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Results of the week. "And you do not confuse your personal wool with the state!"

European Paselui ...

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe voted to introduce the so-called “Savchenko List”. It is reported that this list includes all those who are in any way involved in the arrest and conviction of Nadezhda Savchenko. It is added that the list will be put into action if Savchenko is not “immediately released”.

In the meantime, the PACE is scribbling lists, Ms. Savchenko’s lawyer, Nikolai Polozov, states that “the question (of her) release is politically resolved. Polozov:
Given the statements of officials, President Putin, the speaker of the Federation Council Matvienko - the issue has been politically resolved. Now the main question is how soon Nadezhda Viktorovna will be released, whether the Russian bureaucracy will put some obstacles, or everything will happen quickly enough and will not be delayed for several months, years, as is usually decided by a similar procedure for extradition .

It is worth noting that in this connection, in Kiev even Aleksandr and Yerofeyev were convicted of the Russians too quickly - apparently, with the sole aim of swapping as soon as possible.

By the way, the lawyer did not specify how the third week of the “dry hunger strike” was going on - how many more kilograms did Nadezhda recovered, and what is the width of the chair for the furniture makers from PACE to prepare? ..

Comments from our readers:

If only they accept the "PACE list", all those who voted for this list should be included in the list of accomplices of the terrorists and sent to the United Nations with appropriate registration. Attach all the statements of these deputies. A lot of work, but it is worth it. And let the PACE deputies wash away from this shit. Should help. Yes, and send a copy of the document to the PACE and attach the "Panama List" and the list of secret prisons of the CIA.

"Magnitsky List", "Savchenko List" ... They would have turned already to Rosstat, and took the list of the whole country.

In my opinion, on the other side of the coin, they, with their lists, help us nationalize the elites. The longer the list, the more our officials will rest in Russia and will not have property outside of it.

Dagestan tangle

For incomplete 4 of the month 2016 of the year - eight reports from the NAC on the activity of the terrorist underground, who settled in the territory of the Republic of Dagestan. And it is precisely Dagestan that accounts for the largest process of introduced CTO regimes (counterterrorism operations) among all regions of Russia — more than 80%! It is necessary to note the courage and professionalism of law enforcement officers who are fighting against the terrorist plague on the territory of the republic. But the whole trouble is that whatever the level of this professionalism, if the situation with terrorism in Dagestan is not fundamentally changed, the risk for both the law enforcement officers and civilians by the gang members will continue to be prohibitive.

Almost daily we hear that in the next district of Dagestan, another militant group was once again destroyed. One destroyed - announced the other two. Destroyed two others - the third grew. And this process does not stop for years. Law enforcement officers are dying, civilians are dying, the terrorist threat bends business to the ground, preventing the republic from developing fully. The question is, how many more officials (regional, district, federal) are needed to finally begin to solve the problem of greenhouse conditions for terrorism and extremism in Dagestan? And to decide, working on the lead, rather than strikes "on the tails." Or are the tails too long and pulled toward the hotly adored "partners"? ..

Comments from our readers:

Ingvar 72
In Dagestan, many nationalities. But this is part of the problem. When emissaries of Saudi Arabia came to Dagestan with the relics of the Prophet Mohammed, the visit was coordinated at the state level, the event was covered by all the mainstream media. The consequences of the visit of the Wahhabis were predictable, but, nevertheless, the visit was approved. Now, when the seeds have germinated, we are again looking for reasons.

Familiar from Dagestan, who left there, talk about cronyism and nepotism, which generate the most severe corruption. Plus, suspicions that terrorists are attracted to clan fights. It is very difficult for an ordinary person to break into people, to do business. Local kings are sitting in the districts, they have taken all the power for themselves, they have made a mess. This leads to the fact that young people who do not see justice in society are looking for him in radical Islam. In addition, according to S.Kavkazu the largest unemployment.

In order to fundamentally reverse the situation, it is necessary:
1. Shut off funding for both external and internal (requisitions from the IP).
2. To reform education is the trouble of the whole of Russia.
3. To practice and communicate healthy Islamic knowledge that is different from terrorist as black and white.
4. Sufism as one of the varieties with all due respect to its representatives is an Avar project, i.e. the project of one people, and in Dagestan there are more than 30. As an alternative, you can consider the ideas of Shamil Alyaudinov Imam of the mosque on Poklonnaya Hill. For the Sufis pull the blanket over themselves, sometimes it comes to the point that they praise their leaders more than necessary.
5. Muslims should be perceived as Russians, as their own, respecting their values. Let me give an example: recently, during one of the events, law enforcement officers went to the mosque with waste and shoes. For a Muslim, this is an insult, no matter how he is a patriot of the country, even with all my love for the Motherland I would be angry with these people, I understand that there is a purely human factor, and no one in the country's leadership is interested in what are they doing. And to the young, their preachers will present this picture from a different angle. For Muslims, this is the same as for church members to see a naked person in it. Another unpleasant moment, finally separating the concepts of terrorism and Islam, criminals and Muslims. Muslims 2,5 billion, and all sorts of so-called terrorists, well, a million at most, what percentage of the total number, and offend everyone.
6. There are a lot of films about Christians, about church life or something like that in the country. I have not seen a single film about Islam, about its values, about the fact that Islam comes from the derived word assalam, i.e. world.
7. At the expense of the leadership of the republic. There were facts of insulting the feelings of believers, I think if you do not understand something, it is better not to talk about it.
8. Our state invests a lot in the Caucasus, but very, very little comes to the citizens. In one of the areas with a population of 60 thousand people. I have not seen a single playground, there is not a single large sports complex, the 30-60 school has been built, in many ways dilapidated, children go out of school for need.
9. There is no work for people, why I wrote this point last, because it is not the main thing in religious practice and why they run into the forest. But, the management puts exactly that at the head.
10. It is necessary to eradicate the causes, and not what happens after neglect of these issues. All those who think that they can be shot are deeply mistaken. Citizens of our country are dying in a strange game, both from this and that side, but it could have been otherwise.
This is a purely personal opinion.

Kharkov on the wire

During the week, the head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko, participated in an Internet bridge with residents of the Kharkiv region. Despite all the threats of the Ukrainian radicals that the direct line from Zakharchenko will be broken, the Kharkiv citizens (and not only Kharkiv citizens) were able to ask the head of the Donetsk People's Republic their questions.

As soon as information about the opportunity to ask a question to the head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko, was available in Ukraine, the Ukrainian citizens turned to the side of the screens on which Poroshenko spoke about new peremogs. Turned around with a dumb question. The subtext of the question is: Don Pedro, it does not seem strange to you that even Zakharchenko is interested in our opinion, but your interest in relation to us will not manifest itself in any way ...

I wanted to discuss this issue with the “supreme” and unsinkable mayor of Kharkov, Gennady Kernes, but then decided that it was much more promising to discuss such issues with Moscow and bought a ticket to the Russian capital. The sound meter went off the scale again, and the SBU was already looking around Kharkiv for a user with the nickname “harkovsky moskal”, who asked Zakharchenko how to “stir up” the KhNR on his own ... They say that an abandoned radio transmitter "North" , GRU badge and a crumpled pack of Belomor, including in the case file of the total zrade on the fallow.

Comments from our readers:

The other day Kernes was in Moscow.
According to the official version, for sports ...

The Zakharchenko hotline with Kharkiv is already being discussed in Ukraine and Russia. Zakharchenko has been holding such conferences in the DPR since 2015, now gone beyond its limits. The case is good and useful. We wish him good luck.

Yes, they deftly conducted this with a teleconference. It remains to be expected from Kiev accusatory cries in the conduct of Moscow's hybrid war against the junta. By the way, did Poroshenko conduct the teleconference with the Donbas poorly?

No shame, no conscience

Elections are around the corner in September of this year. So, ahead of the enchanting races of the pre-election race. But it seems the show has already begun. This show is extremely sad.
The modern Russian opposition of the liberal persuasion actually began to use (use) people with obvious physical or mental disabilities.

Old lady-dandelions of God, who kicked the fighters of the internal troops on the Swamp for “freedom” with their feet with their clucks? Used. Committees of frivolous mothers for self-praise - was it the case? It was. Now the gallant non-systemic opposition has gone even further. - I didn’t disdain to turn even people with obvious physical and mental disabilities into “activists”. I didn’t stop to pin the “Germans bridge” badge on the chest of an 14-year-old child, who would be nice to finish school at school instead of squeezing the sign “Savchenko’s freedom”.

And this company, which is trying to make a show even on the physical defects of a person, claims to support the people? .. Sorry, but this is beyond the limits of both decency and elementary human decency. Why are there decencies ... For this is just beating the face. Everything!

Comments from our readers:

In Russia, there is one nasty tradition from century to century among the part of the educated intelligentsia to betray the Motherland. The tradition is vile and disgusting. Therefore, it must be eradicated. Stalin, for example, in prison exiled. And the thieves were divorced there specifically to “re-educate” - so to speak, they helped. But the times are different, but the traitors are the same. So, we need to come up with something, so that these "oppositionists" have something to do in their free time.

The black
These so-called "democrats" who fiercely hated dissidents, for a quarter of a century, have not offered any constructive idea to Russia and the Russian people, only mantras about "freedom", and stupid criticism. In fact, it is a gathering of thieves, sycophants and prostitutes ... It seems to me that for the PARNAS party and the same opposition movement the upcoming elections will be an obligatory cup of shame, which they will drink to the bottom.

The last thing is to involve people in their vile activities who, as people say, are offended by fate. They cannot be fully accountable for their actions,
unlike the scoundrels using them. They should be judged at least for this, not to mention the anti-state activities !!!

Ukrainian-Turkish task

Turkish political scientists seem to be the only “species” today that is jealous of Ukraine. In Turkish newspapers, materials constantly appear on how the EU is nursing “nenka” and laying at the same time on Turkey, which has been knocking the EU door for several decades. They say: a little more and even Ukraine will be accepted in the EU ...

Little, say, gentlemen, Turkish political scientists, Ukraine before the EU? .. Well, how little ...

So let's solve the modern problem together (practically from the Unified State Exam). Petit had with him and Recep with him had ... Petit had Donbass. Recep has Kurdistan. Petit has two bridgeheads, an undeveloped eurowall, and a desire to touch Javelin, while Recep has F-16, an-Nusra, 12 oil, and a dirty combo in NATO.

There seems to be enough data, so let’s move on to the question of our task: how soon will Ukraine join the EU, if the Ukrainian Gann is working hard and everything else in Turkey, and Turkey itself doesn’t take more than 40 years in the EU? ..

Comments from our readers:

Lukum and fat are incompatible things, by definition. Diarrhea will begin to torment. No options.

Tell me who your friend is and I will tell you who you are. Ready to go under anyone who shits Russia.

The saddest thing is that in the end, what remains of the ruins will crawl back to us. And we will have to restore it.

About "Zircons" and nets

The cruiser "Admiral Nakhimov" in the course of modernization will equip the Zircon hypersonic missiles. The state tests of Zircon in accordance with the contract are scheduled to be completed in 2017, and the next year it will begin mass production. ”

The “partners” did not have time to see and study the actions of the Russian “Calibrov”, as information about the new “beast” - “Zirkone” appears. The stated range of the flight AS 400 km, but the "partners" on this occasion today have some doubts. And if earlier doubts were in the style of “yes, it is in the Russians and hundreds will not fly”, now they are scratching their turnips and realize what ocean and on which continent this “Zircon” will have to “catch” after launch. Although what is there to "catch" ... And most importantly - what? Let at first a suitable "net" be developed. And this is stronger than Goethe's Faust ...

Comments from our readers:

By the wise path they went, which is extremely pleasing. If it is not possible to massively build new ships, then it is necessary to modernize relatively outdated ones so that the weapons on them are super modern. That still sore on the priest will appear at our opponents! And not one.

Somehow suddenly Zircons appeared. And the dimension is like Caliber. Coincidence?
Most likely, they will develop 5-6 sweeps in the final segment, 50-60km, when they can be seen by shipborne radar. On the march is unlikely to succeed, you can not shove nevpihuemoe. And the warhead in 300-400 kg, and the range in 400 km, and the speed of hypersonic, and even at ultra-low altitudes. And all this in a rocket of the dimension with Caliber. But even in this form, this is a fantastic breakthrough in the development of RCC.

Suddenly, even a boil will not jump! Many people have worked hard on this. And everyone should not know everything.

Laughing Baltics

In the Baltic countries, the campaign for “damages from the Soviet occupation” continues. To calculate them even a special commission was created. Her representative Ruta Pazdere 18 on April 2016 announced the approximate figure of the alleged damage suffered by the Latvian economy over half a century of the existence of Soviet Latvia - 185 billion euros. In addition, in tens of billions of euros, Pazdere estimated the demographic damage suffered by Latvia as a result of migration flows, again caused by the “Soviet occupation”.

In the meantime, the Latvian commission "on occupation" raped a calculator, forcing him to give out 12-digit numbers, in neighboring Lithuania, local deputies ran from corner to corner of the cabinets with curtained windows, remembering the images of "green men" and remembering where their tickets went members of the Komsomol and smiling photos in a pioneer tie ...

By the way, they say that the Baltic scientists are going to introduce a new word in mathematics. For the total division by zero, they offer not some mathematical abstractions of the format “infinity” and “uncertainty”, but the Baltic exact term “the amount of damage from the Soviet occupation”.

Meanwhile, under the sand of the Curonian Spit in Lithuania, knowledgeable Lithuanian politicians are already setting up caches with Russian flags and signs “Welcome, Warrior Liberator” in Russian ...

Comments from our readers:

TOT Lech
According to the government of this banana republic, we owe every 180 Latvian to 000 dollars ... Take more that you swim so finely ... you need to think on a global scale: a million dollars each!

ukhohoeshsya ...

As the successor of the USSR, Russia can legally invoice Latvia for the repayment of debts that the Russian Federation has paid for all the former USSR republics.

Just imagine: none of them paid for the debts of the Soviet Union ... All the people of Russia took upon themselves!

After that, I do not believe in any friendship of the peoples ... All relations should be based only on healthy pragmatism.

I wonder what the next step will be what? Going to the same London court for debt collection?
What will happen if such a claim will take? And, after all, they can easily try to arrange a precedent.
Laughing with laughter, and we will have to consider how much the cost of joining the Baltics to the peoples of the USSR and, above all, the RSFSR. In general, the word "occupation" has a negative connotation. Practically, this is an insult to our country. It is necessary, in due time (maybe even now, not too late), to file a lawsuit with the relevant international legal bodies for recognition of the word occupation, in this case, as slander, lie.
For moral damage, money is also usually asked. Although, what with them to take the poor. Compensation 1 ruble, like spitting in their Squares.

Maskhalat, on a helmet branch ...
Intelligence crawls to the enemy's rear!
"Green men", "polite people" scare the enemies by the mere fact of their existence.
These nedostrany, located on the coast of the Baltic Sea, have already reached out with their far-fetched phobias to the non-existent Russian military threat. And all, literally all countries - both the former Soviet republics (beggars on an American noisy lead), and Poland (secretly dreaming of the restoration of the Rzeczpospolita from "mozha to mozha"), always "neutral" Sweden (it’s not badly raised its economy on supplies by Nazi Germany during the Second World War) and even Finland, which would seem to have always been in good neighborly relations with both the post-war USSR and Russia. I wonder what kind of hysteria would rise in the Baltic, if really the Baltic Marine Corps fleet “mistakenly” landed somewhere on the Riga seaside or on the very Curonian Spit? I believe that in none of the three republics would there be a single representative of an indigenous nationality of more or less capable age - all with a squeal would have dragged a thread to Europe.
I have the honor.

No overheating

According to the report of the National Bureau of Statistics of China, the GDP growth rate of the Middle Kingdom in the first quarter of 2016 amounted to only 6,7%. At the end of last year, the growth rate of China's GDP slowed to 6,9%, and this was the worst figure in the last 25 years. Experts record a gradual slowdown in the growth of the national economy.

Results of the week. "And you do not confuse your personal wool with the state!"

The issue of overproduction will continue, despite the wise policy of the party, to create a lot of problems for China, depending on exports. It is unlikely that the government can fight against the glut. The world market seems to be oversaturated with Chinese products, and the domestic market is too weak and poor to absorb such a mass of goods. Demand, as well as GDP growth, cannot be infinite.

In addition, enterprises and banks in China suffer from problems with bad loans. The CCP bosses can only make vigorous statements in the spirit of "we believe" ...

Comments from our readers:

I watched their meeting in the mailbox, which struck me, not a single empty seat, but our dupu is shown, half of the deputies are absent, and it was with such a salary that they spread out parasites and idlers.

6,7% growth - and this is a slowdown. It is enough to visit China once to understand that Europe has few chances. Of course, a lot of restrictions on resources. But for everything that China undertakes, he gets.

7% is the minimum that China needs for absorbing newcomers to the economy, and, most importantly, for those who have invested in training. Anything less leads to an increase in unemployment, especially among young people, and consequently to an increase in social tension. And given the growing sexual imbalance, the prospects for China, to put it mildly, are not the best.

It will be difficult for China to keep 7% in the current economic model. Therefore, they are switching to growth at the expense of the domestic market, and any changes are always accompanied by a decrease in growth rates. And there they will follow the path of the United States, when GDP will be formed not at the expense of industrial production, but at the expense of the services sector. I'm exaggerating, but the general point is this.

Rzeszow v. Poland

Against the background of the obscurantist statements of the Polish leadership towards Russia, recently something clear and bright appeared. The head of the administration of Polish Rzeszow, a city with a population of 170-thousand, decided to go against the generally accepted Polish practice. Tadeusz Ferenc (that is the name of the town governor), who received the CO from above regarding the need to dismantle monuments to Soviet soldiers-liberators, decided not to drive horses, but to ask the opinion of ordinary citizens.

Mayor Ferenc organized a citywide survey on the "recommendation" of the so-called European Center for the Prosecution of Communist and Fascist Criminals (Polish NGOs). The recommendation of ETSPFPP was that the city must destroy all the monuments left over from the Soviet era. After the survey, the aforementioned ECTPCF learned with horror that about 90% of the townspeople who participated in the voting spoke against the dismantling of the historic monument to the Red Army soldiers. A spokesman for the Municipality of Rzeszow noted with satisfaction: “Why demolish monuments? If we demolish this monument, we will not change history. Who freed our city? Red Army! And this is a historical fact. ”

The result of the survey is also logical: the city authorities of Rzeszow refused to comply with the requirements of the organization that is feeding on Western grants.

If we take into account that recently representatives of the Institute of National Remembrance working in Poland announced “the need to dismantle at least 500 monuments to Soviet soldiers”, that same decision could turn out to be a precedent.

Give the Polish resistance to the "democratic" occupation!

Comments from our readers:

This suggests that where monuments are being demolished, not everyone agrees with this either. And the mayor did a fine job, 4 was elected several times, organized a referendum - democracy in its pure form, and did as the people decided.

Oorfene Deuce
Most interestingly, when there was a dispute about adequate measures for Polish arbitrariness in relation to Soviet monuments, I tried to urge not to blacken the entire nation, emphasizing that sober and adequate heads are present in any ethnic group.
And this proves that all is not lost. I want to remind, Ukrainians are not all polls frozen, too.

Most hostile to the monuments of the Red Army are in the cities of the former Prussia, populated at one time by Poles from the Soviet Union (from the so-called Eastern armchairs, for example, Lvov) and Bandera from eastern Poland, evicted as part of Operation Vistula.
It is clear that the descendants of these settlers hate everything Russian with particular force.
In eastern Poland, however, there is no such rabid anger.

Totalitarian angela stepped on throat song

17 March in the German television show "Extra-3" on the air of the channel "ARD" was shown a two-minute satirical video. The video cutting of the frames in which the Turkish president appeared was accompanied by the song “Erdogi, Erdog, Erdogan”. The text ridiculed the turmoil of the Turkish leader, condemned his attacks on journalists. The satirical video was timed to coincide with the trial of journalists Djundard and Erdem Gul, which began in Ankara. Erdogan the court found one of the plaintiffs. He accuses journalists of betrayal and espionage.

After the video was released, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey called "on the carpet" German Ambassador Martin Erdman. Later at a briefing in Berlin, the representative of the Foreign Ministry of Germany Zavsan Shebli said that Germany would not make concessions in matters of press freedom and freedom of speech in relations with Turkey. Similarly, the TV presenter Jan Börerman believed. In his sketches, he continued to make fun of Erdogan. As a result, the Turkish ambassador to Germany expressed a protest to the German Foreign Ministry and demanded the criminal prosecution of Böhermann.

Such prosecution requires the approval of the German federal government. And Chancellor Angela Merkel made a statement to the media, noting that she "in this particular case issues a sanction."

The German public Merkel's decision met with hostility. Surveys have shown: 77% of the inhabitants of the country consider the investigation against TV presenter Jan Böhermann inappropriate. Even the ruling coalition partners disassociated themselves from Merkel. Opposition politicians won the Frau Chancellor in full. The leader of the “greens” in the Bundestag, Anton Hofreiter, said that the “dirty deal with Turkey” on migrants turned out to be more important for the head of government than the freedom of speech. Sarah Wagenknecht, who heads the left-wing faction in parliament, called the act Bundeskanzlerin "intolerable servility."

Today it’s already clear to all 100 percent that those “values” that “civilized” Europe constantly tire of are in many respects a figure of speech. How to use them, and whether to use them at all, is decided by the next “national leader”. His decision is often justified by the most ordinary political expediency that is taking place at the current moment, and not at all by the eternal meaning of “values”.

Comments from our readers:

Europe survived, before the Turks bends ... Although this has already happened ...

You wonder how Merkel, with her not-so-powerful chest, is defending the 3's hefty men: Obama, Poroshenko and Erdogan. Apparently, the maternal instinct awoke in his old age.

Ros 56
The people, maybe, who heard, on what Merkel got burned, otherwise she’s been fucked by some kind of shit lately. It can be seen firmly hooked on her hook.

"We develop and implement"

On April 14, Assistant US Deputy Secretary of Defense Brian McKeon wrote in a letter to the US Senate Committee on the Armed Forces: “In connection with the violations of the INF Treaty by Russia, we are developing and implementing a strategy in response to Russian military operations, to counter Russia's offensive capabilities. "

The Russian Foreign Ministry did not leave the last statement without attention. Moreover, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s response contains a direct warning of possible consequences: “It is argued that our country produces and tests ground-based cruise missiles with a range from 500 to 5500 km, as well as launchers for such missiles. By all indications, the American side has neither objective data, nor any weighty arguments capable of supporting the charges brought against us. Washington deliberately creates a negative information background around the INF Treaty, thereby striving to discredit Russia. ”

When the Russia-NATO Founding Act was signed in 1997, Russia received guarantees of non-proliferation of weapons near our borders. But what we see for many years? Creation and restoration of military infrastructure in the border with us countries. Poland, the Baltic republics, and with the new government and Ukraine, are becoming locations for missile defense elements. Control centers are being built, military airfields are being restored. The number of aircraft at our borders is increasing. US warships are already on a permanent basis near our territorial waters.

What is the purpose of the United States telling Europe about living in a "safe world" and "protecting NATO"? In order to place not only NATO units, but equipment and armament on the euroterritory.

The units that NATO will deploy in NATO countries, mostly American. American weapons too. So the United States fulfills its obligations to the alliance. But extra weapons cost money. So let the alliance states from Europe buy it! Business and politics in one bottle: Americans solve the problem of placing missile defense elements on the near approaches to the borders of Russia, gaining the opportunity to neutralize Russian nuclear weapons in the European part, and do it at the expense of Europeans, while creating jobs for Americans in the US military-industrial complex.

Comments from our readers:

What is behind the breach of contract? If the contract is not respected by one of the parties, then it is considered automatically lost its effect. It always has been. Depicting the execution or executing it unilaterally is legal nonsense. Then what is the bazaar about?

In order for the contract to become inoperative (I forgot how it is properly called), you need to prove violation of this contract by one of the parties. There is no evidence from the United States. And our reproaches are also considered unproven. Here comes this empty bazaar ...
PS Purely my opinion: Russia needs to withdraw from the Treaty and urgently develop and expand the means of INF.

Why go out if it is useful to us and we have already bypassed it? The mattresses are really resented with the base. After the “Calibrov” from the Caspian Sea to the “Iskander” ranges we declared, they do not believe. The frontier range was tested. Again, there is no particular reason why Bastion, which can launch Onyxes, cannot launch Caliber. Here are just to know and prove - things are different. And so, yes, we have successfully bypassed the contract.

Do you respect me?

Obama decided to visit a bit of "partners" in Saudi Arabia. The Arab monarchy, however, met him inhospitable, but had not spat in the face. At the airport, as is customary in the kingdom, a big man should be met by a big man - a representative of the royal family. Instead, they sent an official-business executive - the capital's governor. And, if at the time these Saudi kings embraced with overseas presidents (with Bush, for example), then Obama was simply given to hold his palm. Finally, on local TV they didn’t even show the story of Obama’s meeting with the king.

Why are the Saudis officially "let down" Obama? The reasons for this - the car and a small truck.

Riyadh for several years evinces hostility towards Barack Obama, which, according to the Arabs, leads the wrong policy in regard to Iran and Syria.

Among conspiracy theorists, we note, there is an assumption that Saudi Arabia hit the price of oil on the world market in order to destroy American shale competitors.

There is a very fresh reason for the Saudi coldness. 12 On April, US senators called on the president to publish some of the reports on the 9 / 11 attacks that were classified under Bush Jr. The bipartisan commission’s report was thirteen years old as published, but the last of his “for reasons of national security” chapter was classified by the Bush administration. Opinions have been expressed that it is about the Saudi trail in the 2001 attacks of the year.

16 April Saudi Arabia threatened the White House with selling its assets in the US for about 750 billion dollars. The reason for such a decision could be the adoption of a bill by the US Congress that would allow the Saudi authorities to be held responsible for the slightest involvement in 9 / 11 terrorist attacks. Such a bill (called “Justice Against the Patrons of Terrorism”, aka “The Law 9 / 11”), in January 2016, was approved by the Senate Committee on Legislation and Judicial and Legal Issues. Discussions in the Senate and in the House of Representatives have not yet been.

20 April Obama, who promised to block the bill the day before, flew to Riyadh. Despite the promised veto, the Arabs met the “hegemon” with chill, playing a whole performance. It must have been very difficult for the leader of the "exceptional" to endure diplomatic humiliation ... But did the Arabs think well? Now here's Obama will take and sign the bill! As for 750 billions, then American presidents are no strangers to “raising the ceiling” of national debt.

Comments from our readers:

Do not worry, now finally it turns out that democracy is not enough for the Saudis. Also, for a very long time, no elections were held from 2 and more candidates.

The dog is buried in the fact that in the economic confrontation between the Saudis and the Americans, the SA may collapse. In general, all oil Arab states live exclusively on oil. And the tale they can end at once. It is enough for Americans to declare a blockade to Arab oil traffic. The rest will be completed by speculators on the stock exchanges.

Ozhogin Dmitry
And now, as you think, will the United States be blamed on Arabia?) Laughter is one.
I do not understand why the SA is considered such a cool country. Yes, there is a sea of ​​oil. This "is" ends. The population for the power is small, no freedoms. I am silent about the army in general: in Yemen, it was ... probably worse than the great Ukrainians.

Obama looks and behaves like a person who quits a job he doesn’t like, he wants to spit on everything and not look at all these faces, but all he can do is to perform his duties formally.

Senior manager
There is a suspicion that Obama is a weighted politician. With all the negative world and domestic factors, he did not break the wood. The hawks were hard pressed to play war games. Although, on the other hand, there were also quite a few mistakes. I mean, the Obama board will get an objective assessment from the world community later, the backlog that he did will beat the next president.

Angry, smart and with rockets

Madeleine Albright considers Putin "evil" and "smart." She also picked up a description of Russia - she called the country “Bangladesh with rockets”. Russia "provokes", and the United States "do good," says Albright.

The expression “Bangladesh with rockets” that Madeleine Albright used is not news in geopolitics. In the last century, when two “imperial” colossi opposed the world, German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt called the Soviet Union “Upper Volta with rockets”.

Such a description from Mrs. Albright only shows that both former and current Western politicians traditionally think in the spirit of the Cold War. However, in her speeches, Albright relied on the "international level", she clearly considers the United States to be an "indispensable" superpower, whose purpose is to "do good." But the Russians, led by “evil” Putin, interfere with great America in their “provocations”.

Comments from our readers:

They have it like a broken record: evil, good! Apparently, because of the comics, they cannot think differently in America! It is no longer interesting even to read: the same thing, only different faces.

Look who's Talking! Devils have been searching for this old pepper pot for about five years already ...

Was she the Secretary of State at the time of the destruction of Yugoslavia? Creators of good, ...!

I would also like to add that, being a little Jewish girl, this toad was saved from death in a concentration camp by a Serbian family hiding her in her house, which, by the way, the concentration camp was also waiting for, learn the fascists about it. And now, after half a century, this creature repaid Serbia, which was called Yugoslavia at that time, in full by bombardment.

Lost to Russia

On April 20, the District Court of The Hague overturned the decision of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, which in July 2014 ordered Russia to pay 50 billion dollars to former Yukos shareholders, namely Hulley Enterprises, Veteran Petroleum (Cyprus) and Yukos Universal (о. Maine). All these offshore companies are associated with Group Menatep Limited (GML). At one time, they controlled more than 70% YUKOS.

The court in The Hague agreed with the arguments of the Russian Federation and acknowledged that the arbitral tribunal did not have jurisdiction to consider such a dispute under the Energy Charter Treaty (Moscow signed it, but did not ratify it). And now three plaintiffs (named above) are obliged to reimburse the Russian Federation for legal costs - everyone will pay 16,8 thousand euros, just 50,4 thousand euros, according to a court decision.

Walk by Khodorkovsky’s personal website. 10 February 2015 of the year under the heading "Around Yukos" of this site was published the TASS publication "Consideration of the appeal of the Russian Federation in the YUKOS case will take years."

TASS has received an application from GML. “We expect the process, including appeals, to last for years, but in the end, payments will be confirmed in our favor,” the agency’s source said. - Russia uses its right to appeal to the district court of the city of The Hague in order to annul payments. We have nothing against their use of their legal rights, but we believe that the arguments of the Russian Federation have no grounds, and they just continue to try to delay the inevitable. "

In the GML forecast, we note that neither the first nor the second has come true: the process did not last “years”, and the payments were canceled along with the previous decisions. Moreover, the former shareholders were charged to reimburse the Russian Federation for legal costs.

And what headlines still hang on Khodorkovsky's website! "Yukos shareholders will seek recovery of Russian property in India", "Russia's assets arrested in France valued at one billion euros", "Yukos shareholders began to pay compensation", "VGTRK shares were arrested under YUKOS claims", "YUKOS shareholders demanded 42 billion dollars through German court ”,“ Yukos shareholders filed a lawsuit against Russia in a London court ”,“ Belgium arrested Russian property under a Yukos lawsuit ”,“ France arrested Russian assets ”, etc. All of them can be found on the home page of the site, under reference to M B. move orkovskogo.

Now all these multibillion-dollar "achievements" can only be wiped.

However, GML partners today "are fully confident that law and justice will prevail."

Strange, however, statement.

So, the GML does not consider the decision of the court in The Hague neither legal nor fair?

Or, even more, all decisions made in favor of Russia cannot be considered lawful and fair?

It is always difficult to lose, Mr. Osborne and Mr. Khodorkovsky. Especially to lose by fifty billion.

Comments from our readers:

Yes!!! Did the former shareholders start buying yachts on credit? And then there was an unexpected wait. Euphoria is a dangerous thing. Especially from scratch.

The decision of the Hague court clearly showed that not only the court takes politically motivated decisions. But it is pleasant that the law and common sense triumphed in the end. By the way, the district court in The Hague for the first time overturned the decision of the lower court in the history of its existence.

Mikhail m
Full respect to lawyers. Were able to wipe the nose arbitration. But this does not mean that the offended side will not look for a court, whose competence includes the consideration of claims of this kind. So the victory is not final.

If the shares of YUKOS at the time were transferred to Rosneft (not free of charge, by the way), and this procedure was recognized in the West, then what can we talk about at all ?! What the hell are the shareholders ?! Regular freeloaders!

Everything is a little different there.
Hodor was given money to buy plants at low prices. Bought. Made Yukos. The West controls our oil industry and makes all the profits (Yukos did not pay excise taxes then). And then selected. True owners, of course, offended: they are not accustomed to amerikosov dipped in a vat of shit.
Or does someone think that Misha in 25 years immediately after the institute had millions of dollars overnight to buy banks and factories, because he earned them? )))
The West is used to doing everything with someone else’s hands, and only allocate money for the things they need. That our liberals, that Ukrainian juntyata, that Hodor-they all work on Western money.
The de facto court was not with Misha, but with major Western oil corporations.
So we are waiting for the continuation of the ballet. ))

* “And you do not confuse your personal wool with the state!” - a phrase from the movie “The Caucasian Captive, or the New Adventures of Shurik”
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  1. major071
    major071 April 24 2016 06: 37
    Many thanks to Oleg and Alexey for the review! hi good I’ll bring my own penny too!
    I must say right away that the topic is not mine, I caught a glimpse of it a few days ago on a third-party resource in the comments and I say thank you to someone who came up with a comparison of GREAT UKRA with the modern government of Kakland. I decided to shift it into rhymes, but to be honest, it was hard to rhyme their names, of course it was possible to bring them to one end: -man, but this is not our method! wink I had to invent. For GRIPIS and just in case for any liberals, I say right away: when writing this “story” not a single one was hurt, about 3 liters of beer were used, 2 packs of salted anchovy, about two songs “Aerosmith” and “were sung Gans N Roses ”at the beginning, and three times“ We go with the horse across the field together ”after replacing beer with vodka. All that happened, I spread on your court:

    WHO IS THE GREAT Ukrainian?

    A boy came up to me
    Here is a notebook for you
    Ukrainian portrait is not given to us
    Draw me uncle
    Like read in the textbook
    That he is the ancestor
    It seems the sea has dug up
    He poured mountains there
    Explain to me uncle
    Give a characterization
    Tie a new power
    Yes, without casuistry
    What to tell me kid
    In the light of the new government?
    Ukra I blind him
    Kohl is my subject
    Listen to me, little one
    Kr was strong
    Well, exactly like Dzhamilev
    But a little subtler
    Chastity like Lyashko,
    Sober like Poroshenko
    Very smart. Like Klitschko
    Wise. Like lutsenko
    Adequate. To Farion
    Brave in Sukashvili
    Patriot. Oh sorry!
    How Yaresko was he.
    He was handsome as Yatsenyuk
    Faithful, like Groisman
    Honest, like Moisichuk
    In general, was "savvy"
    Stick a mustache to him
    What hung to the shoulders
    Bright red pants
    Sponge for parts
    And bring, kid, in the notebook
    The image of the "progenitor"
    Here he was
    Judging by the "rulers"

    wink drinks
    1. izya top
      izya top April 24 2016 06: 52
      Quote: major071
      It seems the sea has dug up
      He poured mountains there

      healthy hi
      1. major071
        major071 April 24 2016 06: 56
        izya top
        healthy hi

        And you don’t cough! hi drinks
      2. evil partisan
        evil partisan April 24 2016 08: 54
        Quote: izya top

        Quote: major071
        And you don’t cough!

        I spoil the spoilage, cough, cold and impotence. Guarantee. yes
        But I can not let it go ... winked
        I love mushrooms, moonshine, fish. repeat
        Hello honest company! drinks
        1. izya top
          izya top April 24 2016 14: 23
          Quote: Angry Guerrilla
          But I can not let it go ...

          Quote: Angry Guerrilla
          Hello honest company!

          hello myself wink
          and your underelicated habits should be shown only in ukrokabmin fool
        2. Ruslan67
          Ruslan67 April 24 2016 16: 41
          Quote: Angry Guerrilla
          Letting go

          ... bugs, in pants, horror, turbidity ...
          Quote: Angry Guerrilla
          I love mushrooms

          Noticeably recourse
          Quote: Angry Guerrilla
          Hello honest company!

          And you in the same place drinks
          1. evil partisan
            evil partisan April 24 2016 17: 00
            Quote: Ruslan67
            ... bugs, in pants, horror, turbidity ...

            Ruslan. This is you now WHAT did you say? what
            Hello creeping drinks
            1. Ruslan67
              Ruslan67 April 24 2016 17: 03
              Quote: Angry Guerrilla
              . This is you now WHAT did you say?

              Fully revealed the range of your abilities yes
              Quote: Angry Guerrilla

              yes Soon crawl to the area with cognac with Atalef eat good Courvoisier incidentally winked
              1. evil partisan
                evil partisan April 24 2016 17: 06
                Quote: Ruslan67
                brandy with Atalef eat

                Hello Atalef. drinks
                Quote: Ruslan67

                Do not choke ...
                1. Ruslan67
                  Ruslan67 April 24 2016 17: 08
                  Quote: Angry Guerrilla
                  Do not choke ...

                  You will not get it tongue
                  1. izya top
                    izya top April 24 2016 17: 13
                    Quote: Ruslan67
                    You will not get it

                    healthy, disfranchised drinks
                    I fucked your baby picture wink
                    1. Ruslan67
                      Ruslan67 April 24 2016 17: 16
                      Quote: izya top
                      I fucked your baby picture

                      And I allowed to open a personal archive? !! am
                      By the way, my mother’s nickname is Medvedevna laughing
                      Is healthy drinks
              2. family tree
                family tree April 24 2016 17: 23
                Quote: Ruslan67
                Soon crawl to the square

                Hi Ruslan, and Sanka bow from me hi
                1. izya top
                  izya top April 24 2016 17: 27
                  Quote: perepilka

                  oh, almost everyone gathered hi drinks

                  Quote: Ruslan67
                  And I allowed to open a personal archive? !!
                  1. family tree
                    family tree April 24 2016 17: 34
                    Hello Andrey! No, a cool computer at the cha, mnu, too, I wish you so!
                    Although, no, I’m completely at a loss if I don’t crawl into the underground what drinks
                  2. family tree
                    family tree April 24 2016 17: 55
                    Quote: izya top
                    oh almost everyone gathered hi

                    Yes, that's all.
                    Lyokha is a tankman, Sparrow from the same that 72-ku on the 3rd from the place of tearing, well, no wassat
                    Aviation, again, with nicknames from "Ishakov"
                    No half count request
                2. Ruslan67
                  Ruslan67 April 24 2016 17: 28
                  Quote: perepilka
                  Sanka bow from me

                  Required yes From all of us fellow Already moved in my direction in 40-50 minutes meeting him at the subway drinks
    2. Enot-poloskun
      Enot-poloskun April 24 2016 06: 56
      A good week was a success!

      Thief Yukosovskoye - besieged. Obama - disgraced.

      Everything is calm in our homeland.

      All according to plan!

      Happy holiday! Palm Sunday!
      1. Inok10
        Inok10 April 24 2016 14: 56
        Quote: Enot-poloskun
        A good week was a success!
        Thief Yukosovskoye - besieged. Obama - disgraced.
        Everything is calm in our homeland.
        All according to plan!

