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Kim Jong Il Dies

Kim Jong Il DiesDPRK leader Kim Jong Il passed away at the age of 69. This was announced today by the Central Television of the country. The report says that Kim Jong Il died during a train ride from mental and physical fatigue caused by working for the good of the Motherland, reports ITAR-TASS.

Kim Jong-il's death came on December 17 on 8: 30 am local time.

The South Korean government went to work in emergency mode in connection with the death of Kim Jong Il, news agency Yonhap reported. The armed forces of South Korea are in a state of increased combat readiness.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il was born, according to North Korean sources, 16 February 1942. According to the official version, the place of birth is the camp of Korean partisans in the area of ​​Mount Paektu / North Korea /, according to the unofficial one - the village of Vyatka, in 70 km from Khabarovsk / Far East, USSR /. He spent his childhood in the village of Vyatskoye, where the 88-th separate brigade of the Soviet army was located, commanded by his father, the former president of the DPRK Kim Il Sung. In November, 1945 moved with his family to Pyongyang / North Korea /.

During the Korean War / 1950-1953 years / the family was evacuated to China. He graduated from Chinese primary school. After the war, he entered a military school near Pyongyang.

Since December 24, 1991 has been the Commander-in-Chief of the Korean Peoples Army.

20 April 1992, he was awarded the title of Marshal. From 1993 of the year - Chairman of the DPRK Defense Committee. October 8 1997 was elected Secretary General of the Workers' Party of Korea / TPK /.

In fact, Kim Jong Il has led the country and the WPK since 1994, after the death of Kim Il Sung. Kim Jong Il - twice the hero of the DPRK. He was awarded the Order of the State Banner of the 1 degree, three orders of Kim Il Sung, the Gold Star medal. In total, he has approximately 120 honorary awards and titles from different countries of the world and the DPRK itself. Author of numerous works on the theory and practice of Juche ideas.

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  1. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 19 December 2011 08: 28
    With the departure of Kim Jong Il, an entire era has passed.
  2. Sergh
    Sergh 19 December 2011 08: 30
    The king is dead, long live the king! And what about South. The Koreans became alarmed, the neighbors are now not up to them.
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 19 December 2011 08: 54
      Vyatskoye village, 70 km from Khabarovsk

      This is boring - not in the East - but when Pektusan was over a Pektusan secret partisan camp in a log cabin on North Korea's highest and most revered mountain, and at that moment a double rainbow and a bright star appeared in the sky. This is beautiful.
      1. Lech e-mine
        Lech e-mine 19 December 2011 09: 48
        Well, the appearance of Christ to the people. winked
  3. Ascetic
    Ascetic 19 December 2011 08: 40
    I wonder if there was a successor to it? And who is in power now? There would be no drift towards UWB.
    1. Foamas
      Foamas 19 December 2011 09: 35
      They promised - Kim jong un.
      1. almost demobil
        almost demobil 19 December 2011 11: 26
        It's cool, regalia are like Zhukov’s! It’s like he’s trampled 150 wars, something like a marshal. On his left, his face is a great heir. Clowns!
    2. Vasilenko Vladimir
      Vasilenko Vladimir 19 December 2011 09: 39
      how the younger son ruins, and the papaya’s sister and her husband will help him
      1. Desert Fox
        Desert Fox 19 December 2011 09: 49
        We are not arranging chamomile, comrades. We will endure the week and see who will be the new ringleader in this area. The main thing is that they would not fight. And then the election of a national leader, in countries with a dictatorship regime, often resembles a children's game, well, the one where everyone runs around in a round dance around chairs, but there are less chairs by 1 than children. And like someone managed to crouch fellow
      2. snek
        snek 19 December 2011 10: 00
        They like totalitarian regimes in Asia to slide to the hereditary monarchy.
        1. Lech e-mine
          Lech e-mine 19 December 2011 10: 05
          This is a natural process. Nobody wants to give power voluntarily.
  4. Anatoly
    Anatoly 19 December 2011 08: 40
    A chance for the country to change its political course ... I do not mean rapprochement with the West, but at least open the border with South Korea. so many people are divorced from their relatives.
    In general, the news is loud. I can imagine how the American gadyushnik stirred.
    1. Oleg
      Oleg 19 December 2011 11: 14
      Quote: Anatoly
      but at least open the border with South Korea.

