parts immediately annoying. It’s better to repair used equipment with new parts, and not remove it from donors, this is a bad indicator. In addition, I think that for the self-propelled guns the barrel shot critically, and it’s better to set the barrel all the same new.
    By the way, what will they protect? For a modern self-propelled gun war, it shot and escaped, otherwise a corpse, and without AA cover, it’s just a corpse, after the first shots ...
  18. rfv0304
    rfv0304 April 26 2016 17: 04
    Semchane do it right. Labuses need more scrap metal, otherwise ours left little in the armored cemetery near Kaunas.
    VOENOBOZ April 26 2016 19: 57
    They have nothing of their own to fill in the blanks.