        ... one more event needs to be added to this wonderful list:
        - The Anglo-Saxon Gentlemen, once again proved that they are not at all Gentlemen and they cannot be taken for a word ... laughing
        ... where it started:
        "The American tanker Creole Spirit, filled with natural gas, is en route to Portugal, where it is due to arrive at the end of the month. The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday, April 21. Experts suggest that fuel shipments could have a big impact on Europe. the market, in particular, may reduce the price of Russian gas. "This is the beginning of a price war between producers of liquefied natural gas and gas supplied by pipeline," - said Thierry Brough, representing the financial conglomerate Société Générale.
        ... reprinted everything ... even TASS ... the truth was bad luck:
        - the United States does not have a single tanker, from the word completely ...
        - a ship called Creole Spirit is, but it tow, with port of registry Houston, barge cabotage ... (on the attached photo)
        - the gas carrier in the illustration for the article really is AL AAMRIYA, but it is Qatari and is currently transporting methane from Qatar to the port of Fujairah (UAE) in the Persian Gulf ...
        - no supplies of natural gas from the USA to Portugal, according to the maritime traffic control system, are registered ...
        ... these are they Anglo-Saxon Gentlemen ... who offer to take their word for it, they will not lie dearly ... laughing
        ... To the authors of the Results, as always, a low bow for their work ... hi
        1. cap
          cap April 24 2016 20: 03
          Quote: Inok10
          ..that they are such Anglo-Saxon Gentlemen ... who offer to take their word for it, they will not lie dearly take ... laughing
          ... To the authors of the Results, as always, a low bow for their work ... hi

          All oil and gas reserves on securities purchased on paper.
          Really want to bend Russia.
          Thanks to the authors. hi
    3. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich April 24 2016 07: 21
      Quote: major071
      All that happened, I spread on your court:

      WHO IS THE GREAT Ukrainian?

      Epic Major yes hi !
    4. evil partisan
      evil partisan April 24 2016 08: 50
      Quote: major071
      Honest, like Moisichuk

      I do not understand the humor ... sad And what did Moseychuk do so dishonestly? He took a bribe, chtoli? So he honestly took, did not beg. Yes, and there were real pennies request ... No. No, comrade Poet. With Moseychuk you are bent, you picked up the wrong epithet request. Moseychuk is the first politician in the history of Ukraine to go on a hunger strike. yes Medical fact. Savchenko and Korban were already later request. This is the first one to pave the way to fair justice through his stomach! yes I give this fact to a minister of muses and a pen worker absolutely free yes . But I hope for reciprocity wink ...
      1. SRC P-15
        SRC P-15 April 24 2016 09: 28
        Good afternoon, members of the forum! Happy Palm Sunday! A separate respect for the authors! I think that sports were undeservedly bypassed in the "results". I mean, the fall from the "people's" bike, for 5 thousand dollars, the mayor of Kiev - Klitschko. laughing As we see, not only his rating falls, but he himself. The road curb skillfully sent Klitschko to the knockdown: lol
        1. Egoza
          Egoza April 24 2016 09: 49
          Quote: СРЦ П-15
          I mean, the fall from the "people's" bike, for 5 thousand dollars, the mayor of Kiev - Klitschko.

          and all because I didn’t finish the rules of the road ...
          Klitschko is accompanied by a bicycle guard, but it does not save from Kiev roads, which are not at all suitable for two-wheeled vehicles.

          According to the Ukrainian publication, near the intersection with Vladimirskaya Klitschko Street, he stopped at a red light, he and a security guard moved along a zebra to green, but at the end of the crossing, the mayor decided to jump onto a curb bike. As a result, Klitschko fell, flying over the steering wheel
          association coordinator cycling association Dmitry Makogon told Vesti that Klitschko violated traffic rules.

          “Let's say turning left, as the mayor did, is forbidden. In the same way as driving along the sidewalk and crossings - he had to get off his bike and cross the zebra on foot. But everyone violates, since we have almost no bicycle infrastructure, roads are not adapted.
          1. Masya masya
            Masya masya April 24 2016 12: 33
            A concussion did not happen, for lack of one ... wink
        2. Finches
          Finches April 24 2016 10: 13
          Vitalik was staring at tomorrow ...! laughing
        3. Sartorius
          Sartorius April 26 2016 05: 30
          Now they’ll definitely declare the border a separatist. Or they will find documents that Putin personally authorized the laying of this stone soldier .
    5. Starik72
      Starik72 April 24 2016 15: 35
      Vladimir The poem is excellent! Thank !!! But the most important thing is fair and with excellent evil humor, to the very point. I didn’t miss, I hit the center 10! Major, you are a great art sniper! Best regards. Private Guards.
    6. kvd015
      kvd015 April 24 2016 20: 00
      Apparently, after replacing beer but vodka, it was drunk at least three liters. It would be interesting to read poems about who he is such a great Russian.
      A lot of such verses and all Ukrainians will simply run on the run with gratitude to all Russians!
    7. Mikado
      Mikado April 25 2016 12: 19
      BRAVO!!!! Applause! good
    8. Arkhan
      Arkhan April 25 2016 20: 11
      I don’t want to prove anything to you. Just leave it here
      You decide what to do with it.
  2. izya top
    izya top April 24 2016 06: 41
    The modern Russian opposition of the liberal persuasion actually began to use (use) people with obvious physical or mental disabilities.

    Well ... the opposition, she is fool
  3. Ros 56
    Ros 56 April 24 2016 06: 50
    Of course, there are many events, but ahead of May, which means a trip to the cottage, planting potatoes, caring for the garden, etc. We will grow our wool, not hoping for the state. As the saying goes, hope for the state, but don’t be fooled.
    1. Aleksandr72
      Aleksandr72 April 24 2016 09: 15
      Yes, in fact, all of us - those who lived, was born and grew up in a country called the USSR and whose hands grow from where it is necessary and laziness-mother is a priority in life, have always lived like this - not really relying on the state - it's not rubber eventually. We planted potatoes (and not only) in our dachas and personal plots (whoever has them), take care of gardens, keep poultry and livestock (whoever has such an opportunity). And as a result, we supply ourselves (at least some of the products), not relying on markets and shops where prices rise day by day. We are so accustomed, we live this way. And we are our generation, which many considered and still consider "lost" not to be passed on to anyone.
      May be successful for everyone, then summer, and so on, even though 2016 is a leap year, which means that according to all national signs, it is not the most successful. But we ourselves create our future, the whole matter is not in signs, but in ourselves.
      I have the honor. drinks hi
  4. yuriy55
    yuriy55 April 24 2016 06: 54
    An ordinary week, except for Medvedev’s speech in the State Duma with a report on the work done, which can hardly be called work. In this vein, the speech of Vladimir Zhirinovsky sounded more effective and beautiful ...
    As for the Anglo-Saxon rhetoric about the rules of conduct for Russia and the designation of its place in the world, which has set the teeth on edge, I will offer a well-known phrase from an anecdote about words that are written with a capital letter and verbs with "b" in the ending ...
    Actually, life goes on, as in a song:
    And life goes on
    And life goes on.
    And so many miracles - it is accomplished in it ...
    And life goes on
    And life goes on.
    And each of us is fighting for happiness.
  5. siberalt
    siberalt April 24 2016 07: 04
    I urged on the video with Vasily Nedotykin. Truly "nedotykin" laughing laughing laughing
  6. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack April 24 2016 07: 12
    The review is good as always. Thank !!!! AND WITH THE HOLIDAY ORTHODOX AND AND NOT ONLY - Good and Peaceful Peace !!!!!
  7. Masya masya
    Masya masya April 24 2016 07: 27
    Life is good and live well !!! All a happy holiday !!! love
  8. evil partisan
    evil partisan April 24 2016 07: 34
    A video of the packaging of these two savchenko-philes delivered good . Thank you so much hi ! And the surname of one of these fool well, really speaking - Nedopyokin lol. Just one glance is enough yes on him to understand that she’s request his mother in the womb, hurried, with a raw filling gave birth sad. It would be better to have an abortion.
  9. iliitchitch
    iliitchitch April 24 2016 07: 50
    Some Savchenko. she uses grub on my taxes, cobla. We don’t think about that - there are a lot of our bastards (and don’t tell me about age!), Not everything is in order with us:
    1. family tree
      family tree April 24 2016 13: 15
      It’s harmful to smoke (though I myself smoke)
      Hairstyle and eyebrows of the Khan, if you really have a light.
      Girl, how much? A piece, two, is it worth it?
      I didn’t get to the Artillery Museum in St. Petersburg, so my daughter sends all the pictures from there, although I wouldn’t touch her hands
  10. The black
    The black April 24 2016 07: 53
    A video of the packaging of these two savchenko-philes delivered good. Thank you so much hi! And the surname of one of these fools is really very telling - Nedopyokin lol. Just one look of yes at him is enough to understand that his mother in the womb didn’t get the request, he hurried, gave birth with raw filling :( It would be better to have an abortion.
    These two, in general, sick people, what to take from them. But behind them (in the video you can see) two men and a woman with a bag constantly flicker, which, apparently, represent the true liberals and curators of the so-called action. That's who would have to be packed in the police and given them fifteen days.
  11. Nikoha.2010
    Nikoha.2010 April 24 2016 08: 06
    With Palm Sunday of all members of the forum!
  12. evil partisan
    evil partisan April 24 2016 08: 13
    Madeline Albright considers Putin “evil” and “smart.”
    And probably still an insidious KGB officer yes. Just exactly like our unforgettable Baba Lera (Novodvorskaya). I got a thought what ... But can’t you pair it with our mighty Natanych (K. Borov)? And then this parrot has been sad lately yes in a cage (in Russia ...) without its half. It seems to me that Albright will completely satisfy him: the same scary and the same fool ...
    1. iliitchitch
      iliitchitch April 24 2016 10: 25
      Quote: Angry Guerrilla
      ... But can’t you pair it with our mighty Natanych (K. Borov)?

      No, natanych monogamous. He married virtually on a mattress with ears. I once ran into Novodvodrskaya by accident on the train, they didn't spill a word, but by God, I felt sick from her "righteousness in her eyes", they let me out of the psychiatric hospital too early. So the Madeleine does not shine after such a faithful, the gut is Czech-American, perhaps a dowry ... Such types will always lead to this.
  13. Alex ..
    Alex .. April 24 2016 08: 20
    “It is claimed that our country produces and tests ground-based cruise missiles with a range of 500 to 5500 km, as well as launchers for such missiles. By all indications, the American side has neither objective data, nor any weighty argumentation that can support the allegations made against us.
  14. evil partisan
    evil partisan April 24 2016 08: 22
    Many thanks to the authors for the results! hi Finally, after a long break, a dry exposition of the events that occurred during the week is interspersed not only with venomous sarcasm, but also with sparkling humor (about the net, for example laughing ...). But few, comrade Authors request ! Few am ! We need to work more in this direction repeat .
    And further. Another regular event escaped the attention of the Authors, more precisely, the date is April 22, the birthday of V.I. Lenin. It can be treated differently, but to deny that he belonged to the greatest intellectuals of the twentieth century and that his ideas determined the development of human civilization along a certain path for almost a century, it seems to me, is impossible. One could devote to Lenin one of the many articles possible.
  15. Egoza
    Egoza April 24 2016 08: 46
    Hello everyone! Thanks to the authors! given the fair criticism of the respected evil partisan, I will try to throw humor ... true humor from Ukraine
    Chernihiv cops slowed down the car, which showed off diplomatic numbers. The rooms were rather strange, and the driver behaved strangely in an incomprehensible, like a military uniform, who asked the cops to turn to him as His Majesty the Sovereign.
    And the machine, according to a simple laminated piece of paper, which the driver gave out as an official document, belonged to the International Extraterritory of His Majesty the Sovereign Titular Sovereign People of Ukraine.
    Have you heard about this? So the patrol did not hear. But when the Tsar decided to bind with honors, and pick up the car, the subjects of this bruised drove briskly, as if on command, to the scene of the incident. Yes, yes, it is the subjects. They began to make noise, to be indignant. In general, it turned out the following.
    A former professor of philosophy in Chernihiv, a certain Oleg Brylev, having quit his job, appointed himself “His Majesty the Sovereign of the Titular Sovereign People of Ukraine”, and the territory of Chernihiv as “World International Extraterritory”. He arranged the site, gathered people, launched the Cabinet of Ministers, a bank, and appointed an army general (who is not). He took off his office and even hung a tablet - "The World International Extraterritory of His Majesty the Sovereign Title Sovereign People of Ukraine."
    “Citizens” were promised exemption from taxes of real Ukraine, from payment of “communal”, disobedience to the official authorities of the country. That is, naturally a sect. And in general, this Brylev was attracted by an article on fraud.
    But. They nevertheless took the car from him the day before, dragged him to a parking lot before the trial, and returned the car in the morning. By order from above. The cops were surprised and even sent a request to the SBU. They want to know who helps this crazy person there.

    1. evil partisan
      evil partisan April 24 2016 08: 58
      Good day, Helen! love
      Quote: Egoza
      appointed himself "His Majesty the Sovereign of the Title Sovereign People of Ukraine",

      Afiget. There are no words. Where is the bottom ???
  16. Egoza
    Egoza April 24 2016 09: 05
    We have the city of Glukhov, and the mayor there is the most natural Frenchman - Michel Tereshchenko, a descendant of the very sugar producers and philanthropists. by the way - the glorious sailor - served on an American submarine. Came and fell in love with Ukraine! He quickly got into mayors and decided to make the city an "eastern window of reform."
    Well, first of all, he honored his ancestors - the monument to Lenin was demolished in Glukhov one of the first in the country. And they stole it right away, because Vladimir Ilyich was made of extremely valuable materials.
    But I liked to demolish, because this week the monument to Kolobok was demolished! probably, they considered that a separatist, and in general it is not clear the hero of whose fairy tales.
    Again, we should talk about the city-forming production of Glukhov. Smuggling is by itself. Russia is near. But legal production is hemp. Michel calls it “green bread” by Glukhov. From cannabis processed into hashish, bread is baked.
    No, I know that there was such bread Noshmo Kinde (hemp bread) - Mari national dish. (The Mari people are the indigenous population of Russia, belong to the group of Finno-Ugric peoples, formed in 1 thousand BC before the arrival of the Slavs). but in Glukhov it turns out to be especially green, for it’s definitely that hemp is being added. So .... Just the other day, Michel Tereshchenko organized an agrarian party for the sale of agricultural land. The hemp party became the central event.
    Many important guests arrived from the American Embassy. All in a good mood, admired by Michel and Glukhov.
    Yes, they are going to paint the water tower in all the colors of the rainbow. And then the Glukhites will definitely heal, as in Europe.
    1. evil partisan
      evil partisan April 24 2016 09: 25
      Quote: Egoza
      the water tower is going to be painted in all the colors of the rainbow

      No wonder request because Glukhov is located in one letter from the city of Stupids. yes
      1. family tree
        family tree April 24 2016 10: 50
        Quote: Angry Guerrilla
        No wonder request, as Glukhov is located in one letter from the city of Stupids. yes

        Michal Evgrafycha is not on them.
        Hello Evil Parasite fellow drinks
        1. evil partisan
          evil partisan April 24 2016 11: 03
          Quote: perepilka

          Half the act! soldier
          Hi Vova! drinks
          I read it here:
          Well, magic pendals, so that they come out on the first space, for those who steers the education system. And NVP, instead of life safety, so that the meaning of life is understood. Although we guys are still disassembling AKM with blindfolds at school, and in the 11th grade a practice based on the regional mentorship, for boys, Girls with the Central District Hospital didn’t seem to welcome, but data from three years ago, my son is already urgent on the Uterus ottarabanil, in Rogachi, a carrier on Miass 4320, the duty on the airfield.

          To blame on RusTop means you want ... I will not allow it !! am
          1. family tree
            family tree April 24 2016 11: 19
            Quote: Angry Guerrilla
            Half the act! soldier

            More cutthroat! Sorry, this is all spelling. No, it's mnu good, just lame
            No one sheds anywhere, it's just that if you sit in one place, then that place, you yourself know which one, will train. And I prefer to wander, especially since at one time the platoon commander used to say on a throw that "walking on foot strengthens the genitals" (tse) and since in other matters, such as digging in the morning until he faints, then I believe drinks
  17. Egoza
    Egoza April 24 2016 09: 21
    By the way, in vain, in vain you laugh at the new government of Ukraine. "Our meeting today, which is being held for the first time this year, puts an end to the long history of the parliamentary-governmental crisis. Finally, a coalition has been formed, a new government has been formed, which is both professional and politically responsible," Poroshenko said. And at once all UHH HOW earned ...
    “I will show you what government is like!” Groysman exclaimed. And he showed it to everyone - increase! The deputies and the Cabinet were increased salaries 3 times, the people - the cost of gas.
    The head of the National Bank took care of withdrawing cash from ATMs, which should be placed under strict control!
    banks are ordered to take two actions. The first is to first stop the movement of the account and not give the person who received a large amount of money either transfer it further or withdraw it from an ATM or through a cash register. The second is to contact the account holder and ask him to confirm the transaction.
    Say, if this is money for treatment, then a certificate from the hospital. If to study - from an educational institution. If this is an illegal payment of salaries, then surrender to jail. If someone is going on a camping trip or makes repairs in the apartment - prove,, that you do not wash your dirty money from your own account

    1. family tree
      family tree April 24 2016 11: 05
      Quote: Egoza
      Say, if this is money for treatment, then a certificate from the hospital.

      A certificate from the medical unit, telephone, or ATM show? belay Bly-in! Ambush! mnu phone letters can not read what Illiterate, cho, the current is ringing request
  18. Egoza
    Egoza April 24 2016 09: 30
    Well, I can not leave without your attention the glorious city of Kiev ...
    The building of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine was captured by people in camouflage, who, according to People's Deputy Yegor Sobolev, carry out public arrest of the Office of the GPU.
    "The rally participants, who in the morning demanded under parliament the adoption of a law on the election of an independent prosecutor general, after expressing their will, the deputies made a raid on this modern NKVD," Sobolev wrote on his Facebook page.

    Gritsak in KPI (Kiev Polytechnic Institute): We must not only shout "Glory to the Nation", we must do - "Death to enemies," - said on Twitter the SBU.
    Gritsak also told students that the heads of the DPR and LPR, Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitsky, should think that “they will simply be cleaned up,” because “there is too much blood on their hands”.

    The nationalist politician Igor Miroshnichenko, infamous for his wild and inappropriate antics, was doused with cattle defecation products right during a meeting of the Kiev City Council.
    Eyewitnesses say that a public activist from the organization "Do not be silent" Orest Geranja came to a meeting of the environmental commission of the city council. Not justifying the name of his patrimony, the social activist silently approached Miroshnichenko and poured a bucket of manure on him, which he carefully carried past the guard.
    The method of such contraband will still be included in the annals of Ukrainian history, but now about something else. The disgraced and soiled nationalist attacked the offender with his fists, and a fierce fight continued already in the corridor. Deputies hastily left the conference room, fleeing from an unbearable stench.
  19. Egoza
    Egoza April 24 2016 09: 34
    we had Euromaidan, then avtomaydan, now ALKOMAYDAN, but first things first. At first Vitalik, who is the mayor, fell off his bicycle. But he got up and went to work. But in vain did not heed the sign of fate!
    The militants of the Freedom party broke into the Kiev city hall through the windows of the women's toilet located on the ground floor and beat the "green men" in the building, calling them Russian soldiers, a Federal News Agency (FAN) correspondent reports.
    The rally of the storekeepers turned into a pogrom, after city hall officials refused to let representatives of the protesters attend the meeting. Then the crowd broke into the building without demand, but at the level of the second floor it was stopped by several dozen men in camouflage with no insignia. These men were called "green men" and they caused a special rage among the attackers because they were able to professionally push the attack aircraft out of the building.
    After the first attempt, the second followed. It began with the cries of the militants that the Russian troops, the “green men”, had settled in the city hall, because they did not appear to the nationalists. A FAN correspondent filmed how a frightened city hall official fawned on the militants and literally demanded that people in uniform show their identities to the nationalists. They refused to do this, explaining that they were afraid for their lives.
    Then the crowd went on the second assault on the Kiev City Hall.
    The police managed to keep the first round of defense, the front doors, but a group of militants entered the courtyard of the city hall through the open window of the women's toilet. Attacking the city hall from the rear, the nationalists began to pull out the police and the military one at a time and beat them right under the video cameras. It was evident that the militants were not afraid of anyone - on the contrary, they were frankly afraid of the police and military, who threw their comrades to the mercy of the crowd.
    One of the guards was beaten with arms and legs so that he lost consciousness. Got and the police.
    After some time, about ten buses arrived at the city hall, with which the authorities began the evacuation of the military. However, the militants broke all the glass in them and again began to pull out and beat the "green men", claiming that it was the Russian military.
    Meanwhile, deputies of the city parliament and city hall officials came to the crowd, who said that the owners of the MAFs could sell alcohol before the expiration of the license to sell. It was also promised that the kiosks would not be dismantled without proper compensation and legal justification.
    However, this did not greatly reassure the crowd - the protests near the city hall are continuing, the crowd is demanding the mayor Vitali Klitschko, otherwise he promises a new pogrom. The mayor refused to leave, citing his refusal through officials to "strong employment." At the same time, they managed to evacuate the "green men" on a new batch of buses, transporting the military to them with the distant corridors of the city hall.
    Later, the head of the “Freedom” faction in the Kyiv City Council, Yuri Sirotyuk, stated that it was his people who were beaten by the military. “They refused to introduce themselves, but they brutally beat our deputies, including Vladimir Bohniak and Prokhor Antonenko. We called the investigative-operational group, but the police and the National Guard are simply inactive. According to some reports, these aunts in uniform are employees of the security company Left Bank, he later told the FAN correspondent.
    It is noteworthy that the employees of the Shevchenkovsky police department, where the city hall is located, said, we quote that "no gross violations of public order have been identified."
    1. family tree
      family tree April 24 2016 10: 38
      Well, without Elena, the Results are not Results, immediately after reading, I’m looking for her additions. Thanks Egoza! March, Volodin, of course, too yes Thank! And long live Palm Sunday drinks (oh, right now the communist and blasphemer will be called what , request do not care belay ) hi
      1. Nikoha.2010
        Nikoha.2010 April 24 2016 11: 46
        Quote: perepilka
        Well, without Elena, the Results are not the Results ... hi

        I agree! Hi Vladimir! drinks hello Elena love ! Glad to see you! fellowHello to the evil partisan!
        1. family tree
          family tree April 24 2016 11: 59
          Hello Seryoga! drinks
          Eucalyptus sews me a case, by cheating on the site, but you do not believe him. His grandfather worked in the Cheka, apparently hereditary, lana, we’ll destroy bully
          1. evil partisan
            evil partisan April 24 2016 12: 20
            Quote: perepilka
            Lana, we will destroy

            In sailor silence, you'll be raiding me am . And very soon yes if you don’t stop running back and forth sad . Patriotism hde ?? request
            Quote: Nikoha.2010
            Hello to the evil partisan!

            Hello, Sergey! drinks You, too, cringer this renegade in your line (OT, PB, PTEEP, PPB, etc.). and then Vish Che thought up - dump on RusTop sad ! Okay, I have been vigilant. And if not what ? Would lose a man ... request
            1. family tree
              family tree April 24 2016 12: 30
              Quote: Angry Guerrilla
              Would lose a man ...

              Who is there to invent me to lose belay
              Yurka, all the garbage, except for the bees, although the bees are also garbage, wasps from the KTP guns bite on the stretches of the sick, but this is also garbage. Here are airplanes, tanks and infantry, no bullshit. Yes, and sappers with dogs, also not garbage, Palmyra example
              1. family tree
                family tree April 24 2016 12: 53
                Quote: Angry Guerrilla
                Okay, I have been vigilant

                You are our watchful! I am in silence sailor, damn it!
                Yurka, don’t wake the beast in me, otherwise you will wake the hare, dump him in the forest, and figs you will find me laughing drinks
                1. evil partisan
                  evil partisan April 24 2016 13: 38
                  Quote: perepilka
                  dump in the forest and figs you will find me

                  Dogs will find yes . I'll give them your slipper winked ...
                  1. family tree
                    family tree April 24 2016 17: 27
                    Quote: Angry Guerrilla
                    I'll give them your slipper winked

                    Monster belay Dogs for what what
                    1. family tree
                      family tree April 24 2016 18: 07
                      Quote: perepilka
                      Dogs for what

                      After all, they already get it, slipper, damn it
                      Today Palmyra, just do not drink school, with such exams
          2. Ruslan67
            Ruslan67 April 24 2016 17: 30
            Quote: perepilka
            Eucalyptus sews me a thing, by cheating on a site,

            This Ethiopian will get drunk like a bump so ... wassat
            1. evil partisan
              evil partisan April 24 2016 17: 47
              Quote: Ruslan67
              how bugs get drunk so this .... carries

              I’ll look at you after Courvoisier. wink
              1. Ruslan67
                Ruslan67 April 24 2016 17: 53
                Quote: Angry Guerrilla
                I’ll look at you after Courvoisier.

                Envy over envy yes
  20. Old Siberian
    Old Siberian April 24 2016 09: 50
    Remember Outskirts.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza April 24 2016 10: 14
      Quote: Old Siberian
      Remember Outskirts.

      Today, on a bright holiday, one cannot but say that Petya decided to continue Yushchenko’s business ...
      Poroshenko called for the creation of a single Ukrainian Orthodox Church. He was not satisfied with the fact that the Ukrainian church is currently self-governing and is part of the Moscow Patriarchate (Russian and Ecumenical Orthodox Church). For the Ukrainian president, this is at least indecent.
      “It is obvious that in the current situation it is difficult for many believers to agree with the existing division of Ukrainian Orthodoxy. Of course, I radically do not allow the state to intervene - and I will not allow this - in inter-church relations. This is the work of believers and the church. But ignoring the will of the people is also worthless, ”Poroshenko said.

      Oh how! remembered the will of the people! He wants, roughly speaking, purely Ukrainian - independent of no one and from nothing. Can you imagine what it will be? Especially in the current "unstable" situation in the country.
      So - Ukrainians will have to pay the full price for everything. For pride, envy, greed, anger, gluttony, lust and laziness. Notice all seven deadly sins! It is for all these sins that God sends Ukrainians suffering. But, if they resist the temptations of demons-government, maybe they’ll spare ... for now
  21. Bort radist
    Bort radist April 24 2016 10: 19
    Interesting news - "Turkish dry cargo ship ran aground in the Taganrog Bay", something happened to the electrician. Don't you think he was carefully run aground? There is no oil spill.
  22. atamankko
    atamankko April 24 2016 10: 28
    Thanks to the authors, the mood has risen, good luck.
  23. Egoza
    Egoza April 24 2016 10: 37
    TASS, oh mistake! Saakashvili warns!
    it would be a mistake to think that the pro-Russian forces in Ukraine are weak now. "They are stronger every day. I see that they have already raised their heads in the Odessa region very strongly. They raised their heads in eastern Ukraine and southeastern Ukraine, and in the center of the country. They raise their heads in Kiev. And a year later, when people will say: "And what has Europe done to us? ... We live poorer than ever ... Vaughn and sanctions were lifted from Russia (and by that time the sanctions can be lifted) ... So let's vote for those who at least finish this war ", - said M. Saakashvili.

    Therefore, the head of the Odessa Regional State Administration recommended V. Groisman and his ministers to "travel around the country" and listen to people, since the ministers "have completely stopped traveling around the country."

    "And then, maybe, eyes will open, and even this faceless government, maybe even something will wake up in them, and they will start doing something good for Ukraine," Saakashvili said.

    We listened ... let's go ... with a check to the Crimea! so what? All kinds of deputies from Europe are marching around, but we are not? Is it in vain that they created a new ministry for the affairs of the “temporarily occupied territories" and internally displaced persons?
    the ministry was created through the reorganization of existing institutions - the state agency for the restoration of the Donbass and the civil service for the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol. So that...

    According to Politicus ...
    Deputies of the Ukrainian parliament announced a trip to the Crimea. And this is not a typo, and not a figment of a sick imagination. The fact is that they decided to pay a visit to the peninsula with an inspection. In other words, the auditor is going to the Crimea, but will it succeed? The question remains open. To the great surprise in Ukraine, there is a certain committee of the Verkhovna Rada on freedom of speech. So, the guys from this committee saw some harassment from the Crimean authorities to the media. Therefore, it was decided to assemble a delegation and go to the peninsula with verification. It is worth noting that a certain Crimean Tatar media worker complained to the Ukrainian authorities that Crimeans are increasingly refusing to cooperate with independent journalists. Not believing in this flagrant circumstance, the “advocates of freedom of speech” wished to verify this from personal experience.
    1. family tree
      family tree April 24 2016 10: 47
      Quote: Egoza
      Deputies of the Ukrainian parliament announced a trip to Crimea

      So they seemed to be redirected from Crimea right away, so I don’t remember where, either to Paraguay, for firewood, or to some Peruvian village with an unpronounceable name on this site repeat
  24. Egoza
    Egoza April 24 2016 10: 49
    Culture News"
    Poroshenko signed a law banning the screening of Russian films created after 2014goda. And rightly so, there is no need to watch all kinds of separatist films when ships are not being built on the territory of the Lenin Forge factory in Kiev, among the shareholders of which are also the president of Ukraine, they were about to make the first full-length horror film with torture.

    This was informed by the source

    Interestingly, this will be the first Ukrainian horror film. In addition, it includes elements of the black comedy The Way of the Dead. The budget of this "horror" will be about 18 million hryvnia, of which 5 million allocated Goskino.

    An abandoned hangar scares everyone with terrible screams and smoke that comes from there. Bloodied characters, the darkness of the factory premises, groans emanating throughout the plant.

    Among the semi-darkness of the factory floor, the host of the Vesti program, Nikolai Veresen, is hobbling. His head is bandaged, a terrible hematoma in his eye. His clothes are a tattered t-shirt, which is all smeared with thick blood.

