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"Ave Maria" for veterans

"Ave Maria" for veterans

For some reason, every time when I mentally return to the veteran theme, this solemn and sad music comes to my mind, which turns the soul inside out. And how else can the heart respond to the misfortunes and aspirations of our veterans, who become less and less every year? Basically, all veteran organizations are kept afloat due to the truly fanatical devotion to their work of caring people.

After the victorious end of the Great Patriotic War, front-line soldiers who returned home, along with the entire Soviet people, actively participated in the restoration of the national economy and in the establishment of a peaceful life. They sought to preserve their military partnership in peacetime. At their traditional meetings during the celebration of Victory Day, they all insistently expressed a wish to establish a public organization of war veterans in the country.

29 September 1956 was held in Moscow I All-Union Conference of Soviet war veterans. She decided to create an allied public organization of war veterans, approved the charter of this organization and elected an executive body - the Soviet Committee of War Veterans (SCWV). Marshal of the Soviet Union, AM Vasilevsky, was elected twice as the chairman of this committee, and A. P. Maresiev.

After the formation of the Soviet Committee of War Veterans, primary, district, city, regional, territorial, and republican organizations of war veterans began to be created all over the country. In 1986, labor veterans joined the union organization of war veterans. December 17 The All-Union Public Organization of War and Labor Veterans was created at the founding conference in Moscow at the founding conference in Moscow.

The conference adopted a new charter, which defines new tasks for veterans' organizations: “Protection of civil, socio-economic, labor and personal rights of veterans and pensioners; assisting them in medical, domestic and cultural services and improving their material well-being; patriotic education of youth. 27 November 1991 was decided at the conference of the All-Russian Public Organization of War and Labor Veterans to be a member of the Organization of Veterans of the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies and to give the name of the organization - All-Russian Public Organization of Veterans (Pensioners) of War, Labor, Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Authorities ”(from stories organizations).

This name are all veteran organizations.

At one of their meetings, veterans of the city of Rostov-on-Don dealt with a very delicate moral problem related to the provision of housing for veterans. As an example, two different stories were made, the participants of which I could not meet.

We arrived at an address on a “cool” working jeep, and I felt somehow uncomfortable when we saw a small house, flattened on both sides by two-story mansions, where a veteran of World War II lived. This house was practically in an abandoned state: the leaning gate and the gate, the roof overgrown with moss and weed, shabby walls. This is not for him, but for all of us - young, whole, much warmer, arranged, consisting of positions - it would fit to report to him. How is that?

I confess to him that I am ashamed, but he, it turns out, is not offended:

- Yes, what is there, he himself is to blame, it was necessary to arrange all the documents on time. So kept with his wife, while the corners are not soaked.

- It turns out, and here on the last bullet?

- Yeah, it turns out, it turns out.

On urgent he was called from the tinsmith. Dezhafar Mukhtarovich Kurmaev served as it should be, and in the soldiers' business, as he himself said, was “not the last”. For excellent shooting, two vacations were given. And where to go to the orphanage person, when the native part is his home? From a mortar on a moving target fell into a dispute. And he fought in those three years: accompanied by a train to the Far East, and there just happened an armed conflict with the Japanese on Hassan. Until now, with the awards, he keeps a heavy, order-like sign of a participant in those events - a soldier with a red banner and a short word on enamel: "HASAN."

Kurmaev came to the recruiting center of the Great Patriotic War, without waiting for the agenda. On the fourth day. Calm and confident. Convinced that the former best regiment shooter is the place at the front. And near Moscow, and in the battles for Taman, and in Western Ukraine, he fought.

“Though it was wounded four times, but it turned out to be tenacious.” And lucky, just returned.

In the eyes of not the enthusiasm, not the deep, long-realized rightness. Just in case, he puts in front of me a bundle of personal documents: a completely dilapidated certificate of four wounds and two contusions, order books, a pension certificate.

But he does not show documents for the house, he does not want to confuse his combat past with today's mercantilist affairs, and he diligently avoids saying this topic:

- Here I will draw up all the documents, then I will move from here.

Of course, if approached formally, he himself is to blame for that, relying on the long-promised demolition, he was not in a hurry to take advantage of the front advantage. And if according to conscience? How many people around who have watched for decades how a man crippled by war rips? Neighbors in strong houses, covering the veteran's wreck with their quite safe facades. The military enlistment office, which, handing commemorative medals and a renewed pension certificate, was obliged to see not only the front-line soldier, but also social injustice in relation to it, under a squalid roof. Peers from the district Council of veterans who have the right to demand on behalf of the entire military fraternity. Deputies who all will not learn to rush towards the voters.