      God forbid!
      Their closed money system is their strength.
      Through a tiny crack, American candy wrappers put their whole country.
  5. ronin
    ronin 19 December 2011 08: 45
    The successor was called one of the sons.
  6. vel77
    vel77 19 December 2011 08: 52
    Here is another hotbed of tension. Vultures probably flock to the borders.
  7. Lech e-mine
    Lech e-mine 19 December 2011 08: 56
    angry I wonder what this time (the blue, orange, gondonsky) revolution will the West push in North Korea?
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 19 December 2011 09: 11
      1. snek
        snek 19 December 2011 12: 11
        How to arrange it there? Against the backdrop of modern North Korea, the iron curtain in the USSR was an openwork curtain. The Internet and mobile communications, if any, are only for a small circle of the ruling elite. Centralized media under the full control of the state. So there will be no revolution there.
  8. and1975
    and1975 19 December 2011 09: 05
    according to the latest reports, one of Kim Jong-un’s sons will be the receiver, he is considered the youngest, and then who knows how they’ll share them ... In principle, a man has done a lot for almost 17 years of rule, one of the main things is that he’s brought a new level to the last cooperation with us in this area was conducted by social. of course, development unfortunate uncle he at least kept the course and then worse the United States, Japan and South Korea are closely watching the development of the situation in North Korea, the bourgeois already with their friends dwarfs with binoculars in the bushes ... am
  9. Hleb
    Hleb 19 December 2011 09: 08
  10. dred
    dred 19 December 2011 09: 45
    Korea will last without Kim Jong Il.
    1. snek
      snek 19 December 2011 12: 16
      And what did he do this for the Northerners? Now North Korea is in such an economic hole that Southerners do not very much want to unite even on some of their conditions. Especially looking at Germany, where in the western regions still (surprised to learn from friends who live there) they pay a tax on the rise of eastern Germany.
  11. J_silver
    J_silver 19 December 2011 10: 26
    Yes, now old Fidel is still to be buried, but a friend of Hugo - after that even potential friends will not remain in the world ...
    1. Anatoly
      Anatoly 19 December 2011 10: 42
      Hmm ... Colorful, but personalities! bully
    ESCANDER 19 December 2011 10: 26
    For Pindostan, the soil here is unfavorable. A floral theme will not work.
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 19 December 2011 10: 47
      Quote: ESCANDER
      For Pindostan, the soil here is unfavorable. A floral theme will not work.

      For the USA, no. And China does. In the world, only China can influence North Korea. And they may have a "family drama" - after Pyongyang staged a nuclear show on October 09.10.2006, XNUMX, a representative of the PRC Foreign Ministry called the test arrogance. At the same time, the Koreans look disapprovingly at their wealthy neighbor who, in their opinion, is gradually moving away from Mao's ideas.
  13. Farkash
    Farkash 19 December 2011 11: 27
    They announced that they will be Kim Jong-un.

    D0% BD

    Good boy, already an army general!
    Not that I am sinful (see rating) smile
  14. wk
    wk 19 December 2011 11: 46
    Quote: tronin.maxim
    With the departure of Kim Jong Il, an entire era has passed.

    I bet: nothing left, he was only a pale shadow of his father, whom you can’t refuse, as a truly epochal personality.
    SAMEDOV SULEYMAN 19 December 2011 11: 56
    It’s interesting who will get his super-train, if by inheritance to his son, then an armored train is already needed!
    1. almost demobil
      almost demobil 19 December 2011 11: 59
      He had exactly an armored train.
  16. Kite
    Kite 19 December 2011 13: 04
    And who would explain how this news affects stock quotes? I have not heard before that sowing. Korea has a great influence on the economies of other countries in the region.
    1. urzul
      urzul 19 December 2011 13: 28
      Any serious news or statement is reflected on the exchanges.
  17. NovoSibirets
    NovoSibirets 19 December 2011 13: 12
    I remember the memory of divided Korea. It seems to me, friends, soon the North will order a long life ...
    1. Sergh
      Sergh 19 December 2011 13: 24
      North will order a long life

      After moving south.
      1. NovoSibirets
        NovoSibirets 19 December 2011 13: 29
        Do you believe that? Sorry, but I do not ... Rather, the opposite.
      2. Farkash
        Farkash 19 December 2011 20: 12
        For the South, there is no worse nightmare than reunification and a horde of hungry northerners, the GDR was a paradise compared to the DPRK, but the Germans are still divided into "eastern" and "western". Believe me, South Korea will be the main enemy of the reunification for many years to come.
  18. starred
    starred 19 December 2011 13: 31
    As they say in such cases - he was a good person ...
  19. Leonid94
    Leonid94 19 December 2011 17: 23
    Kingdom to him is heaven. Sorry for the DPRK.