    I'm just wondering what category this can be attributed to ...? maybe just honestly reported about the documentary "Ukraine and Petya"?
  25. Egoza
    Egoza April 24 2016 11: 02
    And finally .... just smile! “On the question of“ Cobblestone is a tool of the proletariat. ”We must keep up with the times, comrades! And therefore, we are changing the cobblestone for a brick!

    Why is brick the perfect weapon?
    1) The brick is cheap.
    2) Brick is available.
    3) A brick does not need permission.
    4) No special conditions are needed for storing bricks.
    5) The brick does not need an upgrade.
    6) No bullets, no cylinders, no cartridges, no batteries are needed for the brick.
    7) The brick not only looks like real, but it is also.
    8) A brick always looks impressive.
    9) The brick has a very good stopping effect.
    10) A brick does not have to hit exactly the eye, throat or knee.
    11) A brick tied to a rope becomes a weapon of mass destruction.
    12) You cannot breathe a brick when using it.
    13) PPSniki will not find fault with a brick. Even if you carry it in your hand.
    14) Your child will not shoot a friend if you accidentally leave a brick on the table.
    15) A brick can be broken - even half the dose is enough.
    16) You can make body armor from two dozen bricks.
    17) You can sit on the brick.
    18) On two bricks you can fry kebabs.
    19) Three bricks make an excellent trap for a Georgian mouse.
    20) The brick is silent.
    21) The brick has unlimited ammunition.
    22) Brick can be used as a means of general anesthesia.
    23) The brick does not need maintenance and does not break.
    24) A brick never misfires.
    25) The use of bricks is possible without any training and reading tedious instructions.
    26) When you see a brick, you will never have thoughts of suicide.
    27) Bricks cannot be detected by metal detectors.
    1. family tree
      family tree April 24 2016 12: 21
      As a sapper, I’ll add
      28) Brick in the masonry is willingly divided into many striking elements, provided that the calculated charge on the opposite side of the masonry is calculated. If it’s right, then the MONKs are resting, though it’s easier and more with those at the same time what
      1. evil partisan
        evil partisan April 24 2016 12: 37
        Quote: perepilka
        As a sapper, I’ll add

        As a friend of the surgeon, I’ll add:
        29. The process of getting a brick out of the body is extremely painful and requires surgical intervention after it is over. yes.
        This is me for warlike dill, if that ... repeat
  26. APASUS
    APASUS April 24 2016 11: 19
    I am amazed! Poor liberals began to use people with disabilities and children. Although the presence of cameras for one protesting child can understand whose idea it is.
    1. Nikoha.2010
      Nikoha.2010 April 24 2016 11: 57
      Quote: APASUS
      I am amazed!

      Yes, everything is fine wassat , the child is only a pity, there are no liberals! Savchenko was promoted to the fullest. It was necessary to shoot immediately according to the laws of wartime, but there is no type of war, you understand politics, if you need them!
      1. APASUS
        APASUS April 24 2016 13: 03
        Quote: Nikoha.2010
        Quote: APASUS
        I am amazed!

        Yes, everything is fine wassat , the child is only a pity, there are no liberals! Savchenko was promoted to the fullest. It was necessary to shoot immediately according to the laws of wartime, but there is no type of war, you understand politics, if you need them!

        The child is really a victim, just take to the Donbass on an excursion, I think it will pass right away. He simply does not know what is involved in the war.
  27. mamont5
    mamont5 April 24 2016 11: 20
    "Magnitsky's List", "Savchenko's List" ... They would have turned to Rosstat and took a list of the whole country. "

    Well, yes, it's easier to exclude scum like Makarevich and Akhedzhakova and others like them from the census of the population of Russia than to list all the opponents of the "West."
  28. evil partisan
    evil partisan April 24 2016 11: 26
    I can not share:
  29. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 24 2016 11: 57
    how is the third week of the “dry hunger strike” going on - how many more kilograms has Nadezhda Viktorovna recovered, and what width is the chair for her to prepare for PACE furniture makers? ..

    Better not comment. Thanks to the authors of the results.
  30. April 24 2016 14: 19
    banks are ordered to take two actions. The first is to first stop the movement of the account and not give the person who received a large amount of money either transfer it further or withdraw it from an ATM or through a cash register. The second is to contact the account holder and ask him to confirm the transaction.
    Say, if this is money for treatment, then a certificate from the hospital. If to study - from an educational institution. If this is an illegal payment of salaries, then surrender to jail. If someone is going on a camping trip or makes repairs in the apartment - prove,, that you do not wash your dirty money from your own account
    But it would be nice if we had too many officials-millionaires, and what kind of talented relatives they have, who do not kick, all the owners of something, well, it turned out that way, they have business talent!
  31. Suhov
    Suhov April 24 2016 16: 45
    Declared flight range ANY 400 km, but the “partners” have some doubts about this today.

    Tricky question:
    How to correctly indicate the range of a rocketif the target is 400 km in a straight line, but does a rocket attack it from the rear? smile
    Because it is deliberately launched in the opposite direction from the target, so that it goes around the globe and attacks the target from the rear, on the other side from where the attack is not expected?
    1. evil partisan
      evil partisan April 24 2016 18: 26
      Quote: Sukhov
      How to correctly indicate the range of a rocket if it is 400 km in a straight line to the target, but the rocket attacks it from the rear?
      Because it is deliberately launched in the opposite direction from the target, so that it goes around the globe and attacks the target from the rear, on the other side from where the attack is not expected?

      Sukhov. Do not complicate and do not confuse people. Protect your harem and do not touch Javdet. And you will be happy! yes
      Hi! drinks
      1. Suhov
        Suhov April 24 2016 18: 50
        Quote: Angry Guerrilla
        Sukhov. Do not complicate and do not confuse people.

        Hello Partizan! drinks
        I do not complicate things, but by example I show how you can confuse "potential partners", and "do not lie", and partly corny "do not agree"...
        As one comrade used to say:
        - I can prove to you, with figures in my hands, that the Soviet Union in nuclear weapons is superior to the United States, and then, having specified some details, to prove the opposite, that the USA is superior to the USSR.
        So ten times in a row ...
  32. Gardamir
    Gardamir April 24 2016 17: 41
    It’s strange on a Russian resource, and we can see everything about foreign news so well that there’s nothing to write about? Let me disagree.
    At the intersection, as always, a sober policeman demolished a car with his SUV. there were women in the car.
    In Moscow, the demolition of illegally constructed stalls continues - Taganskaya ATS
    Taganskaya telephone station is a constructivist building in Moscow on Pokrovsky Boulevard, No. 5/2.

    The construction of late Moscow constructivism (1929, architect V. S. Martynovich).

    In February 2016, the Moscow City Heritage Department refused to grant the building the status of a monument. The developer Leader-Invest, a subsidiary of AFK Sistema, plans to demolish the station, and in its place begin construction of an elite residential complex of 45 apartments. In April 2016, trees were cut down near the building.

    The mausoleum is again enclosed in a sarcophagus and painted not in the colors of Victory, but in Vlasov colors.
    And then of course dill-fools and Obama interferes with our lives.
  33. Victor-M
    Victor-M April 24 2016 20: 23
    "Magnitsky List", "Savchenko List" ... They would have turned already to Rosstat, and took the list of the whole country.

    It would be necessary for Russia to buy out the patent for the word "List", so that then those who are coveting for it can bring millions of claims for plagiarism. laughing
    1. vic58
      vic58 April 25 2016 07: 43
      Just "+" !!!
  34. The comment was deleted.
  35. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn April 24 2016 21: 48
    If you are bargaining or resenting the prices when entering a paid toilet, it means that you are not too pinned down yet. laughingPeople are not divided into nationalities, parties, factions and religions. People are divided into smart and fools, but fools are divided into nationalities, parties, factions and religions.
  36. vic58
    vic58 April 25 2016 07: 42
    Exchange for IT ... in the Hague tribunal hi
  37. ordinary
    ordinary April 25 2016 09: 10
    Quote: SRC P-15
    Good afternoon, members of the forum! Happy Palm Sunday! A separate respect for the authors! I think that sports were undeservedly bypassed in the "results". I mean, the fall from the "people's" bike, for 5 thousand dollars, the mayor of Kiev - Klitschko. laughing As we see, not only his rating falls, but he himself. The road curb skillfully sent Klitschko to the knockdown: lol

    Harey seems to have hit ..... well, but now at least some expression will appear on the face am
  38. Hort
    Hort April 26 2016 13: 20
    She did not hesitate to turn even people with obvious physical and mental disabilities into “activists”. I did not hesitate to attach the “Germans bridge” badge to the chest of a 14-year-old child, who would have liked to finish his studies at school instead of squeezing the sign “Savchenko’s freedom”.

    that's also what I wanted to note. The poor people were specially chosen so that when they begin to press them, take a picture of it and shoot it on video - they say what a vampire! A disabled person is beaten with an oak tree. A small one, very frightened by what was happening (and, moreover, also not very slightly in itself) was set up for the same purpose.
    In general, bestiality is
  39. Vasili09
    Vasili09 April 27 2016 05: 10
    Quote: Inok10
    ... reprinted everything ... even TASS ... the truth was bad luck:
    - the United States does not have a single tanker, from the word completely ...
    - a ship called Creole Spirit is, but it tow, with port of registry Houston, barge cabotage ... (on the attached photo)
    - the gas carrier in the illustration for the article really is AL AAMRIYA, but it is Qatari and is currently transporting methane from Qatar to the port of Fujairah (UAE) in the Persian Gulf ...
    - no supplies of natural gas from the USA to Portugal, according to the maritime traffic control system, are registered ...
    ... these are they Anglo-Saxon Gentlemen ... who offer to take their word for it, they will not lie dearly ... laughing
    ... To the authors of the Results, as always, a low bow for their work ... hi
    for drug addicts

    or in the search to drive the name of the vessel, then it goes under the flag of the Bahamas
    if you search, you can find out what was built in South Korea specifically for shale gas transportation from the USA
    by the way about the article itself, humar splatters like a guano from analytics