It turns out a curious detail: some people with disabilities are in the preferential queue several times. The person to whom I am going, of course, has both a surname and an address. And the situation is too eloquent to replace it with another now. Despite the fact that this contender for the next improvement of living conditions has already himself admitted his moral wrong, let's call him, for example, Viktor Vladimirovich Oreshko. This is the second story.

He and his wife once had their own home. In accordance with the great military merit, they gave the front-line soldier a three-room apartment with all the amenities. Then they changed it to another so that it would not rise so high. Grew up, got a daughter with her family. Has matured son. Now Viktor Vladimirovich and in this apartment has become cramped. And send letters to different instances. Do not exchange requested, and "add". Well-founded refusals were interpreted in the family as “defiant attitude towards well-deserved front-line soldiers”. Nor was he convinced the official conclusion of the city council of veterans, in which it was directly said in a soldier’s way: there is no possibility to endow with even larger square meters, since there are a lot of needy war invalids.

Oreshko wrote everything. In such instances, which here and list does not make sense.

When I went to their house, the elders were not at home. Daughter led to the nearest room. They clarified the composition of her family - husband and son, who live here. We talked about work - both of them work in the bazaar and trade. We discussed the basic conditions of their stay: “After all, quite different two families, as you will not understand!”

The daughter personified the image of a modern, young, self-confident person who, as a “battering ram”, was pushing in front of him, prancing the orders of his own father.

Nor did the conversation with Oreshko himself give any result. Simply, he was deeply convinced that he should, and will be so, as long as he has a need for at least something.

The story about Kurmaev Dezhafar Mukhtarovich, for whom the home bath with hot water is an unrealizable dream, seemed to him, if not an invention, to be a particular concern that lies on the conscience of the state.

On state conscience a lot of things lie.

This was shown by the district reporting and election conference of the organization of war veterans, labor, armed forces and law enforcement agencies.

The forum was attended by heads of district and settlements, chairmen and delegates of primary veteran organizations, heads of social services.

However, along with the work done, there are still many unsolved problems. Serious complaints were expressed by veterans on the issues of providing housing, repairing households and apartments, when the fixed 20 thousand rubles are expected to be several months. There is a lot of dissatisfaction with the provision of preferential medicines, the increase in utility tariffs, the issuance of sanatorium vouchers. The issues of educating young people, assisting honorary citizens of the city, the need for decent conditions for a museum of military and labor glory were raised.

The main thing in its activities will continue to be the further improvement of activities to ensure a decent standard of living for veterans of all categories, the full realization of their rights and benefits. The practice of joint inspections with the administrations and social institutions of the living conditions of the elderly will be continued.

Given the constant increase in the number of bed patients, we should strive to improve their medical care, provide them with preferential medicines and drugs, and regularly visit doctors and mid-level specialists. There was also a request for the allocation of more suitable premises on the ground floor.

For example, in the Tselinsky district of the Rostov region today, 28 participants and invalids of the Great Patriotic War, 146 widows live in the district. Monthly they are paid compensation for utilities services. Workers in the rear of the war years are provided with free dental prosthetics, preferential provision of medicines, and free travel by transport in the Rostov region.

As of today, eight widows of the participants of the Great Patriotic War are on housing accounting, who will be provided with them in the coming months. So the administration promises. And time goes on, and whether these people can finally live up to normal, civilized apartments is a big question.

“My father returned from the war seriously ill, and ten years ago he was gone. I myself served for a long time in the Soviet and then in the Russian army, until I quit due to illness. And we kept father and mother until their death, without demanding anything from the state. It was our duty to our parents, the country; if you will, before the whole people. Why does the current growth often take care of the father-mother on the shoulders of the state? Is it not because the veterans themselves are accustomed to more to teach other people's children and grandchildren than to seriously raise their own? And not by self-praise, but on the traditions of the Russian state, ”said Alexander Shalmanov.

“My husband and I are war invalids, just living in the same apartment with the children (daughter, son-in-law, grandchildren of 9 and 14 years). Never enjoyed the benefits. But in fact, we only serve our children, adjust to them: when everyone falls asleep after a night TV, when smoke is smoked and smoked. Only then you can go to the kitchen, drink tea in peace, ”said Nadezhda Kozhevnikova.

But Russian veterans and widows have at least some hope of improving their living conditions, while in other countries they do not deal with these issues at all. For example, in Israel, war veterans can only put on their orders once a year and go out into the street, and then they return to their lonely and poor apartments. At the legislative level, the Israeli state does not show any interest in the Soviet soldiers-liberators, thanks to whom thousands of Jews who were being killed by fascist troops in all countries were saved. The list of benefits for the participants of the Second World War and blockade members living in Israel does not include getting free housing. It is worth noting that a monument to Soviet Jews who participated in the Second World War was erected in Israel only in the year 2011.

It must be admitted that when studying this very delicate question for moral and ethical reasons, it turned out that the Russian state machine is much more efficient compared to other states, and responds promptly to the demands of the time. Thus, almost from the beginning of the conduct of hostilities in Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin submitted to the State Duma a bill concerning the vesting status of combat operations of all participants in the anti-terrorist operation in Syria.
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  1. astronom1973n
    astronom1973n April 27 2016 05: 56
    Recently, unfortunately, a lot of people have been added who attach themselves to great people, participants in the Great Patriotic War. There are many such "elderly" who did not even smell gunpowder, did not share the hardships of hard work at defense enterprises, performing hard work in the fields Homeland! Hanging on fake medals, they pass off as participants in the Second World War! Calculate the age of the real participants! The article indicates that grandchildren of 9 and 14 years old live together, how old then are their parents? Then how old are war invalids who have such grandchildren? Against the background of respect for veterans, SHARLATANS appeared !!!! In the USSR, almost everyone war veterans were provided with housing. For example: my paternal grandfather was born in 1907, after being wounded stayed to live in Kharkov, got an apartment, maternal grandmother, 1913, working after the war as a simple cleaner, received 1 room apartment in 1970, her own! Before that, we lived on funds allocated by enterprises that one or the other! But we got an apartment! And this is in a simple ordinary Siberian town! So many want to warm their hands on this theme! Eternal memory to the soldiers who laid down their heads in the battles for the Motherland! Shame on opportunists!
  2. astronom1973n
    astronom1973n April 27 2016 06: 04
    “My husband and I, the invalids of the war, just live in the same apartment with children (daughter, son-in-law, grandchildren 9 and 14 years old). Never used the benefits. But in fact, we only serve our children, we adapt to them: when everyone falls asleep after a night TV, when they smoke and smoke dissipates. Only then you can go into the kitchen, drink some tea in peace, ”said Nadezhda Kozhevnikova.
    And the apartment in which they live now is not the state gave? And an apartment for grandchildren and children ... let them earn and buy themselves !!!!
  3. vjatsergey
    vjatsergey April 27 2016 06: 22
    I have such a war veteran living across the road, he was recently celebrated 89 years, take 71 after the end of the war and we’ll get him as soon as he turned 18 in April 1945, he was immediately sent to the front and he managed to fight. But this is not 1941, so that immediately without training to throw a rookie into battle.
  4. vjatsergey
    vjatsergey April 27 2016 06: 27
    Thought and add more. I had a father-in-law, so at the age of 19 he went to war with Japan, but he didn’t fight with Germany, maybe his neighbor also went to war with Japan, in vain I think badly about him, though no one knew that he was a soldier until a decree came out to give all front-line soldiers apartments.
  5. parusnik
    parusnik April 27 2016 06: 40
    A very difficult ethical question .. On the other hand, the dead, the one who died .. whose wives remained widows, children are orphans or fatherless, do not ask for benefits .. And the memory of them is erased ..
  6. cap
    cap April 27 2016 06: 42
    What can I say. We did not give veterans in due time.
    May God give health to those who are alive and will celebrate Victory Day.
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 27 2016 07: 23
    He was familiar with one of the veterans - Sysoev Ivan Ivanovich, the kingdom of heaven to him. A real warrior - three Orders of the Red Star, two Orders of the Battle Red Banner, the Order of Glory, I am silent about the medals. Chief of the reconnaissance company, there are many "languages" on my personal account. How not to bow before such people.
  8. NEXUS
    NEXUS April 27 2016 08: 15
    I agree with every word in this song.
    1. Proud.
      Proud. April 27 2016 08: 37
      Quote: NEXUS
      I agree with every word in this song.

      Good song. And I like this one: